13 thoughts on “Aviso Back online ?

  1. My Friends, thank you again for all your emails, again sorry if I cannot reply to each of you for the moment, by the way you have 2 moderators here Peter and Juan, both of them will be pleased to reply to any question, thank you again for your understanding.

  2. Please note I want to remain anonymous untill the day of the mirecale, what I said is true but I am not important what is important is that Jesus and Mary must reign in our world,we are all unimportant but we are all loved by God.

    • No Sense, no thing you said in your last comments has any link with Garabandal, by the way I can already confirm that any Prophecies related to Garabandal will not happen in 2019 de facto no Great Miracle that year as well, thank you.

  3. On the third of July 1973 after praying 13 rosaries a day asking Our Lady to give me a message in a dream,on the 3rd of July 1973 the message was givern.
    In the dream I saw myself in a large church and next to me on my right was the Holy Father in a brown Franciscan habbit we were in the centre isle as we walked together towards the altar the Pope dropped three coins and he picked the coins up (I understood the three coins to be three Popes to come still )
    We then proceeded to the altar,as we arrived at the communion rails I was surprised to find that there were no altar rails, on the floor I saw a valuable coin worth a lot of money i picked up the coin and I made the gesture of giving it to the Pope I did this three times (I understood this gesture to be three years after the Pope of the brown habbit became Pope) then the Holy Father and I climed the stairs to the altar at the altar was Our Lady all in white a white dress and a white veil the Pope joined Our Lady at the altar I went to the left of the altar and I found a bottle of holy oils with a picture on the bottle of our lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children, I was about to give the bottle of holy oils to the Pope but Our Lady took the bottle of holy oils from me and she dipped her finger in the oils and Our Lady made the sign of the cross on my forehead I left Our Lady and the Pope at the altar and I descended the altar stairs at the bottom of the stairs a mirecale took place and thousands of people gathered a then a long procession took place.
    Pope Francis became Pope in 2013 and in 2016 I received the large funds three years latter as I was told in the dream.
    Now its the anointing of holy oils by Our Lady and the mirecale.
    In 1975 I went on a pilgrimage from South Africa and i went to Garabandal, at Garabandal I saw a bright Angel appeared to me I slept in an attic of a house in Garabandal I said my prayers I switched of the lights as I lay down on the bed a Angel appeared to me then he left,since then I have been constantly seeing visions .In 1993 I left South Africa and I am living in Spain, the warning and the mirecale will be in 2019 but let’s wait I will be at Garabandal on the day of the mirecale Our Lady will get me there on time as mirecale will happen when I am present at Garabandal.

    • Dear Jose,
      A very interesting story. But, with all due respect: how can you be sure of your interpretation, expecially regarding the dates of th Warning/Miracle in Garabandal?
      And, moreover, how can you be sure that your visions (apparently many) are authentic? Are you under the close supervision of an enlightened spiritual director? In such cases, it is necessary!
      Pray for you. God bless.

  4. aviso you said good source from 2015 in garabandal that the warning was before 2020, or was it just a rumour? answer please thanks.

    • Hi Pat, I checked it during my last stay in Garabandal, unfortunately I have not been able to get any confirmation, de facto all dates to me are now speculatives only.

  5. But not yet Pete, still busy with many other important things especially within my Family, so please take care of the blog with Juan for few more months, as you know you are doing a good job as Juan, may the Lord and the Lady of the Carmel bless you Brothers.

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