Garabandal Great Miracle Dates ?


Garabandal Great Miracle Dates ?

3 possible Dates but only one should be the correct date :

14 April 2016

13 April 2017

12 April 2018

In my opinion, the Great Miracle date might be there, so I am pleased to share this important detail with you.


15 thoughts on “Garabandal Great Miracle Dates ?

  1. I think it’s going to happen in 2017. Things just keep getting worse and now with Russian interference in the U.S. election, its as Our Lady predicted about Russian influence spreading throughout the world! I’m still shocked that it has happened here in the U.S. We will know after the Warning happens! Mankind needs the Warning now more than ever, Things just keep getting worse in the world! We need some intervention by God!

    • Hi Anne.
      Consensus of opinion suggests the Warning will occur in an even numbered calendar year; most likely 2018 according to the pundits. If correct that would place the promised Miracle within the same calendar year. However, we also know the Garabandal events began in 1961, taking that year as our reference point and counting in two’s, it logically follows the first even number of years then becomes 1963 up to and including 2017. Might be worth consideration given the chaotic state of affairs in the Church and the world, let alone any unexpected putsch by Russia into Western Europe via the Ukraine.
      Concerning Joey’s new eyes. I don’t think we can rule out the manifestation of that event as part of the future Great Miracle at Garabandal.

      • Ok good to know! I thought I’d read about the Warning occurring during an even year so that makes sense! Not sure what you mean about Joey’s eyes? Didn’t he pass away? The world is certainly in a sad state. Not sure where you live but with trump taking over as President, I feel like the AntiChrist has come to the U.S.! I’m sad to see this happening! On a positive note I have been on disability and able to attend daily mass! What a joy and privilege! I’ve also been serving as a Eucharistic Minister,another gift I’m so grateful for! I would love to go to Garbandal for the miracle, but given that will be announced only 8 days before it happens, not sure if that will be possible. Hopefully given technology, it will be televised! I am glad to hear from other believers in the future events to come! Hopefully I’ll be spiritually prepared, not sure I’ll ever be emotionally ready for the events that are to transpire! Anyway, I plan to stay strong in my faith, ardent in praying the rosary and hopefully prepared for whatever the Lord has planned! Your sister in Christ. Anne

      • Hello again Anne.

        The Holy Virgin has promised that on the day of the Miracle, Joey Lomangino (now deceased) will receive ‘new eyes’. Without doubt his untimely death has been troublesome for many followers of Garabandal. So then how are we to make sense of his death? Seems to me the best answer comes from Conchita herself. When interviewed by Bill Nicholson for the BBC documentary ‘After the Visions’ she was asked the reason why she still believed in her Vision, to which she replied “everything the Blessed Virgin had told her had come true”. I accept without reservation her answer as entirely credible and a satisfactory explanation for all promises made known to her by the Holy Virgin including Joey’s new eyes. In my opinion the most likely means for that promise to be fulfilled is within the context of the great future Miracle where all present will again see Joey with his new eyes.
        The events of Garabandal are of a deeply profound nature, not unlike those experienced by the Great Mystics: Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila and more recently Saint Pio. How God operates in the affairs of men is beyond human comprehension. Despite our human failings there is no reason to doubt His promises conveyed to us by the Queen of Prophets will not be met.
        It is necessary to be present in Garabandal to witness the Great Miracle even though the event itself will be televised. A permanent visible sign will remain for the conversion of the world.
        I am Australian and have, with my wife, been actively involved in the Garabandal Apostolate for over 35 years.

        United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

        • Thank you John! Again, I appreciate hearing from you and all believers in the events at Garabandal! It will be interesting to see how Mary’s promises come to fruition. I will hopefully be able to make the journey to Spain when the time is announced for the great Miracle. I know, firstly that the earth will experience the Warning. I have tried to prepare my family for this event, but have been met with skepticism and cynicism. In the end, I know that all I can do is my best to prepare them. Unfortunately for many people, as with the miracle, it will require the actual event happening, before they become believers!
          Blessings for the New Year. Anne

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