The Full Fatima Secret ?


“You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go, To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated, in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved but as you have seen, Rome will  lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist, an evil Council will be called, Liturgy and The Holy Sacrifice will be changed, Less and less importance will be given to the Eucharist, Churches and altar will be sacked, many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will be on the road to Perdition and will take many souls with them, the work of devil will infiltrate the Church to her Top, that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord but Popes will be also of those who accept compromises and in delaying Lord’s Command this brood of vipers like Juda, will end into misfortune. You have seen the Bishop in white of the Vision, this is the false Prophet and his Church of the end of times, under the control of the Beast, The Church of the Lord and his Vicar will be eclipsed, if Russia is not consecrated at time then God will punish men harder and harsher than He has punished them with the flood, with its secret weapons Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by God, Rome will be destroyed and the False Prophet killed, Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world ”.



My Comment : I will but on May 13th only, by the way I call anyone who might have more information about the Secret to contact me in Private at, thank you.






32 thoughts on “The Full Fatima Secret ?

  1. Aviso, please advise on where we stand during this pandemic covid 19. Is the warning and miracle soon to come?

    • Well Gail, in my opinion probably, the decade 2020 to 2030 should be the one of Garabandal as I said in my last comment online, Pope Benedict XVI is the main key, we know that the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that day, I know almost for sure that this Pope in Question (not sure if it’s Benedict, Francis or next one) will be in Russia the same day of the Great Miracle, this was said to me via Albrecht Weber and confirmed via another French Soucre close to Father Laffineur, our Lady did said that the Day of the Great Miracle, the Pope won’t be in Rome but in Russia, we thought it was because of a war or a possible revolution in Italia but we hadn’t thought of a pandemic, in other word when the Pope will travel to Russia, be sure this travel will coincide with the year of the Garabandal Prophecies, probably not in 2020 yet but to me probably soon, this is where we must look, to Popes and Russia.

      • My Friends let me add few words about my last comment, you must know that I am contacted in Private by many different sources with different informations given to me which I need to check before any publication online, of course almost 90% of some details are or known already to us or whithout any sense but I can say that 10% are new to me and some are very serious at least to me, I talked to you about a source from the Garabandal village who talked to me years ago about the Year 2020 as probably the year of the Garabandal Prophecies or the Year of the beginning, I even talked about it online then later I did not trust this source anymore and lost any contact with it (probably because I was wrong about 2018) , I talked about it in my last comment online yesterday as well, well today and I will suggest to all of you, to be very cautious about this new information given to me in Private as below and translated in English by myself :

        Aviso just count the grain of the Rosary, each grain represent a year of Mercy which our Lady got from our Lord, God sent to us his Mother in Fatima as our Lady of the Rosary in 1917 during world war 1 and during the spanish flu with an order to consecrate Russia and 3 Secrets, none of the following Popes did consecrate Russia, Pope Pius XII included then as a last gesture of Mercy which our Lady got from her Son, God sent his mother again in Garabandal in 1961 as our Lady of the Carmel which was her last Apparition in Fatima as well and also during the Second vatican Council, council related to the Fatima 3rd secret as you know, thanks to the Rosary and to our lady of Fatima, our Lady got 60 more Years of Mercy from God from the Year 1961 (Garabandal), the Eucharist Martyr being Saint Tarcisius (celebrated on August 15th by the Church), the Great Miracle date is probably 60 Years later so the :

        15 April 2021

        My Comment : I said that I will not talk or speculate about any dates online anymore (as I was always wrong) but this Year 2020 with this pandemic reminds me that source in Question who talked to me about 2020, what we are seeing with this pandemic is almost impossible to reach Garabandal for any foreigners, no Mass, Church closed and so on, all that was prophesied by our Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal, de facto I will take this risk again and will leave this new information online for your discernment by the way this new source end to me his message by :

        “By 60 times, in the New Testament reference is made to the Virgin Mary: 26 times by the word Mother, 10 times by the word woman, 3 times by the word Virgin, 2 times by the word servant and 19 times by Marie’s name”

        So For your Discernment ONLY

        Let me add few details as well wich I got myself from Loli’s Family in Garabandal :

        Aviso : Did Loli knew the Warning year ?
        A : Yes
        Aviso : Did she talked to you about it ?
        A : Never
        Aviso : Can you confirm that the Warning and the Great Miracle are wihin 12 months
        A : Yes, 1 Year, 1 month, 1 week or 1 Day
        Aviso : What about 8 Days before ?
        A : No comment.


        • Satan’s main achievements:
          1517 Lutheran reform (millions of Catholics became protestants)
          +200 years:
          1717 (Official) birth of Masonry (States became apostates)
          +200 years:
          1917 Communism in Russia (and Fatima!): States became atheistic and materialist.

          Our Lady response to satan:
          1531 Guadalupe (millions of South American pagans became catholics)
          1531+490(=70×7) years (483 years + ‘week’ of the ‘antichrist’):
          1531+483=2014 Bergoglio manifests himself as the ‘False prophet’…
          15 April 2021: Miracle in Garabandal: starting of the final Triumph of Our Lady (amongst persecutions of true believers)…

          God bless. Let’s pray…

          • Always doubt numbers game.
            Soon yes. But communist revolutions (& possible war) first.
            What will trigger the revolutions?
            Maybe economic collapse together with break-up of EU?
            There are many risks in every country now.
            Can any of us be sure of our own country, that if our economic system collapsed, that the majority would be peaceful as we were with poverty in past generations. Our moral fibre is gone. We have got used to the state taking care of everything. If they cannot, do not be surprised if there is violence.

            • Hi Patrick

              Agreed, numbers can make for an interesting hypothesis and as many attest, they do play a unique roll in Creation and in some cases in Scripture, but as you say ‘soon’ is the only outcome we can be sure of and of course ‘soon’ is always relative.

              I would be very surprised if Governments weren’t already drawing up plans to ensure the potential for anarchy is properly mitigated. Nations will of course respond in different measure, some may not be able to do so due to the continental size and existent levels of lawlessness already prevent in its populace, S Africa being one stark example.

              This we leave to the bureaucrats, for our part we have a remedy for these times my friends, it is the Penitential Rosary, fasting and abstinence and other daily prayers of reparation. If societies would listen and act so, just as Our Lord’s Blessed Mother has requested, then the future would be so much more improved for all.

              Let me ask everyone, do you awaken between midnight and 02:00 in the morning?

              If so do you not rise from your bed, find a quiet place in the house and recite the Penitential Rosary (arms outstretched during the Hail Mary’s)?

              If not why not begin, for in this manner you offer the requisite prayer, penance and abstinence all in one movement of the will and all the while you do so in secret, most pleasing to Our Eternal Father. If you struggle, ask your Guardian Angel to help in this task, you will be awakened at the appropriate time and it will be a fight with your conscience to then avoid doing so. Be assured also, you will not be so effected (in terms of tiredness) as you might think the following day.

              God bless

          • Thank you very much Anonymous,

            A question about your opinion: “… 2014 Bergoglio manifests as the” false prophet “…”
            No question about “False Prophet” … but why 2014?
            He was elected on March 13th, 2013 (some associate Rev. 13/3 …); enthroned on March 19, 2013

            What is your opinion about the possible “miracle day”: 04/16/2020?
            The saint could be: “Benedikt-Joseph Labre” … he exhausted himself (among others) in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
            There is also a time window for the warning until eight days before (8.5.2020) Conchita could make her announcement …

            I thank you in advance – awaiting your reply

        • My Friends, I am not open for any nonsense speculation, anyone claiming a great Miracle on May or on June is irrelevant and comments will be deleted, the same for anyone claiming a Great Miracle on TV and so on, I want the best of you, please give me something new and not nonsense, something I am not aware coming from good source or from the Village of Garabandal, related to Fatima or to Akita, something I can check and I will publish it, if you are one of them, please go on or contact me in private, thank you for your understanding.

      • Dear Aviso,
        why should there be another one after the current Pope (I guess I know – see below – why he is the “false prophet”)?
        I assume that Pope em. Benedict XVI will leave Rome before the warning. This event is known in prophecy as the “Escape of the Pope”, which will last 200 days (Erna Stieglitz).
        In this time window the current Pope will travel to Moscow … I have V.V. Put-in as the first candidate for the Antichrist on my “Radar”, in memory of the words of our Lady of Fatima: “Russia will be the scourge”.
        Thus, according to Revelation 13, the first and second beast meet to coordinate one another. Since the “False Prophet” is only the stirrup holder of the Antichrist, he has to travel to Moscow.
        So far my interpretation of the possible constellation of things to come.
        God bless us

  2. Food for thought:

    Are there any popes in heaven?

    Are there any popes in hell?

    If a pope is confirmed by God he is ordained to be pope by God… therefore he is pope even if he is in heaven or hell… he is pope for all eternity because his position was confirmed on him by the living God himself.

    Does God change his mind?

    God is unchanging… he does not change.

    If a pope is pope for all eternity, we do not pray to Saint Giuseppe Sarto to intercede for us we pray to Saint Pope Pius X. Therefore Pope Benedict XVI is still and always will be Pope for all eternity.

    If Pope Benedict XVI is still pope he is the living Vicar of Christ on earth and no one else can hold that office on earth until he passes from this realm to the next.

    It’s as simple as that really.

    A pope emeritus is impossible (as Pope John Paul II declared).

    • You assume Popes are confirmed by God. This is a big assumption. All we can say is that the Pope was elected by the majority of the Cardinals. Cardinals are Human with every conceivable flaws that humans have. The vast majority of Cardinals based in Rome are unrepentant practising Homosexuals. These same Cardinals gave their vote to Bergoglio who became Pope Francis. Why? Because they were confident that this Pope would protect them and not take action against them. It is politics pure and simple. Nothing to do with God.

      We will never know how many Popes are in Heaven or Hell. I will find out when I pass on. But in my opinion more Popes are in Hell rather than Heaven.. If a Pope is in Hell we can confidently conclude that God did not approve of him and he was not a legitimate Pope. Human Laws are different to God’s laws.

      Pete, did you block my last post in reply to Anonymous on Some News from Conchita !…?


  3. But the secret reveled said that the bishop in white like the Pope comes to the cross praying for all. That is the false phophet? I think he can not be. He is the real Pope that dress like a bishop, is Benedict. The holy Father dies in the cross. But with Guns and Arrows, why arrows? That is a clue. Now there isn’t arrows

    • Easton’s Bible Dictionary for ‘ARROWS’:
      “At first made of reeds, and then of wood tipped with iron. Arrows are sometimes figuratively put for lightning (Deuteronomy 32:23, 42; Psalm 7:13; 18:14; 144:6; Zechariah 9:14). They were used in war as well as in the chase (Genesis 27:3; 49:23). They were also used in divination (Ezek. 21:21).
      The word is frequently employed as a symbol of calamity or disease inflicted by God (Job 6:4; 34:6; Psalm 38:2; Deuteronomy 32:23. Comp. Ezek. 5:16), or of some sudden danger (Psalm 91:5), or bitter words (Psalm 64:3), or false testimony (Proverbs 25:18).”

      God bless. Let’s pray!

    • The Chastisement (conditional?!) will consists of two components:
      – (Nuclear?) Third World War, allowed by God=GUNS;
      – Calamities of nearly-apocalyptic nature inflicted directly by God=ARROWS.
      In the Fatma vison the two components of the retribution for our sins are DISTINGUISHED but contemporaneous or nearly so (the bishop in white is killed by BOTH of them).
      I agree that he should be Ratzinger (who shamefully and culpably renounced the papacy): This way he will partially expiate for his own acts. Moreover he is the (‘good’?!) Pastor and he is thus likely to die (not to mention the fact that he is too old to escape as the Chastisement Will come suddenly and almost unexpectedly). On the contrary, Bergoglio, the Mercenary (very likely the false prophet of the Apocalipse) will flee Rome and escape the distruction thus consuming his last betrayal, only to rush towards his eternal damnation (if he will not repent, like Judah).

      It is of little importance but, in fact, God will inflicts the ARROWS (including the inglorious Three Days of Darkness) via the passage of a series of celestial bodies (planets and a star) relatively close to earth. He wont last long (God punishes, but does not delight it or indulge into it: His intervention will be relatively swift), but will be higly disruptive: a great part of humankind will likely die.

      God bless, let’s pray.


  4. Back online my Friends, let me start to confirm that this text I published online is probably the Fatima 3rd Secret according to my own research and studies, probably the best text I ever read about Fatima and sent to me last year (in Portuguese) by an anonymous source, everything to my knowledge about Fatima is in this text including the format but 2 important details are still missing the date and the signature of Sister Lucia, de facto it’s surely not the original one but probably the content only, thank you.

    • I urge all to watch and listen to Fr. Ripperger’s lecture
      “Our Times Part I: Our Lady’s View of Our Times ~ Fr Ripperger” on YouTube
      Please note if you also share this excellent lecture, and I encourage you do so, you are permitted to do so provided you either donate at least $1 to or say a decade of the Rosary or offer a penance for the intentions of Fr. Ripperger FSSP
      God bless

  5. if you dont know yet:

    In Holy Scripture (= BIBLE) there must come, before the second coming of Jesus Christ, 2 beasts:
    the “false prophet”
    the “Antichrist” occur
    (the “two beasts” in Rev.13, fw. ).

    In the apostle John’s revelation we find three times the name “false prophet”
    (Revelation 16,13, 19,20, 20,10).

    – the first animal is =
    = the religious, spiritual leader (NWR – NewWorldReligion),
    the “False Prophet” -> is known (for me)

    – the second animal =
    = the political, military leader (NWO order),
    the “Antichrist ->” is (for me still) unknown (lives and works at the moment still from the background)

    To the subject:
    “Who has understanding,
    calculate (!) the number of the animal, for it is of a human number;
    and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. ”
    Revelation 13:18 ELEV

    The (yes extra new extended) Argentine Passport –
    (== Identity: – reads:


    Both the surname “BERGOGLIO”
    (in ASCII-CODE – decimal values, CapsOn)

    as well as the first name “JORGE MARIO”
    (in the base 6 code: a = 6, b = 12, c = 18, …)

    give the number … 666.
    Link to the online calculation:

    Why there must also be “2 Popes” in our time is simply due to logic – when you know Jesus’ testimony concerning the first “Pope” = Peter, son of Jonah.

    • Necesito escribir esto en español porque es muy dificil en ingles:

      Creo que este supuesto mensaje de Fatima viene de los sedevacantistas, es más hablaría del concilio Vaticano II no del próximo.

      No creo que sea verdadero porque la visión de Fatima habla de un obispo vestido de blanco que ES EL SANTO PADRE no el falso profeta ni dos Papas como algunos dicen. Es más, está dando pistas de que el santo padre no parece el santo padre porque va de blanco, habla de Benedicto después de la renuncia.

  6. Aviso, how are you feeling about the upcoming Amazonian Synod this october? Having just read an article on the expectations of a homosexualist German Bishop and what he expects the outcomes of it to be, it seems deeply disturbing if he gets even half of what he wants.

    • Well Concerned, to me this evil Synod won’t be accepted by Heaven, Probably the last one for the heretics, keep it between us but to me this is the red line, thank you.

    • Please be aware of the new open letter of academics and theologians to the Bishops of the world pointing out the heretical statements and actions of pope francis and calling on them to take canonical action for the good of the faithful.
      Let us petition God the Holy Spirit that His gifts will move some Bishops to save the Church for our children and grandchildren.
      All glory to God.

  7. If that is real…

    (1) “an evil Council will be called, Liturgy and The Holy Sacrifice will be changed”- Vatican ll right? – I have recently been attending the Latin Mass(1962 form that has been unchanged for centuries)… Norvus Ordo can be a holy Mass by a holy priest but the Traditional Latin Mass is the sacrifice and grace that will save the Church.

    (2)”Less and less importance will be given to the Eucharist,”- Where are the tabernacles? So many churches removing Jesus from the alter. Florida, USA seems to be the worse.

    (3)”Churches and altar will be sacked,”- more and more of this in the news. Many churches closing in the big cities in the USA

    (4)”many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will be on the road to Perdition and will take many souls with them, “Sexual abuses never being addressed. The prevalence of gay clergy from cardinals/ bishop leadership to the dioscean church parishes. Then the lukewarm priests who never teach doctrine or even on heaven and hell.

    (5)”the work of devil will infiltrate the Church to her Top, that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops”- How many cardinals and bishops who expose Vatican corruption and challenge Pope Francis and his teachings and for clarifications are silenced, banished, or even in hiding as their lives are in danger?

    (6)”the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord ” too common in the last 30 or 40 years.

    (7) “but Popes will be also of those who accept compromises and in delaying Lord’s Command this brood of vipers like Juda, will end into misfortune”- Seems every pope since WWII is guilty- John Paul II was Our Lady’s Pope but even he failed this mission. We who are faithful see the clouds of doom brewing; it is only a matter of time unless some miracle of grace converts the current Church leadership.

    (8)” You have seen the Bishop in white of the Vision, this is the false Prophet and his Church of the end of times, under the control of the Beast,”- Pope Francis’ actions are truly hard to defend as he seems to contradict the Traditions/ Teachings of the Church.

    (9)”if Russia is not consecrated at time then God will punish men harder and harsher than He has punished them with the flood, with its secret weapons Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by God, Rome will be destroyed and the False Prophet killed, Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity”- Sounds like nuclear war will be the violent chastisement that will sweep much of humanity if these are the true words of warning from Our Mother.

    (10)”The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead, “- So little hope but this is where I get confused with Garabandal, Akita, La Sallette, and many other approved messages. What of the “3 days of darkness”? Is this the warning to give the world the grace to avoid God’s chastisement as stated in the message above?

    • Yes Zephyrius, the Fatima Secret is mainly a Warning to the World, first to avoid the evil Council indicated in the secret then the Apostasy from the Top and within the Church, the text was suppose to be revealed in 1960 which was not done by Pope John XXIII , the so called 3 days of darkness are not within the Secret but the Chastisement as indicated in the online text for sure.

  8. Aviso, I am not sure about your comment. I thank you for the rest of this apparition and the fullness of the Fatima Secret.
    If you mean you will comment fully on the May 13th about the message, I will look forward to your explanation. Take care. Your Friend in Christ, Rosemary.

    • Yes Robill and Concerned, I will give more details about this text but I will also suggest a possible solution to avoid it because there is always a hope.

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