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06 January 2017

My Dear Friends, 

As I informed you Recently (Aviso in Trouble), I had some private problems last summer, for more details, read below : 

Today, the situation is critical as anyone will understand, which also explains my changes of opinion, 1 Day I stop the blog and the next Day I change again my mind but many are reading me every day and your private messages can have also an effect on my decision, so I finally decided (again) to continue the blog but like during these last 10 Years of my life, I cannot do it for free anymore and I am sure that most of you will understand, I am sorry but this it !

During these years helped and advised by the best with whom I learned a lot, I gained an incredible experience regarding our Catholic Faith, the Teachings of the Church, Catechism and Prophecies of our Lady especially in Fatima as in Garabandal, probably the more important prophecies for our near future, I can also quickly recognize any fake messages or Apparitions, working on the Fatima 3rd Secret (probably one of the best school) during 9 years brought me a great discernment, a text of 25 lines which will change the face of the world, it is incredible what I have been able to discover by working on this text during all these years (I would say even my GOD !) helped by my experience of the Garabandal Prophecies and some good contacts, my friends the Power of Heaven is incredible, the Blessed Lady has been warning her Children as the Church for Years, from La Salette to Fatima, From Garabandal to Akita, again and again the Mother of God has not stopped protecting us but the time of God’s Justice is close and the end of the Harvest near, so let us be good fruits together and we will share our Lady’s Triumph promised in Fatima, you have my word.

During these last years, I brought back Garabandal online and at its right place, as a continuation of Fatima and nothing else, the Lady came back in Garabandal because her Fatima 3rd Secret has not been given to the world by Rome as requested in 1960, in other words, the still hidden text has been revealed by our lady herself in this small village of Spain where she gave also 2 important Messages to the World, did you know that there is a coded message between the lines in our Lady’s of Carmel messages ? few are aware but I am one of them, did you know that the Fatima Secret is mainly about our Faith as I began to demonstrate it in my last articles about Fatima ? but there is more and much more, well my friends, we are going to continue together and my voice will not remain silence, otherwise for which reason I spent these last 10 Years between Fatima and Garabandal, so let me still share with you my insights, my opinions as my comments on the news of the Church, our Blessed Church maltreated and surrounded by its enemies inside its own walls.

Subscribe Today, be numerous and Proud because you are Great and Catholics and we will live the Passion of the Church together, at the Pines you will be my guests, in other words my new job is you, if I am a good worker my salary will be as well, if not then too bad for me, I fixed the price of my work and for any subscriptions at 50 euros per month (use the donate button online and Pay your monthly subscription today then a password will be send to you to get the access to any of my new articles as to the most read and already published) , why this Price ? well I checked around the net some main Catholic websites, in my humble opinion few and many are quoted on my blog (excluded the Fatima Center) are talking about the importance of Fatima and Garabandal Prophecies but why ? in my opinion because some of them are a part of the Problem even if some like the remnants Newspaper strangely and recently started to quote Garabandal as below :

If some of you cannot pay this amount monthly but are still interested to read my articles, just contact me privately at :, I will be always open for any possible solution, I am not running after money and by writing these lines my heart bleeds of shame but your subscriptions will help to keep this blog online and will feed the Rabbits, as you know, the new name of our Children under this Pontificate, between us what a catastrophe and I told it to you from the beginning but who told you that he was canonically elected ? surely not me, so join me and I will share with you what few will tell you, thanks God, I have also good friends all around the World as in Rome and some of them are behind the idea of this new article.

My Next article will be the continuation of my Fatima 3rd Secret online (already read by thousands), I started with 2 Popes, Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII and I have demonstrated with facts, their responsibility within the Fatima Story and de facto “killed” the heresy of Sedevacantism, as we know for Sedevacantists the last valid Pope was Pope Pius XII only but my friends the following Popes have also a great responsibility, especially 2 of them and some are related to another heresy, the Modernism, stay tuned.


Fatima 2016

God Bless, Aviso




14 January 2017

After 1 week, many of you have read this article (thousands) but few subscribed, according to many of your privates messages, you are a lot having difficulties as well, as I am not bounded so back to the previous online Publication of the Blog, Free for everyone but that does not stop you from using the Donate button at least for those who can, in search myself of a new Job, I am open to any opportunity especially in the USA or in Canada, do not hesitate to contact me in private at : for any serious opportunities.

My next writings (as requested in private by many of you as well) will be the continuation of my Fatima 3rd Secret online article, whenever I will have time and peace to write, stay tuned, thank you.


PS : To our Lady of the Carmel, Done Mother !



23 thoughts on “Garabandal News for Subscribers only Update

  1. I just happen the see the story of Garabandal in my you tube feed.

    Nice work you do and have done. Happy to see the pines are still there.. I do agree with you. Donations are needed and welcome. It takes time, time and time is money. Keep the good work. By the way. Does the priest ask for limosnas before the given of the blessings for the Ostias? A priest said once, I have been told…: Drop a $20.00 in the basket!! No sean Tacaños.

  2. The whole thing is being dissected and overcomplicated* It doesn’t cost $ to get messages out nowadays! God bless all the followers of our blessed mothers messages* She spoke from her beautiful heart* The whole process of Fatima and garabandal/ Bernadette etc etc has been blown up and twisted over and over* The seers seen archangel Michael and our blessed mother in garabandal and the others had the same visions? Even the dancing of the sun what more evidence does one need to believe* Our life is a miracle in itself! WE need to let God take care of this in time and just go back to the sacraments pray the rosary and lead good lives! It’s that simple* This thing is being exploited instead of just spreading love cost free and believing in what our Lord has sent us* I truly believe that Padro pio,/ Louis Andreu / Jesus/ mother Mary/ the angels/ all know what is forecasted! Conchita has been stone silent for just cause as she knows thru the messages the exact date of the miracle* Mary Loli I believe knew the warning? It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize our world is coming to either an end? Or a new beginning? I believe we have all self destructed and truly need the warning* I spread garabandal only thru word of mouth or free advertising* I believe 100 percent in all the visions* Why? Our blessed mother doesn’t lie!

    • Hi Raymond, I was reading your works (in Spanish) so your end of times begins with :

      Descenso del trono de la Reina Elysabeth translated in English : Descent of the throne of Queen Elizabeth II and so on, just saying.

      • Descent of the throne of Queen Elizabeth II is correct

        Fr. Nectou, S.J.
        A great multitude of people will lose their lives in those calamitous times, but the wicked will not prevail. They will indeed attempt to destroy the whole Church, but not enough time will be allowed them, because the frightful crisis will be of short duration. When all is considered lost, all will be found safe. This disaster will come to pass shortly after the power of England begins to wane. This will be the sign. As when the fig tree begins to sprout and produce leaves, it is a sure sign that summer is near. England in her turn will experience a more frightful revolution than that of France. It will continue long enough for France to recover her strength; then she will help England to restore peace and order.”

        Marie Julie May 18 1881
        “At that time, England will have betrayed its people under the empire of a queen; on her descent from the throne, things will not happen as the Lord demands

        August 25, 1882
        “My children, even before, perhaps the first crisis of the Eldest daughter of the Church is begun (in France), there will be painful news about these people: England, Persia (Iran), Jerusalem. All will have been subject to great
        wrongs. My children, I foresee that at the exit of this disorder, there will be a new reign for the English land and a choice will be, when, suddenly, death will come to strike those who have in hand the helm of this kingdom. For this land, it will become very hard and it will be divided into four parts, because their wills will not be in agreement. The choice of Catholics
        will be rejected. “

      • But the end of times of our times starts with the reign of the Holy Pope and the Great Monarch, 6th age of the Church, the age of peace prophecied by Our Lady of Fatima

        The Virgin told us that the Warning and Miracle will be the last warnings or public manifestations that God will give us. This is why I believe that after them we will be near the end of time.

        The Monk of Premol Prophecy
        “And I saw out of the Orient a significant young Man; he rode on a Lion and held a flaming Sword in his hand. And France sang in front of him. And on his Path, many people fell before him, because the Spirit of God was with him. He rode into the ruins of Rome, and laid his Hand in the Hand of the pope.
        “And the one places the mutilated tiara upon the ardent head, determined to institute reforms that the opposing faction rejects; and confusion reigns in the sanctuary…
        “But my spirit wanders and my eyes become obscured at the sight of this terrible cataclysm. But the Spirit said to me that the man who hope in God does penance, because the all-powerful and merciful God will draw the world out of confusion and a new world will commence. Then the Spirit said to me: “Here is the beginning of the end of Time which begins!” And I awoke terrified.

  3. Hello Aviso and all the good people who are here. Aviso, I have only very recently found your blog and am very surprised to find that we agree on I think everything. I have in 2015 written the book Garabandal: One Minute to Midnight, which is available on In my book I have speculated that the Garabandal Miracle will quite probably happen in 2018. I had to smile when I saw that you also have this view. We will see. I have been criticized for making this prediction and I will guess that you have been criticized also. If not 2018 then I think it will not be much later.
    I am sorry to hear of your problems Aviso, I wish that I could help you but I have no ability to do so. I do have some advice which might be of help though; If you, or anyone who reads this blog, is able to buy some silver coins or bars, the price of silver is soon going to explode. I know that this advice might be of little use because we are not able to find the money to invest very easily but it’s just a thought.
    I live in Canada now and I am concerned that from here it might be impossible for me to go to Garabandal for the Miracle. If Our Blessed Mother graces me to be there though, then I will find you Avisto and say hello in person.

  4. A Plot against Pope benedict prepared for years as confirmed by 3 Italian Vatican experts in 2 different books, I can not translate the 2010 artilce below from the Italian to the English without using Google traduction, the result of the Traduction is not perfect but most will understand :

    The stereotype of the reactionary is as dangerous as Agcà”

    Aldo Maria Valli | September 2, 2010

    I agree with Tornielli and Rodari: the aim is to undermine the credibility of the Pope. But I would not speak of communication errors.

    When will the history of the pontificate of Benedict XVI will be difficult regardless of the book from Paolo Rodari and Andrea Tornielli Attack on Ratzinger. Allegations, scandals, prophecies and plots against Benedict XVI (Piemme, 322 pages, 18 €). The two Vatican experts, among the best I know, reconstruct accurately, even with new details, ten bouts that Pope Ratzinger has suffered in recent years, establish some connections and come to a conclusion: against the current pope is an ongoing attack has protagonists and different principals, however, united by the same drawing.

    The episodes we review are those that have held sway in the chronicles, the keynote of Regensburg to the liberalization of the Mass according to the ancient rite, the lifting of the excommunication of four bishops Lefebvre to the allegations on the use of condoms as a tool against the epidemic god Aids, by the arrival of groups of Anglicans into the Catholic Church to the devastating scandal for the crimes of pedophilia committed by priests. different topics, different situations, different backgrounds but with a common thread: the will, by some, to hit this pontiff.

    Now,why these attacks? And who are the enemies of Benedict? The book is very clear. The common reason is the will to weaken Benedict XVI undermining the credibility, which can be achieved by painting it constantly like an old reactionary expression of a world past and a faith that not only has nothing to say to contemporary man, but becomes harmful (see the case of AIDS) on the road of authentic freedom and genuine progress. As for enemies, the authors identify three: the first is represented by intellectuals, power centers and currents of thought that want to push the Church to the margins of public debate, relegating faith and its moral consequences in the private and sentimentality thus taking away social and cultural significance. The second enemy is instead internal, and is made up of those sectors of the Church and the Catholic world in the name of renewal and dialogue with modernity considering Benedict XVI an anachronism, because they are too tied to tradition and a dogmatic view (so they say) of faith. Finally there is the third enemy, even more internal, because it is physically a few steps from the Pope himself: are those employees who, in the Vatican curia, it really does not work at all but sometimes inability, sometimes because they just themselves in tune with this pope, paddling in the opposite direction.
    According to Rodari and Tornielli you can not say it’s a plot in place, in the sense that all these enemies operate each according to its own logic, without a draft prepared by mutual agreement. Certainly, however, the attacks are all in the same direction and aim to achieve the same result.

    It is a thesis that I share, and that is verifiable as to fact. But there is a detail with respect to which I disagree with the analysis of the authors, and it is when they say that by the Vatican there is a lack of communication. In the affair of the lifting of the excommunication of Lefebvre bishops there was definitely a delay in realizing the gravity of the allegations of Bishop Richard Williamson and has not been able to explain enough reasons and extent of the papal decision, circumstance indeed admitted by the same pontiff. But in other cases “implicated” honestly I would not see wrong from the point of view of communication. What Benedict has argued in the lecture in Regensburg, for example, it is what he wanted to actually say, and the quote that sparked the uproar, the violence used by Muhammad, was instrumental in his speech. They were the mass media to mouthing the words to the pope instead were Emperor Manuel Paleologos, lived almost seven hundred years ago. And when the pope, traveling to Africa, said he is not with the condom that you can solve the problem of AIDS, said maybe something unreasonable? Or is it rather that also claim the most honest scientists and less ideological?

    At the same time when Rodari and Tornielli wrote to Ratzinger Attack I wrote The truth of the Pope, and in many ways the two books are alike, so much so that at first the title was scheduled for my connection to the Church. It is not just a coincidence. If three Vaticanists, without consultation, have felt the same need means that we are in the presence of a phenomenon whose importance goes beyond the ordinary. If many years ago John Paul II was physically put in the crosshairs of an assassin, Joseph Ratzinger is now a target, thanks to God in another way, but today’s attack is more devastating.

    The game is played between truth and relativism. And those who want humanity to fall completely into relativism have fully understood that the first obstacle to be dismissed is Benedict.

    About the books :

    My Comment : Since then, tornielli changed camp and became the spokes man of the current team in Rome, in other words, Pope Benedict was under pressure since probably the beginning of his pontificate and especially from the 2007 SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM and the lifting of excommunication of the SSPX Bishops, why ? well the Tradition of the Church is confirmed in the Fatima 3rd Secret, simple as that.

  5. Read that :

    Vatican official close to Pope’s inner circle shares explosive information

    January 3, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Just over a year ago, a reader had a revealing and candid conversation with a Vatican official close to Pope Francis’ inner circle.
    They were traveling on the same flight to Rome; the official was on his way back from the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, just before the 2015 Ordinary Synod on the Family.

    What he said was remarkable for its rejection of orthodoxy and contempt for the core teachings of the Catholic faith.
    The reader has kindly shared the contents of their exchange, one that offers valuable insights into how this pontificate viewed the Synod on the Family, Holy Communion for remarried divorcees without an annulment, and various personalities leading the Church today.

    We do not doubt the authenticity of the exchange. The reader’s account of their conversation is below:

    Plane conversation
    I boarded the plane and took my seat. An older, rather heavy-set Italian who looked like he’d eaten his fair share of pasta sat down next to me. We exchanged greetings, and he introduced himself as an official of the former Pontifical Council for the Family, headed by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.
    The official seemed to feel quite free to speak, and was keen to express that he knew Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops. There were a couple of moments during our conversation when he admitted he had spoken at length to Cardinal Baldisseri, but he could not reveal the contents of their conversation.
    Our conversation quickly turned to the upcoming Synod. I simply asked questions and was sincerely listening and interested in his viewpoint. Also on this account, I think he felt free to speak. The beginning of our conversation focused a lot on the Kasper proposal,* and I was trying to understand the logic behind it.

    Question: [After asking repeatedly about how someone can enter a second union when the first marriage is sacramental and valid] I don’t understand. If the first marriage was sacramental and valid, how can someone be admitted to Communion if they are in a second civil union? What about the indissolubility of marriage?

    Response: What do you do when the indissolubility is dead, when there’s no more feeling?

    [“Come si fa quando l’indissolubilta è morta, quando non c’è piu sentimento?]
    I thought to myself: This is the last thing a priest should say to a newly married couple who is experiencing difficulty.
    After some back and forth, I asked:
    Question: But what about Pope John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio, 84?**

    Response: How can we accept [“ammettere”] it? It was written 30 years ago …

    Question: But what about where Pope John Paul II says, in FC 84, that according to the Sacred Scripture and Tradition, someone who’s first marriage is valid and who is in a second union can’t be admitted to Holy Communion unless they live as brother and sister.

    Response: We can’t expect a man and woman who are sleeping in the same bed to live as brother and sister.

    Our conversation turned to some of the people the Pope had appointed to the Synod.
    Question: The Pope chose Cardinal Kasper to attend the Synod. Do you think this means the Pope agrees with Kasper?

    Response: [Notable Pause] … Yes

    Question: What do you think of Kasper?

    Response: “He’s the most intelligent man in the room.”

    Question: And Cardinal Burke? …

    Response: [Quickly he said] He’s not coming. He doesn’t count for anything; he’s too Lefebvrist.  [“Non conta per niente; è troppo Lefebvrista”]

    Question: But I imagine there will be a lot of opposition from some of the bishops and cardinals at the Synod, especially from Africa, America, Poland. What will Pope Francis do?

    Response: “He will listen, and then he’ll do what he wants.”

    Question: But what about Pope Benedict? I don’t imagine he would agree.

    Response: He’s a theologian, but he’s got no pastoral experience.

    Question: And the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?

    Response: [With what seemed a disparaging tone] They think they are the guardians of the faith! The Pope is the guardian of the faith.

    Question: I heard that the Pope appointed Cardinal Danneels*** to attend the Synod …

    Response: Ah, what a good man … he is refined … [“è raffinato”]

    Our conversation eventually turned to other more benign topics, then ended until we arrived in Rome. When we landed, he gave me his name and telephone number.


    * The Kasper Proposal was a thesis presented by Cardinal Walter Kasper at the Extraordinary Consistory of February 2014 in which he suggested a penitential path for some remarried divorcees that would eventually lead to them being admitted to the sacraments, even though the Church has traditionally viewed such persons as living in an adulterous relationship.
    ** Familiaris Consortio is Pope St. John Paul II’s 1981 apostolic exhortation on the family. Paragraph 84 explicitly reaffirmed the Church’s practice, which is based upon Sacred Scripture, of not admitting to Eucharistic Communion divorced persons who have remarried. It states if these people were admitted to the Eucharist, “the faithful would be led into error and confusion regarding the Church’s teaching about the indissolubility of marriage.” It also states that reconciliation in the sacrament of Penance which would open the way to the Eucharist is only possible if they live as brother and sister, abstaining from sexual relations.

    *** Cardinal Godfried Danneels, the archbishop emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels, tried to cover up a sex abuse case involving a fellow bishop in 2010. An audio recording leaked to the Belgian media revealed the cardinal urged the victim not to reveal that his abuser was his uncle Roger Vangheluwe, Bishop of Bruges, until the bishop had retired. The cardinal asked the victim if he would wait until Bishop Vangheluwe retired before going public, and even told him to “ask forgiveness” and “acknowledge your own guilt”. The victim responded: “Whose forgiveness do I have to seek? I am not the one to ask for forgiveness.” Despite the cover-up and Cardinal Danneels’ controversial views on such issues as same-sex marriage and abortion, Pope Francis personally invited him to participate in both synods on the family as one of his handpicked delegates.

    My Comment : I told you, evil ! and from the beginning of this Pontificate, they are lost and Under a diabolical disorientation completely, in other words, the Fatima 3rd Secret.

    • Recently I posted my concern following our Parish Priest inviting all who do not normally receive Holy Communion to come forward and do so at the Christmas Mass. I spoke on this matter and all current concerns with the Canon Lawyer for the Diocese (who is also my confessor), I paraphrase his advice below.

      The Parish Priest had no authority to do what he did, and it was wrong on so many levels, not least as an affront to those who are currently preparing to make their First Confession and Holy Communion and to those Priests and Catechists teaching the faith and governance concerning the Sacred. To invite ALL, is to invite the uninitiated, the unbeliever, the heretic, the adulterer, the bearer of mortal sin and so opens the door to an act of profound sacrilege. He agrees that moving to a Parish that strictly upholds the Church’s traditions is right.

      Of the reforming ideas coming from Rome and the confusion consequently prevalent among many, he follows the approach initiated by the four Cardinals of the Dubia and confirmed that there are MANY who share the same conviction and concern. He is quite clear in stating Pope Francis is canonically elected and there should be no doubt about his validity as Pope. He is of the opinion that what we are witnessing is permitted under the providence of God because this situation is causing many to re-evaluate their faith, their posture toward revealed truths, the Church’s millennial teaching and has awoken many from sleep. He has witnessed a widespread choosing to return to tradition, a desire to re-learn The Faith, better understand teaching on sin and its consequences etc. and for that we are to be grateful and pray it may continue. He also wonders if we are indeed witnessing the fulfilment of The Fatima promises.

      I was greatly encouraged by this advice given his position.

      I hope this dialogue also helps others to remain confident, especially those who are in doubt or are nervouse about changing direction toward a more traditional path.

      God bless

      • Hi Pete, thanks for your message about your Canon Lawyer and Confessor, I share most of his advice, thanks God some members of our Hierarchy have still Faith and open eyes but I am sorry I cannot be sure or I cannot share his opinion about Pope Francis as canonically elected and I will explain why with few words :

        I can confirm and with a strong probability that the Resignation of Pope Benedict has been forced and prepared for years, the St Gallen Group is only a small part of the iceberg, de facto his Resignation was not free so the election of the next Pope not canonically valid, this is not a story for children or from any conspiracy blogs, even if Pope Benedict confirmed that his Resignation was free but as long as he is talking from the Vatican where he is still living probably forced, I would not take into account any of his Confirmations as a fact then During the Conclave, there was also some doubt after the 4th Ballot as indicated by Socci below :

        From Socci also which I share completely, this new possibility and according to not less than the Prefect of the CDF Cardinal Muller as from the personal secretary of Pope Benedict, Archbishop Gänswein for having 2 Popes, 1 Active and 1 Passive :

        I mean there is too much shadow about this Resignation so by experience I am probably close to the Truth, adds on that my own research about the Fatima 3rd secret, which is the main key to understand the full Puzzle as the current situation within the Church at the Top then I am quite confident about my opinion, all this was probably not taken into account by your confessor which is normal as it’s not his job.

        The fact also that Pope Benedict is still wearing his Papal Clothes and keeping his Papal Name then you can conclude yourself, thanks.

  6. For your information, my next article will be online Monday, thank you again for your confidence.

    PS : To subscribe do not use the button Follow Garabandal News but the Button Donate only and now back to my articles, I will not talk about this topic anymore (Subcription) because I do not like, thanks.

    • All most Faith, 50 euros should be around 53 US dollars, let me use your comment to remind you that if the amount is more than you can pay monthly, just contact me in private and let me know, simple as that.

      Just few more words, they are running or following by millions each year any false Apparitions or any false so called God’s Messengers, by Millions each year, I worked online for almost 10 Years for free, today unfortunately I cannot anymore, end of the story, thank you.

    • That is a great achievement Aviso, 1600 € / month is the salary of a good engineer. I will pray for you, but I will never pay a cent for a blog which consider Francis to be a false prophet, antipope, or even worse. Spiritual damage would be immense. I hope prayers will be enough.


  7. I think the amount you are asking for per month is unreasonably high! I pay $15.00 per month to receive a newspaper! Why are you asking for so much money?

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