9 thoughts on “One World Religion ?

  1. Mary, I,wouldn’t read too much in to the black candle stands and the black drapes below the white alter cloth, the acolyte’s candles are white, the Easter Candle is white, and from what I can tell the candles in the black stands are white. CTV have posted the whole mass on YouTube. I couldn’t copy the link.

    God bless

  2. As Father Malachi Martin said, if you are excepting such type (across different religious) ecumenism then as a catholic you had to admit that Jesus Christ is not the only Savior and there are other possibilities….

  3. Are the huge and horrendous fires of Portugal a response of heaven to the sacrilages committed in Fatima last month? There were many offenses to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. Black clothes and candles, no Fatima prayer after the decades of the rosary, the mockery of the visions of the children considered as subjective sensitivities,let alone hearing asking if Mary was more merciful than Jesus, and similar obscenities…..

  4. What a disgrace of this apostate pope. Our church is under attack as never before by this black pope Jesuits taking over as is their goal. Did anyone see the alter in Fatima when this pope was saying the Mass look at the Video a black alter cloth at the front and the huge six candles were in black candle sticks. He changed the Palium from red crosses to black crosses. Look for YouTube videos of these.

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