Fatima and My final Battle/Miracle ?

20 June 2017

The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, Sister Lucia added, because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. And then she concluded: however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.



My Comment : Yes my Friends, as I said online several times, I also owe you the Truth as I am currently living myself and for almost 1 Year now, this Terrible Prophecy from Sister Lucia of Fatima, in other words, The devil is attacking my marriage day after day without respite, a Very Heavy Cross that I have to Carry, the Rosary in my Hand.

It looks that my work on Fatima as my marriage in Garabandal and probably my Blog, do not please him, my wife who is not Catholic, asked me to divorce for months now, which of course I refused, she would like also to take from me our 2 Children, the first one is 10 and the last one is 2 only, both are Baptized, the first one in France and the last one in Garabandal, this is it my Friends but I was ashamed to talk about it in Public and kept this Cross in my Prayers only.

I asked 2 different Priests for advice, 1 giving the Traditional Mass only and 1 giving the Novus Ordo Mass only, the 2 Priests agree, my Marriage was valid even with a non Catholic (as I was hoping to cancel this Marriage) and I was right to refuse the Divorce, they also confirmed to me (I talked to them about my Blog as about Fatima) that this is probably a direct Attack from the devil, the Traditional Priest reminding me the Terrible Prophecy of Sister Lucia, the Novus Ordo Priest reminding me that I must fight for the Children.

My wife do not talk to me for months, we are living in the same house, she sometimes says hello but never smile, she keep reminding me her wish to divorce at least once a week, our 2 Children are destabilized especially the oldest one, she often remind me with her tears of Child, Father I am Praying my Rosary week after week but Nothing change, Father please explain me why ? My last child often smiles at me, she just starts talking and often tells me she loves me as she loves her Mother and so on, this is my friends my Daily life for almost 1 Year, a terrible nightmare to which without my faith and Probably your Prayers, I will never have survived.

They are going on Holiday this summer without me as she refused my presence, She promised to bring me the children back but she does not know yet if she will return, She asked me to help her by begging me again and again to accept the Divorce.

So, This is my Friends what I can call me too, Fatima and my Final Battle, I am sorry for the bad News,  Please Pray for me, Pray for us, thank you.



11 July 2017

Fatima and My final Battle Update

I am sorry to inform you that I accepted the divorce, the situation was unbearable for the children, so I did it for them and especially for them.

I no longer recognize my wife, I feel like talking to a ghost yet Jacinta of Garabandal had to pray for her and her conversion, it was a personal request that had been made to her the day of my weeding in Garabandal and she had accepted, Unfortunately even her prayers, mine and yours were not enough, de facto Heaven did not blessed this Marriage and probably is not happy with my Apostolate, the Result is a divorce, 2 children completely disoriented, a husband betrayed and on his knees, I do not even have the strength to work for the moment, so I give up everything and stop my Apostolate NOW, I am going to change my life completely, she will get the Children as any women today, This is how Heaven thanked me, so I leave you with Pope Francis and his cohort, if anyone can help, you still have the Donate Button, in any case I have never been a man of money and will never be, the Blog will stay online until the Garabandal Warning but without any new article from me, so you will be able to comment but wihout my moderation, thank you.


Pray for me so that I do not lose faith as well.


21 August 2017

Fatima and My final Battle Update 2



My second daughter Baptized in Garabandal with Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and my Wife, I dedicated her Baptism to our Lady of the Mount Carmel to thank her again for my own Conversion


Maybe a good News soon, I said maybe only, your prayers are of a strength that myself I can not believe yet, please do not stop ! my friends you are Great, please be sure of that, thank you again.


26 August 2017

Fatima and My final Battle/Miracle ?

My Friends, my Divorce is canceled, my wife changed her mind, to me this is already a Miracle as the situation was hopeless, so let me thank first of all, our Lady of the Mount Carmel and our Lord as they married us in their village of Garabandal few years ago then all of you of course for your Prayers from day 1 to date, this does not mean that the relations with my wife will be as before but we have avoided the divorce (Scheduled for Sept 15) and this is already a victory, our victory my Friends, thank you again, you are Great.

Kissed Cross

A Cross kissed by our Lady of the Mount Carmel given to Amalia by Loli her sister and with me sometimes during my stays in Garabandal because of my good relations with Loli’s Family, this rare Cross can be venerated online as well.








50 thoughts on “Fatima and My final Battle/Miracle ?

  1. Dear Aviso,
    Very goog news, thanks to God.
    Remember what I highlight on 22th of August on this blog.
    “With the rosary you can solve all your problems“.
    Ave Maria

  2. Very relieved and happy for you both and your children, a step, one of many for sure, patience and gentleness my friend and in time complete healing and renewal.

    God bless you both

  3. Dear Aviso,

    I am happy for your good news. You are my good on-line friend. I know that these are baby steps, but good steps nevertheless. I will light a candle for you and your family when I go to Mass tonight (which is now). God Bless.

    F & T in Christ

  4. Aviso- wonderful news! Thanks be to God! We continue to keep you and your family in prayer. Please keep us in Texas in your prayers as well. We are receiving much rain and wind from hurricane Harvey. May God protect us from any life threatening problems from the weather.

  5. Hello Aviso,
    that sounds great! Remember, what did our Lord say: “I make everything new“.
    And what did our Blessed mother say all the time in her true apparition (in Lourdes, Fatima, San Damiano, Rosa Mystica, Akita, Eisenberg in Austria and in Garabandal), “With the rosary you will solve all your problems“.
    Wonderful words from heaven!!!!!
    God bless your family and you because I am convinced that the sun eclipse in USA on August 21 th express that the door to the end times is very wide opened now!

    • I am so happy for the both of you. Thank the Good Lord and the Blessed Mother that this situation is being resolved and blessed. We shall keep praying for you and the family. So happy to hear this. You have no idea how happy.

  6. Do not lose heart, Aviso. I am mired in my own misery. False apostles are everywhere even among the traditionalists. The devil is everywhere. I will pray for you.

  7. Dear Aviso and to everyone who read’s Aviso’s fine Blogs,

    I had a brainstorm the other day, it led me to review the themes of the messages of Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary in her apparitions around the world.

    I want to concentrate on Our Lady’s appearances at La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita. You will notice that this is in chronological order.

    All these apparitions share the same message, that is, the father Lord God Yahweh & the Son Lord Jesus Christ are very critical and disappointed with the the Clergy in the Church. They have become bad shepherds and spiritual vagabonds.

    At La Salette, the main theme is to Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. This is one of the 10 Commandments. In the Catholic tradition the Sabbath day is Sunday. In Italian this day of the week is called Domenica. It is derived from the Latin words Anno Domini, which means in English “In The Year Of Our Lord”. My name is Domenico which comes from the day of the week, meaning “Of The Lord”. At La Salette, Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary lamented that Christians in France (and around the world by implication) do not remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. They work on Sunday and treat it like any other day of the week. In Our Blessed Virgin Mother’s message to one of the seers of La Salette (Mélanie Calvat), it states that Jesus Christ will not bless (and in fact curse) the works of men and women who work on Sunday. For example, the crops that farmers grow in their farms will be made rotten. Do we as faithful Christians today remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy?

    At Fatima, the main theme is about Marriage and the Family. Aviso has covered this topic very well, so I do not need to add anything extra.

    At Garabandal, the main theme is about the Eucharist. I have made some comments about the Eucharist in Aviso’s blogs and I recall Aviso discussing it too. So, once again I do not need to add anything extra.

    At Akita, the main theme is about duty and Obedience.

    I will now try to integrate these themes in the context of the Church today.

    When it comes to Marriage and the Family & the Eucharist, under Pope Francis, the Vatican is destroying it. For example, the last Synod of the Bishops on the Family in 2015, the biggest thing that came out of it was i). the recognition of Gay Marriage and the raising of children in such households, ii). the acceptance of divorce and remarriage, and iii). the relaxation of the rules of who can receive the Eucharist.

    This leads to the theme of Obedience to God and the complete lack of it in the Clergy (Priests, Bishops, Cardinals & Popes). The evidence for this is twofold. The most obvious is the absolute corruption of Jesus Christ’s teachings on Marriage (that is, what God has joined, man cannot break up) and the Family (that is, marriage is between a Man and a Woman and the raising of children must be in this context). Thus, Pope Francis’ Synod of the Bishops on the Family is the ultimate form of disobedience by the Clergy against God and Jesus Christ. The other form of disobedience is that the Clergy (Priests, Bishops, Cardinals & Popes) have refused to listen to the messages of Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary in her apparitions around the world. The most obvious example is the outright disobedient refusal to perform the Consecration of Russia.

    Finally, the Commandment to Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy has a dual meaning, i). it serves to remind us of our Jewish spiritual origins AND the cornerstone tenet of the 10 Commandments, ii). it serves to tell us that the Christian World has forgotten about its Jewish spiritual origins AND the cornerstone tenet of the 10 Commandments in our everyday lives. It also demonstrates that the Clergy today do not really give much significance to Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy when they give sermons in Church. That is, they do not remind Christians anymore of their responsibility to God.

    The most very significant example that is part of the Garabandal story is humanity’s permissive attitude towards abortion. Even the Clergy under the leadership of Pope Francis have come to accept abortions as a common occurrence. Before it was a rare Mortal sin that needed special intervention from a Bishop to forgive this grave human error. Now any priest can forgive the perpetrators of abortion. It has been trivialised and most significantly Catholics in great numbers accept abortion and have practised it.

    In one of the Garabandal Marian messages, and I quote:

    “We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.”,

    in an interview with Conchita, she said that Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary made direct reference to humanity’s widespread acceptance of abortion with this message, and that the Cup is now Overflowing… This goes to show how serious a crime God considers abortion to be.

    It is my personal belief that the Chastisement now cannot be averted. But it is never too late to repent, ask for forgiveness, and lead good lives.

    A special note to Aviso. Sorry to hear you have agreed to accept your wife’s request to divorce. Nevertheless, God loves you, has never stopped loving you, and he will not forget about you. He will help you to transition to a single and celibate life. You are still a good Christian.

    I would welcome any comments for meaningful discussion.


    F & T in Christ

  8. Hello Carlos,
    merciful words for Aviso.
    Remember the words of Jesus Christ,which he said to his mother: “I make everything new!`
    What powerful words of our Lord!
    Ave Maria

  9. Hi, Aviso.
    I am a newbie to the Fátima and to the Garabandal messages but God used you to bring me to your writings. Suddenly, I noticed your suffering and I feel terribly sorry for your difficulties. But please, don’t give up. Remember the words of Jesus when He was in the Cross: “Lord, why have you abandoned me?”. But we know He didn’t. God is just writing a beautiful poem through your life. Are you going to give it all up to the devil at this final moment? Be brave and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Get inspiration from Christ.
    God bless you my friend.

    PS: sorry for my English; I am from Brazil.

    • Hi Carlos, my good Friend, I will take you at the Pines, even on my knees I will take you there, have you ever seen a Soldier of Christ without Cross, of course not, he did not said Lord why have you abandoned me ? he said Father why you abandoned me ? Abba exactly, if I was a good Soldier and Servant of the Lord, no one here should worry for me, Yes the Cross is heavy but I will carry it with Honor and Faith to the end, please be sure of that, I need your Prayers and everthing will be alright, thank you.

    • Beautiful words from Carlos!!!!! Aviso, I take advantage to encourage you too. Don’t give up. Keep praying and don’t despair. I have a friend whose wife left him with no apparent reason and he is a living example of human patience and loyalty to the Lord. He says that daily mass, the rosary and the sacraments have saved him throughout his ordeal. Dear brother, keep going and you will succeed

  10. Hello Aviso,
    thank you for setting right! This blog I`m convinced is very serious because we discuss the messages which are given from the Blessed Mother.
    One day one of the seer (I don`t know who ) asked the appereance “Where do you come from“? The Blessed Mother responded “ I come from God“. What a wonderful statement!

    God bless you

  11. Dear Mr. Hans,
    that`s nonsense, we are different people and that is no fake!
    I do not play with the messages of the Blessed Mother because I was close to Joey Lomangino and very close to Albrecht Weber!

    God bless you ⛪

  12. Hello Domenico Biasi,
    relating the miracle date, I agree with you, only Conchita knows the date!!! In my opinion we will never ever riddle this date.Eight days in advanced to know, that is that what the Blessed Mother wants.

    Ave Maria

    • Dear Jochen Gallob,

      Thank you for your kind message. I want to add that today only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle. This is because those people that Conchita confided in when she was a child (her mother, POPE PAUL VI…) are now dead.

      You are correct, it is very difficult for us to work out the date of the Miracle for ourselves in advance. It think it is okay to play detective as it keeps the memory of Garabandal alive amongst faithful Catholics, but in the end it is Conchita who has been given the task by the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary to announce the Miracle at the appointed time.


      F & T in Christ

    • Hello Jochen,

      Why do you agree with yourself? Domenico BIASI and Jochen Gallop are the same persons!

      • What do you mean ? Both have different email and IP address and are from 2 different countries so Please Jochen and Domenico reply to this accusation, hopefuly for both of you, Hans is wrong, in that case this will be his last comment on this blog, thanks.

        PS : I am back on Moderation (as long I am in France), impossible to leave this blog quite famous around the world now without my control, you cannot imagine what kind of comments I am receiving daily.

      • You are out Hans, do you think I have time to lose with liars, this is your last comment on my blog, thanks.

        PS : I checked, Domenico and Jochen are 2 différents persons, Domenico from Australia and Jochen from Austria (Europe), sorry to both of you, I will keep this comment as an example for other who would have the same idea.

      • Dear Aviso,

        I just got up from bed and I am now catching up. Yes, I am only one person.

        As you would know I corresponded with you by email also about glitches in your website. I have already given hints of my origins. My parents are from Italian background. I was born in Sydney Australia. I have stated in previous posts that I live in the Diocese of Broken Bay which covers a particular area in NSW. I even gave out my email address on one of my posts (anno.domini@bigpond.com). Telstra in Australia is my internet service provider. By the way I have closed this email address I posted on Aviso’s website for privacy reasons.

        As I have been critical of the Vatican Administration, is it possible that Hans van Dthmarschen is a Cleric from the Vatican who does not like what I have to say?

        As I said before, many Priests, Bishops, Cardinals in the Vatican are wolves pretending to be holy people. Given the opportunity, they will devour your flesh.


        F & T in Christ

  13. For a long time I thought about writing here.
    I am in contact with an archivist at the Vatican. The only thing I would like to say and publish here – be ready, because the data discussed here (Wonder April 2018) are correct!
    End and nothing else from me!

    • why would Vatican archive have the date of Wonder?
      Doesn’t Conchita keep it as secret and will be announced 8 days in advance?
      In view of the world situation now, it seems not propable that all the events told in Garabandal will be realised in 2017?


        Early in 1966 Conchita was called to the Vatican. Cardinal Ottaviani, the pro-Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Holy Office) had instructed Fr. Luna: “With or without the permission of the bishop, bring the young girls to me.” During January 12-16 she was interviewed for 2 1/2 hours by the Cardinal and saw other members of the Congregation, afterwards she saw the Pope and gave him the date of the Great Miracle to come.

    • Your information is very valuable! Is the date described in the Vatican archive a definite date, or it only indicate a period that the Wonder may occur? Could you tell us something more on this if you have anymore information?

    • Dear Anonymous & Anonymous & Anonymous,

      Yes, I have been aware for some time that POPE PAUL VI and perhaps a couple other clerics knew the date of the Miracle.

      Still, I would not believe anything coming out of the Vatican today. They are wolves pretending to be holy people. The blatant “imprisonment” by the Vatican of the Seer Lucia of Fatima and the later forgery and tampering of the 3rd Secret is evidence for my assertions.

      Any date of the Miracle disclosed by Vatican officials only serves to act as disinformation to discredit Garabandal. For one thing the date of the Miracle was to be kept secret and for Conchita to reveal to the world at the appointed time. The fact that an archivist from the Vatican has willingly revealed the date of the Miracle just shows the level of Disdain and Contempt that the Vatican has towards Jesus Christ and his Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, who expected the people who knew the date of the miracle to be discreet.

      Either way, the Vatican and its administration are despicable souls and perdition awaits them.

      Sorry to be so blunt about this, but in the words of the Seer Mélanie Calvat of La Salette:

      “Fight, Children Of Light, You, The Few Who Can See. For Now Is The Time Of All Times, The End Of All Ends.”


      F & T in Christ

    • An Anonymous source from USA, Texas, San Angelo in contact with an Archivist at the Vatican (come on !) confirming my own speculation of the Garabandal dates and directly this is a serious source according to your several emails sent to me, when someone talk to you about the Garabandal Great Miracle with another Name like Wonder for the Great Miracle or Illimunation of Conscience for the Warning, please move on and do not waste your time as mine, thank you for your understanding.

  14. Dear Aviso!
    First of all thanks to Sheila and Pete for these merciful and authentic words, which describe the situation of Aviso in a very good way. I know the situation of you my spiritual brother Aviso very well, because in 2013 I was in the same situation as you. Two children 10 and 8 years old. The divorce damages the whole family, it is terrible and not something which has the origine in God.
    God is Love, Hope, Mercy and the eternal life.Satan and the human beings destroy the, family, that is the message of Fatima.
    Abortion, no respect of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christus that is the message of Garabandal.Joey Lomangino had a heavy cross, Albrecht Weber also and Conchita, be sure Aviso. I personally think (and that is only my personal opinion) that the Warning is very close maybe this year, or 2018! For me personal it is also possible that the Great Miracle Year will be 2019, or 2020…..later it is also possible but I don`t think so because look at the church, the faith, the less respect of the eucharistic (main message of Garabandal), the EU is planning to abolish the cash in 2018!
    In there will be a great victory of the immaculate heart of the Blessed Mother!!!!
    Ave Maria my friends of Garabandal

    • In terms of the dates of the Warning, etc…the visionaries said that before the Warning happens, the communism must be ruling over the majority of the world. This is not currently the case, unlike back in the 1980’s during one of Mari Loli’s interviews, when over 60% of the world was under the communist rule..yet Mari Loli said it’s supposed to be more spread than it was then. Well, unless something drastically changes and the communists emerge and take over the world somehow quickly in the next 9 months, then we might need to wait a few more years until the situation worsens for the Warning to take place.

      The visionaries also said that it would be hard to practise faith and for the priests to do the masses and people will have to do it in secret. Whilst this is the case in some countries (in Middle East, etc.), it’s not spread over the world. Therefore, the situation is not as the one described by the visionaries yet (i.e. it is pretty bad but not worst as yet). Things can of course change, but until we’ve seen the communism spread all over, the Warning will unlikely happen anytime soon..

  15. I am so sorry to hear of your separation. All I can say is the Warning must be close as many of us have big crosses. I lost my husband in a truck accident. The children, two girls, were 11 and 8 at the time. My husband, Paul, was in the Army. He worked at one of Mother Teresa’s homes while on long service leave, and she asked to meet him as he got two Swedish people off the streets who were on drugs. Don’t lose hope. Keep praying. I feel my husband is working for us from above. Pray much to St Joseph for your wife. He is never known to not intercede for us. The Warning is going to convert millions. My eldest girl at the moment is following a career in music. I must pray more for her as she has left her faith. Please all of you belonging to this post prayer for her please along with my youngest that she will make the right choice of whether to go to University or not. I call on all people that visit this site to pray for Aviso and his wife and children to be happily united very soon.

  16. You are hurting right now Aviso, but be assured my friend Heaven always blesses that which is sanctified by Grace and the Sacraments of The Bride. You know in your heart that God, our loving Father, The Son our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit Flame of Divine Love do not separate the two which have been made one, it is we who bring division through our frailty and inclination to sin. So please do not be tempted to presume His displeasure concerning your work. Your faith speaks to you about the place of suffering caused by sin in the story of our salvation, how by offering all that we permit God to allow us to endure we make up the shortfall that was left for us to complete in His sufferings so that we might become true brothers of the Lord thus being united to Him in His Passion. Did His Blessed Mother seeing Her Son’s agony and enduring the sword that pierced Her own Heart say, “and so this is how Heaven thanks me?” Or as Pope Francis in error thinks, She must have felt in Her Heart, ‘that God mislead me.’ Your peace will return to you in time, but for now you must endure this trial and above all, more than ever, cling with all your courage and strength to your Lord and His beloved Mother, continue to commend your wife and your sorrows to them, it may be the most you can do for now.

    I cannot imagine how this must be for you, your wife and your children, but I can at least assure you of my prayers, imperfect though they are. Please keep in touch, you have my email.

    God bless

  17. Hi Aviso

    I’ve just read this message and I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Sometimes we have to be alone, with our own heartbreak for God to come in. It’s very hard and I do hope you at least will be able to keep in touch with your daughters.

    God Bless you,


  18. I was informed by some friends that my personnal Confessor was online recently, so my friends let me introduce you my own Confessor (Father d’Abbadie), from now on I confess my sins (and be sure that I am great sinner) to him only, this is a Great Priest, I talked to him about Fatima and Garabandal, so he knows me quite well as my blog and anytime I confess my sins to him, I am ashamed at least 1 week before my Confession because due to my current Marital Cross, he advised me to confess every two weeks and to him only.


    In English below :

    Below a reminder of a Good and Valid Confession :

    For the rest, I will be back online soon and this time I will fight the devil, face to face, I will denounce its devotees in Rome with their Names and the time it has left, Even kneeling and wounded in the heart, I will fight him to the end, please be sure of that, the Fatima 3rd Secret as the Garabandal Prophecies (timing included) will be my weapons, in no way Aviso was beaten, so let me start to remind you that we have about 220 Cardinals, 6 of them fight in Public (4 exactly (the dubia Cardinals, God bless them) and 2 hide their names), which represents 2% only of our Princes of the Church, Shame on you, we will then do their job as they do not leave us the choice, please keep this news from me and stay tuned.

    Revelation 3:16

    • Dear Aviso,

      My confessor is my local Parish Priest. He is a typical priest in my area, like all the priests in my Diocese, they all think the same. By this I mean he follows the Vatican line. For example, if the Vatican says that Russia was Consecrated, then he too says that Russia was Consecrated. I have stopped arguing with my Parish Priest. There comes a point when it becomes counterproductive.

      I do have one good thing to say about my Parish Priest. He is very much devoted to the Eucharist. I don’t go to church to listen to his sermons, not really, but I do go to Church every week (sometimes twice a week) to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in the form of the Eucharist.

      It is great to hear you are very happy with your Confessor. Continue to be inspired by him.

      F & T in Christ ( Revelation 19:11 )

  19. Aviso, I was converted following 43 years of prayer by a devout Catholic family for the conversion of my family. I was the first; my mother was baptized and received into the Church on her deathbed. One of her dear friends, a confirmed atheist, was reconciled with God on his deathbed a year or two later. My husband entered the Church four years ago. Never, never, never give up. Your perseverance in the face of this cruel trial is gaining great merit and serving as a powerful plea for your wife and precious children.

    it is good that you shared this so that we can all pray for you. I am a great believer in “spiritual pressure!”

    Sursum corda.

  20. Sorry to hear about your situation, The blessed Mother will watch over you and give you courage to fight this battle. Don’t let satin discourage you and don’t give up hope. I will keep you in my morning liturgy of hours and ask God to help you as God is good and understanding always….

  21. Dear Aviso,

    Sorry to hear about your situation with your wife. Have you tried getting couples counselling? An objective third party may be able to assist you and your wife to work out why she wants a divorce and then perhaps a solution will present itself. Perhaps some common ground can be reached.

    What ever happens, you should try to maintain a relationship with your own kids.

    I myself have never married. I have been in relationships in the past, but I was very disappointed with my partners. They do not understand what it means making sacrifices in a relationship. And I think that marriage is not taken seriously by many today. So I could not in good conscience consider getting married. In my later years I decided that remaining single and celibate has been the best thing for me. And I am happy.

    I hope you can resolve your difficult situation. If you can’t, it is not the end of the world, Try leading a clean life that Jesus would approve of. You do have two wonderful children. Live for them, and be a good role model for them.

    F & T in Christ

  22. My dear Aviso, I am so very sorry to hear of your struggle and pain. I will keep you in prayer and will petition the Blessed Mother to spread her mantle over you, your wife and your precious daughters. May God Bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He hold you in the palm of His hand.

    • Thank you Mary Helen, my first daughter has the same name in French (Marie-Hélène), so let me use your comment to thanks all of you for your understanding and Prayers, within 48 hours, I received a lot of your support messages especially in private, you are all Great, please do not worry as I will never give up, I will be back online after a break so hopefully soon.

      Pray for me, thank you again.


  23. Question of Divorce

    [ Life of Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich, 1774-1824,Vol 3, http://tandfspi.org/ACE_vol_03/ACE_3_0013_out.html ]

    At the news of Jesus’ presence in Naim and the resurrection of the boy, crowds of people, among them many sick, gathered into the city from the whole country around. They completely filled the street in front of Maroni’s residence, where they stood in long rows. Jesus cured part of them the next morning, and established peace in several households. Sev­eral women had come to Him, asking whether He could not give them a bill of divorce. They com­plained of their husbands with whom, they said, they could no longer live. This was an artful device of the Pharisees. They were confounded by His mir­acles and could do nothing against Him; but yet being full of wrath, they resolved to tempt Him to say on the subject of divorce something against the Law, that they might be able to accuse Him as a teacher of false doctrine. But Jesus said to the dis­contented wives: “Bring me a vessel of milk and another of water. Then I shall answer ye.” They went into a neighboring house and returned with a bowl of milk and one of water. Jesus poured one into the other and said: “Separate the two again, so that the milk shall be again by itself, and in like manner the water. Then I shall give you a bill of divorce.” The women replied that they could not do that. Then Jesus spoke of the indissolubility of marriage, and that it was only on account of the obduracy of the Jews that Moses had allowed divorce. But perfectly disunited husband and wife never could be, since they are one in the flesh; and although they might not live together, yet must the husband support the wife and children, and neither could remarry. After that Jesus accompanied the wives to their homes, where He had a private interview with the hus­bands. Then He saw each couple together, reproached both parties, the wives coming in for the larger share, and ended by forgiving them. The delinquents shed tears and afterward lived happily together, more faithful to each other than they had ever before

  24. I`m very saddened to read this.I`ll be praying for you and for the conversion of your wife.In the near future I`d like to meet you.Our recompense will be in Heaven.Take care of you.As for the apostasy within the Church, I think we should join the FSSPX Resistence movement otherwise all our faith, dogmas and Tradition will be reduced to nothing.

  25. Aviso, is very good that you write on Garabandal news, to see when the WARNING and the MIRACLE will be, but from the what I wrote and the events that followed, I see that the PUNISHMENT started already, as Our Lady said in 1962. I am praying for your family to stay together, and I think you attracted the separation when you give space on your blog to people that criticize the Pope to create division in the church. We have to pray for the priests also, as our Lady said at Garabandal. write more about the messages and everything Our Lady said, and the MIRACLE of the EUCHARIST, because ENTERING IN COMMUNION WITH JESUS UNITES US, and together with praying the ROSARY will enable us to receive ” the hidden MANNA” as Jesus promised, and the girls received.

    US Authorities decide CANCELLATION of AIR FLIGHTS due to EXTREME HEAT

    That means, THE PUNISHMENT, prophesied by OUR LADY at Garabandal, is already in progress, as She said, with much sorrow, – what a coincidence, about the same dates in 1962.
    The two Messages of June 19 – 23 – 1962 were accompanied by the dreadful visions of the threatened Chastisement.
    Mari Loli describes these visions as follows:

    The Virgin explained to us how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would come, because there would come a moment a time in which the Church would seem to perish, as if it were finished or disappearing. The Church would suffer a great trial! We asked the Virgin how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would be called and She said it was called COMMUNISM.
    Also, she made us see how the great chastisement for all humanity would come and how it comes directly from God. In a certain moment NOT A SINGLE MOTOR or MACHINE WILL FUNCTION. A terrible HEAT WAVE will come, and MEN WILL SUFFER THIRST.


    The Virgin told us that the Chastisement is coming seeing that the world is not changing. The cup is filling up.

    ​ ” And that happens because not even the Catholic TV SPREAD THE MESSAGES OF OUR LADY OF GARABANDAL for people to understand what is coming if don’t change, and how much we have to gain if we pray the Rosary and go to church even daily to take the Eucharist and give our sacrifices at the Altar, so we may receive the “hidden manna” promised by Jesus- as the four visionaries received that strengthen them to do the ‘flights” and all those exercises, sometimes at night, on rain or snow, still they woke up early in the morning to work on fields, and they never got sick or hurt.

    In the past years there were many fires in California and other places, houses on fire in all states, but there is that terrible fire in Portugal due to extreme heat – exactly how She said in the message of 1962, but we didn’t see the link: ” ​Finally we saw a multitude of PEOPLE ENVELOPED IN FLAMES​..”​
    The Demand for a Sign
    …2But He replied, “When evening comes, you say, ‘The weather will be fair, for the sky is red;’ 3and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the signs of the times! 4A wicked and adulterous generation demands a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” Then He left them and went away.…(Matthew 16:3)
    Interpreting the Present Time
    …55And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It will be hot,’ and it is. 56You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and sky. Why don’t you know how to interpret the present time?57And why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?…

    US. Authorities decide cancellation of air flights due to extreme heat
    Temperatures rise enormously in Phoenix, Arizona, so that more than 40 air flights were canceled because it is too hot for planes to fly.
    Weather forecast for the US city today shows that temperatures will reach 49 degrees Celsius.

    It is a temperature higher than the operating some planes, writes BBC.

    Pheonix record temperature was recorded on June 26, 1990, and was 50 degrees Celsius..

    In 2016, a report by the International Civil Aviation Organization (OPCW) warned that higher temperatures caused by climate change could have “serious consequences for performance takeoff of aircraft, where high altitudes or tracks short limited payload or fuel capability.

    Therefore, many countries in the Middle East and some airports at high altitude in South America, programs long flights in the evening or at night when it is cooler.

    The two Messages of June 19 – 23 – 1962 were accompanied by the dreadful visions of the threatened Chastisement.
    Mari Loli describes these visions as follows:

    The Virgin explained to us how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would come, because there would come a moment a time in which the Church would seem to perish, as if it were finished or disappearing. The Church would suffer a great trial! We asked the Virgin how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would be called and She said it was called COMMUNISM.
    Also, she made us see how the great chastisement for all humanity would come and how it comes directly from God. In a certain moment NOT A SINGLE MOTOR or MACHINE WILL FUNCTION. A terrible HEAT WAVE will come, and MEN WILL SUFFER THIRST. Desperately they will look for WATER but with the INTENSE HEAT it WILL EVAPORATE. With this there will enter into the PEOPLE a DESPERATION and they will attempt to KILL EACH OTHER, but in those moments their strength will fail and they will fall to the ground. GOD then will make them see that IT IS HE who directly has permitted all this.
    Finally we saw a multitude of PEOPLE ENVELOPED IN FLAMES – desperately they threw themselves into the seas and lakes but upon entering the water far from putting out the flames the water was boiling and seemed to help the flames burn more.
    I asked the Blessed Virgin to take all our children with Her. But She said that when this happens they will all be adults.

    Third Message June 23, 1962

    “The Virgin has told us:
    The world continues the same…That it has not changed at all. FEW WILL SEE GOD. They are so few that it causes The Virgin much Sorrow. What a pity that it does not change. The Virgin told us that the Chastisement is coming seeing that the world is not changing. The cup is filling up. How sad the Virgin was although She didn’t let us see it because She loves us so much and She suffers alone. She is so good! BE GOOD EVERYONE SO THAT THE VIRGIN WILL BE HAPPY. She told us that We who are good should pray for those who are bad. Let us pray to God for the world for those who do not know Him. Be good…be very good everyone”
    Maria Dolores Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez 13 years old

    American Airlines announced the cancellation of dozens of flights scheduled to depart from Sky Harbor airport, during the hottest times of the day.

    This concerns mainly regional flights flying smaller aircraft type Bombardier CRJ, that the maximum operating temperature of about 48 degrees Celsius.

    At higher temperatures, the air has a lower density, more porous. This low density reduces the weight that is generated from aircraft wings – an essential principle in aviation, says the source. Which means aircraft engines must generate more force to get into the air

    Larger aircraft such as Boeing 747 and Airbus models have a slightly higher operating temperature and are not affected by the heat in Phoenix.

  26. I will start praying for you from today.
    This is all happening because the end is near and it is running out of time.

  27. That’s just so sad. Offer it all up to save her soul, Aviso, and that of your beautiful children. We will pray for you. Persevere. Ive been praying for my husband’s conversion for at least 22years. His own mother converted first, in the end. There’s always hope!

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