An Argument for 2028 as the Fulfillment of Garabandal


Against my better judgement and given the question raised by Concerned on why I don’t think the Warning or Miracle will take place during the remainder of 2018 or 2019, I present below my own conclusions for your consideration and comment. However please take all of this as nothing more than pure conjecture and my idle curiosity.

  • Due consideration of Conchita’s age at the time of the Miracle must be taken in to account given she was 13 in 1962.
  • While talking to a group of Americans on August 10 1971 Conchita offered this revealing information: “It (the Miracle) will take place on or between the eighth and sixteenth of March, April or May.
  • The film Garabandal – the Eyewitnesses ( made in 1995 by Garabandal Productions, New Zealand, narrows the period further and is specific in stating the Miracle will occur at 8.30 in the evening on a Thursday between the eighth and sixteenth of April, no mention of March or May.
  • Commentators insist it will not be on a Holy Thursday, but is this correct?
  • When Conchita was given the date by Our Lady of Mount Carmel, she looked up the date on a calendar in the house. She noted it coincided “with the feast of a saint, a martyr of the Holy Eucharist,” whose name was difficult to pronounce. My view is the saint in question is St. Hermenegild, reasons are as follows:
    • His feast day is celebrated on the 13th April which sits within the dates provided by Conchita and those given in the film.
    • He was Spanish with a French Mother, both countries are intimately joined to the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts.
    • His martyrdom was the result of a stand against the heresy of Arianism (concerning the nature of Christ as subordinate to God the Father rather than an equal in the Trinitarian Godhead) and a refusal to receive his Easter Communion from an Arian Bishop. Both these points of his martyrdom are significant in relation to Garabandal, because Garabandal is Eucharistic in nature and because it is prophetic concerning Church teaching i.e. Cardinals apposing Cardinals etc. These events are being fulfilled now as evidenced by the emerging heterodoxy of the modern Church under PF1 which, almost seeks to imply that the ‘word’ of heretical faiths is as worthy of belief as that of the Incarnate Word of God, and not contradictory to the Word of God. In so doing these falsifiers don’t elevate their heterodox ideology to Heaven they conversely and in fact degrade the Word of God to a level subservient to human reasoning, a form of Arianism! In addition, PF1 is moving toward encouraging a Eucharist sacrilege in his yet to be fully realised collegiality with Luther and his heresies, even so far as leading toward a shared Eucharistic celebration. How many souls are going to fall in to this abyss and bring damnation on themselves as a result of these lies? What better Martyr for our times than St. Hermenegild to stand as a beacon against such blind ill-informed readiness to abandon the True Faith.
    • The feast day of Tarcisius is celebrated on 15 August; that day is widely observed as the Feast of the Assumption; therefore, he is not mentioned in the General Roman Calendar, but only in the Roman Martyrology. It is therefore highly unlikely that Conchita’s calendar would have marked his feast day and if it did, the date does not coincide with the range given by Conchita.

Putting these few factors along side events in the calendar up to 2050 reveals a possible date and year(s). Below is my research and I wonder; is it absolutely ruled out that the Miracle will not occur on a Holy Thursday? If not, then the 13th April 2028 will be the date. Remarkably this date coincides with the feast of St Hermenegild and the institution of the Holy Eucharist. Conchita will be 77/78, which is comforting since she can be expected to be in reasonably good health, adding further to the feasibility of the date when compared with other possible candidates.

The 10 years between now and then also provides sufficient time for crisis, during which Pope Benedict XVI will pass to eternal life, PF1 will be unrestrained, Apostasy will become general, the Light of the Church will almost be extinguished, in the dark, geopolitics and religious conflicts will erupt and the whole situation will become fatal leading to a Divine Warning – Aviso.

If Holy Thursday is ruled out then the date will still be the 13th April but the year could be, 2023, 2034 or 2045, the latter two less likely due to Conchita’s age.

Arriving at the date considers when the date ranges 8th to the 16th April occur on a Thursday. The following presents those occurrences alongside Conchita’s age, celebrated feasts of the Church and the placement of Easter’s Holy Thursday.

8th – 16th April 2020 to 2050 – Easter and Saint’s Feast Days – Conchita’s Age

Thursday 8th of April – Feria

2021 Conchita will be (CWB) 70/71 – Holy Thursday is on 31st March

2027 CWB 76/77 – Holy Thursday is on 25th March

2032 CWB 81/82 – Holy Thursday is on 25th March

2038 CWB 87/88 – Holy Thursday is on 22nd April

2049 CWB 98/99 – Holy Thursday is on 15th April

Thursday 9th of April -Feria

2020 CWB 69/70 – Holy Thursday is on 9th April

2026 CWB 75/76 – Holy Thursday is on 2nd April

2037 CWB 86/87 – Holy Thursday is on 1st April

2043 CWB 92/93 – Holy Thursday is on 26th March

2048 CWB 97/98 – Holy Thursday is on 31st March

Thursday 10th of April – Feria

2025 CWB 74/75 – Holy Thursday is on 17th April

2031 CWB 80/81 – Holy Thursday is on 10th April

2036 CWB 85/86 – Holy Thursday is on 10th April

2042 CWB 91/92 – Holy Thursday is on 3rd April

Thursday 11th of April – Feast Day of St Leo the Great

2019 CWB 68/69 – Holy Thursday is on 18th April

2024 CWB 73/74 – Holy Thursday is on 19th March

2030 CWB 79/80 – Holy Thursday is on 18th April

2041 CWB 90/91 – Holy Thursday is on 18th April

2047 CWB 96/97 – Holy Thursday is on 11th April

Thursday 12th of April – Feria

2029 CWB 78/79 – Holy Thursday is on 29th March

2035 CWB 84/85 – Holy Thursday is on 22nd March

2040 CWB 89/90 – Holy Thursday is on 29th March

2046 CWB 95/96 – Holy Thursday is on 22nd March

Thursday 13th of April – Feast Day of Hermenegild (as of 1954 Calendar)

2023 CWB 72/73 – Holy Thursday is on 6th April

2028 CWB 77/78 – Holy Thursday is on 13th April

2034 CWB 83/84 – Holy Thursday is on 6th April

2045 CWB 94/95 – Holy Thursday is on 6th April

Thursday 14th of April – Feast Day of St. Justin; Com. of Sts. Tiburtius, Valerian, and Maximus

2022 CWB 71/72 – Holy Thursday is on 14th April

2033 CWB 82/83 – Holy Thursday is on 14th April

2039 CWB 88/89 – Holy Thursday is on 7th April

2044 CWB 93/94 – Holy Thursday is on 14th April

2050 CWB 99/100 – Holy Thursday is on 7th April

Thursday 15th of April – Feria

2021 CWB 70/71 – Holy Thursday is on 1st April

2027 CWB 76/77 – Holy Thursday is on 25th March

2032 CWB 81/82 – Holy Thursday is on 25th March

2038 CWB 87/88 – Holy Thursday is on 22nd April

2049 CWB 98/99 – Holy Thursday is on 15th April

Thursday 16th of April – St Benedict Joseph Labre

2020 CWB 69/70 – Holy Thursday is on 9th April

2026 CWB 75/76 – Holy Thursday is on 2nd April

2037 CWB 86/87 – Holy Thursday is on 1st April

2043 CWB 92/93 – Holy Thursday is on 26th March

2048 CWB 97/98 – Holy Thursday is on 31st March

Some Facts About St. Hermenegild

In the sixth century St. Hermenegild, the elder son of King Leovigild, the heretical Visigothic ruler of Spain, married a French princess and was converted to the true religion by her holy example.

King Leovigild regarded the converted prince as a traitor and had him put to death. But remorse worked on the royal father’s heart, and he died advising his remaining son to become a Catholic and thus to bring the whole nation of the Visigoths in Spain into the Catholic Church.

It is through a Martyr’s palm-branch that we must today see the Paschal Mystery. Hermenegild, a young Visigoth Prince, is put to death by his heretical father, because he courageously refused to receive his Easter Communion from an Arian Bishop. The Martyr knew that the Eucharist is the sacred symbol of Catholic unity; and that we are not allowed to approach the Holy Table in company with them that are not in the true Church. A sacrilegious consecration gives heretics the real possession of the Divine Mystery, if the priestly character be in him who dares to offer Sacrifice to the God whom he blasphemes; but the Catholic, who knows that he may not so much as pray with heretics, shudders at the sight of the profanation, and would rather die than share, by his presence, in insulting our Redeemer in that very Sacrifice and Sacrament, which were instituted that we might all be made one in God.

The blood of the Martyr produced its fruit: Spain threw off the chains of heresy that had enslaved her, and a Council, held at Toledo, completed the work of conversion begun by Hermenegild’s sacrifice. There are very few instances recorded in history of a whole Nation rising up in a mass to abjure heresy; but Spain did it, for she seems to be a country on which heaven lavishes exceptional blessings. Shortly after this she was put through the ordeal of the Saracen invasion; she triumphed here again by the bravery of her children; and ever since then, her Faith has been so staunch and so pure, as to merit for her the proud title of The Catholic Kingdom.

St. Gregory the Great, a contemporary of St. Hermenegild, has transmitted to us the following account of the martyrdom. The Church has inserted it in her Second Lessons of today’s Matins.

72 thoughts on “An Argument for 2028 as the Fulfillment of Garabandal

  1. I stand corrected. You are indeed right.

    February 7, 1974

    Q. Will you take the baby(2) to the Miracle?
    A. I don’t even know if I’m going. (Asked to expand on her answer, Conchita said): Surely I want to go, but I don’t know if circumstances will permit. It is not necessary (for the occurrence of the Miracle) that I be there.

    • As I said once, she may also be dead as far as we know. She could record a message and then leave it for posterity. PF1 is the worst pope we have had in modern times but as Pete said, we may have much worse ones. The situation is still not that bad, these are only the first labour pains!!

    • Hi Daniel

      From memory I think Conchita has mentioned in conversation she will not be in Garabandal for the Miracle, but I am happy to be better informed

      God bless

  2. With PF1 holding the Chair, it seems quite likely the Warning is quite soon. 2023 seems more reasonable to me than 2028. The replacement of Bishops and Cardinals with LGBT Bishops and LGBT Cardinals should be done by 2023. Remember PF1 takes pride in being called a revolutionary.
    Also in 2023 PF1 is 87!

    • Yes all dates are possible, but we mustn’t assume PF1 needs to be in position, he could abdicate and be replaced by another worse than him.

      God bless

  3. holy thursday is not a feast day of our lord therefore it is a singular thursday on which the miracle could happen. this needs to be made clear.

  4. Hello Aviso,
    I just want to add a few lines. There should also be a council. Now we know what it is. Ukrainian Church is granted and independence by Constantinople Patriarch. Condition – Ukrainian Orthodox Church should have a call a Council where the union between Ukrainian orthodox will be achieved. Putin and Kiril (KGB head of Russian orthodox church) cannot allow it.
    By the way, this Council comes into the light quite unexpectedly. No one predicted it. There no date set up yet. Should be in November -December.

    Finally, according to Malachi Martin, Ukraine and Russia two main players in 3-d secret of Fatima.

  5. I will give 1 more week at this article on the home page but not more, so enjoy !

    Second, A miracle is to occur in Garabandal within 12 months after the Warning… It will be on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on a feast-day of a martyred Saint for the Eucharist …( not a feast-day of Our Lady or Our Lord) … it will happen in the month of April… between the 7th and the 17th of the month but not the 7th or the 17th… it will be seen by looking up over the area of the Pines and will be visible from all the surrounding mountainside which will serve as a “natural” amphitheater. (Note: millions of people could easily fit around the mountain area.)The sick will be cured…the unbelievers will be converted…
    Conchita knows the nature of the great miracle as well as the exact date and she will announce the date eight days before it happens. The means of communicating the date to the world will be a miracle in itself. It will be able to be filmed, photographed and televised.

    Third , a Permanent Sign will remain at Garabandal in memory of the miracle as visible proof of our Blessed Mother’s love for all humanity. It will be a “thing” never before seen upon the earth. It can be photographed by not touched.

    This is only an abbreviated version of the prophecy. To view the entire account of the events of Garabandal see the Garabandal Story.

    By the way, What is Holy Thursday : , in other words a feast-day of our Lord, thank you.

    • Thank you for your work as well as the people on this forum. Keep us informed since we will only have this and similar forums advising us on the day of the Miracle, since everyone will be experiencing the Warning.

    • Dear Aviso,

      Thank you for your personal sacrifice that you have made on behalf of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to spread her messages given at Garabandal. There is no doubt that your suffering has increased greatly in recent years as we approach the actual dates of the prophesied events of the Warning and Miracle. Satan does not want us to know about Our Lady’s true messages nor to believe in them.

      Thank you for allowing Pete to post his article on the speculative dates he proposed. I sincerely hope, that the 2019 date for the Miracle is the correct one and this speculation about 2028 was just that and also to give us hope not to despair. I wait for the time with great hope and anticipation. And, I too, will be pitching a sleeping bag on the side of the mountain, if there is no room at the inn!

      Let us not despair, but keep alive in our hearts faith, hope and charity towards each other. We have a Mother in Heaven who loves us very much.

  6. Dear Pete,
    This is my last comment for a while, because I undertsand that after this you will need to rest a bit to recover…and look what happens next…I hope you will publish it, because it implies important and interesting elements. If you do not, you bear the responsibility of your decision.
    The ‘Permanent Sign’. Very good. Would you like to know what it will likely be? I believe I have the answer. As in Medjugorje, where will happen more or less contemporaneously the same thing, it will be, initially, a small source of water which will became, soon, a small river.
    Indistructible: what is more indistructible than water?
    Of suprantural nature: in its origin, not in its nature…What would you think if a surce/spring pops up suddenly, on a preannounced date, without being apparently connected to any underground aquifer or pre-existing/konwn/actual source of water?
    Related to miracolous healing: should I remind Lourdes? Or the Siloam pool or…you name it (God/Our Lady are not only straightforward: they never contraddict Themselves and act coherently either!).
    Water: essential to life, and to start rebuilding…The reason for which Our Lady will call many in Garabandal (as in Medjugorje) during the main events She has foretold is not only withnessing the prodiges: there are more practical reasons, which will be clear in due time…
    Water: God is immensely powerful but, at the same time, extremely ‘simple’. I wonder if you know that one of the Dogmas of the Catholic Church is the following “God is absolute simplicity” ( ). The Perfection is Simple. What a fascinating paradox! Contrarily, satan (as often ourselves also are) is extremely ‘complicated’.
    Water: Enough to convert Bergoglio and his followers? And the millions of people who willingly have chosen to act badly? I doubt that.
    Enough to, hopefully, reinforce our faith: I hope, more than enough.
    As regards the alleged “Great King [and] the anointing of the Holy Pope” please do not be offended, but I will stay extremely cautious about that for the time being…Sorry about that…
    God bless…Continuing praying for you…

    • Anonymous, aka Sabrina
      Nice guess on the spring water, but one of the seers, I think Conchita said it will be like smoke, you can see it, but no touch it. So it might be some type of a holographic image, perhaps of God or Mary

      • Ross and Anonymous

        Conchita on September 14th 1965 said “the sign that will remain forever at the pines is something that we will be able to photograph, televise and see, but not touch. It will be evident that it is not a thing of this world but from God.” A sign of supernatural origin!

        Conchita is reported by Garabandal International Magazine Oct-Dec 2004 as saying “it will be like smoke. You can touch it but not feel it.”

        The only other visible sign in history appearing after a singular intervention by God in human history that can be said to fulfill the above prerequisites is the rainbow with the exception it can be scientifically explained .

        A spring of water does not match the description.

        God bless

  7. Could I please go off topic and ask everyone here, whose strength of faith I regard so highly, to please pray for my son that he may be released from his cross of alcoholism and binge drinking. I know this is not a prayer site, but I know that this blog’s contributors are genuinely believing and prayerful people. He has such good intentions but seems to fall every time – waste of a young life. Thank you.

    • Concerned

      Yes of course, all friends of Garabandal and their families are always welcome to request prayers for their intentions. Are you OK to let us know his Christian name?

      God bless

    • God bless you Pete, you are always so reliably kind. To respect his privacy I will just say his second baptismal name, which is Peter ( coincidence!).

  8. “The end of time” and “The end of the times” are two different things. In relation to the prophesies of Garabandal we are talking about the end of the times in which we now find ourselves. After The Warning nothing will be the same. As the song goes “The times they are a changing.” Out with the old and in with the new. There will be no reform of the reform -“no turning back, no turning back.” Padre Pio said that people will believe when it is too late. “It’s a lesson too late for the learning, made of sand, made of sand. In the twinkle of an eye my soul is turning in Your hand in Your Hand.”

  9. Before PF1 was elected pope(?) on the web it was reported that Conchita told a Polish Jesuit that after the last pope (4 not counting 1) there were no more popes. As soon as PF1 was elected that information on the web disappeared immediately. Does anyone have any info on that?

    First quote: “All of this was made know to Conchita in several écsatcies (apparitions). The most well known dialogue of this information is the dialogue in the kitchen of Aniceta written by the P. Eusebio Garci’a de Pesquera and other authors. We know that in the kitchen of her house she said “There are THREE more Popes left and then will come the end times, which is not the End of the world.”

    Second quote: “It is therfore evident that, without counting John Paul I, there is one more Pope left, and since John Paul I is not counted among the three ….and taking into account what Conchita said to a Polish Jesuit who interviewed her : “After the three Popes there will be no more Popes”, – this does not refer to JP II but rather to the recently elected Pope Benedict XVI.”

      • Dear Joe,
        I am happy to hear that you see Our Lady, and that you repute you a Saint. I hope this is true.
        Please, tell me: is it an approved apparition? If yes, approved by whom: ?pope? Francis?
        Thanks in advance for your reply.
        God bless…

        • One of my favourite poems is “Joe’s No Saint.” At least we have that in common, anonymous. As for your sarcasm – well I hope you do not pay too high a price. . Blessed Mother and St Michael pray for us and protect us.

          • Thanks, Joe, but I won’t pay any price, because i know what I am saying…otherwise, I will stay silent…
            God bless…Pray for you…

  10. Conchita did not say that two stars would collide – she said that what she was shown appeared to her like two stars colliding. The warning in its cause and effect will be purely supernatural. Colliding stars are a natural event.

    • Again, Joe: the Warning will be, essentially, a supernatural event: no doubt about this. This DOES NOT EXCLUDE that the interior illumination of conscience could be coupled to a concurrent natural event or remarkable magnitude and impact. The very words of Conchita you mentioned seems to suggest so.
      God is the Creator of the natural as well as of the supernatural worlds. It would be a miracle in itself if a remarkable natural event will coincide exactly with the interior action of God’s Grace in all human souls. The miracle will consists of the perfect timing of the natutal sign: God planned the natutal laws ‘before’ He created the Universe.
      But, obviously, this is only my opinion. You are free to share it or not. Time will teach us.
      God bless…Pray for you…

  11. To Anonymos, Planet X and company, First you are not me and I do not like the way you are talking then what you are talking has nothing to do with Garabandal, thank you.

    • Aviso, I believe you should consider seriously what you had been told in Garabandal during your last visit there. There might be really something wrong with you. Seriously.
      I pray for you!
      Take care of you.
      God bless…

      • OK Anonymous, something wrong with me ? Probably the Famous Planet X effect surely, seriously I will Pray for you as well and stay correct with your comments, thank you.

  12. Albrecht Weber, the author of the book “The Finger of God“, had become involved in Garabandal in 1963 and became friendly with Conchita. On November 14, 1965, the day after the last apparition of Our Lady in Garabandal, Mr. Weber interviewed Conchita at her home in the presence of her mother. There was also present with Mr. Weber an interpreter. During that interview, it came out that when Conchita had spoken, on the very day that Pope John XXIII died, of “Three more Popes and then would come the end of the times,” her mother had asked her several questions.
    In response to one of her mother’s questions, Conchita responded that Our Lady had actually said that there would be FOUR MORE POPES but that She was not counting one of them. When Conchita’s mother heard that she strictly forbade Conchita to repeat that again as her mother feared there would be erroneous interpretations and much gossip. People might wrongly believe that one of the Popes might be false or bad, etc. During that conversation with her mother, Conchita also said that Our Lady had told her that one of the Popes would have a very short reign.

    You must understand what Conchita was referencing . When she was told that there would be 4 more popes, then it would be” the end of the times” this meant an “end of an era.” ( not the end of all time or the end of all popes ! ) The prophecy had nothing to do with the future number of popes, it was MARKING A PERIOD IN TIME.

    • Pope Francis is the Pope of The Tribulation, Warning and Miracle. The Vatican has known the date of the Miracle since Conchita confided it under obedience to Saint Pope Paul VI.

      • ?pope? Francis is not a Pope, but a masonic (=satanic) puppet infiltrated at the head of the Church, as foreseen by Our Lady in many occasions: She warned us well in advance. This should be clear to everybody in good faith and enlighted by the Holy Spirit. If not clear yet, it will be clearer and clearer as times goes on. Wether the masonic puppet Bergoglio will be alive at the time of the Warning and Miracle, sincerely, I do not know: this is in the Hands of God and, to me, this is completely uninfluential on what is going to happen. Whoever recognizes and follows consciously Bergoglio and has the means and skills to understand whom he really is, is on the path to perdition as Bergoglio himself, if they do not repent before dying.
        God bless…

    • Dear Joe,
      I understand that this is your iterpretation. Certainly a possible one.
      It is true that talking about time when dealing with prophecy is potentially misleading, because in the spiritual world time does not exist. Nonetheless we can certainly have a try (in fact, we should).
      This is my opinion: I believe that what Conchita meant was that Benedict XVI would be the last pope as we modern catholics intend today his role and his function. To me, Rome (and thus the Vatican) is likely to be destroyed in the ner future (physically also, I mean) and the jews be converted to Christ after the antichrist (whom they initially will believe being their ‘Messiah’) will deceive them: these two factors alone authorize to guess that the ‘papacy’ of the future could be profoundly different from the one we have experienced in the last two millenia. It will be rooted on Saint Peter, as Our Lord committed to, but much different, in its role and operations, from today’s one.
      I also believe that what Conchita also meant is that, for a short period (I would hazard around 3,5 years, but this is slightly more than mere speculation) we will be without a legitimate Pope. This is a theological requirement to hypotize the manifestation of the ‘man of perdition’ which, according to the prevailing interpretation of Saint Paul’s writings, is the real impediment to the manifestation of the antichrist.
      The fact that the ‘gates of hell’ will not prevail against the Church does not imply that, for a little while, the militant Church on earth (not the Communion of the Saint on Heaven) will be without a physical guide (Mc 14,27) for a negligible time (compared to eternity).
      As the sheeps will be dispersed for a while, Our Qeen is here now (as she was in Garabandal) to keep us togheter…
      God bless,,,

      • Hi Anonymous
        I do not like replying to anonymous comments but you are of course entitled to your anonymity and your opinions. What I have said comes from the Blessed Mother and her humble servant witnesses chosen by her and affirmed by her saints. It needs no interpretation – it is not an interpretation it is a report and its source is certain: The Blessed Mother.

    • Thanks Joe this is absolutely correct and a truth I have upheld throughout my time contributing to this wonderful site. Hence I have always maintained the Garabandal Chastisement is not The Chastisement described in the book of Revelation. The latter like the Deluge is not conditional and is the final confrontation between Christ Our Lord, Satan and his Anti-Christ, whereas the Garabandal event is conditional in the same context as that befell Sodom and Gomorrah. The former marks the end of time, a new Heaven and a new Earth, the latter is the end of an epoch or era, after-which a period of peace will be established, one that humanity will recognise as the intervention of our Divine Mother, following the consecration of Russia, a Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart . The period of peace will be marked by the reign of the Great King, the anointing of the Holy Pope, and the Permanent Sign. Thereafter at an unspecified time Satan will seek to regain the Earth, a consequence of which will be the rise of the Anti-Christ and the abolition of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But let’s not be mistaken between now and the Aviso, Satan will unleash fury against The Holy Virgin, via a destructive battle aimed at consecrated souls (especially those bound to The Immaculate Heart), the Eucharist, the family, the innocent, life and the almost total occupation of the Church in her highest places by communist prelates and the secret sect.

      God bless

      • Dear Pete,
        I understand your point of view, but I believe it is mostly based on a misunderstanding that I would like to clarify as follows.
        Any prophesied ‘chastisement’ is AT THE SAME TIME CONDITIONAL AS WELL AS UNCONDITIONAL.
        I explain better: for the people to whom the prophecy is adressed, the chastisement is CONDITIONAL: if they emend their lives, the punishment will be reduced or dropped. But for God, who knows the effects of our free choices in advance, the chastisement is obviously UNCONDITIONAL: He perfectly see things as they will be in the end.
        Thus the distintion conditional/unconditional is, theologically speaking, useless.
        God will not end the world He has created at the End (as described in the Apocalipse) because this is His Own choice a-priori, regardless of the human behaviours, but it is clear from the Apocalipse that it will end it because it will become so corrupted to the point of resulting unrecoverable. Thus, as you see, the ‘chastisement’ foreseen in Saint John’s Revelations is CONDITIONAL as well, even if it is described with an impressive level of details.
        If you base your interpretation on this unexistent duality (conditional/unconditional) you might easily end up very far from truth.
        God bless…

      • Dear Pete,

        I answer you here because your post below do not foresee a reply window. Thank you for your understanding.
        Firsy off, I would like to comment to your initial statement: “…you [me] too often presume others lack a depth of understanding …”. I am sorry you see my comments in this perspective…It is nonetheless true that sometimes, on this blog, i have the impression of a certain ‘closure of mind’ that (and that’s really a pity) might prevent to see the whole picture….If am I mildly provoking from time to time, it is in the aim of helping overcome this pittfall. Sorry about that. I am moved by good intentions and motivations, I assure you.
        Is certainly a sign of ‘closure of mind’ the hostility, often offensive, to a phenomenon like Medjugorje that many readers of this blog consider (and rightly so) authentic, and that might help, if correctly framed, to better understand the events and prophecies of Garabandal.
        The mentioned ‘closure of mind’ sometimes takes the form of dogmating, and often ungrounded, expressions of certitude as, for example in your passage as follows:
        “There will not be any astronomical event coinciding with the Aviso that will be witnessed by humanity or visible to the naked eye. The Aviso is not an illumination of conscience, but it may be an outcome for most.”.
        With regard to this, please try to answer by yourself to the following questions, some amongst many which comes to my mind:
        1. How can you affirm this, unless you have a direct red-line with God?
        2. Does God have the need to consult you before acting?
        3. Do you have the intimate and sure knowledge of what Conchita was meaning when she used the so called (by you) ‘methaphore’?
        4. Which is the symbolic relation between the ‘methaphore’ and the interior event [meaning of methaphore: “a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else”]?
        5. How does the image of two stars colliding with your the Hell/Sins-focused interior experience you describe (which, by the way, I consider overall correct)?
        6. In a methaphore a symbol has to recall the underlying reality: Do you repute that two-stars colliding is a good image for Hell, or for sin? If yes, in which sense?
        …I could continue on and on…but I stop here. I am sure you grasped te general sense…
        For the rest: insisting on defining/semantic issues which do not add much in terms of substance might be dispersive (in terms of time and knowledge).
        Sorry for being blunty clear. It is may nature.
        So said, I apologie if I have involuntarily hurted or offended anybody. This was not my intention. I only would like to promote a better understandind on as much people as possible, because I believe that an educated advanced knowledge of the events to come will make a sunstantial difference as regrds the consequances, both from the spiritual and for the material points of views. Nothing more…

        God bless. I pray for everybody. Please pray for me in return…

    • Hi Joe, our Lady said 3 (read 4) more Popes (she even add then NO MORE but according to the Seer only) then el fin de los tiempos (the end of Times, of the Apocalyspe of course where else ? as Garabandal Prophecies are Eschatological as Fatima and Akita, these apparitions are directly related to the Apocalyspe of St John ), your interpretation comes from another school, the famous end of an era school, I know all them for years and despite many corrections they are still unfortunately online, so in spanish our Lady of the Carmel would have said instead “el fin de una era”, those are not the words of the Lady, de facto anything else is pure own opinion and wrong of course.

      • I like your sense of humor Aviso but, no, your possible problems are not the effects of ‘planet X’ (if you want to call it like this…) .
        For the rest I agree with you and I believe Pete is underestimating the strenght and nature of the war in act. We are actually living apocaliptic times: the abolition of the Holy Sacrifice is on-going (in fact, all the preparatory steps have been put in place since the Vatican II, the ‘bad’ Council): the ecumenic ‘celebrations’ are a realitity now and they will became more and more the norm under the current ‘pontificate’. Our Lady said in Garabandal that, at the time ot the Aviso, it would be difficult for priests to celebrate the Holy Mess: is this not the abolition of the Holy Sacrifice as in the Bible? Please note that where is written that the antichrist will abolish the Holy Sacrifice this clearly refers to an authoritative act from him forbidding the Eucharist: it does not mean that everybody will cease to offer the Perfect Victm to God (it simply means that this would became more difficult and has to be done underground: exactly what Our Lady indicated as a preliminart sign for the Aviso). And, be wise, it doesn’t mean either that the ‘christian’ celebrations will be forbidden completely: they will certainly continue in some form, but deprived of the Real Presence, with an ecumenistic focus. It will be an astute deception: most ‘christian’ will believe their are making a modern cult to God, while they will instead adore the beast, the ‘great architect of the univers’, satan in disguise.
        I thus maintain, with you, Aviso, that the ‘end of times’ is just…’the end of times’… It is as simple as this. Our Lady does not joke with words: She speaks simply and clearly, as God does.
        What then ‘new heavens and new earth’ would mean is not perfectly clear to me, right now. Now everything has been revealed…yet.
        But please consider what I am now saying without prejudice (and without censorship): should ‘planet X’ (as you call it) exists and pass by (near) earth, what it will produce will be, literally, new heavens (skies) and a new earth (geographically speaking). If you want to see the truth in advance, Aviso, keep an open mind and pray a lot…with sincere hearth.
        Thanks for your prayers. Likewise.
        God bless…

      • Aviso, absolutely true!!!! Conchita said that the words of Our Lady were: “entonces, el fin de los tiempos”, in Spanish. As you say it means THE END OF THE TIMES in English. Joe, the end of the times is biblical as far as I know. The time in which the judgement of the nations will occur, in other words, the punishment of the gentiles for getting apart from God; a time when the chastisement (the terrible DAY OF THE LORD) will happen and two thirds of the world population will be wiped out, followed by the convertion of the jews, the second coming of Our Lord and the settlement of an era of peace…. How long will it take these events: only God knows. Joe, the End of the Times is not simply an era or period whatsoever but A BIBLICAL TIME already prophesied in the book of the Apocalypse

        • Right Juan my Brother, by the way since I said online that I might be back next year, I can already feel the presence of the one you talk to me, between us it looks that he or (she) is not happy at all but for the moment we have to support the famous « Garabandal google experts », I like to call them like this because first it’s true then they will probably remember me, they are even writing to me in private and they are saying something like even Garabandal News was wrong about dates then we get what we are reading today, 2022, 2024, 2028, some even are talking about 2038 and so on by the way why not but you probably know the song, well it’s my mistake somewhere, I was badly informed in the village but will remember these sources as well at due time, for the rest I am currently dealing with Jacinta’s Brother, I hope to rest next to our Mother, news from Mac who is my age pushed me to do it as we never know, for 2019 we of course hope the head of the Bishop in White, untill then Please take care and Pray for me Brother as my Cross is still heavy, thank you.

      • Right Juan my Brother, by the way since I said online that I might be back next year, I can already feel the presence of the one you talk to me, between us it looks that he or (she) is not happy at all but for the moment we have to support the famous “Garabandal google experts”, I like to call them like this because first it’s true then they will probably remember me, they are even writing to me in private and they are saying something like even Garabandal News was wrong about dates then we get what we are reading today, 2022, 2024, 2028, some even are talking about 2038 and so on by the way why not but you probably know the song, well it’s my mistake somewhere, I was badly informed in the village but will remember these sources as well at due time, for the rest I am currently dealing with Jacinta’s Brother, I hope to rest next to our Mother, news from Mac who is my age pushed me to do it as we never know, for 2019 we of course hope the head of the Bishop in White, untill then Please take care and Pray for me Brother as my Cross is still heavy, thank you.

  13. I have also ‘tried ‘ to gauge the date(s) and find the works of some quiet impressive. I thank you for this! I have decided that because of the time we are in, the age(s) of all involved, we are much closer in time, than farther out. I am referring to many factors, PF; PBXVI; Conchita, world’s direction; etc. Conchita’s age, this is an issue that has been taken into account. What seems to be a large factor, is (I believe) the Blessed Mother has staid the Arm of the Holy Father several times, it seems. And the fact the devil is frantic and deliberating his next move, causing world consternation and chaos. So we will see (maybe less) short time before we have everything turned upside down, and we see the rise of the A/C on the scene. After that we pretty much will know where we are timeline wise. PF is moving faster behind the scenes, and America just received a reprieve. Europe is in complete meltdown, the EU is imploding, the middle East is fluctuating from war to peace ~ peace to war. The country of Israel is building the Temple, so many critical signs. We await the sky/ attribute of this; and the great deception. However, considering the exponential movement of all this…I believe this will be much sooner than later… just remember, we have this time to prepare and be thankful for the Lord’s Mercy and the Blessed Mother’s Love for us all. I so enjoy this blog and look forward to everyone’s input. This group of apparitions are such a ‘silent’ gift to us all. The fact that these (less one) good women still are with us, awaiting patiently the Blessed Mother’s promises. We see miracles each day, showing our Father in Heaven’s great love. Thank you and may Christ’s Peace be with all.

  14. In these dark times we may forget how lucky we are to be Catholic. Be patient and watch all this video. May Our Lady help us all

    • In this compelling video we are told that Our Lady’s favourite prayer is
      “Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”.
      We are also told that her favourite title is
      “Beloved Daughter of The Father,
      Mother of The Son,
      Spouse of The Holy Spirit.”
      According to the professor Mary herself has given us this information.

  15. Pete and Aviso, God bless you both. I am finding the daily Rosary more and more of a blessing. Let’s pray for our children, and everyone, that the time is short before they receive the jolt they need from the Aviso. Our priests are preaching compromises as homilies and we have to sit through them! It is difficult. I find every prayer I say, I say it in the name of my family rather than my own, hoping that Our Lord and Our Lady will be merciful to us as a unit. I follow a blog that priests contribute to and the filth coming from them regarding anything critical of homosexuality is mind blowing.
    May His kingdom come.

  16. Hi Pete my Brother, as you know I debunked many years ago with the help of some villagers, this rumor about St Hermenegild, we know with certainty that the Eucharist Martyr is not Spanish and that the Great Miracle cannot happen on a Holy Thursday, the Lady of the Carmel did not gave to Conchita the Name of the Martyr but his description only, his description given to some French by the Seer (I met myself some of them in Garabandal) match Saint Tarcisius, it was not possible for Conchita who could barely read and write during the Apparition to invent this very specific description without the help of our lady, de facto she only repeated what our lady told her, simple as that, more detalis below :

    Also the Years 2018 and 2019 were based on Garabandal Facts, it looks that some of these facts given to me were rumors as well, de facto if nothing happen in 2019, I will know whome to meet in the village for an explanation, let me remind also that the Prophecies of Garabandal are related to the Fatima 3rd Secret so to the Church, the Current Pontificate as the state of the Church match completely these Prophecies and are probably the best fact to date about their imminence, thank you.

      • I did a typo on the comment. Meant Jesus died in the time of 33ad. If you say 30ad. It goes back to 2027. And garabandal might still be pushed to 30s.. But i believe this a foreshadowing end times that will mostly take place in europe, Africa, asia. Powerful united islam vs Christianity. Asia neutral. Usa problems of its own. No nukes.. Just civil chaos and skirmishes. Islam converts in end. Era of marys peace begin. (With either the chastisement/akita prophecies or not)

        All opinions. But praying changes things

        I just have a feeling life will continue for a while still. We are begining a new age. God will allow to make a numerous of defendants (catholic kingdom) promised to abraham.. And even after the chastisement a billion people will survive (from my math 700mil if it happened today) World can hold billions.. Trillions. If we all turn to God

      • What im confused about is when does the century of the devil end? When reading revelations 12. The first paragraph can be extended for hundreds of years.

      • In the “Dolorous Passion of Our Lord”, Blessed Emmerich said: “I heard that Lucifer -if I do not mistake- will be freed again for awhile fifty or sixty years before the year 2000 A.D. I have forgotten many other dates that were told me”. So, the devil was free around 1950 (if blessed Emmerich erred or did not understand well, it could be said 1960, coinciding with sister Lucy). However, in spite of the common opinion in this blog (and following wikipedia and some personal research), I consider the 100 devil-years attributed to pope Leo XIII unreliable.

  17. Pete
    Thanks for your research, I know that you put in a lot of time and effort in this matter, it is sincerely appreciated by all of us. Please recall that many times Conchita Gonzalez describes the Garabandal Warning “like two stars crashing together but not falling to earth”. Well guess what, there will be two stars crashing together on March 14, 2022, please look up the binary star KIC 9832227 via a Google search as Cygnus Constellation 2022 . That date has a tolerance of plus or minus 0.6 years, so that binary star collision of WIC 9832227 could occur as early as August 7, 2021 and as late as October 19, 2022. Within this entire range, the star collision could be the Warning with the Garabandal Miracle to occur thereafter in as Thursday April 14, 2022 or Thursday April 13, 2023, with as little as 3 weeks to 12 months separation between the Warning and Miracle, as the seers said. Please utilize the 1960 version of the calendar of saints which was in place at the time of the Garabandal apparitions and note that during the month of April, between the 8th and the 16th, there are just two saint days of martyrs, April 13th, Saint Hermengild and April 14th, Saint Justin and several other martyrs, including Saint Cecelia’s husband Valarian and his brother Tiburtius. I affirm that only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle, but no one knows the date of the Warning, Mari Loli knew the year, but not the date. If the Garabandal Warning and Miracle were to occur in 3 – 4 years a lot of worldwide persecution would need to evolve, to fulfill Our Lady’s aviso that priests would have a hard time saying mass in the public, as I have a son priest and U.S. Army Chaplain who has no problem with saying mass, even when he was stationed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division during 2013.

    • Hi Ross thank you for your comments and support. The topic of the binary stars merging in relation to the Warning has been raised on a number of occasions, however the comment of “two stars colliding” is simply metaphorical as implied by the following transcript of an interview with Mari Loli which I last published in March this year.

      Fr. Pelletier: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs with your father and that you cried and cried for one hour. And that afterwards your father told her, “I have seen the most touching sight. Loli was crying all the time and she was saying, ‘Oh, its going to be like that? People are going to suffer like that? Oh, make me suffer!’ Do you remember what you said at that moment?

      Mari Loli: All this was related to Communism and what is going to happen in the Church and to the people because all these things are to have repercussions amongst the people because when the Church suffers confusion, the people are going to suffer too. SOME PRIESTS WHO ARE COMMUNISTS…WILL CREATE SUCH CONFUSION THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG.

      Fr. Benac: Since you are the one who knows the most about the Warning will you tell us: is this event to take place before the Miracle promised through Conchita Gonzalez?

      Mari Loli: The Warning is meant to help us see what we are doing, how much evil we are doing, how much pain we are causing God. Everyone will experience it wherever they may be regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God. It will take place all over the world. Yes, it will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world had come to a standstill, however, no one will not be aware of it as they all will be totally absorbed in their own experience.

      Fr. Benac: Do you know the Year of the Warning?

      Mari Loli: Yes, the “Year” but not the day.

      Fr. Benac: Do the others also know about it?

      Mari Loli: I don’t know if the others know the “Year”, but I presume so since we were so often together, and they had spoken about it on different occasions.

      Fr. Benac: But did you have any instructions from Our Lady not to pass this information to others?

      Mari Loli: No, She never told me not to do that, but I feel I shouldn’t say it for the present.

      Fr. Benac: So, if such is the case, what would you advise people in view of that uncertainty about the “date” and “year”?


      Fr. Benac: What Fr. Pelletier and I would like you to explain more clearly is the nature of the Warning. How do you sense it?

      Mari Loli: Yes, it will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world had come to a standstill, however, no one will not be aware of it as they all will be totally absorbed in their own experience. It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and pain for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the harm we are causing Him and all the evil things that we do. God will help us to sense that interior pain because often when we do something wrong we just ask with our “lips” for the Lord to forgive us, but now He will help us to physically feel that deep sorrow.

      Fr. Benac: Would you say that this Warning will be a help towards ones purification? And is there any correlation between the “Warning” and the “Miracle”?

      Mari Loli: Yes, the “Two” will take place within 12 months. The Warning will be a purification and preparation to return to God.

      • My dear Pete,
        I am very happy to see that you have finally found the most likely dates for the Miracle: 13 April 2023 or 13 April 2028 (depending on the fact that the Miracle will happen an an Holy Thursday or not).
        I strongly feel that you should now make a further step, to understand better the whole picture. The fact that the ‘Aviso’ will mainly be an interior experience does not necessarily exclude that there will be an exterior sign of the might power of God accompanying, almost underlying, it.
        This is implied in the very words of Mary Loli you mentioned:
        “Everyone will experience it wherever they may be regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God. It will take place all over the world. Yes, it will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world had come to a standstill, however, no one will be aware of it as they all will be totally absorbed in their own experience.”
        Against this background: apparently there will be a standstill, but we will be immerse in a deep interior experience that will prevent us to be fully aware of it…
        The two issues (planet standstill vs internal illumination) ARE NOT MUTULLY EXCLUSIVE. In fact they will happen togheter…
        It is also wrong to say that Conchita has wrongly described the Aviso (also) as two stars colliding…Again: this will be only the exterior appereance of the phenomenon: it does not exclude the interior illumination of coscience.
        I do not elaborate further, otherwise you are likely to censor me and some reader might feel ‘dishearted’. In any case, you could make your own research on the possible causes…
        God bless…

        • Anonymous, you too often presume others lack a depth of understanding concerning these matters and it comes across as condescending, an outcome I am sure you do not intend. I am aware of all quotes regarding the interior and exterior impact of the Warning, that all will stop for a moment, a suspension of time similar to that experienced when in a state of ecstatic union with the Divine. The comment of the two stars colliding is a metaphor nothing more and always will be nothing more. There will not be any astronomical event coinciding with the Aviso that will be witnessed by humanity or visible to the naked eye. The Aviso is not an illumination of conscience, but it may be an outcome for most. The Aviso is seeing and experiencing the consequence of sin. If you want a sense of this then read good testimonies of near death experiences (NDEs) where some say they are shown all their sins and in seeing them both witness and feel the far reaching effect of every sin committed. Another thought that comes to mind when reflecting on witnessing, in a terrifying manor, the ‘consequences of our sins’ is the Aviso could be an experience of our believing we are in Hell, engulfed in Hell fire for eternity and not conscious of the fact that we are experiencing the Aviso and that its only temporary.

          God bless

          • Pete,
            I appreciate your taking a crack at this, and your date has a good shot at being the right one. We shall see.

            I would also like to express my appreciation for everyone who has commented these last few days since you put up your 2028 dating analysis. From Joe to Aviso to Anonymous and others — lots of comments and very enlightening and hope filled. Thank you all.

            If God wills it, I wish to be at Garabandal with my family to see the Miracle. I suspect that many others writing here feel the same way. This is why dating the Miracle has importance. Call it selfish if you wish. But I would like to see Our Lady, and I suspect that the Miracle involves some sort of vision of her in heaven. Scripture says “no one sees the face of God and lives”, so it is unlikely that we will see Jesus or God the Father. It is probably Mary, accompanied by many miracles: isn’t it true that it is foretold that those present will experience healings? Well, those of us getting up in age could use a little help with this or that health issue.

            So, this is why dating the Miracle has importance to us: we want to be there to see it and experience it!

            It should also immensely strengthen the faith of everyone who is there. Although I have strong faith, I too can use a nice booster shot. I assume most everyone here feels the same way, and so this too is a reason for debating the date.

            How frequently do we encounter hostility and unbelief in this world? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say: “I was there. I saw it myself. I’m not debating what may or may not have happened 100 (Fatima) or 2000 (Resurrection) or 3500 (Exodus) years ago. This isn’t your opinion versus mine. This is not a historical debate. This isn’t a scientific debate about the Shroud or the Tilma of Guadalupe. I was there. Now it’s a question of your calling me a liar or believing that I am telling you the truth. This is not hearsay, or second hand opinion.”

            Granted, some may still not believe. Like Jesus said, if they won’t believe Moses or the prophets, they won’t believe even if someone rises from the dead.

            But it at least changes the discussion a bit and personalizes it. It ought to win a few more people over to the faith than otherwise, for each of us. And those numbers should add up.

            Now, getting back to the dating: since I would like to be there when the Miracle happens, at this point, I am agreeing with Aviso and still leaning towards next year as having the greatest odds of being the year of the Warning and Miracle. I would like to be there, even if I’m pitching a tent on the mountainside.

            I only hope that the Warning is a sufficient amount of time before the Miracle so that there’s enough time to buy a few plane tickets and plan the trip.

            That being said, I like your analysis Pete. If it’s not 2019, then I would tend to lean towards the 2028, 2029, and 2030 timeframe based on the 100 years given to the Popes beginning with June 13, 1929. I am not convinced of which Saint is the right one, so I give less weight to that. However, the “Now is the time to ask the Pope to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart” that Our Lady said to Saint Lucia on June 13, 1929, is heaven’s way of giving us a date that matters, otherwise Our Lady could have made the request to Sr Lucia back in 1917. The fact that Our Lady waited until 1929 to make the request means that the date matters. Also, Our Lord’s comparing the Popes to the Kings of France and the 100 years they were given, is unmistakably a signal of timing. In other words, that brings us to the 2029 time frame — 100 years from the date that Our Lady made the request.

            Then, we need to ask if the Warning and Miracle is to occur before or after the end of this 100 year period, and I don’t have much of a gauge on that. Perhaps some other reader can provide some insight. Or, maybe this 2029 relates to the Chastisement, and the 2019-2029 period is the period given to mankind after the Miracle to repent so that the Chastisement is minimized. I don’t know. This is just speculation. But, Pete, I like your analysis that leads to 2028. It’s as good as any other, including my own.

            So, my current assessment of the date is that if it’s not going to happen this coming year in 2019, then it is unlikely to happen for another 9-11 years.

            But I will be waiting to buy plane tickets at any point nonetheless. And I hope to see many of you all there!

            God bless,


            • Great comment Anthony and yes it is good to receive word and reflections from all our friends of Garabandal. And it’s OK that we debate and disagree, it’s not an exact science. What I think is most beautiful about Aviso’s blog is that one can be sure that contributors are living to the best of their ability the council of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. That whilst we might disagree sometimes, we are always united in love and prayer with one another and with Heaven.

              I encourage all of you to also post your intentions so we can all be a support in intercessory prayer. Saying this, please continue to pray for Alban, Mac and his family and Peter, the son of ‘Concerned.’

              God bless

              • May I request a prayer for my family, specifically for our two foster sons, Elijah and Josiah. They are 3 months old and 19 months. Elijah was exposed to drugs in the womb and he came to us directly from the hospital after his birth in August. His older brother, Josiah, came to us in September on the day his parents were arrested for drugs. They have been with us up until last week when their grandfather, a convicted felon for dealing drugs, requested custody and it was granted. I promised Our Lady on August 15, the feast of her Assumption, that I would consecrate Elijah to her on the day of his adoption into our family. I have been praying the rosary daily for each of them to receive their baptismal garments. Now they are in the hands of someone who cares nothing for their salvation or for anything holy. Our hearts are broken. We are praying that they be returned to us unharmed. We are keeping our home open to them and not taking any other foster children. I hope to take Elijah and Josiah to Garabandal on the day of the Miracle, so they can be healed. Thank you and God bless you.

  18. Pete,
    This is beautiful writing on your part. St. Hermenegild rings true as the saint whose feast day Conchita was referring to in her account of the date of the Miracle. I read somewhere that it would not be on a feast of Our Lord which Holy Thursday is, but the connection of St. Hermenegild and the Institution of the Eucharist makes so much sense. I never thought to look so far out on the calendar, as I was always hoping the Miracle would be sooner. Will we have to live with PF for another ten years? Lord, help us.

    • Dear Aviso,
      Conchita is authoritatively reported to have had a look at a calendar in the room immediately before giving to the presents the hint to the ‘Saint’ concerned. Thus, it is clear that she knew the date only: the indication about the Saint is a further info she decided to add on her own, not at all Our Lady’s suggestion.
      The fact that Our Mother would have given a description of the Saint, but not his/her own name sounds to me quite odd and very unlikely: most probably this is a rumor that has widespread in the village due to understandable gossip, and it is impossible now to distinguish what is true from what had been arbitrarily added by the paisans.
      The possibility that the Saint involved is Saint Tarcisius is clearly ruled out by the timing of his feast: if I were you, I would not insist any more on this.
      God bless and take care.

    • Dear Claudia,
      It would have been impossible for Conchita to ascertain if the ’13 April’ concened would be or not an ‘Holy Thursday’: this would be quite strightforward for us today with a PC and an internet connection, but almost impossible to a young girl in the ’60s who only had a paper calendar in her hands…
      Thus it is impossible, at the present stage, to determine if the Miracle will happen in Spring of 2023 or 2028…
      As regards the possibility of tolerating Bergoglio&Co for another 10 years or so, i agree with you that this is a very tough option. On this, I suggest to put things in the right perspective and consider that Bergoglio IS NOT THE POPE. Consequently, whatever he does or say has to be considered, potentially, garbage from the point of view of the true Doctrine…This will possibly make the endurance less hard…
      God bless…

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