It was not my Time Yet !

But today I want to talk about it to testify !

Kissed Cross

Cross kissed by our Lady of the Mount Carmel given to me by Loli’s Sister for 2 weeks during one of my stay in the Village of Garabandal few years ago

For a year, I am very busy with personal matters, I travel a lot, from London to Paris, from Barcelona to New York, from Montreal to Lisbon … etc … I meet lawyers, tax experts, bankers … etc. … this world is without mercy, I do not pray much and sometimes I do not remember where is my Rosary, I do not have time to go to Mass each Sunday as well and some Sundays I sleep all the day because I’m exhausted, I check sometimes my blog, I have a lot of emails but I cannot answer to everyone and I know that my 2 moderators are doing a good job there, between 2 flights, I am trying to visit my children as much as possible, my last one of 4 baptized in Garabandal in 2015, always wait with Joy from her bedroom, any time my back but I barely have time to kiss them that I already leave due my new obligations but during any flight, I always remember those voices of angels that only children can have, Dad when will you be back?

From time to time, I checked what happens in the church, I know it’s terrible but it’s not my business anymore, I reassure myself by telling to me, I warned them and what else can I do ? I had a bit time to write some articles especially about Fatima but I was not passionate as before, I had also a bit time to answer to some of my emails but to my close friends from my blog only, sometimes I was asked to come back online but I refused each time, not for me anymore and for what ? some told me that a synod is in preparation for October 2019, Garabandal and Fatima come back to my memory time to time, I make the decision to return online last march but not immediately,  I was still too busy so I’ll see later.

New York, 20 June 2019

I’m tired, I had an important meeting for my business but I know that in few days I am back in Lisbon for some holidays, I’ll finally be able to take a little vacation and see back my children and having more time for my blog as well.

June 22, 2019

Another business dinner, I do not want to go because I do not feel well, the dinner is in Philadelphia, it’s a good friend, I can not refuse, in my personal belongings, I find out my Fatima rosary that I had been given in Garabandal years ago, come on today I’m going to pray few Ave Maria, I don’t know why but I had a special feeling that day and I said to myself we never know, I’m going for the dinner with a member of my family, the dinner was ok, we were back, it was very hot in New York, I could not sleep, I was thinking and wonder since when I was to my last Mass, I have to go back to Mass as soon as I get back to Portugal, I would also go to confession I said to myself but I can do it only in France because for years I always have the same priest who confesses me, well I promised to myself I will do it on my return to Paris.

June 23, 2019

Finally the day of my departure, my fligh from New York to Lisbon is in a few hours, we are 2 in the car en route to JFK, I know that this airport is very busy, too crowded especially with the tourists of June, we are going to wait for hours and hours, it’s still very hot, I still do not feel well, I have a stomach pain since yesterday and I’m driving, I just barely drove 25 miles when suddenly I got a terrible pain in my stomach next to my gall blader, I can not drive anymore the pain is unbearable, I have to stop in emergency and I ask the person who accompanies me to drive, I get out of the car to vomit, it is blad, my God ! you have to take me to hospital in emergency I shout to her, but how to do it in the middle of the highway, my traveling companion, never drove in the usa, we call a friend from Princeton as we’re not far, he told us to come to him as soon as possible and he will drive me to emergency, it took almost 2 hours for 25 miles only, too much traffic, I suffered as never before, I scream of pain, I was dying I feel it and I have not had time to confess my sins, shit I’m going to end up in hell I said to myself, I pray our Lady of Garabandal I had my rosary in my hands which I finally found out and Pray to her :  Mother help me, I’m too bad I’m going to die! give me time to confess my sins and see my children one last time! I beg you help me to hold on. We finally arrive at our friend’s house in Princeton, I could not stand up anymore, he puts me in his car and took me to the nearest emergency hospital in Princeton, it’s just 30 minutes away he told me, stay strong please, we arrived at the emergency, I was shouting of pain, a woman doctor arrives urgently, she asks me on a scale of 10 to describe my pain, I say 10 out of 10, she injects me a dose of I do not know what but 6 times stronger than Morphine she said to me, my Heart slowed down, the dose was very strong, it is a surgery emergency Sir… I will die doctor! let me call my wife, she answers me, no time Sir, your situation is serious you have to make a surgery quickly, you have an infection of gall bladder and its may explode at any time and if it is the case Sir, it is an internal bleeding with infection of the liver and pancreas then it might be very complicated for you, they took me on a stretcher in a private room, the pain being less thanks to the morphine, they do me other tests with a general scanner, 2 more hours for different test, Sir be patient, we have no place for a immediately surgery, it is 3am in Princeton, the pain comes back, I start shouting of pain again, they were talking in the corridor, I heard them,  he must be operated now and someone else was saying, No the infection is too important and if we open him the gall blader can explode at any time …. well for me and in other words, I was dying, I then contact my wife without giving her all the details, I explain to her who she should contact if I do not leave this hospital alive but please do not say anything to children, I contact other members of my family as well as some relatives, to my American friend I ask him to contact a person in the village, if anything happens to me, I want to be buried in Spain in a village called Garabandal I told him, he promised me to do the necessary but it will cost you a fortune to take you there, he said…..

A nurse comes in my room, Sir, I have to wash you before the surgery, ok, she is followed by a woman who introduces herself as the accountant of the hospital, Monsieur you are French, if I understood well, do you have any heath insurance to cover your hospital expenses as your surgery, I answer her, I have a health insurance but I do not believe that it is valid in your Country, it would be necessary to know Sir and very quickly but Madame I have too much pain for the moment, please send me a nurse to give me a dose of morphine again, please Calm down Sir, you’re in good hands, a surgeon will come to visit you in a few minutes and he will give you all the details, between us did you made any will she told me, I said no madam so please do it now by filling this document which you will sign as well as these other documents which relieves us of any responsibility if the surgery goes wrong … etc …My God ! I said I am going to die !

I still have my rosary in my hand and I do not leave it from my hands, the surgeon arrives 1 hour later, in the meantime I was given more morphine, it is 4 am and I sent back home the 2 persons who were with me because they were very tired, The surgeon tells me, there is a risk for the medical surgery because your gall bladder is infected, so we decided to wait for your surgery, I will give you a very strong antibiotic that I will mix with morphine, then he gives me in the hand a bill and explain to me that the amount of the expenses since my arrival to the hospital is already huge and because I did not had any health insurance valid in the USA, each day that passes could cost you very dearly Sir, not to mention the surgery and the days that will follow to recover …….. basically I was told that it was going to cost me a fortune …..

Can I travel doctor and make surgery in my country? there is a significant risk that your gall Bladder explodes during your flight then you will have only 4 hours to make a surgery in emergency, if it is not the case then you have a good chance to die and I want you know it Sir.

I am ready to sign all the necessary documents to get out of this hospital and to go back to Portugal for surgery today, where I know a very good doctor, he replied to me as you wish and we will send you the invoice at your home in France, OK do the necessary and let me out Doctor please.

June 25

2 hours later and under morphine, I went out of the hospital, you have enough morphine for 24 hours only, in any case and if you are feeling the pain back take 2 Pills each time only and not more OK….., my companion picks me up with our American friend, I asked them to find me a travel ticket to Lisbon with a departure within the day, they did not dare to tell me on the phone because in mid June flighs for Europe are really busy and full, arrived at JFK I read on my ticket New York to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Lisbon, 16 hours of travel with a change in Amsterdam, well my Friends, I made this trip with in my right hand my rosary and in my left hand my morphine pills, my fellow traveler was not aware of anything, she did not knew the risks, I did not say anything to avoid frightening her because she had to help me to walk as I refused the wheelchair for which I had the right, probably irresponsible from me but I always kept the soul of a soldier and if I had to die, I would die like a man, standing, I said to myself …..

We finally arrived in Lisbon (Portugal) very Late, I asked to go to emergency the same day, because my pain was back and I had no more morphine, in the hospital the ultrasound confirmed the infection, the situation was critical, the Portuguese doctor did not let me out, we have to make a surgery Sir and urgently, do you have any health insurance, I said YES YES YES

June 26

The Portuguese Hospital (probably one of the best in Lisbon) did not had any room available, it was a busy day for them, they put me with someone else in the same room, with a young boy who just had a car accident, the boy was under morphine as well, his face was burned and he was screaming with terrible pain all the night, I tried to talk to him but my pain was strong as well, we spent the night together, he said to me I am 20 only and I don’t want to die Sir, where are your parents son, I told him ? they did not left them to see me yet….I will never forget this boy and the cries of his mother when his parents were finally allowed to visit him…..Sir good news, we have private room for you todya but you are going to stay sometimes with us before any surgery, the Doctor will explain all to you in a moment….

Well Mr Bertin, you are a miraculous Sir, I cannot understand how my colleagues in the states have been able to leave you out and to travel with that risk, they are crazy or what ! and I will suggest you to complain as soon you are feeling better, I explain to him that I took the decision knowing the risk and asked him when was my surgery ?

No surgery is possible now Sir, the risk is too high, you will be under Morphine and strong Antibiotic for 1 week then if the infection is gone, we must wait 2 months before any surgery without risk, in other words your gall bladder needs to return back to normal, today it’s like a bomb, if I made any surgery now it may explode at anytime during the surgery and it’s liver and pancreas infection with 50% chance of survival only, do you want to take this risk Sir ?

My life is in your hands Doctor, I count on you and will follow your advice, by the way I have an important travel to Barcelona on July 02 and on July 06 I must travel back to France and take my children for holidays then back with them in Portugal on July 10, can I make it ? you are crazy, in no way you can travel not today not in July, in no way Sir……and between us, are you a former army soldier or something like that…..why Doctor ? well the dose of morphine that we injected to you here and in the USA was very huge and your resistance incredible, I have been operating for so many years and it is rare that people who have received this kind of injection do not lose consciousness …..  I was doctor but long time ago ,I remember having learned a lot and including how to survive if necessary to the limit of death, it may have helped me this time what do you think Doctor ? .. … sure but I do not think it was enough especially during this trip from New York to Lisbon, the risks were very high, believe me Sir ….as I said to you, you are a Miraculous….

Morning of July 02

During my week in hospital, I became friend with the Doctor as he was visiting me daily and stayed with me for almost 1 hour each time, we talked a lot, a Great Doctor and a Great Man, I made him crazy with my insistence for travelling to Barcelona on July 02 as for my travel to France on July 06, each day he was telling me no Sir, no Sir impossible…..on July 02 in the Morning, my fly for Barcelona was at 3 Pm, the Doctor was in my Room, it’s about 10 am, Sir your last blad test are incredible, you are a lucky man, your gall bladder is almost back to normal and the infection is gone…..I will stop the Morphine today but you must continuous the Antibiotic for 1 more week….Great Doctor, can I travel today to Spain…..You are crazy…..there is still a risk….I will sign any documents for it, give me this authorization….in the evening I was in Barcelona and stayed there for 2 days, helped by the antibiotic and Morphine which the Great Doctor gave me in case…

July 06

I was back in France, I had no more pain and so happy to see back my Children as my wife, by the way I lost 8 Kg and my last one told me, Father where is your big bell…

July 07

Back to Mass for the first time for months, it’s the traditional Mass and my confessor the Priest, when I saw him I told him, I need a confession Father, OK let’s go….what a Great confession I had, almost 30 minutes……kneeling I was able to take back the Lord in peace….what a great Joy for me….

July 10

Back in Portugal with Children for some holidays, I am feeling much better and I have no more pain

July 16, feast of our Lady of the Mount Carmel

I am contacted by the team of the Garabandal movie, they will make a new documentary in August with more details about the Apparition and Prophecies, as I said online I did refused their first request in 2017 but this time I accepted with Joy and honor but for our Lady of the Mount Carmel and for our Lady of the Mount Carmel only, my Surgery will be mid-September….. because it was not my time Yet please my good Friends, let me Thank you again for your Prayers.






19 thoughts on “It was not my Time Yet !

  1. My Friends, please let me thank you again for your Prayers, the surgery is done, 4 hours but done, I am now recovering slowly but surely, we keep in touch.

    God Bless.

    • V. Good to hear, praying you get fit soon and you do so steadily.

      As you are all too aware, the battle is rising in tempo, How ferociously ‘in the Church’ will depend upon the final outcome of this Synod.

      How ferociously ‘against the Church’ by the secular world, dependent upon the pace of change driven by liberal extremists (catholic and otherwise as in education, media, law and government) winning the hearts and minds of the majority holding the middle ground in social politics.

      God bless Pete

  2. Dear Aviso, JMJ

    Knowing He only ever sends us His best, I pray God’s Will be done for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. My Friends, my Surgery (quite important) will be done this week on October 10 exactly, please do not forget me in your Prayers, in any case but of course nothing will happen, I am leaving the responsability of this Blog to Peter, Juan and Michael from the Garabandal Center, thank you.

    God Bless, Aviso

  4. Hello. That was an awful experience, I am so glad you made it through. I had a very severe gall bladder attack also. We thought it was a heart attack. My dear daughter-in-law rushed me to the hospital where we spent the whole day, and I had many tests done. I was scheduled to have it removed within a couple of days. Thank God it was delayed, because it was the week-end. I came on line and wanted to know what the gall bladder is for and what makes one have such severe attacks. The web I went to is natural healing. It said to drink 1/4cup of organic apple cider vinegar, mixed with apple juice or/and honey, and a little water, and the next attack would be over within 15 minutes. I did have another attack and drank the apple cider mixture, and the pain was gone in 8minutes! That was it! I am very blessed, no more attacks! However, I now keep a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and use it in salad dressings and cooking. It melts the fat that builds up in the gall bladder. God,bless the “natural” ,healing web sites.
    God bless you all.

  5. Ave Maria! Aviso,Your gallbladder illness is almost exactly what I experienced with mine. Oh, the pain was terrible, I sympathize with you. I went for almost a year before they realized it was my gallbladder, which, was a horrible experience.

    The pain is completely gone after they removed my gallbladder, but, I have to watch fatty foods. Anything greasy will give me a slight stomach-ache.

    We will keep you in our thoughts the day of your surgery and as always in our prayers. May God Bless You and Watch over you and yours. Mary H
    Ave Maria!

  6. Thank you my Friends as to those who contacted me in Private, by the way I personnaly do not think I am a miraculous but probably very lucky, I did not liked to write this article as Pete said, I hesitated a lot but it’s online, next week we will go back to more important matters, I have a bit more time, so we keep in touch.

  7. Dear Aviso,

    Prayers for your continued healing and successful surgery in September. I will look forward to the new documentary about Garabandal. It is good to continue the work of sharing the messages of Our Lady of Garabandal, as you have already done so heroically.

    May God bless you.

  8. Dear Aviso, God bless you. You have the constitution of an ox! Our Lady has looked after you: you are still needed to raise your family, sanctify yourself and work for her and her message at Garabandal. Let us keep each other in our prayers.
    May Our Lady watch over you during your surgery and recovery.

  9. Evening Aviso

    A traumatic and upsetting June and July for you and your family, so glad to hear things turned around as they did. I should say my wife is a nurse and on my relaying your story, her amazement at how you made it home in such a dreadful condition is probably more profound than would be the case for most of us outside the profession. You will of course be in our prayers especially during September.

    Thanks also for sharing a little of your faith story, takes some humility to speak so candidly in a forum such as this. not least when one is its author. Often the enemy will appeal to our self-loathing and offer many reasons why not to give witness, as I am sure he will have done with you before you put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak. He doesn’t want others to be inspired by a witness of God’s Redemptive Love. He’d rather we all just condemned ourselves, stayed in a fallen state, languishing, ashamed, guilty and be the subject’s of pride and vanity rather than choose to be vulnerable before the judgment of our peers. Well done you!

    Good luck with the film, it must be wonderful to be part of such a venture, one that will hopefully reach many souls and be instrumental in pointing them to the road home.

    God bless you my brother

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