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URGENT: John Vennari Needs Prayers Written by 

23 February 2017


A few moments ago I spoke via telephone with a Catholic gentleman, a beloved husband, a father and dear friend. His name is John Vennari, and he was told earlier today by his doctors that he is now in the “active stages of dying.”

John asked me to do him a favor and help him notify his many, many friends all around the world that he may not live to see his birthday on Friday. He wishes everyone to know that he’s not in pain. He wishes us all to know that, as he put it, “either we believe in Divine Providence or we don’t. I believe in it, and I know that God has known for all eternity that I would be here in this hospital today, ready to die.”

John also believes in miracles, as do I. And so anything is possible with God. But John said nothing about miracles just now. I think he wants us all to know that he’s ready, that he loves God, and that his faith is so much stronger than his body just now. He wants our prayers.After all this man has done for us, for the Church, for the Catholic cause, I don’t think I need to beg for prayers for John Vennari. All I need to do is tell you that this beautiful soul wants us to pray for him, and I know that tens of thousands of grateful Catholics will do it.

His last words to me just now were to plead that , no matter what happens, we not give up the fight for Catholic restoration. “Please, keep it going. You must keep it going.” What does it say about the caliber of this warrior for Christ that, from what his doctors are now calling his deathbed, John Vennari’s concerns are still for the Traditional Catholic cause he defended all his life.

I will share whatever updates and information I receive from John and his dear wife, Susan—who now stands faithful watch at John’s side. Also, please pray for John’s beloved young daughters, Elizabeth and Philomena, and for his loyal son, Benedict, but especially for their dad who they love and cherish and respect more deeply than I can describe.

Thank you, John, for everything. God is with you, Mary is at your side and, all over the world, thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you right now, every step of the way, united with you in prayer. You are not alone, and your unshakable faith shines like a beacon for us all. Pray for us, John. And I know you know these are the most difficult words I’ve ever written.

God bless you, and Mary keep.

St. Philomena and Our Lady of Fatima—please pray for our brother John.

My Comment : Praying for our Good Friend John, we owe him a lot, a soldier of Christ never dies, may all of Heaven welcome our Brother with open arms, may my Mother, The Lady of the Carmel, keep vigil at your beside to guard you and guide you home, I call all my readers to Pray for you as well, thank you for everything Man of God.
04 April 2017 
(February 24, 1958 – April 4, 2017)
Dear Friends,

Joseph John Vennari died on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 10:46 a.m. E.S.T. It is not only Passion Tuesday, but the 98th anniversary of the death of Blessed Francisco of Fatima – the first Tuesday (the day dedicated weekly to the Holy Face) in April (the month dedicated to the Holy Face).

John received the traditional Sacraments and blessings of the Church several times during the past weeks and months. On Sunday, April 2, Holy Mass was offered in his hospital room. John was able to receive Holy Viaticum one last time, as well as Extreme Unction and the Apostolic Blessing.

John died wearing the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the cord of St. Philomena, with the St. Benedict Crucifix (with the special ‘Happy Death’ indulgence attached) next to him. He died shortly after the recitation of 15 decades of the Holy Rosary and during the recitation of the ‘Commendatory’ prayers for the dying, and being blessed with Holy Water. He died with his wife Susan and a close family friend at his side. Immediately after his death, another Rosary was prayed for the repose of his soul.

Please keep the repose of John’s soul in your Masses, Holy Communions, prayers and sacrifices. Funeral arrangements will be posted shortly. May John’s soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Thank you and God bless you,
The Vennari Family

My Comment : RIP John, probably one of the greatest Servant of the Lord of this Past 50 Years, a Son of our Lady of Fatima who went to her for its centenary, Please Pray for us from Heaven my Friend, we will miss you as we are missing the Fatima Priest, thank you again for everything Man of God.

11 thoughts on “John Vennari RIP

  1. Sorry to hear of the death of your friend – may he rest in peace. For him the race is over. He fought well and bravely.

  2. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death no evil will I fear,
    You are there with your crook and your staff, with these you give me comfort.
    Fresh and green are the pastures where you give me repose
    Near restful waters you lead me to revive my drooping spirit.
    My head Thou hast annointed with oil
    And my cup overflows.

    May the angels bear him on their wings and The Father welcome John Vennari home with open arms.

    May he have an easy passing.

  3. I too am praying for John. He is a TRUE WARRIOR of the Catholic Faith and MARY! I very often watched the above episodes-“your questions answered with Fr. Gruner-” RIP. I even sent in one of the questions re Garabandal above. Fr. Gruner was a firm believer in Garabandal. They Both will have ALL the answers and help us in Heaven soon! Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel De Garabandal Pray for John now and at the hour of death! Our Lady Of Fatima-pray for him. “For the Sake Of His Sorrowful Passion Have Mercy on Him/us and on the Whole World.” AMEN!

  4. I have a statue of St Philomena and relic of St Clare and I will place John’s name by them and ask for their intercession.
    I will pray for John and his family. Thank you for posting this. I will pray for Aviso and those who follow this blog as well.

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