Garabandal Great Miracle fact&rumor

Being currently less busy, I decided to write this article concerning the great miracle to reconfirm what we know concretely and the rumors distilled online by amateurs of all kinds, all the information below has been verified by my care in the village directly and for years, either via witnesses of the apparitions or directly with the families of the 4 seers, as Garabandal is 4 seers and not only 1, enjoy !

The Great Miracle Facts

  1. Day : Thursday Between The 9 and 15 ONLY

2. Month : April ONLY

3. Time : 20h30 Spanish local Time ONLY

4. Not during the Holy Week

5. Not a Holy Thursday

6. In Garabandal ONLY

7. We do not know the Year

8. More Wonderfull than in Fatima

9. After The Warning ONLY

10. For the feast Day of a young Boy Eucharist Martyr

The Great Miracle Rumors :

  1. On Tv

Aviso Verification : FALSE

2. The Pope will see it

Aviso Verification : TRUE

3. The Vatican Knows the Date

Aviso Verification : FALSE (thanks God), Pope Paul VI ONLY which is not the same

4. Only Conchita one of the Garabandal Seer knows the Date

Aviso Verification : FALSE and for the first time online : 2 more Seers knows that Date as well, Year included

5. Loli’s Family did gave the date to me

Aviso Reply : FALSE and I was wrong myself 1000s times as anyone else, 2018 being one of my greatest mistake and that failed prediction is still online, before 2018 I thought about 2012 then 2015 by memory and so on, in other words I know nothing about dates, I tried of course but nothing serious was given to me in the village and why ? Because about dates most of them do not know anything as well, Families of the seers included

6. 3 months Between The Warning and the Great Miracle

Aviso Verification : FALSE and for the first time online : probably very close each other between 8 days to 1 Day only

7. Conchita must be alive

Aviso Verification : FALSE and for the first time online, she will probably be alive but this is not a condition and a certitude, like for anyone of us only God Knows for sure

8. A Warning during an Even Year

Aviso Verification : FALSE, even or odd year we do not know

9. Mari Loli knew the Warning Year (Blessed is your Name in Heaven) but not Conchita

Aviso Verification : FALSE, Both knew and knows the Warning Year

10. The Pope will travel for the first time in Russia before the events :

Aviso Verification : TRUE

11. The Pope will see the Garabandal Great Miracle from Russia

Aviso Verification : TRUE

12. Something will happen before the Great Miracle and few will still believe in Garabandal

Aviso Verification : TRUE and for the first time online : in my opinion Related to the seers

13. If I am sick and if I cannot travel to Garabandal for the Great Miracle, I will watch it on TV and will be cured

Aviso Verification : FALSE, you MUST be in the village of Garabandal to be cured

14. It will be difficult to travel to Garabandal before the Great Miracle

Aviso Verification : TRUE but travel will be possible so do your best

15. Conchita will announce the Great Miracle date 8 days before

Aviso Verification : TRUE, she said it not us, de facto we believe in it but for me this is not a main condition, I have some details about this announcement and I will always keep in mind the GREAT Joey’s Lomangino story (Blessed is your Name in Heaven)

16. Few will be in the village for the Great Miracle

Aviso Verification : TRUE and unfortunately so why ? it’s geopolitical probably

17. Something like a Schism before the Great Miracle

Aviso Verification : TRUE, probably via the German Church and for me during Francis Pontificate

18. No 3rd World War according to our Lady in Garabandal

Aviso Verification : FALSE

19. Garabandal is not approved by the church

Aviso Verification : TRUE but ALSO not Condemned

20. Popes Benedict, John Paul II, Paul VI were supporter of Garabandal

Aviso Verification : TRUE and especially Pope Benedict

21. Saint Pio was a supporter of Garabandal

Aviso Verification : TRUE and wihout any possible doubt, his original letter about the Apparitions is on this blog, search a bit and read it.

Some private News for the first time on this blog

Garabandal 2011

Aviso : We are probably close now

Garabandal seers family : Why and of what ?

Aviso : Well about Prophecies

Garabandal seers family : The more important with Garabandal are the Messages not the Prophecies

Aviso : I know but we are probably close because Joey Lomangino is quite old now

Garabandal seers Family : and so ?

Aviso : Well as all of us he will see the Great Miracle

Garabandal seers Family : Who said to you that ?

Aviso : It is everywhere on internet, anyone can read it

Garabandal seers Family : I do not have internet and Alive or not the Great Miracle will happen as our Lady said

Aviso : But he will be alive and thanks God, that way following his age we can have at least an idea of the possible time

Garabandal seers Family : You are wrong and stop reading these books from foreigners, they were in the village for few weeks only and then back in their countries writting bad informations and making money with the village Name, read spanish books only

Aviso : OK but for Joey Lomangino it is for sure

Garabandal seers family : And if he dies before would you still believe in Garabandal ?

Aviso : No

Garabandal seers family : So you will never be a real Garabandalist.

Garabandal 2012

Aviso : You are French ?

French Source : Yes like you

Aviso : Some told me that your family was living in Garabandal during the Apparitions ?

French Source : Yes for years, I know also the 4 seers, we are good friends, like sisters especially with ……

Aviso : Do you know anything about the Prophecies ?

French Source : No

Aviso : They told me that you might know something especially about the Great Miracle

French Source : I know nothing and I will not talk about it to you

Aviso : I was at the Pines this morning alone and I saw you there

French Source : Yes I am going at the Pines alone always, to Pray our Lady

Aviso : What you were doing, why did you turned around the Pines that way with your Rosary

French Source : That’s my business

Aviso : They said to me that you are looking to rent the house of your family ?

French Source : Maybe

Aviso : I am interested can I visit it ?

French Source : Ok let’s go

Aviso : Great Place and very well located, close to the Pines…etc….

French Source : Thank you, I have a lof of memories in this house, you know I was in the village during the apparitions

Aviso : Great and how was it ?

French Source : I was child but it was incredible, 1000s of People were in the village, I know many details unknown about the Apparitions because me and my sister were playing with the 4 seers very often and anytime we were back in village from France, we were good friends

Aviso : What do you mean ?

French Source : I cannot talk about it because we promised it

Aviso : I understand, please let be my guest for a coffee in… ?

French Source : Ok let’s go !

Aviso : Did you were in the group of French who talked to Conchita about the Great Miracle and the Eucharist Martyr

French Source : not me but my sister only

Aviso : Did she talked about it to you ?

French Source : Yes and she said to me that the Eucharist Martyr is celebrated on April 13

Aviso : You are talking about Saint Hermenegild but this is not possible as the description given by the seer does not match him

French Source : I must go now, thank you for the coffee.

To read with discernment !


29 thoughts on “Garabandal Great Miracle fact&rumor

  1. Is the virus going to stop us from getting to Garabandal? I’ve waited for so long and now you say that only a few people will be there. That’s not fair! Anne

    • Dear Anne, Traveling to Garabandal will be difficult for sure but it is not me Aviso who said it but the Lady of the Mount Carmel herself, which is not the same, for the virus Yes it will not help as well, especially if we refuse the vaccination what everyone should do, in other words to be clear : DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATION, for the rest, God wills it, stay with us and you will be in Garabandal for the Great Miracle, thank you.

    • if you are meant to be there you will be there stop worrying, maybe God doesnt want you there, if he does you will be there by his grace

  2. Hi Aviso you just posted the date above for the miracle; French Source : Yes and she said to me that the Eucharist Martyr is celebrated on April 13. The miracle is on the feast day of a martyr of the eucharist and this french person said it is april 13, now all we need is the year. april 13th 2023 I think

      • that is why you posted back earlier Aviso that you thought the miracle is april 13th 2028 but it cannot be because holy thursday is 13th april 2028(no holy thursday). However april 13th 2023 is a singular thursday one week after easter week. (next year is 2034 april 13th thursday)

        • Hi Pat, April 13th 2028 was an article from my good friend and moderator Peter not mine, a great article but with that missing important detail, the famous NOT on Holy Thursday and as you said it is the case in 2028 so not Possible.

          Now let me give a Warning here, the private detail given to me in Garabandal years ago about April 13 as the good day for the Great Miracle, given to me by that french source must be taken with caution always, we had already a bad experience in Garabandal with that date, it was exactly on April 13th 1995 (Holy thursday that year) when 1000s of people went to Garabandal thinking that it was the good day creating a mess in the village to such an extent that the local police had to intervene, a very bad experience told to me in the village that year of 2012 when I got that news about April 13 as well.

          Of course since 2012 I tried to get more details which I got, by the way I was never a great supporter of April 13 but today and due to some recent new details, it could be in my opinion, the good day finally and in my opinion only but I said it already, I am not expert on Garabandal dates, quite the contrary so CAUTION, thank you.

          • thanks aviso, can you share those details with me regarding the date for the miracle? I have followed your blog since 2013, also synod next 2022 year on synodality ( synod before the warning)

            • Hi Pat, I cannot share those details but your reminder of the next synod in 2022 is good, that synod will be important as it will be about Synodality, in other words The Papal Primacy on target.

          • Ok Aviso thanks, I hope you will reveal some of these details you have recently got on your blog here in good time,

        • Hi Pat

          As noted in my Article’s 16th November 2018 Update (…cant believe it was that long ago now!)

          “…., I wanted to stress that if there is absolute confirmation linked only to credible verifiable statements from Conchita that the Great Miracle won’t take place on a Feast Day of the Lord, then Holy Thursday is to be ruled out as a candidate. I state this because some have debated whether Holy Thursday is in fact deemed a formal Feast of the Lord by the Church or, is it rather a feast of the Easter Triduum, specifically the Institution of the Holy Eucharist. Not by my own authority, but by that of Bishop J Strickland, following our recent correspondence, I can confirm that “[Holy Thursday] is the Liturgical celebration of the Lords action instituting the Eucharistso it is therefore both, He is the Eucharist and the Eucharist is him.” On subsequently seeking further clarity that it is formally a Feast of the Lord, Bishop J Strickland immediately replied “Correct.” To reiterate a point made earlier, none of the Holy Thursday dates [in the article] would apply in this case. If the linked Saint and Martyr is St. Hermenegild [and Holy Thursday categorically ruled out as advised] then the date will still be the 13th April but the year could be either, 2023, 2034 or 2045, the latter two being less likely due to Conchita’s age.”

          If as Aviso suggests, the 13th April is a good candidate, then it means that either the Martyr in Question is St Hermenegild or that the 13th is a Feast day to be shared between St Hermenegild and St Tarcisius.

          2034 could still be a candidate of course as Conchita will be 84, which these days is not as ‘old’ as it was once considered.

          God bless

          • Hi Pete, Aviso posted back along that Conchita said miracle is on a singular thursday so not holy thursday, it is April 13th as confirmed by Aviso’s conversation with the French source in the article above (miracle is on the feast day of a holy martyr of the eucharist) it is not hermenegild because it cant be a Spanish person. also conchita had a conversation in her home with the french people mentioned above where she described the martyr and it matched tarcisus

            • Hi Pat

              Hermenegild’s martyrdom is formally recognised and celebrated by the Church on the 13th April every year, if the Miracle occurs on the 13th April then it de-facto coincides with his Feast day. To not be on his feast day then the miracle will not occur on the 13th of April

              Interestingly his mother is French, his Father Spanish.

              God bless

              • Hi Pete, I dont think its hermenegild, conchita already described the martyr in a conversation with the french group saying it was a young boy stoned to death when carrying the eucharist which matches tarcisius

                  • I dont understand what you mean martyr is not st hermenegild, I dont undertstand why people are thinking its him, there are a tonne of other saints on the 13th and it could be any of them or st. tarcisius, conchita described what sound like tarcisius; here it is; On a day in September of 1963, some French people were invited to eat dinner with Conchita in a house near the girl’s home. She was devouring pastries with the healthy appetite of girls of her age. Someone jokingly asked her about the sacrifices and penance mentioned in the message. Conchita accepted the joke in good humor and laughed. But suddenly she became quiet and seemed to concentrate; her face lit up; and with her hands joined on her chest, she began to speak:

                    «The Miracle will be on the feastday of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms.

                    One of those present exclaimed: Oh, that’s St. Tarcisius!»

                    Conchita, without saying a word, as if she hadn’t heard, turned back to her pastries.

            • Hi Miguel we have the day of the month (the 13th; feast day of the holy martyr of the eucharist) as confirmed by Aviso’s converstion with the French source (see article above), it has to be a thursday but not holy thursday which leaves april 13 2023, april 13th 2034 and april 13th 2045 as the date for the miracle

  3. True Faith means living as if everything will happen tomorrow and smiling at Heaven with each day that passes beyond that. I always say, who is the better son, the one who does what the parents ask throughout their absence or the one who, knowing or guessing the day in which they will return, waits until then to do all things he should have been doing all along? We all know the answer to that question.


  5. Hi Aviso now you say between the 9th and 15th april, I thought it was between the 8th and 16th april? how did that change??

  6. We Suspect The Vatican Might Know the Date of the Miracle

    There is some interesting material found in Fr. Materne Laffineur’s book, L’Etoile dans la Montagne.
    On the 8th of September 1966 in Torrelavega, during Conchita’s meeting with Fr. Laffineur along with some his travel companions (as witnesses) and Conchita’s mother Aniceta, Conchita stated,
    “Yes, I wrote the date of the Miracle to the bishop.”
    (It seems that this letter never came into the hands of Bishop Beitia) [who’s to blame?]
    « Sí, yo he escrito al señor obispo la fecha del milagro. »
    (parece cierto que esa carta no llegó nunca a las manos de monseñor Beitia: ¿por culpa de quién?)

    Also, in November of 1966, Conchita declared to [Madre] María Nieves García:
    « I told the date of the Miracle to Cardinal Ottaviani and the Pope’s confessor. »
    « La fecha del Milagro se la dije al cardenal Ottaviani y al confesor del Papa. »
    – She went in haste to the Mountain by Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera, O.F.M., CAP. Translated from Spanish by B. Miller, Gerard Suel and Otto Miller Second English Edition of 1981 original translation published unaltered in one volume in 2003 pdf p. 625, 649

    Consequently, it is possible the date was recorded and remains somewhere hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives.

    Sincerely and respectfully yours in the Passion of the Church,
    May God bless you and Our Lady protect you,

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