Aviso 10 Years

This is what I know and what I have learned during the last 10 years concerning the 3rd Secret of Fatima and the prophecies of Garabandal, I promised this article and despite my current difficulties, private and professional, the article is thus on line as promised, I do not write it with my heart but by duty and to relieve my conscience, it is not a very long article, in 10 Points only with a personal comment, each detail has been verified, it is not speculation but a serious and objective research work of 10 Years and probably not one more.

Fatima May 2017


  1. The Fatima 3rd Secret in 5 Keywords :

Apostasy from the Top

Vatican 2





2.  The Garabandal Prophecies in 5 Keywords :

4 Popes

The Warning

The Great Miracle

End of the Times



3.  The Year 2000 :

Rome discloses the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision but not the Text explaining that Vision,  The secretariat of state led by Cardinal Sodano wants to bury Fatima for ever but The Pope resists, heped by Cardinal Ratzinger


4. The Year 2005 :

Election of Pope Benedict, his Challenger was Cardinal Bergoglio, the chosen candidate of Modernists, those are the wolves inside the Church of which the New Pope Benedict XVI spoke on the day of his election.


5. The Year 2010 :

Pope Benedict in Fatima “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.”, The Consecration of Russia was hoped by the Pope (as the Triumph of the Immaculate can start after the Consecration only) at the latest in 2017 (probably October) to avoid WWIII which is a part of the Secret if the Consecration was not done at time


6. “In Portugal the Dogma of the Faith will be always preserved……..ect………In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world”.”

This is the beginning and the end of the Fatima 3rd Secret, any other alleged Secret that does not include this first and last sentence can not be considered seriously, this is a Fact.


7.  From the first sentence “in Portugal the Dogma of the Faith will be always Preserved….ect…, our Lady explains (in approx. 22 lines) in detail and with simple words to the sheperds, the Vision of the Fatima 3rd Secret, she begins by speaking of Apostasy especially in Rome which will give a bad Council and will change the Mass as the Liturgy, To avoid it, the consecration of Russia must be done at the latest in 1960 if not the Devil will infiltrate the Church, Rome (de facto the World) will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist, Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests will be on the road to hell and will take many souls with them, Bad Popes (but Valid) will be elected, the last one will be dismissed and a new one under the control of satan will be elected then killed, this will be the end of the times of the Apocalypse of Saint John, worse than during the deluge, Fire will fall from the Sky, survivors will envy the dead, Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by God to punish the world, Rome will be destroyed and the Pope will flee “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world”.


8. According to my research, this is the Fatima 3rd Secret with a strong probability


9.  The Year 2013 :

Pope Benedict is dismissed by the devotees of the antichrist inside as outside the Church, de facto the Pope is a prisoner within the Vatican walls, his challenger in 2005 is elected, this is Cardinal Bergoglio, the Pope not canonically elected and under the control of Satan of the 3rd Secret


10. The Vision of the 3rd Secret described WWIII during a Pontificate with 2 Popes.




My Comment : This is it my Friends, between the Year 2017 and the Year 2019 (included) and according to what I am aware as to my personnal research, we will propably live the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision in live, the Garabandal Warning as the Chastisement and finally the Consecration, we (Catholics) are already living the end of the Times since the Year 2013 but the World will understand it the day of the Warning only, as the Consecration of Russia was not done at time, WWIII is to our Door, probably this year 2017, Russia will be pushed toward the War by the same team (mainly from the USA) behind the election of Francis and the Resignation of Pope Benedict BUT we still have a small chance and the Consecration can still be made, of course not by the Apostate but by Benedict, for this only the Russia of Putin can help and still avoid this prophesied drama (The annihilation of many nations, Russia included), Free Benedict from wolves as soon as possible because as some told me,  between Santa Marta and the Garden, someone maybe (probably handsome), can still save his soul and de facto the World.



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  1. Apenas o aviso será em um ano par ou o milagre também será? Os dois eventos ocorrerão exatamente no mesmo ano?

    Only the warning will be in year pair or the miracle will also be? The two events are exactly in the same year?

  2. Hello Ross Brankatelli and other friends of this page, I use google translate, when I was going to translate texts from Portuguese to English (I live in Brazil), but sometimes I had problems with the translation, which translated sometimes to the letter, And there were words that in the translation had more than one meaning depending on the context. Even the google translation does not come out perfect, it is still the only way to communicate with the friends of this page. God bless

  3. O eclipse de agosto ocorre exatamente 33 dias antes de 23 de setembro de 2017 (data do Sinal de Apocalipse 12), começando no 33º estado (Oregon) e terminando na Carolina do Sul no 33º paralelo. Para muitos cristãos ao redor do mundo, ele será um sinal que anuncia a chegada do fim dos tempos e considerando a diferença no numero de dias(33) entre os dois eventos, e a raridade deles ocorrer novamente, é muito difícil achar se trate de coincidência

    • I thought I would make myself useful and give you the English translation of Luan’s Spanish. By the way I used Google Translate for anyone who wants to know::

      The August eclipse occurs exactly 33 days before September 23, 2017 (the date of the Sign of Revelation 12), beginning in the 33rd state (Oregon) and ending in South Carolina in the 33rd parallel. For many Christians around the world, it will be a sign announcing the arrival of the end times and considering the difference in the number of days (33) between the two events, and the rarity of them occurring again, it is very difficult to find if it is coincidence.

      • Thank you Domenico, this is probably a sign from God for the Garabandal Warning, probably to our Door now, when the Schism will be official and related to the Dubia, Francis will reveal himself to the face of the world, in my opinion probably around October, my Friends we are living biblical times, please stay united in any case and within the Catholic Church, when I will get the exact date of the Great Miracle via some friends in the village, I will publish it online but I need your Prayers as well, thank you.

        PS : By the way I am back in France, I had 2 wonderful weeks in Portugal where I should be back soon, I know also that the access to Garabandal will be easier from Portugal than from France, I promise before God that all my readers (between us you are not my readers, you are my Brothers in Christ, without you I am Nothing, please be sure of that) if possible will be at the Pines for the D Day with me, my Mother, your Mother, has been waiting for us for so long, please do not miss the appointment of your Life.

      • Dear Aviso,

        Thank you for your expression of brotherhood.

        I hope that Jesus Christ and Mother Mary will provide a way for me to be at the Pines for the D Day in Garabandal. My life is in their hands.

        F & T in Christ

    • Luan, mio amigo por favora habla en englasia non espanole grazie, Rosario
      Luan, my friend as a favor speak in English, not Spanish thanks, Ross

  4. Se o Papa Francisco não responder a dubia com as 5 perguntas dos 3 cardeais, imagino que poderia haver o começo do cisma previsto para ocorrer durante o tempo do aviso. Seria um grande sinal da proximidade do tempo do aviso e do milagre.

      • I thought I would make myself useful and give you the English translation of Pete’s Spanish. By the way I used Google Translate for anyone who wants to know:

        It looks like this. I can see schism take shape in families and among friends.

        I agree with Pete.

        F & T in Christ

    • I thought I would make myself useful and give you the English translation of Luan’s Spanish. By the way I used Google Translate for anyone who wants to know:

      If Pope Francis did not respond to dubia with the 5 questions of the 3 cardinals, I imagine that there could be the beginning of the schism expected to occur during the time of the warning. It would be a great sign of the closeness of the time of warning and miracle.

  5. I was privately contacted by many (far too many) of you regarding the timing and the year 2029, as for the Year 2017 which I debunked myself online, this year 2029 is too far to be taken seriously, on this, I reconfirm that we will not see the year 2020 without having experienced the Prophecies of Garabandal, I can not be clearer, thank you.

  6. Se não acontecer nada após essa viagem inédita e histórica do Papa a Rússia, e após o sínodo de 2018 (que poderia ser o sínodo do pré aviso) então eu acharei que tudo acontecerá dentro de alguns anos, como em 2029 por exemplo. Talvez isso tudo aconteça quando Bento XVI e a Francisco não estiverem mais vivos.

  7. Dear Sheila Mary,
    Concerning this mystic….there is a connection to Father Sudace and Medjugorije….be careful, Medjugorje ia a hoax!
    The devil always fraudes!Ave Maria

    • Mr. Jochen Gallob
      Be very, very cautious in defining Medjugorje as a hoax, as you might be wrong!
      Many years ago a close contact and parishioner, shared photos of Medjjugorje, with me, there was a veiled woman in the sky.
      This occurred many years before Photoshop was available and these photos were derived from cellulose negatives!
      I really doubt the devil would willingly superimpose a veiled woman in the sky upon these photos!
      The Vatican is very, very reluctant to declare any miracles as is the case for BOTH GARABANDAL and MEDJUGORJE.

      • Dear Mr Ross Brankatelli,

        The issue of Medjugorje has been covered in detail in other posts. I will try to be as succinct as possible.

        The Roman Catholic clergy in the former Yugoslavia (Bishops and Cardinals) who have exhaustively investigated Medjugorje consider it to be a hoax in the most final and strongest terms. The reason that Medjugorje is still talked about is because the lay people want it. This is very sad indeed.

        The reason that Medjugorje is considered to be a hoax is because of the messages that come out from there. The messages contradict:

        1. Jesus Christ’s teachings
        2. The teachings of the Church which are based on Jesus Christ’s teachings
        3. The messages of the other Marian apparitions such as Fatima & Garabandal.

        In short, the messages of Medjugorje are both heretical and apostasy.

        It is for this reason that the supernatural events occurring in Medjugorje do not come from the mother of God, or God or Jesus Christ. This is the conclusion reached after decades of exhaustive investigations,at Yugoslavia and post- Yugoslavia era.

        On the other hand messages of the other Marian apparitions at Fatima, La Salette, Garabandal…etc reinforce the teachings of Jesus Christ in every way. Thus, they are not hoaxes.

        There are political reasons in play since Vatican II as to why Garabandal has not been openly approved by the Church. Having said this, the Church as not condemned Garabandal either and still continues to receive ecclesiastical support at the local level with the Bishop.

        I hope my comments explains the situation as it stands today.

        F & T in Christ

      • I agree with you, Ross. The persecution of Medjugorje by some very active participants of this blog is extremely pathetic.

      • I recommend leaving the discussion about Medjugorje to blogs that invite such given the continuing controversies. After all, this site is predominantly about Garabandal and Fatima.

        Sheila Mary interesting to read your post on Father Sudac. I also have taken some time out to review what is on line concerning this priest. From what I read there are those who consider him a genuine mystic, although, based on what credible evidence I am not entirely sure, (that of course does not detract from the fact he may be as some perceive). And others who question more closely his conduct during the liturgy and also the rather bizarre turn of phrase in the proposed formal assessment of a cross that appears on his forehead, i.e. ‘That it is is not of this World,’ Odd do you not think that the medical profession, that supposedly undertook the assessment, would use such an ambiguous unscientific term to describe the appearance of a mark or tumour on the skin’s surface? I could not find anything that supported his stigmata as being assessed or that it may be genuine or medical evidence of his healing the sick. I have listened to a few of his seminars, which to be honest I have not found particularly inspiring, so I wonder who is he really and why is he? Interesting times though wouldn’t you say!

        God bless Pete

      • Good advice Pete. Discussion about Medjugorje should be limited to those specialized blogs.

        I forgive you Juan for your unjustified attack on me. I will pray for you.

        Sadly, unless you repent and change your attitude, you will be among the multitudes of lost souls heading towards perdition.

        F & T in Christ

        • “The worst attacks on us come from the good people” was a sentence by Saint José María Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei. He suffered a lot of criticisms by catholic priests and bishops, the good people as he referred to them. When I read the very harsh comments about Medjugorje in this blog I remember this sentence, and I wonder: why are these people attacking Medjugorje so ruthlessly? How can they affirm so happily that it is a hoax? My reply to these criticisms is simply “pathetic”, which is not any insult but a token of a real sadness for reading this kind of comments. I thought that a blog like this should unite people sharing a love for Our Lady, but it is not the case. My friend Domenico and the like: leave your persecution against Medjugorje for other places and don’t stain this one devoted to make known the messages of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and attract people to her and ultimately to the Lord. Your words don’t make any good to anyone, and I doubt that help your soul either.
          Domenico, I thank you very for your worries about my eternal perdition for loving Medjugorje. But, please don`t worry about the millions of people who go to Medjugorje and convert, reject sin, go to confession, return to the sacraments, adore Eucharistic Jesus, do fasting, and get healing of soul and some even of body. We can cry “Holy Hoax” if it is really a hoax what made us regain the friendship with God and His Grace. We can tell all of you that we don`t care your lofty considerations, but follow simple words like: pray God, pray the Holy Rosary, fast, confess, adore Jesus. We don`t care about the Medjugorje visionaries or comments of spiritual superiority by all the Medjugorje attackers.
          Domenico, thank you very much for praying for me. I am a sinner and I need your prayers. However, being consecrated to Our Lady as I am, and having handed Her my life and soul, I am confident that She will take me some day (not very far from today) to live with Her eternally. Today, this is my only goal in life.

      • Dear Juan,

        I can see that you are really heartfelt and sincere with your convictions. This will be the last time I will be dragged into discussing Medjugorje, unless Aviso, the owner of this blog invites me to do so.

        If I follow your logic with “The worst attacks on us come from the good people”, then it follows that “The best deeds come from bad people”. Interestingly enough, both statements have ring of truth in them. But it depends on the circumstances and to the context to be able to delve deeper in order to come at a more fundamental understanding of these things.

        For example, the Italian Mafia members can be the most devoted parents and be very loving to their family members. They may even go to church or donate large sums of money to the Church or to charities. Yet, they also engage in murder, child prostitution, kidnappings, slavery, dug trafficking, theft…etc… the list goes on. Now because of the large donations and gifts that charities and the Church receives, these mafia people are considered to be “good” people by the Church and the State. But how do you think God, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary will treat these mafia people in the day of God’s Judgement?

        If the many years of exhaustive investigations from Roman Catholic Priests, Bishops and Cardinals conclude that Medjugorje does not come from God and warn the people to stay away from Medjugorje, yet the people refuse to listen, then why are you attacking m?. My conscience compels me to present the arguments for anyone who will listen. So why don’t you attack the Roman Catholic Priests, Bishops and Cardinals (in short the Church) for making this conclusion??

        I make the analogy of the Italian Mafia with Medjugorje to demonstrate that if the messages coming from Medjugorje are contradictory, confusing and completely against the teachings of Jesus Christ, AND the people have been warned by the decades of investigations from Roman Catholic Priests, Bishops and Cardinals, then how do you think God, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary will treat the devotees of Medjugorje in the day of God’s Judgement?

        In this instance, we will have to agree to disagree. You go your way, I go my way.

        As long as Aviso allows me to make contributions to his blog, I will do so. And I will try to save as many souls as I can before it is too late.

        It is every Christians’ duty and responsibility to be their “Brother’s Keeper”.


        F & T in Christ

      • Hi Ross, my good Friend, Medjugorje is a hoax and from the devil, I said it thousand times online, Garabandal News as Garabandal itself has no possible link with the Gospa of Medjugorje, I have myself many Medjugorjist friends and they all know my position about Medjugorje for years, that does not mean that they are not my Friends if we do not share the same opinion.

        So let’s go back to our main topics, much more important, Garabandal is the continuation of Fatima and Akita ends Garabandal, to me there is not any real and valid main Marian Apparition after Akita (1973), in other words as you all know my English, After Akita Nothing to my knowledge is from the Mother of God, simple as that, thank you.

  8. There is a prophecy from a 13th Century mystic, Werden d’Orante when several Saint’s Feast days fall on certain days of a particular year, (next time this will occur will be 2038), the Angelic Shepherd, with the Cross of redemption on his forehead, travels over the sea to Rome and Great Peace is restored. Google it. Father Sudac from Croatia is an amazing humble priest who has the gift of healing, prophecy, and reading of Souls. He is creating quite a stir. He has a cross on his forehead that Doctors and Scientists say is a not of this World. They tried to heal it, but to no avail. It kept returning. Read also Revelations, about the 4 Angels who have been given authority to harm the earth, but not before they Seal the Servants of God. The Mystic actually mentions Croatia (Dalmatia).

  9. Em 2028 teremos o dia de São Hermenegildo(13 de abril) numa Quinta feira, exatamente um ano antes da passagem do asteróide aphophis num domingo de Páscoa, e como temos sínodo a cada três ou quatro anos, teremos um em 2027/28 que poderia ser o sínodo antes do aviso. Mas também acredito que tudo poderia acontecer antes do fim dessa década.

    In 2028 we will have the day of St. (April 13) in a Thursday, exactly one year before the passage of the asteroid aphophis on Easter Sunday, and as we have synod every three or four years, we will have one in 2027/28 that could be the synod before the warning. But I also believe that everything could happen before the end of this decade.

  10. Eu peço desculpas se a minha postagem tiver erros de tradução, eu acompanho essa pagina aqui do Brasil e faço o possível para me cominicar com outros amigos de GARANBADAL ao redor do mundo. DEUS abençoe vocês. I apologise if my posting has translation errors, I follow this page here of Brazil, and do what I can to communicate with other friends of Garanbadal around the world. God bless you.

  11. Hello Aviso!
    „Deadline 2029“ , I am not sure I am convinced that the planet earth and humans will not exist if life goes on in this way…..blasphemie,abortion no attitude to the eucharyst and so on. But the statement of one from our Garabandal friends will match with the statement of Conchita: She told to Albrecht Weber, that at the time when the chaistesement will arrive she will not be alive.
    God bless you

  12. Algo que eu não entendo sobre a data do aviso e do milagre, é se ela seria num dia específico com dia, mês, e ano marcados, ou se seria numa data que poderia mudar, desde que cumprisse as condições previstas pelos videntes: numa Quinta feira, no mês de abril, e no dia de um santo mártir da Eucaristia. Uma das cinco profecias de Lourdes, descobertas em 1998, previam um castigo para o fim do milênio, assim como várias profecias previam algo para 1999. Pessoalmente eu creio que a data limite pra acontecer seja 13 de Junho de 2029, no Centenário do pedido de Nossa Senhora para consagrar a Rússia .
    Something that I don’t understand about the date of the notice and the miracle, is whether it would be on a specific day to day, month, and year marked, or if it was a date that could change, provided that it complied with the conditions laid down by seers: on a Thursday, in the month of April, and on the day of a holy martyr of the Eucharist. One of the five prophecies of Lourdes, discovered in 1998, was a punishment for the end of the millennium, as well as various prophecies predicted something for 1999. I personally believe that the deadline to happen is 13 June 2029, the Centenary of Our Lady’s request to consecrate Russia

  13. Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Fr Kramer:  Benedict XVI Did Not Renounce The Munus Petrinum
    Facebook 8-13-17
    ” Even in the Vatican, many quietly reject him….”

    Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the munus petrinum; and therefore, the question is, who is the true pope, Francis or Benedict? I have systematically analyzed (as did far more systematically and thoroughly, Canon Law Professor Fr. Stefano Violi) Benedict’s own words, in which he very carefully states his intention to renounce only the petrine ministry, but NOT the petrine munus. Benedict stated explicitly that he received his committment to serve (i.e. the munus) on 19 April 2005, which he said was “for always” and added, “my decision to renounce the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this.” 

    Thus it is clear that Benedict XVI did not validly resign the papacy, since to validly resign the office, the pope must correctly express his intention to renounce his munus: Can. “332 § 2 – Si contingat ut Romanus Pontifex muneri suo renuntiet, ad validitatem requiritur ut renuntiatio libere fiat et rite manifestetur, non vero ut a quopiam acceptetur.” Not only did Benedict not correctly express any intention to renounce his munus, but he expressly stated that his renunciation of the ministry does not revoke his munus. Therefore, he erroneously stated that his renunciation vacates the chair — an invalidating substantial error: “Can. 188 — Renuntiatio ex metu gravi, iniuste incusso, dolo vel errore substantiali aut simoniace facta, ipso iure irrita est.”

    This “substantial error” has created the appearance that two men in papal attire with papal names, and who address each other as “Your Holiness”, share the petrine munus; and therefore it is PATENTLY ABSURD for , the Bergoglians to claim that the election and subsequent “unanimous acceptance”, which resulted from an election conditioned on a defect of intention and an invalidating substantial error; and which is not exclusive, but includes both mens’ claim on the papacy, somehow proves that Bergoglio is the true pope! A plain and simple application of the cited canons proves beyond all shadow of doubt that Benedict’s resignation was invalid, and consequently, he is still the only reigning pope. Bergoglio is the heretic-antipope foretold in the secret of Fatima; and according to the Secret of Fatima, the heretic-antipope will lead the stampede into apostasy.

    read more : http://tradcatknight.blogspot.pt/2017/08/fr-kramer-benedict-xvi-did-not-renounce.html

    My Comment : I do not endorse everything from this site but this comment from Father Kramer via his Facebook page is exactly the real situation of what we are living currently in Rome, confirmed also by Father Gruner between the lines in the attached video, de facto impossible for an invalid Pope to consecrate Russia as requested in Fatima 100 years ago, simple as that, so Francis in Russia, why not ? but for what ? the beginning of tribulations ? in any case Nothing good, on the contrary.

  14. I also believe the war can be avoided if the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary is accomplished., and/or the war can be lessen by by praying and acting, asking priests to ask and pray for peace, consecration as well as the rosary.

    • Dear Aviso and Focuz,

      I do not think that War can be avoided, even if the Consecration of Russia is performed, but it can be shortened. For example, instead of 90% of the world’s population being destroyed, maybe 50 percent will perish.

      Why do I say this? Well, the “errors” of Russia have spread throughout the world already. In fact, the Western World, and also the Church have not only embraced these errors, but they have been institutionalised into our laws and our society. In many ways it is very late as Our Lady of Fatima has stated.

      Consider the murder of Pope John Paul I. He was poisoned after 30 days in his job and the Vatican officials immediately cremated his body so that medical tests could not be performed on the body. Imagine the Pope being cremated! What sacrilege! Every Roman Catholic knows that Catholics are buried when they die. This is because of the doctrine of the Resurrection, where we believe that God will raise us up from the dead. A special Cremation became an acceptable practice in the Church in recent years only.

      It can be argued that one of the first “errors” of Russia is the practice of abortion on demand. It was the first nation under Communism after the Bolshevik Revolution to legalize abortion. It spread to the rest of the Communist nations and then to the Western World like wildfire. This grave error is so pervasive today that even Pope Francis now turns a blind eye to Catholics who have undergone abortions. In his Papal visit to the USA Pope Francis told faithful American Catholics not to protest about abortions anymore.

      The sad reality is that over half a billion and up to one billion unborn babies have been murdered with abortions performed on their mothers. These innocent souls have become saints and martyrs. In the Book Of Revelations, there is a passage that describes killed saints and martyrs asking God to avenge them. Could this refer to the killed unborn babies? God replies that the killed saints and martyrs have to wait a little longer until the number of the saints and martyrs reaches maximum, then God will avenge them. Our Lady of Garabandal said to Conchita that it was reference to abortions that the Cup is not only full but is overflowing.

      Aviso is correct our sins are so grave and so numerous that we cannot avoid punishment. But God in his mercy will shorten the days of his chastisement so that at least some of us will be saved.

      Yes, pray for the good and the bad. Pray for the sick and the dead. There is no substitute for prayer. Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary has shown us the way.

      But also be careful that you are not deceived. There are heretics and apostates everywhere. Be strong and may your faith and fidelity in God and Jesus Christ remain with you for eternity.


      F & T in Christ

  15. eu sou devoto de Garanbadal aqui do Brasil, e tenho duvidas se os eventos finais previstos na aparição são no tempo do anticristo, ou da era de paz, da vitória da igreja prevista nas profecias para antes do anticristo. I am devout of Garanbadal here of Brazil, and I have doubts whether the final events foreseen in the apparition are in the time of the Antichrist, or the era of peace, of the victory of the church foreseen in the prophecies before the Antichrist.

    • The Garabandal seers were told that when the Warning occurs it will announce the beginning of the end of times not the end of the world. As Catholics we believe that the Antichrist is revealed 1335 days before the Second Coming/the end of the world. Therefore, this cannot be the time of the Antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation. So I believe that the Warning and the Miracle will usher in the era of peace (how long it lasts no one knows). In Albrecht Weber’s book (page 255), the pre-warning period is described as a time of great trial for the church when an anti-Pope might appear. So does an anti-Pope really appear prior to the Warning or is the discussion of the Pope being an anti-Pope most profound during this time?

  16. I don’t think we will have WW3, let us pray we don’t! I do think we will have wars in Europe and Middle East involving Russia. I’ll keep praying for everyone. The chastisement is what will be worse than the flood.

    • Hi Focuz, WW3 can be avoid by the Consecration of Russia only, WW3 is the result of our sins and Apostasy within the Church from the Top, WW3 is the beginning of the Chastisement only and Russia is the key, let me use your comment to remind to my readers to be strong, faithful to our faith to the Martyrdom if necessary, the Rosary in one hand and the Faith of the Fathers of the Church in the other one, we must accept and live the Passion of the Church as our Lord did for us, our Lady and Mother of God will be our main Help and comfort, Pray her and do not worry for the rest.

      PS: We need soldiers of Christ not tomorrow but Today and don’t forget my Friends, you are Great.

  17. Dear Aviso and friends of this blog ,
    It seems quite apparent to me that the state of confusion is not just only within the society , but is deeply entrenched within our beautiful Catholic faith and indeed the church itself. What can we possibly go on anymore other than to pray , sacrifice and keep the commandment to Love one another as I ( Christ ) has loved us. And of course go to mass and Eucharistic adoration daily as well as say the rosary and ask God for forgiveness everyday , and try to go to confession weekly , or at least monthly.

    I feel that all of the conjecture of whether or not the new mass is valid is beyond understanding at this time. Indeed as some post and write that the entire Novus order Mass and everything after Vaticanll is invalid , including the sacraments , the priests and all else is extremely disheartening if not down right devastating. I cannot imagine that all the people , all of the church attending mass weekly or daily within the new rite are actually not receiving the Eucharist. We are not validly receiving grace and forgiveness within the confessional ? The mass is not a true sacrifice ?? How could this be true ? I of course feel that we cannot assume that , and indeed if true , would we be culpable of profaning Christ ??

    I think often of my brother who was severely handicapped according to what the textbooks say , and he was not truly capable of sin such as our catechism teaches . However he was the most beautiful man I ever knew and I truly never did see him create any act of sin. He was pure love always and everyday So I have hope that if indeed we are being led astray by all since Vatican ll , that the Good Lord will not hold us accountable. Now of course when solid reasoning and truth is put before us , it is our duty to think and act correctly. I Myself started going to the ” Latin Mass ” which is what we call here the Tridentine Mass on every Sunday about 6 months ago , but attend novus order mass almost daily. However If I could find a closer daily Latin mass , it would be my choice. The Latin Mass is so beautiful and reverent , that it seems beyond me that it was changed to , or that our Church changed the Mass. I am very conflicted as to why something so beautiful would be changed. When I am present at the Latin Mass I can barely hold back tears of complete Joy and at the same time am asking God to please forgive me if I am causing any further wounds within the sacred heart of Jesus by being conflicted of the sacrifice of the new mass which I attend almost daily . I feel so confused. I beg God to show me the truth.

    Look at this ,!, Look at this what confusion is within this papacy ? All in the name of ” mercy ? God / Christ did command mercy , but he also commanded TRUTH. WE are to adhere to the Gospels without flinching. How can we within our church today be confused on the reception of the scarament of THE BODY AND BLOOD ,SOUL AND DIVINITY OF CHRIST ?? Are we ever worthy ? We become worthy when we acknowledge our state of sin and when we claim and state that we are not worthy of Christ coming into our body , but only say the word and I shall be healed. It is not really up to our individual consciences , that we can be in grave sin and still receive. As Saint Paul states quite emphatically that we bring grave sin upon ourselves when we receive while under grave sin. We cannot allow 2000 years of teaching to be redefined!!

    Indeed some here post that they feel that love is the truest way to live and who can possibly argue with that ? However to love such as Christ did means to certainly point out And to call to attention the state of sin within ourselves and indeed to point out to one another when we notice our brethren falling into sin. Of course we should always examine the plank within ones own eye , prior to pointing out the splinter in another’s , but knowing all to well that we all are prone to being hypocritical at times due to the FACT WE ARE ALL SINNERS !

    One scarcely knows anymore who we can listen to within all the various writings of very smart and well educated persons within the church heirarchy .

    I beg God and his Mother to come to us in the form of this WARNING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I however am quite sure I will be made aware of my sin and wounds to God , others and myself will become very apparent. So I do try to examine myself daily and I pray non stop I know it will be painful , but I believe it is the last great act of MERCY , and indeed I pray and remain hopeful that some true clarity will be provided to all of us faithful and unfaithful people of the CATHOILC faith and indeed to all of the world. It will be our last chance. Let us all try to remain humble and loving , and faithful to the Gospel. Let us to try to help each other with Love and kindness , but always truthful. Truthful words can be shared with humility and grace even though they bring about discord and pain to us . I thank you AVISIO , and many others within this blog. Please know that I pray daily for all the world and all of you. I so hope to be able to be in THE PINES , and possibly see our BEAUTIFUL MOTHER MARY. I pray that I am able to look her in the eyes with tears of joy and a contrite heart I know she leads us to her SON , and I ask her daily for this gift. Thank you and God BLESS YOU AVISIO . You are very brave and I hope to meet you soon. Joseph , in California

    • We need to see Our Lady’s words in the Third Secret. However from what we already know Her anger is directed at those who have responsibilities for this crisis namely the Popes. She offers us the Rosary and Her Immaculate Heart as the means to get to Heaven and avoid Hell. No one who trusts Mary is lost.

      Her Immaculate Heart is the Flesh and Blood from which Her Son takes His Body and Blood. I believe that this is at the heart of the Secret when we are warned that a Pope will change the Mass. If we have no Eucharist we turn to the Heart of His Mother to find His Body and Blood.

  18. “No one can stop this warning from arriving at criminal court. Its arrival is certain, although I neither know the day nor the time.” Conchita further remarked that there will be the “split of the spirits.” Further she said in 1998 that she was even afraid of the warning. At the same time she said that she would not be around to experience the court. She could not tell for certain if her children would be alive for it.”p o’
    My comment: These is a statement of Conchita of an interview with Albrecht Weber (R.I.P), which is written down in his book “Garabandal – Finger of God (2nd edition)…… I am not sure concerning the timetable we discuss all the time, read this statement carefully, I personally cannot give a judgement of Pope Francis!
    God bless you and Ave Maria

  19. I believe this Pope is doing his best to show compassion to sinners, but not saying Yes to the sin. By showing Great Compassion and Love he said is the best way to draw souls away from their Hedonistic lifestyle to one of Grace doing the Will of God. The wordly media, twist his words for their own gratification.

    • Dear Sheila Mary,

      I grant that Pope Francis is well intentioned, but he is not a good Pope, nor a good Vicar of Christ, in terms of remaining faithful to Jesus Christs’s teachings which the Church has adopted. Why do I say this? Well, he wants to change Jesus Christ’s teachings in order to to conform to human sinful lifestyles and human thinking. For example, both Church teaching and Christ’s teaching states that marriage is indissoluble. With his Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis is saying that Marriage is not indissoluble, that is, divorce is okay and divorced people can marry again and again and be allowed to receive the sacraments. Well, divorced people who enter into sexual relationships or remarry are committing Adultery according to Jesus Christ’s teachings and Church teachings. In this instance, there are no shades of gray, it is black and white.

      Another consequence of Amoris Laetitia and Pope Francis’ infidelity to Jesus Christ’s teachings is the notion that Gay Marriage is okay, as well as the raising of children in Homosexual households. This thinking is such a serious form of Heresy and Apostasy that the consequence is that it completely destroys the Christian family unit.

      I can understand that Pope Francis is well intentioned with his “compassion to sinners”, The problem is that these people are not asked to change their sinful lifestyles. They are told that they are just fine the way they are. In this scenario, Pope Francis is guaranteeing that that such people will have a good life on Earth, but what Pope Francis will not tell you is that after death such people have actually condemned their souls to the Fires of Hell for infinity.

      Living your life on this Earth is very difficult in terms of remaining faithful to God’s commandments. It is very difficult indeed, it is a struggle, in fact a daily struggle to live the life of a Christian. If you find that you are not struggling and see nothing wrong with Adulterers, Fornicators and Homosexual lifestyles…. then you are not a Christian.

      If Pope Francis does not change his ways with his apostasy, he is leading himself to perdition. The saddest thing of all is that Pope Francis is also leading countless multitudes of Christians to perdition too.

      F & T in Christ

      • Where is Francis coming from? Apparently he read the text of the Third Secret within days of his election and had his pontificate consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima. His personal devotion is to Mary Untier of Knots and the Latin American Madonnas but none of these, only Our Lady of Fatima. And he has practically identified himself with the Bishop clothed in White.
        If current reports are true negotiations are underway for a papal visit to Russia as part of Vatican peace negotiations. Yet situational ethics guide his teaching on Catholic morality and if he has read the Third Secret he knows that the Dogma of the Faith is the object of serious attacks.

        Is he conflicted, devious or actually insane as some have claimed?

  20. Possibly dramatic news. The website EponymousFlower reports today (August 10) that the Vatican is preparing for a “possible” papal visit to Russia. Garabandal followers will be aware that Conchita stated in an interview, during the 1970s, I believe, that “fighting would break out in various parts of Europe” immediately after a Pope visited Russia. This, it would appear, will mark the beginning of the great Tribulation. Other sources have claimed that the Pope will be invited by President Putin to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart in Moscow on the 100th anniversary of the Great Miracle of Fatima – ie October 17 2017. This date is also highly significant for Russians, as it’s within a few weeks of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power and the long persecution of Christianity in the country which the Bolsheviks unleashed.

  21. ‘Confusion and error’ from Catholic leaders may be sign of end times: Cardinal Burke

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, August 8, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — “Confusion, division, and error” within the Catholic Church coming from “shepherds” even at the highest levels indicate that we “may be” in the end times, said U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke in an address in Kentucky.

    The Cardinal, who spoke at the July 22 “Church Teaches Forum” in Louisville, said that, in his opinion, the times “realistically seem to be apocalyptic.” 
    “We are living in most troubled times in the world and also in the Church,” he said.

    Read more : https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/confusion-division-in-church-shows-we-may-be-in-the-end-times-cardinal-burk

    My Comment : No Comment.

  22. Aviso just to clarify my posts I see that White Light and the Bishop in White are not the same pope and that the first is good and the last is evil

  23. Hi Aviso

    I’m reflecting on the fate of Pope John Paul I and that he is not one of the 4 Bad Popes of the Third Secret. It is known that in 1977 Albino Luciani (White Light) went to Coimbra to see Sr Lucia and that afterwards he told his brother “The Secret- it is terrible “. Some say Sr Lucia asked to see him and told him he would wear the crown of thorns for 33 days (not the Papal Tiara?)
    And that when he died she told her priest nephew that it was murder.

    If he is named in the Third Secret as White Light (in Portuguese) she would surely have made the connection.

    • I am an old lady and I remember vividly when the news of the death of Pope John Paul I came across the radio. In my heart I felt very strongly that he was murdered. I know you can’t go on feelings all the time, but there you are.

  24. Hi Pete

    Yes I think if you look at the situation it seems we really are in the End Times. Of course we don’t have Our Lady’s words but Aviso’s research brings it all together. I’m reminded of Michele de la Sainte Trinite’s Third Secret of Fatima referring the Apocalypse of St John and the Lamb with two horns ( Bishops mitre) and the one who sits in the Holy Place “giving himself out as if he were God” The False Prophet

  25. Summer 2003

    The Fatima 3rd Secret and the antipope :

    In his letter to Professor Baumgartner, Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi revealed: “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.” This corresponds to what is revealed in the Book of Lamentations: “The kings of the earth and all the inhabitants of the world, would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy should enter in by the gates of Jerusalem.” What is foretold is that the partisans of the devil will occupy the Roman Curia under a Masonic antipope.

    In 1998, the late Father Malachi Martin stated on the Art Bell Show that, while he was secretary to Cardinal Bea, he was given to read the Third Secret of Fatima in early February 1960, which he described as written on a single sheet of paper. He stated that Our Lady’s words were very dry and specific and they foretold of a future “pope” — an imposter who would usurp the See of Rome while being completely under the control of the devil. Thus, the Third Secret of Fatima reveals the “mystery of iniquity” (2 Thess. 2:7): The counterfeit “Catholic” Church — the counter-church, the anti-church — the mystery of the dragon, whose tail swept down a third of the “stars of Heaven”, i.e. one third of the Catholic hierarchy under the leadership of a heretical antipope.

    This is what Pope John Paul II has cryptically revealed concerning the Third Secret on May 13, 2000: “The message of Fatima is a call to conversion, alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the ‘dragon’ whose ‘tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven, and cast them to the earth’ (Apoc. 12:4).”

    When I spoke with Father Malachi Martin about the heretical antipope of the apostasy in the Third Secret, Father Malachi’s response was, “Were it only that.” The antipope and his apostate collaborators will be (as Sister Lucy calls them) partisans of the devil (os partidarios do demonio) “who work for evil and fear nothing.”1 It is these “partisans of the devil” who constitute the “third of the stars of Heaven” swept down by the tail of the dragon. These men who masquerade as ‘Catholic’ clergy are secret members of the sect and are consecrated to the devil. They will gain control over the Vatican apparatus and establish the ‘Catholic’ branch of a new ecumenical world religion. Their counterfeit ‘church’ will be Catholic in name only. It will form the ‘Catholic’ part of the established and compulsory religion of the New World Order. True Catholicism will be outlawed, and the remnant of faithful Catholics will be subjected to the most ferocious persecution that there will have ever been in the history of the world.

    Read More : http://www.fatimacrusader.com/cr74/cr74pg48.asp

    My Comment : As we can read in this article written 14 years ago, we know for sure and via Malachi Martin (and some other sources, which I will give later) who read himself the Fatima 3rd Secret, that the content of the Secret speaks also of an antipope, my work was to check this important detail with all the necessary objectivity as it’s a very sensitive subject and I can conclude as indicated in my own article, unfortunately this is indeed the case, soon more.

    • Hi Aviso.

      It seems John Paul II was able to hold back the anti-church until his death, refusing the pressure to resign and hence Benedict XVI was elected. At least in 2000 he was able to warn us about the Bishop in White and the dragon dragging down one third of the hierarchy.

      Everything fits together with where we are since 2013 and the takeover by Bergolio and friends. The antipope and followers on the road to hell taking many souls with them (Amoris Latiae?) The Apostacy from the Top.

      • Reminds me of St Paul’s statement that the Apostacy will ocurr once the one who restrains has been removed, probably Benedict XVI

        God bless

  26. Many questions, in private as online, sorry for my late replies, currently in Portugal, I am open to give more details depend of the questions, many are related to WWIII so let me start about this topic as below :

    Pope Francis warns of World War III

    My Comment : oh oh ! what’s going on ? Francis talking of WWIII but why and how he knows ? he said also that he may have few years only to live,oh oh ! this is even more Strange so again why ? is it a wish from an old man or a Prophecy ? soon more, stay tuned.

    • Dear Aviso,

      I think Pope Francis was only mocking. He is not a believer of Fatima, Garabandal…etc. He is just having one big laugh at our expense.

      The irony is that he probably does have a little time to live and that WWIII will happen… Life if funny that way.

      F & T in Christ

      • Hi Domenico my Friend, what I can add, Francis read the Secret given to him by Pope Benedict probably 1 or 2 days after his election, this is why he talked about WWIII and then concluded that he had probably few years to live only (4 or 5 years according to him, in other words thank you for the news), when he read about the antipope, he of course could not believe it was him (the famous “Under the control of satan” effect) but to be sure, he asked nevertheless that his pontificate be consecrated to our Lady of Fatima (not to our Lady of La Salette, our Lady of Lourdes, our Lady of Guadalupe…etc….but to our Lady of Fatima only, thanks again to Francis and of course to the Holy Spirit), which is a first for a Pope since 1917 (probably his first mistake), what he did few days after his election only, my job was to know If the Pope of the Secret was Francis, unfortunately I can confirm it without any doubt possible.

      • Dear Aviso,

        Thank you for your assessment.

        You know, if Pope Francis really believed that he has a short time to live and that WWWIII will breakout, he would have performed the Consecration of Russia already. But he didn’t. This is evidence that he does not believe.

        Otherwise, if he did believe and still does not Consecrate Russia, then he would be one lousy kind of human being, This is because it would indicate he does not care that the World could be involved in a nuclear holocaust,

        What do you think?

        F & T in Christ

  27. Aviso, Our Lady names the 4 bad Popes? (The Snake who calls the evil Council and the Chameleon who changes the Mass) including John Paul II and Benedict XVI ? (John Paul I is not included)

    • Hi Dennis, this is a very sensitive topic and I will not be able to give more détails or my full opinion in public, what I can say our Lady probably named few Popes, from John XXIII to the curent one probably as well, now we have some details indicating a very angry Mother with some Vicars of his Son, we must always remember that one of these Vicars is killed in the Vision of the 3rd Secret, I am saying killed not murdered, which is not the same at all and de facto a possible reply to your question.

      Regarding your question and the handsome man, in my opinion I think so, if the Warning and the Chastisement are within the Fatima 3rd Secret, Yes as well, about the Timing ? this is a very difficult topic, my timing is based on my own work as on some details related to Garabandal, de facto I am quite confident even if a mistake of few months could always be possible, I am saying few months only and not Years, to conclude and in few words, our last Hope is Benedict and Putin, this is my conviction, both can still save the World, the last one was Benedict XV and to me the next one should be Benedict XVI, both Popes are or were linked to Fatima, thanks.

      • Thanks Aviso, I appreciate the sensitivity and you are to be commended for your bravery in publishing your research and giving us what is very likely close to the text of the 3rd Secret. You have done great work for the Blessed Mother.

        Very interesting that Benedict XV and Karl von Hapsburg (now saint) where hope for the world in the Great War and now Benedict XVI. And Francis as The Bishop in White. The time scale must surely be short. I’m impressed by the sinister photo to this post taken at Fatima in May and Our Lady’s words about the last pope being under the control of Satan. As if Lucifer is rising higher than the Woman Clothed with the Sun. She is surely angry. Fire will fall from Heaven.

  28. To David. perhaps you need to be a little more considered in your responses before you decide to write and publicise your opinions and instructions to others. If you knew me or had even bothered to read my many contributions to this blog, then you would have realised I was being satirical and thus you would have made a more informed judgment and not leapt to such an absurd conclusion about me.

    God bless you and your enthusiasm David

  29. The famous Catholic Mystic, also a special acquaintance of Saint Padre Pio , Maria Esperanza. said the Core of the earth is imbalanced. She also said things will start to happen first in her own beloved country, Venezuela. Riots, Hunger etc. I believe part of the 3rd Secret of Fatima concerning the Flaming Sword, the point of which was about to touch the earth, (Our Lady, in her brightness was able to withdraw it for the time being). The Angel called out Penance, Penance, Penance. Three times. It depends on us. If we do not, Our Lady can no longer hold back Jesus’ arm. The Great Earthquake will occur. Sixth Seal mentioned in the Bible, Revelation will occur. Scientists have said there are pillars of fire in the core of the earth, and that is mentioned in the Bible. Maybe these will wobble. There is a good priest who was shown the coming era of Peace. In this period of peace, he was shown Poland. He said his beloved Poland had become a temperate climate. Does this all add up to a Pole shift, after the Great Earthquake, where our Earth’s Axis will go from 23.? to rotating but not on it’s axis. Jacinta of Fatima mentioned to Mother Godinho, the sky will become white.

  30. I read recently that a Stigmatist American of Italian birth, Joe ?, forgotten his full name, was asked will a Pope consecrate Russia. Will it be this one. At the time Saint Pope John Paul II was Pope. No, not this one. Nor the next. But the one after. Interesting.

  31. Did you know Saint Padre Pio new the Third Secret of Fatima, and said to the famous Roman Exorcist, Father Amorth, (Father Amorth new Saint Padre Pio for 26 years,). concerning the Third Secret of Fatima, “It is satan who has been introduced into the bosom of the church and within a very short time will come to rule a false church”. Please get hold of the book ‘The Best Kept Secret of Fatima’ by Jose Maria Zavala’. There was an interview with the famous deceased Roman Exorcist, Father Amorth, conducted by the same Jose Maria Zavala and in this interview, Father Amorth revealed what Padre Pio told him concerning the Third Secret of Fatima. Father Amorth came to the conclusion that the consecration was not done according to Our Lady’s request . The supposedly letter waved by Cardinal Bertone, was not shown around but just waved in front of the crowd which Father said was suspicious. Anyway google IP5onePeter. You can read article there. Also pray to Saint Padre Pio for your wife’s conversion. He is a very powerful intercessor before Our Lord, as he suffered terribly for 50 plus years.

  32. My advice to you all because my departure is near, anyone (whether it is a faithful, a Prelate, a media or a website) calling Francis : Holy Father or the Pope, is already himself or itself (often without knowing it) on the road to Perdition, Pray for them but be also on your guard, those are blind men guiding other blind men of which Sister Lucia of Fatima spoke, the so called Diabolical Disorientation, you will easily recognize them as soon as they name Francis the Pope or the Holy Father, for example :

    You chat with another Catholic :

    You : What do you think of Francis ?
    Him : You mean, the Pope, the Holy Father !
    You : Yes
    Him : Well…..ect….
    You : follow my advice and be on your guard.

    The same with a media or a Catholic Website and so on :

    You : You are reading your favorite Catholic Website as each day, after 4 years with Francis, you can read on your website, the author talking about the last heresies of Francis so you feel in good hands but the author or owner of your favorite site, still call him : The Pope or the Holy Father well follow my advice and be on your guard as well, again those are blind men guiding other blind men, if after 4 Years they still cannot see then it’s already too late at best or suspicious at worst, stay safe and be strong, we are close.

    • Beware excommunication. See the latest article on One Peter 5, Colombian Professor Criticizes Pope Francis, Declared Excommunicated
      God bless Pete. Glad to see you back Aviso.

      • Beware from what? We don’t have to follow a heretic. “Rome will lose the faith, and become the seat of the Antichrist” Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests will be on the road to hell and will take many souls with them”! Why don’t you OBEY to our Lady? We have got so many warnings from heaven and people like you don’t wan to believe. That’s your choice but leave us alone with your stupid reasoning!

      • Dear Pete and David,

        The threat of excommunication is a real one, even with a heretic in charge. This is because even “good” priests and bishops will obey “Pope” (Bishop) Francis at the local level.

        My biggest fear hypothetically is that my local parish priest would obey an excommunication order and hypothetically prevent me from receiving the Eucharist. The main reason I go to Mass is to receive the Eucharist, the sermon is just incidental. This is because the quality of the sermon is dependent on whether the priest is influenced by and blindly follows orders from the Vatican, or not, even if the orders are heretical.

        Don’t underestimate the power of the wolves in the Vatican for making trouble and ruining people’s lives. The deceased Fatima Priest Father Nicholas Gruner is an example of this.

        Having said this, if I was excommunicated for upholding Jesus Christ’s teachings, then so be it. But I would search for a priest with a good conscience to give me the Eucharist.

        David, make peace with Pete. Pete meant no harm with his comments.

        F & T in Christ

      • Thanks Pete my Good Friend, I am currently in Portugal so not online at lot, anyway I read your link and of course not surprised, between us, to be excommunicated by Francis or his team, will be to me a Great Honor but this will never happen, we keep in touch.

        PS : I confirm also that Pete is probably one my greatest reader and Friend, de facto he and his family have my Greatest Respect as my Prayers, thanks.

  33. Let me Thank also and for the first time in Public, My Donors, Your donations help me to keep this blog online and reward my work, which gives me a certain peace of mind and a certain courage, I accept the humiliation (as a divorce) and I am open to talk about it online (by the way I was surprised to learn in your private emails that some of you, mostly Catholics Men, are living or lived the same Cross) as it’s good for my Humility but a soldier of Christ even on his knees has the right also to keep his honor, so thank you again, you are Great.

  34. Father Joseph (french) is no stranger to our readers. He is the Roman theologian who teaches at the Pontifical College of the Teresianum. His theological reflections on the message of Fatima have been published in a number of journals. Here we reproduce a most important part of his talk given at Fatima on October 12, 1981.

    “We have considered the warning so far with reference to what it says about sin. But we must remember that the Virgin also spoke of war. In 1917 She foretold the peace of 1918; She also foretold the war of 1939-45; what followed was the famous third part of the message which remains a secret. We do not know what it contains. But certain precise clues, which I shall refer to later, and above all the internal logic of what we do know allow us to guess with some assurance that this third part of the secret could be the foretelling of a third world war: simply because atheism had not ceased to spread, especially by the action of Communist Russia, because Mary’s requests have not been heeded”

    Read More :

    My Comment : The book of Genesis tells us that 100 years transpired from the time that God told Noah to build an Ark to the day of the Deluge.

    • So the Warning is included under the reference to the Apocalypse of St John. Everything happens quickly if the fire that falls from Heaven that destroys Rome (after the Bishop in white is killed? ) is the Chastisement and the Benedict flees Rome ( by the help of Bishop Ganswein?)

  35. Dear Aviso,

    You have written a concise and informative account. My own private research that goes back since a decade ago confirms your conclusion about the Fatima 3rd Secret.

    I have also drawn other additional conclusions based on Biblical studies that indicates to me that nobody is innocent in this World. All are guilty. The guilt only differs in different contexts of the major players involved.

    Consider this Aviso, in my opinion the Consecration of Russia is designed to serve three goals:

    1) To convert Russia and erase her errors.

    2) As a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the Western World (including the Papacy & Vatican), because the Western World has embraced Russia’s errors and is unrepentant.

    3) To change the bad path that Humanity has chosen in order to bring it in line with God’s laws in Heaven. Remember the Lord’s prayer? Here is an excerpt and pay close attention to the section with uppercase letters:

    “Our Father who art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be thy name;
    Thy kingdom come

    I wish you good health and a happy disposition Aviso.

    F & T in Christ

  36. Aviso, I am so sorry for your personal difficulties! I pray for your family! Thank you for all your hard work! I have followed
    you for a long time and feel like we are family . I hope to meet you one day in Garabandal!

    • No David, too late, the Warning will not be explained by science, your link speaks of an astronomical event discovered Years before its impact, compared to the prophesied Warning from God, this event of your link will be a joke, I therefore suggest to our scientific/astronomer friends to look rather towards September/October 2017, thank you.

      • Monsieur Aviso
        Bon jour!
        About a month ago, I sent you a similar weblink article on the binary twin-star KIC 9832227 which is predicted to collide on March 14 – 15, 2022. When I sent you that article, I fully thought that date would trigger the Garabandal Warning, as Conchita said several times that the Warning would be like two stars colliding together, but not falling down to the earth.
        However, in the past few weeks, I have reconsidered this matter and now see some problems with this date for the Warning.
        We know a few more specifics on the Garabandal Miracle, which is to follow the Warning within a year thereafter.
        Well, if the Warning was to occur on March 14 – 15, 2022, then the Garabandal Miracle would have to occur on April 14, 2022.
        That date on April 14, 2022 falls on Holy Thursday, and your research study suggests that the Garabandal Miracle can’t be on a Holy Thursday. When the noted astronomers predicted the twin star KIC 9832227 collision to occur on March 14 -15 2022, they gave themselves a plus or minus tolerance of six months, so with that tolerance at its’ maximum, would push the Garabandal Warning to September 14 – 15, 2022 and then the Garabandal Miracle. Miracle would have to occur on April 13, 2023, which I think is way too far away from right now, essentially almost six years away

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