Garabandal, The Pope and Russia Update


Please do not forget Albrecht in your Prayers

Francis and Kirill Together, Under Tropical Skies

26 January 2016

The pope in Mexico, the Russian patriarch in Cuba. Both on visits to these countries in mid-February. Ready to surprise the world, with a meeting

by Sandro Magister

ROME, January 26, 2016 – “Everyone knows that he is the pope of surprises. If he wants to make a change to his schedule, he will certainly do so.”

So said Captain Domenico Giani, inspector general of the Vatican gendarmerie, at the end of a meticulous security inspection in Mexico, where Francis will visit from February 12 to 18.

And the “surprises” could include an exceptional one: a meeting between Pope Francis and Kirill, the Orthodox patriarch of Moscow and of all Rus’. The first meeting in history between the heads of the Churches of Rome and of the “Third Rome,” unexpectedly beneath tropical skies.

In fact, just when the pope is in Mexico, Kirill will be in Cuba, where he was invited personally by Raúl Castro in May of last year, during the Cuban president’s visit to Moscow.

On that occasion, Raúl Castro made a stop in Rome on his way back from Moscow and met with Francis. To speak with him about the pope’s visit to Cuba, scheduled for September of that year. But it is likely that he also wanted to talk with him about his conversations with Patriarch Kirill and with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A meeting between the pope and the patriarch of Moscow – who governs two thirds of the 200 million Orthodox in the world – has been talked about for years, or rather for decades. Each time imagining it on neutral ground, like Vienna or Budapest. But never before today has the meeting been seen as feasible in the near future, not even after the exit from the stage of a pontiff “impossible” for the Russians like the Polish John Paul II.

After the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as pope, however, the hypothesis soon became less unrealistic. On November 30 of 2014, on the flight back from Rome after his trip to Turkey, Francis gave this response to a Russian journalist who had asked him precisely about his contacts with the patriarchate of Moscow:

“I told Patriarch Kirill, and he agreed, there is a willingness to meet. I told him: ‘I’ll go wherever you want, you call me and I’ll come;’ and he too wants this.”

Francis did not conceal – in his further remarks to the Russian journalist – the obstacles that he saw in the way of the meeting. Which were principally two.

On the first, uniatism – which is the derogatory term that the Orthodox use to designate the union of the Eastern-rite Catholic communities with Rome – Bergoglio made it understood that he wants to turn the page:

“The Eastern Catholic Churches have a right to exist, but uniatism is a dated word. We cannot speak in these terms today. We need to find another way.”

Regarding the second obstacle, the war in Ukraine – the birthplace of Russian Orthodoxy but also the home of the most populous Byzantine-rite Catholic Church – the pope said instead that the one with the greatest difficulty was the patriarch of Moscow:

“There is the problem of war in these times. The poor man has so many issues there that the meeting with the Pope has been put on the back burner. Both of us want to meet and move forward.”

And in fact, on the question of Ukraine, Francis has always moved with actions and words carefully crafted so as not to gall the Moscow patriarchate and Putin’s policies in the region, even at the cost of sowing the strongest disappointment among the bishops, clergy, and faithful of the Catholic Church of that nation:

> Assaulted by Moscow and Abandoned by Rome (20.2.2015)

One effect has been that on several occasions Kirill has not failed to express public appreciation for the role of Pope Francis in the Ukrainian crisis:

> Patriarch Kirill thanks Vatican for balanced view on Ukraine crisis

So the Vatican and the patriarchate of Moscow began to study in secret the feasibility of a meeting between the two.

The secrecy was dictated by the intention of avoiding any reaction from forces in either camp that would be opposed to the meeting, with the risk of ruining it.

In the Catholic camp it is above all the Ukrainian Church that feels itself wounded by such a sensational cozying up of the pope to the patriarchate of Moscow, seen as inseparable from the great enemy and “invader,” Putin’s Russia.

But within the patriarchate as well there is very extensive opposition to “openness” to the Catholic Church, and therefore to the execrated West, symbolized by the embrace between the pope and the patriarch.

One sign of this is the caution of the deputy in the patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, concerning rumors of a meeting between Francis and Kirill:

> Too early to speak of meeting between pope, patriarch

Another sign is the recent turbulence at the upper echelon of the patriarchate, with the expulsion of the head of religious information, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, an ultra-nationalist and theorist of Russia’s “holy war” in Ukraine:

> Licenziamenti a Mosca: il patriarcato verso il terzo millennio

In freeing himself of him, Kirill wanted to weaken the component of the Russian Church most closely connected to the autocratic Putin regime and to its military operations in Ukraine and the Middle East.

In fact, after working in close agreement with Putin for the reconstruction of Orthodoxy in Russia, Patriarch Kirill now wants to act with greater autonomy and acquire the credibility and charismatic profile of a world spiritual leader, of a Russian “Pope Francis,” partly in competition with the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, who is at home in the Vatican but in Russia is seen by many as a vassal of Western “uniform thinking.”

Both Francis and Kirill, therefore, have a strong interest in the realization of their meeting. And in its happening with that “surprise” effect which would present the world – and their respective opponents – with the fait accompli.

That the meeting between the two is near, very near in fact, has been hinted at by Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the pontifical council for Christian unity.

In a January 23 interview with the journalist and fellow Swiss countryman Giuseppe Rusconi, Koch said:

“It is clear that Pope Francis ardently desires such a meeting. Kirill too is in agreement. Now the stoplight is not red anymore, but yellow.”

And he recalled as close to becoming reality the words that Francis said on the flight from Turkey to Rome:

“I told Kirill: ‘I’ll go wherever you want, you call me and I’ll come’.”

In less than a month the two really will call each other. Francis from Mexico. Kirill from Cuba. For the historic meeting so longed for by both.

Source :

My Comment : If confirmed, That’s the news of the Year, I mean if Kirill and Pope Francis meet each other, as indicated by Magister (one of the best source in Rome), this would be the “The first meeting in history between the heads of the Churches of Rome and of the “Third Rome””, also an incredible and clear sign of the proximity of the Garabandal events.

Indeed and thanks to this important detail given to us in the 90s by our Good Friend and Garabandalist Albrecht Weber, confirmed to me later by another credible source, a close friend of father Laffineur, Monsieur Lefevbre to whom this detail has been indicated in the 70s as well, “the Pope will go to Russia“, this possible meeting between the Pope and the Russian Patriarch can go in this direction IF they meet each other soon.

As a reminder and as indicated on this Blog, this indication from our Lady of Mount Carmel about a Pope going to Russia is a first, this historical and unique event has been indicated in Garabandal and in Garabandal ONLY and I insist on this point, so Garabandalist my Brothers, “raise your head and be proud” because against all odds, the victory of Our Lady of Mount Carmel might be close.




06 February 2016

My Comment : Few words to all of you, I am currently in Fatima working on the Star of Esther indicated on the dress of our Lady of Fatima, a very important detail and will talk more about it back home.

All the Prayers that were asked in private (many) or online will be prayed at our Lady foot as promised, in Fatima as in Garabandal where I will be next week.

Let me finish about the news of Yesterday and the confirmation of the meeting between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of Russia next February 12, an historical event, this is a very important news especially for any Garabandalist, I suggest you to enjoy the Year of Mercy given to us by Pope Francis, probably the last one, again a full confession is strongly suggested and do not care at all and anymore about what others might think about Garabandal, as indicated on this blog, the Prophecies are on the way, this last news is a clear sign but must be interpreted correctly, a Pre Aviso sign, probably one of the last one for all of us as for the Church, will give more détails back home.

Please do not forget to Pray for me, we keep in Touch, thank you.




33 thoughts on “Garabandal, The Pope and Russia Update

  1. Francis met with Metropolitan Hilarion to discuss a possible meeting with the Patriarch of Russia a few hours ago:

    Interesting. Could the Warning bring about the conversion of Msgr. Jorge Bergoglio while there is still time? Yes, I propose that it could. Our Lord wants everyone to be saved. In doing so, he would be obliged to confess the outrageous crimes done to our Papa Benedict XVI who is a prisoner in the Vatican.

    • Hi Claudia and Cathy.

      Thank you for the two reports. It is looking increasingly likely that this meeting will indeed take place next year. I might add also that its a little concerning that such is also running parallel to increased Russian rhetoric regarding the West and Ukraine. We pray that if there is a collision between these two events as we suspect there may be, (Pope returning to Rome and the breakout of Russian hostilities) that the Warning is quick to the hour and sufferings are brief and limited.

      As you say Claudia we pray for “Msger. Jorge Bergolio’s” conversation and as Aviso made reference previously, if he is the one who then Consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart, then he will be accounted as the Legitimate Pope.

      God bless.

  2. There are now rumours in the press about Pope Francis visiting Moscow. Can you post here in the comment were the original “The Pope will visit Moscow and when he returns hostilities in Europe will break out” quote was first published

    • Hi Greg

      On December the 6th this year Pope Francis announced his willingness to go to Moscow. The answer to your question is to be found in Albert Weber’s book Garabandal-Der Zeigefinger Gottes. In that book he sets out statements made by Mari Loli and Conchita during separate conversation they had with different people.

      In one conversation Mrs Christine Bocabeille asked Mari Loli:

      “If your not allowed to tell me the exact year of the Warning, perhaps you can tell me approximately when it will happen?”
      To which Mari Loli replies.
      “Yes it will be at that time when the world will most need it.”
      “When is that Mrs Bocabeille asked?”
      “When Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly overrun and overwhelm a great part of the free world.”

      The second statement Mr Weber records is that given by Conchita during a long conversation held in her house on November the 14th 1965, during which she said:

      “The Pope will go to Moscow. A soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

      Mr Weber in his book also refers to a conversation that took place between St Padre Pio and Conchita during which St. Padre Pio had said:
      “The great wonder of God (the Miracle) must be paid for with much blood throughout Europe.”

      When asked for his source, Mr Weber confirmed it was Conchita herself who shared St Pio’s statement in the presence of Mr Weber’s mother (Eloise Deguia) and himself, and that his mother then wrote it down word for word.

      As in the past when sharing matters that are of grave concern for us I also want to end on a positive note.

      There is an article in the 1983 edition of Homiletic and Pastoral Review, called Prophesy for our Time, written by Fr Joseph Brennan OCS in which he writes:

      “Such confusion will reign (at that time) that it will appear Christianity has almost vanished.”
      but thereafter. “There will be a turning to God that will match the apostasy from God that proceeded, as a result and as Our Lady said at Fatima;”
      “An era of peace will be granted humanity, a peace such as the world has never known.”

      God bless

      • At the end of this comment is a short and concise article by Eric Sammons writing for Crisis Magazine about the Pope’s attack on the preservation of the faith via the practice of the Traditional Liturgy. I share this with you because I believe it is consistent with much that we share on this blog and it’s an article that resonates with me for two particular reasons:

        Firstly, Eric Sammons writes “The walls are crumbling around the Church, and instead of trying to repair them, the Pope and the Vatican are tearing down the one solid wall so it can match the rest.”

        This is a theme very much warned of by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich when she speaks of a Dark Church. A topic Catherine often recounts in her dialogue with the Pilgrim as recorded in his 2nd volume on her life and revelations. A Dark Church she explains, as constructed by Ecclesiastics in league with the Secret Sect (Freemasonry). Its the same concern reiterated in those prophetic words attributed to St. John Paul II in his last speech as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to the US in September 1976: (See Discerning the Construct and the Defeat of the Anti-Church in the Era of the Two Popes on this blog).

        The second reason the Traditionis Custodes article and the Pope’s July motu proprio resonates with me is Eric’s statement that this mandate, “petty and vindictive,” “resembles a Soviet purge of dissidents conducted in 1988.

        As with the Anti-Church, I have also written elsewhere on our blog my view about Pope Francis and the influence communist ideology will have had on his pastoral approach, e.g.

        ‘Communism has infiltrated the Church unto the top, as also the Secret Sect. Pope Francis himself has even stated that Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, whom he describes as a “fervent communist.” is one of his most important mentors. Of her he says, “I owe a huge amount to that great woman,” saying also that she “taught me so much about politics.”’

        What are we to make of all this in the context of Fatima and Garabandal? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it has been said, there is a component of the Third Secret that has never been formally revealed which, relates to a Pope under the influence of Satan.

        Before proceeding further, one must, in a spirit of charity, consider the fact that he who is now called Pope Francis, has devoted his life to his Priesthood & to the best of our knowledge has lived his vows faithfully. However, is it also possible (through no deliberate fault of his) that he is the one “under the influence of Satan” but does not recognise that possibility? An outcome which, began from Childhood and continued through his years of learning, working & eventual ordination in a country that was under the reign of Communism and its saturation of influence upon all sphere’s of people’s lives.

        Notably Pope Francis is recorded as saying “Satan is a seducer”; he is “the enemy of humankind. He is astute he presents things as if they were a good thing but his intention is destruction.”
        The pope explains how the devil works:
        “He slowly changes our criteria to lead us to worldliness;”
        “He has two very powerful weapons to destroy the Church: divisions and money”

        So I ask; How is it the Pope can make such statements & yet not know that to date many of his words, his actions, his sympathies, seem to be the catalyst for *division* in the Church, seem (in various degrees), to lean to toward a ‘worldly/secular’ view of God’s purpose, re: marriage, mercy, tolerance of other Christian sects, none Christian religions, even forms of paganism as in ‘Mother Earth’ & the Pachamama scandal. He seems a Priest confused, a Pope confused, one who sees not, the true destructive impact of condoning those in the Church & World who are similarly confused about sin & virtue.

        Now here we are, we watch and are witness to one who occupies the Seat of St Peter, whose responsibility it is to guard and maintain unchanged the repository of Faith, dismantle the ‘Bastions of that Faith’ in the name of; Openness; the Spirit of Surprises; Synodality and the removing of “rigidity.” As for the ‘removing of rigidity,’ this he does in part by demonising all those, Ordained, Religious and Lay, who hold fast to that which, over the millennia, has been imparted by the Holy Spirit to the Mystical Body of Christ on Earth & faithfully observed by our forefathers even unto martyrdom; that which we know as and name as, Sacred Tradition.

        I ask again; Is it possible that he is a Pope “under the influence of Satan” but does not recognise that possibility?
        Love him or not, either way he badly needs our Prayers, not as requested by me, but as requested by Our Lady as do all Priests, most especially in these days of increasing darkness and confusion.

        God Bless

        • I am with Ann Barnhardt, Brother Alexis Bugnolo, Antonio Socci, Cionci, etc. What do they have in common? They recognize Pope Benedict XVI as the Roman Pontiff of an impeded See.

  3. Father Paul Kramer, the only source for the urban myth “Vladimir-Putin-requests-the-consecration-of-Russia”, is not so sure anymore…

    More on the ‘Great Monarch’: “The veneration of Lenin’s mummy is similar to the veneration of the holy relics of the Christian Saints.”

  4. As a Malachi Martin supporter, I have severe reservations about the authenticity of the pontificate of Francis. However, it is well known that in order to be a member of the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, the individual has to be part of the KGB. Patriarch Nikodem not only was instrumental at Metz in preparation for Vatican II in negotiation with representatives of Paul VI but also later met with John Paul I in the Vatican. He was a colonel in the KGB who had been tortured on a number of occasions to ensure his cooperation. In point of fact, he died in the arms of the smiling pontiff on the floor in the Vatican after “drinking coffee”. John Paul I was then dead within a number of days with his 33 day pontificate coming to a swift end.

  5. Just watched the Francis/Kirill meeting in Cuba and talked to a friend about it. Both of us were struck that the appearance given was that of Francis travelling to meet the Patriarch of Moscow. Francis showed up after Kirill was already there and settled in, they met, talked, signed the declaration, and Francis left, with Kirill remaining there. Could this have been the fated “trip to Moscow”?

    Just pondering it I guess…

  6. Those who criticize modern Russia and question the authenticity of her Christian revival are rejecting the word of Padre Pio, who said on two occasions that Russia would be converted before America and that Russia would teach America a lesson in conversion. They also reject the word of Our Lady at Medjugorje when she said, in 1981, that Russia would in the end glorify Christ more than any other country. Please look beyond the anti-Putin propaganda of the mainstream media, most of it spread by militant homosexuals who hate Putin. Putin has banned internet porn, has banned homosexual propaganda, has banned the advertising of abortions and has moved towards banning abortion completely. Contrast that with modern America, where you can be fined 130,000 dollars for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake and can be thrown into prison for refusing to conduct a homosexual “wedding”.

    • Just because someone thinks Putin is not a good guy doesn’t mean that they think Padre Pio was wrong or Mary was at Medjugorje. The conversion of Russia may be yet to come. After the warning and miracle Russia will be converted. Not until than. When that happens what Padre Pio said and the Blessed Mother said can still come true.

  7. one side is unwilling
    26 January 2016, 18:03
    Russian Orthodox Church denies rumors of upcoming Patriarch-Pope meeting in Latin America

    Moscow, January 26, Interfax – The assumptions about a possible meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in a Latin American country this February are baseless, the Synodal Department for External Church Relations told Interfax-Religion.

    “The Patriarch and the Pope’s Latin American visit programs do not intersect,” the Russian Orthodox Church’s spokesman for inter-Christian relations, Hieromonk Stefan (Igumnov) told the agency on Tuesday, commenting on recent rumors in the foreign press about a possibility of such a meeting during the two church leaders’ visits to that region in February.

    “The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church and the head of the Roman Catholic one will be visiting completely different countries, albeit on the same continent,” the spokesman said.

    Concurrently, he recalled that the subject of a meeting between the Moscow Patriarch and the Pope is raised in the media from time to time and was repeatedly commented upon by the Church officials who said that “a discussion of its possibility is invariably present on the agenda of the bilateral relations, but no specific time and place of such a meeting have yet been stipulated.”

  8. October 2017 is the anniversary of the Russian revolution and, if we are to believe the reports of the vision of Leo XIII, then Satan would have 100 years to try to destroy the Church. Surely this destruction began with the Russian revolution and so the 100 years ends in October 2017 when Our Lady comes to rescue us and the promised ‘era of peace’ begins. She said that the consecration would be made (before the ‘era of peace’) and so is imminent. It is my guess that the troubles about to overwhelm us will be the ‘trigger’ for the consecration.
    Kirill’s Church was the ‘handmaid’ of the KGB (excluding the individual Orthodox priests and religious who protested and suffered for it). Kirill’s position depends on Putin, the assassin and thief, they are bad men whom good men should avoid ‘like the plague’.

  9. Finally Aviso we are starting to converge again on the understanding of the whole thing. I’ve been trying to make you considerer this possibility for so long…

    In the opening of the 2ndVC – according to Fr. Martin – the Pope Jxxiii should have condemned clearly the communism and consecrated Russia. Otherwise:

    “she [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church.”

    One of the biggest errors of Russia was the compromise between the communist regime and the religion, inside the country and abroad, like in Latina America for example. The Liberation Theology was considered by many as a product made in KGB.

    In fact, during the late Soviet regime, the ROC was considered by the Catholics like the instrument used by the state to persecute the Catholics, especially the eastern rite ones. But now we have a Pope that condemns capitalism (rightly) but doesn’t condemn communism, a hero for every adept of the Liberation theology who were condemned by JPii and Bxvi.

    “I quite liked, and still do, the Communist and Socialist ideas. If we look at the Code of the builder of Communism, which was broadly circulated in the Soviet Union, it is very much like the Bible. It is not a joke, there is in fact a similar passage in the Bible,” he told the first inter-regional forum organized by his All-Russia People’s Front on Monday. […] Unlike many functionaries – and I was not one – from the party point of view, I was a rank and file member, I did not throw away my party ID, I did not burn it,” said the president, adding that “the Communist Party of the Soviet Union collapsed, but my ID is lying somewhere there.” (Vladimir Putin 26th of January, 2016)

    We should be scared with all of this.

    • Well Basto, the Consecration of Russia was requested from 1929 and the errors of Russia were already spread before the Year 1960, you are right Pope John should Consecrated Russia as Pope Pius XI and Pius XII, none of them to date has done it yet as confirmed also in the attached video, Pope John XXIII was the first Pope in Charge to reveal to the World the Fatima 3rd secret as well, as we know he did not do it, why ? that’s the famous question and one of the main topic of my current works about the 3rd Secret, it looks that the Council might be indicated and probably the last Pope before the Triumph but I share also your opinion, Communism could have already reached the top (your Picture is quite clear), if it’s really the case, we are in very big trouble and no Consecration can be expected during this Pontificate, in any case we must Pray.

      Back to Garabandal and this must be clear for everybody, a travel from the Pope to Russia does not bod well, on the contrary, this will be a clear indication of difficult time for any of us as for the World, the Garabandal Warning has never been a good News but the confirmation that we have reached the End of the Times only with the consequences that are going with it.

      • I forgot the link for the news above:

        Magister’s article debunks some fairy-tales about of Mr Putin asking for the consecration of Russia, or being converted by interception of Our Lady of Fatima after healing from a cancer or dandruff or whatever… Also, it discourages those sedvacantists who saw in Putin the “great monarch”, even if he is obsessed with military power. Some people tend to see the actual relationship between the political system and ROC as the example for the West but the Truth is that “extra ecclesiam nulla salus”, that’s a catholic dogma of faith. So, it doesn’t matter how ruined and humiliated the Roman Catholic Church can be, it is still the one who has the full Truth and the keys.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if these close ties between Putin and the ROC suddenly set the Eastern Europe on fire, if there was a reason needed for that.

      • I know Basto your position about Putin and I respect it even if it’s not mine , Magister’s article debunks nothing in a geopolitical way but express mostly his wish and opinion only, the current threat for the world is not Putin but Natos propaganda, I don’t say that Putin is a Saint but facts confirms 2 meeting with Pope Francis already, this is surely not to speak of the weather, Putin’s wish for the Consecration of Russia is a news from Father Gruner and Kramer, they are not known for gossip, Father Kramer’s position about the current Pope is not a sede vacante position, he consider Pope Benedict as the Pope, a position shared almost by Socci and few others as well, everyone knows my fidelity and confidence to the Fatima Center but as I said I respect your opinion, so thanks again..

      • I’m sorry Aviso but that consecration’s fairy-tale is only a rumour, as weack as the one about the ‘redemption of aliens in Garabandal’, from my point of view, and it has never been confirmed by Fr. Gruner he has just talked about that. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m just saying.

        This meetings between Putin and the Pope have nothing new, Russia has good diplomatic relations with the Vatican State for a long time. The Popes have had several invitations to go to Russia, at least, since Gorvachev.

        «The Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church had had no relations whatsoever before the Vatican II of 1962-1965. The late Pope John Paul II was the first to express his desire to visit Russia. He was invited first by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, then by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but never by the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.»

        «Gorbachev: “I hope that after this meeting our relations will gain new momentum and I assume that at some point in the future you could visit the USSR.” […] John Paul II: “If this were allowed, I would be very glad to. […] I am deeply grateful to you for the invitation. I would be glad to have the opportunity to visit the Soviet Union, Russia, to meet with Catholics and not only them, to visit holy places that are for us, Christians, a source of inspiration. Thank you for the invitation. I can well appreciate its weight and importance.”»

        «Popes Benedict and John Paul had standing invitations from the Russian government but could not go because they received no matching invitation from the Orthodox Church. Francis would need the same to go to Russia.»

        What impeded that trip was never the Russian Government but the ROC. They were allowed to go Russia if they would accept those three conditions: 1) refuse the “presumption” of being the only and supreme Vicar of Christ on Earth, by means of historic roots and faith. 2) refuse the unwanted Catholic proselytism, which would be the same as an attempt to convert people to the Catholic faith in a canonical territory that is known as Orthodox. 3) the embarrassing problem of the Uniate Church in the Eastern Europe, especially in the Ukraine inside the “Orthodox land”.

        I’m not surprised if both, Putin and the ROC, are so happy with the Pope. If we look at the news, the first two conditions are already fulfilled and the Pope has been very enigmatic about the third condition like Magister agrees.

        I’m sure that when you have listened all the interviews with Fr. Malachi Martin in your researching on the 3rd secret, you have payed attention to what he said then about the ROC problems. When we revisit Malachi Martin we should always make a little brains’ exercise, which is to think about Bxvi every time he says JPii and think about Putin every time he says Gorbachev. Malachi Martin was a Garabandal believer and, like almost everybody in the 90s, he was mistaken about the number of Popes until the “end of times” and that was the reason for the chronological failure in some of his predictions.

      • Hi Basto, Father Gruner confirms that Putin discussed Fatima with Pope Francis in November 2013, this has been confirmed to me as well, so you have to trust me or not, I share also the same opinion as the Fatima Center about Putin as below :

        About Malachi Martin, I confirm as well, in contact with Albrecht weber’s close friend, I bring back online the 4 Popes fact regarding Garabandal, this explains as you said Malachi’s chronological failure in some of his prédictions, another credible source in Garabandal and close to the seers has confirmed the 4 Popes as well but I must remind that Conchita has never confirms this fact, I think to know the reason but I cannot give more détails as I have not been allowed, thanks.

      • We don’t need any confirmation about this subject being discussed by them, it had to be discussed in one way or another, as it probably was when Putin met JPii, also in the time of Gorbatchev, Ieltsin, or Medvedev or even before. They don’t just meet to talk about the weather… But that’s not the point and that’s not a matter of trust, that’s a matter of common sense and solid evidences. But as I told, we are starting to converge (a little) on this matter, I suppose that you accept now the possibility that Pope Francis appears to be the one going to Russia.

        By now, a President Putin asking for the consecration of Russia, which means indeed asking for the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith, still belongs to the fairy-tale section in the library.

      • Basto, my good and one of my greatest friend, you should know that there is not any fairy-tale on this blog, you are not on MOG here (between us, I enjoy your reminder about Aliens and Garabandal), anyway I talk yesterday to few friends and they confirm what I said about Father Gruner and Putin, so we will not agree on this issue even if our positions are closer, so end of this topic, thanks.

      • Don’t worry my brother, I live well with the variety of points of view because it’s healthy. I’m not even trying to sell you my own point because I truly haven’t got one yet. I’ve been searching for reasons, for a long time actually, that would allow me to go through that way of understanding which is taken for granted by some neotraditionalist views. I just haven’t found it yet, but despite our understanding ways on the modern history, our direction is the same

        Regarding to MOG, I told them how shameful it was to judge you there publically, as I tell you now please don’t try to do the same here. Maybe it’s just me, and forgive me for saying this, but your late editorial driving makes miss a lot your old blog.

      • Basto my good Friend, nothing changed about my Editorial line, this new blog has even more success than the first one, be sure my Brother that it is not easy each day to keep Garabandal online and with the latest News, the Lady of Mount Carmel is not loved by everyone, some private emails are a shame, even evil, my position about the current Pontificate and from the beginning is also not appreciated by some so I decided to be tough but fair also, as I said, there is 2 Schools in Garabandal, the Carmel School and the Books School, I can recognize a true garabandalist within 5 minutes but I am the same as always, my character is known but I try to keep my door always open for most, don’t forget to Pray for me, thanks.

  10. I personally do not feel a surprise meeting will occur in February. I think they will talk to each other, as they are in the same region of the world, but nothing more. I think the visit to Moscow will come in October of 2017.

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your feeling and do not hesitate to develop it as well, october 2017, why ? I may have an idea but I still await for your reply to be sure, thanks.

      • I think Pope Francis will use the month of October to tie together the Fatima anniversary, of which is has dedicated his Papacy, with that of the anniversary of the October Revolution. In his method of trying to achieve peace and mercy, I believe he will see it as an opportunity. Similar in his trip to Sarajevo some time ago to mark WWII. Interestingly, Oct 2017 is also the 100 yr anniversary of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Militia Immaculata.

      • Thanks for your reply Bob, interesting, as we know, St Maximilan Kolbe’s Militia Immaculata was against any ecumenism, yet the choice of every Pope since 1960, linked the Fatima anniversary to the October red Revolution is quite possible with Pope Francis and would not surprise me.

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