No Virgin Mary in Medjugorje ! Confirmation ?

01 March 2017

Local bishop says again Mary is not appearing in Medjugorje


VATICAN CITY (CNS) — “The Virgin Mary has not appeared in Medjugorje,” said Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar-Duvno, the diocese in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which includes Medjugorje.

Two weeks after the Vatican announced Pope Francis was sending a Polish archbishop to study the pastoral needs of the townspeople and the thousands of pilgrims who flock to Medjugorje each year, Bishop Peric posted his statement Feb. 26 on his diocesan website.

Three of the six young people who originally claimed to have seen Mary in Medjugorje in June 1981 say she continues to appear to them each day; the other three say Mary appears to them once a year now.

Bishop Peric noted that a diocesan commission studied the alleged apparitions in 1982-1984 and again in 1984-1986 with more members; and the then-Yugoslavian bishops’ conference studied them from 1987 to 1990. All three commissions concluded that it could not be affirmed that a supernatural event was occurring in the town.

The six young people continued to claim to see Mary and receive messages from her, and tens of thousands of pilgrims visited the town — and the alleged visionaries — each year. Pope Benedict XVI established a commission that worked from 2010 to 2014; and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith began looking at that commission’s report in 2014.

Many observers believe Pope Francis appointed his envoy in February to study the pastoral needs of the town and the pilgrims in preparation for releasing a judgment on the alleged apparitions.

The position of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno “for this entire period has been clear and resolute: these are not real apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary,” Bishop Peric wrote in his statement, which was posted in Croatian and Italian.

Some people, he said, believe the apparitions were real at least at the beginning — perhaps for the first week — but that the young people continued to claim to see and hear Mary “for other reasons, most of which are not religious.”

Bishop Peric said a study of the transcripts of interviews with the six alleged visionaries from that first week give several motives for suspicion if not total doubt about the supernatural nature of events.

First, he said, the Mary of Medjugorje usually speaks only when spoken to, “she laughs in a strange way, in response to certain questions she disappears and then returns, and she obeyed the ‘seers’ and the pastor who made her come down from the hill into the church even against her will. She does not know with certainty how long she will appear, she allows some of those present to step on her veil lying on the ground, to touch her clothes and her body. This is not the Gospel Mary.”

The seventh time Mary allegedly appeared, June 30, 1981, five of the youngsters were in a nearby town called Cerno and claimed to have seen Mary there. Bishop Peric said that in the recorded interviews, all five reported that the apparitions would continue only three more days, July 1-3, 1981.

“Then she changed her mind and still ‘appears,'” the bishop wrote.

“Taking into account all that was examined and studied by this diocesan curia, including the study of the first seven days of the presumed apparitions, one calmly can affirm: The Virgin Mary has not appeared in Medjugorje. This is the truth that we uphold, and we believe in the word of Jesus who said the truth will set you free.”

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My Comment : Bad news for our Medugorjist Friends, I recall that any link between Garabandal and Medjugorje is not possible, my Garabandalist Friends should not link the 2 Apparitions in no way, again in NO WAY as I said online several times, for your information, I should be back in Garabandal soon, thank you.

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19 May 2017

“The Ruini Report”: If Only It Were a Joke

The Anti-Fatima Apparition Gains Ground

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 18, 2017

The findings of the long-awaited “Ruini Report” of the Ruini Commission (named after its chairman, Cardinal Camillo Ruini), concerning the validity of the so-called Marian apparitions at Medjugorje that have supposedly been going on since 1981, have now been revealed. The result of the Commission’s labors, which began during the reign of Benedict XVI, is just what one would expect in the post-conciliar epoch: a refusal to state clearly that a proposition concerning the Faith is simply true or false, right or wrong.

This ridiculous report “splits the difference” between a declaration that the apparitions alleged by the six Medjugorje “seers” are not supernatural in origin and thus a fake, and a declaration — like those pertaining to Fatima — that the apparitions are of supernatural origin and thus worthy of belief. In other words: the apparitions are both true and false, depending on which ones you examine! If only it were a joke.

Catholic News Agency provides an overview of this preposterous approach: the first seven “apparitions,” allegedly occurring between June 24 and July 3, 1981, drew “13 votes in favor of recognizing the supernatural nature of the first visions. A member voted against and an expert expressed a suspensive vote….”

What about the thousands of apparitions thereafter, which allegedly continue to this day at pre-announced times even though the “visionaries” said they would end, and which are filled with repetition, banalities and statements by “the Virgin” positively contrary to the Faith?  For example, in one apparition “the Virgin” states: “Before God all the faiths are identical.  God governs them like a king in his kingdom.”

Here the Commission adopted an utterly absurd two-step analysis that allowed it to avoid declaring the whole Medjugorje event a fake:

“On this second stage, the committee voted in two steps. Firstly, taking into account the spiritual fruits of Medjugorje but leaving aside the behaviors of the seers. On this point, 3 members and 3 experts say there are positive outcomes, 4 members and 3 experts say they are mixed, with a majority of positive effects, and the remaining 3 experts claim there are mixed positive and negative effects.

“If, in addition to the spiritual fruits, the behaviors of the seers is also taken into account, eight members and four experts believe that an opinion cannot be expressed, while two other members have voted against the supernatural nature of the phenomenon.”

So, when the analysis considers the behavior of the “visionaries,” the credibility of their supposed visions diminishes and no consensus even on “good fruits” emerges, although only two commission members are willing to state outright the obvious conclusion that the apparitions are not supernatural and thus are fakes. Yet these same “visionaries” are deemed credible respecting the first seven apparitions by 13 members of this laughable commission of hair-splitters.

In essence, the Commission (except for two members) has decided that the “visionaries” were telling the truth regarding the first seven “apparitions” but that, since then, they have been conducting the longest running fraud in the history of Marian apparitions, concerning which the Commission labors to avoid expressing the truth openly. And these six fraudsters are supposedly the chosen messengers of the Mother of God.

If only it were a joke. Well, it is a joke, but the Vatican is evidently going to take this report seriously despite the objections expressed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will be ignored just as surely as they were respecting Amoris Laetitia. As Pope Bergoglio remarked concerning the Commission’s “split-decision” during the return flight to Rome after his visit to Fatima: “At the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014, I received the results from Cardinal Ruini.  The commission was made up of good theologians, bishops and cardinals.  Good, good, good people.  The Ruini report is very, very good.”

What is “very, very good” according to Pope Bergoglio is the Commission’s bogus distinction between “the first apparitions, “when [the ‘seers’] were young” and “the alleged current apparitions” in which the Virgin is depicted as “a telegraph operator who sends out a message every day at a certain time… this is not the mother of Jesus.” Indeed, it is not. Nor could it have been in 1981, for the Mother of God does not appear to people whom She would certainly foresee would perpetrate a decades-long fraud on the Church and the world in Her name.

Curiously, the same Pope Bergoglio who belittles what he views as the hairsplitting of theologians on matters as fundamental as the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, suddenly finds merit in the hairsplitting of this absurd theological commission respecting the manifest fakery of the Medjugorje apparitions. But then Pope Bergoglio has never failed to be consistent in his inconsistency.

And so, the anti-Fatima apparition gains ground, while the Message of Fatima is reduced by the Pope himself to a prescription for social justice and peace among people of all religions or no religion at all. What an insult to the Virgin Mother of God, Whose warning to the Church and all of humanity at Fatima continues to be spurned by the blind guides of the upper hierarchy, who march triumphantly toward the edge of the abyss into which they would lead the rest of us.

My Comment : You are many to have contacted me about the recent remarks from pope Francis about Medjugorje on his return from Fatima, well Chris Ferrara as usual and in his last article explains it better than me (you all know my english) and this is exactly what I think with just a small difference as below :

Medjugorje is of course false from the beginning and I said it online for years, I am not talking about the so called Fruits of Medjugorje (as some were probably converted there like some testimony prove it) but about the so called Gospa as they call her over there and the 6 seers which is not the same, in other words, this cannot be the Blessed Mother, neither yesterday nor today, coming from Heaven and giving some messages contrary to the Faith and the Teachings of the Church, this is not possible my Friends, this is why we must know our Faith, Dogmas of the Church, Catechism…etc….in order to be able to discern correctly, it’s fundamental for our Salvation, so my small difference with Chris is about when he names Medjugorje as the Anti-Fatima apparition, he is not wrong of course but to me Medjugorje is more precisely The Anti-Garabandal apparition because it’s the most major and so called Marian Apparition following Garabandal (16 Years later only) so de facto and in my humble opinion, a real Garabandalist (knowing the Lady of the Mount Carmel messages and their meanings : for example if you read a supposed promoter of Garabandal telling you “I look forward to the Warning for years ” then run away and Pray for him) cannot follow the Gospa as incompatible, simple as that.




42 thoughts on “No Virgin Mary in Medjugorje ! Confirmation ?

  1. There are miracles happening at Medjugorje. Probably the most common one is the miracle of the sun. This miracle has its own proof:
    Permanent damage to the retina has been shown to occur in ~100 seconds,
    People at Medjugorje watch the sun for 15 or minutes or more. They should be blind!
    It is, therefore, indisputable that Medjugorje is of supernatural origin.

    This raises the question – is it from God or Satan?

    Let’s look at some facts

    Saint Teresa of Calcutta was a supporter of Medjugorje. (As was Fr. Leo Maasburg, her spiritual advisor.) see:

    Fr. Gabriele Amorth, official exorcist of the Diocese of Rome who has performed more than 30,000 exorcisms, wrote, “Medjugorje is a fortress against Satan. Satan hates Medjugorje because it is a place of conversion, of prayer, of transformation of life”?

    About 610 priests have cited Medjugorje as a motivating force in their vocation, with the greatest number of these vocations coming from Italy, the U.S. and Germany.
    Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, the Archbishop of Vienna acknowledged this striking reality about Medjugorje while addressing an audience of 10,000 in Vienna:
    “If I was an opponent of Medjugorje I’d have to close down my seminary since almost all the candidates have received their call to the priesthood through Medjugorje!”

    Medjugorje is like the confessional of the world. Every day there are a large number of priests hearing confessions in different languages. Some priests have had doubts about the authenticity of Medjugorje until they heard confessions there. Those doubts are completely removed by the quality of the confessions. Many people had not been to confessions for years. One priest said “My heart is so moved by the confessions that I have heard (in Medjugorje) – those deep confessions. All the pilgrims have decided to convert and to get closer to God.”

    Millions of people have been to Medjugorje and become stronger in their faith. There are a large number of their testimonies on the internet. See

    For physical healings, it is possible to produce specific documentation. In 20 years of apparitions in Medjugorje, the Shrine has received 445 completely or partially documented reports about miraculous physical healings. These need to be investigated. It will be a long time and require large resources. They won’t all be proved valid. But, out of 445 you only need a minority to show that something miraculous has been happening.

    Renowned marian scholar Mgr. Rene Laurentin, who has written many books on Medjugorje (and on Lourdes), has said that had Lourdes been subjected to the level of scrutiny that Medjugorje has, he doubts if it would have ever had the approval of the Church.

    The secretary of the CDF, Cardinal Bertone, states in a letter to Bishop Aubry on the status of Medjugorje:
    “What Bishop Peric said in his letter to the Secretary General of FamilleChretienne, declaring: “My conviction and my position is not only ‘non constat de supernaturalitate’, but likewise, ‘constat de non supernaturalitate’ of the apparitions or revelations in Medjugorje”, should be considered the expression of the personal conviction of the Bishop of Mostar which he has the right to express as Ordinary of the place, but which is and remains his personal opinion.”

    Now, with all these good fruits, how could Satan be behind Medjugorje?

    • False Mike, unfortunately, many heresies in the messages of the Gospa, I suggest you to Watch again the video about it from Father Gruner below :

      • Dear Aviso,
        You are really a good person:I like you very, very much.
        But, please, stop fighting about Medjugorje. Sooner or later (in Heaven, at the latest) you would regret doing so!
        Thanks for everything and stay strong!!!

  2. My Friends, please let me remind you that this blog is a blog about Garabandal so no more comment about Medjugorje will be allowed anymore, thank you for your understanding.

  3. Mr. Biasi,
    I actually have no connections to, or affinity for, Medjugorje, and I certainly am not “pi_ _ ed off ” at anyone who choses to directly or indirectly disparage the events and miracles that people say they have experienced at this site, including you. In fact, if I were you, I would not have used such a terse reference (phrase) in a forum of this nature, and, I would not have assumed – without knowing me – that the semantics of my statement suggested anger. While my life/death experience is likely beyond what you could ever relate to as a living person, I can assure you that I could never be as certain as you (seem to be) about anything spiritually associated with God; nor could I ever insist, with such authority, that I understand the absolute meaning of scriptures as you do. Furthermore, I would never want to place myself in such a position where my insistence on something being fact or fiction might possibly insult another person’s personal experience, whether it be at Medjugorje, Garabandal, Akita, Fatima, or someplace in Georgia. Lastly, I apologize if my previous statement was too convoluted for you; it certainly was not my intention. Hopefully this response is less confusing. I will end my portion of this dialogue at this point.

    • Dear Rick,

      Thank you for your response. But you are still confusing me. You state that you have no connections to, or affinity for, Medjugorje, but in the same sentence you insult me by saying that I “disparage” the events and miracles that people say they have experienced at Medjugorje. Which is it then?

      Why is it that you are pissed off that I used the word “pissed off”? If you go the the website for ( ) you will see that it is an adjective for being angry or annoyed. It is very appropriate slang usage and very concise. I like to be concise. English is a living language as it continually evolves, unlike a dead language, such as Latin.

      I think you are angry and annoyed, as your comments reek with it. But if you say you are not, then in the words of Bishop (Pope) Francis, “who am I to judge?”

      Not only have I NOT made any disparaging comments about your life/death experiences, I have said nothing at all. Period!

      Since you have not elaborated on your life/death experiences, I have not made any effort to relate with you, as it would not be appropriate. I have nothing to go by.

      But there you go again insulting me by saying in relation to your life/death experiences that it is likely beyond what I could ever relate to as a living person. What does this mean? I have made no effort to psychoanalyze you, so why are you psychoanalyzing me?

      Again with the insults regarding my faith. According to you, you assure me that you could never be as certain as I am (seem to be) about anything spiritually associated with God, especially as I presume to speak with with such authority with my understanding in the absolute meaning of scriptures..

      Your comment is below the belt Rick, and you presume to chastise me for using the phrase pissed off.

      We speak the same language, English, but you seem to find it hard to comprehend what I am saying, and you jump into silly conclusions.

      Let me give you some insight about Jesus Christ and God. In the Book According to John, Jesus said, if you believe in me and in MY TEACHINGS, you believe in the Father, and He will believe in you. I have written “my teachings” in capital letters to draw attention to it. This is where I presume to speak with such authority. I am faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament. Do you get it now?

      The problem with the Church today is that it is very divided. Pinheads in the Vatican talk about Left wing thinking clergy Vs Right wing thinking clergy. Guess what? In Jesus Christ there is no left wing or right wing. There is just the Church! If you remain faithful to Jesus Christs teachings, there is no confusion, no misinterpretation of the understanding of God. The problem is that since Vatican II, the clergy (Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even Popes) have taken it upon themselves to distort Jesus’ Christs teachings in order to conform to their agenda. They are using faulty and depraved and self interested human initiative to trample on and eradicate the initiative of God. It seems to me that you are struggling with this distinction. Or maybe you are not, and you have an agenda of your own?

      Jesus Christ in scripture and the Saints in Roman Catholic thinking have warned us that in the last days, many will turn their backs on God and Jesus Christ, that they will preach a different Gospel, that is foreign to God and tries to challenges God.

      This is why I speak with conviction. I say, not with my Authority, but with the Authority of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the scriptures, that Medjugorje is BAD and the other Marian interventions at La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…etc are GOOD. It is because the latter are faithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings and the former is Apostasy.

      You don’t have to listen to me. You are free to do as you wish. But it is my conscience and my duty of care to other Christians who have an open ear that I must give them the facts, then they can decide.

      Under the current leadership at the Vatican, even the notion of Hell is questioned as nothing more than myth. I believe in the Testimony of St. Faustina Kowalska (Beatified & Canonized By Pope John Paul II) and her description of Hell as being very real. Eternity in hell is a very scary proposition for me. I want souls to be saved, not condemned.

      F & T in Christ

    • Rick, I want you to know that many of this forum’s readers agree with you. Absolutely! A blog devoted to promote and encourage the message of Our Lady at Garabandal is being perverted by so many people here using it for attacks on other supposed apparitions still being studied by The Holy See. VERY DISGUSTING COMMENTS BY SOME NEW USERS OF THIS BLOG INDEED.

      • Juan and Rick, if I might join your conversation, I have on other pages within Aviso’s blog presented the view that no one other than the seer(s) themselves know with absolute certainty the truth of such events. Even they, if they don’t follow good advice could be seeing a diabolical manifestation without knowing it. The Church when having investigated the alleged phenomena may recommend that the messages and events are ‘worthy of belief.’ In other words She finds no contradiction with Church teaching or Holy Scripture. In consequence Diocese across the world are authorised to support and lead pilgrimages. She has not to my knowledge ever mandated with Apostolic Authority any apparition event as ‘absolutely true’ and that we are bound in obedience to believe such. In the case of Medjugorje the Bishop states, it his beleif the Blesed Virgin is not, nor has ever appeared. The recent output from the Commission to investigate is confused, proporting on the one hand by some that the Blessed Virgin may have apeared at the very beginning over a short period, while others flatly contradict this view, but thereafter all agree it is no longer the case that subsequent apparitions are genuine.

        I firmly hold the view that If people come together in genuine faith, whatever the initial impetus, and pray, confess and thereafter are inspired to amend their lives, miracles and conversions can follow and with conversion comes healing. After all did not Our Lord promise, ” when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” The danger of course is this good seed needs to be in fertile soil if it is to withstand the storms of life, if an alleged apparition was the impetus and if proved to be disingenuous then the faith sown could be in very poor soil and therefore too fragile to withstand the disappointment; the soul could end up in a worst state than was previously the case. The contradiction with Medjugorje, is there are undoubtedly fruits for some souls that on the face of it appear to be genuine whilst messages from the apparition are not in conformity with Scripture and Church teaching.

        My personnel view is to stay away from any alleged apparition or seer that issues even one message that contradicts our faith, even if Church officials advise otherwise, ignor them.

        God Bless

      • Dear Aviso,

        Agreed, no more comments on Medjugorje.

        It is going to take me some time to read Conchita’s diary. I think it will give me a deeper insight on garabandal and its connection with Fatima.

        It is sad, very very sad that some people think that Jesus Christ’s teachings are disgusting. I will pray for them as I will pray for Pope Francis to be converted to the true Catholic faith.

        F & T in Christ

  4. I have to ask how anyone here can actually claim to be so certain that any of the Marian locations is actual or false? If Medjugorje is a deception on the part of the seers, or possibly a manifestation of an evil presence, would it make sense that so many people have been physically healed at this location, or that so many people have experienced a positive transformation in their lives upon visiting this site? To those of you who allow ego to dominate your thinking and opinions, remember that ego is not a holy trait, and determinism is not a substitute for truth. Also, if you believe that the Catholic faith is the only faith accepted by God – and I happen to be Catholic – you might loosen the reins on this idea if you spent some time talking with one or more individuals who have experienced physical death and recovered. I, for one, can relate to the experience… which is why I encourage people to not to be so insistent in their understanding of how God works. In reality, it is not likely that anyone, including the Pope or his bishops, can prove that any of the Marian apparitions are true, false, good or evil; so it is best to keep an open mind here. When you leave this life, your understanding of things will likely be much different than it is now.

    • Dear Rick,

      You have written a very curiously convoluted commentary. Please write more clearly (with less confusion) for us simple people with egos…

      On the one hand you seem to be pissed off with people who criticize Medjugorje, on the other hand you raise the possibility that all Marian apparitions are bogus. Then you return to defending Medjugorje. Which is it?

      I speak for myself when I say that Judaism is a faith accepted by God. It continues to be accepted through the Old Covenant. Since Jesus Christ, his mother the Holy Madonna, all apostles and in fact the whole participants in the early Christian movement were all Jewish, then Christianity is a Jewish sect. Non-Jews were invited to join Christ by virtue of the New Covenant with God. Catholicism is the oldest surviving Christian religion on the planet with almost 2000 years of uninterrupted existence. It has had its ups and downs, but in general Catholicism is the closest we can get to remaining faithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings. The Church is not doing that great at the moment with scandals and heresies sprouting everywhere. However, it is Christ’s promise that he will correct this by purifying the Church (that is, getting rid of the unfaithful clergy and replacing them with truly faithful ones).

      The Protestant sects have some good to offer, but only on an individual basis. That is, as an institution Protestantism is defective, due to rejecting Jesus Christ’s most fundamental teachings on how you treat children (abortion) and on the indissolubility of Marriage (between a man and a woman). But there are many individual Protestants who are good people, who live holy lives, and are faithful to Christ’s teachings. When God purifies the Church and restores it, many Protestants will “have their eyes opened” and will understand the reason for the preeminence of Catholicism as Christ’s chosen religion, and these Protestants will gladly convert to Catholicism.

      Now regarding Medjugorje, as a concerned Christ loving Catholic I strongly suggest you read all the literature on Medjugorje and the reason why Medjugorje should be wholeheartedly rejected. I have written some comments on this blog about this. A good starting point could be looking at the evidence presented on this website.

      Now I have a few comments to make to address your statements. Firstly, as far as I am aware, any miracles coming from Medjugorje are not verified. That is, these people who are cured of their illnesses do not go to doctors to be examined in order to determine the” before” and “after” case. Secondly, the cures appear to be temporary. That is, people relapse back to their illnesses. What does this mean? Well, they experienced a placebo effect. There is a lot of scientific literature on the placebo effect. Thirdly, when a devotee of Medjugorje is given the facts why Medjugorje is BAD but still insists to be a devotee of Medjugorje, then even if a miracle occurs to them, it only serves to rip that person away from Christ in a very permanent way. What do I mean by this? Well, in the Last Days Christ warned us in the Book of Revelation not to accept the Mark of the Beast, even if it means you are not able to buy and sell in everyday transactions. Christ tells us to trust in him because he will find a way out for us. This is very difficult to do for many people and they will stray and ignore Christ’s warnings. But Christ makes it clear that anyone who accepts the Mark of the Beast will be rejected by God and then destroyed by God There is no turning back. Well, the point I am making is that even after you are given all the facts about Medjugorje not coming from God, and that the Holy Madonna does not appear there, and you still insist on being a devotee of Medjugorje, then you have willingly accepted the Mark of the Beast. It becomes permanent and there is no turning back.

      The only insistence I have in my understanding of how God works is that it does no contradict Jesus Christ’s teachings. Medjugorje contradicts Jesus Christ’s teachings and contradicts all other Marian Apparitions and the messages that convey (For example, La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…etc).

      May I suggest that you look inside yourself spiritually and examine your own ego?

      F & T in Christ

  5. I am not sure about Medjugorje, but I was witness to the Miracle of the Sun at Conyers, GA many years ago. It was a cloudy day and pretty dismal. So was I. Still, as many gathered and prayed the Ave Maria, the event occurred. I was a skeptic. Before the sky was full of dark ominous clouds. Then the sun began to pulsate and I could stare directly at it with no cover for my eyes nor squinting. Everyone noticed it at the same time. I am not sure how long this lasted but as it stopped, the clouds departed and it was a sunny day. Much like the Fatima story with a few less people in attendance. I cannot judge what I saw but it was miraculous! I am a Catholic and not a straight A one at that, but if something is going to happen on this earth, signs are appearing that it is so and it will be.

    • Dear KAMD,

      Thanks for sharing your views on the Conyers story. I did not know much about it so I did a little research. The Marian apparitions at Conyers seems to have close links with Our Lady of Fatima, as the Conyers messages reinforces the importance of Fatima. This is good to hear.

      You mentioned that you are a “Catholic and not a straight A one at that”. Did the Miracle of the Sun at Conyers have spiritual meaning for you? I myself have not witnessed any miracles but my faith is strong. I believe in Jesus Christ and because I believe in him I believe in his teachings and I try to remain faithful to them. You can’t have one without the other. I wish you the best.

      F & T in Christ

  6. What will you think when the 10 secrets start to be released, and occur. Miryana, one of the seers, who has written a book, said now is the time for me to write about my experiences. She also said some of you will be reading the book when the 1st second will occur, meaning, maybe, it is close. Our Lady said she doesn’t always appear to the best when they asked her why did you pick us. Did you know that Our Lady asked for June 25th of every year to especially pray for peace, and 10 years to the day, Serbia (Army) went into Croatia and the worst atrocities happened in Bosnia. Our Lady also said about religions, it is you men who have cut the cake, (divided). She asked to respect one another, regardless of their religion, meaning don’t judge. Reading Maria Valtorta’s account of the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, one concludes indeed that Our Lady is Mother to all of Mankind. She comes to Earth because she tells us, as at Fatima, God is offended too much, and she is begging us to change. She also said you will know why I appear everyday, when the secrets start to occur. Now is the time for Conversion, as when the secrets start to occur, for many, as Padre Pio said, it will be too late. Miryana said they will tear their hair. Brother will beg with Brother. etc. but it will be too late.

    • Dear Sheila Mary,

      I will try to answer your questions based on my understanding as a faithful remnant Roman Catholic:

      1) With regards to Medjugorje, I will not lose any sleep about the 10 secrets, because there are no secrets…only lies. In fact, there is so much repetition of the same message for the last 25 years that it is like the “boy who cried wolf”. It is an attempt to reduce the the Holy Madonna to irrelevance and insignificance. Thus, this is a good argument against believing that the Holy Madonna ever appeared at Medjugorje.

      2) You state that

      “Our Lady said she doesn’t always appear to the best when they asked her why did you pick us”.

      This statement is proof in itself that our Holy Madonna is NOT appearing in Medjugorje. This is because in all the other Marian apparitions, the Holy Madonna never expressed this viewpoint. The seers in previous Marian Apparitions never questioned the Holy Madonna’s motivations. They were innocents in their child-like state of mind and they were completely trusting. For one thing, they never ever lied when questioned. At Medjugorje, the seers lied from the very beginning. They did so when they defended the Franciscan monk Father Tomislav Vlasic from accusations of sexual misconduct by stating that Father Tomislav Vlasic was innocent. Of course, Father Tomislav Vlasic was guilty as hell. What does this say about the moral character of the seers??? Again this is a strong argument against believing that the Holy Madonna ever appeared at Medjugorje.

      3) You state that

      “Our Lady also said about religions, it is you men who have cut the cake, (divided). She asked to respect one another, regardless of their religion, meaning don’t judge. Reading Maria Valtorta’s account of the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, one concludes indeed that Our Lady is Mother to all of Mankind”..

      Although I understand this sentiment, it is in fact contrary to both the dogma of the Catholic Faith and the gospel teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Bible. Jesus was very clear in stating that if you accept him and love him then you must accept his teachings and be faithful to his teachings. In doing so, you will be accepted by both Jesus and his Father (Lord God Yahweh). Jesus also said if you do not accept him and his teachings, then he and his Father will not accept you.

      What does this mean to be faithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings? Well, the 10 Commandments are a beginning point. But the two most fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ are to do with a) how we treat children and b) the sacrament of marriage. Jesus said that if you mistreat a child, you mistreat Jesus himself and your condemn yourself to eternal damnation. This is why abortion is such a grave sin (and nothing that Pope Francis says as an apologist about abortion can change this). Jesus also said that when a man and woman are joined in matrimony, they are joined in marriage by God himself and no human can dissolve it. Not even Pope Francis can change Jesus Christ’s teachings on Divorce (although the pinhead is certainly trying!).

      Thus, although it is a good thing to respect one another (and Jesus Christs expects this irrespective of religion), the Holy Madonna is NOT Mother to all of Mankind. She is in fact the Mother of Jesus Christ and the mother of those Christians who are faithful to Jesus Christ & his teachings. There is a great distinction between people who identify themselves as Christians and Christians who are faithful to Jesus Christ & his teachings. It is obvious that there are many Christians who are not faithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings. Such Christians are described in the Bible as Goats, and in the day of God’s judgement, Christ will separate the Goats from the true Christians when judgement is dished out. There are many Goats in the Protestant sects, but sadly there are also many Catholics who are Goats. Pope Francis is himself a Goat (based on his teachings and actions) and he (along with like minded Priests, Bishops and Cardinals) is leading multitudes of people to Perdition. I haven’t spoken about other religions who do not believe in Jesus Christ. The Jews are an exception as they are guided by the Old Covenant with God. All other religions will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in the last days, but sadly many will not accept this invitation. They are also Goats. It is obvious to say the Holy Madonna is not their Mother. She is not the mother of Goats. She is the mother of the lambs in Christ!

      The Bible talks about Christ and God establishing his kingdom on Earth to reflect his kingdom in Heaven. When this happens, there will be only one true religion. Those who do not like this will not be members on this kingdom. That is just how it is.

      4) It is silly to invoke the name of Padre Pio with regards to Medjugorje. Padre Pio died in 1968, the fake Medjugorje apparitions occurred in the 1980s. What is very clear is that Padre Pio had an ardent devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and Garabandal.

      One final note, some of the Medjugorje messages contradicts what Our Lady of Fatima and Garabandal stand for. They are not compatible with Our Lady of Fatima and Garabandal. This is because Our Lady of Fatima and Garabandal fully support the teachings of Jesus Christ in the gospels in the Bible 100%, but Medjugorje does not. There are too many contradictions in Medjugorje.

      F & T in Christ

  7. I became very skeptical from the very beginning with Medjugorje when the seers emphatically supported their spiritual adviser, Franciscan monk Father Tomislav Vlasic from accusations of sexual misconduct. The seers went so far as to claim that the scandalous allegations against Father Tomislav Vlasic were false. As it turns out, they were true, Here is an excerpt from the following 2008 website:

    “Father Tomislav Vlasic, starts an affair with a nun who becomes pregnant. Frightened he will be exposed as the child’s father, Father Vlasic persuades her to move away to Germany. She hopes he will honor his promise to leave the ministry and marry her. She writes a sequence of increasingly anxious letters when this does not happen, telling her former lover she is so miserable that she is praying she will die in childbirth. But he piously orders her to ‘be like Mary’ and accept her destiny in a foreign land — and never to tell a soul who the father really is.

    Unfortunately for him, some of his letters fall into the hands of the woman’s landlord who, scandalized, copies them and sends them to a friend in the Vatican.”

    As the years went on, it became evident that the Medjugorje seers were profiting very handsomely materially (Real Estate ownership) and financially by promoting Medjugorje. This is the first time in the history of Marian Apparitions that the seers had a direct interest (conflict of interest) in terms of accumulating material wealth.

    Human nature, being what it is, has chosen fake Medjugorje apparitions to be the focal point of all the Marian Apparitions. In terms of numbers I estimate that up to 80% of the World’s Roman Catholics venerate and promote Medjugorje and the rest of the authentic Marian apparitions (La Salette, Fatima, Akita, Garabandal…etc) have been neglected and forgotten, and even mud slinged at them in order to discredit them.

    In Australian Catholic Schools the Medjugorje heresy is very strong. The rest of the Marian apparitions are disdained. Perhaps I am exaggerating, so I should say more specifically that in the Sydney Diocese of Broken Bay, where as a teacher I taught in Catholic schools, the Medjugorje heresy is very strong. The rest of the Marian apparitions are disregarded and disdained. I have made a conscious effort not to teach in Catholic schools anymore.

    I have a very sad story to tell that happened recently. A few month ago I and other family members visited my nephew in hospital in greater Sydney who had his tonsils removed. Unexpectedly, a Catholic pastor appeared asking if we wanted to take the Eucharist. We of course accepted. The pastor noticed that we were Italian, so she started a conversation speaking about Padre Pio. I commented that Padre Pio was a close follower of the Garabandal apparitions and had a friendly relationship with one of the seers, Conchita. I then spoke about other Marian Apparitions (La Salette and Fatima), and I expressed my disapproval of Medjugorje. It is at this point that the Pastor ceased the conversation, and as she left the room she said that she does not give credence to the other apparitions, but that she believes that Medjugorje is very important and very authentic indeed. She then concluded by saying that she is confident that Pope Francis will very soon pass a judgement that Medjugorje will be approved, but that it will be the model for all the Marian Apparitions.

    Can anyone relate with my experiences?

    F & T in Christ

    • Hi Domenico, this is my own testimony, I was in Medjugorje years ago for 3 Days, a real Miracle happens to me there, whenever I will have time I will talk about my stay with more détails as well as for the Miracle, unfortunately and despite the Miracle, it took me 24 Hours to understand the Hoax then I went back home with this conclusion : False from the beginning, pity !

      • Hi Aviso,

        You recount a very interesting testimony. Maybe when you have more free time you can give more details.

        F & T in Christ

  8. “A HOUSE DIVIDeD AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT stand” The Eucharist,Rosaries,confession and accepting Jesus into our hearts i cannot be of Satan or any choir of fallen angles Peace,HolyMass is encouraged. Many conversions

  9. Hi , I am not an authority on this subject but one thing I find very unusual here are the amount of diabolical possessions that come about in medjugore which have been posted all over the Internet. I have not seen anything like this from Fatima or Garabandal. Also the strange laugh that Our Lady is meant to have, have other people heard this laugh or did this just come from seers, and why would Our Lady appear as Satan and say it was a test. NEVER have I heard of this happening why would she need or want to do that. It all seems quite irregular. The biggest coup Satan can have is to have many Catholics believe in Medjugore and more people attending there than any of the genuine sites where Our Lady actually was or is. Can people not see this.

    • Good reasoning, Marti: many people with demonic possessions go to Medjugorje; therefore, Medjugorje is demonic. It reminds me the Gospels when Jesus was said to be the head of the demons… You can find demonics in Fatima and in Garabandal, and I can assure it to you. Ask fr. Rolando, the Garabandal Priest, and he will tell you of a recent case in the very church…. It is a matter of the number of pilgrims… It’s logical that these poor fellows go and find our Lady to be released…

      • I’ve just never heard of it anywhere else but I didn’t look for it either but when I was reading up on the Internet about Medjugorje the amount of references to this was a shock. Well these poor ones that go there and have these experiences I just hope they are released but I don’t know how.
        For me I’m very weary of these apparitions and I do not feel bad or conflicted in this as according to the Church we don’t have to believe theses incidents it is not a sin even if it’s Church approved. As long as we believe in the scriptures that’s what counts. I am however concerned the many people who believe in all that’s said there all the contradictions etc.

  10. Pax et bonum! Juan, Satan is a fallen angel with great power and knowledge. He can perform wonders, faux miracles and make false prophecies to seduce the people, as he is doing at Medjugorge. He also promotes religious indifference and disobedience to the local bishops (who condemned the apparitions in 1983, 1997 and 2017). You inferred that Vicka conveyed a message from Our Lady incorrectly. However, I don’t think that the Mother of God would choose a visionary who would botch her message so severely to the point of rendering it heretical (and that’s not the only message). As I said before, please don’t be “blinded” by the alleged miracles, cures and conversions (and ecstasies). The most important aspect of an apparition is the messages, and many of them at Medjugorge contain heresy and bad theology, proving that this apparition is not, nor can be, from heaven.
    May the Lord bless thee and keep thee. May He show His face to thee and have mercy on thee. May He turn His countenance to thee and give thee peace. May the Lord bless thee. (This was a favorite prayer of St. Francis.) This will be my last reply on the subject. Goodbye, my friend.

  11. Our Lady is certainly appearing in Medjugorje. She came in June 24, 1981 and every day since then. She has told us that she is the Queen of Peace, the last invocation in the litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She came at a critical time to urge peace between people, but most importantly reconciliation between people and God. She stated that she came to tell the world that God exists. We know from the Gospel that Our Lord told us that, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17. If you are a devout Catholic, I can understand your frustration with this apparition. But Our Lady is a General in God’s army for the salvation of all her children. There are many people that go there that have no faith and they find it. You are not obligated to believe the events there, but why are they threatening to you? one cardinal has called it the confessional of the world. The six people who have seen the Blessed mother were sorely tried and harassed by the Yugoslav communists for several years after the apparitions began. Why Medjugorje? they asked her and she said that there were many true believers there (In 1933 the people of the village carried up buckets of materials to make the concrete cross at the top of Cross Mountain in commemoration of the 1900 year anniversary of Jesus’s death and resurrection.)

  12. Pax et bonum! (Peace and all good!) This message is in response to Juan. The Medjugorje quote that you cite was made, but it is entirely separate from the one that I provided (“All religions are equal before My Son”), which, as I said before, is heretical and blasphemous, and, therefore, could not have come from heaven. Even if 99.9% of the messages at Medjugorje were totally Catholic (which is, in actuality, not the case), all it would take is just one that was heretical to debunk the entire apparition. Here is yet another example. Question to Vicka Ivankovic: “Is the Blessed Mother calling all people to be Catholic?” Answer: “No. The Blessed Mother says all religions are dear to her and her Son.” Once again, heretical and blasphemous words are put in the mouth of Our Lady! This is in direct contradiction to an infallibly defined dogma of the Catholic Church: “There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved” (Fourth Lateran Council, A.D. 1215). The apparitions at Medjugorje are demonic and must be avoided. I do not mean to seem harsh. I only tell you this out of charity and for the good of the Church and for souls.

    • If Medjugorje is demonic the devil must be pretty stupid: people go there in millions, pray, convert and change their lives. If Vicka said what you say she was wrong and Our Lady didn’t say that for sure. The seers are humans and make mistakes but in spite of that the phenomena may be real. Vicka in special has made other mistakes (as the one pretending an apparition for example). However, we have observations as never before with an apparition: the medical examinations carried out on the seers in ecstay (including EEG recording) are very astonishing (I am an MD) and I recommend you to read. If it were that easy to discard as false the Holy See would have done it right away. But it’s not that simple. I repeat: time will establish the truthfulness of Medjugorje.

  13. Our Lady is most certainly appearing in Medjugorje, irrespective of what bishops say. I really wish people would investigate these things for themselves.

    • Emmet, Michael Marivalli, E. And anyone else of similar opinion you can not afford to be absolutist about any alleged visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, not least at Medjugorje. Not even seers themselves can be sure of what they see, hence in the first instance the Church/Spritual Director recommends that those claiming to be visited are instructed to throw holy water at the apparition. So why are some of you claiming you know with such certainty what you can’t see or possibly know, it is imprudent and not what your faith councils. Even with Garabandal, whilst we all might have the greatest confidence in it being a genuine event, we should not presume absolute certainty. We must patiently await the Church’s final judgement, which in all probability won’t come until after the Warning or possibly even later, after the Miracle. Remember even the forces of darkness can perform wonders, as Frank reminds us, such can appear as Angels of Light to deceive us.

      Stay wise, God Bless

  14. To Michael Feehily.
    Wake up, my brother! I think you do believe in “another” gospel”!
    You think you do know the Devil and Satan himself better than the well-known exorcist Andrea Gemma?And he is NOT alone in stating the TRUTH.The famous exorcist Martin Malachi said as well that Medjugorje is diabolical!
    You can`t judge the veracity of the apparitions by the fact that there are millions of people coming there and blowing up their money.
    “All the people WILL HATE you because of MY name!”
    “If the world extolls you and looks up to you, YOU AREN`T MY disciples!
    “The devil sets himself up as an angel of light”.
    Will you read this article, please?

    • Hi Frank ,Thanks for the link.Very interesting,and of course should be taken very seriously as he is much more informed than I on such matters.
      My point was not that I am of unwavering belief in medjugorje,but that no formal declaration from the investigation has been given yet so we must remain open to such things until otherwise stated.
      Also on the holy father .There is so much disrespect for him especially in this blog .As I said before if you are catholic,he is your pope & mine and must be loved ,respected & prayed for not slated & slandered as seems so common now .
      God bless & thank you
      We both live & believe the same Gospel

  15. Aviso ,peace be with you .I urge you please stop with your slandering of YOUR pope & mine Francis!
    Your comments verge on heracy sometimes.
    Also on medjugorje,no judgement either way has been passed so nor should you .
    Please respect your pope & your church you claim to love.
    God bless

      • Hi Aviso, Again thank you for the link .A very sad & damaging report but I still say we must not condemn but pray for & if not love then respect Pope Francis’s authority as pontiff.I do not comment out of judgment but love as I hope your blog is done out of love for our lord & his church.I an certainly not saying that evil has not entered into the high ranks of the church,evidence of this infiltration is everywhere,especially in the child abuse scandal .But I hold on to the words of Jesus “you are Peter & upon this rock I will build my church & the gates of the underworld will never prevail against it”
        So I hope that as a brother in Christ you will pray for me & I in return for you.
        Yours in Christ through our lady’s immaculate heart.

  16. For those who believe in Medjurgorje, do not be “blinded” by the alleged miracles, cures and conversions that have taken place there. Even if some are genuine, almighty God can perform them anywhere He desires. In judging apparitions, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith states: “The content of the revelation or message must be theologically and morally true and free from error.” On the other hand, many messages at Medjugorje contain heresy and bad theology and could not have come from heaven. Here’s just one example: “All religions are equal before My Son.” Not only is that message heretical, it is blasphemous, because it puts false religions on the same footing as the one founded by God Himself: the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This message alone should convince any Catholic that this apparition is from hell.

    • In some reports the words of Our Lady at Medjugorje would be”The Muslims and the Orthodox, for the same reason as Catholics, are equal before my Son and I. You are all my children.” Therefore, people would be alike but not their faiths. Anyway, we see confusing elements in all apparitions …. That’s why it is so difficult to discern true from false apparitions. Time will solve this problem. In the mean time I would not discard Medjugorje so easily. By the way: March 18 will be related to something very important for the world according to one of the seers at Medjugorje. Day 2 of the month will also be a very important date in the future. Interestingly, a day 18 was the appearance of Saint Michael at Garabandal and 2 of July was the first appatition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Garabandal.

  17. I and all, I am sure, are delighted you are cured of a ‘mortal incurable disease,’ how truly wonderful for you and your family. As I am sure you’re aware, for such to be accepted publicly as a miracle, it needs to be scientifically affirmed as wholly inexplicable by a professional medical commission. Given the significance of your cure I assume you offered yourself up for examination by your doctors and have from them a singed declaration that supports your news?

    The coming together of people of faith on-mass, to celebrate the sacraments and seek genuine conversation will result in an outpouring of extra-ordinary graces, for some, massively life changing such as yours. This is an absolute of our faith, “when two or three are gathered in My Name, there Am I amongst them.” And ” ask and you shall receive.” This outpouring of Grace is not proof that some one or group is having genuine visions nor does this fact in anyway deminish your experience. The proof of visions is in the messages and behaviour of the seers in the context of unconditional adherence to Gospel Truth, Church Teaching and obediance by the alleged seers and their associates to Church Authority. Sadly there are simply too many reports that evidence contradictions and controversies in respect of the Medjugorje event for it to be accepted by the Church as a genuine visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Praised be Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary for your cure. Please be very guarded about giving your assent to Medjugorje.

    God bless

  18. Our Blessed Mother IS appearing in Medjugorje, however their government in Bosnia, is trying to cover it up so that no one flocks to Medjugorje. They don’t want anyone crossing their borders. I’ve known this for several years when a Catholic priest who went to Medjugorje, and came back and gave me this information… The priest said that the Vatican knows what is going on but cannot over step the government…. he said it was a “political thing.”. For more information go to: and see for yourself.

  19. She certainly is in Medjugorje. There I have been healed of a mortal incurable disease, have worked there for six years and saw wonderful miracles granted to all kinds of people! I could write a thousand pages´ book on that!

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