Aviso in Trouble Update

06 October 2016

Dear Readers,

Garabandal Bastiano

I am sorry to inform you that I am currently in trouble, probably one of the heaviest Cross I had to bear for years, so what’s happen ?

Well, I spent the last 10 years of my life to take care more about the Garabandal Cause than of my own Business, I do not blame anyone and especially not our Lady of the Carmel to whom I owe a lot and first of all my Baptism, I probably made some mistakes, a lack of concentration, serious, vision, professionalism…etc….but the Global crisis and the last Terrorist attacks in France have “killed” this summer my last hope, I bankrupt and I am ruined.

The situation was already difficult for months so I needed a lot of courage and humility for writing today in public this message via my Blog which was not created for that, I am man of word, a “Soldier” with a certain education, Respect as principle, has been given to me from my birth, I was only 20 when I buried my own Father myself, closing his eyes on his deathbed, so I know also how much life can be hard sometimes as probably many of you but today I am ashamed, the shame of having failed especially at my age (46) and with 2 small children, probably the most heavy part of my Cross, the last little one (2 years soon) was herself Baptized in Garabandal last year, what a good memory, Both are Baptized, probably one of my best success especially for a convert like me, Thanks God again.

So as you will understand, I am quite tired, angry with myself as well, a mix of different feelings and questions, did I deserved this Cross with its consequences ? why now ? did our Lady of the Carmel is not happy with me and my apostolate about Garabandal ? did my opinion about the current Pope has a cost ? a lack of humility from me ? did my last article in progress about the Garabandal Prophecy of  the Popes is not wished by Heaven ? and so on, well probably a bit of everything, in fact I don’t know myself but this is it, so my Friends I no longer have the strength to continue by writing any new articles for the moment and I thank you for your understanding.

Now I call anyone of you around this planet and reading this blog, for any possible help or opportunity by contacting me in private (at defatimaagarabandal@yahoo.fr) or using the donate button, trying myself on my side to find a solution, in any case this is not an alms Message, I do not need pity and my soul is not for sale as my opinion but I owe you also the truth, so it is done and I thank you in advance for any help.

If you can’t help because I know it is difficult for many of you as well and I am too old for still having any illusion or any dream then please Pray for me which ultimately is the most important and probably the biggest help, please Pray with force as in our current situation, we will need a Miracle, merci.

PS : This message has nothing to do with my Group of faithful in progress, my own situation was not related to my wish to create this Group in no way, the idea of this group came to me via Prayers only as I spent the last 10 Years of my life promoting Garabandal always freely and happily, in any case any member is free to leave the group at any time, thanks again.



And she told me, Father you looks tired

And I told her, I have some problems with my work but all is fine

And she told me, Father we will not lose our house

And I told her, let’s Pray.


22 October 2016

Aviso in Trouble Update

Update of my personnal situation related to this article and this will be my reply to many of you who contacted me recently in private about it :

First let me thank you again for your Prayers, donations as for your different opportunities, some of you are incredible, our own situation 2 weeks later is of course not much better and my cross is still very heavy, probably the worst time in my life, to bankrupt today at my age and in our current world in crisis with 2 small children (many of you told me that your own situation is difficult as well) is to me terrible and probably at the worst time, I personnaly complain about this Cross during my Prayers, before my daily Rosary, I always Pray the Lord as the Lady about many different topics then I often have a kind of talk with the Lady of the Carmel whom I call myself, my Mother, as I said I owe her my Baptism, recently I was complaining to her a lot especially about our Current Cross, telling her this is too heavy, I have not the strenght to carry it anymore, this is how you thanks me after 10 years at your service and so on, complaints after complaints.

Then about 3 weeks ago, I felt or heard, I cannot explain it exactly, these few words :

Have you worked for the Glory of God or for yourself ? then I replied instinctively, hopefully for the Glory of God and got this kind of message, again I cannot explain it exactly : Then don’t worry !

Few days later, I decided to talk about my own situation in public and online via my Blog, Something I would have never done or even imagine before this event as my own business situation was already bad for months probably even before the creation of this blog, so as an act of penance, I finally took this difficult decision, today I have no regrets and my shame became an act of humility, to me probably the answer of my complaints to our Lady.

Between us, I feel currently at Peace, since this article, I even add 2 new articles online, for sure I had some difficulties and hesitation to write the article about the Apocalypse below :


But while writting it, checking different sources as my own works about the Fatima 3rd Secret, again I heard or felt, these few words : This is it ! as I said I cannot explain it exactly.

So, Please continue to Pray for us and if you can, please go on and keep this blog online, via your donations, I will update our own situation each week or 2, each time I will add some details about my own life, from that day when 40 years ago, child (unbaptized) I found a gold necklace with 3 medals, the Lord, the Lady and the Fish, I will also talk about my business when quite rich I was working in the middle -East and had suddenly 1 full week with the same nightmare to finally end in Garabandal few months later till that night when Father Gruner went to God and I was suddenly awekened in the middle of the night, I will use this special thread (Aviso in trouble) for the Glory God only, so stay tuned,  thanks again.


And she told me, Father you looks tired

And I told her, I have some problems with my work but all is fine

And she told me, Father we will not lose our house

And I told her, let’s Pray.





27 thoughts on “Aviso in Trouble Update

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  2. Dear Aviso, Our Lord owned nothing, Blessed Mother very little. God cares even for the sparrows of the Field and provides for them. How are you doing now that you have handed it all to God?

    • Well Donna, all is in the hands of God as you said, our situation is not much better, the fact of not knowing how I will pay our bills every month is a difficult Cross especially with small Children, a first for me but with your Prayers, mine and your donations, I am hoping for a better situation soon, so let me use your comment to ask to all of you again, please continue to Pray for us and for those who can, please help and donate, let me be clear my Friends, I need to find by any possible way at least the rent of the House, we had to move from Paris to the countryside because of the hight prices in the French Capital, our rent each month is 800 euros, this is the amount I am trying to get for the moment and each month, the rest (food, school, electricity…etc…) is a help from the French Gouvernment and Family, I am living and I will be clear again a very strong Cross but as an act of humility I am talking about it in public, you must know the truth as usual with me, this it, so thanks again for your Prayers and for any possible help but you know me, I will still stand up whatever happens, you have my word.

  3. Hi Aviso.
    Second Message: ‘Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests’.
    You will survive your current crisis – probably not financially richer but stronger in faith for the journey ahead. In reality that is what really matters.
    I recall Joey once saying; ’prayer can move mountains’.
    Take courage.

  4. I will keep you in my daily petitions for the Lord to help you and put you on our Carmelite prayer line. Also I will say the rosary for you that you accept what ever God brings to you. We don’t know why difficulities happen, only God does but God is good always and sometimes he shares his suffering with us because he loves us and is teaching us.. May God be with you.

      • http://motheofgod.com/threads/fr-gaitlys-33-day-consecration-to-jesus-through-mary.8329/
        Just had a thought – would it be a good idea for all the members of all the Marian sites to do this exercise together? I have done it twice before and is much less daunting than the original St Louis de Montfort preparation. Each day is on the above thread and you don’t have to sign up to follow it – just read each days short meditation and prayer.
        It could start on Friday 4th November and finish on December 8th The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Would someone like to invite our MOG friends to join us and I will invite Aviso’s followers.

        I have just posted this on TNRS site. If anyone here would like to jon this could make a mighty army of prayer. Please invite any other sites you know.

  5. Hi Aviso

    The Cross is heavy right now, more so for you because you have a young family.

    I don’t know why but I feel Our Lady wants our sacrifices right now, that we all have to suffer something now.

    The truth is coming out thanks to your work


  6. hi aviso
    I read your articles the problems are common these days, all have a big cross on their heads to carry, some relationships, some sickness and some financial, the end result affects your money situation. I pray that all will be ok.
    And yeah one message I would like to inform you do not judge the pope, I feel that he is holy and others may have a different opinion but it is better not to judge and invite troubles, god may be thinking differently about him.
    I pray that all will be well for you and fly!!
    The prayer for St anthony and total surrender to Jesus is miraculous, I have said it and we say a fly prayer for st anthony, big changes are happening in my fly, slowly and I believe surely and if you practice it can do the same to you as well. God bless!!

  7. Any Catholic voting for Hillary will be judged before God after watching this video, no one can say he did not know anymore :

    For the rest, I am fine, doing my best to find a solution, please continue to Pray and helping using the donate button, I feel already a beginning of change, some of you are incredible but to me you are all Great, so go on and keep this blog online, I said to you I did not finished my Garabandal Apostolate yet, members of my group of faithful must be ready at any time but you still have time to join us, so don’t hesitate, thank you.

  8. I have been silent for a long time on this blog but I am always reading in the back round Aviso. You should try and look at this as your cross to bear it is probably what our Lord wants for you x

  9. The Saint Peter´s Basilique was struck by the severe lightning yesterday, on the Feast Day of the Virgin Mary of the Rosary.She helped Catholics to crush Muslim cohorts in Lepanto and not to put them into our churches for interreligious dialogue!!It was much stronger than when Benedict XVI.had resigned.We should be more active in resisting and opposing the ones who lead Catholics astray and bringing Muslim invaders into Europe under the guise of helping “poor refugees!!”.
    I´ll be praying for you too, Aviso.

      • As if we didn’t need more proof of Pope Francis’ intentions for The Church and its remoulding according to his own philosophy Life Site News has some disturbing news for us. Read about Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich who will be appointed a cardinal on November 19. Unfortunately I can’t get the Life Site News link to copy over.

        God bless

  10. Hang in there Aviso. Both the rich and poor feel the same sun and rain alike.
    These things are not punishments from God but all of us but for the grace of God could face this difficult time ourselves.
    Mine happened catastrophicly when a little younger than you. You will survive and thrive once again. Just stay humble and keep walking even if there’s a bit of mist at the moment. We will add you to our regular list of intentions. Hope you don’t mind prayers to Mary from my Buddhist wife!

  11. Thank you for your comments, support and emails, please do not worry more than necessary, just continue to Pray for us and I will fight to the end, thank you also for your donations, go on and keep this blog online, I did not finished my Garabandal Apostolate yet, I am probably living a strong test of Faith in this final stretch, as my good Friend Kim (please contact me in private whenever you have time) said but Garabandal will be known around the World soon, do not waste your time somewhere else, most do not even know Garabandal so stay with us, Something huge is on the way and always remember, Russia is the key.

  12. I don’t know your work, but America still has many opportunities , not that I believe work or money will matter much very soon, But I have a 2 bedroom apt you are welcome to occupy free of charge in the Mid South East . Everyone who lives here “knows” we live here for a reason… Called here! I have followed you for years and feel an invisible connection to you and your family.
    My Brother!

  13. Dear Aviso,
    These are times of an intense spiritual battle. Half the members of our prayer group have had / are having problems. One person came to our prayer group to share this amazing prayer, which she g ave to friend recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She gave it to her friend, who read it over and over on the way to the hospital for treatment and she suddenly had this amazing relief – freed from any worry or stress. It is called “The Surrender Prayer”. It was given to Don Dolindo Ruotolo by Jesus. In 1970, Padre Pio said to him: “You have the whole of paradise in your soul”. It is nothing you have done. Jesus needs suffering souls at this time in order to save the souls of hose who are in this terrible darkness.
    It can be obtained through http://www.divinemercy.com.au. Just ask Jesus to take care of it.

  14. Aviso, sorry to read about your circumstances. I lost my business when my three girls were all little, I couldn’t get state help and we had to rely on my wife’s part time work, help from a few friends i.e. food for the table and some support from family when they could assist. A very dificult time and one of helplessness and sense of failure. I got through it because I beleived and always have, that tomorrow is another day with another opportunity and one that has the capacity to suprises. As you know Faith is properly realised when things are at their worst for us and we still continue to place our trust in the Providence of God.

    For what it’s is worth, of course you are not being punished for sharing your zeal for Christ’s Church. God has something in mind for you, something better, something for your greater good, but always you have your trials as do we all in this veil of tears. Bear with, remain in hope as best you can

    You and your family are in my prayers.

    God bless

  15. Aviso. I will say a rosary of the seven sorrows for you and your family. My husband lost his good job five years ago. He was unemployed for one year. Our children were affected. Everyone said he will NEVER get any job because of his advanced age and two aliments. Something put the word ” pray to st Anthony” into his subconsicous mind and it kept repeating until he took an action. I did laugh at him and rubbished his novena to st anthony. He repeated the third novena and he had an interview on TUESDAY . He got an email on one TUESDAY evening after he arrived home from Mass . He had started on the following TUESDAY. Many were godsmacked. I now got a bug. I still pray to st anthony every TUESDAY. I notice TUESDAYS become lucky days for my family. Try to use NINE TUESDAYS and I am dead sure St Anthony wont let you down. That is why He is called as THE SAINT OF THOUSAND MIRACLES.

  16. I too am in difficulty Aviso but do not have the responsibility of a family like you. I too have wondered if my situation is a result of my sin or maybe is part of the promise of the kissed Garabandal relics that we will do our purgatory on earth. We are promised that when two people on earth agree to ask in the name of Jesus for anything good it will be given to them. You say you need a miracle. A big one by the sound of things. I need a miracle but a smaller one all the same. I agree with you, as I am sure many others, to ask for your miracle and ask you to agree to pray for mine. Even just one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory be each day. Oh God, come to our aid, oh Lord make haste to help us. Oh Marie concue sans peche, priez pour nous qui avons recours a vous! Amen.

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