BREAKING NEWS: Catholic Clergy & Scholars Issue “Filial Correction” to Pope, Against “Propagation of Heresies”

For Catholics around the world, the wait continues for the two remaining” Dubia Cardinals” to issue the promised “formal correction” to Pope Francis as regards Amoris Laetitia. Today, however, in what is being described as an “epoch-making act” unlike any taken “since the Middle Ages,” a group of Catholic clergy and lay scholars have taken a similar measure of their own, making public a “Filial Correction” that was first delivered to the pope on August 11th. The occasion of the publication of this document is today’s Feast of Our Lady of Ransom and of Our Lady of Walsingham. Versions of this correctio are now available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, along with supporting documents and a list of signatories, on a new website created to support this effort:

Anticipating the objection of those who will claim that simple clergy and laymen have no place in correcting a pope, the authors make their purpose clear:

As subjects, we do not have the right to issue to Your Holiness that form of correction by which a superior coerces those subject to him with the threat or administration of punishment (cf. Summa Theologiae 2a 2ae, 33, 4). We issue this correction, rather, to protect our fellow Catholics – and those outside the Church, from whom the key of knowledge must not be taken away (cf. Lk. 11:52) – hoping to prevent the further spread of doctrines which tend of themselves to the profaning of all the sacraments and the subversion of the Law of God.

The letter also takes an unprecedented step, using the word “heresy” in reference not just to possible interpretations of the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, but also to other recent “words, deeds and omissions” of the pope.

“Most Holy Father,” the letter begins, “With profound grief, but moved by fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ, by love for the Church and for the papacy, and by filial devotion toward yourself, we are compelled to address a correction to Your Holiness on account of the propagation of heresies effected by the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia and by other words, deeds and omissions of Your Holiness.” [emphasis added]

The 25-page document, which was delivered with 40 signatures, has continued to garner support while its existence was kept secret from the public, having grown to include 62 members of the clergy and lay scholars from 20 countries around the world. The list of signatories includes well-known names of Catholic leaders, theologians, and authors such as Fr. Linus Clovis, Deacon Nick Donnelly, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, Martin Mosebach, Prof. Roberto de Mattei, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and many more. The authors stress that they will be welcoming additional signatures through a form on their website.

A summary of the document says that these 62 “also represent others lacking the necessary freedom of speech”, calling to mind the recent abrupt dismissal of renowned Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert from his position as the Dietrich von Hildebrand Chair at the International Academy of Philosophy in Granada, Spain after he publicized some respectful questions about Amoris Laetitia. Bishop Athanasius Schneider, one of only a few outspoken champions of Catholic teaching amongst the global episcopacy, described Seifert’s firing as “not only unjust, but … ultimately an escape from truth”. For his part, Seifert has had to take both canonical and civil legal action to fight his summary dismissal without cause – actions which signatories of the correctio could also be forced to take in the event they face similar disciplinary action in retaliation for their involvement.

The full title of the document is Correctio filialis de haeresibus propagatis, which is translated as “A filial correction concerning the propagation of heresies.” It states, according to the authors, “that the pope has, by his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, and by other, related, words, deeds and omissions, effectively upheld 7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments, and has caused these heretical opinions to spread in the Catholic Church.”

This correction is comprised of three parts:

First, there an explanation from the signatories as to why they have “the right and duty” to “issue such a correction to the supreme pontiff.” They emphasize that this correction does not come into conflict with the dogma of papal infallibility, because the pope “has not declared these heretical positions to be definitive teachings of the Church, or stated that Catholics must believe them with the assent of faith.”

Second, there is the “correction” itself. In this section, the passages of Amoris Laetitia are listed “in which heretical positions are insinuated or encouraged”; also listed are “words, deeds, and omissions of Pope Francis which make it clear beyond reasonable doubt that he wishes Catholics to interpret these passages in a way that is, in fact, heretical.”

Third, there is the “elucidation,” which examines more deeply the roots of the present situation. “One cause,” write the authors, “is ‘Modernism’. Theologically speaking, Modernism is the belief that God has not delivered definite truths to the Church, which she must continue to teach in exactly the same sense until the end of time.” The authors insist that because of the great confusion that follows from Modernism’s presence in the Church, the signatories are obliged to “describe the true meaning of ‘faith’, ‘heresy’, ‘revelation’, and ‘magisterium’.” The authors go on in the “elucidation” of the correctio to focus in a particular way on the influence of the thought of the arch-heretic Martin Luther on the pontificate of Pope Francis.

The passages from Amoris Laetitia giving rise to the greatest harm are listed, along with several other “words, deeds, and omissions” of the pope which “in conjunction with these passages of Amoris laetitia are serving to propagate heresies within the Church”. These include:

The refusal of the pope to answer the dubia
The intervention of Pope Francis in the Relatio post disceptationem for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family to include proposals for Holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics “despite the fact that they did not receive the two-thirds majority required by the Synod rules for a proposal to be included in the Relatio.”
The papal interview of April 2016, in which a journalist asked if there were any new “concrete possibilities for the divorced and remarried” as a result of Amoris Laetitia, and to which the pope responded, “I can say yes. Period.” [Readers can view our translated video of that exchange here.] Also mentioned here were related statements of Cardinal Cristoph Schönborn, who was given the unofficial role of interpreting Amoris Laetitia by the pope, and who affirmed that in “certain cases” the pope intended “the help of the sacraments” for people in these situations.
The letter of Pope Francis affirming the guidelines of the Bishops of the Buenos Aires’ region, which “offers the possibility of access to the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist” in “a specific case” “when a declaration of nullity has not been obtained” and “there are limitations that mitigate responsibility and culpability”. Of these guidelines, the pope wrote, “The document is very good and completely explains the meaning of chapter VIII of Amoris laetitia. There are no other interpretations.”
Several other examples of papal actions that support these same interpretations of Amoris Laetitia, allowing communion for those living in an objectively adulterous situation, were also listed.

The authors then turn to the seven “false and heretical propositions” that have been promoted within the Church. They insist that they, and the signatories who have joined them, “do not not venture to judge the degree of awareness with which Pope Francis has propagated the 7 heresies which they list.” It is the purpose of their correction, however, to “respectfully insist that he condemn these heresies, which he has directly or indirectly upheld.”

The seven propositions of the correctio itself, though issued in Latin, have also been translated by the authors as follows:

By these words, deeds, and omissions, and by the above-mentioned passages of the document Amoris laetitia, Your Holiness has upheld, directly or indirectly, and, with what degree of awareness we do not seek to judge, both by public office and by private act propagated in the Church the following false and heretical propositions:

1). ‘A justified person has not the strength with God’s grace to carry out the objective demands of the divine law, as though any of the commandments of God are impossible for the justified; or as meaning that God’s grace, when it produces justification in an individual, does not invariably and of its nature produce conversion from all serious sin, or is not sufficient for conversion from all serious sin.’

2). ‘Christians who have obtained a civil divorce from the spouse to whom they are validly married and have contracted a civil marriage with some other person during the lifetime of their spouse, who live more uxorio with their civil partner, and who choose to remain in this state with full knowledge of the nature of their act and full consent of the will to that act, are not necessarily in a state of mortal sin, and can receive sanctifying grace and grow in charity.’

3). ‘A Christian believer can have full knowledge of a divine law and voluntarily choose to break it in a serious matter, but not be in a state of mortal sin as a result of this action.’

4). ‘A person is able, while he obeys a divine prohibition, to sin against God by that very act of obedience.’

5). ‘Conscience can truly and rightly judge that sexual acts between persons who have contracted a civil marriage with each other, although one or both of them is sacramentally married to another person, can sometimes be morally right or requested or even commanded by God.’

6). ‘Moral principles and moral truths contained in divine revelation and in the natural law do not include negative prohibitions that absolutely forbid particular kinds of action, inasmuch as these are always gravely unlawful on account of their object.’

7). ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ wills that the Church abandon her perennial discipline of refusing the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried and of refusing absolution to the divorced and remarried who do not express contrition for their state of life and a firm purpose of amendment with regard to it.’

For each of these propositions, citations are given from both Scripture and the Church’s magisterium documenting where they come into conflict with Catholic teaching. “These propositions” the authors write, “all contradict truths that are divinely revealed, and that Catholics must believe with the assent of divine faith.”

The authors conclude the correctio as true sons of the Church:

At this critical hour, therefore, we turn to the cathedra veritatis, the Roman Church, which has by divine law pre-eminence over all the churches, and of which we are and intend always to remain loyal children, and we respectfully insist that Your Holiness publicly reject these propositions, thus accomplishing the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ given to St Peter and through him to all his successors until the end of the world: “I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren.”

It is difficult to predict what, if any, impact this correctio will have on a papacy that has steadfastly ignored a previous filial appeal with nearly 800,000 signatures, the circulation of a theological censures document authored by 45 theologians and scholars amongst the entire college of cardinals, and the five dubia presented by four cardinals who have, as yet, not been able to even obtain a papal audience over a year after their initial intervention and in the wake of the deaths of two of their number.

Nevertheless, the language used in this latest document advances the case further than anything that came before it, and some speculate that it may help establish that the pope is guilty of public and notorious material heresy. If so, his failure to respond could be an important step in determining that the pope is “incorrigible and pertinacious” in the promotion of heresy, and possibly trigger additional remedial actions further down the road.



28 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Catholic Clergy & Scholars Issue “Filial Correction” to Pope, Against “Propagation of Heresies”

  1. Bluebell
    When I said the Garabandal events are “nearing” (my opinion) I mean “nearing-“ as Could be even in a few years. From next year to a year or two. BUT yes, you are correct, a lot, (a few things specifically) need to happen first and have not
    Yet. INCLUDING, unfortunately, things getting a lot worse in this world than they already are!

    Prayers. Peace!!

  2. Hi Beckita, I removed your text accidentally, I meant to simply remove the link, which I had already placed in to the text of my comment.

  3. Dear readers, below are links to articles that Joe has requested I post for your consideration. I chose to post them for two reasons. As a simple courtesy to Joe and because many want to understand from Joe why he holds the views he does concerning the Dubai, the Filial Correction and Pope Francis. These article therefore offer something of an answer on Joes’s behalf.

    My comment: I think the articles raise more questions than they answer. They typify why we have this situation of confusion and are simply too lightweight as to offer anything close to a satisfactory justification for not seeking clarity directly from PF1. These articles simply represent yet ‘another’s interpretation’ of the mind of Pope Francis. An ‘interpretation’ only, because the Pope still will not speak plainly, will not finally and absolutely put to rest all the ambiguities his statements and actions are promoting amongst members of the Church and the World at large.

    (In conclusion to the topic of PF1, I am sure Joe won’t mind my repeating the below comments I gave in previous correspondence between us).

    For my part, as of yet I am not sure what to make of Pope Francis I. I certainly pray for him and Pope Benedict XVI daily as I do all priests regardless of their station. I suppose none of us on the ground will ever truly know, without the slightest doubt, why Pope Benedict XVI resigned and why a Pope with such progressive ideas that run contrary to orthodoxy was chosen. The point is Our Lord has permitted things to continue, for His reasons, for now at least.

    What is evident, is that PF1 has inadvertently or deliberately drawn out in to the public sphere Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and laypeople who clearly have views contrary to the millennial teachings, observances and ordinances of Apostolic Faith, particularly in matters of sexuality, marriage and reception of the Holy Eucharist. His Papacy reminds me of Our Lord explaining to the Apostles why the darnel should be allowed to grow until the harvest: for fear of removing the wheat because they are indistinguishable until the harvest. Is this what we are now witness to, the flowering of the darnel in the Lords fields of the Church, which is now becoming so blatantly obvious that the time of the harvest, or a harvest of sorts is at hand?

    I am going to limit any further discussion on the commendable merits of PF1, views have been shared for the sake of balance and understanding. It seems to me that one cannot extract Pope Francis from the ‘Signs of the Times’, no matter which side of the line one stands. I say this principally because the messages of Fatima and Blessed Catherine Emmeric do place the Papacy within this context and the evidence points to our now being witness to the realisation of their warnings.

    Garabandal News must maintain its focus on discerning the messages and not become a debating forum for PF1, it is clear the stance this site has taken in this regard so may I request that this is upheld. Only articles that relate the Papacy to these times in light of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s council will be shared and invite further comment. That is, comments on the merits of the article in context of available evidence not the holiness or otherwise of PF1

    God bless

  4. In difficult times, I turn to orthodox writers who bring incisive insight into the problems at hand. One such voice is Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Yesterday, Fr. Longenecker mentioned that people continue to ask him for his thoughts on Amoris Laetitia. Before issuing his newest article, today, he reprinted his original piece which I share here. It is worth the read as people continue to discern Pope Francis’ true intentions.

    I will add, in the face of the clear, erudite and elegant writings of both Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, many were the clerics and laity who were busy, busy, busy, hardening their hearts in disobedient thinking and acting. SO many people, in irregular marriages, had been advised by their priests to exercise, “internal forum,” placing souls in peril and causing scandal. Yet, Pope Francis didn’t create this scenario. He inherited this mess. Please, be sure to check out point #7 in the (2nd of the 2) linked articles (embedded to Pete’s comment.

    The major difficulty which remains is a necessity to correct those bishops conferences, such as the one for the Diocese of Malta, which have made errant proclamations concerning remarriage and reception of sacraments as reported: “Malta’s bishops have said that remarried people should receive Communion if they think they are at peace with God.” Such bishops need a reprimand. For this, I daily pray. Through prayer and sacrifice, I believe God would lead us through this current crisis.

    Sad to say, I see many who were critical of Pope Francis from the time he stepped onto the loggia, now working in overdrive to smear, attack and accuse this Vicar of Christ of things for which he bears no culpability. May the Mother of our Church intercede to guide the Barque of Peter into calmer seas.

    • For the sake of transparency I am proud to call Beckita my friend. I agree that those who have abused AL should be corrected. And they will be, in God’s time.

  5. An emotive subject clearly, it was always going to be the case, remember my friends, we all love The Church, we are all bound together on this journey, we are all disciples of The Immaculate Heart. Joe is sharing his views with good intentions and rightly challenges the views some of us hold and we of course can challenge Joe in return. This is good, this is the process needed to filter out the truth of these times. Please remain in charity lest we bruise the faith of one another and that of silent readers.

    I have not had time lately due to work, weddings and births, no funerals thankfully, but I do have some reflections I want to share with you, that I hope will help rather than add to the very obvious confusion of these times.

    God bless

  6. Hi Joe. Thank you. I suppose it is possible that many theologians and priests are mis reading , misunderstanding , and misquoting the entire document. I will reread it again and again , and some of the commentary of Cardinal Burke , Cardinal Sarah , and then possibly we can discuss. I wish you would help me understand your thoughts as to why different countries and certainly different bishops and cardinals see GRAVE ERRROR . Can you tell me your thoughts. Is it ok to be remarried , without annulment , living in a conjugal relationship , and to receive ? Again I pray for Our Pope Francis always. Do you have any question about him not helping to clarify this? It could be so simple ! I would love if you could possibly forward the conclusive statement on just this one matter. We can discuss other items within the church that seem irregular , but I too believe he has not changed Dogma yet in the regard , but has issued Amoris laettia . What is the main point of this writing ??? What is he saying in regard to divorce and remarriage. Is this a mortal sin or not ?? Can you receive in this state ? Please clarify for me ! Please. I want so badly to understand what it truly truly is saying. Perhaps they should beg our holy Father to clarify a few more times and a few more times. Are all of these laity and clergy and cardinals just downright confused and not able to read and analyze. ?? I am not a theologian , but from my reading of it … it certainly seems to say that not all adultery is truly a sin and personal discernment with a guidance of a priest may deem this irregular situation as ok Pleas help me. I thank you so much for this advice and clarity. Joseph

  7. It is not the Pope or AL that needs to be corrected but those who misinterpret and pervert the true teaching of our Holy Father and The Catholic Church. Such souls, if unrepentant, face an eternity in hell. And that is dogma! Their only hope lies in the corrrection of conscience that will come with The Warning. They may be so far gone as to be unable to return. As with the rich man and Lazarus the gulf may be so wide and deep as to uncrossable. God have mercy.

    • That’s Good Joe. BUT as the leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope and/or Holy See like they did with a NO TOLERANCE policy for
      Pedophile Priests, should come out and Correct those Priests, Bishops and Cardinals who
      Have used AL as a means to a path to Holy Communion for those living in adulterous relationships. It’s that simple as you state. They should be corrected. That correction MUST come from the author of AL, Pope Francis. He hasn’t done that as of yet-thus the Formal Correction was produced.

      Sadly, it will take the Warning-God’s Direct intervention as the only means to “correct the conscience of the world.” A conscience in deep error right now caused on this specific topic and area by AL through misinterpretations by bad shepherds. Until the Warning much prayers are needed. Peace!

  8. Well Domenico it’s not my place or authority to Judge Joe or anyone. I’m a sinner. I/we are all in need of Gods Infinite mercy! I just point out mostly facts and very little opinion. My interactions with Joe have been peaceful and we have prayed for each other, including him praying for my Dad who passed away a year and a half ago. That was beyond kind of him. So I’m not Judging him or anyone. I will leave that up to God. I will continue to “pray, Hope and don’t worry.” (well try not to worry-that’s the tough one! 🙂 May God Bless you and peace to you and all!

    • Dear John,

      I stand corrected. But the spirit of my comments remain unchanged.

      As faithful Christians, we are directed to make a stand, that is, not to sit on the fence and see which way the wind blows. From this perspective, a degree of judgement is necessary. it is unavoidable.

      If we are to be our brother’s keeper, then being direct is necessary. I do not have the relationship you have with Joe, but to be frank, I do not want it. I have learnt from experience that such people show no remorse with their erroneous convictions and only serve to divide your house if you invite them in. Their disease spreads like a plague infecting everything. Keep what you have, lest you lose that too. As long as I have done my part, then the rest is up to God.

      Joe continues to peddle this rubbish about making a distinction between the true teachings of Pope Francis as opposed to Amoris Letitia. All he is doing is casting doubt on confused Catholics. .. a viper’s task.

      A couple of points:

      1. A Pope does not have true teachings unless they are a manifestation of Christ’s teachings. In this case, Pope Francis is a heretic, an apostate, because his teachings do not reflect Jesus Christ’s.The evidence is now exhaustive!!!

      2. The Church is distinct from the ‘tenants” who look after it. Therefore, the Church will always remain in-corrupt, but the tenants such as the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and even laity are corruptible.

      This means when the time comes, Jesus Christ will do a “spring cleaning” of the Church and get rid of the old tenants and in with the new. The first will be last. The last will be first.


      F & T in Christ

      • My Friends, many of you have contacted me, as I said in my last comment I am off and currently in Portugal, Peter has all my confidence and will deal with our good friend Joe Crozier as he wants but in no way Heresies and heretics are or will be welcome on our blog, please be sure of that, thank you.

        PS : to Joe, do not think a second that I am not aware of what happens here, de facto I count on you, thanks.

  9. Hi Joe
    Yes this does seem to be a protest . A protest to me that seems to be grounded in much disappointment in regards to ancient magesterial teachings and truth , upheld and taught by the church fathers and ALL POPES PRIOR , and indeed the gospels being twisted in the name of mercy. Jesus Christ most definitely spoke of much mercy , but he spoke also of adherence to His words and to the apostles that what they bound on earth would be bound in heaven. And go and sin no more !

    Do you feel that the church is wrong in regards to asking people to refrain from the Eucharist if they choose to persist in a state of adultery ? Do you see the confusion in regards to some priests feeling or teaching that it is all personal discernment ? Can a person or persons be breaking a commandment day in and day out and still be welcomed to receive The Body, Blood , Soul , and Divinity of Christ ? Is adultery a serious mortal sin or perhaps do you feel it is just a slight veinal sin ? Why are some churches , priests or different countries embracing Amoris lattetia , and other various Cardinals and Bishops and churches within diocese s begging for clarity on this very important matter.? Why does the Vicar of Christ refuse to answer the question ? Has the church been wrong for close to 2000 years on the matter of the reception of the Eucharist , and the state a soul should be in for reception of The Eucharist ? Do you see that this could lead to ” personal discernment for birth control , homosexual sex and certain unions being blessed by some of the very same rationale ? Do you recall that some popes and priests , bishops have been found guilty of heresy ? Should the church be in complete agreement on all matters of faith and morals ? Is not the very nature of most Protestant churches show a weakening of most matters of faith and morals that were held in Truth within the Catholic Church ? What will be the very nature of the warning, in regards to the children being told that many priests , cardinals and bishops , are on the road to perdition ; and indeed what does the statement of fact that much less importance in regards to the Eucharist truly mean or translate to ?
    I do agree that all the faithful should be very very careful , and obedience to the teachings of the pope in such matters of what the church has taught is obviously very very important . Why has Mary come ? Did she come to say relax the Teachings of her Son ? Does she want us to embrace a more inclusive less strict , less truthful church ???? Did she come to tell the priests and other clergy to ” loosen up ” in their dogmatic beliefs ????

    I guess my main question would be ; how is it the church has had it wrong for close to 2000 years in regard to the state of a soul , and what is required of the faithful during the partaking of reception of THE BODY OF CHRIST ? Let us just answer that first prior to the other too numerous questions within the church Let us pray always for the Truth of the Gospels and the Truth of our entire New Testament and really the entire Holy Bible are upheld in Holy Mother Church I write this with all humility , as a sinner myself , and need of much mercy , but as one whom wants Universal teachings of the church to indeed be founded in Truth and to be just that. Universal Catholic Teaching ! I always offer at least one decade for our Pope Francis daily and for the Holy Spirit to guide him to the truth Let us all increase our prayer and especially to Mary as she has already told us what to do.


    • Dear John & Joseph,

      Good on you for defending the teachings of Jesus Christ & responding to the morally bankrupt arguments of Joe Crozier.

      I had a run in with this fellow before. At the time Aviso came to my rescue, and together we made it known to Joe that he was in deep error.

      Those who are faithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings and live clean lives need not fear the judgement of Almighty God Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ.

      Those who will be heading to perdition are those who make fun of and insult our Blessed Virgin Mother and “pay lip service” to her messages at La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita.

      Unfortunately, for the supporters of Pope Francis, Pope Francis is such an individual who “pays lip service” to our Blessed Virgin Mother.

      God bless you Aviso for tolerating vipers in your blog for the last 10 years. God bless you too Peter for taking over the reins.

      F & T in Christ

      • DB
        “This fellow” what antiquated language and what a laugh and “Morally Bankrupt”. Really? It has not taken you long to resort to these ad hominem attacks. Pope Francis, in my humble view, does not only sacrifice his lips in the service of saving souls but gives his entire being. He does not have time for populism.

        I was twice blessed in my visits to Garabandal and Akita. Now there is one carving of Our Lady of Akita on each continent thanks to the grace of Mary. Have you read my journal from Garabandal? It is yet another exampke of Gid’s goodness in my life.

        I suspect that we will all find our correction and education in The Warning a very painful experience. But I have not lost my moral compass. It points in one direction Rome – where Jesus and Judgement await. If you feel confused right now I cannot imagine how confused you may feel when your eyes and your ears are opened and your consciousness engages with your brain after all these years.

        God have mercy on your soul.

      • Dear Joe,

        You are so biased and in that respect a crooked fellow. If you were impartial, you would not be behaving this way. You are one of those people who pays lip service to our blessed Mother Mary. Otherwise you would take the messages of La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita seriously. Each one of the messages coming out of those sites have terrible things to say about the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, because the Clergy have strayed away from Jesus Christ and his scriptural teachings. Sewer rats are setting agenda in the Vatican and Catholic Church at the moment, and their are really stinking up the place with their apostasy.

        You got it wrong mate, I am not confused. I have perfect clarity. I have compassion for other Christians who are confused on account of dishonest people like you. An air of atheism has infiltrated the Church. Enjoy it while it lasts, because Jesus Christ will reclaim the Church and purify it on account of the filth that is currently present there..


        F & T in Christ

    • Not one iota of Church Dogma has change. Pope Francis is very clear in his directions for a return to grace and very clear that we need confession.

    • I have had to confront family and friends with unworthy reception of The Eucharist. They have been so angry that our friendship has never recovered. I have no confusion with the teachings of Pope Francis with regard to this – it is the same teaching as that of Christ – unworthy reception means perdition. Mortal sin requires confession and absolution before reception of Jesus in Holy Communion. For a soul to receive unworthily it is like being invited to dinner with the table and room covered in shit. Unworthy reception is putting Jesus in the shit.

  10. The Filial Correction presents a direct challenge to the Catholic Hierarchy to witness to the truth of Christ or face Divine Retribution for their failure to do so. I very much doubt they will get another chance.

  11. Hi Joe. Hope all is well. I don’t disagree with most of what you state. In the end only God knows. However the part where we dissent is that while it is true the Pope has supreme teaching authority in the Catholic Church He is ONLY infallible in DOGMA AND IN DOGMA ONLY is He protected by the Holy Spirit. AL is NOT Dogma thus he can be questioned. Any Pope can re NON Dogma! The last example of this was in 1333-Pope John the XXII. Before what he said and disagreed with was made DOGMA by the next Pope. Pope John XXII said that a person who dies and is judged immediately to go to Heaven does not see the Beatific Vision upon death. He was formally corrected. So it can be done as long as what a Pope is teaching or decreeing is not Dogma. Peace Be with You Always. And in the words of St Padre Pio, we must “Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry.”

    • Good points John. My sadness is that critics of Pope Francis always give the worst possible interpretation of his words and present them as if they were the only meaning possible. AL is not dogma in itself according to a strict understanding of the word, but its subject matter does concern the teaching of the Church and her eternal Truths – teaching that Jesus Himself has given to us. The Pope has never given direction that contradicts this teaching although his critics constantly accuse him of this. In the Teaching of Jesus there is no division between the Spirit of the Law and the Letter of the law – its all good, its all one. It seems to me that critics of Pope Francis never give him he benefit of the doubt but only doubt and denial. Why this is I do not know. They seem hell bent on perdition. Francis presents the Joys of Love not some artificial construction for potential schism and apostasy. I suggest it is upon the intended meaning and application of AL that we should find focus.

    • Yes Joe Your last Sentence here is the EXACT POINT! The issue is not AL by itself. At issue is that SOME Cardinals, Bishops and Priests have chosen to use AL as a means for people civilly remarried, not living as brother and sister and who did not get an annulment for first marriage to a path to receive Holy Communion while still in an “Adultery” state. This goes directly against what JESUS CHRIST said Himself! That is astonishing and I’m not trying to be juridical of anyone. I’m simply stating not what The church has stated or taught. I’m repeating what First, before church teaching , Jesus said Himself! So it’s the interpretation of AL itself by some that’s at issue. And since it’s not a Dogma Document thus we have the Formal Correction. If Pope Francis would simply clarify that without true repentance for this or any mortal sin one CANNOTT receive our Lord Jesus Christ’s Body In Holy Communion then all would be fine.

      However re this and other matters of the world and church as Mary stated at Garabandal and the Girls advised, things will be very bad Leading up to the time of the Warning where at least for a while, right after the Warning the “conscience of the world will be changed and so to will the current and worse to come course of the world be changed as well. Until then we must pray. As SR. Lucia said at Fatima-the Final battle of God and satan will be on Marriage and the family. Here we are. The Garabandal events are nearing. God will directly intervene through the Warning where finally they’ll be no more “Grey area” or misinterpretations or confusion of good and evil! As Joey Lomangino always told me/us: “if you you turn to the last page of the Bible it says WE WIN!! 🙂 May the Peace of Christ be with you always! God Bless You!

      • Dear John

        You say we are nearing the Garabandal events – well, the situation is not at its worst yet at all, the priests are still able to celebrate the mass and the communism isn’t spread: These are supposed to be the signs but aren’t to be seen at all. No matter the chaos and confusion, the Garabandal signs are not there..might not be there for years still…

        Best wishes

  12. No cardinal or bishop or Vatican representative apart from the leader of breakaway SSPX and a sacked Vatican banker have signed this protest. To me this letter is not a correction but a protest. Many of the signatures are associated with extreme right wing, schismatic elements. The deception here is first of all in its title – there is nothing filial about it – and in the way it is formatted to make it appear as authentic opinion of Catholic Church authorities. Protests like this lead to Protestantism. There will be apostasy but only from opponents of Our Holy Father and those persuaded to join them. These are facts and not simply emotional commentary. I do not have time to try to persuade the protesters by clever atgument. It is too late in the day for that. They have the same sources and resources as I do. Thank God for The Warning which may yet allow protesters to return to the flock if indeed their offense is forgiveable. As I have said before -apostasy goes in one direction only – against the papacy and away from the Church as is the way of all Protestantism. It is a heresy to accuse the Pope of heresy. He is protcted by The Holy Spirit in his teaching authority. Therefore such accusation may be a sin against the Holy Spirit. As such it may be unforgiveable.

  13. This seems to be one of the signs that the Tribulation is imminent. Conchita once said that immediately prior to the Tribulation, the church woud be afflicted by “something like a schism”. Another sign of this was the “outbreak of revolution in Spain” – something Spain seems to be heading for with the Catalan crisis. The final sign of the Tribulation’s imminence was a papal visit to Moscow. This hasn’t happened yet, but who knows?

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