My Friends, I am Tired !


My Good Friends and Readers, I am very Tired, My last battle concerning my marriage took all the strength I had left and I have no strength left to run this blog anymore, I am exausted and may the Lady of the Mount Carmel, our Good Mother, forgive me but soon someone else will continue this Apostolate for us, I had few names in my mind, after many Prayers and I hope that he will finally accept, I chose Peter, one of our most Faithful reader and Friend, to me Peter has all the qualities and knowledge to take my Place, you will enjoy also his Humility, probably one of my biggest lack, this is a Man of God and at the Service of the Lady of Mount Carmel for years, a Great Garabandalist as a Great Catholic and Husband, in any case I will be always next to him for any help or questions, my Friends if you remember, How many times I wanted to stop to rest but each time, you convinced me to continue, today I can no longer, please be sure of that, I lost also many Friends during the Pontificate of Pope Francis and It has struck me tremendously so I delivered my last battle for my Marriage and I can not anymore, thanks again for your Prayers, let me also ask you to forgive me if I hurt anyone of you, if it was the case, I am sorry and please forgive me, my last word will be for my wife and Children, you are my Biggest Success, forgive me again for having been too far from you for the last 10 years and you my good Friends, thank you again for your Fidelity and Prayers, you are Great.

To my Wife


God Bless,






19 thoughts on “My Friends, I am Tired !

  1. Peter ,
    I already will consider you my friend. Anyone a friend and devoted to Christ and his PERFECT Mother Mary will indeed be a friend to me I am sure . . Please know I will be praying for you and all of the friends of this blog As a side note my dad s name was Peter and of course our Saint Peter ; both being incredible teachers / mentors in my life , makes me feel that you will be exceptional. ( no pressure ! ). In any case I look forward to your input and thoughts and guiding hand within this blog. I will be donating a few times as well over the next few months , to help defray costs as well. God Bless and May Mary guide you to her Son and hopefully I will see you and AVISO in the pines next year it seems. Joseph in Calif.

  2. Dear friends of Aviso and Garabandal, thank you for your generous expressions of prayerful support as I now begin to take up the responsibility of ensuring Aviso’s blog continues to make known the messages of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I hope that you will all still continue to participate in this our public apostolate through the contribution of your thoughts, insights, questions and personnel stories. I will do my best to be a good caretaker, but please be assured that you will always have recourse to Aviso should you ever become concerned, even to the point of recommending my replacement. Know that I will not be offended and would accept your action as one of charity for my sake and that of others.

    Please try and be patient with me whilst I come to grips with the intricacies of managing and editing articles and comments, I will get the hang of it in time. Also you should know I work full time, which involves a great deal of travel and some very long days and nights, but I will always endeavour to read and share your posts on a daily basis.

    God bless you & praised be Jesus Christ

  3. Peter: We are Alll great sinners. Me included. Your/our faith, humbleness and prayer will be your/our salvation and saving Grace!
    May God, Our Lady Of Mt Carmel, de Garabandal and St Michael protect you and Bless you in this work and EVERYTHING you do!
    There are challenging and GREAT times ahead. Stay close to the Sacraments, especially Pennance and the Holy Eucharist. My prayers are with you. May Peace be with you!

    May God and Mary Bless and be with you as well Aviso. May your burdens be light.
    My prayers are with you always! Peace Be With You.

  4. From Peter :

    Good evening Aviso

    I accept your invitation and will do my very best to maintain the standard you have set, but I am no Aviso, I am weak and sinful. You may tell your readers of my whole hearted acceptance of this work, though I am fearful.

    I pray that God will have mercy on me and direct all my thoughts, words and actions to ensure I do not cause harm to any soul. That my every deed will only bring honour and increased devotion to His Most Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who by the generosity of Jesus my Saviour, I dare to claim as my own Very Dear Mother. St. Michael I beseech thee, protect me from those, temporal and supernatural who assail souls devoted to The Immaculate Heart, Mediatrix, Advocate and Co Redemptorix of poor sinners of which you know I am the worst. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus conceal me within your Divinity where no enemy can touch me, keep me true to your Holy Church, let me not be led astray that I in turn do not lead astray. St. Joseph pray for me, St Padre Pio pray for me, Fr Grunner, I beg you, pray for me.

    May God bless you Aviso, keep you safe and reunite you with your loved ones without delay. Be assured I will keep you in my prayers. In the meantime you will have to be my tutor so I know how to lead your blog in your absence. Let us say I am a caretaker holding the fort until you are ready to once again take up the reigns one day.

    God bless

    My Comment : You are Great Peter, do not worry at all, in any case I will be always next to you, give me few days to rest because I have lived lately more than my heart can bear it, soon you are going to confirm that my choice was the best Choice, by September 15, this Blog and Apostolate will be yours, be strong and keep always the Faith as the Teachings of the Fathers of the Church, as yesterday, today and tomorrow, my God is your God, my Lord is your Lord and my Mother is your Mother, thank you again.

    • Good news!!!!! Habemus papam!!!!! Pete, I wish you a lot of success in this work. I will pray for both of you. Pete, if you accept me as your spiritual brother, I will pray for you until we see in heaven. Same as with my brother Aviso…

  5. My Friends, you are so Great, your comments in Public as in Private have affected me enormously, sometimes I have no word to express my feeling then simply thank you again, for your information I am going to move in Portugal within few days at 1 hour from our Lady of Fatima and probably for a long time, wife and Children will stay in France and hopefully they will join me next Summer, it was very difficult for me to announce this especially to my two daughters and to support their tears of children but I am a soldier, I was in the army years ago and I learned that a soldier cannot cry, let alone in front of the Children or women, so my last wish is to finally convince Peter to take my Place and to lead this Blog, please Pray for him and you are going to see soon that my choice was the best Choice, I knew it for months now, as you probably know, the Lady of the Carmel, our Mother, is always here and next to us especially when we need her advice, be sure that my choice is also her choice, so thanks again for everything my Friends, keep always the Faith and if necessary, be honored to be a martyr if heaven asks you, this is my last message online and in Public, YOU ARE GREAT, please Never forget it, merci encore.

    PS : Peter I will be back to you soon.

  6. AVISO. Please be assured you will continue to be in all of our prayers. What you have done for me alone is extraordinary. As I read these comments from others and continue to reread all the comments and statements from others of all the different letters and your research ; which in turn leads myself an many others to more prayer , more devotion to our Blessed Mother and turning our hearts to God in all ; I think about how much you have used the gift God has given you through his most perfect most holy most chaste Mother Mary!

    I think about how much God wants us to love his Mother Mary, His masterpiece ! The one who tells us to ” Do whatever HE tells you “! Whom among us can ever love Christ as much as Mary ? Whom can Love Mary as much as Christ. ? Well my friend you have greatly helped , along of course with the grace of God flowing through Mary for me to fall deeply more so in Love with our Beautiful Perfect Mother. When we greatly Love the Mother of God , and greatly honor his Mother , we in turn give great Glory to God. Thank you so much for all you have done ! I so look forward to meeting you one day , at the pines , and of course to hopefully to see Our Beautiful Mother !

    When you greatly Love your wife , you in turn greatly Love God ! I am so very happy for your reconciliation with your family.
    We continue to pray for a beautiful reconciliation and for your love to grow deeper together . Stay hopeful and courageous and of course prayerful . I know you will !

    I am quite sure Peter , whom you have chosen to continue and to lead the blog will be exceptional. I am feeling that he has been brought to us through the guiding hand of our Lord , and our Mother will help guide him. How wonderful it is that his name is Peter ! Thank you Thank you , Thank you , again my friend. God Bless you always and May our Mother Mary continue to cover you with her Mantle of protection !

    Your friend Joseph / Joe in California

  7. Continue to pray for you and your family. Our Lord and his mother will never abandoned you, they will be by your side every step of the way and they know the sacrafice you made for us and him. Continue on your journey with your family and stay safe and May St. Michael guide your steps. keep the faith..

  8. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (Saint Paul), well done my friend Aviso. Now, keep fighting for your family… And we’ll see at the pines!!!!!!!

  9. It is never the wrong thing when we choose family over everything else. You have chosen your family. You have chosen the better part. By choosing to fight for your family, you chose God, Aviso. May God bless and keep you and yours.

    • Dear Aviso,

      “Happy retirement”. Where are you and your family going to live? France? Portugal?

      God Bless.

      F & T in Christ

  10. Aviso: Thank you again for all you have done. I hope, God willing, to see you and your family at The Pines for the Miracle. I will keep you and Pete in my prayers. We need this blog in these difficult times.

  11. Dear Aviso.
    Take heart and do not despair. Everything will be made well again at the Great Miracle. You have not been abandoned. Still praying for you and your family.

  12. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21
    “As the doe yearns for running water so my heart years for you O Lord.” Psalm 42:1
    “Suffer little children to come unto me for their’s is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14
    May your life continue to be filled with treasure as you take care of them and they take care of you.

  13. Aviso
    Your love of your wife is extraordinary. She is blessed! You have done a great service for so many. May the Good Lord and Our Lady of Carmel bless you abundantly for your faithful service. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. St Michael, pray for us!

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