The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? REMINDER

11 August 2016

You are still many to contact me about this fashionable date of April 13 2017 circulating around the Net as finally the good date of the Garabandal Great Miracle, as I have no time to answer to each of you about this nonsense, so I will do it with this article, hopefully once and for all as below:

Garabandal 2016

NO GARABANDAL GREAT MIRACLE ON APRIL 13 2017, I already debunked this date many times so I will not do it again, just few words only, it’s not because I don’t want but because this date is impossible as during the Holy Week, if I was not sure or even if I had a single doubt, I’ll not write this article, this nonsense date is not from any competent Garabandalist but from some “clowns” using again Garabandal with different other modern prophecies, they have no link with Garabandal and my sources are clear :

Again No Warning and Garabandal Great Miracle in 2017, as you know about Garabandal, you can trust me and without a doubt, thank you.





08 September 2016

The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? Update



My Comment : Just few words about no Warning as no Great Miracle in 2017 as I confirmed several times online, I have been told in the village of Garabandal years ago that the Great Miracle cannot occur during the Holy Week so no Great Miracle on Holy Thursday so de facto in 2017,  however I am still receiving emails and some of you even booked their travel tickets to be there next spring in case so again, this nonsense date (13 April 2017) is not from any competent Garabandalist but from some “clowns or dabsters” (called them as you want !) using again Garabandal with different other modern prophecies, they have no link with Garabandal and my sources are clear, even the so called Garabandal Book and you all know what I think about this Book (attached picture above), we can read page 254 (Scanned below) :

“Those “great events” will happen on a singular “Thursday“, though “none of the three great Thursdays” – Holy Thursday, Corpus Chirsti and the Ascension of our Lord – as Conchita told Mrs Maria Herrero” :


As you know when it’s about Garabandal, I am used to check each single détails especially when Garabandal is misused (like the Rumor about the Death of the Paralityc Boy which I debunked and many others),so  please do not listen the “dabsters” and stay with us, hopefully this attached page will finally end this Rumor about the year 2017 as the Year of the Great Miracle, thank you.

The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? Update 2

01 October 2016

My Comment : Great success for this article written almost 2 Months ago and read by many of you, thousands around the world, the second most read article after Garabandal, Padre Pio and the Servant of God below  : 

 and that within 2 Months only, Apparently I hit the target and the Rumor of the Year 2017 as the year of the Garabandal Great Miracle starts to disappear around the net at least according to some of you, slowly but surely, the Antonio Yague and Company can already update their prognosis for the next episod, so the article is back on the front page until my next article related to the famous Garabandal Prophecy of the Popes, which I debunked as well and online soon, stay tuned.



The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? UPDATE 3

06 November 2016

Reading my emails this Morning, you are still many to contact me about this Person Antonio Yague and his predictions via the stars of the Garabandal Warning on November 13, 2016 and the Great Miracle on April 13, 2017, as for Charlie Johnson and be sure that I don’t like this exercice but when it is about Garabandal and rumors (we already lost most of our faithful because of these clowns), I will always give my own opinion in Public via my blog then it’s up to you to decide what to beleives or not :

About Antonio Yague, between us I don’t know him so I had to get some details from good friends, I mean Garabandalist of course and this is my opinion :

To avoid at all costs so again NO GARABANDAL WARNING ON NOVEMBER 13, 2016 and NO GREAT MIRACLE ON APRIL 13, 2017, thank you.

The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? REMINDER

23 March 2017

From Juan (who has his own house in Garabandal), one of our Reader and my Spiritual Brother :

Hi Aviso: I think that it would be good to spread a notice from your blog
for those people who are planning to go to Garabandal the next April 13.
It has been spread again the false rumour that in that date the miracle will
occur. Conchita has strongly suggested a couple of days ago that the miracle
will not occur this year. Therefore, it would be good for those who have reserved
accomodation in the Garabandal surroundings (everything is full now up to
the town of Comillas) that they don’t need to spend their money uselessly
and keep it for a future time.


My Comment : So Again, NO GARABANDAL GREAT MIRACLE IN 2017, I cannot be Clearer, thank you.






74 thoughts on “The Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? REMINDER

  1. I have never read Garabandal News before. Just recently I read where Conchita talked to Maria Herrero and was quoted as saying that the GREAT MIRACLE will NOT happen on HOLY THURSDAY, CORPUS CHRISTY AND THE ASCENSION OF OUR LORD.

    iF YOU READ MY WEB SITE, IT BEGAN 1 JANUARY 2012. IN THOSE FIVE (5) YEARS, MANY PEOPLE BELIEVED THAT THE GREAT MIRACLE would happen on the 13th day of April 2017, given the fact that Conchita said it would happen on a “THURSDAY” on a great event of the church. The GREAT event of the church had to be EASTER, and also HOLY THURSDAY.

    Since HOLY THURSDAY turned out to be the 13th of April it agreed with the 13th day of the Sun dancing at FATIMA and the 13th day of the CHASTISEMENT STATEMENTS OF AKITA. From what was written years ago, I believed what I wrote had merit and so I wrote my web site––.

    I wrote to AVISO,who called people like me –CLOWNS. I got a reply from “PETE”, does AVISO and PETE have last names? Pete is quoted as saying it was fool hardy to say the GREAT MIRACLE would happen on the 13th day of April 2017. I didn’t think it was fool hardy at that time, and I feel that PETE’s comments on what I wrote needs explaining which I will demonstrate.

    I also said that the WARNING will NOT happen because it would not be fair to those people in earlier times, who never received a WARNING that we are to receive. PETE also says that my concern is without foundation, otherwise it could apply to the Great deluge (flood)

    The WARNING is an illumination of one’s conscience (a purification of one’s soul) which would help us get to HEAVEN a lot easier than those in earlier times. I would like to tell PETE, that a “WARNING” was never issued to those who lived at the time of the GREAT FLOOD.

    The announcing of Prophets, etc, etc, is nowhere close to a WARNING. A WARNING, is to give notice of an approaching danger. The danger here is that people have the ability to purify their souls and thus gain HEAVEN more easily.

    Why I was not informed by Conchita years ago, I do not know. My web site has been around for over five (5) years. Many people believed in what I wrote and please don’t call those people–CLOWNS TOO. Everyday, people look for answers to problems that they feel need to be solved. I believed in the message of Garabandal, and because of this I wrote my web site–GARABANDAL2017.COM–.

    If the GREAT MIRACLE happened on the 13th day of April 2017, what would be your comment today? Place this under “PETE’s” comment in the Garabandal News, if possible.

    • Hi Carlo, first there is not 2 Aviso, Pete is one of my readers as many others here.

      Regarding your comment, let be clear again, when I said “Clown” (I used Clown but withouth wishing to insult anyone, being my self French, it will not be the first time that my English is misinterpreted) I was of course talking about websites like yours and not about people who had read online this false date of April 2017 which I debunked myself almost 1 Year ago as indicated in my article, so I went to visit your website which I did not know and I understood quickly (with all due Respect) that apparently you have no link with Garabandal and based probably your speculation on few Garabandal books as many before you and probably many tomorrow, so my advice as I alread said online, again with all due Respect, next time please leave any speculation about the Garabandal Prophecies to Garabandalist, in other words, even if you were wrong about April 2017, you are not the first and you will probably not be the last, this does not mean of course that there will not be a Warning or that Garabandal is false and so on, so finally and between us only, be sure that the World will get his Warning as Prophesied by our Lady of the Carmel and in my opinion probably much faster than many might think, thank you.

    • Hi Carlos. The point I wanted to convey, is that ‘speculating’ about dates is not good, the same applies to Aviso although his evidence is compelling and keeps the subject of Garabandal alive as did your website. The trouble is, when dates are forecast by those not privileged to know them, and forecasts are continually proved wrong, the important message of conversion becomes lost and people loose faith in the authenticity of the episode of messages from heaven. We will know soon enough. You may also be forgetting that a warning was issued prior to the Great Flood, the warning was given to Noah and his family, limited in numbers yes, not the entire population of the region, but a warning non-the-less. The whole world does not know of Garabandal, only those who by Holy Providence know this is going to take place, the mass majority of humanity will be caught by surprise as was the case with people in Noah’s time. In terms of the coming of Emanual read all of Scripture and you will see God sends a warning, about judgement, consequence of rejecting the anointed one etc. The OT is imbued with warnings to Israel. I didn’t want to upset you with my comments I just wanted to advise all of us not to get too caught up in things that add little value to our faith and the pleading of the Blessed Virgin to amend our lives, in the end ‘speculation’ is no more than a temptation of curiosity, something Our Lord chastened the Apostles for when asking Him the date when Jurusalem would fall.

      God bless

  2. Conchita originally said the miracle would be in either March, April or May. When did Conchita confirm in an official interview that the Miracle is definitely in the month of April between the 8th and 16th? Or is a priest named Fr. Morales the source of this information?
    In an interview with one Fr Morelos (in Italy 1986 by Maria Saraco) , he recalls a conversation he had with Conchita:

    “Q. Did Conchita ever reveal anything special to you?
    A. Well, she used to say to me that if I guessed the day of The Miracle that she would tell me, so I would try to guess the date but I never did. Every time I would give her a date she would say, “No that’s not it.” Until one time she said, “I will help you to guess. It will happen between the months of February and July and it will be between the 7th and the 17th, but I will not tell you which year.” She assured me that The Miracle would not happen in the month of May. I enjoyed talking to Conchita about this while trying to guess the date… Of course, only Conchita knows the exact date and year which she will announce 8 days before it happens. However, in the book, “Miracle at Garabandal” authored by Harry Daley; page 89, Conchita is quoted as saying, “I will also tell you that it (meaning the Miracle) is going to happen either in April or May. Since she had already assured Father Morelos back in 1965 that the Miracle would not happen in May, it can safely be concluded that April must be the month in which it will take place. I spoke to Conchita about all these details as recent as April 25, 1988 during a telephone conversation, and while she was not able to recall saying what she did to both Father Morelos and Harry Daley, commenting that she had not read his book, she did not deny saying them nor did she contradict April as being The Miracle month. I pointed out that I intended to publish this information in “The Vigil” unless she said it was not true which she did not do, rather her reply was, “You can do what you want.” (Reprinted in The Vigil 1988)

  3. AVISO–called people like me and those who believed that the MIRACLE would happen on the 13th day of this month (April)–CLOWNS. All AVISO has to do is to click on google analytics to find that there were (tens of thousands of (CLOWNS) over five years) from all over the world who believed as I did in my web site––.

    I’m concerned that the WARNING will NOT happen, because it gives those who are alive today the ability to save their souls but NOT people from earlier times. It would NOT be fair to those people to NOT be given what we are to receive. GOD has to be good to all people and not only us.

    • Carlo, where are you getting these ideas from? Forget guessing dates, it’s pointless, no more than a matter of curiosity and quite fool hardy as you can now atest. You are wrong about the Warning, your concern is without foundation or logic otherwise you could apply the same to the Great Deluge, the Incarnation, Lourdes, Fatima, Akita etc… (the prophets announced the coming of Emanuel but He probably won’t come as it would not be fair….). My advice, put all this to one side and simply do your best to combat sin and become the person God intends you to be. The hour of the Warning is not important, it really isn’t. If there is one particular hour that should concern all of us the most, it is the very one with our name on it, written in the Book of Life, the unexpected hour when we will be summoned to final judgement.

      God bless

  4. Hi Aviso, what correlations have you found between the secrets of Medjugorje and the “prophecies” of Garabandal in terms of time lines? Do you believe they coincide?

    • Jorge, with permission (I hope) of my spiritual brother Aviso I would like to give you my opinion. First, let me tell you that this is not a blog supporting Medjugorje, so you are in the wrong place. However, since I have been 9 times in Medjugorje, and without entering in the question of the truthfullness of these apparitions so as not to disturb many of our good friends here, I will try to suggest some points. Of the ten secrets of Medjugorje the only one which is known is the third secret: the apparition of a permanent signal on the sky above apparition hill ( Podbordo). It seems to be similar to the signal after the miracle above the pines of Garabandal. The rest of the secrets are either warnings or chastisements but nothing is known. When will it occur? Only God knows if it is true and if it will occur. I would like to share something which occurred to me during the war in 1995 at Medjugorje. We were talking at the confessionals area of today with Fr. Slavsko and I dared to ask him: father, are we going to see the signal? He was a little bit annoyed with my question and said: the signal will be in the heart! What did he mean with that? I don’t know……

  5. Hi Aviso,

    I was just wondering what book is the scanned page 254 from. Who is Maria Herrero? I only know Maria Saraco .



    • Hi Martin. It refers to Maruchi Herrero who died a few years ago. She was a very young lady and witnessed many apparitions, and friend with all the girls. She is in some videos of Garabandal witnesses.

      The Book in question is called “Garabandal Appparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Lady of Mount Carmel, Volume 1), the authors were French (Jacques Serres and Béatrice Caux, well known in Garabandal) translated in English and promoted mainly in Australia (I have mayself the original in French), not my favorite book but some détails are interesting.

      PS : Thanks also to Juan for Mrs Herrero.

  6. Aviso, who is the martyr of the Eucharist for April 12th, 2018? Forget about Tarcisus, as his feast day is still August 15. Some websites state that Conchita found the name of the martyr on her calendar. If this is correct, then the person should be easily identifiable. Hermenegild (April 13) is a Martyr of the Eucharist. He has special significance for Spain and supposedly was martyred at age 17. In which book or magazine interview did Conchita exclude Holy Thursday? Holy Thursday fits in with the theme of a martyr of the Eucharist, as Holy Thursday is the Institution of the Eucharist and Priesthood, and is the second most important ecclesiastical day in the Church after Easter. In addition, Hermenegild’s martyrdom was on Easter Sunday. There are articles suggesting that the Warning will occur close to the Miracle, as the Warning is a preparation and a notice of and a purification for the Miracle. If correct, how much time will there be between the Warning and Miracle? Will the Warning occur BEFORE Conchita gives her 8 day notice prior to the Miracle? Logic dictates that if the Warning occurs BEFORE Conchita’s gives her 8 days notice, then everyone will be able to figure out the date of the Miracle and there will be no need for Conchita to make any announcement. Therefore, it is entirely possible that Conchita will announce the date of the Miracle 8 days beforehand, and the Warning will occur AFTER Conchita’s announcement. The Warning could occur a few days before the Miracle.

    • There is also a young martyr – Dimitrios, 9 April. A feast Thursday of 9 April will be 2020, an even year. The interesting thing about this saint is that people pray to him to bring their eyesight back. Wasn’t there a promise made to Joe L. Maybe it was a tip?

  7. My friend Aviso
    You say that your beautiful country will be the first to fall under God’s justice but If Fr Pel is correct the suffering and destruction of France will come before the Warning. Not after the Warning as you say. As with the Warning, The Chastisement by my understanding comes directly from God. Tribulation comes through man and perhaps also nature. The Warning only comes when Tribulation becomes unbearable. Fr Pel does talk about some catastrophes of nature and also about the nuclear attacks on Paris by Russia very specifically from the south and north east. Such attacks are from man and therefore are part of Tribulation. The Warning will give respite from Tribulation. It will stop man in his tracks so great will be the shock it gives. After The Warning people will be shell shocked. Human nature being what it is people will turn to each other and share their experience. The air will clear as will our minds and we shall progress to The Miracle. If all of France except Normandy is destroyed then it will be less likely for the people of Normandy to revert to sin after The Miracle because they will have been shown the consequence of such a course. They will not want to suffer the same fate. In most of the accounts that I have read of the prophesies of Garabandal there is a clear linear progression: pre- Tribulation, Tribulation, Warning, Miracle and conditional Chastisement. Fr Pels description may combine several of these elements and may not be so well compartmentalised. We are told by the seers that The Warning cannot be explained by science because it is supernatural. So to is Chastisement and it will be far worse than Tribulation according to the seers. To me Akita seems to speak more of Chastisement. For now we can follow the advice of Padre Pio “pray, hope and dont worry’ with relative ease. By the time of The Warning we are told that many will have lost lost hope. They will be terrified and terrorised. Worry will not begin to describe their state of mind. Many will not be able to pray so frozen in fear will be their minds. That is why we must do as much as possible to prepare ourselves now by living the messages of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal. (Good reminder for me.)
    As for your ‘debunking’ I respect your right to your own opinion and thank you for accomodating my understanding.
    I fished out my old hiking boots the other day in preparation for the day they may be needed. I have a water proof bag to carry my one man tent and artic standard sleeping bag and cover. I am ready to go if I am spared. If not perhaps someone else will benefit from from my preparations to go to Garabandal for the Great Miracle. It will indeed be a miracle if I can get there on D day but then I have always believed in miracles. My faith in Garabandal is absolute. If I fail to get there it will be God’s will. Like Moses I have been walking in circles for 40 years since I first heard the message. Poor old Moses only saw the promised land but did not reach it. That may also be my end. God’s will be done. Moses did get to heaven and that is far more important.

    • Hi Joe, this was in Luz de Maria’s message from March 18th. I don’t know if I believe these messages myself as I know nothing really about Luz. But this part fit in with what you are saying and seems to suggest something major to happen.

      Luz de Maria
      From 18th March
      Pray My children, pray for France. That Nation’s cry will shake Humanity.

    • When I start to think about this and the Catholic Church and the way things are done today I hear every time a soft voice say keep your eyes focused on me (Jesus) and me alone do not get involved in judging the church or the Pope. Mary said it as well to the girls in Garabandal (do not disobey the church) so pray the rosary lead a life like Christ and you can’t go wrong and spread the message of Garabandal your interest in these apparitions are not by chance but by fate.

  8. Hi Aviso, there is speculation that the number of Pines will give the real date for the feast of St Tarcisius, like you know, the Pines and St Tarcisius are connected, there are only 8 Pines left,¿ will it be April 8?

    The Warning could be in an even year by the end of 2020 and the Miracle April 8, 2021.

    The Pine #8 that is missing seems to be the same one struck by a thunderbolt years ago

  9. ANTONIO YAGUE is a fraud and heretic, he doesn’t have a clue about Garabandal. His studies are based on the pagan god “Horus”. His main heresies are; Three comings of Christ, Pretribulation Rapture, Premillennialism, Denies the General Resurrection in the LAST DAY. The name of his SECT is called “SACRED ASTRONOMY”, in other words is astrology with Christian clothing, using adivination methods to figure out the date of the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Two priests including the EWTN have condemned his works. He is a money maker fraud.




    He assured that Planet 7X was coming on Nov 13, 2016, date that will take place the Warning of Garabandal, denying 11 clear signals before the Warning, spoken by the visionaries. He said that the planet was already visible, and he has already shown pictures of it.

    • Thanks Raymond, I was aware but some like to believe anything.

      For the Great Miracle and between us only, check the Lady of the Revelation, to me she is the Lady in question, Rev 12.1, this our Lady of the Carmel with a crown of 12 Stars and this explains why she was not veiled.

  10. Hi Aviso,
    St Tarcisius or St Stanislaus?

    Maybe you’re not aware of José Luis López de San Román declarations. He says that Conchita told to father Luna that the Eucharist martyr is a rare name that ends with EO or AO. Stanislaus in spanish is Estanislao, St Stanislaus is the only one that fits this description. Even father Francois Tuner said that the Eucharist martyr is a rare name.

    (minute 15:29 – 16:00)

  11. Hi Aviso,
    I have figured out that the sign of the Warning will be a supernatural Aurora. I believe that the Warning will take place in January. Prior to the outbreak of Second World War, our Lady had told Sr. Lucia, there would be a night in which the sky was
    illumined by an “unknown light.” This mysterious celestial sign served as Heaven’s warning that a new and terrible
    war was about to break upon the world. On the night of January 25, 1938, a spectacular aurora borealis (as it was thought) illuminated the skies over most of the northern hemisphere.

    Click to access Mary_IV.pdf

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Mystic Marie Julie “THE WARNING” (approved private revelations)
    August 5, 1878
    I begin by saying a word, it is this: if the Pastors and the souls entrusted with the painful responsibility of those souls created by God, if they do not change, they do not conform in perfect faith, if they do not conform in charity ordained by God and order it especially to themselves, God will soon make seen in and by them, a subject of scandal. This is how God is preparing. In the great surprise of His inscrutable designs, God will send them by His Divine Power, a serious warning that will be everywhere at once, it will be found even with those souls who have to follow the straight line given by the Pastors. God will strike in secret, He will strike in public for God complains for some time so strongly that it is impossible to understand the manner of these complaints as they are rigorous and mixed with justice.

    On August 27, 1878
    Marie-Julie: “Yes. When He speaks to me of the imminent hope, He is beaming and His adorable face is radiant with joy and happiness.” The Blessed Virgin: “Wait for that which must arrive, an alarm will be felt by all, a harbinger of the Justice of God.” Our Lord: “My children, some time before these sinister signs are sent onto the Earth, they will already feel in the heart the effect of My justice, it will be that the heart will say the time is not far away. But a grace of peace is reserved for faithful Christians, those who have not disregarded the warnings of Heaven and who will conform their their lives.

    September 20, 1880
    The Lord “will give His warnings by nature, at the beginning of each year.”

  12. I’ve just watched an interview with Maria Saraco and she was talking about the Warning;

    Loli said it would come with a terrible heat and people will want to kill each other to get some water and Conchita said it will be like a fire that doesn’t burn the skin

      • Of course you are correct Aviso and even if Antonio Yague’s projection that there is some kind of natural disaster heading towards us from space on Nov 20 this most certainly will not herald the Warning as prophesied at Garabandal. Like Medjugorje, however, certain counterfeit aspects may be used by the powers of darkness to divert faith from the real thing. So much more has to happen before the real Warning can take place. Things are not yet at their worst. But as the song says “The times they are a changing.” These times are coming to and end. But not quite yet.

      • I would like to give my opinion about the predictions of Antonio Yague for all the English speaking followers of your blog. First of all, Mr. Antonio Yague is a Spanish garabandalist who has been studying the Garabandal apparitions for many years. By profession he is a geologist, but he has got a high level knowledge of astronomy. He has devoted many years to study sacred astronomy, trying to link the biblical history with astronomy. He is a good lecturer and speak about this topic in Spain and South America, especially Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. He has writen a book about Garabandal and has produced many videos about Garabandal and sacred astronomy. For many years he has been trying to predict the warning and miracle according to his astronomical studies and has postulated many dates in the past. He has always been wrong, of course. On saturday November 12th 2016, he has distributed a video (see you tube) indicating the possibility of the warning for the following day, sunday 13th. He has also been wrong, as always. According to his studies Planet X (Niburus) has started to be seen since Nov 8th and this planet will cause the warning (first) and a great devastation afterwards. He says that the warning will not produce any harm to us (as stated by the Garabandal seers). However, according to his studies the same planet (in an orbit between the sun and the earth) will cause a big earthquake after the warning and 7 days later a big jolt or rollover of the earth with changes in the gravitational forces; one side of the earth will suffer an increase in the gravitational force, and the other will suffer an inverse force attracting everything out to the space (persons, cars, etc). As a result of this the oceans will invade the continents and islands and there will be a great devastation. I hope that he is wrong again with all these calamities for the good of everyone. He is a bright guy but I don’t believe anything of what he says… and hope that he is wrong.

      • Hi Juan, Yague’s conferences are not welcome in Garabandal according to what I have been told, I already said online not to follow any of his projections, there will be no Warning as Great Miracle in 2016 or in 2017, the worst is not here yet.

    • I posted about Mother Marianne’s prophecy, but I was wrong, it was Sister Jeanne le Royer “Sister of the Nativity’s Prophecy. It is amazing. It virtually gives the time of the Warning. She was shown by Jesus the Sun setting, and it seemed to sister the sun would set in two hours. Jesus told her each hour represented centuries. This was back in the 18th century. She was shown that the 2nd decade of the 20th century would not pass, before the Divine Intervention. It’s amazing. So Yes. I would say the warning will be in March 2018, and Miracle April 2018. IF Hilliary gets in, the Catholic Church World Wide could be persecuted, as other Leaders will follow suit and make it difficult for Catholics, especially priests. I believe we will have a time of peace after the warning. Please Google Sister Jeanne le Royer’s revelation from Jesus, approved by the Church.

  13. Lightning At The Pines

    Hi Aviso

    This video shows one of the Pines is dead and a broken cross. Another video on YouTube filmed May 2016 says lightning struck at the Pines this year and it shows large areas of burnt grass on the hillside. Also that one other of the Pines is dying and that a small one has been planted, which can be seen in this video.

    I remember reading some years ago that one of the Pines had been struck by lightning and split down the middle but has it happened this year?

    Having trouble posting this other video from YouTube but it’s linking these lightning strikes to the End Times

    • I’ve done more research on this and apparently there were no lightning strikes this year and the surrounding vegetation was burned to make more space around the Pines

  14. Thursday, December 30, 1999:
    After praying a prayer that is entitled, “Devotion of Our Loving Mother of ALL Nations Prayer” in a Rosary style, I was given what I believe to be “The Warning”. I had changed the prayer significantly:

    Oh my Jesus, son of the Eternal Father
    Send now your Heavenly Spirit over the Entire Earth
    May the Holy Spirit dwell in ALL the hearts of ALL people, in ALL Nations that they may be preserved from Degeneration, Disaster, and War.
    May Our Loving Mother of ALL Nations
    Who once was known as the Virgin Mary and who was immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit of GOD, Be Our Loving MOTHER and Queen of Peace advocate over the Entire Earth and May SHE be blessed by Her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and GOD the Father in unity with the Holy Spirit NOW and FOREVER, AMEN.

    What took place after saying this prayer in a rosary style was this: Before laying my head down on my pillow to go to sleep, I glanced over at a digital clock with red numbers and noticed that the time was 2:00 AM on the dot. I then laid my head down, and in a fetal position, I was facing my wife towards the west, and proceeded to say a series of prayers like I usually do in my mind to fall asleep, an OUR FATHER, a HAIL MARY and then a GLORY BE, but this time it was different. At that very instant I felt tingly like gentle sparks over my entire body, and I saw darkness that felt unpleasant. I tried to break it by getting myself up, because I thought it was a dream of some sort, but I could not break it no matter how much I tried. I became afraid for this reason, and I said in my head, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, satan be gone”. Then I was sitting up in my bed against the back wall, and my wife who was sleeping suddenly got up, walked around the bed and stopped at the door that was to my left. I tried to get her attention, but she was not looking at me as though she could not see me, and I could not speak, so again in my head I said, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, satan be gone”. The scene changed, and my focus was turned to the 4’x6′ window directly in front of me, that was just past a 32″ TV on a stand, but the TV, and the lavender blinds that I always closed, were not there, and as I lived on the 11th floor of a 16 story building, I could see the adjacent building across the street clearly, . I then saw something slowly coming from the left side of the window into view. When it finally came into view, it is an image that I will never forget as long as I live. It was a ‘living’ two headed serpent, and I noticed that all around the scaly serpents body, it was gray, and moving, in a lumpy disfigured way, in and out, in and out, etc etc… The serpent then slowly tried to get in through the window, and it stopped at the window. When it couldn’t get in, it went back a short distance, and then came forward trying to get in again, but again it was stopped at the window, and at that, again it went back a short distance, and I was so petrified by its presence that I couldn’t think. With all my energy, with all my strength, I finally broke the feeling with the words from my lips, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ”. I do not remember finishing the rest of the phrase, but now my eyes were open, and I was too scared to get up, so I cuddled up to my wife, and I lifted my head, looked at the clock that now read 2:27am.

    I don’t know what The Warning is, but I can tell you that I know that satan was there to collect my soul, and I know GOD gave me this vision to warn me that I was going to hell. As Conchita says, “many might die from the warning”. Maybe so. I know that I had not been to confession in over 30 years, so you can just imagine how sick with sin I was, and GOD let me live through this. I went to confession immediately, I think the next day, and the priest who was confessing me was so amazed by what I was saying, that he asked me to come from behind the screen and sit in the chair. I didn’t even think twice about it, I sat in the chair, and kept confessing my sins without any problem. I knew what my soul that I didn’t know before needed. Confession!

    I know many things from this experience, and the last 16 years have been interesting to say the least. I am use to people rejecting me, and use to seeing those like yourselves try to figure out when and what the warning is. I have prepared for it with my family. Hopefully we are ready, but this is not something that any one can prepare ones’ self for. I go to confession as often as I can, and go to daily Mass Monday through Friday. I know that Heart Felt Deeds, if avoided, will also determine how grave the warning will be for each soul. All the preparation will not be able to prepare what has been neglected in the soul.

    I am a person who was homeless for 3 years, because being of American Indian heritage, my family completely abandoned me when I started believing in Jesus. No one understood me or wanted to understand me in my family. I would never change that time in my life for anything, because GOD showed me that His Son truly exists, but how many people can truly say that they have seen the supernatural wanting only good intention, to bring souls to Jesus? So many are driven by the gain of money, by selling the little GOD has given them to know that HE IS. It should be enough to know that HE IS, but we are a curious people, aren’t we? We want what it all. No wonder GOD is upset with our offenses against HIM.

    Many people are trying to figure out when and what the warning is (myself included), but will never be ready, if the heart is locked up against their neighbor. Everyone wants to be unique in GOD, with supernatural experiences of GOD, but who is willing to make the sacrifice for others so that GOD’S Divine Will is accomplished? It is good to want to be holy and love everyone, because “ALL” are GOD’S creatures!

    GOD bless us all in the Divine Will of Jesus

  15. Hi Aviso.
    Just about everyone is pinning their belief on the month of April as the month of the Miracle. Yet we are told that the Miracle will occur between the months of February – June, between the 8th and 16th of the month. Should expectations of a great Miracle in April not materialize then Conchita would be discredited and no longer believed. We are told that shortly before the Miracle an event will occur after which, many will no longer believe in Conchita nor her visions – very few at any rate.
    Maybe worthy of consideration in the confused state of the Church and the world right now.

    • Hi John
      Well don’t include me in that generalisation.
      I refuse to care or speculate much at all on dates and times just as the Bible counsels.
      To get hung up on these tortured details, even if originally encouraged by a less than mature Conchita, risks falling away from the important stuff just as you say.
      If Our Lady visited Garabandal the Miracle will be announced and it will happen. I don’t really care if it finally happens in December, not on a Thursday and in an odd year!

    • Hi John,

      First Apologize for having debunked the fashion date of April 13, 2017, the topic of this article, I know it was your favorite date as well,, I currently have much more important problems to manage than to explain again and again, especially to a promoter of the so called “Garabandal Book” why April is probably the good month, I did it already and will not do it anymore, thanks again.

  16. The Great Warning should be extermely painful for everyone. I read somewhere that a saint nearly died when he saw a smallest sin on his soul in God’s light. I might die from the Great warning from the distress for offending God due to my previous sins. Jesus told St Faustina that she desvered one day in purgatory and she was willing to go there, but Merciful Jesus held her back saying that He let her to have a few years to suffer on Earth. The Great warning is the greatest gift of Divine Mercy. It is difficult to know the confirmed date , maybe next year or ten years?

  17. Hi Joe.
    I cannot reconcile Charlie and Garabandal to be honest.
    Myself I go for Garabandal where there is discrepancy.
    All prophecy stuff has areas of confusion and non prophecy so I try not to get too hung up on smaller details.
    I can live with confusion…many people cannot. I do not understand why they are so obsessed with certainty!
    If anything bugs me it’s the St Tarcisius thing.
    It seems impossible to reconcile with all the other hints.
    No doubt Conchita meant Tarcisius tho.
    Aviso says he has refuted Tarcisius, that is interesting news to me.

    Got your email…we are in Kuala Lumpur at the moment.Not much spare time. Just come back from China.
    You would love the food. Big breakfasts for NZ $2-3. It’s a crime. No good for your weight though. Fresh fruit juices about $1.50…some you’ve never heard of.Malisa says hello.

    • Let me be clear Blue as you know my English, I don’t refute Saint Tarcisius but confirm that the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr is Saint Tarcisius, by the way enjoy the Breakfast especially at this price.

      • ThankYou Aviso.
        It is a big mystery how Miracle can be on a feast of St Tarcisius. I try to find a local Spanish Calendar of the time in case different feast day…no luck. Never-ending, if true it will be clear afterwards. This only an obstacle for the insincere.

    • Thanks BH for your prompt reply.
      I am not presenting my commentary as a generalization but rather as an encouragement to further discussion on what many consider to be an important topic.
      I’ve yet to read anywhere that Conchita has officially declared April as the month of the promised Miracle. Had she done so there would be no need for any advance notice by her since the time frame and date could readily be determined by anyone from information currently available.
      Predictions from others purporting insider knowledge are always tenuous at best until proven to be true. This is particularly the case with prophecies relating to future events where the seers alone are armed with all the facts.

  18. Q. What will occur on the day of the Warning?
    A. The most important thing about that day is that everyone in the whole world will see a sign, a grace, or a punishment within themselves — in other words a Warning. They will find themselves all alone in the world no matter where they are at the time, alone with their conscience right before God . They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused.

    Dear Aviso
    This came from an interview with Conchita in 1973. (The year of Akita) What do you think this means, mean this Sign Grace or Punishment? What kind of Sign, what Grace and what Punishment?

    • Hi Joe,

      The Warning will show you the state of your Soul and Judment that day, Hell, Purgatory or Heaven, this is what Conchita means, Seeing hell will be unbearable for some and explains why some will not resist physically and will die directly especially those in a state of mortal sins, to me millions, the famous they will believe in Garabandal but too late from Saint Pio.

      • Thank you Aviso
        That makes perfect sense:
        The sign is purgatory.
        The grace is heaven.
        The punishment is hell.
        It is a preview of our particular judgement.
        No wonder people will die of shock.
        The urgency of the messages is now more clear to me.
        Your brother

      • I Fatima and Garabandal the the children were shown in terrifying visions the consequence of sin. Through experiencing this they were able to witness to the world the dire necessity and urgency of repentance.I had thought the Grace was the grace of repentance and forgiveness, the sign indicated the need to repent immediately, the punishment was for those who refused to repent – hell. The children said they were sure they would have died if Mary had not been with them and if the vision had lasted longer. How much more the likelihood of our death – they were innocent children. This cannot be the particular judgement because that will not happen until after we die. But it sounds like it. Just a few more thoughts. Confessions again soon!

  19. Hi! I could understand your work but if 2018 is the year of de “D” day, there is no saint martyr of the Eucharist on 12th april!

    • Regarding this Rumor about the Eucharist Martyr, I debunked it several times, his Name is Saint Tarsicius and his feast day August 15 is probably not the day of his death as confirmed by the Church via Pope Benedict.

      Our Lady did not gave the Name of the Eucharist Martyr to Conchita just his decription and probably this détails : The Martyr celebrated by the Church on my feast Day, she then went to find out his name in her calendar , that’s probably the full story.

      The Year 2018 as the possible Warning year is my opinion only and based on my own experience and works about Garabandal, I must remind you that none of the Garabandal seers as their families gave to me any détails about any possible time table related to the Garabandal Prophecies, thanks.

    • Hi Marlene, my works indicates the Year 2018 as the best possible year as indicated online, Probably this year 2018 will be copied soon around the net as it’s already the case and especially since I debunked finally the Year 2017 as not the year of Garabandal but we will never be sure even if I am confident about 2029 forget, impossible simple as that.

      • I am very aware of your great care to protect what you regard as the true witness to Garabandal. The seers have passed on what has been given to them – a treasure beyond measure. I some times wonder though, and this is only my thoughts, if there may be something more.

        I agree, Aviso, and according to your wishes am not seeking debate, that The Warning will be an experience in God’s justice. We will “envy the dead.” But seeing all our sins and their consequences and realizing that God still loves us will reveal just how merciful He is. God’s justice is full of mercy but there will come a point in the Name of Truth when His anger cannot be contained and our offense cannot go unpunished. His cup of anger has been bubbling over for many years and when God’s anger finally spills down and hits the earth then will be Chastisement. There is no final condemnation pronounced by God in The Warning but rather a conviction of our sins.

        The verdict is withheld until the reaction to the findings are seen. Then, of course, if human beings turn back to their vomit and continue to defy and rebel, will come the Chastisement. We are told that the Miracle is for the conversion of the world but even after that mankind will still be free to go back to its old ways. Sadly, that is in the fallen nature of man – to revert to sin, to rebel against God, to defy God. It may be that the once conditional Chastisement is now almost certain to come.

        In Gethsemane Jesus begged His Father, if it was at all possible, to spare Him the terrible ordeal that was to come. The apostles did not really know what lay ahead for Jesus. But Jesus knew and knew how it would test their faith. So before his passion, in order to confirm their faith in Him after His crucifixion, death and resurrection, He gave them a glimpse of Heaven in The Transfiguration. Something they could look back to. This not only Transfigured Jesus but it Transfigured them; they were never the same again and could never look at Jesus in the same way.

        Even though they could still not grasp it fully, this Transfiguration was a revelation of His Divinity, His Perfection, just as surely as The Warning will be a revelation of our humanity, a revelation of our sins. We will not be able to look at ourselves in the same way again.

        So bad will be the experience of the Warning for many that they would prefer to be dead than go through it. Some may even die from the shock of The Warning. As you say Aviso, we must be prepared as well as possible. This is what is important: to live the messages. The two main messages tell us how. There is still time but only just. In Akita we are told there will come a time when forgiveness is no longer available. Does that mean we will run out of time to repent meaningfully? Or does it mean simply that the grace of the confessional will no longer be available because of suppression of religion and persecution? We are told that the Warning will only happen when things are at their worst. We are told that at that stage it will be very hard to practice our religion.

        What on earth could give us hope after the full revelation of our sins? What could rescue us from despair? Where could we find comfort and reassurance that all will be well. Only a Mother could give this. Only a Mother can wipe away the tears, calm the shock, apply balm to the injury and tell us gently but with authority to stand up strong and be brave sons and daughters once again, soldiers of her Son, children of whom She can be proud. To what could we look back to assure us of recovery?

        Fr Andreu must have seen Our Lady in his preview of The Great Miracle because he commented how blessed we are to have such a wonderful mother in Heaven. The warning, we are told, is to prepare us for The Miracle. The Miracle is for Conversion, even of Russia we are told by the seers.

        Our souls are immortal, bound for heaven or hell, but the state of our Spirit dictates our capacity to face and be one with God. In fact our Spirit is the soul’s orientation to God. Are we turned away from or are we turned towards God. Having been shown our wrongs and the extent of out offense it will be hard to believe that we could ever recover enough to be saved that we could ever be loved. How could we face Him?

        Our Lady tells us that in the end Her Immaculate heart will triumph. We are in the End of Times. Is this the ‘End’ of which She speaks, the End in which Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph? It has been suggested elsewhere – and this is not from Garabandal – that “towards the end of 2017” – there will be a rescue by the Immaculate Heart visible in the skies to the whole world. We know this cannot be The Warning because that has to happen in an even year. Mari Loli told us this.

        Perhaps this appearance, this Transfiguration of Mary is what human beings will look back to on coming out of the Warning. Stunned and shaken they will remember their Triumphant Mother and know that ultimately all will be well under her watchful gaze and in her strong arms. Our deliverance – the saving of our souls – is her mission in this End of Times. This is Her Rescue. In this work we are called to cooperate just as She cooperated in the saving work of Her Son. We must be prepared. Life or death. Yes or no.

        You may see some of this as only the workings of the imagination an old Scot and I do not claim any special authority but if today you hear His voice in it harden not your hearts. (Today’s liturgy) A softened heart makes it easier for the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to sink into our hearts and make Themselves at home. We set our faces like flint against temptation to sin but our hearts like felt, warm and welcoming for the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

        See you after The Warning in the beautiful hills of Mary’s second home – San Sebastian de Garabandal.

      • “I am very aware of your great care to protect what you regard as the true witness to Garabandal. The seers have passed on what has been given to them – a treasure beyond measure. I some times wonder though, and this is only my thoughts, if there may be something more”

        Yes Joe, there is Something more and terrible for the Church as for the World, you and many cannot still imagine what is on the way and related to the Garabandal Warning, be sure of that and you know me, I will not lie or exagerate, the World cannot imagine God’s wrath as most do not believe in him, if the cup was filling up and flowing over in 1965 followed in our Lady second message by Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist, what about today, I am telling you poor world as poor Church, the Garabandal Warning and correctly interpreted, not a kind of fireworks expected by many of you, has been described to me and I can confirm having seen fear and dread in eyes, when the seers confirms that we will prefer to die and envy the dead, be sure that this event will be historical but I must also add that any sins properly confessed will no longer be blamed to us, this is why I insist and remind to many of you to confess your sins at least once a month, when we will live the Warning, the World will understand that we reach the end of the Times, which is not the end of the World even if many will think that’s the case, this is the Warning and Nothing else.

        “Our Lady tells us that in the end Her Immaculate heart will triumph. We are in the End of Times. Is this the ‘End’ of which She speaks, the End in which Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph? It has been suggested elsewhere – and this is not from Garabandal – that “towards the end of 2017” – there will be a rescue by the Immaculate Heart visible in the skies to the whole world. We know this cannot be The Warning because that has to happen in an even year. Mari Loli told us this”

        I can confirm and without any possible doubt that there will be not any rescue or whatever related to this topic in 2017, I suggested you several times to leave Charlie Johnson with his angel and to stay with Garabandal, apparently you do not listen, probably because this gentleman is a great supporter of Pope Francis and not me, there you are also wrong and time will confirm it to you, hopefuly not too late.

      • Hi my Brother.
        Looking at Glenn’s comments it seems he agrees with you – Warning will be BRUTAL.- nothing but pain- great pain – and there will be no appearance of Mary. I was really just asking, pondering, seeking more, hoping for the sake of others in some from of rescue but it seems there is no more and my hopes are empty. I have never expected fireworks or some dramatic tragedy, only hard facts. I agree things have become much worse since the second message. We are facing one hell of a time. And we have brought it on ourselves. Now is the time of reckoning.My friendship with Charlie and hope for his visions have nothing to do with Pope Francis. Charlie is a good man and like you has given my poor mind space to express itself, right or wrong. Like you he has never claimed to have all the answers – only those given to him as yours have been given to you. He has never said or implied that his visions are part of the Garabandal prophesies. I was just trying to reconcile these separate revelations. I do not confuse the two but as long as they do not contradict each other my mind will stay open.
        Thank you once again for this space.

  20. If people are there at Garabandal during the Great Miracle, which means they are “called” to go to this Blessed Place of Our Lady of Garabandal.I still do not know if I will go there or not? I have to wait and see.

    • Hi Maria, please try again, it should works, I am receiving each day a big numbers of emails with this email address and none had any problem to contact me.

      Let me use your comment to remind you that my mail box is Under a special protection which with my past in Army I set up myself, in other words no one can read or hack your emails with me, thanks.

  21. Laudetur Jesus Christus.What will happen in spring 2017?If Hillary wins and takes her tenure ,will it bring about the hot war NATO versus Russia?
    I told the traditionalist priest from my village about you and he may soon become the member as well.He´s a diocesan priest but serves Tridentine Mass only and preaches the Truth.He´s an expert on preconciliar papal encyclicas.

    • Hi Frank, if Hillary wins, probably a war with Russia via Nato’s forces, this is their plan and mainly explains my advise to vote Trump, those are geopolitical sources given to me via few contact, the probability of this scnenario if Hillary wins is close to 100%, their target, the Year 2018 and the Russian Presential election, No Putin 6 more years at any costs, this would be a nightmare for them if Putin is elected again, as indicated online, the Years 2017 to 2019 are probably the most Dangerous years for huminaty for centuries.

      Regarding the Group, as I said, any Priest are welcome, thanks.

  22. Another Question often asked about Priests ?

    Yes Priests are welcome as well, I need of course Priest, we have already doctors, ingeneers, farmers…etc….so Catholic Priest are of course welcome.

    Few words also about your wish to join the Group :

    Please give your Name, if you are married and if you have children or if you are single, your age as your Country (very important) and your Job if any, you can be Poor or Rich, Traditionalist or not, this is not a problem at all, thanks again.

    • Hi Joe, I will keep my Promise, you deserve to be at the Pines for your fidelity to our Lady of the Carmel for years and you will, you have my word so stay in life, April 2018 looks to be an interesting date, who gave it to you ? Conchita probably, I can’t imagine anyone else as she suppose to be the only one knowing the good date, let me know whenever you have time, thanks.

      • Hi Aviso. I forgot to reply to this question of yours: who gave me the date of The Miracle? You thought it was Conchita. I would hate anyone to have the false impression that I am privy to Conchita’s confidence. So who gave me the date of the Miracle?

        Could it have been Glenn? I suspect that I would be the last person in whom Glenn would confide. Glenn is greatly loved by and loves Conchita and her family, and is in regular communication with Conchita. He defends their privacy with great vigor. He has a close circle of good personal friends. I am not and never have been included in their number. So it was not Glenn who gave this date to me.

        I do not know Conchita and have never spoken with her or written to her. Conchita also has a close circle of friends and family. I am not part of this group. So I can only think you were joking when you asked me if Conchita had told me the date. She is the best of secret keepers and will keep this secret until the appointed time. She does not even know I exist. She has far more important work at hand – in her own words – “To obey the Commandments……”to love God and do his will.” So it was not Conchita who gave it to me.

        Neither was it my good friend Pope Francis (ha ha) although I am sure he knows when it will be.

        From recent developments and circumstances and all the information that is currently available to me I have surmised there is a better than average chance that The Great Miracle of Garabandal will happen on Thursday, April, 12 2018 at 20.30 hrs Spanish time. But that is all there is too it – a fairly good chance. I do not count on it even though I perhaps dwell on it more than I should. Nothing happens by chance in God’s world. By suggesting such a specific time it is almost a foregone conclusion that I am wrong. As Glenn so wisely says -“expect the unexpected.”

        The truth is that we may still be years away from the main event.

        I do not wish for the terrible ordeal of The Warning to happen one second earlier than it must. But like most people I am impatient. I still believe that the odds of The Great Miracle happening on the above date will improve if the Pope goes to Moscow, perhaps in response to a world crisis. This visit may be a last ditch attempt to broker peace. It has been said that on his return to the Vatican hostilities will break out across Europe commencing a time of Tribulation which will culminate in The Warning and which will be followed within the year by the long awaited Miracle which is for the conversion of the world to the One, True, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

        Practically speaking. I suspect there is not enough time this year for everything that must come to pass before the Warning can happen. But who knows. Any number of things could prove to be the catalyst that brings on the completion of the End of Times. It could be a rogue nation deploying nuclear or chemical weapons, or an assassination or financial collapse, or a natural disaster that is exploited. We do know that Tribulation is Communism and I think I remember reading that the a seer said that it will seem for a while that Russia has taken over the world.

        As Padre Pio says “Pray, hope and don’t worry.”

        I hope your wife is feeling better Aviso.

      • Incredible Joe, you will never Change, by the way nice Avatar, regarding your comment, I of course know that you have not any contact with any of the Garabandal seers and so on, you went to the village as thousands before you and this is already Great from You, I was joking with you about the date, I meant you were talking about my date of course, who else could give you this possible date if not your good Friend Aviso, let me recall that’s my opinion only, by the way thank you for your Prayer for my Wife.

        About our good Friend Glenn, I don’t share anything you are writting as about his supposed friendships with Conchita of Garabandal, as you know I have my own source as well but for the Glory of our Lady of the Carmel, I am keeping it for me only, we all know that he is a great supporter of Pope Francis as you are, probably the more important detail in common you both have.

        Let me conclude, you will be always welcome here as long as you are respectful, you are my Friend and that will never change, thanks.

      • Hi Aviso
        It was my little joke back to you. I knew you were suggesting I was given the date from you. As for those who still think 2017 is the year I say Mari Loli did not lie or make a mistake. She said the Warning would come in an an even year. Apart from that anyone who is familiar with the prophesies knows that many things must still happen before that dreadful day of sorrow. Those things may begin this year. We have up to one full year for these events to come and go before the heavenly intervention that will cut short the days of Tribulation and prepare us for the Great Miracle. We are told that the Warning will happen when the world is at the point of despair. Nowadays things happen so fast in the world that there is time for everything that must precede the Warning to happen and we have been told that things will happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Those who have booked for Garabandal this year are probably hoping to see Garabandal one more time before the world changes. I myself was going to go this year for that reason but instead went home to Scotland to see my 88 year old mum. If the warning dies not happen in 2018 then 2020 will be the next possibility. As for our beloved France, things do not look good according to the account of the vision of Fr Constant Pel who was referred to as a saint by Padre Pio – east of a line from Bordeaux to Nice will be devastated because of her apostasy. Paris will suffer nuclear attack from Russia. Only the inland country of Normandy, far from the coast, will be preserved because there the Faith was preserved. You may already have a place there but if not, well perhaps you should think about it. With due respect for your right to hold your own opinion, Paris, once again, is preparing the ground for apostasy by hosting the conference at the end of this month that will investigate ways to depose Our Holy Father. Poor beautiful Paris. As the psalm goes “a pack of dogs surround him”. I would be interested to know your opinion of this holy priest, Fr Pel, who visited Garabandal. A bientot mon ami. (😀I still can’t speak French) Each day I pray for my nephew who is now serving in Iraq fighting ISIS. May God preserve him and his brave comrades and return them safely to their homes when they have completed their tour of duty.

      • I made a mistake in my report about the vision of Fr Pel. I said he saw a line of destruction that ran from Bordeaux to Nice. It should be Bordeaux to Lille – south west to north east which of course is most of France. East of that line Fr Pel said that so great will be the destruction that one will have to walk 60 miles to find another living human being.

      • Hi Joe, many détails you have given are not well understood by many of our Garabandalist friends, Communism, Tribulations, Loli’s even Year….etc…so whenever I will have time, I will debunk again some of these Rumors.

        For the rest, I completely share your opinion about my Poor Country France, my country, as the Eldest Daughter of the Church will be the first country to fall Under God’s Justice and especially after the Garabandal Warning, keep this news from me.

  23. Another Question asked several times :

    Is it possible to leave the Group ?

    Of course at any time but it will not be possible to come back, thank you.

  24. Yes I forgot, just few words, please talk to me in English if possible or of course in French, even in Italian but my Spanish (not so good), my German (at all) or any slavic languages (forget) (Polish…etc…), maybe a little croatian, which I understood quite well but years ago only, thank you.

  25. For your information and about the Group, I was replying to those who are interested, I had also few emails with the same question as few funny as below :

    If there is any charge to join the Group ?

    Of course NOT, it’s free as always with me, Brothers do you think that Aviso converted and married himself in Garabandal, could make some business with the Lady of Carmel, do you think the Mother will be happy with me, let’s be serious, of course NEVER, it was so abvious to me that I forgot completely to add it in my article, so now you know.

    Who is Aviso, ?

    Yes there is still some who are reading this blog but they do not know who I am, that’s for the funny emails, sorry but let’s be serious as well and after all these years, should I really need to reply, thank you again for your understanding.

    About the Garabandal Dates ?

    There is still some who are reminding me that the more important with Garabandal are the messages, please brothers, not to me and please leave to me the responsability of the possible dates, I will be the one who will have to reply if any mistake in my time table, not you but only me, so don’t worry at all and leave it to me, thank you for your understanding.

    About the Group ?

    The conditions are explains online, I have also some emails from faithful of Medjugorje who believes also in Garabandal, with all due Respect, I remind you that I was myself in Medjugorje years ago to investigate, with all the necessary humility, again my conclusion : it tooks me only 15 minutes to understand the hoax, so please I know that this kind of opinion is not popular and the Group could be much more important if I was accepting Medjugorjist but you know me, since when I care about my popularity, which is with my opinion about the current Pope, probably at the top, so the conditions will not change, thank you again for your understanding.

    For the moment and after few days, the members of the Group represents already most of the régions of the World but I need more members from UK and what about Italy ? Dove sei Garabandalist Italiano ?

    We keep in touch.

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