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01 December 2015

Reminder, this Article represents my opinion only, as we know the more important are the Garabandal Messages indicated on the home page of this Blog, thank you.

It looks that my article about the Garabandal Warning Year as the Year 2018 had some succes, the article has been read by many visitors from around the world as I had anticipated, a record of visits for this new blog but why as expected ? because when it’s about Garabandal and especially after all these years, even if most are now aware that the Garabandal messages are much more important than the Prophecies, many today starts to find the time long and doubts are here for many especially since the Death of Joey Lomangino in 2014, who had to recover his eyesight on the day of the Great Miracle, as we know this was a fact for years according to Conchita, one of the main Garabandal seers as below :

Dear Joey: Today at the pines in a locution the Blessed Virgin told me to tell you, you will receive new eyes on the day of the Great Miracle. . .

Conchita has further explained that her understanding of the Virgin’s term “new eyes” is eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision and that Joey’s new eyes “are to be used for the Glory of God”. (Garabandal special issue 1996, Page 1)

But If we read carefully, we can also note 2 important details :

1. It is Conchita understanding of the Virgin’s term only

2. Eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision but if you say something is not necessarily the case, you mean that it may not be the case or is not always the case as well.

The death of Joey Lomangino before the Great Miracle day simply confirms that her understanding of the Virgin’s words was wrong and this was not the first time, it was also the case with Padre Pio, who was supposed to see the Great Miracle as well, as we know Padre Pio saw it but this did not mean that Saint Pio should see it the D Day, Conchita herself was also surprised and had doubts when in 1968 Saint Pio died, ” How could the Blessed Virgin have told me that he would see the Miracle and now he was dead? “as we know, Conchita’s concerns were put to rest one month later in October 1968, when she went to Lourdes with her mother and the French Priest (known on this blog) Father Alfred Combe but her surprise when she had learned the death of Padre Pio so de facto her doubts, proves that time already she had also misinterpreted our Lady’s words but the Lady of Carmel is never far away to enlighten us, indeed a close friend of Padre Pio, Father Cennamo, told to Conchita in Lourdes that Saint Pio saw the Great Miracle before he died as he had told him so himself, so it is also the case with the death of Joey Lomangino on June 18 2014, the same day of the second Garabandal message (18 June 1965) and this cannot be a coincidence but surely a message of hope to all of us from Heaven, who surely knew that this death could have demoralized even the most faithful of Garabandal so his Death on June 18 (symbolic and important date for any Garabandalist) allowed also many to keep the faith still today, thanks God.

Let me add and for your information, this death of Joey before the Great Miracle day was known as possible in the village since years, for some more than 20 years when I learned it myself in 2011, the explanation given to me was already a possible misinterpretation of the main seer, the fact that none of the 3 other seers (Garabandal had 4 seers, too often forgotten) had never spoke about this Prophecy has been also recalled to me but I was myself still very surprised.

So few months after the death of Joey Lomangino, I asked one friend who knows Conchita quite well to ask her what she thought about this death, not any specific reply or explanation from the main seer according to my friend, she just remind him about the announcement of the Miracle that she never said that she would call Joey only but anyone else in the world as well that she feels can help to spread the word rapidly. This year 2015, I ask him to call her back and to ask her about Albrecht Weber as about Pope Francis, the main seer who is obedient to the Church as the other Garabandal seers and from the beginning, will not hesitate to deny or confirm a question when prompted by a close friend, so below her answer exclusively for this blog because as you know Aviso has no contact in Garabandal, as not contact with any seers and so on :

1. About Pope Francis, we can give our opinion about the Pope but Salvation is in his hands

2. She confirms the interview with Albrecht in 1965 but not the 4 Popes, she reconfirm that she said 3 Popes only, she did not denied the Weber’s possibility of 4 Popes but rather as the questions were in German and translated to her in Spanish, she may not have understood all the questions, this could explain some misunderstanding thereafter.

But let’s stay a little more on my relationship with Garabandal, please let me remind you once and for all, at least I hope so, what I own myself to this village :

1. My own Conversion to the Catholicism in 2007 so my Baptism 3 years later after a long preparation

2. My weeding in the village in 2013, between us it’s quite difficult if not very difficult for any foreigner to get married in Garabandal without any good contact and relation in the village, in my case this has been possible precisely because of my relations with some in the village and I thank them again, it’s not a lack of humility from me but a fact.

3. From this weeding, a new baby is born 1 year later, to thank our Lady for this new gift, my second one, we decided to bring it back to her, so this gift from God will be baptized in Garabandal as well, done last summer with the Great honor to have with us during the Baptism our close Family but also Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and one of the main eyewitness of the Garabandal Apparitions, Jacinta one of the Garabandal seers, of course Amalia (one of Loli’s sister) with her husband (one of Conchita’s cousin), the God Father and his wife, my good friend Bastiano, son of one of the more important french eyewitness of the Apparitions, who was close also to the 4 seers, as to Father Laffineur, the famous Garabandal Pioneer as she had also the Great Honor to be the 1st non Spanish to be burried in the village, the second one is Albrecht Weber recently and so on. It’s also quite difficult to organize a Baptism in the village without the help of the villagers as without the help and agreement of the Priest of Garabandal. In my humble opinion, this would have never been possible without my good relations in the village as without our Lady’s help of course, it is for us a blessing and not a proud, those are my relationship with Garabandal, as I said a blessing, I know the village as the history by heart and I could give much more unknown stories but this will be for next time and you might be surprised, as I said a huge responsability for me but also a Blessing.

Let me remind you also some of my works about Garabandal, published online on my first blog as elsewhere:

I debunked the Paralytic Boy Rumor used against our Lady of Mount Carmel for years

I debunked the walking back of the seers in Garabandal with explanation used also against us

I denounced the so call and false seer Maria Divine Mercy as a group of different people from Ireland

I proved with facts, the link between Pope Benedict and Garabandal

I Confimed that the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr is not Spanish but Saint Tarcisius

I confirmed that the Month of the Great Miracle is April

I debunked the Year 2017

I said that Joey Lomangino was not Garabandal as aware since years of his possible death before the GM

I developped the words from Pope Benedict in Fatima in 2010 as “may the 7 years…..etc…”

I showed the link between Malachi Martin as Father Gruner (the Fatima World Champions) with Garabandal

I said that we are going to see our Lady during the Great Miracle

After Maria Saracco for whom I have a great Respect, I have been the first to develop the Warning year as an even year

I had the honor to interview the current Priest of Garabandal, Father Rolando

I was in contact with a close friend of Albretch Weber

I have confirmed the Prophecy of the Popes as 4 Popes and not 3

I developed the link between Fatima, Garabandal and Akita

I indicated an important Synod before the Warning

I said that the Great Miracle is linked to the Woman Clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse

I said that Pope Benedict might resign

I confirmed several times that the Garabandal events could not take place during the Holy Week with facts

I debunked the Rumor that the Pope will go to Russia and on his return the tribulations will start, this Rumor is not in Albrecht Book

I said years ago that the Pope will travel to Russia trying to avoid a 3rd world war

I said that Malachi Martin talked about Ukraine and that the salvation will start from east

I have been one of the first online to be cautious about Pope Francis and this in 2013, knowing that this will be very unpopular for me

I confirmed recently that Sister Lucia herself advised Father Combe to visit Conchita in New York

I recalled that Malachi Martin said several times that the Garabandal messages were a brief form of the Fatima 3rd secret

I debunked many other different rumors as a Great Miracle on TV and so on

Garabandal Pines protected by wooden fence

I am today the first to talk online about the Year 2018 and Garabandal, at the beginning as a warning before this Year and recently getting new details as the Year of the Warning in my opinion

Of course all was not perfect, I made some mistakes of appreciations as the Garabandal Puzzle is very difficult and many details are contradictory but I tried to bring back Garabandal online with the latest news from the village and also to its real Place, in agreement with the Traditional Teaching of the Church.

More than 100 articles about Garabandal have been written, many are still online and since my back after having been obliged to close my last blog, you are already thousands each day to follow me as well via this new blog and let me thank you again for your confidence.

Back now to the Year 2018, why in my opinion, this could be finally the Year that many are waiting for :

1. I can confirm with a strong probability that the Month of the Great miracle is APRIL, Maria Saracco has been the first to talk about it online but I can myself confirm it as few years ago I met in Garabandal, the French sister of a very close friend to Conchita, the family is known in the village since years, I had a conversation at Amalia’s posada with her for more than 2 hours, she said to me among other details, according to her sister that the Great Miracle will be on April, she even add that it could be April 13, this was in 2012 and explains why I thought myself about April 13 2017, long before that date became today fashionable around the net.

2. But latter I found out that the Great Miracle cannot be during the Holy week as on Holy Thursday, this is known since years for some in the village as for some in contact with me so I ruled out April 13 2017 especially when I learned from Father François Turner that the Eurcharist Martyr is not a Spaniard, indicated on my last blog then this important detail became a fact around the net, so de facto I ruled out St Hermenegild as the Possible Eucharist Martyr of the Great Miracle as well, Saint Hermenegild was not so young when he died, he was Spanish and married as well, the Eucharist Martyr is a young Boy and has been described by the main seer herself as below :

«The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms » (Garabandal Sept 1963)

So a young Boy, this description match completly Saint Tarcisius even if Conchita never confirmed his name and can only come from our Lady as it was impossible in 1963 for any Garabandal seers who had difficulty reading and writting to invent themselves this description, impossible simple as that.

3. But having the Eucharist Martyr name did not help my own research at all as the Church does not know the exact day of St Tarcisius death as confirmed again by Pope Benedict few years ago (

In 2014, one of my reader talk to me for the first time to my knowledge of a possible and important Synod before the Warning (another fact copied and known now around the net today) with a confirmation from Madre Nieves in a video sent to me, I directly linked this Synod with the Synod called by Pope Francis for october 2014 and confirmed online that the Great Miracle could be on April 09 2015, a mistake from me as later I learned that this Synod will be in 2 parts, one in 2014 and the other one in 2015, de facto this important detail eliminate my date which I explains online as well and before April 2015.

4. Shortly after, another reader contacted me privately and confirms to me that Loli said many years ago to a Priest that the Warning will take place during an even year, I was aware of this rumor but I never works on it, so I spent few months to get more details and concluded that it was really the case but waited for my planned trip to Garabandal last summer for the Baptism to double check this important detail in the village, as below :

I asked Amalia, Loli’s sister if she can reconfirm to me that Loli knew the Warning year, she said YES and if this Year could be an even Year, She said I cannot confirm as I cannot deny because I don’t know the Year of the Warning. Amalia thinks that the Warning as the Great Miracle might be close to each other, she did not said to me directly but indirectly only.

5. The puzzle starting to be clearer, having the possible month (April), the Day (Thursday between the 8th to the 16th), the Time (08.30 Pm), not in 2017, after an important Synod, during an even year and surely a Warning and a Great Miracle close to each other, so de facto probably the same year, it only remained to me 2 possible years 2016 and 2018.

6. I learned years ago from a french expert in Eschatology, in my opinion one the greatest in this world, that God used often the numbers to reveal to the Mankind some important messages or events, there are full in the Holy Bible but can be interpreded by some experts only, for example we know that in Fatima our Lady appeared every 13th of the month and in Garabandal she gave the 2 messages on 18th of June and October, so we know that the number 13 is Fatima as the number 18 is Garabandal, we saw it again with the Death of Joey Lomangino on June 18th, as we saw it with the Resignation of Pope Benedict in 2013 and the election of Pope Francis on March 13 2013, this is Fatima, Akita was also in 1973 and the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times so surely for a reason, the attack against Pope John Paul II was on May 13 as well and so on, all these numbers from Heaven have a meaning, it’s a certainty but can only be interpreted by some.

So if the number 18 is Garabandal, I said recently to myself let me check which possible dates between the 08th and the 16th of April may give the number 18 and this until 2020, strangely I got 4 possible years as below (the year 2020 does not match) :

14.04.2016 = 18
13.04.2017 = 18
12.04.2018 = 18
11.04.2019 = 18

Which explains why I think that the Great Miracle should be one of this date as indicated online.

7. But today as indicated above, I know also that the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably the same year and during an even year, so I ruled out the Years 2017 as 2019 and works on the Years 2016 and 2018 only.

So Let’s start with the Year 2016, this year match quite well and arrives just after the 2 controversial Synod but we know also that the Warning will take place when the situation will be as its worst, which is today not yet the case, 2016 is also a year of election in the USA, in November 2016 exactly, an important detail, I don’t see Obama for his last year as President, Nobel Peace Prize, lauching a major war against Russia or China, The first Black American President will probably not wish to leave his post with a world in war, we saw it with Cuba and Iran (diplomatic rapprochement with 2 historic allies of Russia) as in Syria where he leaves Putin with little resistance, in my opinion too late and unpopular for Obama to take this risk, history is important for our main leaders as for their pictures, which may not be the case with the futur US President as Putin probably understood as well, this could explain why the Russian President decided few weeks ago only to finally moove in Syria by bombing daech… for our Church, the last Synods were surely important but for many observers, the real battle, the final Battle begins now, the 2 camps are now clear and will fight untill the Schism indicated in Garabandal as well, so the Year 2016 was possible but probably not yet the Warning Year because too close.

8. The Year 2018

This year match very well, it’s also an even year and a year 18 as Garabandal, 2018 is also an election year in Russia, this is in my opinion a very important detail and Putin is already the favorite, enjoying currently a popularity close to 80% in his Country, so we may have a Putin for 6 more years (2018 – 2024) and this is unthinkable for his enemies mainly the Nato’s Countries led by the USA having probably other plans, so surely all will be put in place that this possible nightmare for some does not happen in no way, we already saw it with Ukraine, all will be put in place to destabilize Russia in order to avoid at all costs a new election of Putin and this will probably start during the first year of the new US President mandate, so probably in 2017 as any major wars starts mostly at the beginning of a new mandate (the 1st or the second year) as any US presidents having 4 years only as the 4th year being mostly a year of election compaign, this explains why this last year is rarely a year of important decision.

2018 is also 101 years after 1917 (Fatima), we know that Fatima, Garabandal and Akita are connected, I talk about it many times on this blog, the 3 Marian Apparitions are what we call eschatological Apparitions in direct connection with the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, from Pope Leo’s Vision of satan 100 years of increased Power, we know that satan had 100 years (and not more) trying to destroy the church, what we don’t know for sure is when this power given to him started, some think from 1884 (the Year of Pope Leo’s Vision), other from 1914 (the 1st world war) and so on, in my opinion the first year is probably the year 1917 and the last year 2017 as it’s in 1917 that Heaven chose to send to us our Lady in Fatima to warn the World as the Church, 1917 is also the Year of the Russian Revolution, an important detail as our Lady of Fatima asked precisely the Consecration to her immaculate heart of this Country only if not the errors of Russia will spread the world and this was the case as none of the Pope since 1929 had never consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady in Fatima, a great mistake for all of us and unfortunately this will be paid in blood as confirmed by Padre Pio himself when he said that they will beleive in Garabandal but too late.

So 2018 is also 101 years after Fatima, I said to myself, this number 101 reminds me Akita where the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times between 1975 and 1981 but my question was why the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times, after some research, I am quite sure today that this number of tears from the Mother of God was telling us the number of Years of Mercy we may had before the Judgment of God, 101 cries as 101 years of mercy before the Warning from God.

But what is the Garabandal Warning, let me give 2 exclusive testimonials of 2 important eyeswitness of the Apparitions, Amalia, loli’s sister and Maximina, Conchita’s aunt, both are considered in the Village as the main eyeswitness, for example Amalia introduced me to Jacinta and took care of my weeding, Maximina was also next to me for the weeding as for the Baptism and so on, a single word from these 2 great ladies and your problem in the village is fixed within the hour :

Amalia : “As my sister described it to me, it will be terrible for mankind”

Maximina : “For me, it will be like the end of the world”

I will not give more details but I let you imagine what could be the chastisement, many confirmed to me that the situation in the Church will be very bad as well. So the Devil had 100 years to destroy the Church (1917-2017) and not more, the 1st year after these 100 years, in 2018 God will probably send a terrible Warning to the mankind, a last call before the Chastisement who will be worse than the deluge as indicated in Akita, which could explain why our Lady cried there 101 times as well, each crying of our Mother is probably a Year of Mercy which she surely got from his Son, our Lord, before his judgment.

We also all remember these words in Fatima in 2010 from Pope Benedict :
« May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity »

I developed these words from the Pope Emeritus on my last blog, thinking about a deadline given to us between the lines by the Pope himself as he is surely aware more than anyone else of the good timing, having been prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith for years and Pope for 8 years, I said to myself if he knows the timing why he had to resign in 2013, he could wait a few more years, today in 2015, he is still alive and his health is still good despite his age, did this deadline means rather the number of years that remain to us before God’s Justice, in other words before the Warning, today I think so.

As he said MAY and not WILL hasten the fulfilment of the Prophecy of Fatima, May the 7 years is a wish like a Prayer but not a certainty, 7 years to finally listen our Lady of Fatima and not more then it might be too late for the Mankind as for the Church.
That’s why today among other, the Year 2018 is in my opinion probably the Year of the Warning, having finished my own research based on facts as on my experience in the village (and not from books) for years, I thought let me share it with my readers, not like a pride (as the Breaking News might seeming) but as a Joy only, giving to all of you my final own opinion online, will allow you maybe to keep the faith about Garabandal because by then the Situation should be as its worst, in the World as in the Church, some could not longer beleive and could lose any hope, so this is my gift for all of you, from one of the Sons of the Lady of Carmel, converted himself in her village years ago, a poor sinner surely but saved and thanks to her again

Let me finish with few words about Pope Francis, my opinion is known but let me reassure you, the Pope is loved in the Village, from Amalia to Father Rolando the current Priest, most love him, so my opinion is not shared at all there and many reminded me to be very cautious if I speak of the Holy Father but this does not prevented me to keep my very good relations, we saw it with Albrecht Weber as well, who had the same opinion as me if not even worse but Albretch had also the hoThe Cross and the Babynor to be the second non Spanish to be buried in the village and be sure that’s a very great Honor.

To conclude, attached a picture of the Cross kissed by our Lady of Mount Carmel and given to Amalia by Loli, this Cross is venereted in all the village, piligrims from around the World come to kiss it as well, few are still available, I had the honor to keep it in my bedroom during 2 weeks for the Baptism, a gift from Amalia to me, so to thank her again, don’t hesitate to visit her from me whenever you will be in Garabandal, talk to her about this Cross from me as well and you might also have the honor, you too, to kiss our Lady, thank you.



20 July 2017

My Comment : One of my must read article, read by thousands around the world, so today almost 2 years later and to reply to your questions, should I add anything else, No Nothing else to add, thank you.





148 thoughts on “Garabandal why 2018 ? UPDATE

  1. Man, so much time and effort when you will all be wrong! All you have to say is: the warning, miracle, and chastisement will occur by 2030. Some where in the 2020’s it will all occure. There fixed it for all of you. Now go do something useful like saying a Rosary.

    • Dear Dan,

      Very sad of you if you think this way. It is never a waste of time and effort in the service of God. It is the “journey” that is very important, not the “destination” in this case.

      it does not matter in the end if we get the date wrong. What does natter is that using our brains to decipher the clues left to us by Conchita and indeed the other seers serves to keep the story of Garabandal alive. For our efforts, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and God will be pleased with us.

      Now for lazy sloths such as yourself, your sarcasm only serves to invite Jesus Christ’s wrath against you. Why don’t you take your own advice and recite the Rosary with heartfelt sincerity, and maybe, just maybe, Mother Mary will intercede on your behalf to discourage Jesus Christ from punishing you.

      F & T in Christ

  2. It does not matter what day St. Tarcisius died. His feast day is set by Holy Mother Church as August 15 and that would have to be the day Heaven referred to as his feast. Heaven ratifies the setting of feast days, not contradicts them.

  3. The Great Miracle at Garabandal may occur on 12 April, 2018, 2024 or as late as 2029
    I have been associated with Garabandal since 1986 or even earlier. Yes the 2nd World Garabandal Conference Canberra 1991 (Ref to my four photographs and the photograph in regards Mari Loli’s death in Garabandal International)

    • What about your Name Anonymous ? if you have been associated with Loli’s death then I will know it or I will ask her family and I will be pleased to confirm your links with Garabandal, thanks.

  4. Dear Aviso,

    I actually agree with you about the date of 12 April 2018 being a possibility for the Miracle, although other dates are possible too. However, I came up with this from a completely different understanding.

    I have used a unified thematic approach, combining the Bible (book of Revelation), Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Garabandal. I think Garabandal and Fatima are very closely connected.

    I will now give you my reasoning.

    1) The year 2017 will be exactly 100 years since 1917 of the Fatima apparitions. I recall the prophecy of Jesus given to the French Monarchy about instituting the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The French Monarchs refused and 100 years later the Bourbon lineage of the French Monarchy ended with the execution of King Louis XVI in the French Revolution. Apparently, King Louis XVI, just before his execution,instituted the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but it was too late to save him. This is the analogy that can be made with Fatima and the Roman Catholic Church. However, although the Marian messages of Fatima began in 1917, the Holy Madonna only introduced the idea (with no specifics) for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1917, The Holy gave more detailed information about her request for the Consecration of Russia, and the manner in which it is to be done 12 years later in 1929. Thus, it is possible that the 100 years date for the Roman Catholic Church may have a maximum deadline date of 2029.

    2) I have written to Fatima Center about the exact nature of the errors of Russia and I dedicated it to the memory of Father Nicholas Gruner after his sudden death. Of all the sinister scenarios, I identified that one of the greatest errors of Soviet era Communist Russia was the introduction of abortion upon request. Abortion then spread like wildfire throughout the world and became a cornerstone of the modern Western World. I then stated that the Papacy in failing to Consecrate Russia, as requested by our Lady of Fatima to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, meant that the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church has blood on its hands, in the form of half a billion of martyrs murdered in the womb. I inferred that these martyrs are the slain saints mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 6 verse 9-11). What is very frightening is that the slain saints are asking for vengeance upon the world and God said that he will grant it! In one of Conchita’s interviews, she recalls that the Holy Madonna made reference to babies being murdered in the womb, but at the time this did not understand what this meant. Conchita also said that it is the prevalence and acceptance of abortion in the whole world that is contributing to the “cup ” of not only been filled but that it has now overflowed. Thus, Fatima and Garabandal are intimately related.

    3) I want to make a comment about the death of Joey Lomangino. I speculate that at least part of the miracle to take place will be an affirmation of the greatest tenet of Christianity: the resurrection! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ promised that the pious, righteous and faithful will be resurrected in what is known as the “First Resurrection” (Revelation 20:4-6). This is truly a blessing and I speculate that Joey Lomangino will be one of the first to be honoured with this gift. Thus, in the least he will have his eyesight restored.

    4) I want to make a comment about Conchita saying in 1963: “The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms…”. Making allowances for language translations from Spanish to English, I propose that Conchita was using the story of Saint Tarcisius as an example of an Eucharistic Martyr. Thus, the Martyr does not have to be young or be male. It cannot be Saint Tarcisius because his feast day is celebrated in August 15. Furthermore, I recall that when Conchita was given the name of the Eucharistic Martyr, she was able to quickly look it up in the calendar for the feast days of Saints.

    5) Although I agree with the date of 12 April 2018 as the date of the Miracle, there are other possibilities due to the Holy Madonna giving instructions how the Consecration of Russia should be done in 1929 (12 years after the Fatima apparitions began in 1917). I have read your arguments about dismissing a) the month of May and, b) the Eucharistic Martyr St Hermenegild because he is a Spaniard. Now I tend to agree with you. But to demonstrate my point of using the unified thematic approach, I will use these other possibilities as an example for discussion.

    6) Eucharistic Martyr St Hermenegild (feast day 13 April) – Thursday 13 April 2023. Note neither the Ascension of Jesus, nor Corpus Christi nor Holy Thursday coincide with this date. The Garabandal apparition is Spanish. St Hermenegild is connected to Garabandal because he is a Spaniard. St Hermenegild refused to accept communion from an Aryan priest, a heretic. The date April 13 is also a feast fay of another Martyr, Pope Saint Martin I. He fought against another heresy called Monothelism. In doing so, Pope Saint Martin I angered the Emperor Constans II who supported this heresy. With the “reign” of Pope Francis today, an argument can be made that the past heresies in St Hermenegild’s and Pope Saint Martin I time are applicable to the heresies that Pope Francis is instituting today (allowing secular non religious groups to make policy for the Roman Catholic Church, acceptance of homosexuality and Gay marriage in the raising of children in such households, unrepentant divorced people who continue to commit adultery being allowed to receive the Eucharist, and generally implementing the bad policies that were conceived in Vatican II).

    7) Eucharistic Martyr Bl. Imelda (feast day 13 May) – Thursday 13 May 2027. Note neither the Ascension of Jesus, nor Corpus Christi nor Holy Thursday coincide with this date. Bl. Imelda is a different kind of Martyr as it involved supernatural divine intervention for her to receive her very first Communion and died soon after in happy ecstasy, Bl. Imelda is connected to Garabandal because of the priest Fr. Luis Maria Andreu in the way he died. He was a Jesuit priest and initially did not believe in Garabandal apparitions as being authentic. He was given the privilege by the Holy Madonna to see what Concitha and the other visionaries were seeing and experiencing, and then soon after he died in happy ecstasy. However the only connection in today’s troubled world that Bl. Imelda has is that Pope Francis makes repeated reference to her in his sermons. Also, from a thematic view point, 13 May is also the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, and thus Garabandal and Fatima are connected.

    8) Martyr St. Sabas (or Sabbas) the Goth (feast day 12 April) – Thursday 12 April 2018. Note neither the Ascension of Jesus, nor Corpus Christi nor Holy Thursday coincide with this date. St. Sabas the Goth is a very interesting Martyr because he and other Goths who converted to Christianity were being persecuted by Pagan Goths and were forced to eat meat sacrificed to idols. St. Sabas the Goth refused to eat meat sacrificed to idols and was martyred. Thus, St. Sabas the Goth refused to participate in the “Pagan Eucharist”, much the same way that St Hermenegild refused to participate in the “Heretic Eucharist”. The big unifying theme here is the persecution of Catholics who practice the true faith. Both Fatima and Garabandal stress that faithful Catholics who are faithful to Jesus’s teachings will be persecuted by both atheists, pagans, apostate Catholics, other Christians (who are not Catholic), and other religions such as Islam. Thus, Aviso, I agree with you that the date for the Miracle is Thursday 12 April 2018 (although Thursday 12 April 2029 may be another possibility, but unlikely). Of course, I am a little biased because I am unwell and wish to be healed (but I accept God’s will), so the earliest date appeals to me.

    Kind Regards,
    Domenico Biasi
    Faithful & True in Christ

    • Dear Aviso,

      I forgot to conclude my previous post with the discussion for a possible “great ecclesiastical event in the Church” that is supposed to coincide with the Miracle. This is only speculation on my part. Once again, I will employ my unified thematic approach.

      You mentioned in your post (En route for the Garabandal Warning ? Part 3 Fatima) that Vatican II was mentioned in Fatima 3rd Secret diplomatically as a very bad Council. I think you are spot on. The Vatican II that was conceived in the 1960s will reach its ultimate conclusion in the near future (by 12 April 2018?) with the creation of a super Church in which many Christian sects will join together with the Roman Catholic Church. I am talking about Protestant Christian Churches, other Christian Churches who don’t believe in the Trinity, and even non Christian Churches such as Muslims who not only don’t believe in Jesus, but also deny his Divinity as the Son of God. What follows is that each sect brings with it its own beliefs. For example, homosexuality will be praised. Pedophilia will be tolerated. Marriage followed by divorce followed by marriage again and so on will be accepted as normal. The Holy Eucharist (body and blood of Christ) will be denied. Finally, even the greatest sin of abortion will be praised as acceptable, as it is already today in many Protestant Churches.

      This super Church may sound really good from the perspective of Humans, but from God’s perspective it is a “Frankenstein Church” made up of incompatible body parts. In short, the teachings of Jesus Christ are so corrupted that it becomes a super Apostate Church. In the Bible (book of Revelation) this super Apostate Church is described as the Great Harlot.

      This is also alluded to by the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich on the “relationship between two popes” and the consequences of the “false Church of Darkness” that would follow with the dreadful influence it has on the common people. She describes this false Church increasing in size with heretics of every kind coming into the city of Rome. As a consequence faithful traditional Catholics who complain about this state of affairs are persecuted by the members of this great super Apostate Church. This is the most important theme that I spoke about in my previous post regarding Fatima and Garabandal, the idea of the persecution of the Faithful in Christ, or the faithful Remnant Church.

      In my opinion, this “great ecclesiastical event in the Church” is supposed to overshadow the great Miracle in order to diminish the Holy Madonna, the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary’s efforts to combat this apostasy. This is because many apostate Catholics and many non-Catholic Christians (mainly protestants) hate, insult and desecrate what the Holy Madonna stands for.

      Kind regards,
      Domenico Biasi
      F & T in Christ

      • Dear Aviso,

        In my correspondence with you in the blog, “En route for the Garabandal Warning ? Part 4 Fatima”, you made me to think a lot harder. Through this process I have reconsidered what the possible “great ecclesiastical event in the Church” is that is supposed to coincide with the Great Miracle.

        I now want to propose that the “great ecclesiastical event in the Church” may actually be the Consecration of Russia. In the past the attempts made were invalid. It is as if they never happened. This time it will be done correctly, according to Lúcia Santos’ 1929 vision. In 1929 Lúcia Santos experienced a vision in which the Blessed Virgin said that it was God’s will that the Pope, in union with all the Bishops of the world, consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

        Thus, it can be said about the “great ecclesiastical event in the Church”, that Conchita never experienced it in her lifetime.

        Please note, this is only speculation on my part.

        F & T in Christ

      • Dear Domenico,

        I have a question and a comment.
        First: Who said that the Miracle would coincide with a great ecclesiastical event in the Church? Can you provide the precise language?

        I doubt that it will coincide with the consecration of Russia. The consecration is going to be late. We know that. But, does ‘late’ mean not before Russia spread her errors throughout the world, or does ‘late’ mean what it meant to the kings of France, i.e., more than 100 years after heaven made the request? If it is the latter, then it won’t happen until after 2029. In any event, I’m suspicious about calling the consecration of Russia a ‘great ecclesiastical event’. It is from our perspective, but is it from the perspective of the authority of the Church? What would qualify as a ‘great ecclesiastical event?’

        There are other possibilities. 1. A third Vatican Council. (There are rumors that pope Francis is thinking of doing this); This would certainly qualify as a ‘great ecclesiastical event.’ If this is it, the Miracle would happen to prevent any heresy from being proclamated. That makes sense to me, so I lean in favor of this option. 2. The unification of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. Also clearly a ‘great ecclesiastical event.’ But, I think this will happen AFTER the full consecration of Russia, and so I doubt this will coincide with the Miracle. I’m just mentioning it here for completeness.

        I would like to hear what others think might qualify as ‘great ecclesiastical events’.


      • Dear Anthony,

        Aviso has provided information about the “great ecclesiastical event in the Church” in the context of debunking The date of the “Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13 2017 ? REMINDER” in his blog. The web address is:

        Scroll down to the scanned page (page 254 of a book) that Aviso has provided. It states that;

        a) “The great ecclesiastical event and the Miracle will occur, in that order, on the very same day.”
        b) Those “great events” will happen on a singular “Thursday”, though “none of the three great ‘Thursdays’ – Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi and the Ascension of Our Lord – ” as Conchita told Mrs Maria Herrero…

        You can also get this information if you do a google search and access other Garabandal websites. I, myself, prefer to use Aviso’s website first.

        Yes, the Consecration of Russia is going to be late. It means that when the Consecration of Russia is performed, it will not stop the wars that will come and it will not stop the persecution of the Roman Church and many Christians will die. The Pope will be killed too. Refer to the comments that Aviso has made in his blog, “En route for the Garabandal Warning ? Part 4 Fatima”.

        Webpage address is:

        However, at some point a period of peace will come. How long the peace will last is uncertain, but the Book of Revelation in the Bible may hold some clues. I will make some comments about the period of peace to come at a later date. But the point to be made is that the period of peace to come is Our Blessed Lady of Fatima’s promise.

        Regarding the “Errors of Russia”, they have already happened. It is way too late. If you are interested, I will reproduce my ideas about the Errors of Russia that I wrote and sent to (Fatima Network) out of respect and the memory of Nicholas Gruner after his death.

        You raise other interesting issues. From my perspective, I have employed the unified thematic approach, emphasizing the closeness and the relationship that exists between Fatima & Garabandal.

        F & T in Christ

    • Good job Domenico, I of course share your opinion, there is of course some other possible dates than mine, I did not work on any other dates yet,as April 12 2018 looks a strong date to me and related to our Lady of the Revelation, I may have a small hesitation with April 11, 2019 because of Maria Saracco only and because of the next Synod planned for October 2018 which is after my date, to conclude the Probability to have a Great Miracle in 2018 or at the latest in 2019 is to me near 100%, the current Pontificate with 2 Popes is also a strong argument, later looks to me unlikely but possible of course, thanks again.

      • Dear Mick,

        Yes, Conchita will be 80 years old in 2029. In the Western World 80 years and over is a reasonable and realistic age span. Of course, I agree with Aviso that the Miracle will take place a lot sooner. At least I sincerely hope so.

        How does Israel figure into it?

  5. I’m confused. If the warning suppose to happens first and the the miracle. Why every body is talking about the miracle on April 13 2017.
    Today is APRIL 18 2017 and nothing happened. Can anybody explain this?

    • April 13, 2017, as a date for the Miracle was impossible since, as you correctly stated, the Warning must come first and it hasn’t yet.

      The best guess — and it is only a guess, even if an educated one — for the Miracle is April 12, 2018. That is the date that Aviso predicts, and I agree with his analysis.

      Of course, that would place the Warning sometime between now and then. But when?

      Some people are starting to guess that the Warning may occur on the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, i.e., on October 13, 2017. That would comport with an April 12, 2018, date for the Miracle.

      I think most people who have analyzed these things would say that it is highly unlikely that the Warning will occur anytime before October 13, 2017, being that that is often suggested to be the last date of the 100 years given to the Devil. Whether it will occur precisely on October 13, 2017, remains to be seen. The best guess for the date of the Warning is sometime from October 13, 2017, to April 1, 2018.

      I would suggest worrying less about the date of the Warning and being more concerned with the state of your soul at all times, but especially on the date of the Warning. Go to confession and remain in a state of grace, otherwise the Warning that you will receive is not going to be good. It is probably going to be very humbling for all of us, but for those in a state of mortal sin… I don’t want to think about it.

      • Good Comment Anthony, please let me add few words, this Date of April 12, 2018 is my opinion only, my goal was not to find out the exact and possible date of the Garabandal Great Miracle, this date (the good one) has been entrusted by Heaven to one seer only, Conchita and nobody else according to her, so my goal during my own research was more about the Possible Warning year and I finally concluded that the Year 2018 match many different détails I am aware and could be the Year that many are waiting for, simple as that, I must add this explanation in public as the Lady of the Carmel will not be happy with me if I don’t remind to all of you this fact, even if I am right, let me remind you again that in no way anyone in the village or any Garabandal seers had given to me any possible date, for your information, nobody has been able to find out the good date to date, so there is a big chance that it will be my case as well even if time will tell only.

        So as you said, being more concerned with the state of your soul at all times is of course the more important, so thank you again for your reminder.

        Also, for any speculation about the timing related to the Garabandal Prophecies, it’s better to leave this topic to a Garabandalist with experience and knowledge (I am not talking about me) like for example Maria Saraco who already tried but without success than to anyone who has not any link with Garabandal (which is often the case), this discipline has always been in my mind when I tried myself, in other words, facts and facts only then we may get something serious.

  6. St Tarcisius feast is on August 15. Hence the miracle should be on that date (which coincidentally is also Mary’s feast).

  7. Mick,

    Actually, there is a lot of debate going on in scientific circles about the Copernican Principle and whether it is still valid. And, your link basically said that the anisotropies are related to the earth’s motion in space. But that is proven to be false by the following facts:

    Here is the conclusion:
    “unless the earth has moved at three drastically different velocities in two opposite directions (!) during various epochs of cosmological expansion- we cannot rely upon the very thing Zhao says is “well known”- that the CMB dipole is the result of our motion!”

    Here are the facts:

    First, Singal reports in 2011:

    “We determine the peculiar velocity of the solar system relative to the frame of distant radio sources, by studying the anisotropy in the sky brightness from discrete radio sources, i.e., an integrated emission from discrete sources per unit solid angle. Our results give a direction of the velocity vector in agreement with the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) value, but the magnitude (∼ 1600 ± 400 km/s) is ∼ 4 times the CMBR value (369 ± 1 km/s) at a statistically significant (∼ 3σ) level.”

    So, if the CMB dipole measures our motion, why does the radio sky dipole measure our motion along the same direction, but four times faster?

    But wait.

    There’s more.

    Second, Singal published another paper in 2014, reporting an “Extremely large peculiar motion of the solar system detected using redshift distribution of distant quasars“.

    And this one is the killer. Third,

    “We determine the peculiar velocity of the solar system relative to the frame of distant quasars, by studying the dipole anisotropy, if any, in the redshift distribution of a large sample of quasars distributed across the sky. The magnitude of the peculiar velocity thus determined turns out be extremely large (9750 ± 550 km/s; ∼ 3% the speed of light), and is about an order of magnitude larger than the velocity determined from the dipole anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation or the value determined earlier relative to the frame of distant radio sources.”


    Now we have Earth moving at three different velocities, one of them an order of magnitude higher than the other two!

    And, for the clincher:

    “Even the direction of the motion is in a direction nearly opposite to the earlier determinations.”

    So now we have Earth moving at three different velocities in two opposite directions, if we assume that these dipoles actually measure our motion!

    “The large differences in the magnitudes of inferred motion as well as their opposite signs are rather disconcerting. A genuine difference between these velocity vectors would imply highly anisotropic Universe, with anisotropy changing with epoch. This would violate the cosmological principle where the isotropy of the Universe is assumed for all epochs, and which is the basis of modern cosmological models.”

    “Rather disconcerting” indeed.


    • I will reflect on this over a few days but to be honest anyone who puts that much thought into something is OK by me. I wish there were more. It’s still March 2018 though.

  8. Aviso, I have managed to narrow the miracle down to April 2018 2020 or 2022. How can you eliminate the latter two dates? Many thanks.

  9. After reading and thinking some more, I believe that on April 13 – Holy Thursday in 2017, will be THE WARNING and THE END OF TIME – as Jesus prophesied to St Faustina in 1931, He comes first as the King of Mercy, 7 is the end of a period and 8 is the number of infinite. In 2017, both the Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter on the same day (which is once in 4 years), but after they will see the WARNING, all churches will reunite and become ONE, so will celebrate next year at the same time. I realized before that PASSOVER- EASTER is the time when the Jews escaped slavery, enter in a NEW ERA to be free to worship God to prosper and be in good health, same time for Christians, so now must be the same period.
    You are right that the MIRACLE will be on April 12, 2018, but the martyr of the Eucharist is St. Hermenegild, seeing that the feast of St. Tarsicius is August 15.

    St. Hermenegild is particularly fitting as he refused sacrilegious Communion from a heretic bishop, given the Arian heresy denied that Jesus was Divine,and they denied the Trinity.

    First, April 13 is Holy Thursday in 2017, thus commemorates the very institution of the Eucharist by Jesus at the Last Supper. That is an ‘event’ of great importance, as the martyr of the Eucharist died on the very day that the Eucharist was instituted. Second, the priesthood was also instituted on that day, with the Apostles being bishops, Lastly, the martyr died for the Easter feast and Holy Thursday is part of the triduum which leads to Easter.

    As you said, 2017 is also 100 years after 1917 (Fatima), we know that Fatima, Garabandal and Akita are connected, , the 3 Marian Apparitions are what we call eschatological Apparitions in direct connection with the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, from Pope Leo’s Vision of satan 100 years of increased Power, we know that satan had 100 years (and not more) trying to destroy the church, first year is probably the year 1917 and the last year 2017 as it’s in 1917 that Heaven chose to send to us our Lady in Fatima to warn the World as the Church, 1917 is also the Year of the Russian Revolution, an important detail as our Lady of Fatima asked precisely the Consecration to her Immaculate heart of this Country only if not the errors of Russia will spread the errors in the world and this was the case as none of the Pope since 1929 had never consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady in Fatima, a great mistake for all of us and unfortunately this will be paid in blood as confirmed by Padre Pio himself when he said that they will beleive in Garabandal but too late.

    THE WARNING will END THE RULE OF SATAN, after that the Pope will visit Russia and will be the MIRACLE in 12 april 2018.

    So 2018 is also 101 years after Fatima, I said to myself, this number 101 reminds me Akita where the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times between 1975 and 1981 but my question was why the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times, after some research, I am quite sure today that this number of tears from the Mother of God was telling us the number of Years of Mercy we may had before the Judgment of God, 101 cries as 101 years of mercy before the Warning from God.

    April 12, 2018 must be on Thursday and is significant, as Aviso and Raymond Yerks wrote: ” The woman clothed with the sun of the Revelation of St John is well known to be Our Lady of Guadalupe since the 16th Century. Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day is on December 12. Twelve is a significant number. The Woman clothed with the sun is in Chapter 12 and has a crown of 12 stars. Our Lady of the Divine Revelation, the Holy Bible, appeared the first time in Tre Fontane where St Paul was Martyred.”

  10. Couldn’t be that the WARNING will be in March, April or May, and the GREAT MIRACLE on 15 August – the Feast of the Assumption ? Because the feast of St Tarsicius is on the same date.
    Or, from what you wrote about the WARNING, and these words in Fatima in 2010 from Pope Benedict :
    « May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity »​, the WARNING on Aug 15, 2017, with THE ASSUMPTION of those 144.000 – the Church from Revelation of St John , but for the rest of the people of the world will be terrible. I attend Mass at St Tarsicius Church in Framingham, MA, and I was thinking before when I read what the girls said that the Miracle will coincide with the feast of a martyr of the Eucharist, but I knew that St. Tarsicius is in August, just now I realized that is on the FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION. So, this year could be the WARNING, and in spring 2018 could be the GREAT MIRACLE.
    Tarsicius was an acolite or perhaps a deacon at Rome. He was accosted and beaten to death on the Appian Way by a mob while carrying the Eucharist to some Christians in prison. The incident is included in Cardinal Wiseman’s novel “Fabiola”, and Pope Damasus wrote a poem about it. Tarsicius is the patron of first communicants and his feast day is August 15.
    The only positive information concerning this Roman martyr is found in a poem composed in his honour by Pope Damasus (366–384), who compares him to the deacon Saint Stephen and says that, as Stephen was stoned by a crowd, so Tarsicius, carrying the Blessed Sacrament, was attacked by a group and beaten to death.[3]

    Nothing else definite is known concerning Tarsicius. Since Damasus compares him to Stephen, he may have been a deacon; however, a 6th-century account makes him an acolyte.[3] According to one version of the detailed legend that developed later, Tarsicius was a young boy during one of the fierce 3rd-century Roman persecutions, probably during the reign of Emperor Valerian (253–259). One day, he was entrusted with the task of bringing the Eucharist to condemned Christians in prison.[4] He preferred death at the hands of a mob rather than deliver to them the Blessed Sacrament which he was carrying.

    He was originally buried in the Catacombs of San Callisto and the inscription by Damasus was placed later on his tomb.[3] Some time later his relics were moved to the San Silvestro in Capite church in Rome. His feast day is celebrated on 15 August; that day is widely observed as the Feast of the Assumption, therefore he is not mentioned in the General Roman Calendar, but only in the Roman Martyrology.

  11. This is the Pope who will consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, according to a Stigmatist American (Italian immigrant) who has now passed away. Time will tell. We must pray very much for Our Holy Father. Maybe the Media twists his words or doesn’t print the full quotes of Pope Francis, which can change the meaning.

  12. I believe the Warning will be the same week as the miracle. If the warning happens, people are going to start assuming they know the date of the miracle. That’s why I believe the miracle will be announced first, and then the warning will happen within a few days or so……

    • It will certainly be very close otherwise Garabandal will end up with thousands and thousands of pilgrims for the e.g four months or five months before the Miracle in April..

      • I do not agree. I think Our Lady wants there to be as many people there to witness the Miracle as possible. That is why she appeared in a small mountain town with panoramic views. The entire mountainsides could be filled with people. Well over a million people could fit there.

        Therefore, I believe that the Warning will occur with sufficient advance notice to the Miracle that we will be able to get the word out to the whole world when the Miracle will occur.

        If we did not know in advance roughly when the Miracle will take place, then you would be right that soon after the Warning there would be many people going to Garabandal wandering around for months until the Miracle happens. But we DO know roughly when the Miracle will occur: in April, from the 8th to the 16. So, there will be no reason to show up any sooner.

        Our Lady would not want people wasting months wandering around. Many would starve or freeze. That is why she promised to give a specific date 8 days before it occurs. 8 days is enough time to get there from anywhere in the world. So, whoever wants to be there (and has the money for airfare) could be there.

      • Anthony (reply) If the Warning occurred in September Millions would turn up straight after. It is hardly like anything more important will be happening. (A world changing event- oh I am too busy, anyway it’s ages away) Even though we know the miracle is in April they will turn up straight after the warning and wait even for six months. The only way Conchita could prevent this is if the warning and miracle were close together but no one knew the year.

      • Mick,
        People have their own lives to live. What country do you live in? I’m in the US. Around here, people are busy. They won’t hop on a flight and hang out for 6 months. Most don’t have the money to do it. Those that do, don’t have the time.

        And, there are not a million people in the US who have even heard of the Miracle, let alone believe that it will happen. How many, after receiving the Warning, will even know that such a Warning was prophesied at Garabandal or that it has anything to do with a predicted Miracle to come? Most will have absolutely no idea. They will simply be dealing with the revelation of their own souls for 5 minutes (maybe even in the middle of the night) and thinking about what to do about it. Most are not Catholic, have no Catholic sense, and will not even be able to relate the Warning to the fact that it is a Warning from God (it won’t appear on a TV add with the label ‘Warning from God’ attached to it!) nor to any religion let alone the Catholic religion, and of the few that do much fewer will know of Garabandal and the predicted Miracle.

        Those who do know the relation between such a Warning and a future Miracle also know that the Miracle will happen in April. They won’t be taking flights in September. Or December.

        That being said, my guess (and it is only a guess) is that the Warning will happen in the Winter, i.e. possibly as early as November and as late as March. It could happen in March, relatively soon before the Miracle. But I would lean more towards the November-December time frame. Otherwise, it is highly likely that the seers would have said ‘the Miracle happens within the same year as the Warning’ instead of saying ‘the Miracle happens within 12 months of the Warning, but not necessarily the same year’. The latter implies (does not guarantee, but it does imply) that the Warning happens in a different calendar year but within 12 months.

        And so, that would give us time to tell our family and friends to buy tickets for April to witness the greatest miracle since the Resurrection.

        How many of our family and friends will believe us enough to buy the tickets? Sadly, I bet very few. Of those that might entertain the possibility, some would find that other responsibilities prevent them from taking a week off at that time (Mark 4:18-19). Of those who could take a vacation, most would decline when they find out that there are no hotels for people to stay in; that they would have to sleep in a tent on the mountainside for a week; bring their own water and food; bring winter clothing in case it gets cold and rainy, etc. And, look like a fool to their other friends if it does not occur (Mark 4:16-17).

        My sister will probably come with her family because, although she has her doubts, she wouldn’t want to miss it if it were true, and she likes to camp and enjoys a good adventure. Most everyone else I know — and I am counting well into the hundreds — there will be very few.

        I still think that we will be able to get over a million people there. But that is because we will have told tens of millions if not more.

      • Yes I have thought about this. The internet changes everything. After the Warning everyone on earth will have heard of Garabandal and the Miracle within a day. Even Europe will supply a million viewers, maybe even Spain. It will either be a humanitarian disaster or someone had better supply water and sanitation for at least a million people for three or more months. Do you see the problem? The only way this will be OK is if the Warning is very very close to the Miracle. (not three months but three weeks). Either that or it will be far far from OK.

      • Mick,

        I think you are overestimating the ability of a single story to go viral on the internet. Even an incredible one like a future Miracle. Here is proof: the latest in cosmology reveals that the earth is in a special place in the universe, most likely at its very center. If the earth is at the center of the universe, someone must have put it there on purpose. This is as close to scientific proof of the existence of God that you will ever find. But how many people have heard of this? Go to this website if you do not believe me:

        That story has been out now for a couple of years. Yet, there are maybe a million people on the earth who have heard of it. A million isn’t a small number, but it is not a billion, and it is no where near what it should be given the importance of these newly discovered scientific facts.

        Second, there is no way the mainstream media will pick up this story of the Warning and Miracle other than to dismiss it. Just like they did to that truth of cosmology and the movie “The Principle”. Most ignored it. The few that didn’t, were highly critical. So, as far as internet communication of the story, we are speaking of secondary and tertiary websites at best.

        Third, I think you are overestimating the impact of the Warning. All we know is that everyone is going to see themselves the way God sees them for a few minutes. How deep of a penetration this will be into each person’s soul and mind, we do not know. How easy it might be to dismiss as a bad dream, we do not know. How quickly people will forget and go on with their lives, we do not know.

        What we do know is that God has given everyone free will. This means that the Warning will not be so obviously a communication from God that everyone will be forced to believe.

        I’m guessing that the Warning will be similar to becoming convinced by a friend of having done something wrong. People are frequently oblivious to their own sins, particularly the little ones — rudeness, sarcasm, improper assumptions about the behavior of others, gossip, lack of patience, over eating, wasting time on the internet or watching TV, immodest dress, etc. Think of having a friend point out how rude you were to so and so the other day, or having someone say that you shouldn’t dress so provocatively, or that you waste too much time watching TV or surfing the internet. Think of all of these together. Now, think: how many people react well to being told this? How many will develop rationalizations in their own mind?

        Let us take this even further: how many women, when confronted by the evil of their abortion, rationalize it and say that they had no other choice? I can answer that: everyone I ever spoke to about it. Some may cry and admit that what they did was wrong. Some may resolve never to do it again. But others may scream and go crazy at the mere fact that the subject was brought up to their mind and do anything possible to change the subject. When God brings this up in their minds, will they react any differently? And of those who do repent in their hearts, how many will have any idea that this has something to do with a predicted Warning?

        Finally, and most importantly, the state of our souls from God’s perspective is probably so much more wicked than we think that no one is going to want to talk about it after they receive their Warning. And so, it is highly doubtful that people are going to be talking to their friends, and saying: “Hey, did you get some revelation last night where you saw the wickedness of your soul?”

        People are much more likely to keep quiet about it. Many will try to forget; many will forget. Some will go to confession. Weeks, if not months, will go by without much talk of it.

        It will take a while before people communicate enough about it to each other that they will realize that what just happened is “the Warning”. I would guess that people will come to understand that the Warning has happened after priests begin to remark to each other of the increase in the number of confessions, and the greater precision with which people seem to understand the state of their own souls. And, possibly, from people like us who are waiting for the event. We may tell the world what just happened, and how it forsees a future Miracle. And, that will take a few months before it penetrates the minds of millions. And, if from us, we will tell them of the predicted date. They are unlikely to show up much sooner.

        I highly doubt that the Warning is going to be as obvious as you seem to think it will be.


      • Mick,

        Why are you insulting me?

        Ignorant about what?

        You should recognize that insulting people is a sin, not a work of mercy.


  13. Aviso, Fatima, Garabandal & Medjugorje are the same story. And now is the time for people to urgently listen. It is not taken seriously enough, the messages, Our Mother crying to bring us closer to God. Medjugorje is going to be the fulfulment of Fatima and Garabandal, Lourdes,. If you say that Garabandal is only true, then we don;t have the full story, these places are like a book, the Book of Revelation. Don’t deney Medjugorje as you are placeing us in a dangerous situation, of only beleving in Garabandal, Garabandal is one of the lovelist places I have been to, and plan to go there again in May next year, before the Fatima 100 year celebration, then to the greast places of all Medjugorje, the fulfulment of all these places. Mary has to appear in Medjugorje as no one is listening. Aviso, read Mirjana book, “In the end my heart will Truimph”. The children had a terrible time in the 80’s with the communists, Mirjana especially. Also our Pope is a suffering pope, I think he is the one for the fulfulment of Fatima. Don’t critiazise some one you barely know, we all know things aren’t quite right there in Rome. We can only wait and see how events play out. Barbara.

    • Hi Barbara.
      You wrote “Fatima, Garabandal & Medjugorje are the same story”.
      I strongly disagree.
      The late Dominican theologian and world authority on Garabandal; Father Francois Turner has told us, quote: “The Virgin said there would be false apparitions” How do I know this? I was there next to him when he said it. Clearly his comment and that of the Holy Virgin related to alleged Marian apparitions post 1965.
      My advice: proceed with extreme caution.

      • Yes, we must be extremely careful. It is always better to stay with that which we are sure is true than to be drawn to that which may be true. It is something like with the Gospels, we are warned that nothing that is different past them should be paid heed. No matter how attractive, or full of bells-and-whistles it might be. I think as the confusion in the world grows, and has grown, since the late fifties, about what is true both in and out of the Church, the evil one has used holy things, or the veneer of them, to draw good souls away towards what are ultimately hollow things. I make no judgement at all on Medjugorje itself nor its adherents, but there are many “problems” with what has come from there. So I will always revert back instead to what is sure. God and His Holy Mother don’t “keep secrets” from us where it comes to our eternal souls. They do not say “A” for hundreds of years and then all of a sudden “B” is true and forget that it does not jibe with the past. No. The message is consistent through salvation history, maybe only said in fresh ways that are hearable by contemporaries as time goes on, but NEVER a jot or a tittle different from the core truth. ANYTHING that does not fit well with what is known truth is to be shied away from. We need not condemn, we should pray for all. But we must not be snared into grey areas.

    • I agree with Barbara. One should have open brain and heart to understand Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorie is the same story. I also believe wiat Vassula Ryden says. Be careful of judging Pope Francis.

  14. But 2018 it isn’t antes even year. The even years are anterior years. This 2016 is an even year ano the next is 2020

    • Hi Juliette! Can you explain a little more what you mean that the warning is not a even year and is an “antes” – anterior years, and what those are? Thank you!

  15. Hi, Aviso, Thanks for your reply. I was not comparing Medjugorje with Garabandal. When one of the Medjugorje seers asked Our Lady about Garabandal, (a pilgrim asked one of the Medjugorje seers to ask Our Lady about Garabandal ) Our Lady said ‘Do that which I tell you to do Here’. Concerning Maria Cruz, believing in Medjugorje, and how earlier she along with her fellow visionaries denied seeing Our Lady. Remember. Our Lady said there would come a time when you would all deny seeing me, similar to the coming confusion in my Son’s church. I am from New Zealand.

    • Hi Sheila, I was aware about these supposed words from the Gospa of Medjugorje about Garabandal and this is what I keep telling to my Garabandalist friends who could linked Garabandal to Medjugorje despite my warnings for years now, again those are the words of the Gospa in Medjugorje about Garabandal :

      “DO THAT WHICH I TELL YOU TO DO HERE”, in other words do what the Gospa is saying in Medjugorje and not what the Lady of the Carmel said in Garabandal, simple as that, which confirms without any possible doubt that one of these 2 Apparitions is false and we know which one, thanks.

      • See “Medjugorje Revisited” by Donal Foley. These are two very different apparitions and there is nothing to link them

        Aviso, many years ago I was given some Garabandal medals, like relic medals each one has a piece of paper with writing on the back of the medal. I was told that this paper comes from a Missal which was kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal. Do you know anything about this, if it is true? Apparently there are hundreds of these medals in circulation

      • Yes Dennis, this is true as long as the medals are from Garabandal and from Garabandal only, that’s the first question to ask, I mean made in Garabandal and nowhere else, these medals also must be given to anyone for free ONLY, the rest has Nothing to do with Garabandal, this is a gift from the Lady of the Carmel to her Children from all around the World, so for FREE ONLY.

      • APPEARANCES one of the two are false thou hast well said.
        Medjugorie ended in 1987 meditate if you can.

  16. I have met Conchita in 1981.
    Did you know Our Lady told Conchita after 3 Popes will come the End of Time. Witness heard one of the girls say, Ah, the Book will be open. So would not that be the Book of Revelation, the next two Popes are in this time.
    Concerning Padre Pio. He saw the Miracle before he died. His Confrere told Conchita this. And Padre Pio said that the veil that will cover my head in death, give to Conchita. She was given this. When Conchita was writing to a friend shortly after this with the veil in the room, the room was filled with a wonderful fragrance, the fragrance of Heaven.
    Did you know, that 2017 is the 50th Jubilee Year and the forgiving of debts. It is a Super Jubilee Year. Celebrated by the Jews.
    I was reading somewhere, re that 2 BC, when the 3 Wise man followed the Star, it was in fact Venus, and Jupiter so close, that it appeared as one, and at that time shone very very brightly as one star, and it came over Bethlehem.
    2017, Venus will be in front of the Sun, and the Moon will be under it. In the Bible, re The Woman Clothed in the Sun with the Moon at her Feet. I think this will be September/October 2017.
    Mother Marianne, re Our Lady of Good Success, approved by the Vatican. Our Lady appeared in the 16th Century, and told Mother Marianne about the 20th Century and would she be willing to suffer for this Century.
    She was shown that there would be a Correction in the Epic. She was shown the 17th Century, and the Correction was not there. Then she was shown the 18th Century. It was not there. When she was shown the 19th Century, if it comes it will be at the end, or at the latest, owing to an extension of God’s Mercy, 2 decades of the 20th Century will not pass before a Correction in the Epic. We are in this time.
    There was another nun, Sister Jeanne de ? and she said the 3rd nodule of wheat will not have formed in the northern hemisphere, before the great warning. It will neither be in winter or summer, so would that make it Spring. Maybe March 2018, and April 2018 for the Miracle. Maybe. Concerning Medjugorje. Pope John Paul II met Miryana, and spoke favourably about Medjugorje, saying, if I were not Pope, I would have visited there, and Look after Medjugorje. I hold it dear to my Heart.

    When I came back from Medjugorje, I started up a prayer group for Mothers to be. I prayed I would meet and marry, and in Church one day, in front of the statue of Our Lady, there visiting, from another Country, my husband. But that is another story. Your little one looks like my Anna. I used to lay Anna down on bed with a pillow on either side. I had Anna at 41, and Clare at 44.

    • Thank you for your comment Sheila, let me add just few words once and for all :

      No REAL Garabandalist believe or links Garabandal to Medjugorje, impossible simple as that, I know myself the village very well for years, I will not repeat my story with Garabandal again and again but what I can say and this without any possible doubt, being myself very close to different members of the seer’s families, having also the privilege to know one of the seer, Jacinta who was one of my guest for the Baptism of our child last year in Garabandal, I know also some other eyewitnesses of the Apparitions for years, none of them had never endorsed and linked (in public or not) Medjugorje and the Gospa to the Lady of the Carmel, I will not give more détails in public of what I am awarre but I can confirm that the only Garabandal seer who believes in Medjugore is Mari Cruz, the only one who denied seeing the Lady of the Carmel and the apparitions (some told me in the village that’s still the case), Nothing from Conchita, Loli or Jacinta about Medjugorje and be sure that they have been probably asked about it several times, thank you.

  17. I have studied garabandal thoroughly with a fine tooth comb since app 2004! I must say as a Catholic Christian that Father Louis Andreu & Padro pio saint* & Pope Paul 2 & four very young seers ; did not make up this beautiful story* The most powerful reason to believe in this? ” Our blessed mother does NOT lie* The world is at its worst especially with the brutal murder in France of the elderly Catholic priest* I wait patiently and pray to the rosary and in solitude for the warning and miracle everyday* To me our gift of life is the biggest miracle so I do not need to see that to believe* I love our Lord and our blessed mother in heaven* I believe it is very close but these predictions are merely speculation* We will know like a theif in the night the minute the warning hits*

  18. There is a lot of speculation here. Please know that Amalia, Loli’s Sister is not a reliable source of information. In fact, Mari Loli , as an adult, did not have any type of relationship with Amalia , who still lives in town. Just ask anybody from the town and they will confirm this fact.

    • I can’t confirm Mary due To my Respect to Amalia and her husband who are my weeding witnesses but I can confirm that you are well informed, thanks.

  19. Hello Aviso,

    I read parts and skimmed through other parts of your story. I was shown in a 27 minute vision back in December of 1999 that I was going to hell. I had a respectable job making 65 thousand a year with bonuses and a matching 401K with an unbreakable contract that gave me increases in pay, and increases in paid vacation. I had no reason to want to leave this job, but with this vision, I quit my job in 3 weeks time.

    I immediately researched the internet and found Garabandal to be the answer to what happened to me. It is more than 16 years later, and you can only imagine how I have pleaded with GOD to let me know when it is going to happen to all of mankind. Well, 5 years ago at the end of 2011, I had a very vivid dream that the warning was going to take place on November 1. I was not given the year though. The following day, I found an interview that Mari Loli had mentioned that the warning was going to be on an even year. 2012 passed, 2014 passed, and then when this year (2016) began, all my prayers were being answered one by one with my family. Divine Providence seemed to take over, and helped my family and I get through some difficult struggles. The story is amazing, but November 1 was very clear in what GOD showed to me in the dream. I believe it is this year.

    This year could be the warning, but also 2018 could be the warning. One thing is clear to me, because of what happened to me 15 years ago, it is not a matter of “IF” the warning occurs, it is a matter of “WHEN” the warning occurs.

    I will never understand why I was given a glimpse of what the warning is, but I have been preparing myself, my wife and my children for this day ever since it happened to me. Confession, and Mass is the antidote. In Jesus’ Name, deeds of mercy and charity are also needed. In the Diary of Divine Mercy, Jesus says he wants mankind to do things in this order: Deeds, Words and Prayer. I say, “Without good deeds, a person has no good words that can bring about good prayer.”

    Like I said, I do not know the year, but this year seems as good a year as any, just before the 100 year anniversary of Fatima.

    May mankind be blessed in Jesus Christ’s Divine Will, AMEN

    • Your story is very interesting.
      I was not aware of Mari Loli’s mention that the Warning would happen in an even year. I wonder if Aviso can confirm that.

      Your November 1 date, either 2016 or 2018, is not compatible with a 2018 Miracle, however. (The Miracle will take place in April, and within one year of the Warning.) So you and Aviso cannot both be right.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that the Warning was going to take place when it is cold outside. November 1 might qualify, but deeper into the winter I thought fits better. If a 2018 date for the Miracle is correct, and if the Warning must happen in an even year, then an early 2018 date would fit for the Warning: Sometime in January or February perhaps.

      Alternatively, Nov 1, 2018, could be the date of the Warning, (or later that winter) and then the Miracle would take place in April 2019.

      Either seems possible to me.

      Of course, Nov 1, 2016, remains a possibility, but I doubt it. Too soon for a variety of reasons. For one, I think it needs to be more than 100 years after Fatima and the start of the Russian Revolution. We are one year short of that.

    • Hi Reuben,

      Nice Story, you are probably Blessed but I can confirm without a possible doubt, no Garabandal Warning as no Great Miracle in 2016 or in 2017 and always remember, do not wait for the Warning, just be ready, thanks.

      PS : Just between us only, the Great Miracle is probably related to the Woman of the Apocalypse, Chapter 12, called also our Lady of the Revelation.

    • Hi again,

      With Trump winning the election in the USA, I do believe that the world has been given time to reflect. Neither candidate was a very good choice, but I do believe that Trump was the choice over Clinton. Let’s see if like Jonah with the Ninevites, we will be spared. In my opinion, I highly doubt it, but with GOD, everything is possible, and mercy is the key. Maybe many Catholics took advantage of this past Mercy Year like my family did, and accumulated grace to get past 2018 that I truly believe “The Warning” will take place.

      What is in store for this 2017 year? I am doing my rosary every day, adding Saints to every bead to pray with me, for me and to aid all those I ask aid for. I am also praying The Divine Mercy at the 3 o’clock hour. I try to get to daily Mass every day too.

      My oldest son who is 38 years of age, came back to the Catholic church in a special way. Much grace has been given to my family and I, so I am seeing GOD well at work in my life after years of trial and tribulation. My youngest 13 year old son is having a difficult time, but I trust that Jesus will handle him over time. There are small things that my wife and I are correcting with our immediate family. We are doing much to try and please our Lord in every possible way that we can.

      My wife and I are also discussing having Masses said for our relatives to pull them out of purgatory. I truly believe that many prayers are wasted in vain, and would be better said for souls in purgatory. It was revealed to St. Bridget that he who delivers a soul from purgatory has the same merit as if he/she delivered Jesus Christ Himself from captivity. Also St. Thomas of Aquinas said “suffrages for the dead are more agreeable to God than suffrages for the living; because the former stand in more urgent need thereof, not being able to assist themselves, as are the living.” If you think about it, it makes sense to pray for purgatory only, because souls in purgatory understand more what is needed for the world on a spiritual level.

      Anyway, GOD bless you Aviso, and I pray that the souls in purgatory will assist you and all needs for the salvation of each and every soul on your site, in Jesus’ Holy and Eternal Name, AMEN

    • Reuben, Can you please post the video of Mari Loli stating that the Warning will be in an even numbered year? I have only seen a video with Tom Fahy stating such. Thank you.

    • Hello Reuben, Many visionaries have stated that the warning would be in the autumn of the year when the leaves were changing colors. Many people have seen a great spiritual upheaval during that time. That would give us a miracle date of 4/11/19. God Bless!

  20. One thing which puzzles me about this is the mention of Padre Pio, and the prediction that he would see the miracle. Conchita was very surprised when Padre Pio had died before the miracle occurred, but surely she should have more surprised to think that he would have lived to be such a great age, and still be alive when the miracle was due to happen. Padre Pio was aged 81 when he died in 1968, so would be 129 if he were alive today, and we still await the miracle.

    • Hi Sean, reading your comment I am sure and by experience that you are not a faithful of the Lady of the Carmel, anyway I will still reply to it :

      I wrote a full article with facts that no one can deny about Padre Pio and Garabandal, I wrote it mainly for you unfaithful to the Lady of the Carmel as below :

      Conchita had made the same mistake with Joey Lomangino as with Padre Pio, she misinterpreted the words of our Lady, you cannot blame her, that time they were very Young girls having difficulty reading and writting, our Lady did not mean that both of them will see the Great Miracle the D Day but that they will see the Great Miracle only, we have also different testimonies from close Padre Pio’s Friends confirming this fact clearly and objectively, I am open to challenge anyone who could deny it, I am of course aware of some supposed relatives to Saint Pio confirming that this was not the case, they are welcome on my blog and I will be pleased to prove them the contrary with facts as always with me, I can even say that Padre Pio was a very great faithful to the Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal, he called her himself the Lady in white and so on.

      • Hi Aviso, I am just wondering if you have fully understood Sean’s question. I hope you don’t mind me suggesting this – I am very impressed with your knowledge and am very grateful to you for sharing it with us.

        I am a believer in the Garabandal events, and I have great love for Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I made a pilgrimage to Garabandal two months ago.

        But I think this is what Sean is saying: If the Miracle happens in 2018, that is 57 years after it was promised. Conchita KNOWS the exact year of the Miracle…so how did she think, back in 1961, that a very old man (Padre Pio) was going to live another 57 years to see the Miracle?? When Our Lady told her that Padre Pio would see it, why did Conchita not wonder how that would be possible?

        I myself DO believe in it, but I am just saying that I think Sean has a good question. I am sure that there is a very good answer, but it does make us curious, and it is good to ask questions, so that we can get clarification. Just because we ask questions, doesn’t mean we doubt, it just means we want to understand better.

        Thanks you for reading 🙂

      • Susan,

        The answer might be very simple. Conchita was how old when Our Lady told her that Padre Pio would see the miracle? Maybe she just didn’t do the math in her head. Not everyone is mathematically inclined like that.


      • In reply to Susan may I suggest that just as Fr. Luis Maria Andreu SJ saw the Miracle at the time of the Garabandal apparitions (many years before the public event), so too it is likely that Padra Pio saw the Miracle before he died as a favour from heaven. He perhaps could not make this public knowledge because he knew given his popularity, that had he done so he may undermine the Church’s authority, for only She can pronounce authenticity in these things. Whilst many may say this is a convenient excuse, yet if you beleive the events of Garabandal to be true, it is the only logical reason and one requiring faith not evidence.

        God bless

      • Hello Susan.
        You wrote” If the Miracle happens in 2018 that is 57 years after it was promised”. I agree but that is also an odd numbered year – is it not? Maybe time to consider alternatives lest we be caught without any oil in our lamps, or something far worse.

      • Hi Susan, I answered to Sean and I understood clearly his question, it’s also a question often asked to me, so let me be clear again as below :

        Did Conchita lied to us ?

        Aviso : Impossible, I know her aunt myself (the Lady with me on my avatar) who was also her closest confidante during the Appartions, I talk to her and I investigated in the village with some other main Eyewitnesses and I can confirm before God that she knows the Date of the Great Miracle for Sure at 100%, the date realy exist and was given to her via our Lady as she said, I can confirm also that 2 other seers could be aware as well, as few other People in the village but for me Rome is not aware, only few in the Vatican are maybe aware and they are or were probably related to the Congretation of the Doctrine of the Faith, this is the only detail I can give in Public.

        Did some told me that Conchita could have lied ?

        Aviso : Yes, Some told me that she was lying then I investigated and found out that they were lying to me not the Seer, I know these people myself and they are from Garabandal and some were eyewitnesses of the Apparitions, you have to know Garabandal as I know the village to understand fully my reply, Those who are concerned will recognize themselves, my blog being very followed within the Garabandal faithful as in the village

        Do I know the Date myself ?

        Aviso : NO but I tried, please be sure of that and I used my own experience to get a clear reply, some details have been given to me, something related to the Warning and the Great Miracle, the possible gap between both events, probably close according to some sources but the exact year or the exact date, again NO, 2018 is my own date based on my own research, in no way this date should be a fact as indicated on the beginning of this article, many of my Garabandalist Friends (if not most) are not happy with my wish to disclose a possible date online but as they know me, I have also a very good and personnal reason, as they respect me, some of them are afraid that Aviso too, will join the long queue of people who have been wrong for years, some others are also afraid that I could be right, as I said to them, it’s preferable for a Garabandalist to give a possible date (the first one was Maria Saracco without success) than anyone else having no links with the village. Why ? because we have the necessary experience to give a possible time table using our own knowledge based on our good relations with some in the village, simple as that.

        About Padre Pio ?

        As I said to Sean (read my article about this topic), I challenge anyone and preferably close to the Greatest Saint of the Catholic Church (at least to me) Saint Pio to deny my article and facts about him, again he was a great faithfull of the Lady in white in Garabandal, our Lady of the Carmel, was there in bilocution 5 Times according to the Garabandal Archives, welcomed the main Garabandal seer himself wihout adding Joe Lomangino’s personnal story with the Saint, Conchita was surprised of his death not because of his age which she did not knew but because she did not understood the meaning of our Lady “and Padre Pio as well” about the Great Miracle, for your information Conchita did not even knew that time who was Padre Pio, our Lady told it to her, the more important question about Pio, it’s why our Lady of the Carmel chose to talk about him in Garabandal ? if you have the good reply then you probably understood Garabandal, if not then no any possible explanations from me will be satisfied.

        To Conclude, when one of the Greatest Saint of the Catholic Church who fight the devil himself for years confirms to some and between the line the Authenticity of the Lady in White in a small and lost Spanish village then my Friend, you can sleep in Peace, you are in good hands.

      • Why would Our Lady choose to speak about Padre Pio at Garabandal?

        My guess is because he was a Living Crucifix so to speak, he was the Sacrifice of the Mass, Priest and Victim and She came to Garabandal to warn about the coming attacks on the Mass and on the Priesthood

      • Like Sean I have also wondered about this. I wondered if the “original” date of the “miracle” has been changed. It seemed hard to believe if Conchita knew the “date” of the miracle to be past 2016, that She could have thought Padre Pio could possibly have still been alive to see it. That’s why I have always wondered if it has been “postponed”. It would be wonderful to get a confirmation from Conchita that all those years ago, in 1965, the original date of the Miracle given to her was beyond 2017.

  21. Aviso,
    I too have wondered and watch Pope Francis. I have often wondered if he could be more than the false prophet. With the black smoke in the Church itself, which tells me satan himself may well be in the Church or his demons at the very least, and prophecies stating that the anti-Christ will come or may come from inside the Church itself, could Pope Francis be more than just the false prophet? I too know many who dearly love Pope Francis and do not wish to judge him incorrectly only be cautious and on guard but with everything that is happening today all over the world and the Church not even mentioning it or letting the priests mention it, especially from the pulpit, I have to wonder if this could be the reason. Everyone I know, from faithful Catholic to faithful Christian to those who know little of the faith ‘feel’ there is something in the air and in private at least in my part of the world it is all some talk about (including myself). Could this ‘something in the air’ have to do with Pope Francis? You understanding is better than mine so your thoughts on this ‘caution’ I have in regards to Pope Francis would be appreciated.

    • Hi Pat, about your question, let me give my way to get the best possible reply and you are going to see that it’s very simple :

      About Pope Francis and to me, there is 2 or 3 Possible questions only :

      1. Did the Church had any greatest Pope than Pope Francis ?

      2. Did the Church had any worst Pope than Pope Francis ?

      Your reply as for most will be Yes of course the Church had many greatest Popes then for the second question, you will start to doubt as it will be very difficult to find out any Pope worst than him and even if you find someone else (per example Honorius and so on) then there is this last question to have in your mind :

      3. Could the Church have a worst Pope than Pope Francis ?

      Your last reply will be my reply to your question.

      • Thank you Aviso.

        I have been studying the prophesies my whole life and remember fondly studying and sharing these talks with my late Aunt.

        As a Third Order Carmelite I feel Our Lady has brought me to Carmel Herself but the unfolding of the mysteries of the Prophecies are still intriguing to me especially with the way of the world today. It’s as if all Creation is holding its breath knowing something is coming. Something from God alone through Our Lady’s hands.

        I enjoy your blog and find it quite interesting.

        You may hear from me again on one of your posts. Pat

        On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 5:05 PM, Garabandal News wrote:

        > Aviso commented: “Hi Pat, about your question, let me give my way to get > the best possible reply and you are going to see that it’s very simple : > About Pope Francis and to me, there is 2 or 3 Possible questions only : 1. > Did the Church had any greatest Pope than Pope” >

      • Fine Pat, you are welcome here on my blog anytime, let me add just few words for our readers and using your comment :

        If anyone can find out and from a Pope, Something worst than that :

        “And I believe in God, not in Catholic God, there is no Catholic God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my teacher and my Pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my being”

        Then contact me, thanks.

    • Hi Juan, I got this news from Maria Saracco’s friend then confirmed later by few other sources, I wanted to know why Maria thought about the year 2012 as the warning year, during my investigation I found out that Loli confirmed it to few Priests, I checked also in the village but without confirmation, what I know for sure and according to her family, Loli would never lied to a Priest, today I can confirm that the warning year is an even year and probably the year 2018, if it’s not the case then I will join the big group of People who failed but my name is Aviso, probably for a good reason, who knows ? in any case time will tell only but I am confident.

  22. Aviso
    “not in 2017 and probably not in 2023.”
    “Probably not in 2023” doesn’t sound very certain and yet “not in 2017” does.

  23. I think the warning will come in 2016. At various points in the Bible, a time of trial is specified as 3.5 years. You see this in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation with various references to 3.5 years. The three and a half year time is also specified by 42 months (Revelation 11:2) in scripture and also 1290 days….look up these various designations of 3.5 on a website called Bible Hub. With pope Francis at the head of the Church we are almost at 3.25 years. The 3.5 year mark comes up in September, 2016. In the book of Daniel 12:12 it says “From the time that the regular sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. “How blessed is he who keeps waiting and attains to the 1,335 days! “But as for you, go your way to the end; then you will enter into rest and rise again for your allotted portion at the end of the age.”… 1,335 days of his papacy will go to November 7, 2016. the end of the age will conclude with the WARNING to close the great apostasy that has been ongoing in the Church for several decades. This is just my thoughts and I wanted to share them. May God Bless us all and our loved ones.

    • I as well think that 2016 is the WARNING. If you get a chance look at Matt Smith Prophetic Poem. The Holy Spirit lead me to this and the first 7 stanzas have been fulfilled. Get everything out of your life that shouldnt be there because the time soon approaches. God Bless

  24. It’s 2017 2018 or 2023. You can work this out based on , there must be only one Thursday between 8th and 16th and It is not a year with 7th or 17th as a Thursday and therefore not 14th (7th+7) = two Thursdays) or 10th (17th-7) and also it can’t be 8th (as 15th also Thursday) . Neither can it be 9th as the 16th would also be a Thursday.This leaves 11th 12th 13th April. The only years with these Thurdays are 2017 April 13, 2018 April 12th and 2023 April13th.

      • 2023 is too late (and Conchita too old, sorry Conchita) but 2017 and 2018 are both possible. It’s the Reformation anniversary that convinces me.

      • Graham, Conchita will be in her early 70,s in 2023, I don’t think she would take too kindly to being thought of as too old 🙂

      • I think is possible that this EASTER, 4/13-18 could be a SOLAR STORM to produce that FIRE that will not burn our flesh – the WARNING, and “the dead in Christ will rise first” – as St. Paul says, and we will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. See, that’s why Our Lady of Mt Carmel did those exercises – levitation with the visionaries and said for all people to pray the Rosary, go to church, so we receive the energy to do that. that means Joey Lomangino will be raised from the dead and will have new eyes. Some authors say that the Bible has a secret code – we can see the numbers from 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18 correspond exactly with the date for Easter 2017.
        The “voice of the archangel” is St. Micheal – who appeared first to the girls at Garabandal, ” with the sound of the trumpet of God” – or TRUMP -( as is written in the King James version) coincides with the election of Donald Trump to defend Christianity ( many pastors Born-again, Evangelists, Baptists, Catholics, prayed for him, applied their hands over him and anointed him.

        1 Thessalonians 4:13–18
        The Coming of the Lord
        13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, gthat you may not grieve as others do hwho have no hope. 14 For isince we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, GOD WILL BRING with him THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP. 15 For this we declare to you kby a word from the Lord,4 that lwe who are alive, who are left until mthe coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For nthe Lord himself will descend ofrom heaven pwith a cry of command, with the voice of qan archangel, and rwith the sound of the trumpet of God. And sthe dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive, who are left, will be tcaught up together with them uin the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so vwe will always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.

  25. Why say “between the 7th and the 17th but not the 7th or the 17th” rather than just saying “between the 8th and the 16th”

    because April 7-17-17 is easy to remember.

  26. I have read your article and agree with some of your points.. I did however want to know if you believe Pope Francis is the false Prophet or if your opinion has changed? This would help me understand why you chose 2018.

  27. Could you clarify why the year 2017 is “debunked” for the miracle (don’t use even year theory) I have read the above article but your objections do not stand up.

    The above link states that the Angel of Peace appeared to the visionaries in Fatima 3 times in 1915. There are several other websites which state the same thing. If this true, then it is 101 years since the apparitions in Fatima began. 101 years ago this year, 2016. God bless.
    The 100th Anniversary of Fatima being celebrated next year is for the Miracle of the Dancing Sun.

    • On February 13, 2016, Pope Francis met with the Russian Patriarch Kiril, on Communist territory, i.e., Cuba, which we know to be a satellite of Moscow. It also is a Fatima date and the anniversary of the day Pope Benedict left the Vatican. To my way of thinking, this is a fulfillment of the prediction that the Pope would go to Moscow. After all, is not Moscow synonymous with the countries that hold and rule by Her errors? It is also widely believed that the Russian Orthodox Church is under the control of Moscow. Apparently, Moscow has many tentacles. Along with that, we have seen the prediction of an important Synod ending in 2015.Given the state of the world today,including the recent terror attacks in Belgium and the evidence that we are on the verge of WW3, not to mention the appalling persecutions of Catholics throughout the world, the number of abortions, the capitulation of so many countries to the homosexual agenda, etc, I think we can expect the Warning at any time and 2016 could very possibly the year.

      • Hi Cindy.
        An interesting commentary. Clearly the most important thing is to be prepared lest events overtake us when we least expect it.That is the core element of the Holy Virgins Messages.

    • Hi Tereze,

      I am quite sure (99,99%) about my “pronostic” but a mistake is always possible, if it’s in 2016, the only possible date is April 14 but I don’t believe, that’s my opinion only.

      • Please remember that it is what God wants, not what we want. He will bring his hand down on us when most unexpected by us.. Please remember it is Gods choice not ours. We must listen to Our Lady not us humans. The two messages Our Lady brought us even read by St Michael

  29. Cover photograph on ‘GARABANDAL Journal’ November-December issue is similar to my photograph taken during our Australian Garabandal Pilgrimage during June 2015 at Garabandal. The Hidden Valley is mostly shown from my camera.
    Charley Boy

  30. Garabandal Journal November-December 2015 from St Cloud being held by Charles Lawlor, who took a similar Garabandal Photograph showing more of the hidden Valley

  31. Given how many things Conchita got wrong. “3 more Popes”, Whoops, we’re on number 5 now I think. Joey getting his eyesight back (she said this would take place on the day of the great miracle), whoops, Joey is dead. How can we know what else she might have got wrong?

    Perhaps there is no Great Miracle either. Perhaps no warning. Perhaps she misunderstood these also. After all, a specific blind man getting his eyesight miraculously restored on a specific future date is not the sort of thing you misunderstand and mangle THAT badly, is it?

    Was Our Lady speaking in Spanish or Icelandic?

    Conchita also said in an early interview that the events would take place “while my children are still children”. Well they are not that any longer. All of her children are adults now. So that is YET another thing she was wrong about. Given she claims to know the date and year of the miracle, and one can assume is able to do basic arithmetic it should be fairly simple to work out when your youngest child will become an adult.

    An unreliable prophet is no prophet at all. Really, how can God expect anyone who is sane and rational to put any stock in these visions at all given the number of ABJECTLY incorrect prophecies about future events?

    What about when Conchita herself dies? Does that convince you Garabandal visions are false or do you say, “Perhaps she misunderstood her part in it and we can wait for someone else to announce the miracle?” Just how insane and willfully blind are you prepared to be?

    • 1.0 Selective interpretation. Yes, three more Popes – before the end of time. Yes, Joey will get new eyes – at the time of the Great Miracle. Yes, Joey is dead – but only in the physical sense.
      Note that the visionaries while in ecstasy communicated with their vision whom they perceived as ‘very real’ and were surprised to later find out that the onlookers were excluded from seeing or participating in them. This raises a very interesting possibility: that in some profound manner that veil will be lifted for those present in Garabandal for the Great Miracle thus Joey’s real presence with his new eyes will confirm the prophecy as the Holy Virgin promised.
      2.0 Perhaps you are mistaken – too early for any pre-emptive strike at this stage of events.
      3.0 Irrelevant.
      4.0 News to me. I thought her concerns were addressed by The Holy Virgin telling her that by the time of the Warning her children would be grown. The significance of that statement should not be overlooked given the state of the world right now.
      5.0 Pure speculation at this point in time while the main prophecies still await fulfillment.
      6.0 Again speculation as she is still very much alive and under the protection of the Most Holy Virgin and Her Son.

  32. Following personal my conversation with Mari Loli during the 2nd World Garabandal Convention in Canberra, I believe that the Warning and the Great Miracle will fall within the Church Year.

  33. I spoke to Mari Loli while she was with her family at the 2nd World Garabandal Conference. I understand that my own life Special Event ties in with the Garabandal Stories. I believe that the Church Calendar ties in with the events of the Warning and the Miracle at the Nine Pines above Garabandal.

  34. I believe that the Great Miracle at Garabandal may happen on an even year, so this may rule out 2017. This message was heard and confirmed among Garabandal Members. The Pope has not as yes given the special blessing of Russia to the Immaculate Conception. My Email and Facebook Cover Photographs were taken at the Pines during my three days in Garabandal in June 2015

  35. The advise Will be in different year than de Miracle. Probably after the holy year of misericordia. So could be on november of 2016, or december… Conchita said that Will be a very cool night, that Have to be winter

  36. Give of yourself, be Christlike, No man knows the day or the hour, only the father. Find the poor the hopeless and the weak. Give to them, understanding, thru your sacrifice. If we knew the hour, would it truly change our hearts, or those of others?

  37. Also i Have to notice that Hermegild it wasn’t spanish, i am spanish and Hermegild was visigode, that was before Spain.

  38. I disagree in one important point: Father Pesquera said that speaking with Conchita known that the Miracle will be in holy week a holy thursday. The 13 april of 2017 is holy thursday, is algo the 5777 pass over.

    I don’t Know why you said that the year of the Miracle Have to be pair. I never hear that.
    I think that after this holy year Will be the Miracle and could be the advise in the middle of this Hoy year before it finish.

    • Juliette, I am wondering if you could please tell us where we can find that Father Pesquera stated that the Miracle would occur on a Holy Thursday, I have gone through his book, :She Went in Haste to the Mountain” and I have not been able to find that information. Thank you for your help.

  39. Quote Aviso
    I debunked the Rumor that the Pope will go to Russia and on his return the tribulations will start, this Rumor is not in Albrecht Book
    Glenn (
    For those new here who might not know what I am talking about, one of the “Pre-Warning signs ” was the pope returning from a trip to Moscow. Albrecht Weber’s book ( The Finger of God ) contains this statement attributed to Conchita: “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.” [The source for this information was also requested. Mr. Weber responded: “Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on November 14,1965.”]

    Thomas Fahry speaks of the possibility that the warning in accordance with Loli either three weeks or three months to be held before the miracle. This should be regarded with extreme caution (Time: 17.36)

    • The Garabandal News thread, I created years ago on this forum is not under my responsability anymore and became the Garabandal Bookstore only, nothing new there any more, buy any book about Garabandal and you will get approx. the same news .

      About Thomas Fahy video, this is based largely on my own work, just saying.

      • In the second extended German edition of Albrecht Weber’s Book I can not find the statements about the visit of the Pope to Moscow. Unfortunately, I no longer have the earlier version. But there are other sources for this information. As you say, the statements are comparable.
        I ask you to remove the second of the same video Thomas Fahy. Many thanks.
        Your searches are remarkable, many thanks.

      • I read recently that the first edition of the Book of Albrecht Weber did not contain any indication of a papal visit to Moscow. The Pope’s visit to Moscow remains controversial

    • A clarification: “The pope will go to Russia, and after he returns hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.” It is my understanding that this has NOTHING to do with the Warning, and everything to do with the Chastisement (which other prophesies indicate has something to do with a great war between Islam and the ex-Christian nations). It will happen after the Warning and the Miracle.

      And, as Conchita said, there should be a period of time between the Miracle and the Chastisement for people to repent. If they repent, then there won’t be a Chastisement; if they don’t, then the Chastisement will happen.

      How long that period of time will be has not been mentioned as far as I know. But for it to qualify as a ‘period of time’ it would have to be at least 5 years, probably more in the order of 10-20.

      Based on the June 13, 1929, date of Mary telling Sr. Lucia “Now is the time to tell the pope to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart”, and the later comparison between the popes and the kings of France (who didn’t consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, when told to in 1689 by Mary Alacoque, and 100 year later were deposed in 1789), we can only conclude that the Chastisement will begin around 2029. And some predict, based on the above, that the pope will be forced to flee the Vatican on June 13, 2029, and will die in exile a few years later.

      This gives a 11-12 year period between the Warning/Miracle and the Chastisement. That’s sufficient to qualify as a period of time.

  40. Mari Loli could not speak English very well in 1975. The distinction “within 1 year” and “the same year” are classic speech impediment of non-native speakers. Even 1984, she speaks only inadequate English (Time: 6:44) and confirmed (Time: 7:06) very cautious just that 12 months between warning and great wonder.

    Accordingly, it is not certain that the warning has to be done as the Miracle in the same calendar year. Such blurring is negligible. We should always be ready to reverse, buses, prayer. Whether the events are now in an even or odd year soon or only in 10 years, is not critical.

    I have spoken with Albrecht Weber and he was very eloquent. He represented the Millenarisums, which rejects the Church. His view of the Pope are personal and are not the subject of a message of Garabandal.

      • Pope Francis goes his way. Maybe he will be the Pope, who will see the miracle. I can imagine that he will be a pope who could change the most at the best for the faithful. Never Garabandal has spoken of a discarded Pope, but this pope might have to lead mankind through the warning and must lead the converts to faith.

        A very great responsibility. He had to hide, because of the persecution of Christians and has to endure a lot of suffering. That would be the prediction of Garabandal for the Pope. But God would have chosen this Pope. Except it would be the next Pope.

        Albrecht Weber has very great merit for the legacy of Garabandal. He deserves great respect. Albrecht preferred to millenarianism and wants no other pope, but the second coming of Jesus. The Church rejects the millenarianism. But I could tell of an encounter between him and Conchita, which was marked by polite but certain distancing from Conchita and rightly so. Conchita would hardly interpret, but says only what Our Lady told her.

    • God can only love and not condemn….hmm…Pope Francis, let’s go back to Leviticus 24 :10-16 Among the Israelites there was a man born of an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father. This man quarreled publicly with another Israelite and cursed and blasphemed the Lord’s name. So the people brought him to Moses, who kept him in custody till a decision from the Lord should settle the case for them. The Lord then said to Moses, “Take the blasphemer outside the camp, and when all who heard him have laid their hands on his head, let the whole community stone him. Tell the Israelites: Anyone who curses his God shall bear the penalty of his sin; whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death. The whole community shall stone him; alien and native alike must be put to death for blaspheming the Lord’s name.

  41. Stephen is known to be a Medjugorjist, you will never understand all this my good friend Joe. Try to give comments with more interest as you can do it sometimes, thank you.

  42. Hi Joe,

    You are right, I should add :

    I accepted the return of Joe’s poisoned comments

    How is my friend Glenn, I enjoyed reading your thread about Aviso there, if you see Aviso with a lack of Respect to any Garabandalist, let me know, this will never happen with me but my memory is also known to be very good, as usual with you, you bet on the wrong worse.

  43. Dear Aviso.
    Two questions immediately spring to mind:
    1.0 What is the relevance of your analysis to the Garabandal Messages?
    2.0 On whose authority are you permitted to disclose such information as ‘Breaking News’ applicable to Garabandal and therefore acceptable for belief by your readers?
    Furthermore, the speculative nature of your conclusion as: ‘ probably the Year of the Warning’ is confusing to the extent of undermining your credibility. The association of two unapproved apparitions: Garabandal and Akita before final approval by the Church, ( Pope and Magisterium ) is at best questionable and at worst: reckless.
    I have no doubt about your intentions as being sincere however a distinction needs to be made between an opinion verses a valid thesis supported by hard evidence.
    In the present state of confusion within the church and elsewhere responsibility for the determination of purported supernatural events such as apparitions must always rest with the Church. In the case of Garabandal only the Messages conform to traditional Church teaching and are consistent with it. Of itself Garabandal is unique amongst Marian apparitions as it will prove its authenticity by the fulfillment of its own prophecies. No other hidden revelations; years etc, are necessary.
    John AU.

    • Hi John,

      Yes I confirm, this is speculative article as my opinion only, and no one is obliged to read it or to beleive it, I don’t care myself about any popularity or credibility, having nothing to prove to anyone and anymore, if you don’t like,, don’t read, simple as that.
      Akita has been approved by the local Bishop since years, do not wait from any Pope to approve Akita or Garabandal officially, too doom and gloom for any Pope beleiving stil to the so call New Spring of the Church.

      Our Lady did not prohibit Loli to reveal the Warning year but the Church probably, the Great miracle must be reveal 8 days before only as requested by Heaven, the speculative part of Garabandal about the Prophecies are discussed each day in Garabandal and between us, no one had never suggest to me never to talk about it online, most are aware now that the Garabandal messages are the more important, they are indicated on my first page as well, thanks.

      • Hello again Aviso.
        Thank you for your measured reply to my earlier commentary. You are of course correct in drawing attention to the Holy Virgins Messages as the first priority. Interestingly, close examination of their content draws the reader ever deeper into the mystery itself; seeking a rational explanation for that which is beyond human reasoning and intellect. That is the realm of the saints and great doctors of the Church foremost among them, in my opinion, is Saint John of the Cross. I commend his great work: ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ to you and others who might be interested.

  44. I hope you’re wrong about the date Aviso, and may God send us the warning a long time before that so we won’t get all lost in the traps of this “diabolical disorientation”. I believe that the Pope will go soon to Russia, there’s nothing impeding that anymore.

    • Thanks for the link Basto, if confirmed this will be important, we don’t have any confirmation that the Warning will happen just after a Trip of the Pope in Russia just that this trip, indicated in Garabandal only, will be an important sign of the proximity of the Garabandal events, so all will depend when this trip will happen, which month and which year but in any case this is an important news for sure, thanks again.

      • “Putin, who also met his two immediate predecessors, could invite the pope to visit Russia, diplomats said.
        Popes Benedict and John Paul had standing invitations from the Russian government but could not go because they received no matching invitation from the Orthodox Church. Francis would need the same to go to Russia.”

        The recent approach of the Vatican towards the Russian Church gives us an idea of how close a Papal trip to Russia can be because, as I’m saying for a long time, there are no obstacles anymore. Since Francis, in the eyes of the Russians, that old fear from the Catholic Church’s influence – I prefer to call it faith – spreading in their land has disappeared completely.

        Even in the maoist China, the old prejudices related to the Roman Institution are disappearing. These is a new age Aviso. Soon, even Kim Yong-un should be taken by the “mercy”, like the Castro Brothers or Evo Morales.


        Moscow, January 22, Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has said that present-day Russia should build itself around all the good things that made the Soviet era stand out.

        “Whenever we start talking about the Soviet times, some idealize, others demonize them. Yet, was there something that generated those times and that today we can boldly accept and incorporate in our own philosophy of life? There was: solidarity,” the patriarch told the State Duma during its Christmas parliamentary meetings on Thursday.

        We must never forget the achievement of the Soviet people, “and not just the military,” he said.

        “What about those Komsomol members (young Communists) who gathered crops, built the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline railway), without getting awards or privileges in return? It is a sense of teamwork, a sense of desiring to join efforts and do something good for your country,” the Church leader said.

        The idea of unity and continuity of the historical memory, protecting the national heritage against falsifications, against biased misinterpretation of the past reality “must form a base of values for cooperation among political forces,” the patriarch said.

      • Hi Raymond, as I said online, 2018 as the 12 April match the more, Our Lady of the Revelation appeared on April 12 at Tre Fontana, she is the Woman clothed with the sun of Rev.12, according to my information the Woman Clothed with the Sun is linked to the Garabandal Great Miracle, this explains mainly my choice but time will tell only.

      • Hi Aviso, The woman clothed with the sun of the Revelation of St John is well known to be Our Lady of Guadalupe since the 16th Century. Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day is on December 12. Twelve is a significant number. The Woman clothed with the sun is in Chapter 12 and has a crown of 12 stars. Our Lady of the Divine Revelation, the Holy Bible, appeared the first time in Tre Fontane where St Paul was Martyred. According to the historian Mariano Armellini’s writings, St. Paul died decapitated in the Roman town Ad Aquas Salvias, near a pine. The abbey of Tre Fontane is surrounded by pine trees. So I believe there is a connection with the Pines of Garabandal and the date April 12. I agree with you that St Tarcisius is the Holy Martyr of the Eucharist and that April 12, 2018 is a significant date, but seems to me that is pretty soon for the Miracle. If that’s the date of the miracle, means that the Communist Tribulation should start next year. Conchita said that the Pope (True Pope) should visit Moscu before the war breaks out in Europe. Pope Benedict is not going to Moscu, he is not even Pope anymore, it must be Pope Francis or his sucessor. Even father Malachi said the the last Pope will be in control of Satan, but he didn’t said that will be an anti-Pope or a false Pope.

      • Raymond and Aviso,

        Please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that Conchita said that the Chastisement will begin shortly after a pope visits Moscow. For some reason, people are saying that it’s some other Communist Tribulation that occurs even before the Warning.

        Folks, 8 of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto have been adopted by the US government. Most European countries have adopted similar numbers. Atheism and the other errors of Russia have already permeated most of the world. This Communist Tribulation is already upon us. Why do some think that there’s still a long period of Tribulation before the Warning? Why do many think that a pope must visit Russia before this supposed period of tribulation begins, when I thought, and read somewhere, that Conchita was speaking of the Chastisement, not some other additional tribulation that occurs before it, and, which frankly, is already upon us?

  45. Just a comment on the end of the 100 years of Satan in the Vatican…. I believe that the beginning of the 100 years was Our Blessed Mother’s first visit to Fatima in 1913 and that Satan left the Vatican starting in 2013. I believe that Pope Benedict XVI had to retire (Feb. 2013) because the 100 years was over. Therefore, Pope Francis came in to clean house. Pope Francis has also been a victim of misinterpretations by his Cardinals and Bishops whom the Pope disciplined, for misquoting him purposely. This just means that the Pope has more house cleaning to do.

    • Hi Mari, in 1916 was the Angel and in the 1917 the first apparition of our Lady in Fatima, please provide a quote or a link about the first Apparition of our Lady in Fatima in 1913, thanks.

    • Nothing happened in 1913 regarding Fatima. The Angel appeared in 1916 to prepare the children for Our Lady’s first apparition to them on May 13, 1917. I lived there for 2 years.

      • It looks like the best guess for the start of the 100 years is October 13th, 1917, the moment after the Miracle of the Sun ended.

        To claim that the 100 year opportunity of the devil started before Our Lady completed her appearances in Fatima does not make logical sense.

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