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  1. Hi Aviso, no CJ is fine with me.

    Re the Miracle and Warning.
    Glenn of MOG always says the quoted Spanish is best translated as being in the same Calander Year.
    Others say it is within 12 months of each other (which could be different Calendar Years).

    Can you confirm the more correct interpretation (I have done no scholarly research on this point and do not speak Spanish)?

    • Our good friend Glenn just repeat what I am saying for years without quoting me as he is use to, within the same year means the Same year for both events and to me probably very close each other.

  2. Pete, re Joey L, like I said below the connection of Garabandal is fearfully thin if you investigate the actual source of the linkage.
    I have only ever discovered involvement of a single seer (Conchita) reporting on a single apparition event, and providing a single short sentence response to Joey. And all this after heavy pressure for her to ask Our Lady before the apparition.

  3. Pope Francis apologia, LOL…I had forgotten all about that spat at Mother of God with you and Padraig.
    Myself and Joe Crozier have had the permanent boot ourselves since you…but for different reasons.
    Charlie Johnstone is predicting world collapse 2017 with recovery late 2017. I suppose that means that he does not accept Garabandal…for it would require the sign/miracle early 2017 which does not seem likely.

      • Yes my comment was just stating inferred conclusions from the facts as far as i am aware of them.
        That doesnt mean Charlie is personally opposed to Garabandal.
        I am just observing that given what Charlie is saying in more recent times I cannot see how the prophecies of Garabandal and of Charlie can both be correct.

        What was your concern?

      • Hi Blue H, my concern is that Charlie Johnson is not in the same league as Garabandal and therefore I am surprised that a comparison between the two in terms of prophesy would apear in the same comment. Your quite correct, both can’t be right and so one must be false and the other genuine. Take your pick, but my money won’t be on Charlie Johnson.

      • From the book “The Final Hour “ (Michael Brown) page 141 On the topic of Padre Pio‘s belief in Garabandal: “Asked on another occasion about its authenticity, he answered curtly, ”How many times must she appear there to be believed? The Warning and Great Miracle
        The Blessed Virgin spoke of a Warning to come, and a Great Miracle which will be announced in advance by Conchita – no one knows when – yet these do not appear to be the main reasons for Her coming. (A ‘Great Sign’ will afterwards be permanently visible at The Pines above the village.) Like any mother who loves her children, the Blessed Virgin, taught and guided the girls, in a natural and loving manner, the path to Heaven. She lamented the sins of mankind that so offend Her Divine Son, and she repeated many times the need for prayer and penance for priests, love for the Holy Eucharist, Eucharistic Devotion, and visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Only then, if these messages are not heeded, will a ‘Chastisement’ befall mankind. This seems to be very much in line with other apparition sites, notably Fatima and La Salette.

        We can signal out essential aspects of the miracle, according to what the girls related in interviews and letters, especially Conchita.

        • Conchita knows the exact date, and communicated it to Pope Paul VI, to his confessor and to Cardinal Ottaviani, who was Pre-perfect of the Holy Oder, known today as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
        • Conchita will announce it to the world 8 days before the date.
        • There will be one year between the warning and the miracle.
        • The warning will last between 10 minutes and 1/4 of an hour.
        • The miracle will occur on Thursday at 8:30 pm in the afternoon.
        • Between the 6 – 16 in one of these three months: March, April & May.
        • This day will not be a Marian Feast day.
        • It will coincide with the feast day of a martyred saint in relation with the
        • It will also coincide with an important, rare, singular event for the Church as well as for all Christianity – a happy and fortunate event.
        • It will the greatest miracle Jesus has done for the world.
        • It will be visible in Garabandal and in the mountains around the area; it cannot be touched, but it will be able to be filmed and televised.
        • It will not be necessary for the girls to be present at the moment of the miracle.
        • The sick present will be healed and the unbelievers will believe.
        • The Pope will see the Miracle “where ever he may be.”

      • Pete we are talking about as yet unapproved private revelation in both cases. Therefore either may be true or both mistaken…and even if one of them is approved worthy of belief we still do not have to accept them.
        So I personally do not feel that one is obviously more credible than the other. One is apparently more supernatural in its events of course, but that in my book does not necessarily bear increase credibility…it’s a two edged sword.

    • Done Blue, pleased to have some news from you, long time but don’t forget where you are here, so no Pope Francis Apologia then all should be fine, thanks.

      • With reference to Joey Lomangino and the controversy of his seeing the miracle with new eyes, as you know it makes no difference to me in terms of the Garabandal proof of authenticity but since it’s a recent topic of conversation a thought occurs. When the Seer(s) were informed by Our Lady that Joey would see the miracle, it is more than reasonable to suppose that the children assumed it would be during his earthly life; they could not have known the timing of his death relative to the Miracle. Therefore they putting two and two together concluded that he would be cured on the great day. An innocent outcome that we all would be guilty of if in their shoes, never mind also being of their age and without hindsight. By the way I don’t recollect if it was all or just Conchita that was given this information.

        God bless

      • Hi Marivalli, just 2 Corrections in your list :

        The Warning and the Great Miracle within 1 year not 1 Year between both events, probably close each other and within the same year according to my sources.

        The important event of the Church the same day of the miracle not fortunate but important only, for this kind of event which will affect all the Church, the Pope should be normaly in Rome (Vatican) but we know also that the Pope will see the miracle wherever he will be, important detail from our Lady, so maybe during a pontificate with 2 Popes, incredible that time but not impossible today.

      • Hi Pete, the Prophecy about Joe Lomangino was from Conchita only, none of the other seers had never talk about it, this was one of the main reason given to me in the village years ago when some told me that he may died before the Great Miracle, I talk about it on my first blog.

  4. Joey Lomangino never recovered his sight”.

    Hi Ed.

    Joey Lomangino in my mind is not central to Garabandal messages at all. Sure he was a great US promoter, that is all.

    If you check the linkage between him and Our Lady at Garabandal you will find the connection is no more than a single short sentance from a single visonary (Conchita) reported after a single apparition. It may well be a mistaken. That alone does not impugn the main messages corroborated by all seers over multiple apparitions. If such minor discrepancies call the whole business into serious question then there is no Catholic apparition that cannot be pulled apart.

    “Father Luiz body is corruptible after all.”

    Yes it has apparantly corrupted. However the actual reported message from Our lady was that after the miracle it would be found incorrupt. She did not say it would be incorrupt right from the time of his death. I admit this would seem to make for a very spectacular miracle if it comes about because his corpse would need to be reconstructed!

    I am not yet prepared to rule out the main messages of Garabandal because of this one but wait to see what may happen. While this is more serious than the Lomangino discrepancy I do not think the main messages are rendered not credible if this alleged promise of Our Lady fails.

    “Conchita married a divorced Man.”

    You have no cause for concern here. His marriage to Conchita was recognised by the Catholic Church.He may well have been divorced. Lots of faithful Catholics “remarry” validly when their first marriages are found by the Church never to have actually been valid due to faults that are not theirs or their new partner.

    “Why ‘Our Lady’ dragged the children around during the night, and backwards.”

    Our lady herself stated it was to teach the children and the village the importance of discipline and penance.

    There is nothing inherently evil in walking backwards though it may offend the sensibilities of those overly preoccupied with bodily appearance. The possessed levitate – that does not mean anyone who levitates is possessed.

    ” ‘Our Lady’ should wish to perform conjuring tricks”

    I think this is more a matter of interpretation than fact.

    Yes, the seers managed to withdraw single sets of rosaries from a tangled heaps and return them to their rightful owners.

    We are full of wonder and enjoy master musicians, singers, craftsman, painters or sculptors exercise his art flawlessly without assuming vainglory motives. Why should they pretend they have no hard earned skill just because people stop to watch them doing their daily work? They are just exercising their gifts – and it is a privilege they allow us entry. Our Lady does not have the ancient title “Untier of Knots” for no reason.

    Why on earth would we want to assume she is stooping to coerce your assent by “conjuring.”

    If you don’t want to believe thats fine, you don’t have to.

    But are your objections as objective as you sugggest…I do not believe so.

  5. I would absolutely love to believe in Garabandal and I mean that sincerely, however I have found too many
    contradictions, not with the Message but the ‘dramatis personae’ etc. Joey Lomangino never recovered his
    sight, Father Luiz body is corruptible after all. Conchita married a divorced Man. I can’t get my head round
    why ‘Our Lady’ dragged the children around during the night, and backwards too ! I also don’t understand why
    ‘Our Lady’ should wish to perform conjuring tricks with rosaries, medals etc. On the plus side Conchita was
    blessed by Pope Paul, Padre Pio encouraged Joey to go to Gardandal having said Our Lady was appearing
    there. The local bishop and successors have not condemned the apparitions (Unlike Medjgorje which the
    Church is continuously embarrassed about.) I really want to believe the Warning especially so that my
    5 lapsed children will come to their senses and return to the loving embrace of Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

    • Hi Edward, you said no contradiction with the Message, that’s Garabandal and Nothing else, the rest is talk, rumors and so on, there is only one star in Garabandal, the Lady of the Carmel, not the seers, Garabandal is also 4 seers not one only, when I met Jacinta, one of the seer, they told me she will not accept any pictures with anyone and any discussion due to her obedience to the Church, well I went to the Pines and was praying the Lady, she converted me there years ago as she married me via her Priest there as well, so when I talk to her, I talk as to my own Mother, back from the Pines, I met strangely Jacinta and Maximina, the Lady with me on my avatar Picture, she is also Conchita’s Aunt, they were talking together, this was years ago, I introduce myself and gave some détails about my conversion in the village…etc…, I spent about 1 hour with them, they told me you looks sad why ? I said I am going back home and I will miss my Mother, but don’t worry I have the same feeling each time I am going back to France, so we talk and we talk as we knew each other for years then I said, let’s take a picture, they said of course with pleasure, today we know each other, both were my guests for my weeding (Maximina) as for the Baptism of my last child (both of them) so why this story ? just to confirm that there is 2 Garabandal, the one from the books and the one from the village, the one with rumors, stories, speculation, bullshit and so on and the one with the reality, in other words, you cannot talk about Garabandal without having any link in the village, this is not possible but don’t get me wrong, all the books about Garabandal are not bad but many are full of mistakes and rumors as well, so I will suggest caution to all of you and in doubt to ask.

      About the wedding of Conchita, this is private and has no link with Garabandal, her wedding has been blessed by the Church so valid, as I said, there is only 1 star in Garabandal, the Lady of the Carmel only, called also the Star on the Mountain, end of the story.

      The goal of my blog is to introduce my readers to the Star on the Mountain so to her Son and her messages she left there in this small Spanish village, not to the Garabandal seers or any rumors (which I keep debunking years after years), thank you.

    • Hello Edward.
      Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
      Belief in the supernatural aspects of what took place in Garabandal is not essential. What is important is that people accept and live the Messages from the Mother of God. At the time of the Miracle everything the Holy Virgin promised including Joey’s new eyes will be fulfilled. How this will happen is in the realm of Divine Providence. The Great Miracle God will perform at Garabandal is to be consistent with and necessary for the conversion of the world. The enormity of what lies ahead is worth reflecting upon for those who still have any doubts.
      When Conchita was asked by Bill Nicholson in the BBC program, if she still believed in her vision, she replied: ‘everything the Holy Virgin told her had happened’. Events since then add unquestionable credibility to the testimonies of the seers and their vision.
      Remain steadfast in the faith, pray the Rosary and do not worry.

  6. Hey Aviso, I’m glad you’re back. Did found you somewhere on the web… Estoy muy contento que hayas (o has?) vuelto…
    Truly your’s my friend.
    Peter Koeken.

  7. Aviso, you had to quit your previous blog – just to discover – that you are cheating yourself by giving in to the doubts of evil one. Now, more than ever you are needed, you see now through different lenses… God is showing you and us… that GARABANDAL IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME…

    You ask about COMMUNISM?… Pope Francis is bringing it BACK and straight into the heart of the CHURCH…


    • Tereze, forgive my ignorance, but how is Pope Francis showing us that he is a communist? He doesn’t seem to be supporting Russian or Chinese way of life, where the government runs everything and the people get little to nothing. I know families who escaped communist Russia, and they were extremely poor while in Russia. They said it was so bad that they would have rather died if they couldn’t escape. I thought that Pope Francis asked for those who had more to feed the poor. Isn’t that Christianity?

      • Marvalli – did you heard about LIBERATION THEOLOGY? Who is also the strongest propagator of global warming today? Read this : https://mundabor.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/slum-pleasures/ This is about how Francis really see the poor and Christ…

        P.S. I was born and grew up under Soviet occupation and we ALL were POOR, but we never compromised Christ because of that. We never justify any sin in the name of our poverty. Quite contrary, we cherished ALL WHAT CHRIST SAID! Poverty is not a key to change any teaching of Christ !!! False mercy neither !!!

      • The late Fr Malachi Martin. SJ foresaw a situation where Priests were falling into Hell like leaves off a tree . After watching the video I understood the connection. Even so, there has to be hard evidence to substantiate the authors claims. Certainly, the visionaries described the state of the world prior to the Warning as ‘very bad’ and ‘at their worst’. Maybe we are much closer to the prophesied Warning than most of us like to think.
        John AU.

      • Our Blessed Mother was talking about this since the early 1900’s during Fatima. She talks about it again (the priests pastors, bishops and cardinals on the road to perdition.) in Medjugorje and Garabandal and in other apparitions since then. She spoke about the 100 years that Satan would be allowed in the church. She also said in an appearance in Medjugorje. that the 100 years is over and she wants all people to go back to the Catholic Church. It’s over!

      • I read the article https://mundabor.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/slum-pleasures/ and found it disgusting if what was said is true. But I didn’t see anything that said that Pope Francis is a practicing homosexual or that he condones and embraces their way of life. On the contrary, he has said when asked about homosexual marriage in the USA, that there is no marriage but a marriage between a man and a woman in God’s eyes. He said that Marriage is one of the sacraments, just as all of the Popes have said all along. ( see: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/pope-francis-union-man-and-woman-marriage-fundamental-whole-societies ) I think that Pope Francis has a lot of house cleaning to do after the 100 years of Satan in the Vatican and in the church. Satan caused a lot of confusion and from what I have researched there was more going on than most of us can stomach. How many times must he repeat that marriage between two men or two women is wrong? His first statement was misinterpreted by his cardinals and bishops purposely… The statement online (above) is his second statement. Also, the environmental religion, is not Pope Francis’s idea. This is President Obama’s new religion that he is developing, and cramming it into our children’s brains.. Also, President Obama is the one who said that gay marriage is a good thing…. not the Pope. I think we should give credit where credit is due. Our Blessed Mother said, that we should pray for our clergy. She also said that now that Satan knows he cannot destroy the Catholic Church from within, he will try and destroy it from without. Remember that just because someone preaches to feed the poor, doesn’t make him a communist. This is a Christian principal. President Obama is the socialist/communist. He is the one we should worry about.

  8. Aviso, I was sorry to find you are no longer on MOG.
    Are you able to contact me privately – I have supplied my email notification email to your website

    Blue Horizon.

  9. Thank you for y our information and for being here for us.. I would like to suggest that as many people as possible get the word out about Garabandal, along with Fatima, and Medjugorje. I have hopes to produce on a written flyer giving information to Catholics around the USA. If the Lord wants it, then it will be so.

  10. I follow your news on Garabandal on Padraig’s site and on your old blog so I am happy you are back as we prepare for world changing events.
    Every blessing to you and your beautiful family.


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