Apocalypse 13 Verse 18

14 October 2016


“This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666”the-apocalypse-an-overview-of-the-book-of-revelation-69-728

Let me Try !


Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18 :

13 the Fatima Number and could explains why our Lady appeared the 13th of each month, her coming was maybe related to the Apocalypse Chapter 13

18 the Garabandal Number, the 2 Garabandal messages were given on 18, the meaning was maybe related to Verse 18 of the Apocalyspe 13, in that case, Garabandal ends Fatima and could explains the Prophecy of Popes and the end of the Times.

The end of the Times are called in Latin the Novissimi and are the main topic of the Fatima 3rd Secret according to Cardinal Ratzinger, in other words the Lady of the Carmel revealed in Garabandal probably the Fatima 3rd Secret.


This calls for wisdon, Let the one who has understanding calculate : the meaning might be Computer who means “the one who calculates”, its main goal, did Saint John was refering to our modern era, maybe and this would explains the purpose of the Apparitions of Fatima, Garabandal and Akita (= modern era), all of them are eschatological Apparitions and related directly to the Apocalypse of Saint John, Fatima was related to the Apostasy, Garabandal to the end of the Times and Akita to the Chastisment.

The number of the Beast : it is the number of a man

His number is 666 : The number of his Name is 666

A name is composed of different letters of the Alphabet, if Saint John was refering to our modern era (1917 Fatima, 1961 Garabandal, 1973 Akita) ,the Alphabet in which each letter correspond to a number in our modern era is the Computer Alphabet only, each letter on a Computer Keyboard corresponds to a number then called a character encoding standard, the main character encoding standard is the American Standard Code for information interchange, called also ASCII based on the English Alphabet, the main world language of our modern era, the American Standard Code is used by most computers to date.

Below the ASCII Table with each letter of the Alphabet and its number :

A = 65   B = 66  C = 67  D = 68  E = 69  F = 70  G = 71  H = 72  I = 73  J = 74  K = 75  L = 76

M = 77 N = 78  O = 79  P = 80  Q = 81  R = 82  S = 83  T = 84   U = 85   V = 86  W = 87   X = 88

Y = 89  Z = 90

From Sister Lucy we know that the Fatima 3rd Secret is in the Apocalypse of Saint John, she even indicates Chapter 8 to Chapter 13, adding read them, well if our Lady appearead in Fatima the 13 of each month, surely there is a reason and could be related to the Apocalypse Chapter 13 as indicated above, this Chapter specifically concerns the rise of the Anti-Chirst, according to my own works, I can confirm myself that the main topic of the secret is probably about the Anti-Christ period.

In 1961, seeing that the Pope of that time, Pope John XXIII did not revealed to the World the Secret in 1960 as ordered by Heaven, Our Lady came back in Garabandal to reveal it herself between the lines by giving a number of Popes then the end of the times, in other words then the Novissimi of the Apocalypse of Saint John, our Lady was refering to the Fatima 3rd Secret adding a clear time table to warn her Children as only a Loving Mother can do it, giving her 2 Messages in Garabandal the 18, she was probably linking Fatima (Apocalypse 13) to Garabandal (Verse 18) and the number 666 (=18), the number of the Beast.

If Sister Lucy indicates the Apocalypse Chapt 8 to 13 as related to the Fatima 3rd secret (the Novissimi and the last events at the end of time) then Saint John was probably referring to our modern era in these Chapters as well, so from the Year 1917 (Fatima) to date.

De facto, Using the ASCII Computer table, we can calculate ourselves and get the probable name of the Beast of the Apocalypse, try and you might be surprised, to me this is probably the Fatima 3rd Secret, thank you.
















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  1. if the third secret makes reference to the book of the apocalypse then will the antichrist come in our era and not only after a long period of peace and conversion (as indicated in the prophecies about the great French monarch and the angelic Pope)?

    • Hi Luan

      There have been and will continue to be for a while at least, numerous ‘anti-Christs’ who will occupy the Church and World’s various seats of power and influence. Make no mistake they will do much damage, will cause much suffering in various places. But, my view is to try and resist the temptation to confuse these persons, dreadful and conniving though they are, with The Anti-Christ of Revelation. I for one, cannot see this Man of Perdition as being of our era.


      Fatima and Garabandal have yet to be fulfilled. Notably these private revelations do not foretell the Apocalyptic End of the World, the End of Time.

      The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has yet to be realised and preserved for its’ appointed duration. This jewel in the Crown of the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, is no trivial thing, as if a whim of Divine Purpose. If it were to be a fleeting matter such that the promised time of peace were but years rather than many generations, then it would be a pointless act, a momentary folly. A cursory glance at intervening timelines in respect to the many great events recorded in Salvation History tell us this is not how God works. We must be reminded, we have waited 100 years already for the fulfillment of Fatima and still we wait. When this does come to fruition, the Church will be renewed, the world will be filled with Light, a Holy Pope and a Great King will lead the renaissance.

      The world, having experienced the Warning, the Miracle and the permanent sign will be significantly chastened and changed. It is not far fetched to therefore conclude the outcome will be imbued in the psyche of the majority who experience this. Who in consequence will pass on its’ fruits to their children and so to their children’s children and so on for several generations thereafter.

      We know if mankind again returns to its’ old ways, (and eventually it will), another terrible tribulation will occur sometime after the fulfillment of Garabandal. This is foretold in the Akita revelations i.e. “The only consolation left to you at that time will be the Rosary and the permanent sign left by my Son.” I suggest that this time of terrors is when the false prophet will arise to prominence.

      We read in the book of Revelation that The Anti-Christ will be welcomed by the world, that he will appear to have a remedy for all the world’s ills. He will perform wonders and miracles, be so convincing that if it were not for God’s extraordinary Grace even the Elect would be blindsided and also be deceived.

      At some point during The Anti-Christ’s reign, The Chastisement, that event of God’s direct intervention, will come upon all mankind, a most frightening and terrible event causing upheavals on the Earth and in the Heavens. The conclusion, is the appearance of Jesus Christ in glory, who will defeat The Anti-Christ and Satan, then will be created the New Heavens and The New Earth.

      God bless

      • I will add to this (what you already know), that the Enemy will continue his diabolical work after the fulfillment of Garabandal and whilst damaged in power, will still be filled with rage and hate toward the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her then Triumphant renewal of the Church.

        After all that will have happened during this 21st century, history teaches us that there will always be those even until The End, who will not accept Scripture, the Gospel, Christ as Saviour, as God made Man, His Bride the Church: “Even if someone should rise from the Dead, still they will not believe.”

        These obstinate souls make themselves vulnerable to the Enemy who will rush to make use of them and their like for his own wicked purposes.

        God bless

        • Please, check this video, is in spanish thow. Luz en la Noche channel, this priest has 35 videos disecting the apocalips. A great job i think.

          The antichrist will come in our era i believe, after a great and deadly war and post war, Aviso and Milagro will come during his reign. Tres días de Tinieblas will end it, the triunph of Immaculate Heart of Mary will start at this point.

            • Dear Pete, I´ve been studying geopolitics for 13 years, and I´ve been sharing this information with this priest since 2010, when we met in Perú, in the missions. He has studied the Apocalipse, and with the help of God and with the geopolical knoledge, he has made this spectacular work, with a lot of presition i believe. If you have the means to translate this videos you will see that it is so well done, and on such a right time. To me is Holy Providence. I hope that sooner or later so many people can see this.
              God bless

              P.S. The video above it has a lot of biblical cites.

      • So many gems here.

        Pete & Aviso, as you both know, I am only recently a visitor to this site but keep finding so much of value and once again I discover something new – for me anyway.

        There is an exchange here between the 2 of you in 2016!!! 5 years ago.

        So informative and clarifies so much else that is happening and being presented here. I definitely see where you sit now Aviso and understand.

        Thanks for your efforts again.

        And to the faithful of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, especially any late comers like me, suggest taking time to read through all that is contained under this heading will console and enforce you, that is “us”, as part of God’s plan.

        Thank you again friends.

        God bless.

  2. Hi Aviso (1) To my understanding the Antichrist will have to be accepted by the Jewish people as there King , and that seems to me that He would have to come from Jewish blood !!! (2) The part where you will not be able to buy or sell without his mark makes me think that He would have something to do with world banking ??? (3) The Rothschilds are both !!! (4) The history of the Rothschild name meaning is RED SHIELD and that totals 660 (5) The number of A MAN is 6 ? Maybee thinking to hard on this ?

  3. The latest report from Life Site News entitled ‘Prof who refuses to use gender pronouns points to Catholicism as bulwark against extremism,’ is the very same facet of communist subversion that is in effect a Trojan horse infecting The Church, society in general, it’s laws, and education systems, that I have pointed to in my previous comments. When our Blessed Mother speaks of things being at their worst, I hold that the ‘very worst ‘ is a World and Church that is become “communist” without recognising it or knowing how it became so. This is far worse than a world overrun by communist armies in the traditional sense or jihadists; the death of one’s body through war can not jeopardise ones salvation, but ascent to false religion can.

    I have read a great deal of varying opinions speculating what the near future holds e.g. dates when prophesied events will unfold, what the world will be like leading up to and thereafter, the coming Chastisment and Anti-Christ. Which hypothesis is right or wrong? Who in the end can be certain? Personnaly speaking I hold, until convinced otherwise, the following view:

    1. The Warnig will come when ‘things are at their worst.’ I think this statement speaks primarily of the state of the Church i.e. widespread Apostasy at all levels, with all that this entails for the People of God and the World at large.
    2. When the remnant of faithful struggle to find a True and Holy Mass (because of persecution, liturgical compromise with protestantism and acceptance of progressive and false virtues), it will be then that the Warning will come.
    3. Political machinations, wars, persecution of Christians in certain places (perhaps involving Rome and the death of the Pope) and disasters of varying sizes and tragedy will continue to unfold (the 3rd Secret of Fatima), but I do not foresee a third world war before the Warning.
    4. The Miriacle will come very soon thereafter and needs to do so before the benefits of the Warning on the souls of men are lost. Remember our real life experience, we go to confession filled with sorrow and leave restored fully confident that we won’t sin again, but how quickly do we forget and fall!
    5. The Mirical and permanent sign will be very effective on the whole of mankind and the Church. A Pope will correct the errors and cleanse the Church of its false prophets and Liturgical errors. The Church’s recognised authority will be restored in many places.
    6. Over time many will come to the Church to be saved, many many conversions.
    7. Then the Pope and Bishops will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Russia will become a beacon of faith for the World.
    8. A period of Peace under the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be given, which could last one or many generations, the permanent sign being a reminder to all.
    10. How extensive the conversion will be and how long this period of peace will last before the World enters a changed situation is not known.
    11. If the Warning, Miracle and permanent sign have no lasting effect, we do know a terrible Chastisment sent directly from God will bear down upon the World. The detail of world circumstances that lead up to this event remains to be understood.
    12. Perhaps the agendas plaguing todays World and Church will eventually re-establish themselves and do so with renewed vigour, greater political authority, and a power base that engenders a violent imposition and adherence.
    13. Perhaps others that will resist conversion will be the powers of Communism, particularly China. Seeing the loss of privilege, the Red Dragon will join with its allies, the new political elite of the east, and rage against the Church, the Virgin and newly restored Christian societies.
    14. When they think they have defeated the Virgin and Her subjects they and those that have gone over to them will be a false Church created in their own image and ruled by the Antichrist. They and all the world at that time will be subject to Divine retribution which is The Chastisment of the Book of Revelation. It is in those times that the days of suffering must be shortned for the sake of the few as foretold. It is then that Christ will come to end the reign of the Anti-Christ, create a new Heaven and a new Earth and restore the Kingdom to the Father.

    Then again, everything I speculated above is likely to be complete rubbish. What I am certain of is we are living through a period of salvation history in which great and terrible things are converging in the heavens and on earth. Additionally I, at the very least do not yet sense we are in the period leading up to the imminent end of time, Anti-Christ and Chastisment of Revelation. There is too much still to happen and for generations to at least be given the chance to live a renewed faith and be tested in that faith following the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    God Bless you

    • Hi Pete, interesting comment and I share most of your opinion, our Lady was of course talking about communism within the Church as indicated by Loli, I do not share your opinion about the Anti-Christ, in my opinion and I share Malachi Martin’s opinion as well, the Anti-Christ is already there and alive, How Malachi could knew that he was alive because of the Fatima 3rd Secret of course, the anti-Christ will be, like Judas, an apostate bishop and the only way Anti-Christ could deceive “if it were possible, even the elect” is by becoming an Anti-Pope, the Lady of the Carmel said 3 Popes then no more, many tried to change this important detail as its meaning from the Seer but I can confirm myself that she had confirmed it several times even insisting, 3 Popes then NO MORE, why she was insisting because those were the words from our Lady, simple as that.

      • Hi Aviso, thanks for your response. Given that St Francis prophesied an unelected Pope as the Destroyer and you have previously suggested, Pope Francis is not that person, i.e. Anti-Christ/Anti-Pope, then we are to expect the removal, resignation or death of Pope Francis so this Destroyer will immediately occupy (illegally) the Chair of St. Peter?

        When does your research forsee this happening, before or after the Warning and Miracle? I presume, (given the date of Malachi Martin’s pronouncement about the Anti-Christ’s presence which incidentally I heard on the Art Bell radio program), that this prelate has been a high ranking ordained official within the Vatican for some time and must already be getting well past middle age and will by now be well known. Again, does your research identify this individual?

        If the bloody chaos and Anti-Christ’s rule leading up to The Chastisement is to happen so soon (I think you mentioned a 12 year period in another post), the implication is it will happen as a consequence of political machinations perhaps starting during the terms of and perhaps because of, Trump, a replacement to Putin if he does relinquish office in 2017 due to health reasons, socialist and far right election success across Europe and the political ambitions of China and her Communist allies. Does your research reveal at what point during this scenario the Anti-Christ (claiming to solve the worlds problems) enters the public sphere and ascend the Throne of Peter and thus completes the Apostasy that history might show began with pace under Pope Francis?

        Does your research extend to the period of the Second Coming, I suppose it must do if it aligns with Scripture and Christ’s direct removal of the Anti-Christ?

        A lot of questions, I’m sorry, but so many hints of across the blog of what might be and no clarity

        God bless

      • Hi Pete, you should know that I don’t want to hurt any faith and yours as well, I know that many of you are still in shock with this Pontificate according to your private emails but in 2013 I was probably one of the first online to warn my readers about this Pope with my first blog, why ? because and I am telling it with all the necessary humility, I was already aware where this Pontificate will take us, to hell and who can take the Church to hell if not the Anti-Christ himself, so yes my research confirms that Jorge Bergoglio is an apostate, heretic before his election de facto his election was not valid, so yes my Friend the Anti-Chirst is Pope Francis and no one else, he is not a false Prophet or whatever but the Anti-Christ himself as confirmed with this article, the Beast of the Apocalypse and this is what I wanted to tell to Bishop Fellay to avoid any agreement with the current team in Rome at least untill 2018, I know also that many Traditionalists from the SSPX are reading this blog so to you all, please send this comment to him as soon as possible as the agreement with the current Rome is close according to my informations, I am also open to meet the Mystic advising Bishop Fellay, the Lady in question and the people concerned will understand, ,unfortunately the Probability of my opinion is near 100%, so in any case stay strong, the Triumph is close I know it as well, more in my Fatima 3rd Secret soon.

        Pope Francis = The 266th Popes of the Catholic Church, the one that many are waiting for, simple as that.

      • Thanks again for now adding necessary clarity, I know why this is difficult for you to do, you are assured of my prayers for protection under the Immaculate Heart. Perhaps you have identified why I do not feel drawn to Pope Francis even from the very beginning, though I always pray for him, why I can’t escape a feeling of dislike toward him when I see his pictures and read what he does and says. I have not always understood or agreed with some things in St John Paul II’s pontificate and also that of Pope Benedict VI’s, after all they were both instrumental in the outcome of VII! but I have always loved both, held them in the highest regard and remained deeply loyal toward them. I was beginning to wonder if my disposition toward Pope Francis was merely a symptom of all the negative press I come across, perhaps that is not the case after all.

        This has made me sad yes, but its OK because it is justified by Grace and Faith. It is only for The Bride, all She gives us and all She teaches us and through whom I am united in love with you and all our brothers and sisters across the world who must in some way be united to the mystical passion of the Bride.

        I wish you were wrong, but I fear you are wholy right and I now anticipate final evidence of these things once you can share your research in full, please don’t delay Aviso!

        God bless

  4. Hi Aviso,
    The number of the beast is 666, the number of a man is 2, the number of God is 3, man over God is 2/3=.666, this is how we calculate the number.

    Wisdom and understanding comes from the knowledge of mathematics, even in the movie “The Number 23” writers understood that 666 is derived from the fraction 2/3.

    Antichrists (1 John 2:18) are all men that are enemy of Christ and his Church or exalts himself above all that is called God (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

  5. Plot or Prophet ? just few days after Pope Benedict Resignation, the name of the new Pope at the end of the interview and almost 2 weeks before his election :

    Any news about this James Salt from Catholics United ?

  6. Friday, November 4, 2016
    WikiLeaks Bombshell: The Soros/Clinton/Vatican Partnership Featured
    Written by  Elizabeth Yore

    Thanks to WikiLeaks, we learn that in preparation for the U.S. Papal September visit, the Vatican proactively sought input from the most radical fringe of the Democratic Left. Is this Pope Francis’ idea of his peaceful ‘dialogue and encounter?  

    All roads to the Francis Vatican lead back to George Soros.

    The secret roadmap is provided by both the WikiLeaks’ release of John Podesta emails and DCLeaks documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. These emails corroborate that Soros operatives are collaborating with top Vatican cardinals, at the behest of George Soros.

    In August 2016, DCLeaks documents hacked from Soros’ Open Society, exposed the $650,000 Soros grant to PICO, a radical organization of community organizers for the express purpose to travel to the Vatican for strategy meetings in anticipation of the 2016 election.

    What ever happened at the Soros-funded Vatican meeting?

    Not surprisingly, the outcome of the PICO 3-day Vatican meeting suddenly materialized in the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta inbox. A detailed report on the critical PICO/Vatican trip would certainly be of critical interest to the Chairman of the Clinton Presidential Campaign, underscoring the Soros/Clinton/Vatican partnership. (Full disclosure: Soros gave $25 million to the Clinton presidential campaign and Podesta previously chaired the Soros’ Center for American Progress). And, indeed, the meeting notes disclose valuable insight and intelligence about the leftist cabal at work in the Vatican.

    WikiLeaks pulls back the curtain on the radicals entrenched in the Francis papacy. The PICO Vatican meeting was not simply a brisk cursory papal meet and greet. Rather, documents reveal that Alinsky activists were invited, welcomed, and dined in intense strategy sessions with high level Vatican cardinals. The leaked emails expose the leftist political machinations behind the Francis papacy, where the Soros-funded community organizers coordinated radical messaging with high level papal cardinal confidantes.

    Why would Soros underwrite this Vatican trip? It is obviously a wise investment with long term benefits.

    The Podesta email cache reinforces the ongoing collaboration of Soros globalists with Francis and his papal minions. From the moment of Bergoglio’s papal elevation, George Soros identified Bergoglio as a kindred spirit, a radical globalist, with the much sought after authority and moral voice of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis shares Soros’ world view: climate change, mass migration, income inequality, globalism, and capitalism bashing.

    Within weeks of the new Francis papacy, Jeffrey Sachs—a longtime member of George Soros’ brain trust, also a recipient of $50 million of Soros funds, and top UN official—was invited to and featured as the Vatican’s premiere expert on the radical climate change agenda.

    As indication of his favored status, Sachs spoke at the Vatican 18 times during the first years of Francis papacy. Sachs orchestrated the UN/Vatican alliance on climate change and assured the Pope Francis seal of approval on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Treaty, inaugurating the globalist agenda. Several Soros confidantes and advisors, are firmly entrenched at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences promoting the UN/Soros environmental globalist agenda, and the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protests.

    The WikiLeaks Podesta emails reveal that the Vatican solicited advice from, and collaborated with leftist community organizers to advance the political platform of the Democratic party. Soros strategically funded PICO progressive activists who appear to serve as de facto advance men for the upcoming Pope’s U.S. trip, by discussing papal site visits and political messaging with key Vatican hierarchy.

    With the daily cascade of WikiLeaks from John Podesta emails, the Vatican is further unmasked as a sympathizer of the American radical left. The Podesta emails expose the extremist collaborators in power and control in the Francis papacy. From 6/22/15 WikiLeaks-Recap to John Podesta about the Soros-Pico Vatican junket: 
    “Our team included several PICO African-American pastors deeply involved in Black Lives Matter (BLM)(Soros funds BLM $33 million in one year, ed.) including a Pastor from St. Louis who is on the Ferguson commission; Rev. Alvin Herring, our Deputy Director, who has worked closely with clergy in Baltimore; a DREAMer from Florida; a priest from California who was formerly undocumented himself; a Black Catholic Deacon who is leading our work on mass incarceration in New Orleans; and two workers from SEIU helping to lead the Fight for 15 workers”
    Soros dispatched his social justice community PICO activists to the Vatican with orders to shape and frame the Pope’s message to Americans. Among the PICO activists in the Vatican delegation was Pastor Michael McBride, who was arrested in Ferguson protesting the phony trumped up mythical drumbeat of police brutality against the not so “gentle giant” Michael Brown. The discussion with the top officials at the Vatican over three days of meetings centered on the leftist agenda:
    “We conveyed our view that the Pope is a World leader of historical significance; that his message of exclusion, alarm over rising inequality and concern about globalized indifference is important for the U.S. to hear and see animated during his visit; and that we intend to amplify his remarks so that we have a more profound moral dialogue about policy choices through the election cycle of 2016.”
    Strikingly, the underlying purpose of the Vatican trip in the report to Clinton Campaign Chairman Podesta is that the delegation reinforced to Vatican officials the 2016 Democratic election talking points. PICO, on instructions from Soros, sought to bang the drumbeat of racial animus, discontent, inequality, and exclusion with the Vatican Curia and Francis speechwriters.

    The email confirms that Pope Francis will underscore a strategy of similar themes and messages promulgated from PICO activists:
    “[O]ur visit affirmed an overall strategy: Pope Francis, as a leader of global stature, will challenge the “idolatry of the marketplace” in the U.S. and offer a clarion call to change the policies that promote exclusion and indifference to those most marginalized.”
    The PICO delegation provided stories of injustice and inequality to the Vatican curia. Imagine the race-baiting Ferguson protestors regaling Vatican officials with tales of rampant police brutality and the murder of Michael Brown and other innocent black men! Did the Francis Cardinals even bother to check the outcome of the trumped up Ferguson police brutality charges? Unlikely.
    “In our meetings with relevant officials, we strongly recommended that the Pope emphasize – in words and deeds – the need to confront racism and racial hierarchy in the US. Conversations that were originally scheduled for thirty minutes stretched into two hour dialogues.”
    Alleluia! Sounds like everyone was singing from the same Kumbaya racial discrimination hymnal. How ecumenical of the Vatican to dialogue with Black Lives Matter activists! Did the economic “idolatry of the marketplace” include the $33 million that George Soros provided to BLM protests? Doubt it.
    As in our breakfast conversation with Cardinal Rodríguez, senior Vatican officials shared profound insights demonstrating an awareness of the moral, economic and political climate in America.”
    Clearly, the Vice Pope (#2 at the Vatican) Cardinal Maradiaga Rodriguez promotes and shares the messaging from the community organizers of the American left. While providing input for the Pope’s upcoming U.S. visit, the Vatican and PICO delegation agreed that Pope Francis would visit a prison during his trip to the United States. Not surprisingly, during his stopover in Philadelphia, the Pope Francis visited a prison!
    We were encouraged to believe that the Pope will confront race through a moral frame. We were told that the Pope will visit a prison while here – demonstrating his concern about incarceration.”
    The Soros marching orders for the PICO delegation was to hatch, implement, and coordinate Pope Francis’ strategic themes and events during his U.S. visit in September 2015. The Vatican agreed to position the Pope’s message in alignment with the Soros funded Alinskyites’ radical agenda. As any political operative knows, race baiting ensures that the African-American voting bloc is energized to vote Democratic. WikiLeaks unmasks the Francis Church where community organizers are consulted as advance men for the U.S. papal visit providing Francis with speech themes from the radical left.

    The WikiLeaks Podesta email continues:
    “This is why we gathered at the Vatican in mid-June, at the encouragement of Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga, often referred to as the “Vice Pope” and a strong supporter of PICO, who had urged us to share our stories, our perspective, and our hopes for the impact of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, with Vatican officials.”
    So, thanks to WikiLeaks, we learn that in preparation for the U.S. Papal September visit, the Vatican proactively seeks input from the most radical fringe of the Democratic Left, which fomented violence and anarchy in the streets over a faux police brutality charge and racial killing charge in Ferguson. Is this Pope Francis’ idea of his peaceful ‘dialogue and encounter?  

    The Podesta email discussed that PICO and the Vatican would agree to keep dialoguing about social justice issues at the July 2015 World Meeting of Movements in Bolivia where Pope Francis would speak to global political activists. The PICO delegation received a personal invite from the Vatican to attend the World Meeting of Movements. PICO did attend the Bolivian meeting, along with their Vatican comrades, Cardinals Turkson and Maradiaga and Pope Francis.

    The PICO Bolivia trip to the World Meeting of Movements even afforded the PICO delegation the opportunity to share the podium with the Pope, as Francis focused on the obtuse beatitude of “environmental dignity.” Social justi ce activists, like PICO, can quickly adapt and pivot from police brutality and racial inequality to echo Francis concerns about “the impact of climate change on thousands of families.”

    While in Bolivia at the World Meeting of Movements, Pope Francis received a revolving gift from Bolivian President Evo Morales, the radical socialist activist. Morales gave the Pope a crucifix swathed with a blasphemous communist hammer and sickle. Catholics were scandalized and horrified over this profanation and politicization of the most precious symbol of Catholicism. Apparently, the Vatican took no offense at the gift because President Morales was invited to the Vatican to share the podium with another socialist, Bernie Sanders in April 2016.

    Welcome to Francis Church where Jesuitical political action replaced the mundane and tedious teaching of the salvation of souls. The faded and threadbare Bernardin seamless garment of social justice is resurrected from mothballs by the troubling alliance of the Soros global network and the Francis Church. It’s time to guard your faith and your wallet.


  7. Thanks Aviso it’s good to have your guidance at this time I know you have pieced together the Third Secret with Garabandal as the key. Things are so bad now with a pope saying Luther was right and Trent was wrong that it can only be the foretold apostasy
    I didn’t know that the next synod would be the 18th did Conchita say the Warning would have something to do with a synod and maybe a schism?
    Why is best if Hillary wins – because war with Russia is part of the prophecy? What if Trump wins?
    I sense that Our Lady is very sad right now seeing everything
    Without Her there would be no hope

    • Yes Dennis, I am the one who found out due to my good contact in Garabandal that the Warning should Happen after an Important Synod, the next one on the way will be strangely the 18th, this is clearly the Garabandal one scheduled in 2017-2018, a Schism is also Prophesied but that Schism is already there.

      I did not said that if Hillary wins is best, I just said that Hillary has been scheduled to win, I hope Trump will win but……

      You are right, our Lady is probably very sad right now but don’t worry, we have the Genesis 3:15 (=18) promise.

      • Well I’m hoping Trump wins we will know soon
        It will be an incredible thing to experience the Warning from Heaven and a great mercy which Our Lady has won for us otherwise we would be straight into the Chastisement like you say. She has intervened powerfully for us but now time has run out and we are in the End Times
        Pray the Rosary wear the Scapular and bunker down, what else can we do?

  8. La Salette and Fatima

    There is a claim that part of the Secret of La Salette was suppressed because it said that there would come “deux pape vermoulos” which apparently translates as two worm ridden or worm eaten popes.

    And in an 1894 letter to a French priest Melanie Calvat the visionary of La Salette says she was shown that before a great tribulation there are “two shaky, servile, doubtful popes”

    There is also the claim that the Third Secret of Fatima says bad things about the Popes, calling one pope a Serpent and another pope a Chameleon

  9. Hi Aviso , thank you for your reply , just some thought here on La Salette here since you bring it up , if im not mistaken La Salette was also talking about the infiltration of Masons in the church ? Also ( La Salette ) He will be the sun of a Jewish nun ? Also ( La Salette) His father will be B at birth ? Any insight ? But chapter 12 , Women clothed in the Sun etc… will the church split ? Is this why we have 2 Popes ? Everything is possible ( Benedict 16 ) !!! I know that is alot !!!

    • Hi Pat,

      Masons in the Church ? No possible doubt

      He will be the Son of a Jewish nun, his father will be a Bishop at birth ? message related to the Apocalypse not to read with human reasoning, a Bishop and a Jewish nun as Parents ? A Bishop cannot have children even less with a Jewish nun, the meaning is probably about Rome and Jewish, a kind of agreement (or wedding) between them…..for example like this one :

      Chap 12, the Woman clothed with the Sun ……? This is our Lady of the Apocalypse called also our Lady of the Revelation, more about it below or googled Tre Fontane and the Virgin of the Revelation :

      Will the Church Split ? is this why we have 2 Popes ? 2 Popes are not possible, this is only a joke from the devil, if one day it’s the case then 1 will be the true Pope and the other one not, simple as that.

      Or for fun, take it this way : have you ever seen a Postman (or a Policeman if you prefer) wearing his Postman suit once retired ? me, not yet !

      • Is Pope Erimtus St Paul’s the ‘one who restrains’ when he is removed, as he has been, then the Apostacy will become general?

      • Yes Pete but the Apostasy is already there at the Top, exactly as indicated in the Fatima 3rd Secret, we cannot get worse than what Catholics (those following the Teaching of the Church, those are the only Catholics, the rest has Nothing to do with Catholicism) are living today, it’s Harvest time, the end of the Times, the Novissimi, Pope Benedict alive guarantees us the Lord’s Promise, “the Gates of hell will not prevail against it”, without a Pope Benedict alive, we would already be at the Time of the Chastisment, be sure of that.

        But let me reassure you, they may have 1 more year, to me not more, let them finish their Sacrilege then hell, called also the Passion of the Church, as Saint Pio said, they will believe in hell when they will be there but we must Pray for them, this is also our Duty.

        • If this is where we are now Aviso-lightning and earthquake in Rome pure Protestantism from Francis-where will we be by the end of 2017?

      • Hi Dennis,

        The Year 2017 will be difficult for most of us Cathlocis from the Top another evil synod is on the way, the 18th and probably the last one, to me the one of Garabandal before the Warning, in the world all will depend of the next US élections : Hillary = War with Russia, with Trump we are saved at least for the War, unfortunately and in my opinion, Hillary should win, already programmed and planned, I will be happy to be wrong, be sure of that but………the Garabandal Warning is so terrible that I fear the worst within the Church as in the World so the last step should be that Warning that many are expected for years (Poor us), probably in 2018 and to me with a strong probability, thanks again to The Lady of The Carmel for this Warning from God because without it = we could have a one -way ticket to Akita only and the famous worst than the deluge from our Lady.

  10. The Third Secret is the Key to undeceiving the elect.

    It is:

    The Key to the Salvation, of so many souls (even many self-righteous ones) who are completely deceived and presently rushing to hell.

    The Key to End the Confusion and Disunity of so many Catholic laypeople, priests, bishops and even Cardinals.

    The Key to World Peace because we cannot obtain the grace of the Consecration of Russia until the Vatican releases the whole Third Secret.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary gave an express order that the Third Secret be released to faithful Catholics in 1960. This command of Hers has not been respected. This outrage demands public reparation and Frère Michel says the only reparation that God will accept is the public revelation of that Secret. Until the Secret is released, the grace of the Consecration of Russia will not be given.

    Once the full Third Secret is finally given to us, Catholics of good will around the world will finally see how they have been deceived. More importantly, they will know (before it is too late) what they must do to save their souls.

    As Malachi Martin (who was given the Secret in February 1960) said on public radio before millions of people – when the Third Secret is finally released our Catholic churches will be full, the people will be on their knees beating their breasts, there will be long lines of people waiting for Confession. Millions of Catholics today think they are on the right road.

    They believe they are living moral and spiritual lives which are pleasing to God. However, once they know the full Third Secret — once they read Our Lady’s own words — they will know that they have been spiritually blind and that they have been following blind leaders, and are far along the path to hell.

    There has been so much diabolical disorientation since 1960 among the clergy and the laity that we all need the actual words of Our Lady of Fatima in the Third Secret to set us all on the right path.

    Click to access cr89Pg13.pdf

  11. Im puzzled but still working on this , you are showing a lot about the election , but I cannot put a name together that in the election totals 666 ? Now im with you without any mistake on who the only choice is !!!

    • Hi Pat,

      It all started during my works on the third secret of Fatima and with my “knowledge” about Garabandal, working on the Fatima 3rd Secret I learned few years ago to me from propably one of the Greatest Fatima expert, I will not give his name online but what I can say, he is with God now, he was Portuguese and of course close to Sister Lucy, I learned it that way, in short : It’s all about La Salette, the 3rd Secret is related to La Salette (France), well being myself French, I invistigated the La Salette Apparitions and so on, adding what I was aware about Fatima + Garabandal and with the help of some friends from France and Italy, I have been able to debunk the so called Garabandal Prophecy of the Popes, the famous 3 Popes then the end of the Times Prophecy from the Lady of the Carmel, what was the reason of this important detail ? (A First in any Marian Appartions) from our Lady, what she wanted to tell us ?…etc… this was the key and the final Result is this online article.

      The ASCII Table was tested on the main former and Current Politic Leaders then tested on about 200 Cardinals (we currently have 211 Cardinals), Bishops have not been tested because of the La Salette famous Prophecy “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist” , so any Popes since La Salette (1846) to date have been tested as well, using in each case the Family Name only and the Result made us tremble because strangely only 1 Family Name gives the number 666, so maybe a coincidence only as I say to you because we cannot be sure at 100% that Saint John in the Apocalypse Chap 13 Verse 18 was refering to the ASCII Table as THE only way to calculate the name of the Beast, the famous :

      “This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666”

      But I cannot deny that the result surprised me especially in 2013 ( a Year 13, as we know the Fatima Number).

  12. Hello again Pete.

    Our faith is being tested as we prepare for the triumph of the Holy Virgin. Your sentiments express that with pointed comment and genuine concern. Despite it all, it is useful to remember the purpose of our journey is eternal life with Christ. Salvation is never given freely but has to be won by acceptance of our crosses – pity those who do not have them. Saint Pio said ‘if people knew the value of suffering they would never give it up’. As followers of Christ the Way of the Cross is an essential part of our faith journey. Alone we cannot cope but with Christ everything is made possible – especially through the sacramental life. Joey lomangino described it this way: ‘picture an image of the Lord carrying his cross on the way to Calvary and behind him a suffering humanity with their crosses’. Joey knew what he was talking about – he was blind.

    Deep reflection on the Passion of Christ will lighten your burden. Above all do not despair.

    • Hi John, thank you for your kind, thoughtful and insightful words, it is good to be reminded of the bigger picture particularly when coming from a brother in the Faith. I just had to have a rant and a blank page seemed to be the right place at the time. I truly believe this spiritual confusion, driven from “the very top” as Fr Grunner (God Bless him) would say, is the will of Divine Providence’ bad shepherds given to mankind because of its turning away from God. Trouble is, the little faith I have, and I’m sure I am not alone in this sentiment, is fighting on so many battle fronts these days, is already so very weakened, now has to contend with being wholly undermined by the very people who are meant to be a source of its refuge, its armoury and its food. I do not despair, a bad choice of words, but I am greatly saddened, more so because as Garabandalists we know where this is ultimately leading; it will be difficult to find a Church open one day that will offer the True Mass, a True Eucharist. Liturgy could in many places become a Lutheran Catholic hybrid, without truth, without power, a deception and abomination of abominations, a sanctuary of Liberation Theology, Marxist and Freemason ideologies.

      God bless you John and everyone with us on this journey of Revelation

    • Hi Dennis,

      The position of the Church : neither approve nor condemn, more below :



      Regarding Garabandal, it’s a unique case when compared with any other main Marian Apparitions, as La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima and even Akita…etc….The Main Garabandal seer was welcomed in Rome, this was not the case for Bernadette Soubirous, Sistler Lucy…and so on….the question is Why ? They wanted more détails about the Warning, the Great Miracle, the Chastisment and of course the Prophecy of the Popes……

      • I despair at reading the latest expectations arising from the long awaited Papal celebration of Lutheran heresies. Why continue to adhere to the centuries of RC teaching if, according to this Papacy and its sycophantic gaggle of ingratiating Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, I can perpetuate a life of mortal sin because of my subjective circumstances and still be in a state of Grace able to receive the Holy Eucharist; not be committing a sacrilegious act by receiving a Lutheran communion; condone a Priest committing a sacrilegious act by knowingly giving the Holy Eucharist to a Lutheran or remarried divorcee; support abortionists and not be concerned for my soul; be accepting of homosexual unions as a Christocentric act of inclusiveness and mercy; that most RC marriages are a sham; that The Church’s outreach to the young should accommodate a near pornographic representations of marital intimacy; accept that to proselytise as Christ commanded is in fact a violation of another’s right not to believe and remain in their sin; that all religions are the same and the Muslim intolerance of infidels pales in to insignificance when compared to the woes inflicted upon civilisation by the martyrs of Christian evangelisation.

        Perhpas It is possible that Holy Providence is truly at work, having allowed since VII, the darnel to grow with the wheat and now what we witness is the darnel’s flowering so we can see its proliferation. Standing head and shoulders over the wheat it thinks it is its time and it owns the farmer’s field, and it is the fruit of the harvest. Well now we see you in plain sight and now the Lord of the harvest is coming to cut you down!!!!


  13. The Third Secret of Fatima 

    With Commentary by Father Joseph de Ste. Marie

    As we promised in Issue No. 17, we print here Cardinal Ratzinger’s enlightening comments about the Secret of Fatima. They are especially enlightening when seen together with the commentary of the world-renowned Fatima theologian, Father Joseph de Ste. Marie. Father Joseph is Professor of Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Faculty of St. Theresa in Rome.
    The Secret of Fatima was revealed by Our Lady on July 13, 1917. It was written by Sister Lucy on orders from her religious superior and sent to the Vatican in a sealed envelope. The Secret was to be opened in 1960. It was opened and read during the Pontificate of John XXIII but never released to the public as it had been expected. Cardinal Ratzinger deliberately chose to let himself be interviewed on this and other subjects. His remarks were first published with his permission in an Italian magazine and now have been published in book form. The following is the entire text of Cardinal Ratzinger’s comments published in the magazine. Father Joseph de Ste. Marie’s comments were first published in France. The article starts with his commentary.


    (II) Text of the interview

    The Cardinal very honestly admits that he now understands the role Tradition attributed to Mary much better than he did at the time of the Council. And it is altogether possible that a more profound knowledge of the message of Fatima may have something to do with that. As he says:”I’ve had to change my mind.”
    At a certain point, after explaining to readers that one of the four sections of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith deals with Marian apparitions, the Jesus interviewer tells us that he had asked the Cardinal the following question: “Have you read what is called ‘The Third Secret’ of Fatima; i.e., the one that Sr. Lucia had sent to Pope John XXIII and which the latter did not wish to make known and consigned to the Vatican archives?” In reply, Cardinal Ratzinger said: “Yes, I have read it,” which frank response provoked a further question: “Why has it not been revealed?”To this the Cardinal gave the following most instructive reply: The Fatima Crusader, Issue 18

    “Because, according to the judgment of the Popes, it adds nothing (literally: ‘nothing different’)to what a Christian must know concerning what derives from Revelation: i.e., a radical call for conversion; the absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world. And then the importance of the ‘novissimi’ (the last events at the end of time). If it is not made public — at least for the time being — it is in order to prevent religious prophecy from being mistaken for a quest for the sensational (literally: ‘for sensationalism’). But the things contained in this ‘Third Secret’ correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and has been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions, first of all that of Fatima in what is already known of what its message contains. Conversion and penitence are the essential conditions for ‘salvation’.”


    (V) The Confirmation of this Message

    According to the Prefect of what was formerly the Holy Office, confirmation of this Message is to be found, on the one hand, in other apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, and on the other hand, in what is already known of the message of Fatima. Among the other apparitions, we think first of all of La Salette but also of those which have occurred more recently, as, for example, that of Garabandal, which has always been followed with attention and sympathy by the Holy Office.

    Read the full article below :


    PS : Read Especially the part about the Novissimi, to me from propably one of our greatest expert, Father Josehp de Sainte Marie, vive la France.


    • Given the article was written in 1985, what would it’s authors say of today concerning the imminence of End Times given the levels to which we witness the smoke of Satan has risen within the Church and the politics of the USA, Canada, China, the Middle East and the West?

    • Hi Pete, whatever I know is in this published article, the traditional view related to Nero Caesar was a possible figure of the beast only and was not related to the end of the Times, so to me not the beast of the Revelation of Saint John, otherwise sister Lucy would not have said that the Fatima Secret was in the Apocalypse 8 to 13, de facto the Beast Chapter included (Chap 13).

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