Conchita or our Lady of the Carmel ?

Yes my Friends , I will be back online in 2019 because of this topic only and be sure that Conchita of Garabandal will be back to us as well, you have my word, in no way any one will play or use the Lady of the Carmel any more, please be sure of that, thank you.




9 thoughts on “Conchita or our Lady of the Carmel ?

  1. The Carmel made a great choice in Conchita. Conchita is a great soldier and she Is subject to her Queen. Anyone who thinks differently is deceived. Anyone who says differently – well, what happens to them is up to God. There is no question of choosing between The Carmel and Conchita. I choose both – one as Queen, the other called by The Queen to special duties. Conchita has responded over and above her call to duty for nearly 60 years.

  2. For your information, the goal of this article is to get the last updates of the Garabandal Prophecies, I am going to use all my contact for that and hopefully we will get some news from the seers as well, to me there is 1 Queen in Garabandal only and her Name is the Lady of the Carmel, thank you.

  3. I have been watching the almost monthly public Visitation of Our Lady @ Medigorje and her messages and to my discernment, it is more of a tourist attraction performance vision than an actual appearance as it does HELP in Repentance & Conversion…I have NO reservations in the early Appearances of Our Lady when they were all Young & Innocent likewise Garabandal

  4. It has been a long time my friend and Conchita is still around but the Sign has yet to arrive??? Conchita is holding the day & date of The Sign close to her heart and Our Lady is still appearing in Europe & the East with no signal of when the secret to Conchita is to be revealed…Why the confusion and no CONFIRMATION??? pray for Discernment from The Spirit of God The Comforter and we shall be COMFORTED

    • Conchita will reveal the date of the miracle eight day ahead of time. It will happen in April following within a calandar year of the Warning. This is no secret. It seems to be widely known. Does Peter refer to another secret?

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