A Song before Words II

26 July 2015

17 September 2016


The song Perce les Nuages translate in English, sent to me by our good friend Joe Crozier :

Break through the clouds

Break through the clouds
From here to the open sea
In the open sun
You amaze me
From the horizon
Take your beams
Warm me up
I need it
You, the wind of the sea
Go and tell my mother
How much I love her
And how beautiful she is
Go towards the horizon
Take my song
Sing it
To her ear
Today, she rests
Where she used to live with him
Most of her life
But, alone, she came back
To the village where I was born
Where my father is burried
Night star
Tell him this
That we are still
Next to him
And that he’s in our hearts
Like a light
That will gleam
For a lifetime



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