To Fatima then To Garabandal

Dear Readers,


Our Lady of Fatima behind me in the Garabandal Church


I will be off for almost 2 weeks, from next Monday I will travel by car to Fatima then on my way back, I will stop in Garabandal for a short stay and to visit also one of my good friend quite sick.

For any personal Prayers, do not hesitate to ask privately or online, I will present each Prayer to our Lady foot, in Fatima as in Garabandal.

Please Pray also for me and for my long trip, thank you.



6 thoughts on “To Fatima then To Garabandal

  1. God bless and safe travels. Let us know if there any new things in Garabandal when you return (ie. new road construction, etc.)

  2. Dear Aviso Bonjour! I will pray for your safe journey and Our Lady’s blessings on your family. If this message reaches you in time, please pray for my husband Marko that he finds work, and please pray for me also regarding work. God Bless you for asking us for our intentions. Merci!

  3. I pray that you are abundantly blessed and strengthened for these times as you go on your pilgrimage. May you be true to your mission, be given the ongoing graces of discernment and fulfil all that God asks of you. True brothers in Christ are hard to find. In Jesus through Mary +++ Donna Liane.

  4. Dear Aviso, please pray for me In Fatima and in Garabandal. I’ll pray too for you and for your pilgrimage. Thank you and very truly yours my friend. P. Koeken.

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