A Road to Emmaus Update

Its dark and cold outside, I am 18 years old, at home, waiting for my father to give my girlfriend a lift home. He will, but  insists, not until he has watched a BBC documentary which is about to start. It concerns an obscure village in Spain, one called Garabandal. My mum is also there, sat by the fire quietly knitting yet another jumper. My girlfriend is keen to go, in fact very keen, never really at ease in the home of a catholic family; she is most irritated not least at having to sit through a programme with an overtly Roman Catholic theme! So it was, that I, in this prickly atmosphere, at this one most significant moment in my life, unsuspectingly approached and stepped on to, what would become a ‘Road to Emmaus.’

I listened with increasing attentiveness to the revelation of a living, ever  present God through the words of a humble and beautiful woman; Conchita Keena (formally Gonzalez). The impact of her story forever changed my perception of God. Up to this point, God for me solely existed in the imprint of ancient history. I knew only a two dimensional personality, one that was as absent of life as the Saints depicted in the stained glass windows of numerous churches. One who only spoke to mankind in repetitious words read from dated scripts and forced me to endure the  mundanity of Latin chants and endless ceremonies.

In this room, on this late winters night, I started to become oblivious to all except Conchita who was telling me, almost in a whisper to my innermost heart,  “God was and is alive,” and not only this but alarmingly close to unleashing a furious intervention in the lives of every one of us on Earth. I sensed in the light of this moment the gravity of my sins and in consequence a sudden and terrible urgency to change for the better. I was both chastened and exhilarated. Whilst I now began to recognise I was on a path to perdition, I was  encouraged by the remedy unfolding before me. A way of living and believing, counselled by the visitation of The Holy Mother of God and the words spoken by Her to the four children of Garabandal.

That was 38 years ago. Between then and now I have tried to live accordingly and never once stopped believing. I have over all these years, when possible, shared the messages and events of Garabandal with all who would listen. I have encouraged conversation both within and without the Church and have on too many occasions sadly suffered the malice of the incredulous.

As you might imagine, my now being privileged to contribute to the spreading of the messages of Garabandal via Aviso’s blog is without doubt a most unexpected gift.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my concerns for these our times. In particular the context of Fatima, Garabandal and Akita as well as private revelation given to the Saints in respect of the diabolical attacks we are witness to on the family, marriage, the Holy Eucharist and the Church. I will also counter the false ideologies and lifestyles  of these times by referring  to Divine Revelation, the Magisterium of the Holy and Apostolic Church, Canon Law and true orthodoxy.

As we move through the liturgical year and toward the fulfillment of prophesy, I will, with your permission, continue to share more of my story, ‘A Road to Emmaus.’

As a final footnote to this article, please be aware that all donations continue to go to Aviso’s PayPal account which keeps these pages on-line. None are received by me, and neither will I ever take or need any.

Enjoy the embedded BBC Everyman Documentary, the very same that began my journey all those years ago

God bless you


A Road to Emmaus: Part 2

My father and I returned home, without a word being spoken, yet my mind was full of noise, racing with numerous questions. ‘What had I just watched this night?’ ‘What did it mean?’ ‘Why am I so perturbed?’ Looking back, it is as a parent myself, that I can guess what my father may have been thinking or praying in the silence of that car all those years ago.

‘Dear God, please, please let the messages of Garabandal touch our Peter’s heart and bring him back home, to You.’

The next day and each day after, I went to work as usual, I had an engineering apprenticeship to finish, I was now in my 4th and final year. Every evening, on my way home, I consistently ignored the impulse to stop and enter that which sat empty and couched behind the shadows of cold winter nights, the little parish church of St. Paulinus. Since the night of the program I had already started a routine of praying the Rosary, but there was more needed, the Rosary was only a first beginning. ‘We must visit the Blessed Sacrament Frequently,’ were the words lying behind the impulse I was ignoring until at last I did stop. Even though it was late, the church was unlocked, and as if steeling my way in, I crept beyond the doors in to the empty void and near total darkness. I knelt down at a pew, staying at the back, close to the doors, readying my escape should I be discovered. Once my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could just about make out the distant covered dome of the tabernacle as it flickered deep red under the partial illumination of the dancing sanctuary candle. I recited five decades of the Rosary as quickly as possible and for good reason, not only did I believe I had no right to be there, but the air was very cold, it hung with the stale smell of old incense and who knows, there may even be a specter lurking, ready to terrify and halt my good intentions; such was my foolishness and vanity. Yet despite my poor attitude,  night after night I returned to the cold church and night after night I moved ever closer to the tabernacle, staying yet longer on each occasion. Except that is, it wasn’t any more the tabernacle I moved closer to, it was a sense of the Divine, tangible, ever real, gentle, kind, accepting, peaceful, loving. This I discovered  was a very good place to be and leaving was becoming harder and harder to do!

Part 3

My heart began to experience an extraordinary sweetness, a calmness I had never known and a joy that at times would almost overwhelm me. All I desired in these early days was to be alone with my Lord, but opportunities were rare. In consequence my evenings of solitude in the company of the Divine presence were eagerly awaited. In time I discovered His loving closeness was always with me and this I could sense by simply thinking of Him. The use of my vivid imagination allowed me to become recollected in prayer at any time, any place, whether at work, driving, spending time with family, sat in front of the TV, or out with friends.

One cannot be in such company and not be changed. The person I was becoming was not the one my friends, work colleagues and family recognised. Despite my best efforts to the contrary my topic of conversation tended to revolve around the wonder I was discovering, the pearl of great price, the treasure in the field. Unfortunately in my desire to share the urgency of Garabandal and my subsequent realisation of Redemptive Love, I encountered mostly derision and mockery. I was now the daily topic of jokers at work, my friends were dismayed and distant and eventually my girlfriend called it a day. I was alone. Sometimes the things said to me at work would be so bad,  I found it impossible on my journey home to hold back the tears. All I could do was offer it all to God in thanksgiving for saving me and as reparation for my many sins. Now I was learning about penance, to be more precise living the meaning of penance, and the sweetness increased, or should I say a happy sadness replaced the sweetness, and yes it is a contradiction. My hours of prayer increased, my penance and sacrifices increased (for example, I now slept on the floor and avoided TV). My brother with whom I shared a bedroom thought I was completely nuts of course. I joined the SVP and went to prayer groups, I would attend retreats and read as much as possible from the lives of the Saints. I was no longer the person I was.

The change in me was so complete that in the end and over time it began to draw curiosity from those who really knew me. Conversations were invited by others for me to explain why and how I had changed. All my reading of scripture, spiritual writings and wider explorations concerning Garabandal and Fatima etc became the stories that intrigued and captivated the listeners, and this was at work. Then, one day, out of the blue, someone who had been the most inventive in making a fool of me in front of a workshop full of mechanics, took me to one side and said. “Peter, you should become a Priest!”

27 thoughts on “A Road to Emmaus Update


    Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain love towards her and Jesus Christ.

    OH Mary, I know that thou art the creature
    the most noble, the most sublime, the most pure
    the most beautiful, the most merciful, the most
    holy; in a word, the most lovely of all creatures.
    Oh, if all knew thee, oh my Lady, and loved thee
    as thou dost merit ! But I console myself that
    so many happy souls in heaven and on earth live
    enamored of thy goodness and beauty. Above
    all, I rejoice that God himself loves thee alone
    more than all men and angels united. My most
    amiable queen, I, a miserable sinner, also love
    thee, but I love thee too little: I desire a love
    greater and more tender towards thee; and this
    thou must obtain for me, for to love thee is a
    great sign of predestination, and a grace that
    God does not grant except to those whom he
    wishes to be saved.

    I see myself then, oh my mother, greatly in
    debted to thy Son. I see that he merits an
    infinite love. Thou who desirest nothing but to see him loved, this is the grace that above all others thou must obtain for me; obtain for me a great love for Jesus Christ. Thou dost obtain from God whatever thou dost wish; ah, obtain for me this grace, to be so united with the divine will that I may never more be separated
    from it. I do not ask of thee the goods of earth, neither honors nor riches; I ask of thee what thy heart most desires, I wish to love my God.
    Is it possible that thou wilt not aid me in this my desire, which pleases thee so much ? No, for thou dost even now help me, already thou art praying for me; pray, pray, and never cease to pray until thou seest me in paradise, beyond the danger of being able any more to lose my Lord, and certain of loving him forever, together
    with thee, my dearest mother.

  2. Dear friends of the Blessed Mother of Garabandal!
    Today it`s a very special day, because it is the feast of the Cross of Jesus Christ! Remember what did Conchita say about the time of the Great Miracle, when times get worst and the communism is coming up, the time of the Miracle is near, or the words of Mari Loli, when communism is spread off, than the time of the Warning is near!
    Remember the words of the Blessed Mother ofl Fatima, “Russia will be the Tribulation of the world“.
    Today on the Feast of the Cross of our Lord, Russia starts a very important and rare military action near the border to East Europe.
    Here is the link: http://mobil.n-tv.de/politik/Russland-blaest-zum-Grossmanoever-article19998484.html
    All for the Glory of God

    • Dear Jochen,

      Thank you for reminding us of the feast of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Also thank you for sharing the latest developments in world Geo Politics. It is food for thought.

      To all the devotees of Fatima & Garabandal, I want to share my perspective of the comments made by Pope Francis a couple of months ago. On June 7, 2017 Life Site News reported that Pope Francis actually said:

      “Dear brothers and sisters, we are never alone. We can be far, hostile; we can even say we are ‘without God.’ But Jesus Christ’s Gospel reveals to us that God cannot be without us: He will never be a God ‘without man’; it is He who cannot be without us, and this is a great mystery! God cannot be God without man: this is a great mystery!”

      This is in my opinion the most insulting, most disrespectful and most heretical attack against God that that Pope Francis has said so far. This is because it is claiming that without Man God does not exist, that somehow God’s existence depends on us, thus implying that we have power over God and to control his actions. It is also claiming that we can be as sinful as we can be, whether it be sexual immorality, being adulterers, idolaters, and having abortions, that all this God will tolerate because he needs us.

      Please do not be deceived. Do not be seduced by Pope Francis. For anyone who has read the Gospels, you will know that Pope Francis’ [words are of grave concern – moderator edit] .For example:

      (1) In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, God spared Lot and his family from the destruction of these cities because these cities were sinful and engaged in Homosexuality. God spared Lot for the sake of Kinship with Abraham, but it was not enough to save Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt.

      (2). In the time of the Exodus when Moses went to the Mountain to receive the 10 Commandments, when Moses returned he discovered that the Israelite committed idolatry by worshiping a Bull made out of gold. In return God destroyed those Jews who participated in idolatry.

      (3) In the time of Noah, God destroyed the whole world’s population for their iniquities. God only spared Noah and his family. God also said that he will not destroy the world again with water. However, he did say that next time it will be with fire.

      All these examples demonstrate that God does not need Man and humanity. But we in return do need God. This is why God sent his son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to atone for our sins.

      Please understand that if God considers the world’s population of 8 billion people living today to be unworthy of being saved, then those 8 billion people will not be saved. The destruction by fire has been prophesied.

      However, some of us will be saved, even though we will be a remnant. For those who have an ear, change your lives to please God and he will not only save you, but will grant you eternal life. God judges fairly.


      F & T in Christ

  3. I have often contemplated the words “Weep not for me but for yourselves and for your children.” …….for your errors and the fruit of your errors. Most contributors here oppose Pope Francis. “Your own words have said it.” As most here know I am a strong supporter of Pope Francis. I pray for all those who are blind to the Truth and Goodness at work in this pious, caring, courageous, genuine, wise, trustworthy man.

    • Dear Joe, Lets not debate the virtues of any individual, whether Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, or lay people etc. Lets rather reflect upon the council, good or bad, of this pontificate, and only when the occasion arises. That we do so in the context of Orthodox Catholic teaching and the witness of Fatima, Garabandal, Akita and numerous Blessed and Saintly mystics that also give warning to these times. There is much confusion abroad within and outside the Church and it is a cause of very deep spiritual pain for many thousands, if not millions of souls, laypeople and Priests. A confusion seeded by the departure of Pope Benedict XVI and subsequent proclamations such as Amoris Laetitia and statements, formal and informal, from a number of Church authorities, not least from the Chair of St Peter. We know where we each stand in terms of the Pope. if we respect each others position then we can share our reflections with mutual respect and in public. This site is not to be reduced to a propaganda platform for Francis followers nor a site from which to bruise him or others. You quote scripture to make a point, well permit me also to quote from this weekends readings.

      ‘If your brother does something wrong (and this includes teaching something wrong) go and have it out with him alone (as did the four Dubia Cardinals)….If he listens to you, you have won back your brother etc. (Matthew 18:15-20). Consider also Ezekiel 33:7-9, if we do not correct our brother and our brother dies in his sin then we shall be held accountable for his death in sin.

      Let us all pray for all our Priests, no matter their station, for they are assailed by Satan from all sides

      God bless

      • First, Pete, let me give God his due place in my response – the Alpha and the Omega and ask for His Spirit in my response. On Sunday our priest gave an excellent homily on the very gospel that you quote. Following his counsel I do not wish to score points nor to oppose but I would love to correct in the most loving way possible the error of ways espoused by this site in accordance with the strictures of the gospel you quote.

        When it comes to Garabandal can one really cherry pick only the parts that resonate with personal opinion? Our Lady herself spoke affirmingly of the Second Vatican Council. The problems of the church were well developed before Vat II. It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This corruption led to child abuse and its cover up to name but one of its problems as the bad priests remained 6 feet above questioning in their pulpits of power. In 1965 Our Lady said that the souls of many cardinals, bishops and priests ARE going to hell. The problem was already there.

        Is it not true that Tradition (not Traditionalism) gifts the true Catholic mind with discernment of meaning in the teaching of the Church. Humanae Vitae and Amoris Laetitiae are amongst the greatest teaching documents ever. Neither causes me the slightest confusion. I know what the Pope is saying. I know what he is not saying. He has never denied one eternal truth.

        He has not given a carte blanche for unworthy reception of the Eucharist. On the contrary he has set out a clear path by which the strays and the lost may return to full communion. Apostasy is a one way street – its direction is away from the Pope. Has this site not been guilty of directing people, if not directly down that street, at least in its direction on many occasions? The Dubia identified nothing but their doubts and failed totally in the purpose of the gospel which is to save souls or as it says to “win back our brothers”. Like many others they have laid the ground work for doubt and division. They are not part of the solution: they are part of the problem.

        I hope for your sake that you do not die in the sin of encouraging others to denounce and debase the true teachings and intentions of our Holy Father the Pope which is nothing less than encouraging them in the direction of apostasy. We all have been afforded ample opportunity to decide where we stand in our Faith: either for or against the work of this pontificate. If our conscience has caused us to sin in this endeavour then it will be corrected in The Warning. This does not mean our sin will be forgiven. That requires repentance and conversion.

        Sadly there is no forgiveness for sin against the Holy Spirit. Is Apostasy and leading others in that direction a sin against the Holy Spirit who is the very life of Tradition? In Akita it was prophesied by Our Lady that forgiveness would not be available when sin has gone too far. The Fathers just anger will be visited on the world if it does not repent.

        There is no rigidity in the Spirit – ” flecte quod est rigidum, Fove quod est frigidum.”

        When St John Ogilvie faced his terrible martyrdom on the scaffold he asked for the prayers of true Catholics but proclaimed he would not have the prayers of heretics. May the prayers of true Catholics be offered up for for true priests who adhere to The Faith of our fathers and who have always followed Christ and His Vicar and who pledge their fidelity forever to the One and only True Catholic Church.

        Let us follow the counsel of Our Lady of Garabandal and ensure that our hands are full of the good deeds we have done for our brothers and sisters when we stand before God on judgement day.

        I hope our divisions will be healed and that thru The Warning and in The Miracle we will all be one again in the love of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

        • Hi Joe. Thank you for detailed and considered comments, I will of course duly reflect on the points you raise and hope to respond in the near future. In the meantime there is one point I would like to bring to immediate attention, that is the assertion ‘Our Lady herself spoke in the affirmative concerning the Second Vatican Council.’ Can you evidence this Joe? This point was in fact raised in other comments to Aviso’s article ‘What Father Gruner Actually Thought and Wanted.’The reply to which is copied verbatim below.

          Your Web reference, which among other things relates a ‘myth concerning VII’ is contradictory to the views expressed by Joseph A. Pelletier, one of the foremost early experts on Garabandal. May I encourage reading of the link below, which is a summary view that clearly suggests Garabandal in its fundamental purpose could not in any of its actions imply any endorsement of VII. In consequence any proported positive discourses on the subject between the Virgin and children are in my view to be treated with suspicion.

          Click to access from_writings.pdf

          God bless

      • Funny enough I was moved last Sunday to correct friends of mine who were facilitating unworthy reception of The Eucharist by their family albeit with the best of intentions. Like most ordinary Catholics of today they were lacking in catechesis.

      • Hi Pete
        Thank you for your responses. I do not have a computer at hand and do not have time to reply on my phone but will carefully consider what you have said when I have more time. I am pleased to see that you do not intend to allow this site to continue ss a whipping post for our Holy Father.

      • Dear Pete,

        It is so easy to go with the flow in life and to be taken wherever the wind blows. This is to be resisted. Jesus Christ’s teachings are unchanged. They are the same today as they were 2000 years ago. As Matthew (in Matthew 7:13) states the road to salvation is to “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.” The narrow gate is the one in which your are faithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings.

        When a Pope (whoever he is), in his role as the Vicar of Christ, teaches a Gospel different to that of Jesus Christ, then he must be resisted with all the the energy a person can muster. May this resistance be reinforced with the Holy Spirit and the might of the Archangel Michael, who is, has always been, and always will be, loyal to Lord God Yahweh and his son, & our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

        May the Formal Correction of “Pope” Francis happen sooner rather than later, because as each day passes, more multitudes will be seduced, and more human souls will be heading to perdition.

        There will come a time when the true Catholic Christian faith with be just a remnant, and those who preach a different gospel to that of Jesus Christ will think they are the real Christians, and they will persecute us, much the same way that Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire.

        F & T in Christ

    • “I pray for all those who are blind to the Truth and Goodness at work in this pious, caring, courageous, genuine, wise, trustworthy man.” I ask God for forgiveness in case Pope Francis has the qualities that you apply to him in this sentence. I have already reported here my worries during his 4 years of pontificate and my final “understanding” especially during his Fatima trip when he described the meaning of the true devotion to Our Lady. Have you read it Joe? If not I highly recommend you to do it, as well as many of his comments as reported in the Denzonger Bergoglio pages for example, if you want to understand the worries of so many catholics today. But in my case I do not judge him, I leave it to God of course. There are so many things to be worried about in this pontificate that it is not any surprise to find many people blind to the truth and goodness that you see in Pope Francis. Pete, I congratulate you for your reply here. I thank you in the name of the potentially blind offenders….

    • “I pray for all those who are blind to the Truth and Goodness at work in this pious, caring, courageous, genuine, wise, trustworthy man.”

      Pardon me Joe, but does it not concern you in the least bit that this holy man’s political influences lean towards an ideology that has led to the murder of nearly 100 million lives? Their is a reason the prophesy of Garabandal specifically mentions atheistic communism and what it has led.



  4. God bless you Pete!! , as was saying Benedictus XVI, the True believing in God allways starts on a personnal enccounter with Him

  5. Hallo pete, my name is uli and i follow avisos blog for some years now. I never had the courag to post anything because my english is very strange. But now i will say t hat i am very thankfull for aviso and for you and all the peopel ever come arround here. I hope i meet aviso and you and all the others who god will allow to be in garabandal at this upcoming holy day. Greetings from germany. Salve regina……….

    • Thank you Uli, please don’t be too concerned about your English, send in your posts when you feel inspired, all comments from friends of Garabandal are welcome.

      God bless

  6. Thank you Pete for continuing this blog. It is so necessary in these times we live. May the Lord bless your work as you keep all of us informed, Mother of Carmel protect us all and you Pete in your work. May she guide you.

  7. You have the gift of writing Pete and your story gave me goosebumps. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to reading and witnessing everything you share. You have your mission.

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