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My Comment :  I am receiving many emails about it so Don’t give up my Friends, in no way anyone of us should leave the Catholic Church, even in this desperate and evil situation at the top, of course they will create a Schism but we will fight them, be sure of it, those are biblical time and take it as an honor of living it, you understand now why we have also 2 Popes, in other words a Bishop in white and the Holy Father as indicated in the Fatima 3rd Secret, stay strong, Praying the Rosary daily and so on, at the end the Consecration will be done, even the devil knows it, thank you.



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  1. I am telling you the Triumph is on the way, thanks again to those who have raisen from the first day to date against the enemy of Christ, this antichrist power at the top of our church for years, with the help of our Lady, they will definitively get rid of them be sure of it and May finally the Triumph of the Immaculate be their reward so that all the Soldiers of Christ around the world, with the accomplished duty, in peace and with their Cross, go back home soon, thank you.

    Don’t give up !

  2. Can anyone help me here? Did Our Lady mention a schism or ‘something like a schism’ in the Church as one of the signs that the Tribulation or perhaps the Miracle is approaching? I’m sure I read it somewhere but can’t find the place.

      • I have learnt that Our Lady will provide for me (and you) providing we choose and allow her to!
        Just as she said “Yes” to Gabriel’s invitation without question so it should be with us!
        So ‘don’t give up’ and remember every prayer is answered, even when we think it isn’t.
        Am reading “Warning From Beyond” at present.
        Acquired my copy in the 1980s.
        I’d suggest it contains answers to your question and confirmation of the messages of Garabandal, Fatima, Lourdes, La Salette & Ecuador (1602 – I think).

          • Hi Mary Helen.
            My copy says – “Bonaventur Meyer”
            “Marianisches Schriftenwerk, CH-4632 Trimbach, Switzerland”.
            Keep in mind my copy is over 40 years old.
            Took me awhile to get to read it, hey?
            I think Our Lady might have something to say to me about my tardiness!
            It has led me to find The story of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich which is easily located online and far more detailed and comprehensive than ‘Warning From The Beyond’.
            But I’m glad my path to Blessed Anne was via ‘Warning’.
            Bottom line is -Tridentine Mass & Our Lady’s Rosary as explained by St Louis de Montfort are the keys we should be using!
            God Bless.

    • Hi Emmet, I don’t recall any words from Our Lady or Our Lord specificaly and explicitly using the word schism from approved private revelation or Garabandal. We do have warnings of Cardinals opposing Cardinals, the implication being a path to schism if there is no intervention either by, our compliance with Heaven for prayer, the Rosary and penance or the Warning etc.

      God bless

    • I apologize that my previous reply did not post properly, I tried to post a link to one of Deacon John’s posts.

      Here is the same information from “She Went in Haste to the Mountain” :

      Later Serafín and I discussed the following excerpt from a leaflet written
      by Dr. Puncernau:
      During one of my trips to the pastures, I was alone with Serafín and we were
      eating in the barn. After eating, I tried to draw him out since it was said that he
      knew from Conchita when the Warning would be.
      I drew the conclusion that if he knew, he didn’t want to say. The only thing
      that I got definitely from him was that it would be preceded by a special happening
      in the Church. After many questions and answers, it seemed clear to me
      from his vague remarks that it would be something like a schism. That is the way
      I understood it.
      —“And what do you say about Dr. Puncernau’s opinion?” I asked Serafín.
      —“He is free to think what he wants. But I don’t think I gave him reasons
      for such an opinion.”
      —“But will this happening actually be a schism in the Church?”
      —“I have nothing to say.”

      • Many thanks. This is exactly the quotation I was looking for and referring to. So, it seems that a ‘schism’ of some sort was implied but not explicitly stated.

        • Emmet, You’re very welcome! I wonder if maybe the seers were told that something like a schism was to occur before the Warning which would be exactly what we are experiencing right now. It seems very possible. Well, take care.

        • Hi Emmet, something like a schism was said in Garabandal by our Lady regarding the proximity of the Garabandal Prophecies (to me Probably during this pontificate, in other words some will Follow Francis and the others Benedict, in my case you already know my choice), we know it from Serafin Conchita’s Brother, by the way let me use this comment to reconfirm that Garabandal is a true Apparition of our Lady, From Saint Pio to Father Gruner via Malachi Martin, many of our Great were sure of it, this Apparition which I will defend to my last breath is probably the more powerfull Apparation of our Lady on earth, de facto and again I am asking all of you to never link our Lady of the Mount Carmel with the Gospa of Medjugorje in no way, I mean if you believe in Medjugorje that’s your business but please do not link it with Garabandal, thank you.

          • Aviso, given Benedict’s advanced age, if he died soon, do you think there could be a papal election with Francisco alive?

            • No Miguel and this is my fear, as you said Benedict is very old and if he dies during the Pontificate of Francis then we are in trouble and we will not have any other choice than to Accept Francis as the Pope of our Church, in no way we should end in Sedevacantism mouvement, this is heresy but probably and to me something will happen from heaven during this biblical Pontificate with 2 Popes if not then as I said we are in trouble because the Chastisement within the Fatima 3rd Secret is terrible and we must avoid it at all cost and only a Consecration of Russia can prevent it.

              • And now, at Pentecost, for some GOOD news! Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider, with some others, have released a paper clarifying the truths of our faith which are being denied or buried in confusion at present.
                Perhaps we should each try and distribute these in some way.
                P.s. Pete – thank you. You are always to rely on.

                • Hi Concerned, I have also seen this published today via a number of Trad Catholic twitter accounts and bloggers. For me one of the best sources from where the Declaration of Truths document can be accessed in whole is the One Peter Five site. All please follow the link below to Steve’s article wherein there is a link to the document and also another link to the Explanatory Note.
                  God bless

                  • You were right not to give up. Pope Francis has started to do good things, like condemning abortion and identifying gender to be a man and a woman only for the family unit. This is a big blow to the LGBT community. I am beginning to think it will be Pope Francis who will perform the consecration of Russia as Pope Benedict is very old. I don’t think he will be around long. What do you think?

                    • What do I think?

                      To pray for Pope Francis and be discerning about anything he says. If its in accordance with the millennial teaching of the Church then be content, if it is contrary or ambiguous to that teaching pay no attention to it and pray that the Truth will prevail.

                      We are witness to the manner in which PF1 walks the fields of the Church seeming to sow seeds that are a mix of orthodox certainties and heterodox ambiguities. In this way, he can if need be, distance himself from or unite himself to, modernist and liberal Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who apply their (his) preferred populist interpretations to the words he utters. The consequence as we see, is the current state of confusion concerning sin and truth, engendering complacency and tepidity toward sin and truth, a cause of incidence that effects a general falling away from the practice of the faith. An apostasy become general as described by St Paul, fueled further by the debauchery of ecclesiastics and the widening gulf between liberals and conservatives.

                      It is precisely the role of the Pope to defend the Faith and prevent schism, but given all this Pope has said and done, he does appear all too often to be acting contrary to this obligation.

                      The field’s of the Church, as I have said before, are today coming in to season and how do I know this? Simply because I, as I am sure you also, can more clearly recognise some, but not all, of the darnel sown by the enemy and what it consists of. As Our Lord says, we have to live with it until the time of harvest for to pull it up now risks pulling up the good crop with it. In other words we are not to be so sure of our judgments as we may mistaken what is of God’s plan, what is potentially of the good crop and what is not.

                      Will PF1 change what appears to be a modernising liberal approach to his papacy? Who knows, perhaps.

                      Is he in fact sent to give a false sense of freedom to the darnel so it flowers thinking its victory has come only for him and the true to then cut it down in full flower? Who knows perhaps.

                      Perhaps the answer is yes, and perhaps it is a sudden change in direction, that brings about the fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima. That just when the darnel senses total victory and then has it taken from it, that it turns with full fury and hate toward the one who has done this, the Church and the Pope. Is this how it all plays out to then be followed by the Consecration of Russia under a new Pope? who knows perhaps?

                      What we do know is we must remain orthodox and always without hesitation disregard that which is contrary to it, but love without hesitation the other person.

                      God sees all, let us be content then to watch and pray with Him for a while, for sure that’s all we have.

                      God bless

                    • Well, it seems everything you read now in terms of the content to be discussed at the approaching Amazonian Synod point to it being the bad council due to take place shortly before the fulfillment of prophecy and as a herald to the proximity of foretold events.

                      How sad indeed is the hour that approacheth!

                      Keep praying.
                      God bless

  3. After Easter I returned to the ‘True’ Catholic Church!!! Has to be a miracle.
    Entered a catholic church a few times in the previous 40 years, usually worried about the roof falling in!
    It didn’t (obviously) but why not? Probably because I never stopped carrying my rosary beads with me!
    Never said the rosary just carried the beads.
    Through those years have been a classic “good person” sinner. All sins committed many many times except haven’t killed anyone….I don’t think!!!!
    And within the last 5 weeks have had priests who say the traditional Latin Mass ask me to pray for them as they are sinners!!!!
    What am I?
    Thank you Our Lady Of The Rosary, Our Lady Of Fatima, Our Lady Of Lourdes, Our Lady Of Good Success (think that’s right).
    She has given me the grace to now say the rosary daily, to get to REAL confession and REAL Holy Mass and Holy Communion, in the last few weeks.
    And also find these true Catholic web sites.
    Today is Feast Of Our Lady Help Of Christians.
    She is one of Australia’s patrons. We are lucky.
    So I thought I would call into my church to pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. A very long time since I’ve been in that ‘Novus Ordo’ church!
    No holy water fonts at the entry? Is this just an Aussie phenomen?
    Is that something else Satan has managed to have removed by his modernist legions?
    Ok Aussies we need to bombard bishops to get back holy water at the entrances to our churches !
    Help me, please in honour of Our Lady Help Of Christians. Write or email your bishops if your churches have lost their holy water at their entrances and sign of as ‘A soldier of Our Lady Help Of Christians’.
    And all who visit here and are behind this site.
    Thanks. God bless all.
    Ancestor (I believe) of St Colman Mac Duaig’s family. 🙂

  4. I would like to start off by saying Michael Matt is fantastic , I look forward to any video he puts out !!! I have been hunting the truth about Vatican 2 and how the world has really changed since ( Ierland for example ) . I have recently found a !!! What said to be a TRADITIONAL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH everything looked correct and I was exited but then I was told they was SEDAVACANTIST ? I had never herd of this ? They believe the chair of PETER is vacant since 1958 (PIUS XII) . I feel for these people and scared for them because I don’t think they should have broke the line . So then I found a SSPX church ,I have heard Michael Matt talk about this group and they are still under FRANCIS but they take a recognize but resist approach , I am definitely more comfortable with with this group and if you can believe this I was walking on a gravel road the week before I attended the mass at ST.BENEDICT TRADITIONAL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN LOUISVILLE KY when I looked down and seen what I thought was a tarnished penny and I bent over to pick it up , it was face down and as I wiped it off I could read (RESTORE ALL THINGS IN CHRIST ) so I turned it over and began to wipe the front of it off only to find that it was a SAINT PIUS XII HOLY MEDAL ,what was the odds ??? I am a signs and wonders guy . So I took it with me to the SSPX MASS and had it blessed by the young priest there (FATHER HAYJOS ) just thought I would share this story because I believe there was some devin intervention here .

    • Correction ,I accidentally typed that the metal I found was ( PIUS XII ) but it is a ( PIUS X ) And one more crazy little thing is the SEDAVACANTIST church I found was also named after ST BENEDICT it is located south of Huntsville Alabama in a little place called Lacy Springs !!! If any one has any thought to share about the SEDAVACANTIST please comment ,like I said I was blown away talking to the people there that seemed very sincere doing mass in Latin . Of course I am a NOVAS ORDO baby , but going to mass in these parrishes just don’t feel Catholic anymore ,where is the NUNS where are the BROWN SCAPULARS where are the people who refrain from meat on Fridays all year not just lent ,where are the people asking for the Fatima 3rd secret to be released for real , I found this page about 4 years ago ? And now finding Latin masses I hope I am on the right track !!! Viva Cristo Rey !!! I am Irish lol but I fell in love Jose Sancez Del Rio after watching the movie FOR GREATER GLORY

  5. Vatican leaders outraged as anti-immigration politician commends Italy to Mary

    May 20, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The Catholic Italian politician with whom Pope Francis reportedly refuses to meet because of his immigration stance held and kissed a rosary during a political rally over the weekend and invoked the Blessed Mother, drawing criticism from some quarters and support from others.

    Deputy premier and interior minister Matteo Salvini also commended his country, its citizens, and himself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, something unheard of from a Catholic political leader.

    During a Saturday political rally attended by tens of thousands in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Salvini appealed to the six patron saints of Europe, The Tablet reports, Ss. Benedict of Norcia, Brigid of Sweden, Catherine of Siena, Cyril and Methodius, and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein).

    Salvini then kissed his rosary, looked up to statue of the Blessed Mother atop the 14th-century Milan Cathedral and said, “I entrust Italy, my life, and your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who I’m sure will bring us to victory.”

    Read more :

    My Comment : God Bless Matteo Salvini as Trump, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban, he is on the good way, the way of the triumph of our Lady, let me suggest them to have a look whenever they have time at the Vatican Garden and the sooner the better then from Moscow who knows, the Consecration could be done one day but hopefully not too late, thank you.

  6. My Friends, let me add few words, first about the attached video from Michael Matt, a Great Soldier of Christ, God bless this Great Man, the best part to me in his video, starts from minutes 11.55 to minutes 13;45, also I can confirm in public that the text of the 3rd Secret I published online (below again) was according to my own information read even at the Vatican (as by thousands of you), I mean within the walls and I have a proof of it but I cannot publish it, for your information this is a first for this blog, de facto and below the text again, thank you :

    The Full Fatima Secret ?

    “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go, To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated, in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved but as you have seen, Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist, an evil Council will be called, Liturgy and The Holy Sacrifice will be changed, Less and less importance will be given to the Eucharist, Churches and altar will be sacked, many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will be on the road to Perdition and will take many souls with them, the work of devil will infiltrate the Church to her Top, that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord but Popes will be also of those who accept compromises and in delaying Lord’s Command this brood of vipers like Juda, will end into misfortune. You have seen the Bishop in white of the Vision, this is the false Prophet and his Church of the end of times, under the control of the Beast, The Church of the Lord and his Vicar will be eclipsed, if Russia is not consecrated at time then God will punish men harder and harsher than He has punished them with the flood, with its secret weapons Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by God, Rome will be destroyed and the False Prophet killed, Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world ”.

  7. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, began His Church, the Catholic Church. The schism is not the Catholic Church, but the priest who oppose the teachings of Christ, and want to change it. It is not just a building, because someday those churches may be barred or torn down or burned down. The Body of Christ is moved by the Holy Ghost, not a person. Remain with the Church. I think when a break becomes obvious, we will know what to do, and will remain loyal to our Lord and His Church. Be careful and vigilant, “for like a thief in the night”…Pray the Rosary and pray the prayers with deepest part of your heart. Ave Maria!

    • Jesus said “I will send you the Holy Spirit to teach you all things,” the vehicle being the Bark of Peter, the Magisterium, the valid Councils (i.e. called to refute heresy, but not VII), the Saints, Mystics and approved apparitions etc. I don’t know if the schisim will be so apparent, many have been seduced away from Truth whilst sleeping when they should have stayed awake (sounds familiar). And how do we stay awake? Knowing and applying the Catechism to our daily lives and being receptive and obedient to the Council of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Simply praying the Rosary and giving due importance to the Holy Eucharistic by true piety and devotion will keep us awake to the hour.

      God bless

  8. I pray for the Holy See for I have no respect for him as I believe with every breath he is the Antichrist! The evil has to start in the church for that is what the evil one came to do! I attend mass every day not for the priest or the Church because they are all in sin but to receive Jesus! Our main church is full of the corruption that was announced with the priest scandal of which I knew so many of them! If we knew all this was going on then every priest is guilty of cover up! I wrote to our bishop which I see him for mass and asked him point blank why do you have more fear of man than of God! Also the church god in the sacrament is off to the side and they are all ok with that! His chair sits behind the altar not God so he views himself above the Lord! I have to respect that he is a priest but I do not agree with him being a priest! Actually most are in violation but God will judge them for I can’t do that! Also the communion on the hand should be the only way to receive our Lord and they make fun or refuse to those who take our lord in the mouth! I could go on and on of all the wrong and horrible things in the church and I do not fear any of it for it has been predicted of course at Fatima and Akita and our Lady of good success! Also a side note on Fatima- do you all know that there is a transgender crucifix and a crucifix with the lord not even on it and one that has him with female organs! AT FATIMA DESIGNED BY homosexual artists! The irony of SATAN on the holy grounds of Fatima but again Fatima was only a little grove where she asked for a statue- not a mockery of circus and that is what is going on there! I wish we could all have our voice about abortion or even show abortion right on the screen for no priest even speakers up as an abomination of gods little angels! The world is now in the diabolical presence and anyone who denies that is denying GOD! You are either for GOD OR AGAINST GOD! Co Continue the rosary and try to receive every day! Also pray the HOLY DEVOTION TO THE HOLY FACE! Profound and will help to stop the anger in our hearts for those who hate GOD OR DONT BELEIVE

    • Well said Erin, I guess you mean Communion on the tongue is the only way to receive our Lord not ‘Communion on the hand.’ I would also add on our knees, if scorned, or fearful, perhaps offer the pain in atonement for all Eucharistic sacrileges.

      I would stop short of calling PF1 the Antichrist though. He is a Priest under the influence of the Modernists, one who is a by-product of a socialist (communist) culture, which it self is the child of Freemasonry as is the LGBT agenda. History will decide his place one day.

      God bless

      • Hello Pete.
        Carl Schmitts theses on the Anti-Christ (extract):
        “Which is to say: “underhandedly, he will please everyone, he won’t accept offices or positions,he will not show favouritism to people, he will be amiable to everyone, calm in all things, he will refuse gifts, will appear affable to his fellow man, and thus, everyone will praise him exclaiming:“Behold a just man!” This excerpt, from St. Ephraem’s Latin, has a disquieting prospect: the Antichrist in the deceitful guise of “a man of dialogue”; a peaceful, restrained, honest“humanist”? It is precisely this identikit of the Adversary that Schmitt assents to: for him, the Antichrist will arise from a society similar to the modern West, where: “men are poor devils who know everything and believe in nothing”; a society where “the most important and newest things are secularized: beauty has become good taste, the Church is a pacifistic organization and in the place of the distinction between good and evil, what is useful and harmful.”
        In such a culture, the underhanded, “dialoguing” Antichrist will have you believe that salvation depends on social certainties and development. Most of all, (and this is one of the still young Schmitt’s more disquieting intuitions), the Antichrist will not be a materialist at all, neither an enemy of religion: rather “he will provide for all needs, including those spiritual.”
        He will satisfy man’s yearning for transcendence by talking about spirituality, by proposing a“religion of humanity” where everyone is in agreement with everything and where any divergence is banished, and, above all, any dogma is seen as a radical evil……”
        Source:Vittorio Messori February 12, 2016.

          • Carl Schmitt 1888 – 1985 was a Catholic conservative and at times, controversial German jurist, academic and political theorist. His thesis on the Anti Christ was developed from Monsignor Hugh Bensons dystopian novel, Lord of the World [1907].
            Messori writes:
            “What will the Antichrist be like? We know that in Paul, in John’s letters and in the Apocalypse, there are scattered throughout, various fore warnings of a reality Christian Tradition has identified as (and I’ll cite a theology book) “the Prince of evil who will come and reign over the world at the end of times, before the Son of Man’s definitive return establishes the New Heavens and New Earth.”

            In many eras, believers thought to identify that mysterious figure in some bloodthirsty historical character: Nero, Attila, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. However, there is also a Christian tradition, even if of the minority, that places the danger of the Antichrist (St. Paul’s “man of sin” and “son of perdition”) not on violence and blood but in underhanded mimicry of a persuasive and inviting reality. Monsignor Robert H. Benson’s 1907 book, The Lord of the World, has only recently been translated into Italian and in it, Jesus’ Great Opponent presents himself under the guise of “a humanist”, a master of tolerance, pluralism, Irenicism and ecumenism; [he is] a smiling corrupter, more than a strident antagonist of the Gospel; an annihilator from the inside more than an assailant from the outside.
            Perhaps, till now, few have known that some years later, in 1916, the same thesis was re proposed by Carl Schmitt. Schmitt died in 1985 at almost 100 years of age, and is among those we will hear more about in years to come: there is already a precise indication of this (in the increase every day) in the overwhelming bibliography of his work which was for decades suppressed and exorcised, since he was actually suspected of National Socialism. In reality, this brilliant German jurist and political expert was quickly dismissed by the Third Reich (in which, initially, he saw as well, the fulfillment of some points of his political theory) inasmuch as he was accused of “insufficient and superficial anti-Semitism” and most of all because of his “Catholic corruptions………..“


  9. You are responsible for your own soul, Our Lady of Fatima could not of made it more clear. Many priests,Bishops, and Cardinals are on their way to perdition and taking many souls with them. If your church is teaching schisim and cannot offer a valid Catholic mass and you are still attending an invalid mass then you are jeopardizing your soul. It is your job as a Catholic to either find a valid mass to attend DO not to attend an in valid mass. There is a mass that is offered via television that is valid that does not put your soul in jeopardy. Stay away from anything that is Vatican II or has ties to the Vatican at this time. Years and years ago the Catholic Church when it did not offer a valid mass many people still kept their faith praying and doing what they could each Sunday to still validate a Sunday obligation. Christ should be the centre up every mass communion should not be handed out by your neighbour or taken in your hand like a piece of gum and mass should be taught what Christ brought before Vatican II not man-made like other religions where we tweak this prayer and that prayer and tweak what we wish. If you pray your rosary with sincerity and ask Mary she will guide you personally always to her son and secondly as a mother to where you need to be.

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