Hillary or Trump ? YES WE CAN


23 August 2016

This is the most critical presidential election in the history of the United States. Hillary Clinton, a corrupt, radical pro-abortion, anti-Christian, career politician threatens to change the face of America forever. If elected, she will name three to four Supreme Court justices, cementing Roe v. Wade into the Constitution and losing the court for generations, if not forever. Hillary Clinton opposes home schooling and believes it is the government’s right to educate children and not the parents. She will restrict religious speech and persecute Christians who refuse to support her radical social agenda. She will promote illegal immigration and allow millions of unvettted illegal immigrants into our country. The illegal population will vote democrat far into the future so that no candidate with anything approximating Catholic positions will have a viable chance to be elected president. So despite obvious disagreements with him, I believe Catholics have the moral right to vote for the only viable alternative to Hillary Clinton in this election: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate for president to publicly offer a list of Supreme Court justices he will select from. All of the names have been vetted by undeniable pro-life organizations such as the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society. Neither Mitt Romney nor John McCain offered such assurances. Donald Trump has also promised to ensure protections for religious free speech and against punitive governmental action for citizens acting out of religious conviction. In addition, he has just named Mike Pence, a pro-life leader and champion of religious rights as his running mate. There is absolutely no moral justification for any Catholic to vote for Hillary Clinton or to assist Clinton in wining the presidency through not voting or voting for a non-viable third party candidate. The stakes are too high. The price of defeat this November means an anti-Christian executive and judicial branch with no opposition party in congress to offer any effective resistance into the foreseeable future. In other words, not voting for Trump in this election is choosing to commit suicide for our nation and our families.

I am under no illusion that Donald Trump is a saint or that he is a deeply religious man. However, we are not living in the age of Catholic confessional states, and there is no St. Louis to vote for. We are instead living in a secular republic with non-believers, hedonists, lukewarm and liberal Christians, and a smattering of conservative Catholics. Donald Trump is a salesman, a businessman, and a competitor. He is old school, tough, blunt. But most importantly, he deals firmly in reality. Because to get results in business you have to deal in reality or you go bankrupt. I believe this key fact is a huge one for Catholics. The very philsophical foundation of our Faith  is recognizing that there is an objective reality and conforming our thought to be in accord with it.

In contrast, all liberals, especially Hillary Clinton, live in a world of ideology completely unmoored from reality. This is inherently dangerous. We can see it in their desire to create a marriage out of two people of the same gender and their belief that gender is a choice instead of a matter of biology. When leaders start trying to conform society to principles against reality you end up with totalitarianism because you need the force of the state to try to continually change a reality that will not change. We saw it in communist Russia and we can see it in the Church since Vatican II.

Although Trump does not have a 100% Catholic platform, and would never be elected in our society if he did, the one thing he has is common sense. He does what works to get tangible results. With a man who operates based on reality, on what works, on the practical, one can have a conversation. With a progressive ideologue, there is no conversation. Because that person rejects all of the reality based premises you are starting from. They work off of the false premises that white people are all oppressors and have “privelege”, all men are sexists, there are no differences between genders, gender is a social construct, following one’s religious teachings upholding the natural law is discriminatory and prejudiced. There is no compromise with such an individual because they are living in an unreal world of their own construction.

When any Catholic or serious Christian looks at the facts, I beileve they will see that there is only one possible choice in November to preserve our faith and way of life in the future. Because of this conviction, I have created a website and organization dedicated to stopping Hillary Clinton and her radical pro-abortion, anti-Catholic, ideology this November. It is called Catholics 4 Trump and can be found at www.Catholics4Trump.com. I know many Traditional Catholics have many diferent opinions on politics. However I ask you to take a look at the website with an open mind and consider the arguments. Please pray for our nation. Thank You.

Chris Jackson

Source : http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/en/fetzen-fliegen/item/2646-catholics-4-trump-the-catholic-case-for-donald-trump

My Comment : As indicated in this article, this is the most critical presidential election in the history of the United States, you are Thousands from the USA each month following this blog, so as usual I will not hide myself behind my Rosary (God Forbid) or behind the heretic and so called “divine will”, this is not my type, so I call all of you to chose Trump without hesitation, anything possible for breaking, fighting, counteracting these evil forces in progress (the Nato’s, no gender, greens, gays rights and so on agendas) represented undoubtedly by hillary for this election, probably one of the most anti-Catholic politic person on this planet, should be done, even if all indicates that Hillary has all the chances to win, Catholics in no way should help her by voting for her, again in no way, in doubt it’s best to stay neutral even if I do not advise it.

About Trump now, I have no illusion that he is a Saint, as we know he is not Catholic, exactly like Putin but between heretics, evil forces, no gender/greens/gays promoters…etc….and any force that opposes them by all possible means (I mean by Christian means only), we as Catholics should chose these latter until God help us, hopefully soon now.

Again between Hillary and Trump, to me Trump without hesitation, stay strong, the Triumph of the Lady is close, you have my word.



Hillary or Trump/Part 2

THE POPE’S BOSS — Wikileaks: Pope and Soros An Unholy Alliance

Among the many smoking guns uncovered in the Wikileaks data dump, lurks documents that should give Catholics great concern. The latest Wikileaks data dump of internal documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation exposes the most shocking of all his political alliances. According to the leaked Open Society Foundation documents, George Soros funds efforts to promote his radical socialist agenda of income inequality by using the bully pulpit of Pope Francis. Soros seeks to “engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues” by lobbying the Vatican.

The unholy alliance and stategic plan is exposed in the leaked Open Society U.S. Board Meeting May 2015 book on page 16:

Pope Francis Visit – $650,000 (USP)

Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States in September will include a historic address to Congress, a speech at the United Nations, and a visit to Philadelphia for the “World Meeting of Families.” In order to seize this moment, we will support PICO’s organizing activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues, including using the influence of Cardinal Rodriguez, the Pope’s senior advisor, and sending a delegation to visit the Vatican in the spring or summer to allow him to hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.

The purpose of the Soros/Vatican collaboration skewers political to influence the 2016 U.S. Elections, thus securing the presidency for Soros’ handpicked candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The grant will also support FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being “pro-family” requires addressing growing inequality. By harnessing the Papal visit to lift up the Pope’s searing critique of what he calls “an economy of exclusion and inequality” and his dismissal of “trickle down” theories, PICO and FPL will work to build a bridge to a larger conversation about bread-and-butter economic concerns and shift national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Soros’ foundation clearly views Pope Francis as an important ally in the Soros income inequality socialist movement and in the run up to the 2016 U.S. election. Notice how the radical leftists in the Soros reframe the words pro family as “growing inequality.” This grant description highlights how the left hijacks language and exploits it for its own radical political advantage. Its partner in promoting the transformational lang uage is the leftist media.

Another fascinating nugget in the Soros board meeting notes exposes its cozy relationship with Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, the Vice Pope, and close confidante of Pope Francis. Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga of Honduras is described by the Soros operatives as ‘using his influence’ within the Vatican to promote the Soros radical economic inequality narrative. Clearly, Maradiaga has been identified by the Soros empire as a key player in the global radical income redistribution movement. Soros’ team knows that Maradiaga will happily promote this initiative within the Vatican and, most importantly, with Pope Francis, his close friend.

Who is PICO, the $650,000 grant recipient who will organize activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice activities? According to KeyWiki, PICO is

PICO, a progressive national network of faith-based organizations. Like health care reform, this newest PICO initiative aims to redistribute wealth by demanding that “faith leaders step into the big banks’ boardrooms.”

PICO National Network received a $600,000 grant from Soros’ Open Society Institute. PICO was founded in 1972 by John Baumann, a Jesuit priest trained in Saul Alinsky community organizing in Chicago in the 1960s. It was later patterned after COPS, a San Antonio, Texas project of Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation.

The Open Society Institute describes PICO as “a network of congregation-based community organizations which brings the voices of people of faith and faith leaders to the public debate on national priorities,” and mentions other Soros funding beyond the main grant.

Soros tracks and funds its Vatican influence through PICO, among others. Open Society Foundation(OSF) recognizes that money spent at the Vatican is money well spent toward the global socialist Soros agenda. They’ve identified Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga as a sympathetic and willing promote the globalist cause. He will be a powerful ally and sympathetic ear to the Soros agenda.

Another key organization that is financially supported by Soros is the FPL standing for Faith in Public Life. FPL is given its marching orders in the grant. It also reveals the manipulation and stagecraft employed by the Left to skewer public opinion. OSF shockingly admits that the polling results by FPL are preordained by Soros, as set forth in the grant:

FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being “pro-family” requires addressing growing inequality.

There you go. FPL got its marching orders from its funder to conduct a poll and demonstrate that Catholic voters support Pope Francis on income inequality. Would you ever trust a poll again after seeing the collusion and connivance of the Leftist Soros philanthropy?

Who is FPL, otherwise known as Faith in Public Life? The innocuous and religious sounding organization is another radical leftist Soros funded organization that drives the left’s agenda in the faith community. In 2011 the American Thinker exposed the individuals behind FPL and their leftist organization.

Who could be against an organization that innocuously calls itself “faith in public life.” FPL is yet another of hundreds of Soros funded satellite organizations masquerading as well-meaning philanthropies which in reality promote a radical economic agenda of anti-capitalism and global redistribution.

How fortunate for Soros that he has a new found popular partner, who will promote the leftist agenda using the merciful strong arm tactics of the papacy. Catholics serve as a huge and influential voting block in the U.S. election. For Soros, using the head of the Catholic Church to influence this key voting block is reflecting in the OSF strategic planning notes. This is not the first time that the unholy alliance of Soros and the Vatican successfully collaborated on a political project.

In 2015, the Soros operatives, embedded in the Vatican, directed Pope Francis’ Environmental Agenda, by delivering for Soros and the UN, an Apostolic Exhortation on Climate Change, and a prized papal endorsement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Pope’s apostolic blessing on the Paris Climate Treaty. Soros won the environmental trifecta sealed and delivered by Pope Francis.

With the Soros-driven Environmental Deliverables now achieved by Pope Francis, it is now time to turn to item #2 on the Soros radical socialist agenda: global redistribution of wealth. Apparently, Soros knows that once again Pope Francis will assist in promoting the Soros socialist agenda.

Stay tuned, Catholics, for contrived polling data that reflects your overwhelming support for more global and carbon taxes to redistribute your income more equally. Soros will use the Vatican to promote Hillary, his hand-picked presidential candidate.

You’ve been forewarned.

Elizabeth Yore


Source : http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/en/articles/item/2714-the-pope-s-boss-wikileaks-pope-and-soros-an-unholy-alliance

My Comment : Thank you Elizabeth, we’ve been forewarned, confirming this dirty alliance I was myself aware and indicated in my last comments, unfortunately Hillary is on the way to win, so I let you imagine the world with Hillary from Nov 2016 to Nov 2020, those are the 4 Years that many are waiting for which Russia will be the Key.

Below Probably the New US President, we’ve been forewarned.



09 November 2016

Hillary or Trump/YES WE CAN

You did it ! let me Congratulate our US Brothers for that, let’s Pray also for the safety of your New President Donald Trump and we know now which next “head” will fall, I personnaly did not expect this GREAT VICTORY, you just avoid to the World a war with Russia, this is the beginning of the Triumph of our Lady, MERCI, MERCI, MERCI.




23 thoughts on “Hillary or Trump ? YES WE CAN

  1. Thanks Aviso

    The so-called Catholics are so far away from the Catholic Faith that they would not recognise it. They are really Protestant in all but name.

    It would be good to publish your Third Secret findings because we see it now in Rome, maybe some people will wake up and see it too! We need to protect ourselves with the Rosary and Scapular and stay in the State of Grace, go to Mass if we can find a good Catholic Priest. If not pray for God to send you a true priest. The times are dangerous but also Our Lady is very near to those who ask for Her help and She is working miracles of Grace

  2. well, I am so glad that Trump won, Our prayers were answered, but we need to keep him in our prayers for his safety as there are many who are upset by the result and dislike him. I ask St. Michael the Archangel to keep all evil spirits away from him.

  3. Goodnight, Mrs. Clinton (A Partial-Birth Campaign Is Laid to Rest)
    Written by  Michael Matt | Editor

    Well, I guess Mrs. Clinton now knows what it feels like to be aborted so close to her due date.

    Still, ever since I was a boy, it always seemed to me that the thrill of victory is not nearly as powerful as the agony of defeat. If Mrs. Clinton had achieved victory last night, today would have seemed the darkest in history. The future would have seemed beyond dire for a people that knowingly and willfully raised up a corrupt and immoral human being, who hates the laws of God, defends the murder of babies, and zealously works for the destruction of the family.

    Had she been elected it would have said much more about us than about her. We would have shown ourselves a soulless and heartless people, beyond hope, beneath contempt.
    There was so much at stake. Much of our work here at The Remnant, for example, would have been criminalized over the next four years. Our homeschools would have become illegal enterprises in the village Mrs. Clinton had in mind. Even our ability to move about freely would have been exponentially undermined. (As the “leader of a hate group”, according to the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center, it isn’t difficult for this writer to imagine how enthusiastically President Hillary would have enforced hate crime legislation against Christian America.)

    So, yes, like everyone else, we’re still trying to process the news of this truly awesome political and moral and even spiritual upset (if Trump repeals the Johnson Amendment, even the Catholic Church in this country might become relevant again). There’s much to learn from what we saw last night, not the least of which is that the mainstream media, far from omniscient, are in fact clueless ideologues never to be trusted again.  

    No matter what happens with a Trump presidency, we now know that a substantial percentage of the American people are not beyond hope—that they still have enough Christian sense to recognize and reject the demonic when they see it. And what’s the takeaway from that? Demons are not invincible. In fact, last night they had their tails handed to them by a “buffoon” they’d mercilessly mocked for 18 months, and who decided he’d be the first politician in decades to give God-fearing Americans a voice again—a comparative small concession that nevertheless silenced the left-half of this country for the first times in decades. Donald Trump let pro-life, pro-God, pro-family America loose from their shackles—and the demons scattered before them like roaches.  

    And just as many of us voted for Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton, we can now celebrate without apology the landside defeat that he handed to The All-Powerful Ones: George Soros, Pope Francis, Planned Parenthood, big media, big Hollywood, the United Nations, the European Union and the rest of the New World Order fanatics.

    Down in the sewer, even the rats lost. Miley Cyrus has to leave the country, as she promised she would if Trump won (see ya, Miley. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside).  Reverend Al Sharpton also needs an offshore realtor, as do Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen and the rest of the “elites” with the long tails and pointy noses. Hollywood is weeping tears of acid this morning, and for that we’ve got to give kudos to Donald Trump!

    Bad guys, demons, pro-aborts, the anti-family crowd—they all lost last night, and lost “bigly”. And—horror of all horrors! — their defeat was handed to them by folks standing outside abortion clinics, running rosary beads through their fingers, begging Heaven to intervene, asking Our Lady to give our nation a little more time to wake up and come back to its senses. They lost, in other words, to the “little people”—folks with minivans full of kids, clinging to their bibles and guns, living out there in that basket of deplorables where God and family still matter more than government handouts and the right to kill babies.

    Obviously, this must be kept in perspective. Donald Trump was elected last night—not St. Thomas More. There will be disappointments coming out of the Trump White House, I’m sure of it. Let us not deceive ourselves, and let’s be realistic: America has a long, long way to go if she is to return to sanity. Our country is still in de facto rebellion against God. We’re not out of the woods, not even close. But hell suffered a setback last night, no doubt about it.

    So let us pray that President Trump can take steps, even baby steps, to reverse engines and change course. Our expectations are modest, to say the least, but not without hope and certainly not without a firm conviction that the alternative comes from the bowels of hell itself and would have dealt a deathblow to Christian America.

    Yesterday’s losers offer the best reason for today’s hope. Their defeat proves that the evil ones, though powerful, are not invincible. They can be resisted, even defeated. Whether you like the man personally or not, Donald Trump has proven beyond any doubt that the war for God, family, and the unborn in this country is a winning proposition that is far from defeat.

    That low groaning we hear all across America today is the sound of demon teeth gnashing. And for that, whatever reservations we may have about our new president to be, decent Americans can raise a “joyful noise unto the Lord” today as they breathe a national sigh of relief.

    With cautious optimism moving forward, we thank God for the miracle that is the defeat of the pro-abort, pro-sodomy, anti-American Hillary Rodham Clinton. And we thank Donald Trump for taking a stand on behalf of good people whose voice has been silenced in this country for far too long. Last night they spoke out, and their newfound voice was heard all around the world — and changed history.

    Pray for Donald Trump. He’s not Catholic, and thus doesn’t have the benefit of the Sacraments. And yet all the powers of hell are going to come after him today like there is no tomorrow.


    May God bless America, and may America use this reprieve to get down on her knees and bless God for His mercy on us.

    My Comment : Great Article from Michael, thanks again to this Election, Great you are Americans, I Finally had a day of Joy, our next Victory will be Rome.

    • It has been one of the most heated, hate filled campaigne’s yet! I prayed for God’s Will to be done, and hope this is it!!
      Hillary and Obama accepted everything just a little to easily for me! SOMETHING MUST BE UP!!! I have an uneasy feeling.
      Can we all just move to Garabandal? Do you have room Aviso??

    • Hi Aviso

      This is so great it’s almost incredible. You know, when Brexit won and the EU started to fall I thought then that this could be the beginning of the Triumph of Our Lady. And now with President Trump another “head” is hit.
      So what is next? Is this the defeat of the Francis-Clinton-Soros alliance? They won’t give up so easily, look at how they are trying to stop Brexit. What will happen with Putin-Benedict, with Rome?
      This has to be Divine Intervention

      • Yes Dennis, this is the beginning of the defeat of the 2 Beasts, as in the Book of Revelation, one is injured only (due to Trump election) but the other one is still there and fine, in any case their time is Short, probably not more than 1 Year so they are very Dangerous, we must take care especially for our souls, I may have to reveal my works about the Fatima 3rd Secret online, I changed my mind and will not keep it for my Garabandal Group of faithful only, let all our readers read what I am aware, yes we must Pray for Pope Benedict, Trump will avoid a war with Putin but there is a more Dangerous war in progress in Rome, there is probably the next target.

        Let me use this comment to remind you to take care also of some supposed Catholics, called also the lukewarms or apostates, you will easy recognize them, most of them are supporting the current team in Rome (Apostates), some are supporting today then change their mind the next day (the lukewarms), for your information almost 50% of American Catholics voted for Hillary Clinton, again almost 50%, those are the ones I am talking about, so take care and stay tuned.

  4. Hi Aviso, it may not refer to US ellection but I would like to write what is going to happen soon in Poland. I live in Poland so in all polish churches there was a statement what will come next.Some decades ago there was a polish nurse Rozalia Celakowna who received messages from Jesus. Probabely she is not known around the world but her messages are important. Jesus asked her that all countries should choose Jesus as a King. There should be government and church during a celebration. Imagine that Jesus was talking about ellecting Him for a king in 1930 before II War World and finally after all these years it will happen- 19.11.2016. Jesus promised that no countries who will accept Him as a king will be destroyed during another war. For me it is a sign that time is ‘ripe’ and soon something terrible may happen. Nowedays only Lithualnia sacrified the country as a kingdom of Jesus.
    Jesus told her that during the event all countries will be looking at Poland.
    PS. sorry for my english, maybe it is not perfect but I wanted to share this wonderful news with you.

    here I found a few words about her.


  5. The Leaked Emails

    Podesta is into Satanic rituals and Hillary is linked to child-trafficking. Isis and Clinton are backed by the same money

    I’m hoping for a Trump win on Tuesday

    • Hi Dennis, I hope as you and many Catholics that Trump will win but in my humble opinion no chance and despite the leaked emails, as I said they planned Hillary’s Victory for years now, I really hope to be wrong (and the election of Trump will be a Victory for many of us) but let me remind you, the number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation : 2, as usual all is between the lines, anyway the verdict within few days now, let’s Pray.

      • And the 2 Beasts, the Clinton-Francis Alliance. Would this be the great Tribulation that must come before the Warning?

      • Yes Dennis, this is probably the Great Tribulation that many are waiting for but let me add few words as well :
        Before the Warning : The Church so the World kneeling will “shout” : Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani ? and remember, Think about the Passion of Jesus.

  6. It is obvious from any reading of the Bible (and especially OT prophets) that humility is the hallmark of those who can lead us nearer to God. I have tried, but I sense absolutely no genuine humility from the person writing this blog. I would say ‘be warned’ if I thought that ‘Aviso’ (presumption?) would publish this.

    • Pubished Glynis, thank you for your comment.

      Let me use your comment to give some news from me to all of you, I will be back online soon, having some Professional problems, Pray for me, thank you.

  7. Hi Aviso, please note that my comments concerning Pope’s Francis and Benedict; reference gender ideology is to the best of my knowledge correct. The source is Life Site News’ report on the Pope’s visit to Poland and his meeting with the Polish Bishops. It cites a full transcript ofthe meeting that was released by the Vatican on the 2nd of August.

    God bless

    • Fine Pete but do not link Pope Francis to Pope Benedict as we have Pope Francis comment only, Pope Benedict did not joined Pope Francis comment about the gender agenda even if the current Pope is (finally) right, thanks God, thank you.

  8. At last, I read in the news today that Pope Francis has encouraged voting for Trump (but rightly doesn’t agree with everything Trump says) and condemns the powers corrupting the American justice system that refuses to call Hillary Clinton to account for her crimes. It’s also encouraging to read that Pope Francis speaks out against gender ideoligies and in Union with Pope Benedict states such represents an epoch of sin against God the Creator and the family under attack. Just need him to now take up the cause against Modernists in the Catholic Church in the same way Pope St Pius X did following his encyclical ‘Pascendi.’

    God bless

    • Hi Pete, please give us a link where Pope Francis encouraged voting for Trump, I am on Holiday and do not follow all the news but this will be suprising, thanks.

      • Apologies to everyone, in my haste I had posted a report I read about Francis and Trump, further investigation has shown the original source is from a fake news site called WTOE 5 News. So please trash, I’ll be more prudent in future

        God bless

      • Hi Pete, I was testing you, I am of course well informed even on Holiday and this fake news about Pope Francis as about Pope Benedict was so abvious to me that I even did not need to check, I mean I am known for My serious and I am myself very carefull with any news I post online, when I am telling that there is a kind of alliance between Obama-Hillary and Francis, this is serious and a fact to me, I am not losing time to post rumors or bullshit, not on my blog, never, next time I suggest you to be very carefull as well or it will be your last comment, thank you.

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