France Touched at Heart ! UPDATE 4



16 November 2015

From Paris myself, I want to thank you for you all your emails, I am fine as my family, we have been touched at heart by several terrorist attacks last night in Paris, please Pray for our “dead”, apparently many, thank you.


France Touched at Heart ! UPDATE

Pope St. Pius X

The allocution Vi Ringrazio (Nov. 29, 1911)

“What shall I say to you now, dear sons of France, who groan beneath the weight of persecution? The people who made an alliance with God at the baptismal font of Reims will repent and return to its first vocation. Her faults will not remain unpunished, but she will never perish, the daughter of so many merits, so many sighs, and so many tears.

A day will come, and we hope it will not be far, when France, like Saul on the road to Damascus, will be surrounded by a heavenly light and will hear a voice repeating to her, “My daughter, why do you persecute me?” And to her response, “Who art thou, Lord?” the voice will reply, “I am Jesus, whom you persecute. It is hard for you to kick against the goad, because, in your obstinacy, you destroy yourself.” And she, trembling and astonished, will say, “Lord, what wouldst thou have me do?” And He will say, “Rise up, wash the filth that has disfigured you, awaken in your heart those dormant affections and the pact of our alliance and go, eldest daughter of the Church, predestined nation, vessel of election, go, as in the past, and carry my name before all peoples and before the kings of the earth.”


France Touched at Heart ! UPDATE 2

15 July 2016


My Comment : Praying for Nice (France) and for our 84 new deaths, included 10 Children, Garabandalnews will join the French Gouvernment and the requested 3 Days of mourning, Pray for us, thank you.

Reuters 4   Reuters Nice

Reuters 3

Reuters Nice 2

26 July 2016

Normandy siege: knifemen ‘shouted Daesh and slit 84-year-old priest’s throat’ after taking nuns hostage in church before being shot dead

My Comment : Praying for our good Catholic Priest, murdererd today during Mass, slaughtered mercilessly as for the Sister currently between life and death, this will end badly, Pray for us, merci.

Below our new Martyr, please Pray for our Priest, I am currently very angry and might go back to Army as soon as wife and children will be in safe place, which I already planned, I will Pray and will see, stay tuned :

Photos Prêtre

13 the number of our Lady



32 thoughts on “France Touched at Heart ! UPDATE 4

  1. Mystics of the Church: Our Lady of Kibeho- The heavenly warnings ……/our-lady-of-kibeho-heavenly-warnings...
    Jan 9, 2015 – Our Lady of Kibeho—The heavenly warnings that went unheeded with tragic consequences. Beginning on November 28, 1981, the Blessed …
    Messages of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kibeho, Rwanda
    I am writing these lines on September 15, 2001, the feast of Our lady of Sorrows. … The “Michael” Journal first reported about the Apparitions of Our lady in Kibeho in Rwanda, Africa, in its January-February, 1988 issue. … “The Bishop declared: Yes, the Virgin Mary appeared at …

    • Another sadness. Quite possibly the first of many brother Priests now the Beast has finally and expectantly seemed to turn one of its heads with its murderous stare directly at the Church in Europe, Her Apostles, Her Children.

      One of its heads battles against the family, which, has its own momentum now with almost unrestricted access in secular law and the Church.
      Another head battles against the Sacrament of Marriage and has its own momentum now, almost without unrestricted access in secular law and the Church
      Another head battles against life, the unborn and the infirm, which now has its own momentum and has overwhelmed the resistance of secular law and battles the final resistance of the Devout
      Another head rages against Holy Purity and has corrupted the innocent with its filth and lies and is leading many to the Pit whilst they sing in praise of the God of self love and deprivation
      Another head is rising to slay the devout in blood and contempt under the fanaticism of a false religion
      Another head is snaking in to the company of Prelates to seduce abandonment in Eucharistic Faith, the Divine Presence, the Sacraficial Mass and the Magisterium of Orthodox Truths
      Another head prepares its prophet of final destruction, the raising of the abomination, the destruction of all virtues and its occupancy of the Seat of St Peter

      Aviso I don’t know you but have seen a little something of your spirit, that which you have allowed your readers to glimpse in your reflections and writings. I feel moved to suggest to you the past is the past, the gun is not your sword now and not your weapon and not your future. That is a fight others are called to as, when and if the time comes.

      I, with all your friends, correspondences and readers pray with you, for our Priest, our Sister, and hold in our hearts those of Germamy and many countries suffering under this hour of testing. I call to mind the weekends reading:

      ‘Which of you fathers if your son asks for a fish will give him a snake instead.’ To me Our Lord asks us to recognise in tribulation, His Providence, not a snake but a fish.

      God Bless

  2. Aviso, you are called to the different army of Our lady. You are a soldier of Our lady. Pray to Our Lady for nine days and you may get the enlightenment . Use a Nine day novena to Our Lady…or 54 days of the Rosary Novena which is very powerful… Pray to St Joan of Arc, the Soldier of France. I know your emotions are very high at the moment…

  3. Our Lady of kibeho in Africa said that it is a warning for the World, not just for Rwanda. It had happened so fast and many people refused to believe the horrible news from the radios about killing two different tribes as they remained to stay at their villages, thinking it would not happen to them… They got murdered by either different tribes.

    Our Lady of Kibeho had reintroduced the rosary of the Seven Sorrows. It is stated that we get many special graces when saying this special rosary of the Seven Sorrows. Some say it on Tuesdays or Fridays, others say it every day. It is optional. The Traditional rosary must be said daily. The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows is just additional prayer.

    I hope there will be not other kibeho (es) in Europe. I do really hope I am totally wrong…. I thank to Cardinal Raymond Burke for setting up the Rosary Campaign and I am very grateful that we have him as our leader of the Rosary Campaign .

    There are a lot of strange signs around us every day…how weird…We are called to be the witnesses to these signs of the times!

  4. Look at this french flag….Jesus still wishes to put His Sacred Heart on this flag. France gives us the Sacred Heart, the mircalous medal, the Red Scapular, the Green Scapular. France is greatly blessed….but how long?

    • Hi Frank, Russia will play her part one day in bearing witness to the one true faith, in freedom and peace and may well be a hand of refuge as Aviso has suggested in the past, but I don’t forsee it under Putin’s time of power. We know that Communism will seem to have taken over the World before the Warning. I see no reason or evidence suggesting that Putin will not be a player in that scenario.

      God Bless

    • Hi Frank, forget this source, this site follows the Nato’s Agenda as the no gender agenda (which are the same), they are many online, thousands and thousands, Putin is trying to control Muslim imposing to them more restriction, this is the Truth.

      Please let me remind you that I was myself a former military, adviser in Geopolitic to top personnalities in the middle East for years, I know quite well what I am talking and keeping still good sources here and there as in some circle, if Putin was the devil in person, be sure that I will not back him here on my blog, the scenario I gave to Pete will happen step by step as indicated online.

      Let me remind you also that I was informed myself of the possible resignation of Pope Benedict at least more than 18 Months Before and talks about it online on my last Blog, the same with Pope Francis, the month of his election I was warned, receiving a file of his past life in Argentina and warns my readers online to be very cautious with this pontificate and so on.

      I more worry about that below than this kind of bullshit news, thanks .

      • Confirming what I was thinking, getting more détails with the good sources, the new Law target especially islam more below :

        A New Russian Law Against Protestants?

        As the author found out, it is best to check for oneself than rely on Western press reports on Russia :

        A new anti-terrorism law in Russia has been criticized in headlines in the Western media as tailored to target Christians, especially evangelicals and Pentecostals. Others denounce that it was tailored to ban evangelism. Some have labeled it as a “communist” law to persecute evangelicals and Pentecostals.

        What are we supposed to know about this anti-terrorism law in Russia? I asked some questions to Alexey Komov, who is the international foreign affairs director of the Patriarchal Commission on family, protection of motherhood and childhood of the Russian Orthodox Church. He answered me:

        Just wanted to give you my perspective on the set of the “anti-terrorism” amendments that became law in Russia recently. The main purpose was to amend several laws in a way allowing better anti-terrorism protection/prevention (that other countries including the US and EU already have). Now cell phone operators and internet providers will have to store data for some time and make it available if needed for an investigation, etc. The main and real threat is the activities of various radical Islamic missionaries who are rather active in Russia. We have around 9% of Muslim population that have been historically peaceful, but in the recent decades is being artificially radicalized by foreign radical sects like ISIS and other wahhabi/salafi sponsored imams (just today I’ve seen in the news that a radical imam who has publicly supported terrorism has been arrested in Moscow). Youth is particularly vulnerable and is the target.

        New regulation of the missionary activities is just a minor part within the set of the new amendments to various laws. It basically says that foreign missionaries need to receive a permission/registration to do their work, and that they should preach only at their mosque/church/etc. But this concerns only official representatives of a religious organization.All normal people can freely express/preach/promote their religious and other beliefs with no limitations (which is a Constitutional right), and the law does not regulate that. The final law was seriously amended and many controversial things were deleted.

        So the conclusion is that many negative reports on this topic in the Western mass media are:

        1) Biased against Russia.

        2) Use the draft of the bill, and not its final version.

        3) Misinterpret actual text of the law.

        I personally think that those amendments regarding the regulation of the missionary work could be softer, but even in the current form there is nothing really dramatic (I’ve read them). Plus the actual implementation and practice is now aimed at the radical Islamists. Of course there is also a prejudice against some innovative Western protestant groups and Eastern sects that have been calling for illegal actions, drugs, violence, preaching suicide or terrorism, etc. Plus many non-Orthodox religious groups have played an important role in anti-Russian coup d’etat in Ukraine. Also Russia has a centuries old tradition of over-regulating things.

        So there are some worrying factors in this new law, but nothing really dramatic, as the press reports.

        This is the view of Alexey Komov, the most prominent pro-life leader in Russia.

        What are my thoughts?

        The new law was drafted, and eventually enacted, in Russia after the Islamic bombing of a Russian jet in Egypt. It hits millions of Muslims in Russia, and affects also Christians of other persuasions (Catholics and evangelicals), who are not so numerous as Muslims are in Russia. Islam has about 10,000,000 members in Russia.

        The Catholic Church has 140,000 members, thus about 0.1% of the total of the Russian population.

        Jehovah’s Witnesses has 300,000 members, thus about 0.2% of the total.

        Protestantism in its various denominations, both historical and Evangelical or Pentecostal, has also 300,000 members, thus about 0.2% of the total.

        The Russian Orthodox Church has 58,800,000 members, thus 41% of the total.

        So the two only major religions in Russia are the Orthodox Christian Church and Islam, and it is very obvious that the anti-terrorism law hits Islam head-on.

        Differently from the U.S., where anti-terrorism laws increasingly stifle her major religions (especially evangelicalism) and grant more power to Islam and homosexual activism, and specially a massive secular State, Russia has been stifling homosexual activism and radical Islamic expansion and granting more power to its major Christian religion, the Orthodox Church.

        The difference is while U.S. anti-terrorism laws protect an anti-Christian secular State, in Russia anti-terrorism laws protect the Orthodox Church. At least in Russia they are protecting its form of traditional Christianity.

        My worry is that anti-Christian and anti-family laws and measures in the United States target not only U.S. citizens, but people around the world. In 2011, WND reported about Homeland Security surveillance on my blog, even though I am not an American citizen. Yes, DHS watches conservative blogs.

        In 2013, Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent who has lambasted the Russian law,exposed to the world that the U.S. government was, contrary to the U.S. Constitution, spying on Americans and people around the world. “The (National Security Agency) NSA surveillance scandal is the biggest story of your lifetime,” said Michael Savage in a WND report.

        It is very troubling that even without laws and measures allowing surveillance and spying on innocent Christians around the world, the U.S. government is engaged in this behavior in a global scale. If the Russian law is a threat because of the data store of its cell phone operators and internet providers, it is a threat only in Russia. But what about the massive surveillance and spying scandal of NSA? It is a threat hovering illegally not only over Americans, but also over multitudes of people around the world.

        The new Russian law was not tailored to target specifically evangelicals and Pentecostals. It targets millions of Muslims. It can also affect other religions, including many U.S. sects as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism that are operating in Russia, but it will not affect the power and status of the Orthodox Church.

        According to Charisma magazine, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, a government panel headed by Jesuit priest Thomas J. Reese, condemned the new law.

        Charisma reported:

        Religious organizations directly affected by the new laws are those with strong evangelization programs in Russia — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists and other Protestant organizations with Baptist, Pentecostal and independent Christian roots.

        “The Russian Orthodox church is part of a bulwark of Russian nationalism stirred up by Vladimir Putin,” David Aikman, author of “One Nation Without God,” told Christianity Today.

        It is a pity that evangelicalism, which was a part of early American nationalism, is not longer essential for the U.S. government, which has discarded it.

        Charisma also said, “Only about 1 percent of the Russian population is Protestant; the majority religion is Russian Orthodox Christian.”

        Interestingly, Charisma showed no concern and made no mention that in a much larger scale the law hits millions of Muslims.

        Even though evangelicals are a very tiny minority in Russia, the Orthodox Church has partnered with them in common missions. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Russian Orthodox Church will be hosting a summit in Moscow on persecution against Christians next October.

        “I met with Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, and evangelical leaders, and we discussed at length the persecution of the Church worldwide,” said Rev. Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He added, “The World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians will shed a global spotlight on this crisis. We will bring delegates from around the world and will be able to join hands with people of other churches and denominations of the Christian faith to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and to hear firsthand reports of the suffering that is taking place.”

        “In the years under Communist rule, virtually all of the [orthodox] priests, pastors, and church leaders in Russia were imprisoned or executed by the Communists, and their graves are on the outskirts of Moscow and throughout the country serving as a reminder,” continued Graham.

        “No church in modern history has suffered more than the church in Russia. … So Moscow will be a fitting and meaningful location for this much-needed summit.”

        Source :

    • Thank you for your Prayers and your emails, we are fine as not from Nice but from Paris, we had in Paris the same terror few months ago only, I was quite worry for Bastiano and his family, they are from Nice but I talk to him yesterday evening and thanks God they are still in Garabandal.

      Pictures of this new massacre will stay online, I know that they are difficult but I want my readers to see also the reality, what we are living here in France as many in other countries, this is not in no way a time of mercy praised by some and this will probably continue until a total purification of this poor world and his back to the Lord, the only God.
      I said several times online that France, Eldest daughter of the Church, will fail the first followed by Rome and so on. However God via his Mother, gave to us and especially to the Pope, the only Key of Peace, The Consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of our Lady, this has not been done, a simple Prayer of few minutes, this shows their faith (shame on those who think otherwise, blinded by a false obedience and a shameful silence, when the truth will be before your eyes and in your own homes, it will be too late, you will be charged and also pointed be sure of that) because this include de facto the revelation to the world of the Fatima 3rd Secret, if those responsible for the revelation of this secret (all the Popes since 1960) have not obeyed to God because problably the text talks of them, thinking like Juda that they knows more than God, they will be also the first responsible before God of the death of millions of Souls, thank you.

  5. They are very rude to take the photos of these dead victims. They have no respect for The Holy Spirit. All bodies good or bad belong to the Holy Spirit. It is our number one duty to cover them with dignity.

  6. I have just spoken to my nephew who has recently joined the army. I am the first to be told that he has been assigned to his first tour of duty in Iraq. He has the making of a great soldier. Please pray for him.

    • I will Pray for the Boy, your Nephew, Military will have always my respect, I trained many of them myself, if they joined Army they knows also the Risk of their job, tell him from me not to marry before the age of 35 and especially to not have any children before this age.

      A Soldier with a wife and children will be always weak and when he will marry and will have children, I will suggest him to leave Army.

      • Thank you Aviso
        He is not yet married. Your experience in this matter is invaluable. This is what he signed up for and he is keen to get going, to test his metal I suppose. I will tell him a soldier of France is praying for him.

  7. Praise God Aviso, you and your family are OK. My families heart and our prayers are with you all, as well as your countrymen at this dreadful occasion of sadness and loss of life.

    God bless

  8. May God and his Blessed Mother give the people of France the fortitude they need to endure the time of Tribulation. Sadly this is just another taste of the calamities which approach. God bless us all.

  9. ‘The Crescent is rising because the Cross is falling’ [Remnant commentary].
    Profound message there for the French nation and its people at this time of pain and sorrow.
    The full restoration of their Christian heritage is the only answer.


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