The devil’s Nativity Scene ! Confirmation Update

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17 December 2017

At the Vatican square was installed a Nativity Scene but a Nativity Scene of darkness, with a dead and even a naked man. What are doing a dead and naked man in a manger? But what twisted spirits are the authors of such profanation of the mystery of the birth of the Child God?

Nothing less than an offensive and blasphemous Nativity Scene is put at the heart of Christianity. We are facing an example of the new evangelization, which has the banner of blasphemy, sacrilege and apostasy.

It’s a deceitful Nativity Scene.

It is an offensive and blasphemous Nativity Scene.

It is a Nativity Scene that is totally out of the tradition.

It is a nightmare Nativity Scene, which removes sleeping

It is a Nativity Scene without tenderness.

It is a Nativity Scene fruit of twisted and dirty spirits.

It is an unfounded Nativity Scene and inspired by the Devil himself.

It is a Nativity Scene that destroys the truth of the Catholic faith.

It is a Nativity Scene that offends the most intimate Catholic sensitivity.

It’s an ugly Nativity Scene, tasteless, made to run out.

It is a Nativity Scene that shows a wrong scene to confuse and mislead.

It is a Nativity Scene that deserves a rejection from the faithful at the level of the universal Church.

We are facing the work of the human spirit, but without the Catholic faith; it is the devious spirit of a sly and burlesque man, charlatan and party-goer, sacrilegious and perverted; it is the spirit of a profaner of the sacred, of one who laughs at the irremovable faith of tradition; it is the spirit of a man who plays to be a little god, who imposes his miserable ideas as an object of worship and belief.

Where is the joy of the moment with the dead in the Nativity Scene? Where is holiness? Where is the immaculate purity of the scene of the Holy Family with the naked man? Where is the mystery of the birth of the Child God? Where is the mystery of the Redemptive Work? God became man to redeem man from sin, so what does the naked man doing here? Where is the modesty, the innocence, the purity, the chastity, the restraint, the honesty that inspires the scene of the manger?

We are faced to an unacceptable offense of the fundamentals of faith.

We all faithful must flood the Vatican with letters and e-mails rejecting such an offense to the Child God, to the purity of Mary, to the chastity of Saint Joseph.

We can not continue longer to shut up. From the Vatican they offend our faith. From the head of the Church flows the mud that dirties the face of the Church.

Let us move, not to second heresy and sacrilege, but to oppose it. Let us begin by addressing our most energetic rejection to the Vatican and to the Papal Nuncio in all countries.

We Catholics say: THIS IS ENOUGH! Do not offend our faith!

(translate from Italian to English by Aviso)


My Comment : What a Shame, what a Sacrilege, what Blasphemy ! I am just back from Garabandal and I was reading your mails when I came accross this new Sacrilege from the Vatican under the pontificate of Francis, the so called Pope of Mercy, believe me some still believe it ! well I have no word to describe this Nativity Scene, probably inspired by the devil himself with the agreement of a sick man under the control of satan so what else to add ? well we poor faithful and sinners, we are going of course to pray especially our Rosary, we will still wait that one of our Prince of the Church will correct in Public this heretic, we never know (between us I don’t believe it a second but that’s my opinion only) because as some are saying, Pray and don’t worry, well I am sorry but not for me, I cannot, they are crucifying our Lord a second time before our eyes and we are going to Pray and do not worry only, unfortunately many have not yet understood the time we are living, the Novissimi, some are praying for a new conclave as soon as possible and hoping a new Holy Pope after the disaster that will leave this Apostate within the Church, it’s not a disaster anymore but a abomination in the Temple of God my Friends so in my opinion, in no way the Vatican will survive this abomination, this is clearly described in the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision and we are probably there, to me the man of sin is already within us and we must fight him with justice but without mercy ! so I will end this comment with our Lord to whom I ask forgiveness for this new blasphemy ” So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth” Revelation 3:16, thank you.

22 December 2017


ROME, December 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican Nativity scene featuring a naked man, a corpse, and no sheep or oxen is the artistic offering of an abbey which is the focus of Italian LGBT activists, it has emerged.

Enquiries by LifeSiteNews have revealed that the Abbey of Montevergine, which donated the innovative ‘Nativity of Mercy,’ houses the Marian image that has been adopted as patroness by LGBT activists in Italy. The abbey shrine is the annual destination of a sort of sacred and profane “ancestral gay pride” pilgrimage which, according to one LGBT activist, in recent years has gained the “active, political participation of the LGBT community.”

An official of the Vatican’s Governorate has told LifeSiteNews that the abbey of Montevergine initially proposed the original idea for the ‘Nativity of Mercy.’ The Vatican discussed and developed a more detailed design with the abbey, then submitted final plans to the Secretary of State and Pope Francis for approval, which was duly granted.

“The presence of the Vatican Nativity Scene for us is a reason to be even happier this year,” Antonello Sannini, president of homosexual activist group Arcigay Naples, told LifeSiteNews on Tuesday. “For the homosexual and transsexual community in Naples, it is an important symbol of inclusion and integration.”

Fury over the Christmas crèche

The Christmas crèche fury blew up on Twitter last week, when photos of a virtually nude male figure representing the corporal work of mercy ‘to clothe the naked’ made the rounds on social media, sparking sharp criticism and debate.

Viewers lamented the figure’s “prominent placement and languid pose,” according to Breitbart, which reported that the figure’s pose “led many on social media to suggest that there is a vaguely homoerotic tone to the scene.”

Facebook, adding to the fury, rejected the photo referencing its policy against “sexually suggestive or provocative” images.

One observer remarked, regarding the poor man in need of clothes: “I’ve worked with a personal trainer. That guy’s been in the gym two hours a day, six days a week.”

“This horrendous exhibit, a sacrilegious, highly deceitful and malevolent attempt to turn the holy innocence of the manger in St. Peter’s Square into a lobbying tool for the homosexual rights movement, is just the latest fiendish act, but one that’s symptomatic of this entire pontificate,” one source close to the Vatican told LifeSiteNews.

Meanwhile, the Neapolitan artist who crafted the crèche, Antonio Cantone, appeared to suggest that he intended it to be provocative.

“It is not a camp nativity; it is particular and makes you think,” he said. “It leaves no one indifferent; there are provocations.”

Enter a Marian Icon

This year’s Christmas crèche also features a reproduction of the ancient and beautiful icon of Our Lady of Montevergine. The original icon, housed in a chapel of the mountain shrine, measures 12 feet high and six feet wide, and depicts the Blessed Virgin seated on a throne with the divine Infant Jesus seated on her lap.

The Marian image is dark, and so the icon is often referred to as one of the “Black Madonnas.” Among local Italians, her dark complexion made them believe she was part of the serving class and so she came to be affectionately known by the faithful as “Mamma Schiavano” or “Slave Mama.”

Each year, Our Lady of Montevergine is honored through two pilgrimages to her mountain shrine: one on February 2, the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or Candlemas; and the second on September 12, the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, which is preceded by a three-day festival.

On the night before the feast pilgrims are hosted by Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, the nearest town to the abbey, before making the “sagliuta” or “juta” (from the Italian “salire,” i.e. ascent) on foot to the shrine of Our Lady of Montevergine early the next morning. The three-day celebration is a mix of sacred and profane, and features dances and songs accompanied by large tambourines.

The “juta dei femminielli”

Our Lady of Montevergine has a particular significance for homosexuals and transgenders in Italy.  According to a legend, Our Lady of Montevergine saved two homosexuals from death in the winter of 1256. The couple had been beaten and driven by night from their city and brought to the mountain where they were tied to a tree and left to die of the cold or be eaten by wolves. According to the legend, Our Lady of Montevergine had pity on them and ‘miraculously’ freed them. In 2017, La Repubblica called it “the progressive miracle of a gay friendly Madonna.”

More commonly, she is known as the mother “who grants everything and forgives everything.”

The “juta dei femminielli” [ascent of the femminielli] is therefore held each year on Candlemas Day to recall the legend through song and dance. Femminielli is a term used to refer to a population of homosexual males with markedly feminine gender expression in traditional Neapolitan culture.

Read more below :

My Comment :  The Confirmation below, I quote :

“An official of the Vatican’s Governorate has told LifeSiteNews that the abbey of Montevergine initially proposed the original idea for the ‘Nativity of Mercy.’ The Vatican discussed and developed a more detailed design with the abbey, then submitted final plans to the Secretary of State and Pope Francis for approval, which was duly granted”

You read like me (and do not say to me that LifesiteNews is a so called Traditionalist media or known to tell gossips, please not to me, thank you)  : Approuved by the Secretary of State and Pope Francis or if your prefer in a single Word GRANTED and do not come back to me with the same song as well, the so called ” advised by bad cardinals, the Pope does not know what he is doing or he is not aware or even better the media misinterpreted his words..ect…ect….. lalalalalala Aviso has his own agenda….lalalalalala”, COME ON, we will end like Sodom and Gomorah, please be sure of that, this is a SACRILEGE, they are mocking the Lord, the Lady and Saint Joseph before our eyes but where are Cardinals, where is our Church ? what are you waiting for Prince of the Church to correct this evil heretic and his team NOW, this Pontificate is unbearable, what you have done to us Pope Benedict, why did you abandon us Holy Father ? converted myself to Catholicism, I never thought I would have to live that, DO NOT TRUST THIS POPE, those were the words of Albrecht Weber, our Good Friend and Famous Garabandalist, we understand today why the Lady of the Carmel did not count this Papacy which is probably a plot from the beginning as the Resignation, this is so abvious, by the way I am just back from Garabandal and as usual I prayed on Albrecht Grave as for all of you, I will write a new article about my stay whenever I have time, I have also some news related to the Warning and it looks that some may have to wait a bit more, stay tuned, thank you.

What a Shame !

Life site news



11 thoughts on “The devil’s Nativity Scene ! Confirmation Update

  1. Bergoglio’s best friend, and the person who did most to put him in the chair of Peter, is “Cardinal” Danneels, a pedophile enabler and promoter, who put his imprimatur on a “catechism” which encouraged children to indulge in sexual activity. What else does anyone need to know about this “Pope”? He is a heretic and an anti-Christ.

  2. It’s just to bad you don’t know the theology behind the Nativity. First there were no cows or sheep the Christ Child was born in a cave. Was is shown is why the Christ was born. To heel the sick, forgive sinners, to save us. Try Church once in a while besides Christmas maybe you would understand better. Bless you all. And a Merry Christmas. I didn’t see that in the comments so I figured I would add it.

    • I’m not aware of Jesus being born in a cave. Always read in the Gospel He was in a stable and sheperds visited Him, so I must imagine some sheeps were present as well. Never mind. Merry Christmas

  3. It’s so sad! There is not sign of the new Life and Light coming, just men with their desperation and nudity. Strangely, it reminds me death and probably Lent but without the hope of resurrection

  4. It was St Francis of Assisi, who heaven made the archetype of Christ, that created the tradition of depicting the first nativity scene at Christmas, the birth of our Lord. What does it say of Pope Francis; one who appoints himself the archetype of Christ and also refashions the Nativity Scene according to his own spirit with such an empty outcome.

  5. Dear Friends please read The Dictaror Pope a new unrivalled miticulously researched book by Markantonio Colonna it will reveal the real Pope Francis and his Jesuit cause “Liberation Theology ” the aim of the Jusuits for many years. We have int Black Pope in charge. God help us all.

  6. I absolutely do not see the relevance of combining the corporal works of mercy in a Nativity scene. What is of paramount importance for Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and we should prepare for this event. The 7 corporal works of mercy can he highlighted in another area completely separate from the Nativity scene.

  7. I never thought Aviso, despite me being a Garabandalist over 40 years and knowing what Mari Loli advised leading up to the Warning “that it will appear the church has disappeared,” that it would be the church itself as the entity either in part or all who would be the entity that’s attempting to destroy it.”
    God Have Mercy On us!” Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal-Pray For us!

  8. Absolutely disgusted!

    I implore you, those of you that are still holding foolish hope for this heretic Pope. Use you eyes…your heart…your REASON. My question for you that still support this pope. Tell me what does Christmas represent? It is and always shall be the celebration of the Savior of the world. Of god becoming human.

    JOHN 1:14
    The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

    Tell me Bergolio…tell me…YOU WHO support him what does “corporal work of mercy” have to do with the birth of god in human flesh. Is this not more of a sign of showing or placing equal importance of human social condition taking if not taking front and center importance in the birth of Christ but at least as of equal importance. Again, here Bergolio shows what’s important to him…

    What’s important for Bergolio is social problems of the material world. The path that Bergolio is headed is similar to the path that Padre Pio said of Luther. MARTIN LUTHER IS IN HELL AND CHRISTIANS WHO FOLLOW HIM WILL MEET THE SAME END-

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