Pope Benedict Must Speak ?


In These Ominous Days, Benedict Must Speak


I begin by recounting a magnificently horrible tale from the Church’s past: the exploits of the iniquitous Pope Stephen VI. It speaks to corruption, power, and the extent one is willing to go to “undertake” macabre vengeance.

Briefly, the notorious Stephen VI, soon after his election in 896 A.D., had the rotting corpse of his predecessor, Pope Formosus, exhumed in order to face (with what was left of his face) a trial. The body of Formosus was dressed in papal garb, and Stephen VI ranted against it with a litany of canonical, or rather personal, accusations. Formosus, unable to speak for himself, was then condemned, his three fingers of benediction cut off from his right hand, before being dressed in layman’s clothing and buried once again. However, vengeance is mine, sayeth Stephen VI, and Formosus was again exhumed and tossed into the Tiber River like a Pachamama idol. For his efforts, Stephen VI was later imprisoned and strangled to death by unhappy Romans.

I relate Stephen VI’s deed with a mind toward the current events in Rome involving another ominous figure in white. I do not speak directly of Pope Francis, however. Notwithstanding references to Pachamama idols and condemnable papal actions, it is not for this lowly layman to levy an anathema on Francis, despite my internal indignation. I do trust though that Christ will uphold the integrity of His Church, somehow, some way. Rather, I speak of Benedict, formerly titled the vicar of Christ.

Like a Formosus of sorts, Benedict is dressed up in papal attire and has been sitting mutely for some seven years. He sits accused and condemned by every action taken against him under the new regime. The ferocity with which he attacked the “dictatorship of relativism,” is destroyed by a relativist dictate of discernment and accompaniment toward mortal sin. The boldness with which he lived out perhaps his defining moment, the Regensburg Address, is replaced by a boldly non-Catholic assertion that God wills a diversity of religions. The liturgical sanity he restored in Summorum Pontificum is mocked by the insanity of bowing to a Pachamama idol.

And still, Benedict remains silent.

He is like Bram Stoker’s Un-Dead: dead to the world, yet secretly alive and well. Either Benedict’s silence demonstrates a remarkable ability to hold his tongue or his quietness is forced against his aged will. Regardless, now is the time for Benedict to muster all strength remaining and end his silence.

I think of the many things Benedict could say. This is a man who knows the inner dealings that penetrated Vatican II and the methodological “spirit” employed to raze faith and worship. He knows that the reduction of the Church into a small remnant was long in the works, and surely, he must have chilling personal accounts to share. He perhaps knows about men like Cardinal Bernardin and the stories of Satanist workings infiltrating Vatican walls. Possibly he knows secret details of the sudden death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, or of the grandest secret of them all, the much sought explanation of the Third Secret of Fatima. And what are his honest thoughts on communism and Freemasonry, particularly as they relate to the Church? What could he say of the St. Gallen MafiaMarcial Maciel, ex-cardinal McCarrick, the Jesuits, and countless other wolves within the Church? Yes, Benedict knows where the bodies are buried — I imagine not just figuratively.

Still, Benedict remains silent.

He sits in silence, perhaps for fear of villainous attacks, while the Church and the world continue to fall into chaotic despair. And despair it surely is. Adding to the usual turmoil experienced since the 1960s, and more acutely since 2013, we are now faced with a global pandemic. COVID-19 is not merely an attack on physical health, but also a crushing assault on the mental; economic; and, most importantly, spiritual well-being of an already debilitated world. It is to be drowning in a tempest at sea, and to be handed a concrete block, while the voices of bishops declare amid our flailing, “Keep warm and well fed!” [i].

We surely deserve this trial. Plagues and pandemics are not new — not since sin entered the world, nor idolatry substituted due reverence to almighty God. Divine wrath is a possible, if not certain, cause of our pandemic. We can only wonder to what depth. What wrath did Pachamama procure? What anger does Our Lord suffer when Chinese Catholics are handed over to a communist regime? Or that the nefarious McCarrick engaged in negotiating such a betrayal? Further to the point, how was McCarrick allowed to abuse and exploit the Church for so long? Who else was, or is, involved? On and on the queries necessitate one central question: to what extent is this pandemic spiritual?

Still, Benedict remains silent.

He must speak. I call to mind two key occurrences. First, I think of August 2018, when Archbishop Viganò shook the Church with his revelations on the abuse and corruption within. It was a requisite dose of sobering reality and has incited true spiritual conversion among many in the Church — even if the hierarchy remains largely status quo. Second, I think of Benedict’s recent co-authoring of a book on priestly celibacy, just as the Church was at the precipice of permitting married men to become priests in the West. Perhaps thanks to Benedict, this danger has at least temporarily been quelled.

With these two thoughts in mind, the explosiveness of Benedict speaking out would far eclipse any testimony previously given by Viganò, both in content and influence. It would undoubtedly shake the Church’s earthly core, laying open the deepest wounds previously hidden. We would shudder in horror at the filth and spiritual desolation. Then, by the grace of God, perhaps an authentic reparation would begin, seeking cleansing from any and all spiritual roots of the current pandemic. For we would finally adhere to the cry of the angel at Fatima: “Penance, penance, penance!”

And still, I maintain that Benedict must not remain silent. He is not simply a corpse, dressed in papal attire, sitting accused while terror unravels about him. He is rather a man of faith and integrity, who must gather all available fortitude to speak the previously unspeakable.

The good of the Church and the world requires his timely voice — regardless of what macabre vengeance may follow.

In These Ominous Days, Benedict Must Speak


My Comment : Great article from Onepeterfive, being myself confined as mainly the rest of the World, a first in the history of Humanity, I had more time to read Church news, blog comments, private emails and so on but this article in particular was a reminder to me especially during this Specific Easter week-end without Mass and Churches closed, a first as well in the history of the Church.

Of course Pope Benedict should Speak and MUST Speak but I am pessimistic or realistic and I don’t think he will, why ? Below my own opinion and some news :

  1. Impossible to speak directly especially about Fatima, which is of course the main key, from the Vatican Garden, this is sure for me, IMPOSSIBLE, for few reasons that anyone of good will can easily understand, in other word speaking will be worse than not
  2. Solution : It is always possible to speak indirectly, which was already done with some result (for example : Vigano, Sarah, Muller, Burke, Pell, Schneider…etc…they are even more but most prefer probably to remain anonymous)
  3. The urgency is to take advantage of the networks still running before even that is cut as well, if they are able to close our church imagine what they can do with the net, to me it’s a probability
  4. I share the same opinion of the author of this great article, Pope Benedict within the Church for years, knows a lot from the last Council via the Fatima 3rd Secret to his strange Resignation, a lot and from the beginning
  5. Francis was already his challenger in 2005, this is a fact and to me an important detail to always keep in mind as well
  6. This small blog has some readers from the Vatican itself, I have the proof of it myself so we never know, by the way I was able to publish a copy of the possible Fatima 3rd Secret online
  7. Russia especially The Russia of President Putin is also another key in my opinion as America of President Trump especially before the next election of November 2020, by the way I am just back from Ukraine myself, before this health crisis I was in Kiev for almost 10 days, great country and great people, repatriated by the French government whom I thank again
  8. Our Lady of Fatima talked about Annihilation of Nations (to me this terrible prophecy might happen before a next and unlikely new conclave) this is also a very important Warning from the Mother of God for us Catholic and Orthodox and Mother of Jesus for the other Christians as to the rest of the world
  9. Strangely, I was in Fatima in 2019 for Garabandal, trying to get a rare book about the continuation of Fatima by our Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal, in other word the Proof, during my stay (I went to Coimbra as well) by chance I met also some members of Sister Lucia Family, I can confirm also that the Garabandal seers had many meetings in Fatima for years, which is also an important detail to keep in mind for readers of this blog
  10. To me Garabandal is the final solution because in Garabandal our Lady of the Carmel revealed mainly the text of the Fatima 3rd Secret and a kind of Calendar, prophecies of Popes, Communism, Tribulation and so on
  11. But We need a Valid Pope to consecrate Russia as soon as possible, Father gruner’s lifetime fight, he was almost close especially when he met the Russians in Rome, unfortunately he went to God too quickly in my opinion, as I already said online, Father Gruner called also the Fatima Priest, in other word Fatima’s Greatest Scholar, started his Apostolate about Fatima in Garabandal in 1965 during his stay in the village, de facto we own to our Lady of the Carmel the Fatima Priest, Pity that most of his closest friends do not beleive in Garabandal expect the late John Vennari and few others only, in my opinion his Apostolate should continue
  12. The late Malachi Martin, a faithful of Garabandal as well, said during an interview that there is a part in the Secret which is terrible even more than any Chastisement, to me this part was also revealed in Garabandal by the Lady of the Carmel herself, this Part probably concerns the Papacy and Apostasy from the Top
  13. Finally and to me, this last detail explain mainly why unfortunately I think that Pope Benedict will not speak but who knows ? As the Lord said himself “it’s never too late……”.




I dedicate this article to Archbishop Vigano, to me a Great Soldier of Christ


The Full Fatima Secret ?







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  1. Benedict is quite ill with some type of facial shingles. He is being treated but is quite weak. Would not be surprised that he has left this world soon. With his death may come, “El fin de los tiempos.”

  2. It’s simply not true that he stays silent. He does not speak directly, because it’s not the moment yet. But he speaks with his actions! And he doesn’t use “Emeritus” any longer, just his true title: Pope Benedict. He will need to flee before being able to speak openly and directly. This time will come, and we will understand that the Great Warning is very near then… One could make this prediction: As soon as Pope Benedict will flee from the Vatican, the Warning will follow within a few weeks…

  3. By the way my Friends, I took also the decision to ban the so called Father Chris, I asked few close friends to check about him, their conclusion sent to me yesterday is without any doubt :

    Promoter of the so called Divine Mercy Culte and co

    Impossible to know for sure name of his bishop and diocese he belongs, some told me he is from Uk but without any certainty

    Promoter also of a kind of new seer called by memory (between us I did not read all the report sent to me, no need), Father Sam Johnston who claims receiving messages from our Lord for years and so on.

    Read more below :


    And below :


    In other word and to end about this topic, a kind of false prophet and company circus who swarm on the net in search of fragile souls, thank you.

    • Hi Aviso, hope you don’t mind, some points of correction if I may, don’t want you getting in to trouble.

      Fr. Sam Johnston does not claim to have received any private messages from Our Lord. He was the spiritual director of a women who claimed to receive such messages weekly. After she died another women, unrelated, then made claim to be receiving such also and in the stead of the lady that died. He was asked to comment on all the alleged messages and to confirm, if in his opinion, they were in conformity with Divine Revelation and Church Teaching without any deviation. He confirmed it to be the case but does not give any comment as to them being that of private revelation resulting from Divine Intervention, nor does he make any statement formally on behalf of his Diocese to this effect. A chap called Michael Brandon who is a web master and states on his own site that he created a blog on behalf of Father Sam Johnston and on his behalf Michael Brandon posts the alleged messages but only after Fr. Johnston has given his opinion.

      I believe Fr Chris is resident in Canada not the UK. Having read some of his Blog posts, Fr. Chris seems to me to be very much as concerned about the times we are living in as we are and is one who interprets events/signs of the times very much in the same way as many others do here on this blog. His site illustrates a sure devotion to the Most Sacred Heart and Our Blessed Mother and I am one who would always welcome his council, though I remain entitled to not always fully agree with such (notwithstanding my own arrogance).

      As for the ‘cult’ (a phrase I do dislike) to the Divine Mercy, there are certainly some concerns to be addressed re: Pre and Post VII stances. That said anyone who innocently prays the Chaplet in addition to their Holy Rosary (not instead of) or fosters a devotion to the Merciful Heart alongside a devotion to the Sacred Heart (one and the same) and thereby does not lose sight of reparational prayer and acts, will most certainly have their pray received by Heaven. One must remember that the Desert Fathers often recited the Jesus Prayer as a constant mantra, so that they may imitate Our Lord in His praying constantly for sinners.

      I wanted to say this so that the more delicate souls who visit here may not be bruised by the conflicting opinions that pop up all over the Net on this topic. We, (having firstly said the prayers given to us by the Church), can also add as many prayers as we please, we can make up our own words, our own intentions and if one chooses adopt prayers of holy men and women gone before us marked with the sign of faith. That includes the Chaplet of Mercy and most especially when intoned as a prayer of intercession requesting that God’s Mercy will prevail over His Just Punishment for souls in dire peril. I assure all, I unhesitatingly pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for souls in purgatory as a concluding prayer to my Rosary. Who dare tell me that my prayer in this form or any other, pleading Gods’ Mercy would be dismissed by Our Lord as worthless?

      God bless

      • Hi Pete my good Friend, I must disagree with you which is rare between us but always possible even between brothers in Christ but in no way this is a problem to me, let me ask the Opinion of Michael and Juan about this topic as well, we are 4 here taking care of our Blog and sometimes I need also the opinion of 3 of you, by the way Bastiano my good and close Garabandalist friend promote himself on his blog the Divine Mercy Chaplet and so on again this is not a problem to me, below what I can add :

        First About Father Chris and so on, I am sorry Pete but will not change my decision, you are of course free to contact him or them directly but on our blog not anymore, thank you again for your understanding.

        Then for the Divine mercy Devotion, in my opinion this devotion has supplanted and wiped out those of the Sacred Heart and even the recitation of the Rosary has been slowly but surely replaced with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, here is my problem, by the way this devotion was condemned by 2 previous Popes as well, 1 Traditionalist Pope Pius XII and 1 Modernist Pope John XXIII, both condemned this devotion which says a lot, in no way those who are telling me in private that the condemnation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet is coming mainly from some Traditionalist or even some sedevacantist fox changed my opinion, as I said 2 Popes condamned this Devotion, 1 Traditionalist and 1 Modernist, simple as that.

        Also and as indicated in the video I sent online about this topic, during the Apparition of our Lord in 1931 to Sister Lucia, the Good Lord did talked about the devotion to the Sacred Heart only, the Same in Garabandal (1961-1965) the Lady of the Carmel did talked about the Rosary only, the same again in Akita (1973), the Rosary only, in other word there is no mention of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in none of our main Marian Apparitions, why ? I have my opinion and conclude that this devotion is not from Heaven and will suggest to our readers to avoid it.

        To conclude, the Canonization of Sister Faustina by Pope John Paul II in 2000 just few months before he released the so called text of the Fatima 3rd Secret on June 2000 (we know today that this was not the full text) is also a red alert to me, in other word the Good Pope saved himself by our Lady of Fatima, chose Sister Faustina and her mercy cult instead Sister Lucia and the Consecration of Russia, in my opinion a great Mistake who gave us the birth of the current and famous « Pray and do not worry » cult, I am not calling it a devotion but a cult, the result of this mistake years later and to me as an answer from Heaven is the current state of the Church (closed) as of the World (confined) whithout adding the Apostasy from the Top, I said it to all of you 1000s times online, as long the Request from our Lady of Fatima is not fulfilled do not expect any Mercy from Heaven, please be sure of it, thank you.

        De Facto let me suggest to our readers a real Catholic and Heavenly devotion to the Sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate Heart of Mary, just below :

        Click to access bt012_devotion_to_the_sacred_heart_of_jesus_and_the_immaculate_heart_of_mary.pdf

        • Thanks for the detailed reply Aviso and in particular the embedded booklet, which coincidentally I was only recently looking to find such resources on both devotions. You now saved me the trouble, which goes to show even brotherly disagreements can lead to providential outcomes.

          God bless you my friend in Christ

  4. Getting many private emails about the famous “Pray and do not worry” and co, the famous divine mercy culte and so on, using Saint Pio words out of context, I was asked about it many times, well I will just copy below our lady’s words in Fatima if her requests were not heeded, The Mother of God did not said Pray and do not worry, no she said :

    Our Lady of Fatima warned that if Her requests were not heeded, Russia would “spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.” However, in His infinite mercy, God has offered us a way to avoid this terrible punishment. Through the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we will not only avoid the predicted chastisements, but we will be granted the inestimable gift of peace throughout the world for all mankind.

    Read more :


    So between the “Pray and do not worry” culte and the Mother of God, you know where I am and de facto my opinion as well, thank you.

    • ” I surround my self with good people, pray and don’t worry ” Good advice from Conchita.
      Sounds familiar?
      In Christ,

      • Hi John, those are not words from the Lady of the Carmel but from one of the seer de facto her own opinion only and taken out of context as usual by the divine mercy and company team which I hope you are not a promoter as well, so let me add Loli’s comment about the chastisement for being objective :

        The following has been completely authenticated with Loli’s signature, which I have.

        The two Messages of June 19 – 23 – 1962 were accompanied by the dreadful visions of the threatened Chastisement.
        Mari Loli describes these visions as follows:

        Although we continued to see the Blessed Virgin we saw a great multitude of people who suffered greatly and screamed in anguish. The Virgin explained to us how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would come, because there would come a moment a time in which the Church would seem to perish, as if it were finished or disappearing. The Church would suffer a great trial! We asked the Virgin how this GREAT PUNISHMENT would be called and She said it was called COMMUNISM.

        Also, she made us see how the great chastisement for all humanity would come and how it comes directly from God. In a certain moment not a single motor or machine will function. A terrible heat wave will come, and men will suffer a burning thirst. Desperately they will look for water but with the intense heat it will evaporate. With this there will enter into the people a desperation and they will attempt to kill each other, but in those moments their strength will fail and they will fall to the ground. God then will make them see that IT IS HE who directly has permitted all this.

        Finally we saw a multitude of people enveloped in flames – desperately they threw themselves into the seas and lakes but upon entering the water far from putting out the flames the water was boiling and seemed to help the flames burn more.
        I asked the Blessed Virgin to take all our children with Her. But She said that when this happens they will all be adults.


        My Comment : As in Fatima, our Lady of the Carmel had never said to any seers “Pray and do not worry” on the contrary the 2 officials Garabandal Messages to the world are the exact opposit, I am at the service of the Lady of the Carmel like between Sister Faustina and Sister Lucia, I am with Sister Lucia, the same between the Sacred heart devotion related to France and our Lady of Fatima or the divine mercy devotion related to Poland and Pope John Paul II, thank you.

        • Thanks Aviso.
          I don’t think this is an issue worth laboring over. What is important is that we live the Holy Virgins Messages and I quote”…Pray to US with Sincerity and We will grant your requests ” . Says it all to me.

          • Right John, Says it all to me as well but do not forget to add the full message as below :

            18 June 1965

            As my message of October l8th has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

            Just before your reminder, we can read from our Lady : “I, your Mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ASK YOU TO AMEND YOUR LIVES ” and NOT PRAY AND DO NOT WORRY, also “You are now receiving the last warnings, I love you very much and do not want your condemnation” and NOT PRAY AND DO NOT WORRY, NO BUT AMEND YOUR LIVES, YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE SACRIFICES and NOT PRAY AND DO NOT WORRY, so to me it’s clear ? de facto end of this topic, thank you.

  5. Back to the main topic as this testimony from Archbishop Vigano about Archbishop Ganswein :

    “It is time to reveal the abusive and systematic control exercised by Archbishop Georg Gänswein over the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI since the beginning of his pontificate,” Archbishop Viganò writes in the one-page testimony released on January 16 (see official English text below).

    Read more :

    • By the way my Friends, Archbishop Vigano is a good example of what a Prince of the Church can reveal whenever is out of Vatican’s walls de facto the same for any Pope whishing to consecrate Russia as requested in Fatima from Rome, in other word probably impossible, we know also and again via Archbishop Vigano that the Consecration was not done yet, I will give more details about it soon, thank you.

  6. Father Chris with all due Respect, I already asked you this question but without any answer from you, what is your diocese and the name of your bishop ? once I have an answer to my question, you will be able to comment but not before, for your information we had already another Priest on our blog, Father higgins and he presented himself before commenting without any problem, thank you.

  7. My Friends, I have contacted Father Higgins and asked his opinion as well, a good friend of Garabandalnews and faithful of our Lady of the Carmel, hopefully we will get some news from him soon, thank you.

  8. Dear Peter,

    Thank you for your sincere post of which I would like to address only one aspect. Understandingly, your comment touches upon both the deformation and obfuscation of the true Message of Fatima.

    For very good reasons many good Catholics have gotten the impression the Vision of “the Bishop dressed in white” refers simply to Mehmet Ali Ağca´s 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. The Italian Journalist, Antonio Socci, explains why…

    On 13 of May 2000 Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State, announces that the famous Third Secret of Fatima will soon be published and at the same time anticipates the theological interpretation of that extremely delicate text by linking the Vision to the failed-assassination attempt even before the text was published.

    One Vaticanist [Antonio Socci] comments, “What happened on 13 of May 2000 represents something unique in the history of the Church. A correct interpretation was offered even before the text to be interpreted was provided.”

    Many Catholics do not realize that Pope Paul VI placed the Secretary of State over the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. So, after the announcement a pre-emptive explanation of this Vision by his superior (Cardinal Sodano), Cardinal Ratzinger was then asked to make a theological commentary on the text.

    Socci explains, “On the 26 of June 2000, Cardinal Ratzinger was NOT ABLE TO MAKE A FREE THEOLOGICAL COMMENT on the text but insistently declared that the interpretation was by the Secretary of State [Cardinal Sodano] and that he is only giving points of reflection within the confines of a PRE-DETERMINED interpretative framework stating explicitly the limits of his commentary.”

    Socci continues “noting that NOT ONLY did Cardinal Ratzinger downplay the significance of this interpretation he ALSO stressed that concerning the Fatima Visions there are NO OFFICIAL DEFINITIONS NOR OBLIGATORY INTERPRETATIONS” and that there are other attempts to interpretation which can be well founded.” Cardinal Ratizinger also stressed, in response to an inquiry from a bishop, that “he did not at all wish to attribute exclusively to the past the contents of the Secret in a simplistic manner.”
    In other words, one possible explanation of the Vision was given BUT we are perfectly free to seek other possibilities.

    Angelo Cardinal Sodano, former Vatican Secretary of State, who “managed” the revelation of the vision of the “Bishop dressed in white” in 2000 and whose patently untenable “interpretation” of the vision as a depiction of the 1981 attempt on the life of John Paul II was widely rejected by the faithful. Sodano’s “interpretation” was cited no fewer than four times in the Vatican commentary on the Vision, The Message of Fatima, published together with the Vision on June 26, 2000. But what business is it of the Vatican Secretary of State to “interpret” the Message conveyed to the Church and the world by the Virgin Mother of God back in 1917? Here we see how Vatican “diplomacy” has made a captive of the Message of Fatima for the sake of fallible human initiatives, including “dialogue,” “ecumenism” and “Ostpolitik.” Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone , successor to Cardinal Sodano as Secretary of State, and formerly Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as Archbishop Bertone (in which capacity he co-authored The Message of Fatima). Bertone’s actions, disclosures and revelations between 2000 and 2008 concerning the cover-up of an unpublished text of the words of the Blessed Virgin, a text no doubt explaining the published Vision, are central to the whole “detective story.” The claim that Sister Lucia approved the Cardinal Sodano´s interpretation of the Vision is patently false.

    May Christ’s Peace be with you,
    Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

    PS – This writer does not pretend to know the inner workings of the mind of Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger). However, it is reasonable to suggest that he being privy to the whole Third Secret of Fatima and in light of the complete picture he might have been obligated to proceed in the manner in which he did.

    (Quotations in support below)

    The World Over – Cardinal Ratzinger Interview with Raymond Arroyo, EWTN broadcast on September 5, 2003:

    Raymond Arroyo: One of your jobs here at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is investigating the Marian apparitions that occur in history and in our present age. You, in 2000, released the so-called, “Third Secret of Fatima.” And part of that revelation was that there would be a hail of bullets, the Pope would fall and appear to be dead. The Congregation interpreted that as the assassination attempt on his Holiness, John Paul II. Is it possible – and I’ve gotten many letters asking me to ask this question – is it possible that this could point to a future Pope?
    Cardinal Ratzinger: We cannot exclude that this is clear. Normally, the private visions are limited to the next generation, and even Lucia, and all those in Fatima were convinced that in the time of one generation this would be realized. So, the immediate content of the vision is this, I would say. And it is expressed in a vision in an apocalyptic language. It is clear in all the visions, we do not have an historical language, as a report on television, that we have a visionary, symbolic language. We can understand this is indeed an indication of the crisis of the Church in the second part of the last century and in our time. But, even if the immediate sense of this prophecy, this vision is always in the next generations; it has also sense for future times. We cannot exclude – even I would say, we have to wait for, that even in other times we’ll have similar crises of the Church and perhaps also similar attacks to a Pope. – The World Over: Cardinal Ratzinger Interview, Raymond Arroyo with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger the future Pope Benedict XVI [Taken from the official transcript of the interview by EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, which first aired on EWTN on 5 September 2003. Cardinal Ratzinger was the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, an office to which he was appointed by Pope John Paul II in 1981] https://www.ewtn.com/library/ISSUES/RATZINTV.HTM
    @ 36:41 and following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKVO_v2FbtE

    May 11, 2010 – In answer to the [pre-selected] question, if the pedophilia abuses were part of the pain included in the vision of the Third Secret released on the 26 June 2000? Pope Benedict XVI (traveling on the plane to Fatima, Portugal) replied, “…In addition to this great vision of the suffering of the Pope […] are also pointed out realities of the future of the Church, which unfold and reveal themselves day by day. “That is, it is true that in addition to the moment indicated by the vision, [the Secret] speaks, shows the necessity of a passion of the Church, which obviously is reflected in the person of the Pope, but the Pope is within the Church, therefore these are sufferings for the Church that are being foretold… and as far as the novelty that we can now discover in this message, it is that: “not only from the outside come the attacks to the Pope and the Church, but the sufferings of the Church come right from the inside of the Church, by the sins committed inside the Church itself. “We knew this already, but today we see this in the most horrifying way: that the greatest persecution against the Church doesn’t come from its enemies outside, but from the sins within. And that the Church has therefore a great need to re-learn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness but also the necessity for justice. Forgiveness doesn’t substitute for justice. “…we must always remember that the powers of good are present and that in the end Our Lord is stronger than the devil and that Our Lady is our Guarantee.” – Fatima Crusader Issue 95 p.3-4 http://archive.fatima.org/crusader/cr95/cr95pg3.pdf

    “He deceives himself who thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.”[ …] “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.” – Pope Benedict XVI Homily at Fatima on May 13, 2010

    In 2011 Fr. Gabriel Amorth was interviewed by José María Zavala. During the interview, Fr. Amorth relates — as he has done elsewhere — that he does not believe the consecration of the world by Pope John Paul II in 1984 was sufficient to satisfy the requirements set forth by Our Lady. Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the famous Roman exorcist, personally knew Saint Padre Pio for 26 years, and it is from this towering figure of 20th century Catholic sanctity that he claims to have learned the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. Saint Padre Pio also confirmed the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal.
    Interview follows below:
    Zavala – “Forgive me for insisting on the Third Secret of Fatima: Did Padre Pio relate it, then, to the loss of faith within the Church?”
    (Fr. Gabriele furrows his brow and sticks out his chin. He seems very affected.)
    Amorth – “Indeed,” “One day Padre Pio said to me very sorrowfully: ‘You know, Gabriele? It is Satan who has been introduced into the bosom of the Church and within a very short time will come to rule a false Church.’”
    Zavala – “Oh my God! Some kind of Antichrist! When did he prophesy this to you?”
    Amorth – “It must have been about 1960, since I was already a priest then.”
    Zavala – “Was that why John XXIII had such a panic about publishing the Third Secret of Fatima, so that the people wouldn’t think that he was the anti-pope or whatever it was …?”
    (A slight but knowing smile curls the lips of Father Amorth.)
    Zavala – “Did Padre Pio say anything else to you about future catastrophes: earthquakes, floods, wars, epidemics, hunger …? Did he allude to the same plagues prophesied in the Holy Scriptures?”
    Amorth – “Nothing of the sort mattered to him, however terrifying they proved to be, except for the great apostasy within the Church. This was the issue that really tormented him and for which he prayed and offered a great part of his suffering, crucified out of love.”
    Zavala – “The Third Secret of Fatima?”
    Amorth – “Exactly.”
    Zavala – “Is there any way to avoid something so terrible, Fr. Gabriele?”
    Amorth – “There is hope, but it’s useless if it’s not accompanied by works. Let us begin by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let us recite the Holy Rosary, let us all do prayer and penance…”

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the detail as always, as you might have guessed I was paraphrasing, not having sources readily to hand and was expressing the general sense of what had occurred in respect of Cardinal Ratzingers’ contribution to the topic at the time.

      He could have said no to Cardinal Sodano as a matter of good conscience to prevent any inch of ambiguity. Instead if I understand your overview correctly he took a scholarly approach to dealing with the half truths, which is no good to the general populace of the Church, the likes of me who are less well informed in the nuances of scholastic dialectic.

      God bless

  9. Pete, I believe Benedict does believe in God and does have holiness but I sense he may have a pride in his own intellect. (We all have faults for sure).
    He wrote all his papers on a bi-furcated papacy etc years ago and obviously still believed in it and stubbornly put his personal thesis into practice!! He didn’t seem to care about the effects of his personal experiment on the rest of us. He was involved in VII and then pulled back somewhat, it would seem – but he only pulled back in DEGREE and never ever seems to have humbly said, ” I was wrong” about anything.
    The Fatima secret is another case where we, the sheep of the Church, are considered too immature to deal with whatever it is. They are underestimating us and the Holy Spirit within and among us. Our Lady obviously thought us capable of handling it. But once again, the ‘professionals’ know better.
    No one will ever come out and speak plainly and straight. It is so frustrating. Donald Trump has more respect for the innate good sense of the public at large than the lot of them. He speaks and tweets directly to people and trusts them to understand what he’s getting at. The hierarchy hold synods and blather on to hide what they intend to do anyway – they think we are stupid.
    As for covid, Bergoglio uses it to push climate panic, one world systems, the eu and a universal income ( already tried and abandoned by a Scandinavian country).
    Many, many priests couldn’t close the churches quick enough. Weekday Masses with a score of people in a huge church were stopped in my parish before ANY government restrictions. I somehow don’t think these priests are filling their free time in Adoration, just using it as a ‘jolly’ .
    Francis used a Feastday of OurLady to pray an Our Father with the world. Which of course, God is First – but he wouldn’t honour Our Lady in case it didn’t look so good with his non-Catholic buddies.
    It’s unfathomable how we have gotten into this mess. Yes we all have sinned, but in reality the past two generations have not really known they were sinning. Since VII there has been no formation of consciences, and whose fault is that? NOT the laity’s!!!!!!! I listened to a parish priest say in a jan homily, “Be kind”. It was as deep as a hashtag. And then he said he got the idea from James Martin’s blog, and recommend we all follow Martin’s blog!!!!!
    It is also so bewildering as to who to trust, as so many publications and sites are supposedly ‘Opus Dei’ operations and then there are questions as to their loyalties and ultimate aims. It’s like a Le Carre spy thriller! As for the plethora of supposed seers at the minute!
    We are all feeling so frustrated. It is palpable. But I do believe, like Mr. Macawber, if we keep our heads down and our hands to the prayer plough and offer up our frustrations and duties as penance, ” something will turn up.”

  10. Happy Easter Pete, I just want to comment on the above “if Priests truly believed in the supernatural character of their vocation and the Holy Eucharist, they would take Holy Communion to every parishioner and spend the whole Sunday doing so if necessary.”

    First. In one respect I was happy when the public celebration of Eucharist ceased.

    Consider Our Lady’s alleged words to her priests given through Fr Gobbi, “Beloved sons, build a dam to hold back the flood of sacrileges. Never before as in these present times have so many communions been made and in such an unworthy manner.

    The Church is deeply wounded by the multiplication of sacrilegious communions! The time has come when your heavenly
    Mother says: enough!” (Garabandal” (Spain), June 14, 1979).

    At my last parish many such sacrilegious communions were undoubtedly occurring, particularly by those teaching at Catholic schools. A long story short, I asked to leave this parish as the ‘tail is allowed to wag the dog’ where I am.

    Thankfully this sacrilege is no longer possible.

    Second. I believe in my vocation and understand that the laws of creatures do not come before the law of the Creator! So, at my new parish we celebrated the Easter mysteries and had the Holy Sacrifice early in the morning. It was very safe (much safer than food shopping) as people remained in their cars. Not many came – thanks be to God, one parishioner even abstained from communion.

    I think you can understand my reasoning why I see this purification as necessary, and why I did not take communion to every parishioner. We have become complacent and taken the Sacrament for granted. I concede that I gave communion to many others this Easter outside Mass and also heard confession, but it would have been wrong to take Holy Communion to all.

    Wishing you all a blessed Easter. For those who cannot receive Eucharist and are in a state of grace (and yearning), you lack no grace this Easter.

    Thanks be to God

    • Fr. Chris, you are obviously one of the relatively few exceptions among the general calibre of priests we have nowadays, so thank you sincerely.
      But we laity experience so many encounters with various priests and I can’t count the number of innocuous sermons and downright wrong sermons that I have sat through. A boring sermon is nothing. I easily overlook that, as I look to a sense of the holiness of the priest. But blatant political speeches or promotion of bergoglianism raises my ire. A Christmas ago in a large monastery church as some people waited for confession, but not really many, (and it was close to lunchtime) a priest appeared and called everybody up for general absolution! I didn’t go but waited my turn at the confessional. Christmas time may have been the only time of the year some of these people went to Confession and here it was being trivialised. I don’t even think you can give general absolution because lunch is calling. I could go on and on and on. And let’s not even mention priests who are living with boyfriends or the stories of the goings on in seminaries.
      Thank goodness now for ICKSP.
      I agree with you about the lack of reverence for the Eucharist and the lack of appreciation as to what WHO it actually is. We need to return to receiving kneeling and on the tongue. Symbolism is important. Another contributory factor is people going to Communion row by row. It is more orderly but pressurises the young or immature to receive when they shouldn’t as they feel self conscious to remain seated. Fasting for an hour beforehand is NEVER mentioned by priests.
      In Akita Sr. Sasagawa’s Bishop (Ito) interpreted the cross cut into the Sister’s and the statue’s hand as being an admonition against receiving Our Lord in the hand. As it was a convent of Eucharistic Adoration when Our Lady asked Sr Sasagawa to recite her community’s prayer with her she (Our Lady) added the word “truly” before the prescribed phrase “present in the Eucharist.” So again, like Garabandal, reverence for the actuality of the Eucharist was being emphasised.
      You are sooo right in that this virus means Joe Biden and former altar boy Cuomo et al cannot now offend Our Lord in the hunt for votes.
      Ann Barnhardt has a very interesting current article up on parallels between gardens / trees of life and death / food of life and desecration of eating Jesus’s body unworthily. Ann may be too straight-shooting for some tastes, but I find she cuts lazer like to the truth. Her bluntness is refreshing and she has a sense of humour.
      To be a GOOD priest must be the hardest calling in the world today. To have the fate of people’s souls resting on you and the sheer wickedness and cunning of Satan conspiring against you. I can’t fathom the sheer faith and trust in God needed to continue day in, day out from 26 to maybe 86. We SHOULD be praying for our priests, and if we all picked even 2 priests we know and prayed privately to sustain them in their vocations then we would be doing something. Our Lady at Garabandal seemed so solicitous for the “priests of my son.”
      2 long rambles tonight! I’m getting carried away!!

      • This is a quick comment concerned as you put a smile on my face!
        I am not in USA but spent yesterday, Easter Sunday, being a driver for an SSPX priest (USA born & raised!!!) as he delivered Our Lord to many faithful in the wilderness!!!, for Easter Sunday, despite the lockout, the UN, WHO & EU have orchestrated!!!
        He/we spent more than 10 hours all up travelling on roads, with very few vehicles encountered!!!!
        Sure stopped a lot of automobile emissions!!!! Ha!
        That fraud will fail – the UN, WHO & EU, I mean!
        Our Lady will prevail, if not in our time for our children & grand children.
        Stay strong & have faith in Almighty God.
        God bless.

      • Dear Concerned, thank you for your ‘rant’ as you say, I know from experience there are many rants in me that beg to be written, Aviso, Michael and Juan know this only too well, given only recently. I published and deleted one very such rant, (deleted of my own volition I might add). Sometimes, we have no one close by to whom we can candidly share that which we know to be wholly correct. For many the only place to share such insights, such movements of Spirit and Faith (we hope), as difficult as they can be to read, is on pages such as these (thanks be to God for Aviso starting this wonderful blog). Everything you have written I wholeheartedly agree with and perhaps the time for silence is over, the time to stand-up and say “no more!” has arrived. Perhaps it is the voice and heartfelt prayers of lay people that will finally muster the courage of those Shepherds who must know by a holy intuition (of the Spirit) that they need to act and do so soon. Some of whom are already as we know making their voices heard.

        Sadly, such means there is going to be a schism in the Church! its surely obvious, one does not need to be a mystic to see it and you know who will be the smaller portion of this Schism, those who believe like you, like Fr Chris, those we support in Catholic media, those many faithful of the pew, the humble holy Priests, those who know their Catechism, the value of and reasons for upholding Holy Tradition, all who speak with this one voice across the Church the world over. And you will know them by their devotion to Our Lord truly present in the Holy Eucharist and the honor they pay to His Most Blessed Mother, Our Queen, Madiatrix of all Graces, Advocate and yes Co-Redemptrix! It will come to pass that certain Bishops and Cardinals, supported by many good Priests, will disavow themselves of all ‘proclamations of error’ and will quietly encourage the faithful to stand firm with them.

        He who currently holds The Keys of Authority, and those with whom he surrounds himself along with the multitude of souls, consecrated and lay that, they have deceived will harden their hearts against ‘the schismatics’ will ridicule and threaten prohibition against the sacraments unless they relent and even the ultimate of excommunication. But Heaven, the Church Triumphant, will not accede authority to those who have become apostates, give credence to their promulgation against the Remnant, Authority will go with and rightly belong to that Remnant. It is in this Remnant that the Repository of Faith will be carried and safeguarded and from whose ranks will arise the Holy Pope and from which the Faith will be reborn and spread across the Earth.

        To finish I leave you with my firm belief, that when the Seers of Garabandal said there will be three more Popes, the reference was to Paul-VI, John Paul-I and John Paul-II. To be Pope for even a short time is to be Pope none-the-less and cannot be discounted even by Heaven. And so it is during the reign of Benedict-XVI and of Francis-I that we are witness to the culminating events of Fatima, Garabandal and Akita and to which all other past approved Apparitions and Mystics of the Church point by lesser or greater degrees.

        God bless

    • God bless you Fr Chris.
      Very much agree and my priest friends here in SSPX & FSSP are right with you!
      You are NOT alone.

    • Dear Father Chris, thank you for your reply and especially for reminding me of:

      Our Lady’s alleged words to her priests given through Fr Gobbi, “Beloved sons, build a dam to hold back the flood of sacrileges. Never before as in these present times have so many communions been made and in such an unworthy manner.

      The Church is deeply wounded by the multiplication of sacrilegious communions! The time has come when your heavenly
      Mother says: enough!” (Garabandal” (Spain), June 14, 1979).

      Unfortunately it would seem the ‘damn’ was not built by the clergy as requested and so Heaven permitted the machinations of man’s ill intent to do so through the misuse of a virus already existent in nature. (Scripture has many examples of God permitting pagans to inflict punishment on the House of Israel.)

      Fr Chris, I want to digress a little if I may.

      I have in these last years felt a very strong compulsion to pen words to my Bishop via the Parish Priest, about that which I sense Heaven desires of him, but I have not done so as yet. Now, I am aware that ‘compulsion’ to do something is not a legitimate reason for doing so, however there are two occasions in the last 40 yrs when I have experienced this particular type of ‘compulsion,’ on one occasion I acted on impulse without hesitation, on the second I refused to do so to my regret:

      In my early 20s I explored the possibility of a vocation to the Priesthood with the Order of Friars Minor. At that time I was privileged to study under the direction of one Fr. Eric Doyle OFM. One day as I walked from the seminarian house to the Study Center I, without thinking, picked up a pebble and ran over to the House wherein the Priests resided and knocked on the door of Fr Eric’s rooms. He opened the door slightly ajar, he was getting ready to say Mass.

      I said, “I have something for you, hold out your hand.” as he did I placed the pebble in it. With an expression of confusion, he said. “But it’s a stone?” “No.” I replied (without thought or rehearsal). “It’s a fish.”

      I left him there and went about my day as usual. Later he came to me and said. ” A fish, why a fish and not bread?” He after the morning’s event had made association with the Gospel passage (Luke 89:9) as did I thereafter and we then both wondered what it all might mean. A couple of weeks later Fr Eric, (who was only in his early 40s) was diagnosed with a form of aggressive and untreatable cancer, he sadly died within a few months of being told. I spent some time with him during that final period of his Priestly life but we never once spoke of the pebble incident. There was no need, we both knew then what it was about and why I had said ‘fish’ instead of ‘bread’ as written in the Gospel. As you will have guessed a ‘fish’ is the early Christian symbol of Faith, and Eric needed it now, that he might understand this to be God’s will for him, calling him home and to give him time to prepare so as to have courage and trust in the Goodness of God and not despair. I was privileged to be used by Heaven in my simple faith to deliver its personnel message to a holy Priest, Fr Eric without my knowing why.

      The second occasion I have experienced such a compulsion is as follows.
      A couple of years ago the Bishop of the Diocese to which I belong stood on the same platform as myself as we awaited the train to London. we stood apart, he did not know me and I only him from pictures. On that day I felt I should approach him there and then and say without hesitation. “you must do that which your heart is compelling you to do.” On this occasion, unlike with Fr. Eric, I already knew what was meant by this. If he would know, I couldn’t say. I knew he was considering a formal consecration of his Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to do so in union with all his Priests. A few weeks later he did just that but fell short of insisting that all his Priest joined in the Act of Consecration at their respective parishes. I was given a second opportunity that day to bring this message to him when we crossed paths on the London underground but even on my greeting him. “Morning your Excellency.” I resisted again the urge to speak. I now do regret my reticence to do so especially knowing Providence had given me two opportunities: For what harm would have come of it, the message of itself was totally innocuous? And what greater good would have been accomplished had (as I am certain he was thinking) all the Priests had joined in the Consecration? What message would have gone out to the whole Diocese? What greater honor would the people have been encouraged to hold toward Our Blessed Mother from that day on? They would certainly know where their Bishop’s own heart lay in this matter.

      Why digress thus? Because, I am struggling, (as I am sure are many others) to still my thoughts surrounding the crisis in the Church (not the virus) and as witnessed in my Diocese. Do I write to my Parish Priest or not? So I ask you Fr. Chris, how would you receive comments from one such as me on the topics of our day, of the errors and from one seeking leadership from the Bishop and Priests promoting a return to proper respect for the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Sacrament of Marriage etc?

      In conclusion, in my other post, I was aware that Priests would rightly and/or wrongly be offended by my generalisation, hence in the final paragraph I was careful not to use the words ‘all’ or ‘most’ but rather ‘many’ as often used by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich when lamenting the state of the clergy in her own time and those seen in visions, of the past and future. Thankfully there are indeed ‘many’ Priests who recognise the errors being suffered by the Church (errors that scourge the Bride of Christ) and on whom we in the pew rely on to keep us safe and true during these times of great confusion; those such as yourself Fr. Chris and the Priest at the parish my wife and I attend. I am sure also there are many more Priests hovering in uncertainty torn between loyalties, who only need a little more encouragement to decided the right way forward.

      All Priests and the Pope(s) remain in my daily prayers; for great but gentle is the courage and discernment now required by all

      God bless

      • Dear Pete, you have written:
        1. “Unfortunately it would seem the ‘damn’ was not built by the clergy as requested and so Heaven permitted the machinations of man’s ill intent to do so through the misuse of a virus.”
        2. “of the errors.”
        3. “I was aware that Priests would rightly and/or wrongly be offended by my generalisation.”
        4. “I am certain he was thinking.”
        My assessment (right or wrong – I don’t know you well enough) is that your compulsion to write to your Bishop is associated with your attitude towards the clergy. You may profit by reflecting on whether that compulsion comes with peace, and therefore with some certainty that it is from God. Alternately, it may be dissonance, and the uneasy feeling due to conflicting cognitions. In these cases, our attitudes, based on what we think is absolute and certain, may be the source of sometimes erroneous thoughts and judgements.
        Of attitudes and judgements, we must let go of such things in the spiritual life.
        Acting on compulsion other than Love (2 Corinthians 5:14) can leave a person easy pray for the demonic. Demons incite us to seek the esteem of men and to want recognition – to be being listened to, for example, by our Bishop.
        You may profit from a spiritual director, you may not! You might have one already.
        You may profit from the below readings (John of the Cross & Teresa of Avila). No matter what stage we are in the spiritual life, these reflections can be immensely profitable.
        My advice to you is this: Don’t manifest to your Bishop your opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church (see Can. 212 §3) until you are certain of your motives.
        Sorry for being so brutal (you asked and I have answered honestly). I am in awe of the way you write and this may just be your Achilles heel -so to speak- on the journey towards life with Christ in God. Of course, I hope that I am wrong about your attitude towards the clergy.
        Dark Night, “As these beginners feel themselves to be very fervent and diligent in spiritual things and devout exercises, from this prosperity (although it is true that holy things of their own nature cause humility) there often comes to them, through their imperfections, a certain kind of secret pride, whence they come to have some degree of satisfaction with their works and with themselves. And hence there comes to them likewise a certain desire, which is somewhat vain, and at times very vain, to speak of spiritual things in the presence of others, and sometimes even to teach such things rather than to learn them. They condemn others in their heart when they see that they have not the kind of devotion which they themselves desire …
        Interior Castle, “Let us look at our own faults, and not at other persons’. People who are extremely correct themselves are often shocked at everything they see; however, we might often learn a great deal that is essential from the very persons whom we censure. Our exterior comportment and manners may be better–this is well enough, but not of the first importance. We ought not to insist on everyone following in our footsteps, nor to take upon ourselves to give instructions in spirituality when, perhaps, we do not even know what it is. Zeal for the good of souls, though given us by God, may often lead us astray, sisters; it is best to keep our rule, which bids us ever to live in silence and in hope. Our Lord will care for the souls belonging to Him; and if we beg His Majesty to do so, by His grace we shall be able to aid them greatly. May He be for ever blessed!
        Fr Chris
        Btw: We can do far more good for the Church through our union with Jesus. Victim souls, for example, won incredible graces ‘merely’ through their offering and self-immolation.

        • Dear Fr. Chris

          Thank you so much for your reply. If you knew me, then you could not be truly objective and objectivity is that which I was seeking. Perhaps it was unfair to ask you the question, if I have caused you any angst, please accept my most sincere apologies.

          Please be assured, words cannot adequately convey the reverential respect I hold for the Priesthood.

          My attitude toward the clergy therefore can only be one of the highest possible esteem. How can one believe that they truly love Our Lord and not have that same love reflected toward His chosen sons, those consecrated souls who bring daily to us the Flesh and Divinity of the very same Lord present in the Holy Eucharist?

          If I do seem harsh in my words sometimes, it is not I pray, seeded from spiritual vanity or malcontent, but rather as a product of that respect I speak of, for both Priestly Office and Priest. An attitude which, by its very nature does naught but elevate expectations demanding appropriate behavior, a holy example, steadfast courage, the dispensing of true catechesis; a living sign of contradiction to the ‘world and its ways.’ Perhaps at times such expectations from me and the many do manifest themselves as elevated way above those of the one’s holding the office, forgetting as we do that we are all flawed children. My exceptions for my self and others will not be tempered however. What is the saying? Reach for the stars to land on the Moon, or more appropriately as Our Lord says. “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

          My considering writing to the Bishop is routed entirely in my love (imperfect and poor though it be) for Our Lord, His Divine Law, respect for His Commandments, His Decrees, Ordinances and Observances, His Holy Priesthood, His invitation to encourage one-another especially in times of great confusion within and without. I have no certainty that I ought to write to the Bishop, none whatsoever, hence I thought it best first to write, if indeed I do at all, firstly to my Parish Priest and let him decide if it should go in the bin or to the Bishop. I am at peace as things stand and will be so if I do write, I give all to God and make no presumptions.

          I must say, I don’t understand Fr. Chris why you or anyone could possibly be in awe of the way I write. I have always struggled with penning anything and there are many in my past and present that will happily testify to this. I’ll admit, I did smile at your reference to it being ‘my Achilles heal’ if you only knew.

          I want no recognition, I don’t want any form of notoriety, I certainly don’t want to be different from the crowd, I don’t want to bring questioning to my doorstep or be a cause of conflict. I want only to hide, remain in secret, say my prayers, fight my temptations, go to work and do my duty for my family and to the one true faith. I am thankfully anonymous to all on these pages, no one here can lay claim to know me, you would pass me in the street and never know it. Any praise, if given in my direction, has no impact on me except when I recognise it as a simple kindness, an encouragement from others who wish to affirm that my questioning, my hopes and my concerns are not in isolation but resonate as a shared experience with others. For this type of affirmation I most grateful.

          Again, thank you, I will reflect more on your advice. Incidentally, St Theresa of Avila’s autobiography was the very first life of a Saint that I read (40 years ago now), she was, in many respects, my inspiration to pray and subsequently desire to encounter my Savior in person. My confessor encourages me to read the Interior Castle, I have yet to do so, but I will.

          God bless

          • Dear Pete, may you be blessed because you allowed yourself to be led through a brutal reflection, allowing your motives to be challenged.

            Now, let me get back to a subtle point raised by the inclusion of the writings of St Teresa. We so readily see faults in others and so rarely pay any attention to the plank in our own eye. Husserl essentially made a science of this. Everything we think is prejudiced. That is why the via negativa (the way of negation) and the night of faith – which alone can prepare us for union with God, is so necessary for discipleship.

            Why is this relevant? To be born from above we set our hearts on the things of God alone. This birth is individual. Having free will every person is ultimately responsible for themselves and only the way of negation (undertaken here or in purgatory) bears us for eternal life.

            Our efforts then, must become largely/solely focussed on our personal repentance as nobody is just. Having emptied ourselves through our, and God’s purgative efforts (both active & passive), the sole objective becomes seeking union with God. And so in the last stage of the spiritual journey we are spurred on to an even deeper conversion to the Lord.

            Having entered into this wonderful night we simply do not see the faults of others. However, we keenly see our own because they are an obstacle to attaining our Beloved.

            This is where Teresa’s advice is so helpful for those beginning the journey of the dark night (her theology is complimentary to John’s). “Let us look at our own faults, and not at other persons.”

            Looking at our faults alone is the primary advice that I give anyone wanting union with God. As St Teresa points out, “Our Lord will care for the souls belonging to Him; and if we beg His Majesty to do so, by His grace we shall be able to aid them greatly.”

            St Teresa teaches us to focus on our relationship with God (1st commandment) and to entrust others to God. Of course, this advice is for religious sisters. Non-religious have the responsibility for family, vocation etc. But the primacy of the 1st commandment still applies which is why Paul teaches us stuff like “those who have wives should live as if they do not” (1 Cor 7:29).

            And so it is with “the things of the world …[don’t get] engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away.”

            If truly you feel responsible for your Bishop and for the priests and are compelled by love to write, then write with peace in your heart. Let your words not find fault with them but encourage them. However, it may be that the better part is not worrying and fretting about so many things, but rather to sit at the Lord’s feet in prayer …and to enter the journey of faith that will win, through your intercession, a thousand times more graces for the Church you so dearly love.

            • Interesting points you raise father (although I wouldn’t give tuppence for Husserl).
              In the light of them, it’s a pity that you noticed the faults of those in your previous parish.
              Wishing you all the best in your new parish.

            • Fr. Chris,
              With respect, you are out of balance. Buddhists sit and concentrate on their own enlightenment. Christians have a duty towards others.
              It is not about helping Bishops and priests do their jobs, as I see it, rather it is about protecting the vulnerable who in very many instances are being led astray by the actions /inactions of bishops and priests. The apostles weren’t commissioned to stay in a room and pray for the world’s conversion, they were sent out into the world to TEACH the TRUTH, while also praying and worshipping etc.
              I certainly pray and sacrifice for my children and others:- that doesn’t mean I am happy about negligent clergy who preach the non-sanctity of marriage and all manner of lies to them from the pulpit and in ‘catholic’ schools. Your answer seems to be that we should ‘put up and shut up’ with this. When we see the sex programmes allowed even into Catholic nursery schools by catholic bishops in the U.K. we should seal our mouths and pray? – I’m not looking at the mote (which is a log) in the bishop’s eye here because I’m too busy throwing up at what little babies are being told is good/normal.
              Is S.P.U.C. Etc in N.I. an upstart because they are admonishing the Catholic bishops in N Ireland because they have now decided to compromise on abortion there?
              Not seeing or overlooking the faults of others is applicable when it is only ourselves involved, it is not when others, especially the more vulnerable, are being harmed by it.
              On this earth we are not just spiritual beings, we are to use our physicality also.
              Being counselled against speaking against obvious untruths being preached or tolerated by the clergy because we ourselves are not perfect seems the absolute definition of ‘clericalism’ to me. We are not in an order, we didn’t take a vow of obedience and we are allowed to speak. In fact, sometimes it is our duty to do so.

      • Dear Pete.
        The ‘Crisis in the Church’ was foretold to the seers and is another proof of the authenticity of the Garabandal events. There is no need for anyone knowledgeable about Garabandal to fear what lies ahead of us unless they have lost the faith. As a promoter of the Holy Virgins Messages for 40 years I urge you and your readers to follow Saint Pio’s advice to “pray, hope and don’t worry”. Despite the bad news from the MSM, there are still good and holy priests working in the vineyard of the Lord. They need our prayers.

      • Dear Pete,
        For what it’s worth, I don’t recognise any of ‘you’ in Fr. Chris’s analysis.
        I have always been struck by your non-judgemental caution on this site, your great respect for Church personnel and your non-selfpromoting genuine love for Christ’s Church. I sense a concern born out of love. I don’t sense someone who needs/wants to be listened to or to indulge your literary facility.
        Sometimes we don’t need to take on the responsibility of worrying about how something will be ‘received’. That is the receiver’s responsibility. Our duty is sometimes just to speak the truth in love.
        I gauge that you are mature enough and self-reflective enough that at this stage in your live your gut knows the origin of your motivations.
        Laity ARE capable of recognising “errors” which are being promulgated. It would be strange if, being temples of the Holy Spirit, we weren’t.
        Who is to speak truth to a Bishop if not a member of his flock?
        His priests may not (under his authority)
        His housekeeper probably won’t
        His diocesan secretaries and employees are very unlikely to
        Laity panels, commissions and forums – well, don’t they say a camel is a horse designed by a committee!
        If your intentions are good, and Ithink they are, the Bishop is free to ignore or discard your opinions as he sees fit. They may give him something to think about, but his consecration as Bishop means that he is obliged to be thinking about such things. It’s a letter not a weapon. Give him credit to be big enough to cope with it, if you decide to go ahead.
        Too much psychoanalysis can lead to paralysis or catatonia.
        If I judged there was something I should say to my husband, I would do it
        If I judged there was something I should say to one of my children, I would do it
        If I judged there was something I should say to a very good friend, I would do it
        And I would know in my heart whether I was doing it from self-centred reasons or not.

        • Thank you Concerned for your encouraging words. Revealing a little of one’s soul in public, as we all do here, does open one’s self up to judgement by others. Correction if required is always welcome, so long as it is offered in charity and love. Without such, we would never progress in the spiritual life. even if any judgment is misplaced it is still worthy to be received for it can foster a deeper humility for such a judgement will carry seeds of truth that must be sown and watered if we are to amend our lives to the tiniest detail. I take on board Fr. Chris’ comments which are surely offered in charity and brotherly love.

          You reminded me of the Gospel passage about the blind man explaining to the Pharisees just who it was that had healed him and them castigating him for daring to teach them and him being a sinner through and through since birth!

          Also we have to carefully balance the impact of not saying anything as to do so can be read as condoning error, and that we must never do.

          When the Priest of my then parish elected to invite all none-Catholics to come and receive Holy Communion at Christmas 5 years ago, I didn’t say a word, I just never again attended Mass at that Parish, The only exception has been to occasionally take my 90 year old Dad and last year when my Grandson made his first Holy Communion. Even at that auspicious occasion the Priest again invited all non-Catholics but practicing Christians to come forward and receive Holy Communion, I could have cried, but still I said nothing to him of my dismay! I pray for him and hope God will help him recognise why to do this is a sacrilege.

          God bless

          • God Bless you, Pete.
            It’s what the little children are imbibing that’s the saddest and most frightening of all.

  11. Aviso, I ask you to reconsider one of the points you make above, in respect of what Pope can carry out the consecration of Russia, on the grounds of his Validity.
    HISTORY: Mussolini’s concordat with the Vatican in Feb 1929 was not ratified as the Lateran Treaty by the Italian parliament until 7th June 1929. So the Vatican was now an independent state and The Pope had the political freedom to take unpopular decisions. Thus a week later on 13th June 1929, Our Lady came to Sister Lucia in Tuy, with Her Request to the Pope and the Bishops for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

    In August 1931, Sister Lucia was sent to Rianjo, Spain. While she was there, Jesus spoke to her.
    “I have spoken with Our Lord about the subject, and not too long ago I asked Him WHY HE WOULD NOT CONVERT RUSSIA without the Holy Father making that consecration.
    JESUS answered:
    ‘Because I want MY WHOLE CHURCH TO ACKNOWLEDGE that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it may extend its cult later on and put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.'”

    We are all familiar with one of the Masonic methods of control of the world’s organisations. So they have left-wing and right-wing; War-Party and Peace-Party; etc etc. All of these groups have the same Luciferian master at the top of the pyramid. This method gets them allegiance of probably more than 95% of the population. They have similar techniques in humanitarian organisations. BUT in the CHURCH they have done the same thing. The visible Church is fractured into, let us say, 3 fractions PROGRESSIVE Catholics, CONSERVATIVE Catholics and TRADITIONAL Catholics. Those who say that the Progressives are in Rebellion against God and instead worship Man or Self, are partly correct. But the evidence is strong, that large-scale infiltration has taken place which does major harm in all three – Progressive, Conservative and Traditional.
    Why do I go on and on about this?
    Because look above again, at what Jesus said in 1931.
    He said “MY WHOLE CHURCH”.
    Some traditionalists may claim that the others have left the Church. Yes but maybe they are just led astray by bad shepherds. Jesus is seeking them all.
    What matters for the Consecration of Russia is that it be OBVIOUS and VISIBLE to all.
    Russia is then handed over to Her Immaculate Heart. It is She who will be ACKNOWLEDGED by His Church, as having caused the conversion. It will not be the Pope or the Bishops.
    Michael @ The Pilgrim Center, in his wonderful and invaluable collections of information he gave us in the last few days gave us an opinion on the timing of the Consecration. He suggests that the prophesied events (Miracle and Consecration) would be almost simultaneous. Maybe with the bishops first becoming humble after The Warning.
    Michael is probably right.
    But there are other possible scenarios.
    What if the bishops were fleeing for their lives in terror from the communists.
    Might they hammer on the Pope’s door, frantically demanding the Consecration in the hope of saving their skins.
    In such a situation, any old Pope would do fine, even His Masonicness Pope Francis.

    • Hi Patrick, I share your opinion about Michael, he has done a very good job, let me thank him again online for his fidelity to Garabandalnews, by the way and he said it himself, Michael when is commenting here, he is commenting as Michael and not for the Garabandal center, important detail to keep in mind.

      For the rest your comment might suggest a Consecration of Russia from Francis, this is to me a utopia, in other word impossible even after the Warning who might change his heart and so on, Friends some of you still do not understand who is really Francis, de facto let me suggest you to watch this video below from Michael Matt and you will understand also why in my article I talked about the Next US election of November 2020, thank you.

      PS : As I said already online, we have to watch to Popes and Russia by the way Ukraine might play an important Geopolitical role as well.

    • Hello Patrick,

      Thank you for your comment and the extremely important quote that you shared.
      I think the proper and valid Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope together with all the Catholic bishops will serve another purpose beside the one Our Blessed Lord gave to Sr. Lucy.
      Once completed in strict accordance with God’s request, the whole world will also recognize the ministers of the Catholic Church as being uniquely empowered with His Official Authority; that same pedigree of Authority from an unbroken line of succession going all the way back to St. Peter and the Apostles.
      Incidentally, the pope to perform the act of Consecration MUST be a validly elected and legitimate successor.
      If there were an anti-pope, then he would not satisfy the requirements of the Consecration.
      Anti-popes will not pass muster with the Good Lord and are disqualified.

      Wishing you and yours a Happy and Holy Easter!

      May the Lord bless you and Our Lady protect you always,
      Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

      Our Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, explained why this act of Consecration is so necessary. In a letter to Father Gonçalves, dated May 18, 1936, Sister Lucy wrote: “About the other questions, if it will be convenient to insist in order to obtain the Consecration of Russia … I have spoken to Our Lord about the subject and not too long ago I asked Him why He would not convert Russia without the Holy Father making the consecration, (He replied) ‘Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it may extend its cult later on and put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart … Nevertheless, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia. It has been entrusted to Her’.”
      – The Fatima Crusader, Issue 73 – Spring 2003, p. 8; See also Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. II, pdf p. 334, footnote 643, pdf p. 424
      “What Our Lady Wants Is the Consecration of Russia”

      The Third Secret Predicts: World War III and Worse?
      The Fatima Crusader (FC) Interviews Father Paul Kramer

      FC: But when, if ever, will the [Full] Third Secret be revealed?
      Father Kramer: Of course, it will be revealed, for man cannot hide forever a secret confided by God Himself to His Blessed Mother for the benefit of the whole world. The question is not whether, but when it will be revealed at last.
      Without claiming any kind of prophetic accuracy I can say that when I was in Fatima in 1991, I was informed that the Carmelites of Fatima had received the news from Sister Lucy and her fellow sisters at the convent in Coimbra that Our Lady had appeared to Sister Lucy not long before May of 1991 and told her that the Third Secret is going to be revealed during the course of a major war.
      So, the war will break out, it will be a sudden war, it will be a blitzkrieg, and the true Church will be driven underground. But, at the beginning of this war, when the Pope realizes that keeping the Third Secret hidden no longer makes any sense, because the Russians have now made their move, he will reveal the missing text of the Third Secret.
      If Pope Benedict is reigning at the time of this war, he will probably want to consecrate Russia after revealing the full Third Secret, but like King Louis XVI, he will not be able to do the Consecration in time because the calamities will strike too quickly. There won’t be enough forewarning, so the Pope will not be able to organize it in time. He will have to go into hiding. Perhaps Benedict will be the very Pope who flees a devastated Rome, as St. Pius X foresaw, and is finally hunted down as the Third Secret vision depicts — which God forbid that should happen. But if it happens, that Pope will be hunted and killed by the enemy’s armed forces, just as we see in the vision.

      FC: So, whoever this hunted Pope is, Benedict or some other Pope, it will not be he who consecrates Russia, in your view?
      Father Kramer: On this point I would refer to the testimony of the Roman stigmatist, Antonio Ruffini. Pope Pius XII authorized the blessing of a chapel on the spot where Ruffini received the stigmata on the Via Appia, and Father Tomaselli, the miracle worker, wrote a booklet about him — a short account of the life of Ruffini. I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. He is the one who will consecrate Russia.” That is, Benedict’s successor [a validly elected and legitimate successor], during this time of world war and persecution of the Church, will be the one to do the Consecration at long last, and then the restoration and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin.

      FC: How would you sum all of this up?
      Father Kramer: From the evidence we have discussed, this much at least seems clear: The Church will undergo a great apostasy among many of Her members, which is plainly already underway. Then there will be a world war in which much of the world’s population will die, the Church will be persecuted as never before and driven underground, and Rome itself may possibly be devastated. This is the scenario that fits perfectly the Third Secret vision, where the Pope is executed and prominent churchmen and lay people have been slaughtered in a half-ruined city. And that is why Cardinal Ratzinger, when he spoke of the Third Secret in 1984, mentioned the dangers “to the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore [the life of] the world.” Both the Church and the world will suffer catastrophe. Given Cardinal Ratzinger’s admission that Fatima and Akita are essentially the same message, no other conclusion seems reasonable.
      So, when one considers the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Akita, the statements of John Paul II at Fulda, the admissions of Cardinal Ratzinger, of Cardinal Ciappi and the revelations of Malachi Martin, they all add up to the same thing: apostasy in the Church leading to a horrible global chastisement, with much of the world’s population being extinguished almost instantaneously.
      – The Fatima Crusader, Issue 82 – Spring 2006, p. 11

      • Excerpt taken from a lecture given by Father Jim Anderson, M.S.A. in 2012:

        Satan’s pride compelled him to reveal his hand in the destruction of Holy Russia from the start of the revolution. In 1905 when Catherine de Hueck Doherty (Ekaterina Fyodorovna Kolyschkine de Hueck Doherty) was a nine year old girl living comfortably with her family in rural Russia, it was customary for pilgrims to walk long distances to pray at its many shrines. One evening a single old woman pilgrim sought shelter at the farm of Catherine’s family and the family and servants eagerly gathered by kerosene lamps around a crackling fireplace to hear her tell of her pious adventures. Well into the evening, after relating many blessings received at the holy shrines, the woman told of passing through a thick forest with a growing sense of an evil presence that even set the forest creatures on edge. Around a bend another road joined hers and a single man walking in her direction joined her. Although she sensed some evil about him he behaved well. He didn’t use a Christian greeting, just calling her Granny. When she told him of her holy pilgrimage he laughed about religion being superstition fed to peasants by priests to pacify them to accept the many injustices that afflicted them. He was eloquent and persuasive and she soon began to believe him. Then he began mocking the Blessed Mother and calling the virgin birth fiction and devotion to Mary idolatry. She quietly took a small bottle of holy water and sprinkled him with it in the name of Jesus and the Holy Trinity. He screamed, fell twisting to the ground and before vanishing cried out: “You old fool! All Russia will be covered with rivers of blood over the things I’ve said. Millions will think like I do. There will be moaning and groaning and tears all over the land. I am out to win it and win it I will. And neither your God nor your Blessed Virgin will be able to save it.”

        The old woman fainted in terror. Awakening, she continued walking cautiously.

        Suddenly, there was a very great light on the road, and a young woman, dressed just like me in a pilgrim’s garb, with an icon on her breast, came up gently to my side. ‘Fear not, Grandma, ‘ she said, ‘it is true what the man said, but he was not a man. These things will come to pass so that Holy Russia may hang on the cross with my Son to redeem the world. The only way the world can be redeemed is through suffering with my Son. Fear not. There will come a day when, under the sign of my Son, I will lead Russia to show my Son’s face to the world.’ Then she vanished too, and I saw the lights of the village.

        Now, for those who think ‘the Consecration of Russia is unimportant’ or that ‘the Consecration of the world will do’ you need to understand that this is Satan’s plan and the Blessed Mother has met him on his chosen field of battle and that’s why it has to be done and there are more reasons why it has to be done exactly as the Blessed Mother said… this is not just something trivial.

        Like the blasphemy Goliath hurled against God, Satan’s blasphemy against Christ echoes through our times waiting for a modern David to crush him to uphold the honor of God (Benedict or the next). Young David had only five smooth stones and his skill with his sling. Yet his faith and his courage vanquished Goliath because God was with him! As we shall see, our Pontiffs have the promise of Jesus’ Holy Mother Mary that when the Pope together with his Bishops solemnly consecrates Russia to her Immaculate Heart, and leads the Church in First Saturday reparatory devotions to her Immaculate Heart, she will convert Russia and a period of peace will be granted to the world.

        Is that not the “day when, under the sign of my Son, I will lead Russia to show my Son’s face to the world” prophesied by Mary to the pilgrim in Catherine Doherty’s story?
        Is not this leadership of the Blessed Mother in the Church’s war against Satan prophesied in Genesis 3:15-16 and Revelation 11:19 – 12:6, 13-17?

        – Father Jim Anderson, The Divine Will Conference, Our failure to obey the Message of Fatima; the Mystery of Iniquity; the Chastisement, October 2012, Florida – USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnXBZ_r5wwk

      • Hi Michael and All.

        I wish to raise some challenging thoughts, not pleasant or easy but necessary based on recent posts, particularly the above; Please when reading my words, do so in the context of what you know of me, from my contributions to this blog over the years and do not presume to know my allegiances. Know too that I love you all as my brothers and sisters in The One True Faith.

        Given the very grave matters supposedly known by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, how can it be that he would then announce in the 80’s the content of the 3rd Secret only in part and proclaim the attempted assassination on the life of Pope St. JPII as the fulfillment of the scene described in the 3rd Secret, the killing of the Pope, one not fully realised in history due to the intervention of Our Blessed Mother?

        How is it given the above recorded comments in Michael’s post and its magnitude and him Cdl. Ratzinger knowing it, he did not at once as Pope Benedict XVI Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? There is no excuse, politics does not cut it, he could have demanded it of all Bishops as a matter of obedience to the Chair of St. Pete. He did nothing.

        How or why is it, that Cardinal Ratzinger as one who colluded with Rahner, et-al to bring down the Bastions of the faith at VII, should be any different today and that we should now think of him as a potential remedy to our situation and not be blamed as a milestone in the bloody martyrdom facing much of Christendom?

        Did he resign because he couldn’t be the man, the Pope the liberals, VII, expected him to be?

        Is he a Pope Emeritus who has had a change of heart and will publicly renounce the errors of VII and put right the wrong concerning the Consecration? All he would have to do before he dies is state once and for all it has not been done as requested and the content of the 3rd Secret has not been fully revealed, that VII is a sham and the Church must elect another Pope on his death and remove the usurper (he, PF1 is even blaming sins against the environment as the route cause of this virus – laughable!).

        These last two Popes have left the Church in a right mess, a mess arousing the anger of God as emphatically displayed by:

        1) The lightening strike on St Peter’s at Pope Benedict’s resignation.

        2) The CORONA-19 Virus, which is upon us first and foremost as a punishment upon all the Church because of its apostasy and subsequent numerous unprecedented sacrileges committed against Christ our Lord in the Holy Eucharist by Priests and lay people alike.

        A Eucharistic ‘warning’ implicit in the Garabandal Messages and by implication the messages of Akita given the Order to which Sister Agnes Sasagawa, belongs, the Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist.

        Hence it is, we are prohibited from the Sacrifice of the Mass, hence it is we are prohibited from receiving the Holy Eucharist, a terrible agony of soul and loss of our only true nourishment, Oh Bread of Heaven!

        And secondly as a punishment on all of mankind for its’ wholesale wickedness, mockery of and final indifference toward Him who is God The Father and His Divine Plan for all mankind (as revealed through Sacred Scripture and fulfilled in the Redemptive Life and Death of His Beloved Son).

        No I do not see Pope Emeritus as a remedy, I certainly do not see the apostate Pope Francis as a remedy.

        (I just realised I have not yet listened to the Church Militant video on PF1, if anything of the above resonates with it, it is by coincidence only).

        Finally if Priests truly believed in the supernatural character of their vocation and the Holy Eucharist, they would take Holy Communion to every parishioner and spend the whole Sunday doing so if necessary. In the past (St. Tarcisius by example), people would risk their very lives to take the Holy Eucharist to the faithful, So now Priests and Ministers wont even do so because, they might get ill, they might pass it on, they might be stopped by the Police who might go as far as to ask questions or issue a warrant?

        The Priest in giving Holy Communion, Our Lord, will never be the means by which disease will spread one to another. And if by chance one were to fall ill, does one not believe in the providence of God and so accept and offer the hour to the Will of God for the salvation of souls.

        I tell you the response of the Church (as in many of its ministers) in this crisis does not bode well for the future for there are various means by which communion can be distributed to parishioners at home, care homes and hospitals in full compliance with social distancing. The lack of imagination is staggering!

        God bless

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