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01 December 2015

Reminder, this Article represents my opinion only, as we know the more important are the Garabandal Messages indicated on the home page of this Blog, thank you.

It looks that my article about the Garabandal Warning Year as the Year 2018 had some succes, the article has been read by many visitors from around the world as I had anticipated, a record of visits for this new blog but why as expected ? because when it’s about Garabandal and especially after all these years, even if most are now aware that the Garabandal messages are much more important than the Prophecies, many today starts to find the time long and doubts are here for many especially since the Death of Joey Lomangino in 2014, who had to recover his eyesight on the day of the Great Miracle, as we know this was a fact for years according to Conchita, one of the main Garabandal seers as below :

Dear Joey: Today at the pines in a locution the Blessed Virgin told me to tell you, you will receive new eyes on the day of the Great Miracle. . .

Conchita has further explained that her understanding of the Virgin’s term “new eyes” is eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision and that Joey’s new eyes “are to be used for the Glory of God”. (Garabandal special issue 1996, Page 1)

But If we read carefully, we can also note 2 important details :

1. It is Conchita understanding of the Virgin’s term only

2. Eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision but if you say something is not necessarily the case, you mean that it may not be the case or is not always the case as well.

The death of Joey Lomangino before the Great Miracle day simply confirms that her understanding of the Virgin’s words was wrong and this was not the first time, it was also the case with Padre Pio, who was supposed to see the Great Miracle as well, as we know Padre Pio saw it but this did not mean that Saint Pio should see it the D Day, Conchita herself was also surprised and had doubts when in 1968 Saint Pio died, ” How could the Blessed Virgin have told me that he would see the Miracle and now he was dead? “as we know, Conchita’s concerns were put to rest one month later in October 1968, when she went to Lourdes with her mother and the French Priest (known on this blog) Father Alfred Combe but her surprise when she had learned the death of Padre Pio so de facto her doubts, proves that time already she had also misinterpreted our Lady’s words but the Lady of Carmel is never far away to enlighten us, indeed a close friend of Padre Pio, Father Cennamo, told to Conchita in Lourdes that Saint Pio saw the Great Miracle before he died as he had told him so himself, so it is also the case with the death of Joey Lomangino on June 18 2014, the same day of the second Garabandal message (18 June 1965) and this cannot be a coincidence but surely a message of hope to all of us from Heaven, who surely knew that this death could have demoralized even the most faithful of Garabandal so his Death on June 18 (symbolic and important date for any Garabandalist) allowed also many to keep the faith still today, thanks God.

Let me add and for your information, this death of Joey before the Great Miracle day was known as possible in the village since years, for some more than 20 years when I learned it myself in 2011, the explanation given to me was already a possible misinterpretation of the main seer, the fact that none of the 3 other seers (Garabandal had 4 seers, too often forgotten) had never spoke about this Prophecy has been also recalled to me but I was myself still very surprised.

So few months after the death of Joey Lomangino, I asked one friend who knows Conchita quite well to ask her what she thought about this death, not any specific reply or explanation from the main seer according to my friend, she just remind him about the announcement of the Miracle that she never said that she would call Joey only but anyone else in the world as well that she feels can help to spread the word rapidly. This year 2015, I ask him to call her back and to ask her about Albrecht Weber as about Pope Francis, the main seer who is obedient to the Church as the other Garabandal seers and from the beginning, will not hesitate to deny or confirm a question when prompted by a close friend, so below her answer exclusively for this blog because as you know Aviso has no contact in Garabandal, as not contact with any seers and so on :

1. About Pope Francis, we can give our opinion about the Pope but Salvation is in his hands

2. She confirms the interview with Albrecht in 1965 but not the 4 Popes, she reconfirm that she said 3 Popes only, she did not denied the Weber’s possibility of 4 Popes but rather as the questions were in German and translated to her in Spanish, she may not have understood all the questions, this could explain some misunderstanding thereafter.

But let’s stay a little more on my relationship with Garabandal, please let me remind you once and for all, at least I hope so, what I own myself to this village :

1. My own Conversion to the Catholicism in 2007 so my Baptism 3 years later after a long preparation

2. My weeding in the village in 2013, between us it’s quite difficult if not very difficult for any foreigner to get married in Garabandal without any good contact and relation in the village, in my case this has been possible precisely because of my relations with some in the village and I thank them again, it’s not a lack of humility from me but a fact.

3. From this weeding, a new baby is born 1 year later, to thank our Lady for this new gift, my second one, we decided to bring it back to her, so this gift from God will be baptized in Garabandal as well, done last summer with the Great honor to have with us during the Baptism our close Family but also Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and one of the main eyewitness of the Garabandal Apparitions, Jacinta one of the Garabandal seers, of course Amalia (one of Loli’s sister) with her husband (one of Conchita’s cousin), the God Father and his wife, my good friend Bastiano, son of one of the more important french eyewitness of the Apparitions, who was close also to the 4 seers, as to Father Laffineur, the famous Garabandal Pioneer as she had also the Great Honor to be the 1st non Spanish to be burried in the village, the second one is Albrecht Weber recently and so on. It’s also quite difficult to organize a Baptism in the village without the help of the villagers as without the help and agreement of the Priest of Garabandal. In my humble opinion, this would have never been possible without my good relations in the village as without our Lady’s help of course, it is for us a blessing and not a proud, those are my relationship with Garabandal, as I said a blessing, I know the village as the history by heart and I could give much more unknown stories but this will be for next time and you might be surprised, as I said a huge responsability for me but also a Blessing.

Let me remind you also some of my works about Garabandal, published online on my first blog as elsewhere:

I debunked the Paralytic Boy Rumor used against our Lady of Mount Carmel for years

I debunked the walking back of the seers in Garabandal with explanation used also against us

I denounced the so call and false seer Maria Divine Mercy as a group of different people from Ireland

I proved with facts, the link between Pope Benedict and Garabandal

I Confimed that the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr is not Spanish but Saint Tarcisius

I confirmed that the Month of the Great Miracle is April

I debunked the Year 2017

I said that Joey Lomangino was not Garabandal as aware since years of his possible death before the GM

I developped the words from Pope Benedict in Fatima in 2010 as “may the 7 years…..etc…”

I showed the link between Malachi Martin as Father Gruner (the Fatima World Champions) with Garabandal

I said that we are going to see our Lady during the Great Miracle

After Maria Saracco for whom I have a great Respect, I have been the first to develop the Warning year as an even year

I had the honor to interview the current Priest of Garabandal, Father Rolando

I was in contact with a close friend of Albretch Weber

I have confirmed the Prophecy of the Popes as 4 Popes and not 3

I developed the link between Fatima, Garabandal and Akita

I indicated an important Synod before the Warning

I said that the Great Miracle is linked to the Woman Clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse

I said that Pope Benedict might resign

I confirmed several times that the Garabandal events could not take place during the Holy Week with facts

I debunked the Rumor that the Pope will go to Russia and on his return the tribulations will start, this Rumor is not in Albrecht Book

I said years ago that the Pope will travel to Russia trying to avoid a 3rd world war

I said that Malachi Martin talked about Ukraine and that the salvation will start from east

I have been one of the first online to be cautious about Pope Francis and this in 2013, knowing that this will be very unpopular for me

I confirmed recently that Sister Lucia herself advised Father Combe to visit Conchita in New York

I recalled that Malachi Martin said several times that the Garabandal messages were a brief form of the Fatima 3rd secret

I debunked many other different rumors as a Great Miracle on TV and so on

Garabandal Pines protected by wooden fence

I am today the first to talk online about the Year 2018 and Garabandal, at the beginning as a warning before this Year and recently getting new details as the Year of the Warning in my opinion

Of course all was not perfect, I made some mistakes of appreciations as the Garabandal Puzzle is very difficult and many details are contradictory but I tried to bring back Garabandal online with the latest news from the village and also to its real Place, in agreement with the Traditional Teaching of the Church.

More than 100 articles about Garabandal have been written, many are still online and since my back after having been obliged to close my last blog, you are already thousands each day to follow me as well via this new blog and let me thank you again for your confidence.

Back now to the Year 2018, why in my opinion, this could be finally the Year that many are waiting for :

1. I can confirm with a strong probability that the Month of the Great miracle is APRIL, Maria Saracco has been the first to talk about it online but I can myself confirm it as few years ago I met in Garabandal, the French sister of a very close friend to Conchita, the family is known in the village since years, I had a conversation at Amalia’s posada with her for more than 2 hours, she said to me among other details, according to her sister that the Great Miracle will be on April, she even add that it could be April 13, this was in 2012 and explains why I thought myself about April 13 2017, long before that date became today fashionable around the net.

2. But latter I found out that the Great Miracle cannot be during the Holy week as on Holy Thursday, this is known since years for some in the village as for some in contact with me so I ruled out April 13 2017 especially when I learned from Father François Turner that the Eurcharist Martyr is not a Spaniard, indicated on my last blog then this important detail became a fact around the net, so de facto I ruled out St Hermenegild as the Possible Eucharist Martyr of the Great Miracle as well, Saint Hermenegild was not so young when he died, he was Spanish and married as well, the Eucharist Martyr is a young Boy and has been described by the main seer herself as below :

«The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms » (Garabandal Sept 1963)

So a young Boy, this description match completly Saint Tarcisius even if Conchita never confirmed his name and can only come from our Lady as it was impossible in 1963 for any Garabandal seers who had difficulty reading and writting to invent themselves this description, impossible simple as that.

3. But having the Eucharist Martyr name did not help my own research at all as the Church does not know the exact day of St Tarcisius death as confirmed again by Pope Benedict few years ago (

In 2014, one of my reader talk to me for the first time to my knowledge of a possible and important Synod before the Warning (another fact copied and known now around the net today) with a confirmation from Madre Nieves in a video sent to me, I directly linked this Synod with the Synod called by Pope Francis for october 2014 and confirmed online that the Great Miracle could be on April 09 2015, a mistake from me as later I learned that this Synod will be in 2 parts, one in 2014 and the other one in 2015, de facto this important detail eliminate my date which I explains online as well and before April 2015.

4. Shortly after, another reader contacted me privately and confirms to me that Loli said many years ago to a Priest that the Warning will take place during an even year, I was aware of this rumor but I never works on it, so I spent few months to get more details and concluded that it was really the case but waited for my planned trip to Garabandal last summer for the Baptism to double check this important detail in the village, as below :

I asked Amalia, Loli’s sister if she can reconfirm to me that Loli knew the Warning year, she said YES and if this Year could be an even Year, She said I cannot confirm as I cannot deny because I don’t know the Year of the Warning. Amalia thinks that the Warning as the Great Miracle might be close to each other, she did not said to me directly but indirectly only.

5. The puzzle starting to be clearer, having the possible month (April), the Day (Thursday between the 8th to the 16th), the Time (08.30 Pm), not in 2017, after an important Synod, during an even year and surely a Warning and a Great Miracle close to each other, so de facto probably the same year, it only remained to me 2 possible years 2016 and 2018.

6. I learned years ago from a french expert in Eschatology, in my opinion one the greatest in this world, that God used often the numbers to reveal to the Mankind some important messages or events, there are full in the Holy Bible but can be interpreded by some experts only, for example we know that in Fatima our Lady appeared every 13th of the month and in Garabandal she gave the 2 messages on 18th of June and October, so we know that the number 13 is Fatima as the number 18 is Garabandal, we saw it again with the Death of Joey Lomangino on June 18th, as we saw it with the Resignation of Pope Benedict in 2013 and the election of Pope Francis on March 13 2013, this is Fatima, Akita was also in 1973 and the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times so surely for a reason, the attack against Pope John Paul II was on May 13 as well and so on, all these numbers from Heaven have a meaning, it’s a certainty but can only be interpreted by some.

So if the number 18 is Garabandal, I said recently to myself let me check which possible dates between the 08th and the 16th of April may give the number 18 and this until 2020, strangely I got 4 possible years as below (the year 2020 does not match) :

14.04.2016 = 18
13.04.2017 = 18
12.04.2018 = 18
11.04.2019 = 18

Which explains why I think that the Great Miracle should be one of this date as indicated online.

7. But today as indicated above, I know also that the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably the same year and during an even year, so I ruled out the Years 2017 as 2019 and works on the Years 2016 and 2018 only.

So Let’s start with the Year 2016, this year match quite well and arrives just after the 2 controversial Synod but we know also that the Warning will take place when the situation will be as its worst, which is today not yet the case, 2016 is also a year of election in the USA, in November 2016 exactly, an important detail, I don’t see Obama for his last year as President, Nobel Peace Prize, lauching a major war against Russia or China, The first Black American President will probably not wish to leave his post with a world in war, we saw it with Cuba and Iran (diplomatic rapprochement with 2 historic allies of Russia) as in Syria where he leaves Putin with little resistance, in my opinion too late and unpopular for Obama to take this risk, history is important for our main leaders as for their pictures, which may not be the case with the futur US President as Putin probably understood as well, this could explain why the Russian President decided few weeks ago only to finally moove in Syria by bombing daech… for our Church, the last Synods were surely important but for many observers, the real battle, the final Battle begins now, the 2 camps are now clear and will fight untill the Schism indicated in Garabandal as well, so the Year 2016 was possible but probably not yet the Warning Year because too close.

8. The Year 2018

This year match very well, it’s also an even year and a year 18 as Garabandal, 2018 is also an election year in Russia, this is in my opinion a very important detail and Putin is already the favorite, enjoying currently a popularity close to 80% in his Country, so we may have a Putin for 6 more years (2018 – 2024) and this is unthinkable for his enemies mainly the Nato’s Countries led by the USA having probably other plans, so surely all will be put in place that this possible nightmare for some does not happen in no way, we already saw it with Ukraine, all will be put in place to destabilize Russia in order to avoid at all costs a new election of Putin and this will probably start during the first year of the new US President mandate, so probably in 2017 as any major wars starts mostly at the beginning of a new mandate (the 1st or the second year) as any US presidents having 4 years only as the 4th year being mostly a year of election compaign, this explains why this last year is rarely a year of important decision.

2018 is also 101 years after 1917 (Fatima), we know that Fatima, Garabandal and Akita are connected, I talk about it many times on this blog, the 3 Marian Apparitions are what we call eschatological Apparitions in direct connection with the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, from Pope Leo’s Vision of satan 100 years of increased Power, we know that satan had 100 years (and not more) trying to destroy the church, what we don’t know for sure is when this power given to him started, some think from 1884 (the Year of Pope Leo’s Vision), other from 1914 (the 1st world war) and so on, in my opinion the first year is probably the year 1917 and the last year 2017 as it’s in 1917 that Heaven chose to send to us our Lady in Fatima to warn the World as the Church, 1917 is also the Year of the Russian Revolution, an important detail as our Lady of Fatima asked precisely the Consecration to her immaculate heart of this Country only if not the errors of Russia will spread the world and this was the case as none of the Pope since 1929 had never consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady in Fatima, a great mistake for all of us and unfortunately this will be paid in blood as confirmed by Padre Pio himself when he said that they will beleive in Garabandal but too late.

So 2018 is also 101 years after Fatima, I said to myself, this number 101 reminds me Akita where the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times between 1975 and 1981 but my question was why the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times, after some research, I am quite sure today that this number of tears from the Mother of God was telling us the number of Years of Mercy we may had before the Judgment of God, 101 cries as 101 years of mercy before the Warning from God.

But what is the Garabandal Warning, let me give 2 exclusive testimonials of 2 important eyeswitness of the Apparitions, Amalia, loli’s sister and Maximina, Conchita’s aunt, both are considered in the Village as the main eyeswitness, for example Amalia introduced me to Jacinta and took care of my weeding, Maximina was also next to me for the weeding as for the Baptism and so on, a single word from these 2 great ladies and your problem in the village is fixed within the hour :

Amalia : “As my sister described it to me, it will be terrible for mankind”

Maximina : “For me, it will be like the end of the world”

I will not give more details but I let you imagine what could be the chastisement, many confirmed to me that the situation in the Church will be very bad as well. So the Devil had 100 years to destroy the Church (1917-2017) and not more, the 1st year after these 100 years, in 2018 God will probably send a terrible Warning to the mankind, a last call before the Chastisement who will be worse than the deluge as indicated in Akita, which could explain why our Lady cried there 101 times as well, each crying of our Mother is probably a Year of Mercy which she surely got from his Son, our Lord, before his judgment.

We also all remember these words in Fatima in 2010 from Pope Benedict :
« May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity »

I developed these words from the Pope Emeritus on my last blog, thinking about a deadline given to us between the lines by the Pope himself as he is surely aware more than anyone else of the good timing, having been prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith for years and Pope for 8 years, I said to myself if he knows the timing why he had to resign in 2013, he could wait a few more years, today in 2015, he is still alive and his health is still good despite his age, did this deadline means rather the number of years that remain to us before God’s Justice, in other words before the Warning, today I think so.

As he said MAY and not WILL hasten the fulfilment of the Prophecy of Fatima, May the 7 years is a wish like a Prayer but not a certainty, 7 years to finally listen our Lady of Fatima and not more then it might be too late for the Mankind as for the Church.
That’s why today among other, the Year 2018 is in my opinion probably the Year of the Warning, having finished my own research based on facts as on my experience in the village (and not from books) for years, I thought let me share it with my readers, not like a pride (as the Breaking News might seeming) but as a Joy only, giving to all of you my final own opinion online, will allow you maybe to keep the faith about Garabandal because by then the Situation should be as its worst, in the World as in the Church, some could not longer beleive and could lose any hope, so this is my gift for all of you, from one of the Sons of the Lady of Carmel, converted himself in her village years ago, a poor sinner surely but saved and thanks to her again

Let me finish with few words about Pope Francis, my opinion is known but let me reassure you, the Pope is loved in the Village, from Amalia to Father Rolando the current Priest, most love him, so my opinion is not shared at all there and many reminded me to be very cautious if I speak of the Holy Father but this does not prevented me to keep my very good relations, we saw it with Albrecht Weber as well, who had the same opinion as me if not even worse but Albretch had also the honor to be the second non Spanish to be buried in the village and be sure that’s a very great Honor.

To conclude, attached a picture of the Cross kissed by our Lady of Mount Carmel and given to Amalia by Loli, this Cross is venereted in all the village, piligrims from around the World come to kiss it as well, few are still available, I had the honor to keep it in my bedroom during 2 weeks for the Baptism, a gift from Amalia to me, so to thank her again, don’t hesitate to visit her from me whenever you will be in Garabandal, talk to her about this Cross from me as well and you might also have the honor, you too, to kiss our Lady, thank you.



20 July 2017

My Comment : One of my must read article, read by thousands around the world, so today almost 2 years later and to reply to your questions, should I add anything else, No Nothing else to add, thank you.

31 October 2017

My Comment : My Good Friends, currently in Portugal since 2 months, please apologies if I was unable to reply, many messages also in my mail box about this article and if had any update or news to add, Nothing to add for the moment, the Garabandal events are probably very close, this is my opinion, de facto those are the futur events I am following closely :

  1. The Formal Act of Correction (related to the Dubia) especially the date of the Formal Act (probably before April 2018 or on April 12 2018 at the latest)
  2. Pope Benedict XVI health, this is very important
  3. The next Synod planned for October 2018, in my opinion probably too late but possible (for your information, this will be the 18th Synod since the first one of Pope Paul VI, important detail)
  4. A possible Schism probably due to the Formal Act of Correction, this is a VERY IMPORTANT detail, if it’s the case I will follow Pope Benedict as a valid Pope only, if Benedict dies during the Pontificate of Francis then I will be obliged to accept Pope Francis as a valid Pope, in any case I call all of you to stay within the Catholic Church
  5. Any trip of the Pope to Russia (probably an unplanned trip, in emergency)
  6. Geopolitics (Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Iran….ect…)
  7. The Next Russian Election (March 2018)
  8. I reconfirm my opinion that one of the Garabandal Great Miracle dates given in this Article is probably the good one, we still have April 12 2018 as April 11 2019
  9. I chose myself April 12 2018 as related to our Lady of the Revelation, read more here :
  10. For the good News, We won’t reach the Year 2020 without living the Garabandal events, please keep this information from me and be sure that I am very confident.


PS : Please Donate and help Garabandal News to stay online untill the Warning, Please Pray for me as well, thank you.


25 December 2017

My Comment : My Good Friends, Back in France for Christmas, I was in Garabandal last week for 2 Days only, I stayed with the Major of Garabandal and Brother of Jacinta, I want to thank him again for his welcome, we had a good talk together about different topics, I met also the Priest who married me, he came to greet me before the Mass and I was chose to read a passage of the Bible but I refused because of my Spanish, I met also Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and with me on my avatar, she hugged me strongly and was pleased to see me back, I cannot forget my meeting with Michael from the Garabandal Center, a Great faithful of the Lady of the Carmel, we had also some talks about different topics, as I said to him, the Lady of the Carmel is in good hands with him as the head of the Center, I then met some others persons but will not talk about them online, I was also suprised to know that many within the village are reading Garabandal News and some daily, I thank them again for their confidence.

I chose this article as read by thousands of you around the world to talk about my last stay in Garabandal for a good reason, this will allow me to update it again and answer to 30 of your questions (not answered yet online as some questions are amazing) I received in my mail box (to date) as below :

  1. Shoud I change anything about the possible timing of the Garabandal events indicated in this article ? No
  2. Do I know the Garabandal dates ? no
  3. Are we close ? In my opinion YES
  4. What about the Year 2018 ? Probably one of the main Year related to Garabandal but again this is my opinion only 
  5. Am I aware of some important détails related to Garabandal and unknown to many ? Some are aware of these détails and myself included
  6. Did Loli really said that the Warning will be during an even Year ? NO and I was able to find the source of this false Rumor during my last stay, de facto in no way Loli has said anything to some Priests about an even or odd year so both are possibles
  7. Am I known in Garabandal ? Unfortunately, this was not my wish, please be sure of that (this is not false humility) but I am today quite known in Garabandal as my Blog, some are even calling me Aviso and do not use my real name anymore, in other word YES
  8. Did you worked for the Fatima Center ? Not directly
  9. Did you read the text of the Fatima 3rd Secret ? Not directly
  10. Do you know the content of the Fatima 3rd Secret ? in my opinion Probably
  11. Did you worked for some intelligence services ? Merry Christmas
  12. According to you, what is the best source (in English) today about the Garabandal Apparitions ? well after the death of Joey Lomangino, in my opinion only
  13. What do you think of the Fatima Center since the Death of Father Gruner ? Well I am on my guard, in other word I miss the Fatima Priest every day
  14. What about the Divine will movement ? A Heresy from Heretics and to avoid at all costs
  15. What about Saint Faustina ? Not for me, I prefer the real text of the Fatima 3rd Secret
  16. Do you have any sources within the Vatican ? Merry Christmas
  17. What about Medjugorje ? I said it thousand times online so again and I am sorry but to me evil from the beginning, here again to avoid at all costs
  18. Is Pope Francis a real Pope or a false Pope ? Pope Francis is a false Pope from the beginning, a Destroyer and probably close to the end, for your information I was probably one of the first via garabandalnews to confirm it online, my sources are clear, false from the beginning simple as that, the Pope is Benedict and no one else
  19. Are you a Sedevacantist ? At all, Sedevacantism is a Heresy as Protestantism and Modernism
  20. Is Maitreya the antichrist ? At all, Maitreya is a joke, the antichrist is alive and in my opinion within the Catholic Church
  21. Did you knew Malachi Martin ? Not directly
  22. Are you Pro Putin ? Yes as I am Pro Trump, in my opinion both should work together especially in 2018
  23. What about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy ? Not for me, I prefer the Rosary of our Lady only
  24. Are you Traditionalist ? At all, I am Catholic only
  25. What is your favorit website ? 
  26. The New or the Traditional Mass ? To me The Traditional Mass of course
  27. What about the Illumination of Conscience mouvement ? Heresy from Heretics, Nothing to do with the Garabandal Warning, to avoid at all costs
  28. Who are for you the Greatest Garabandalists ? Father Laffineur, Bishop Venancio, Father Gruner, Joey Lomangino and Albrecht Weber
  29. Who is your favorit Pope since the last Council ? Pope John Paul II 
  30. Who are you Aviso ? I am no one, thank you.


Merry Christmas



03 January 2018

My Comment :  I wish you all a Happy New Year 2018, to start this new and very interesting year, 30 more question and answers from my Mail box :

31. which is for you the last real apparition of the Virgin Mary ? Akita

32. Is Akita related to Fatima or to Garabandal ? Akita is related to Garabandal as to Fatima, the message of October 13th, 1973 about the Chastisment worse than the deluge is what the Girls in Garabandal have seen during the so called night of screams, the rest of the message is related to the Fatima 3rd Secret “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confrères…ect…”

33. Can you be wrong about your Garabandal dates ? Possible but I don’t think so, we still have 2018 and 2019, I chose myself as indicated online 2018 but why not 2019, to me this will not be a problem

34. How can you be sure ? Because of the Fatima 3rd Secret

35. What do you mean ? There is a timing in the Secret, in short the events of the Secret are related to a Pontificate with 2 Popes, the Bishop in white and the Holy Father

36. Who is the Bishop in White and the Holy Father ? The Bishop in white is Francis and the Holy Father is Benedict as I already said online

37. Do you know your Catechism ? Thanks God and I owe it mainly to Father Gruner via the Fatima Center

38. Do you know what the Garabandal Great Miracle will be about ? I think so

39. What about 2029 ? Too late, those who believes that we may have 12 more years are probably incompetent in eschatology as about the Fatima 3rd Secret

40. Does the Fatima 3rd Secret talks about the antichrist ? Probably

41. Have you ever received Threats ? Never directly

42. What about the Dubia ? Probably this Year 2018

43. Do you think that Malachi Martin was killed ? Happy New Year

44. Will we live a 3rd World War ? Unfortunately 

45. Who is your favorit Saint ? Saint Pio

46. In few words what is the Fatima 3rd Secret ? From Vatican II to the antichrist

47. Do you know why Pope Benedict Resigned ? Happy New Year

48. How Long Aviso ? to me 1 or 2 Years not more

49. Speculating on dates is not good Aviso ? I know but I take responsability

50. will there be a cross in the sky for the Warning ? Bullshits from false Apparitions

51. Will the Garabandal Great Miracle be televised ? Bullshits from incompetent and if I am wrong then probably on CNN

52. How many times have you been in Garabandal ? I don’t remember exactly but probably between 30 to 40 Times

53. Did Loli knew the Warning Year ? Yes, I checked with her sister and she said Yes as well

54. Have you been in Fatima ? many times and live now next to Fatima

55. Will the Warning be so terrible ? Yes, they said to me in the village when I was trying to get the Year, You should not wait for the Warning but better be ready only

56. Do you have a Spiritual Director ? No, a Confessor only and I chose a Priest from the SSPX for 1 Year now

57. Are you a Member of the SSPX ? Not At all, I am a member of the Catholic Church only

58. You are too Proud Aviso and is this a sign from the devil ? I know and many said it to me, so I treat myself with my Rosary but the work is still long

59. why did you decide to give up your blog last summer and then come back ? Because of my Marriage then because of our Lady of the Carmel

60. Do you personally know Conchita ? No but hopefully one day, thank you.


 25 February 2018

My Comment :  My Good Friends, let me wish to all of you a Holy Lent 2018, in my opinion time also for this article to be back on the Home Page,  today I still do not feel the necessity to update the possible timing given in this article about the Garabandal Prophecies de facto this will be also my reply to the same question I received from many of you in my mail box recently, thank you.



11 June 2018

My Comment :  Any Change Aviso ? this is the Question number 1 sent to me in my mail box since the last update, my reply is : Not yet my Friends, in other word 2 Synods are on the way, in october 2018 as october 2019, let’s wait then I may update this article, thank you.




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