15 thoughts on “One World Religion ?

  1. We must pray for the roman catholic church ,pray so much ,we are now in a most difficult period in all history ,we as roman catholics ,need all of us ,to defend ,the truth ,as its the truth ,that will set us all free ,I feel a very difficult period is approaching fast ,stand firm ,be strong in faith ,keep the true church and its true teachings in your hearts ,pray ,hope ,and do not worry ,we are one with Jesus and his blessed mother Mary ,god bless you all ,

  2. If we all do what our lady asks,pray,fast,and make sacrifices we have no need to be constantly wondering about what’s going to happen,people like you aviso do more harm than good,continually stirring it up against the holy father and causing divisions in the church,we all know about the terrible state off the world,but our lady came to give us the weapons to overcome the evil,this is a war and god will triumph over all his enemies, but, he wants our help don’t talk and criticize, but act,do good and establish his kingdom upon the earth.viva Jesus and Mary and the holy church.

    • Dear Bridget Burns,

      The Papacy and Vatican are doing a real diabolical Job themselves causing divisions. For example Pope Francis and his cronies have actively attacked other Cardinals such as Raymond Burke for remaining faithful to Christ’s Teachings. Pope Francis may be well intentioned but he is a Destroyer of Christs Teachings.

      Granted, Our Blessed Virgin Mother has requested us to pray for the Pope in order to convert him and to convert ourselves. But the messages at Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…etc. makes it clear that many Priests, Bishops and Cardinals are heading to Perdition and they are bringing with them multitudes of Catholics to hell.

      If we heed the messages of Our Lady, then it is our duty to speak up. If we do not speak up, we are as bad as the corrupted Clergy.

      We must fight back in order to save as many human souls as possible. What is the use of God establishing his Kingdom on Earth if all of humanity is in hell.

      In the words of one of the Seers of La Salette:

      “Fight, fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.”

      F & T in Christ

    • There are many readers here who are very fond of Pope Francis and it is not my intention here to make them change their mind. I am in my 60s and I have always admired the various Popes that I happened to know during my lifetime. As any other catholic faithful I have liked some of them more than others but have loved them all because I saw them as the closest persons to Jesus. My favourites were the last three (JP I, JP II, and Benedict). As far as I can remember I don’t have in my mind a single word or statement of which I could say “I absolutely disagree”. May be I could think that some topics could be different, for instance the use of non-abortive means of contraception could be allowed or other minor subjects, but I thought that the Church was right to ask for excellency to get to heaven, and that it was good to remember us that the gate to heaven is narrow. Throughout history a Pope was Pope until death and I never read about a Pope with dementia or any handicap forcing him resign. To me, the resignation of Benedict was kind of an unbelievable event.

      The first time that I saw Pope Francis I experience a cold feeling. His first mass was shocking for me. In my memories all the Popes showed a reverential attitude during mass but I didn´t see it in Francis´. His unique way during consecration, not imposing the hands but gripping the paten and chalice in a strange way, and no kneeling whatsoever before Eucharistic Jesus, made me think that a very different Pope had arrived. His words were also very different: he seemed to speak of God’s mercy alone. Justice, yes, but overshadowed by mercy, which made people think that sin was sin no more. The statement “Who am I to judge a gay?” was really impressive and everyone applauded. According to him abortion and sins of the flesh had not to be mentioned in the Church anymore because they had already being overemphasized; and because mercy, forgiveness, the poor, the immigrant, nature, ecology, and love and tenderness were more important. It seemed to be like Man at the centre of everything and Man replacing God… “God would not be God without man” was an incredible statement of Francis, which is difficult to grasp for me. But I thought that it could be my problem and not the Pope’s problem… May be I could be wrong and was just misinterpreting him as a result of the devil’s actions. A Marian Pope as he seemed to be by going frequently to Saint Mary’s Basilica in Rome couldn’t be a bad Pope… And then the announcement of his trip to Fatima. And I thought, this is it, he loves Our Lady, so he is a good shepherd and wants to join everybody and rescue the farthest sinners.

      My sadness and disappointment on May 13th 2017 was tremendous. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard his homily confronting Our Lady with Jesus. He was exposing his view of Our Lady, as the true devotion to Mary according to the Pope. But she was depicted as an ordinary woman, opposed to the Mary of the Catholic tradition (the Immaculate, the full of Grace, the Queen of the Angels, the Queen of Heaven, the Supplicant Omnipotence, and the Mother of God and Spouse of the Holy Spirit). The “other Mary” was for him “a Mary of subjective sensitivities (he referred to the Fatima children and their visions) holding the arm of Justice of God ready to strike the earth, a Mary more merciful than Jesus who died for us”. For me it sounded like a mockery of the Fatima apparitions made by the Pope himself at the very site where it happened. Francis words at Fatima made me understand that he loves an ordinary Mary, one who at the foot of the cross would be able to tell God “you lied to me, you told me that he would be a King, and here he is dead…” (as he said on Holy Friday). This moment has changed for me many things in relation to my thoughts about the Church and the Papacy. Now I see that we may well be living the times of the entrance of the Church into the Holy Friday predicted in the Book of Revelation. The time of the apostasy in the Church reaching the very top.

      Don’t worry my dear brothers who are very fond of Pope Francis, I am not going to say that Pope Francis is the False Prophet, and the like. I only wanted to express here my own worries and doubts about his teachings and my sadness of being living these times of generalized apostasy. But at the same time I thank God to be living in this period of tjme and be able to speak up for the Lord and Our Lady, and may be even to give away my life for them. Dear brothers, you may like Pope Francis and see him a Holy man but you cannot tell that at this time that he is a herald of the Gospel, because many of his words do not match the Gospel and cause confusion to many faithful. I recommend you to double check his words with the Scriptures and Church Tradition. I recommend you to be on the alert in case we are in the times referred by Francis of Assisi, La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, etc. I recommend you to see carefully all the changes coming from the Vatican, and pray that a Church schism predicted by many is not coming. I hope that in the end Pope Francis is no more that a Pope with the populistic characteristics of the people of his native land, Argentine, and he is not the Pope used by the devil to destroy the Church.

  3. Mary, I,wouldn’t read too much in to the black candle stands and the black drapes below the white alter cloth, the acolyte’s candles are white, the Easter Candle is white, and from what I can tell the candles in the black stands are white. CTV have posted the whole mass on YouTube. I couldn’t copy the link.

    God bless

  4. As Father Malachi Martin said, if you are excepting such type (across different religious) ecumenism then as a catholic you had to admit that Jesus Christ is not the only Savior and there are other possibilities….

  5. Are the huge and horrendous fires of Portugal a response of heaven to the sacrilages committed in Fatima last month? There were many offenses to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. Black clothes and candles, no Fatima prayer after the decades of the rosary, the mockery of the visions of the children considered as subjective sensitivities,let alone hearing asking if Mary was more merciful than Jesus, and similar obscenities…..

    • Thank you for this information, I didn’t know why that fire happened. You are so right, with black color enters Satan and darkness into people’s life to bring death. Fatima prayer would prevent FIRE,as it says: ” O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, SAVE US FROM THE FIRES OF HELL…”. somebody should tell them why it happened, so they do not repeat it, or even for other countries – as it was the fire in England, France, and some others.

  6. What a disgrace of this apostate pope. Our church is under attack as never before by this black pope Jesuits taking over as is their goal. Did anyone see the alter in Fatima when this pope was saying the Mass look at the Video a black alter cloth at the front and the huge six candles were in black candle sticks. He changed the Palium from red crosses to black crosses. Look for YouTube videos of these.

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