What about Glenn Hudson ?

Many of you have contacted me about Glenn Hudson, the so called Friend of Joey Lomangino and Conchita of Garabandal, this is the second time after Charlie Johnston that I am open to give in Public my opinion so as for Charlie read more below :


Those are my answers to your top 10 questions about him :


  1. Do you know him ? Yes but via emails only
  2. Can we trust him about Garabandal ? No
  3. A Friend of Joey Lomangino ? Probably, a kind of “body guard” according to him
  4. A Friend of Conchita ? She knows him but Nothing more, they meet each other very rarely according to what I have been told
  5. Known in Garabandal ? No, he has never been in Garabandal
  6. What about his knowledge about Garabandal ? limited based on few Garabandal Books only
  7. He is the one who was chosen to announce the Garabandal Great Miracle date via his Facebook Page ? False of course
  8. What about his radio talk (attached) ? Full of mistakes probably due to a lack of knowledge about Garabandal
  9. Did Conchita knows that he is using her Picture with him online ? Probably not
  10. Anything else ? Probably one of the worst Garabandalist to my knowledge, full of arrogance and lack of humility but if requested, I or my friends in the village will be pleased to welcome him for his first visit in Garabandal, in other words, to avoid at all costs.





12 thoughts on “What about Glenn Hudson ?

    • Hi Raymond, I did not want to judge the Man but his knowledge about Garabandal, to me limited as indicated in my article, I don’t know the man face to face to give my opinion about his arrogance and humility, so I based my feeling according to many complains sent to me about him, in other words and again, his knowledge about Garabandal is limited but the Man is probably good as to me you cannot believe in our Lady of the Carmel and being a bad person, this is not compatible.

      For your information, I was myself critized several times for my arrogance and my lack of humility as well, de facto it’s probably the case, so I am trying each year to improve myself being more open to any questions and also by controlling my character (known to be bad), my Rosary helps me a lot but it’s not perfect yet, far from it, thanks.

      • I have had an experience where I was belittled on the page and also told by him that when the Warning happens, we will even see our sins that were “confessed” already, which I absolutely do NOT believe. Once we go to Confession and Confess our sins to God through the Priest, they are off of our Souls. Is it too late to get into your group? I too was very confused at the tone with which I was responded to, and had to pray to the Blessed Mother to not be severely angry at some of his responses to me.
        Thank you.

  1. For your information, I will be in Garabandal probably during most of the next summer, if any one want to meet me well I will be pleased to welcome anyone of you in the village, just ask for Aviso from Paris, France, thank you.

    • Hi Joe, for your information, he had asked me to use my relationships in the village to stop the Delivery of your statue of Akita in the village, I said to him as long as the Statue is not in the Church, that’s fine to me and your Statue arrived in Garabandal at the exact place I had asked.

      • Even in Akita the miraculous statue is found in a room to the side of the chapel. A sliding panel allows the pilgrins to see both the Tabernacle and the statue. For those who do not know, I commisioned four carvings of Our Lady of Akita so that now there is one on each continent. I see this work as a great gift of The Blessed Mother to me. Here in my parish in New Zealand the statue is in the foyer but next to an internal window that looks on to the altar. A small group of us meets faithfully every Tuesday night to pray the rosary of the Seven Sorrows in front of the statue. The statue’s journey to its destination in America was long and tortuous and it developed a crack which the carver tells me will not grow worse. Its journey to Africa was hardest of all. The Catholic Church there showed little enthusiasm and it ended with Fr Michael Lapsley the Anglican hero of the anti apartheid movement who placed it in Lesotho. I was disappointed that my statue did not find a place in the church in Garabandal but not surprised. It is not the first time that Mary’s visitation has been excluded from that chapel. I see that Maria Saraco’s site acknowledges the connection between Akita and Garabandal. Just as Garabandal is a continuation of Fatima so Akita is a continuation of Garabandal. I sent it to Garabandal in recognition of the notice of The Blessed Mother made in both Fatima and Akita that She alone can still save us from the calamities which approach. Her three titles are displayed on each statue, Our Lady of Akita, The Lady of All Nations ( on which the carving was based) and Mother of All Peoples. By Her presence in this form I hoped to augment the protection already afforded to the village and the villagers by Our Lady. She is now in pride of place in tbe Pilgrim Centre where She is safer and much admired by the visitors.

  2. For your information and within 48 hours, more than 7000 cliks on this Thread, by experience the end of Glenn Hudson and his cohort is close, in other words Garabandal in their hands was to me probably one of the Greatest Cross for years, let them follow the Garabandal Great Miracle on CNN as they have promoted, in no way Hollywood will be welcomed at the Pines, keep this news from me.

    • Hi Mac, from someone who does not believe in Garabandal and who is an apponent to our Lady of the Carmel for years, your comment is surprising but if you think a second that this will change my opinion, you don’t know me yet and enough, according to what I have been told, the name of Glenn Hudson on my Blog is already a lot (he does not even deverse it) but the article will stay online as my opinion was requested from many and my answers are now online, in other words I did “my job”, thank you.

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