The Garabandal Synod ? Update

Garabandal Synod

The Time has come to convene an “imperfect” Synod!

Rome, Dec. 3, 2017 A. D. — With the publication of the recent edition of the Acta Apostolica Sedis, in which documents are included which attempt to exalt the personal heresy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who denies the Apostolic Tradition concerning the discipline of the Sacraments, the time has come to convene a Synod to issue a formal canonical correction of the Pope, warning him in Evangelical and Apocalyptic terms, that if he does not renounce his error, he must be considered by the whole Church as self-deposed from the office of Peter.

Such a Synod will be, in technical scholastic terms, an “imperfect” Synod, because it will be convened by the authority of the Apostolic College without reference to the authority of the office of the Vicar of Christ, who in the present circumstances cannot be appealed to, on the grounds of a conflict of interest.

The correction to be given will however be canonical in the proper sense, because though no one but a proper ordinary can given a canonical correction, when he who holds the supreme office has manifestly and pertinaciously abandoned the Catholic Faith, it remains in virtue of the principal of subsidiarity, that if there be no other earthly authority, that the individual as a private person be corrected by the Church Herself, who is not bereft of the Apostolic Authority merely because of a de facto sede vacante.

Since the Church is a visible society and since She is bound above all by the law of charity and the salvation of souls, it remains a grave obligation of the Sacred Hierarchy in these present and extreme circumstances to seek the salvation of the soul of Jorge Bergoglio and the unity of the Church, by seeking his public refutation of his errors and the renunciation of his heresies.  Failing that, the Church will be torn with schism, with many souls following the great stumbling block placed before them in the words of Cardinal Parolin, who in the AAS claims the private letter of the Pope an the Argentine Bishop is “magisterium authenticum”.

We as Catholics, however, ever holding to the perennial magisterium, the Apostolic Tradition and the Divine Teaching of Our Lord and Master, recognize that no teaching of the Roman Pontiff is magisterium authenticum on account of an external declaration, by whomsoever, that it has this character, but that it is only such when from its internal content it adheres harmoniously and conformably with the Deposit of the Faith!

Therefore what Pope Francis has done in ordering these documents published in the AAS and what Cardinal Parolin has done in issuing his own maliciously false statement must be judged by all true Catholics as manifest acts of pertinacious heretical adhesion to the denial of the Apostolic Tradition, which, in fidelity to Christ Jesus, who declared: “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6), has ever taught that the Sacraments must be denied to the impenitent and that the Sacred ministers of the Sacraments must deny them in public to those who live in public sin.

Our Association, dedicated to opposing the errors and heresies of Cardinal Kasper has opposed the errors of Bergoglio from its inception in 2015. We remain committed to this course and therefore solicit the assistance of all to make this imperfect Synod a reality.

We therefore implore all faithful Catholics to urge with the greatest clarity and insistence that the Bishops and Cardinals convene such a Synod and do so at the very first opportunity!

There is no more time left for those who sit on the fence, with those who for the sake of human respect or custom refuse to act out of divine charity and faith, for the salvation of souls, in particular for that of Bergoglio, and for the unity of the Church!

This is not the time to think of your career, your personal reputation, your job, your blog, your website, your ecclesiastical office, etc.. The matter is apocalyptic in every true sense of the word!  Do not by your inaction let yourself be counted among those stars of heaven which were cast down by the tail of the dragon! (Apocalypse 12:4)

Finally, while from the point of view of strict legality, we hold that it is right that Bergoglio not be denied the 3 fold public remonstration due him by canonical tradition, due to the gravity of the crisis we are of the opinion that Catholics may now act as if the Papacy is vacant and that Bergoglio is outside the church as a contumacious and pertinacious heretic, on account of what he ordered published in the Acta Apostolica Sedis, if they but work for the convention of the imperfect Synod out of the motives we have enumerated here above.

My Comment :  The so called “humble Pope Francis”, where are his Supporters ? blinded for 4 Years now, where are these so called “Garabandalist” supporting this Pontificate ? and contacting me in Private about obedience (as if our Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal had asked us to obey even to heresies from our hierarchy) when I was warning them having received from Albrecht Weber some details confirming that this Pontificate was probably related to the Garabandal Prophecies especially the famous “3 Popes then end of times” from the Lady of the Carmel, well they hide and say Nothing, some of them are probably waiting and even Praying for a new conclave to get rid of this Heretic Dictator (well do not dream, before we must live the Fatima 3rd Secret vision)……we are Learning now from this great book (Il Papa Dittatore) that he was even expecting Benedict’s abdication, how is this possible ? well the answer is probably in the question.

Holy Feast of the Immaculate Conception !


Part 3

September 23rd, 2021

Pope’s biographer: Upcoming synod will transform Church in line with ‘St. Gallen mafia’ goals

Ivereigh’s description of the synod’s goals resembles what he has previously said the ‘St. Gallen mafia’ long envisioned: a ‘balance’ of authority between the ‘local church’ and ‘universal church.’

(LifeSiteNews) – The man who glowingly sketched Pope Francis as a “great reformer” only a year and a half into his papacy is now predicting the upcoming synod of bishops on synodality may bring a revolutionary transformation to the Catholic Church.

Austen Ivereigh wrote Thursday about the objectives of the synod “For a Synodal Church,” set to begin in October, calling it a “historic shake-up” and “potentially the most transformative moment in Catholicism since the Second Vatican Council, which it seeks to embed permanently into the life of the Church.”

Read more :

My Comment : So is it that evil synod, the one our Lady of the Mount Carmel did prophesied in Garabandal ? Yes it looks so, this Synod is probably the pre-warning sign in question, their wish is of course to destroy the Papacy, for these heretics with their destroyer in chief, which I unmasked myself from Day 1 of his Pontificate, this synod in 3 Parts (October 2021 to October 2023) is the end of the game, in other words their ultim goal “the final destruction of the Catholic Church via the Papacy”, Friends you cannot imagin how the Garabandal warning was explained to me in the village years ago by the Lady with me on my avatar, she talked to me about it as a kind of “end of the world moment”, an unimaginable moment for the human race, never seen in the history of mankind and she told me and told me again and again “Do not wait for this moment, do not wish this event never in your life, the girls told me that it will be terrible with excruciating pain for any soul, to the point of preferring death than living this Divine event” and this is where we are almost, Thanks God the Consecration of Russia will be done but probably after the Garabandal Warning only, let me finish my comment by reminding you again DO NOT TAKE ANY COVID VACCINES NONE OF THEM, this is the mark of the beast of the Apocalypse of Saint John, the shot is made in the arm but the pass is beeped with the hand, both go together, never fall into this diabolical trap, their end is near please be sure of it, thank you.


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  1. Pope announces that synod on ‘synodality’ will be extended to 2024
    Elise Ann Allen
    By Elise Ann Allen
    Oct 16, 2022
    Senior Correspondent
    Pope announces that synod on ‘synodality’ will be extended to 2024
    Pope Francis waves to faithful from his studio’s window overlooking St. Peter’s Square on the occasion of the Angelus noon prayer at the Vatican, Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022. (Credit: AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia.)

    Listen to this story:
    ROME – Pope Francis Sunday announced that his ongoing Synod of Bishops on Synodality will be extended for an additional year, to allow, as he put it, more time for discernment and a greater understanding of the concept as a key dimension of church life.

    As things now stand, bishops and other participants will gather for an initial meeting of the synod Oct. 4-29, 2023, in Rome, to be followed by a year of reflection, with another culminating meeting set for October 2024.

    Though notoriously difficult to define, “synodality” is generally understood to refer to a collaborative and consultative style of management in which all members, clerical and lay, participate in making decisions about the church’s life and mission.

    Speaking to pilgrims following his Oct. 16 Angelus address, Pope Francis noted that the first stage of the synod, which holds the theme, “For a synodal Church: Communion, participation, mission,” opened last October, and that since then, the process has been moving forward “in the particular churches, with listening and discernment.”

    The pope voiced confidence that this decision will “foster understanding of synodality as a constitutive dimension of the Church, and help everyone to live it in a journey of brothers and sisters who bear witness to the joy of the Gospel.”

    Formally opened by Pope Francis with an Oct. 10, 2021, Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, the synod, typically a month-long meeting of bishops at the Vatican, has been reconceived in this instance as a multi-stage process beginning with a local consultation carried out among pastors and faithful around the world.

    The diocesan phase lasted from October 2021 to April 2022, and was designed as a consultative process that took place according to certain guidelines issued by the Synod of Bishops. A second, continental phase, began in September and will last through March 2023, when continental bishops’ conferences will coordinate and evaluate the results of the diocesan consultations.

    For the United States, which does not belong to a continental conference of the bishops, that second phase will consist of a meeting between American and Canadian bishops.

    A final, universal phase was set to conclude the process during next year’s Oct. 4-29 gathering in Rome, but with Pope Francis’s announcement Sunday, that universal phase is now extended to 2024.

    The Synod of Bishops was launched by Pope Paul VI during the Second Vatican Council in 1965 as an attempt to broaden the involvement of bishops from around the world in the governance of the Church.

    Since then, ordinary synods have taken place every three to four years in Rome, gathering the world’s shepherds to discuss a topic of particular relevance. In addition, “extraordinary” or “special” synods can be and have also been called prior to the ordinary gathering, when a pope determines a certain topic merits particular attention and discussion.

    Pope Francis has called five synods to date. The first were his back-to-back synods on the family in 2014 and 2015, followed by his 2018 ordinary synod on youth and his 2019 special synod on the Amazon.

    The current process marks his fifth synod, which instead of being concentrated during a 3-week stretch in Rome, is unfolding over a four-year period throughout the global church.

    In addition, the pope has also urged local dioceses and bishops’ conference to launch similar initiatives at both the local, national, and continental scale. The bishops of both Germany and Italy are currently knee-deep in their own synod processes, launched with the pope’s request and inspiration.

    In a statement released following the pope’s Oct. 16 announcement, the Vatican’s office for the Synod of Bishops said the pope’s decision to extend the Synod on Synodality for a year “stems from the desire that the theme of a Synodal Church, because of its breadth and importance, might be the subject of prolonged discernment not only by the members of the Synodal Assembly, but by the whole Church.”

    This choice is in step with the ongoing synod process, they said, insisting that the synod is “not an event but a process in which the whole People of God is called to walk together toward what the Holy Spirit helps it to discern as being the Lord’s will for his Church.”

    Calling the ordinary synod gathering “a journey within the journey,” the statement said the extended version will aim “to foster more mature reflection for the greater good of the Church.”

    The Synod of Bishops said they will better define the practical aspects of the 2023 and 2024 gatherings, and the time in between, in the coming weeks, and will communicate the information “in due time.”

    Follow Elise Ann Allen on Twitter: @eliseannallen

  2. Synod cannot ignore difficult questions says Cardinal Grech
    May 20, 2022 by admin

    CNS/Paul Haring

    The cardinal tasked by Pope Francis with overseeing the Church’s world synod says he isn’t frightened concerning the German reform course of stressing that the synod can’t ignore tough questions.

    Cardinal Mario Grech mentioned that the criticisms of Germany are half and parcel of what it means to be a synodal Church which affords a discussion board to precise disagreements.

    “Synodality affords that house the place we are able to share our fears and our joys, our certainties and our doubts, our desires. Clearly, there are desires that may be realized, others that can’t. There are desires that may be realized tomorrow, others want extra time. However, personally, nothing actually worries me in to this point that we respect the elemental rules of the Catholic Church,” the Maltese prelate advised the “The Church’s Radical Reform” podcast.

    “Bishops have their ministry within the native church buildings, bishops aren’t freelancers however they kind a part of the school of bishops after which the school of bishops is united with Peter.”

    The German synodal pathway (“Der Synodale Weg”), launched as a response to the clerical sexual abuse scandals, has targeted on using energy within the Church, girls’s ministry and Catholic sexual instructing. However the synodal path has confronted heavy criticism in some quarters together with from bishops exterior Germany who’ve warned it’s going to result in schism. A letter from 92 prelates mentioned the Germans have been flawed to put a lot give attention to the query of energy saying it suggests a spirit basically at odds with the true nature of Christian life”. The debates over Germany present that it has more and more develop into a proxy battle over the Francis papacy.

    Cardinal Grech identified that “nothing must be left beneath the carpet” in the course of the synod dialogue and that folks should be free to current points for the Vatican to think about. He added that in the course of the synod “all the fabric that reaches our workplace can be submitted to the Holy Father.” He added that “no one is excluded” offered they “need to be disciples of Jesus Christ.”

    The cardinal, who’s secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops workplace in Rome, mentioned the precedence is to develop into a extra “synodal Church” which is ready to hear and discern collectively.

    “Until we develop into a synodal church, then it will likely be tougher to deal with to go deeper theologically about sure points that individuals are elevating,” he burdened.

    To that finish, he recommended that the worldwide synod “For a Synodal Church” is prone to transcend a summit of bishops within the Vatican in October 2023.

    “The synod has no finish,” he mentioned. “There can be no finish, as a result of as soon as the method has began it’s going to proceed, even past October 23.”

    The cardinal added that the declare the synod course of is a venture that may cease when the Francis hold forth ends “has no future” and counsel “we’re nonetheless not satisfied that synodality is a should for the Church.”

    “The Church’s Radical Reform” podcast is hosted by The Pill’s Christopher Lamb and is supported by the Middle for Catholic Research on the College of Durham.

  3. German bishops’ president asserts ‘the need to develop the Church’s teaching’

    May 12, 2022 Catholic News AgencyPrint

    Denver Newsroom, May 12, 2022 / 17:23 pm (CNA).

    The president of the German bishops’ conference has expressed his belief that Church teaching needs further development, in response to critique of the synodal path in that country.

    The statement came in the latest instance of epistolary exchange between Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg and Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver.

    “Our Church needs change in order to faithfully carry out her mission and take the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of our time. And the urgent need for change also includes the need to further develop the Church’s teaching. Such is my conviction,” Bishop Bätzing wrote in a May 5 letter to Archbishop Aquila.

    The assembly of the synodal path has voted in favor of documents calling for the priestly ordination of women, same-sex blessings, and changes to teaching on homosexual acts.

    Germany’s “Synodal Path” is a process that brings together lay people and bishops to discuss four major topics: how power is exercised in the Church; sexual morality; the priesthood; and the role of women. When the German bishops launched the process, they initially said that the deliberations would be “binding” on the Church in Germany, prompting a Vatican intervention that rejected such claims.

    In May 2021, Archbishop Aquila wrote that the synodal path’s first text put forward “untenable” proposals for changes to Church teaching. He was among the drafters of an April 11 open letter that warned the synodal path may lead to schism, now signed by more than 100 bishops, six of whom are cardinals. And on May 2 he wrote to Bishop Bätzing reiterating that the synodal path challenges, and even repudiates, the deposit of faith.

    In his May 5 response, the Bishop of Limburg maintained that the synodal path is an appropriate response to clerical sex abuse.

    “Based on intensive discussions with those affected and intensive scientific studies on the occurrence of abuse of children and young people by clerics in our country, we had to painfully accept that there are multi-dimensional systemic factors in the Catholic Church which favour abuse. Uncovering these and doing our utmost to overcome them is the starting point of the Synodal Path in Germany, and it is reflected in the four priority areas to be worked on,” he wrote.

    “Your argumentation that bishops have made mistakes in dealing with abuse and instead of taking responsibility for it, they now want to fundamentally question the doctrine of the Church in Germany, is, from my humble insight, frighteningly one-line and unfortunately does not do justice by far to the complex reality of the structures in the Catholic Church that facilitate abuse,” Bishop Bätzing wrote to Archbishop Aquila.

    He added, “I am glad and appreciate the fact that your opinion is by no means shared by all the faithful and bishops, even in the Church in the United States. This is clearly communicated to me again and again.”

    “I take your objections seriously,” he said, “because they indicate concern and at the same time that we also in the Catholic Church worldwide live in a thoroughly plural situation of different social life worlds and theological assessments.”

    These situations “require exchange, critical dialogue and a new understanding and communication with each other, of course on the basis of what belongs to the revealed unchangeable heritage of the Church’s faith,” Bishop Bätzing wrote.

    “That is why I am so extraordinarily grateful for the open way in which Pope Francis has designed the World Synod on Synodality. Everyone should be able to participate, have their say and contribute their views. This is a great approach we in Germany support very much.”…rts-the-need-to-develop-the-churchs-teaching/

  4. Aviso, as per your suggestion that the vacc is the possible mark of the beast … Although it might look like it at first sight, there are few issues with it. Scripture tells about the mark “on the right hand, or the forehead” (Apocalypse ch 13). Scripture also tells that mark is required for buying or selling (Apocalypse Ch 13). Scripture also tells about buying and selling; sin naturally arises from those two trades, because in between them profit happens, an opportunity for sin. And the Scripture finally says (Apocalypse Ch 19), that the false prophet (one of two beasts) especially “was deluding all those who bore the beast’s mark and worshipped its image”. If it can delude those bearing the mark, it means it is not a mere physical mark; it is also a ‘subtle’ mark, or, behavioural or mental. I mean, who gets vaccs in the forehead? Most people get them in the left *arm*, not in the right *hand*. But how many “raise their right hands” to support unjust laws and profit from evil plots because their deluded minds tell them so?
    The Beast imitates God. God puts marks on the foreheads of all those who follow God’s commandments. (As we read in Exodus and elsewhere). It’s a subtle mark. The mark is a mark of belonging; like livestock, we are marked by our owners, our shepherds, to tell which sheep or calf belongs to which herd. Either someone follows God’s commandments faithfully and bears God’s mark, and raises right hands for God’s cause, or one follows delusions of two beasts and belongs to them. Just because a person is forced to a vacc, or if a vacc can indeed help someone in illness (it can help), hardly constitutes either rebellion against God or allegiance to the Beast. To be deluded by the beasts, one must be an active supporter and a profiteer of the evil that two beasts try to establish on earth.

    • Hi ZMWT, I am not alone to think (but some times yes on the beginning at least) that the covid vaccine is probably the mark of the beast, many of you contacted me in private about that topic, I reconfirm what I said, this is it, Archbishop Vigano and Schneider among others did almost confirmed it as well, they are talking about a precursor of the Mark of the beast…etc…it is the same, by the way how a vaccine got from aborted fetus can help anyone ? Please Friends open your eyes, thank you.

      • Never be so sure of yourself that you make a fool of yourself. You have absolutely no basis for claiming that the anti-virus injections are the prophesied mark-of-the-beast. Remember, you have made this mistake before with other predictions. While your claim may eventually be proven correct, your insistence is based solely on your desire to be right. These injections/shots do not meet the description, outlined in the Bible, for the mark-of-the-beast, so reel-in your ego and give it a rest for now. I happen to be involved in infection control on a national level, and although I think these so-called vaccines are diabolical, I don’t yet believe they represent the Biblical description of the mark. Only time will tell.

        • You don’t pull your punches do you Rick.

          That said you are in my humble view at least, right. It’s not the Mark of the Beast. For it to be so, all that is to pass before it must have now happened. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has to have been accomplished, The Warning, Miracle, and Permanent Sign, the chastisement spoken of in the Akita prophesy (and for you at that time, the only consolation will be the Holy Rosary and the sign left by My Son).

          I am convinced we are heading toward that eventuality ‘when communism comes again,’ (atheistic communism) and its culmination as it is spread across the world.

          The vaccines are not the ‘number of a man’ nor have there been any miraculous acts as yet that would so astound the world suggesting the second beast (the false prophet) is among us convincing the world to Worship the First Beast (Satan)

          God bless

          • To speak about the “mark of something”, that “something” must be identified first. So, “who” or “what” is the Beast? And don’t even think anyone can solve this issue without studying the Church fathers on this issue. They explain the principle of how to think. It is their opinion that 7 heads (and then the 8th head) of the Beast, represent a type of consecutive, dynastic power. It is similar to that of the Roman Empire. E.g., 7 consecutive emperors, or in our time, 7 consecutive presidents. That rule spans over several decades at least. When 7 rulers of that aggressive worldly empire come one after another (and by the signs during their rule we see they are about to impose atheism, seize control of the world, including worldwide economic market — buying and selling), we may try identifying the Beast. If we happen to recognise that worldly empire, the mark will then explain itself. E.g. if you have a few “empire candidates” that fit that description of 7 rulers (plus the 8th, that comes with a bit of delay), then the mark will help identify the correct empire. The exact empire that controls the world markets via “something” (mark, icon, symbol), can destroy everyone who won’t agree to that form of economic and atheistic tyranny … must be the one.

          • Please, be wise…
            As far as I understand, the ‘serum’ is not the mark of the beast, but its precursor.
            In which sense? To me, the answer is straighforward: soon the serum will became the only way to get the ‘green pass’ (there will be 7 rounds of serum inoculation, the last ones 3 Months apart one another…thus we are almost there.
            In parallel, the green pass will progressively became the only prerequisite to buy, sell (digital centalised currency for socio control purposes), access medical treatments, travel and socially interact: are we not witnessing all this right in front of our eyes in any part of the World on a daily basis?
            Once the process is completed, we will have the mark as described by St John. Given the current pace of the process, and given the fact that it will necessary speed up, it will be very soon.
            We still have to wait a bit to determine who the antichrist really is: it will be the one who will enforce globally the digital global transactions system…
            By then, it will be clearer how the 666 requisite fits its name.
            Since now we can note that there is a flag with 6 vertex, 6 triangles and an exagon on it (the so calles seal od Salomon, who used to receive, accoding to the bible, 666 golden talents as a tribute every years). Thus Saint John hinted also to the modern state that will be behind the whole process. It is, in fact, the same people who most refuse Jesus Christ…

            • You miss the mark completely. For example, during the WW2, under the Generalplan Ost (abbreviated as GPO) citizens who lived within the territories of Axis had to show the pass in order to move, work and do business. Or otherwise …
              Wasn’t that mark of the Beast? You can’t answer. It’s obvious nobody here reads nor studies the Scripture, nor the Church fathers. You all talk about “the mark”, but have no clue about the Beast itself. What is the Beast? Who are 7 rulers of the Beast (plus the 8th, the last one)? You have no idea. But still speculate about the “mark”.

              • It was not because it was for Germany and satellites states only…Moreover, it was relatively limited in scope…But, certainly, it was an attempt.
                Today it is worldwide, supported by AI technologies more pervasive by the day…Let’s think of this as a sort of ‘mystical’ corp of the antichrist…Moreover, the inoculated people are effectively part of the 5G electromagnetic network due to graphene oxide present in the serums circulating forever in tbeir veins.
                On turn, graphene oxide, is contributing to slowly kill them:
                “And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image (Revelation 16:1-2)
                On the way graphene oxide kills people, Dr Noack has informed us a few day ago:
                Hours later, ha was mysteriosly killed:
                Let’s pray for his soul!

              • Our Lord said many would come proclaiming that they are He. He did not say for how long this would be the case, but said keep watch. And that’s what we do, we share with one another what we think we see and we seek advice and interpretation. But we must know our efforts are flawed (quite massively) by our blindness, we are not given to know these things, Jesus said as much did he not?

                Keep it simple is my mantra. Satan’s web of cataclysmic deception is long in the planning and in the making, slowly implemented over centuries, with many instances of schemes that have drawn in unwitting compliance without it being recognised on mass as to the real nature, the, who is the real instigator, and the real end goal of the plan. Such is the vanity of man and the lust of many for wealth, power and for fame, that those tempted in to participating in the plan, to be its drivers, believe they are in deed the means to a better world to come. They do not see they are being led through their pride, their ego by the father of lies.

                Know he intends to remain hidden to the end.

                Satan has for centuries practiced his plan to achieve his end goal, he has and continues to perfect his plan until Christ’s return. But we see his foot prints planted over the years past and present thanks to the Apostle St John, the Doctor’s of the Church, the Church Fathers, numerous Saints, the Ascetics, the Mystics, the Victim Souls, not forgetting the Seers of Private Revelation, and yes the ‘simple’ but orthodox faith of ordinary men and women, the little ones, so to speak.

                Remember codes and riddles were made in both Greek and Hebrew by using numbers and letters. Some of the early Church commentators claim that 666 is the total of the number values for Nero Caesar. And we all know from our Church history lessons what he did to the early Christians.

                We can all, and will continue to do so, be on the watch tower, but we must be careful not to presume we are correct in any of our interpretations and subsequently presumed timings. These things are mysteries far beyond our comprehension. Our Lord did not want his disciples then as now to fret over the future, yes He gave them hints at things to come, near and far, but said do not worry about what tomorrow brings, but seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

                Most of the scenarios citing past and current events I have read from contributors to these pages reflect as in a mirror many aspects of what we read in Revelation pertaining to the time of Anti-Christ, but as I said, see them firstly as his diabolical footprints by which he is tracked. In so doing we remain alert, we don’t comply, whether or not its the last aspects of his plan or yet more components of his sowing the seeds that will so intoxicate the world one day, that even the elect, if it were possible, could be so deceived as to also worship the Beast.

                Whenever I have penned responses, I always go back to what must occur first as directed by Heaven. To imagine we are in the time of Anti-Christ now is to mock God’s most wonderful plan ‘The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart’ and the ushering in the ‘end of an era (epoch)’ and the start of the new, of the time of Peace (for a thousand years). The new epoch for the Church and for mankind is not and could not ever be but a fleeting moment in history, an event of minimal impact or consequence. It will be a Glorious Reign of the Immaculate Heart, a most marvelous event of great honor and glory bestowed upon one so loved and adored, a diadem placed upon Her Crown by Her Divine Son, the Divine Will of His and Her Eternal Father, a gift from Her Divine Spouse the Holy Spirit.

                I remind you also these times are: the final and decisive battle between the Virgin and the Serpent (not between Christ and Satan). The Virgin will Triumph, She will crush the Head of the Serpent. He knows his time is short, he knows he will loose hence his rage against the Church, the Sacraments (especially Matrimony and the Priesthood), his rage against new born life in the womb. He knows his time is coming when the angels of the Most High will chain him and his minions and cast them each in to the sea of fire for a 1000 years.

                Let our Mother have Her time please. Fatima and Garabandal are messages of hope for us all, for our Children and our children’s children and for many more generations God willing. Don’t turn them in to messages of despair, breeding anxiety and fear.

                Pray the Rosary, carry out all you do as a if the Lord Himself had asked it of you, offer your daily duties as sacrifices for poor sinners that they might be saved and so avoid final damnation in Hell.

                God bless

                • To downplay the truth of the current moment can be highly misleading and one risks not to be prepared for what has to come VERY SOON. It’s not a matter of creating anxiety: it’s our duty (and God’s order) to recognize the sign of the times we are living in…

                  • Anonymous, come on, there is no question of my downplaying the current moment because I conclude with a few words of hope. For you to add that my comments somehow risk being highly misleading is utter nonsense. One cannot pass-over my reference to atheistic communism without reflecting on how such marks the seriousness of the moment which, at its zenith of horrors so dreadful will culminate in a necessary Divine Intervention, in the form of a frightening Warning. Do I really need to point such out given this site’s depth of information?

                    You seem never to relent beating your drum of doom, gloom and woe, that all must be at an imminent end, forever looking over your shoulder for anything and everything that you can speculate upon in an attempt to substantiate your dread point of view. Are you not exhausted?

                    God bless

                  • Hi Anonymous I banned you but you are always back especially when I am busy, you are using many different Ip and many different emails de facto you are what we call a troll, thank you.

                  • It is not Pete’s opinion only. Indeed, that’s the general layout of anticipation without a clear understanding of when the end will come. The end will come all of a sudden, the entire world will be surprised — it is a fact, not an opinion. In the meantime, it is possible to discuss it.

                    I objected that it is irresponsible to pronounce “this” or “that” as “mark of the Beast” without a clear understanding of what is the Beast. Beast MUST be identified. If someone says “vaccines are the mark of the Beast”, or “vaccine passport” is the mark, it is (1) irresponsible, (2) crude and (3) uncatholic.

                    (1) Giving opinions while fearmongering, without a clear understanding of facts, is irresponsible.
                    (2) Ostracising and defaming those people who had to take the vaccine and obtain work permit (because it was the only mean of approved treatment against a new disease, or to continue working in the workplace to support the family) is an act against virtue. People took mandatory cures and obtained passes without any previous intention for sin.
                    (3) Catholic faith does not dismiss people who take actions out of necessity. Stealing is a sin, but “stealing” food from the shop to preserve life is not stealing, and not a sin. Similarly, taking a vaccine to preserve health, receive the pass and be allowed to work and sustain family, is not a mark of sin. And if you have something that is not a mark of sin, you can’t be condemned by God for it.

                    And yet, the Scripture tells that those who refuse to take off the real mark of the Beast, will be condemned. So the mark of the Beast MUST be some sign of sin. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have anything against it. But God is all against sin.

                    There are far better candidates for the real mark of the Beast than the vaccine passports. If the Beast is one powerful, immoral worldly empire, that encourages you to put an LGBTQ “rainbow” on your shirt or your cap, then you willingly support SIN — something that encourages sinful behaviour, which deforms the human mind and soul. Coincidentally, that symbol contains 6 (6 stripes in 6 colours).

                    • ZMWT
                      A sound reflection that encourages critical thinking of the circumstances of these times. We ought to aim at maintaining objectivity when seeking clarity and keep the dialogue going.

                      I for one understand the point raised ref LGBTQ. As an example, the company I work for, a global enterprise and our customer that I deal directly with also a global enterprise, encourage Pride Month and the wearing of LGBTQ rainbow lanyards holding one’s ID. I refuse to do so, I will not be a billboard for a cultural movement that promotes a form of morality contrary to the Divine Plan for men and women. A movement that, mocks the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. What’s more, it breaks my heart to see alters and priests dressed in these emblems of sin, an abomination of abominations in the high places.

                      Private revelation only has value when in it is in continuity/conforms with Holy Scripture and the Church’s right teachings on such.

                      God bless

        • HI Rick, how many doses of the vaccine have you already taken ? If you answer me then I will keep your comment online, thank you.

          Ps : between us you are lucky that I am currently busy….

      • The Mark of the Beast – I think it may be an AIDS vacc.
        These jabs are The Mark of Innocence (abortion tainted).
        A clear divide, those who said no and those who took it and bought into the boosters.
        This will soften them up for the real demonic mark.
        Pray and ask Our Lady to join her army, The Army of God on this Earth.
        Your weapon, The Holy Rosary.

    • The schism has happened long ago. It’s like the parable of fruit; the rotting inside the fruit happened, and when the fruit finally cracks open under the force, all becomes visible. The removal of Pope Benedict and the instalment of apostate Bergoglio was the opening of the fruit. Everything since Bergoglio’s coming is wider and wider opening (schism) so we can see the depths of evil and corruption that has paralysed the entire institution and removed the true pope. The schism is good, though, because it clearly separates few remaining healthy parts of fruit from the rotting mush.

  5. Yes this is the synod before the warning I believe. As Aviso states above the synod opens in October this year of 2021 and runs until October 2023. Remember Conchita said a synod before the warning. This means a synod would start before the warning but it does not have to be finished before the warning occurs. It makes more sense that the warning would occur while the synod is still ongoing so the warning will be in late 2022 or early 2023. We already worked out April 13th 2023 for the miracle as per previous posts.

  6. To be clear Conchita said a synod before the warning, this means a synod would start before the warning but the synod does not have to be finished before the warning. The next synod as Aviso stated above starts in October 2021 and runs until 2023. This is almost definitely the synod before the Garabandal warning.

  7. this synodal process will be divided into three consecutive years (2021,2022,2023) if this is the synod that precedes the warning, it is difficult to predict the exact year.


    The next synod of bishops gathering in Rome has been postponed until 2023 so that an unprecedented consultation of Catholics can take place in advance.

    Pope Francis had originally planned a synod on the theme of synodality for October 2022, but in a radical shakeup, Rome is asking every diocese across the world to begin the first phase of the process on 17 October this year.

    Each local church will be sent details for a consultation and listening process that must last until April 2022 when a diocese will be required to submit proposals to their bishops’ conference. It is not clear yet what the consultation will focus on but the theme of the synod is: “For a synodal Church: communion, participation and mission.”

    Bishops will then meet to “listen to what the Spirit has inspired in the churches entrusted to them” and is to be followed by a “continental phase” of discernment.

    From September 2022 until March 2023 bishops from various regions will meet and draft a document to be sent to the synod office in Rome. The final phase of the synod will take place in the Vatican in October of that year.

    Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis has repeatedly called for a synodal church, one where bishops, priests and people “walk together” in a common mission. In a landmark 2015 speech, Francis stressed that synodality is what “God expects of the Church in the third millennium” and has called for the greater involvement of lay people in decision making.

    In an interview with Vatican News, Cardinal Mario Grech, who leads the synod secretariat in Rome, said the decision to postpone the Rome gathering was because the “time was ripe for a wider participation of the People of God in a decision-making process that affects the whole Church and everyone in the Church”.

    Pointing out that the Second Vatican Council taught that “the People of God participate in the prophetic office of Christ”, it is imperative to listen to the People of God, and this means going out to the local churches, he said.

    While synodality is rooted in early Christianity and part of the first 1,000 years of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Grech said it had weakened during the second millennium. The synod of bishops structure was established by Pope Paul VI in 1965, at the end of Vatican II, as a way to assist the Pope in his governance of the Church.

    Francis has used the synod as the primary vehicle for implementing his pastoral agenda and renewal of the Church, and has strengthened the importance of the synods. The Pope, however, wants this renewal to come from below, and has said his model of a synodal church is that of an “inverted pyramid” where “those who exercise authority are called ‘ministers’, because, in the original meaning of the word, they are the least of all”. His synods on the family (2014 & 2015), youth (2018) and the Amazon (2019) all included consultations of ordinary Catholics as part of the process.

    Meanwhile, churches across the world have announced or begun synodal processes including in Australia, Germany, Italy and Ireland while bishops in Latin America are embarking on a continent-wide process.

    Both Cardinal Grech and the new rules for the synod reference church teaching on the sensus fidei,“the sense of the faith” of believers, and the idea “that the Church as a whole is infallible in her belief”.

    The cardinal said that unity in the Church is not just achieved by “strengthening the authority of pastors” but requires “circularity, reciprocity, journeying together with respect to the various functions of the People of God”.

    He added: “God willing, one of the fruits of the Synod is that we might all understand that a decision-making process in the Church always begins with listening, because only in this way can we understand how and where the Spirit wants to lead the Church.”

    riat in Rome, said the decision to postpone the Rome gathering was because the “time was ripe for a wider participation of the People of God in a decision-making process that affects the whole Church and everyone in the Church”.

    Pointing out that the Second Vatican Council taught that “the People of God participate in the prophetic office of Christ”, it is imperative to listen to the People of God, and this means going out to the local churches, he said.

    While synodality is rooted in early Christianity and part of the first 1,000 years of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Grech said it had weakened during the second millennium. The synod of bishops structure was established by Pope Paul VI in 1965, at the end of Vatican II, as a way to assist the Pope in his governance of the Church.

    Francis has used the synod as the primary vehicle for implementing his pastoral agenda and renewal of the Church, and has strengthened the importance of the synods. The Pope, however, wants this renewal to come from below, and has said his model of a synodal church is that of an “inverted pyramid” where “those who exercise authority are called ‘ministers’, because, in the original meaning of the word, they are the least of all”. His synods on the family (2014 & 2015), youth (2018) and the Amazon (2019) all included consultations of ordinary Catholics as part of the process.

    Meanwhile, churches across the world have announced or begun synodal processes including in Australia, Germany, Italy and Ireland while bishops in Latin America are embarking on a continent-wide process.

    Both Cardinal Grech and the new rules for the synod reference church teaching on the sensus fidei,“the sense of the faith” of believers, and the idea “that the Church as a whole is infallible in her belief”.

    The cardinal said that unity in the Church is not just achieved by “strengthening the authority of pastors” but requires “circularity, reciprocity, journeying together with respect to the various functions of the People of God”.

    He added: “God willing, one of the fruits of the Synod is that we might all understand that a decision-making process in the Church always begins with listening, because only in this way can we understand how and where the Spirit wants to lead the Church.”

  9. the 2019 synod of the amazon appeared to be the synod of the warning as pope francisco was planning to allow married priests in some remote regions of the amazon, which would obviously cause a schism, however the pope emeritus book in defense of celibacy published weeks before the exhortation post-synodal was fundamental to stop this change in doctrine.
    I believe that the risk of schism persists with the autonomous synod of the German Church in 2022, many liberal bishops have already shown that they want to use this meeting to create their own doctrine within the German Church.

  10. Public adulterers can be admitted to the Sacraments. This is now the Church’s Authentic Magisterium. No. The False Prophet sits on Peters Chair.

  11. As we all know Pope Francis is a Jesuit priest. The first Jesuit ever to be Pope.

    One of the great events in Garabandal will happen on the day after the Miracle. The bones of Fr Luis Maria Andreu will be perfectly reclothed in flesh and he will appear as he died in that moment of pure joy. In his bones right now we only see death and decay. That is what the evil one wants us to see.

    In Garabandal Mary tells us that in reality her children do not die no matter how it appears to the contrary. As if to confirm this, Conchita communicated with Fr Andreu in heaven. Fr Andreu began as a doubter of Garabandal. Among his last words on earth on having been given a preview of The Great Miracle he said of The Blessed Virgin “How fortunate we are to have a mother like her in heaven.”

    After the Miracle we will see Fr Andreu as he is meant to be seen.

    Fr Andreu was a Jesuit priest. For me this is no coincidence. The Jesuits take a special and specific vow of obedience to the Pope. In Garabandal Mary placed great importance on obedience to the Church even above obedience to her. There are no coincidences in God’s world. After the Miracle I believe we will see Pope Francis as he is meant to be seen and regarded; as the legitimate and true vicar of Jesus Christ, the visible head of the Church on earth.

    Mary chose Fr Andreu, a Jesuit, to confirm the truth in Garabandal that death has been conquered by her Son. Her Son chose a Jesuit to exercise His authority on earth, the Pope of the end of times and the first Pope of the new times. In my view Pope Francis has exercised his God given authority with integrity and courage.

    A Jesuit through and through just as God called him to be.

  12. You ask the question about Pope Francis “Where are his supporters?” Well here is one. I am one. We are so completely different in our opinion of this man. We are both intelligent so the difference is not due to mental ability. We must be dealing with spiritual ability and one of us must me impaired in this regard. I fear for your soul, you fear for mine. May we always consign our holy fears to the care of Mary. On June 18 1965 Our Blessed Mother said “Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests” My sincere request to Mary and St Michael is that we be preserved from the consequence of genuine mistake and led into truth free of condemnation of ourselves and others and willing to go with changes that must be made when the truth is made clear to all.

    • And she said to me :

      The Girl : Father from whom comes this gift ?
      Aviso : From my Good Friend Joe Crozier
      The Girl : but who is Joe ?
      Aviso : A Great faithful of our Lady of Garabandal, you know there in this village where you were Baptized.

      • Thank you mon frere. Your princess, who received her passport to heaven in Garabandal. Here is a carol from Aotearoa, New Zealand, The Land of the Long White Cloud. It is like a lullaby. Perhaps one night you will play it to the girl as you kneel by her bed.

    • Joe,

      With all do respect. What do you think of a Pope who accepts what Luther had to say? About a Pope who seems to think nothing wrong with liberation theology? Of being fixated with material income inequality? (Since when was Jesus fixated on income distribution in his teaching?) Fixated on materialistic politics? Immigration?

      Don’t you think THE most important thing the vicar of Christ should be focusing on is human salvation rather than politics?

      Christ is logos. He is REASON. He wants us to use reason with our faith, because he himself is REASON. You seem to be abandoning all reason for blind alliance to a more and more obvious heretic in the Vatican. More and more evidence is being shown, but those who are blind refuse to see the evidence that points to truth.

      I pray for you, that the lord opens your mind and allows reason to enter, so you are not led into perdition.

      Matthew 15:14
      14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

      • Hi Mike
        I am busy working so please excuse my short reply. There is no point in further dialogue with you on these details because we see things from a completely different point of view and through a completely different lens. My comment was really for Aviso and for our friendship. I leave you with a short verse I found in a Christmas card
        “Listen for His voice,
        rest in His love,
        and know all is well
        in His Hands.”
        Thank you for your prayer which finds reflection in mine for you. Ephphatha.

  13. The Authentic Magisterium Is Truth, Not a Trademark
    by Christopher A. Ferrara
    December 5, 2017

    As the explosive new book on Pope Francis, The Dictator Pope, makes its appearance as a best seller in both English and Italian editions, the Church is confronted with an astonishing dictatorial abuse of the Magisterium itself by Francis and what some have called his “magic circle” of handpicked ultra-progressivists.

    In yesterday’s column, I noted that Francis has published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS), his approval of the guidelines for implementation of Amoris Laetitia by the bishops of Buenos Aires (along with the guidelines themselves), accompanied by a papal rescript elevating the formerly “private” letter to the status of an apostolic letter and declaring that it is part of the “authentic Magisterium.”
    This move is a blatant attempt to halt all criticism of AL (including the seemingly imminent “formal correction” by Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller) by cloaking the letter and the guidelines in the language of Canon 752 of the 1984 Code of Canon Law, which (citing Vatican II) provides “[a]lthough not an assent of faith, a religious submission of the intellect and will must be given to a doctrine which the Supreme Pontiff or the college of bishops declares concerning faith or morals when they exercise the authentic magisterium, even if they do not intend to proclaim it by definitive act; therefore, the Christian faithful are to take care to avoid those things which do not agree with it.” 
    The ploy cannot succeed. Francis’ novelty cannot be part of the “authentic Magisterium” because it transgresses the fundamental divine limitation on papal doctrinal authority as enunciated by the First Vatican Council:

    “For the Holy Spirit was promised to the successors of Peter not so that they might, by his revelation, make known some new doctrine, but that, by his assistance, they might religiously guard and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of faith transmitted by the apostles.”
    Francis is here claiming to announce new doctrine, overturning the teaching of his own predecessor in keeping with all of Tradition. As the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under John Paul II declared in 1998, the absolution and admission to Holy Communion of public adulterers in “second marriages,” without a commitment to cease adulterous sexual relations, “is intrinsically impossible” and “The conscience of the individual is bound to this norm without exception.” That is because this is a norm “over which the Church has no discretionary authority. The indissoluble nature of marriage… goes back to Christ Himself and is thus identified as a norm of divine law,” and the admission of public adulterers to Holy Communion would violate that divine moral norm.

    Yet Pope Francis purports to introduce exceptions to a norm rooted in divine law for the first time in 2,000 years, and he does so by means of patent moral nonsense.  Recall the pertinent section of the Buenos Aires guidelines:
    “When the concrete circumstances of a couple make it feasible, especially when both are Christians with a journey of faith, one may propose that they commit to living in continence.”…
    “In other more complex circumstances, and when it is not possible to obtain a declaration of nullity, the aforementioned option may not, in fact, be viable. Nonetheless, it is equally possible to undertake a journey of discernment…. [I]f one arrives at the recognition that, in a concrete case, there are limitations that diminish responsibility and culpability (cf. 301-302), particularly when a person judges that he would fall into a subsequent fault by damaging the children of the new union, Amoris Laetitia opens up the possibility of access to the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist (cf. notes 336 and 351).”

    First of all, the exceptionless moral norm requiring continence for those involved in “second marriages” is not a mere proposal, but a divinely imposed mandate: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.  Adultery is never permissible under any circumstances, and those who purport to divorce their spouses and marry another are, as Our Lord Himself declared, adulterers without exception.

    Secondly, “more complex circumstances” cannot be said to render “not viable” obedience to divine law.  That claim is nothing but situation ethics, which the Church cannot possibly accept.

    Thirdly, “more complex circumstances” is an empty phrase capable of whatever meaning one wishes to impart to it. What constitutes “complex” as opposed to “simple” circumstances?  And who determines this? The authentic Magisterium cannot impose such a vague notion as a moral principle.
    Fourthly, “journey of discernment” is a mere slogan just as meaningless as “more complex circumstances.”  Discernment by whom?  A priest, a bishop, the adulterer himself?  Discernment of what, exactly?  An ill-defined phrase capable of innumerable interpretations cannot be a binding moral principle. 

    In sum, “authentic Magisterium” stands for the truth of Christ and what the Church has always taught in His name and by His authority. It is not a trademark that Pope Francis can blithely affix to his absurd novelties in order to declare them beyond criticism or discussion.

    Never in the entire history of the Church has any Pope dared to abuse the Magisterium in this manner. There have been other papal tyrants in Church history, but never has there been a Pope who tried to tyrannize Catholic doctrine itself by demanding universal submission to his own errant ideas.
    May Our Lady of Fatima intervene soon to rescue the Church from the astounding disaster of this pontificate.

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