The Russia Hoax

Written by  A. Matt Werner

The Bad Guys? (Are you sure?)

Another Perspective

Editor’s Note: I would ask our readers to please keep in mind the massive COVID propaganda campaign to which we’ve all be subjected as you read the following article. Everything you’re hearing about Russia and Ukraine at the moment is being driven by the same agents of disinformation. In other words, open your minds to an alternate opinion — that of a fellow traditional Catholic who has boots-on-the-ground experience in the region in question.

On the other hand, if you subject yourself to the “expert” testimony served up by your evening news crew—if you “mask up” again for them—then it is likely that soon enough you will be denouncing voices of dissent such as that of The Remnant  as “unamerican” and reprehensible for exhibiting “callous disregard for the Ukrainian people”. I know this because I lived through it once before,  twenty years ago when The Remnant lost thousands of subscribers for not going along with the insufferable neocon, George W. Bush, and his preemptive strike on Iraq, through which he and his hawkish friends – i.e., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Frum and the rest – made the world “safe for democracy” by destabilizing the entire Middle East.

Most of the “conservatives” who were beating the war drums twenty years ago have since “seen the light” on that debacle, but I beg you not to let history repeat itself now. Do not believe any of what the insufferable talking heads on TV tell you about Russia and the Ukraine here in 2022. They know we all grew up watching Cold War movies and they think they can yank us along with this insanity again now. Prove them wrong! Do your own research. And perhaps let Mr. Werner’s article be the catalyst for the independent thought so desperately needed right now. If cooler heads don’t prevail, Team Biden will plunge this country into World War III…only this time the USA will not win, which may be the point of the entire exercise.  MJM

“Never Go to War over an East European Cause” 
– Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, 200 years ago

Let me unravel the muddled thinking of Francis Xavier Maier who in a piece today that he wrote for “The Catholic Thing” declared it would be obscene “if Ukrainians ignored the memory of Russian criminality in their country for the sake of a dubious peace.”  Maier implies but does not declare that the U.S. should provide Ukraine military aid; and he chides various conservative voices on the American right who caution restraint in this regard.

Maier leads off most of his paragraphs with misstatements of fact.  He misreads history. He bears an animus towards Russia that Russia does not deserve.

With support and planning by our CIA and our State Department; with the support of the Obama administration, and with tax-payer dollars, policy wonks in DC went on to cheer the bloody urban warfare in downtown Kiev.

He writes about “eight years of war initiated by Russia.” He seems not to know that the United States initiated the conflict by organizing, funding and encouraging a bloody coup in Kiev in 2014, with the aim of ousting the popularly elected President Viktor Yanukovich, who favored cooperation with Russia in various areas. 

With support and planning by our CIA and our State Department; with the support of the Obama administration, and with tax-payer dollars, policy wonks in DC went on to cheer the bloody urban warfare in downtown Kiev near the Maidan Nezolezhnosti public square. I have peacefully traversed that square by foot hundreds of times in the last few decades during my extensive travels through the Ukraine and Russia as president of a Catholic mission association and relief fund.

You will not understand the truth about Russia and Ukraine unless you go back to 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, and they created a new country called Ukraine.  Before 1991 Ukraine was an administrative province, territory or district of the U.S.S.R. since shortly after the 1917 Revolution. [Ukraine became nominally independent in 1918, after the Treaty of Brest Litovsk, but was conquered by the Soviets in 1922] Before that, the eastern half of the Ukraine had been the western most European region of Czarist Russia, with her historic mother city Kiev sitting on the right bank of the River Dnepr surrounded with golden onion domes perched atop several Russian Orthodox monasteries nestled in the forested hills tumbling down to the river.

The citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk have always spoken Russian. They did not ask to join the new country of Ukraine when new borders were arbitrarily drawn following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Did you know they teach all Russian children that Kiev is the mother city of Russia?   In about 988 AD prince Volodymyr accepted the Catholic Faith, received Baptism and entered the Church. His countrymen followed him into the Greek Catholic Church of the Byzantine Empire, many years before the schism of 1054.  In subsequent centuries the Faith spread to the heart of Russia.

You might have read in your history books that many Russians fought valiantly against the Red Communist army in the several years immediately following the Communist Revolution of 1917.  The White Russian army commanded by General Denikin and the heroic General Pyotr Wrangel fought valiantly to defeat the Red Army in the years 1918-1920. 

Most of those battles took place precisely in the region just east and north of the Sea of Azov. They also fought in the Crimea. Those battles took place in and around the lands of the so-called “break-away” oblasts.  The sons of Donetsk and Lugansk spilt their blood to save Russia from the Communists in those years.

Russia bears no animosity towards the Ukraine… The Russian army has not crossed the border to engage in armed conflict.  Our government and our media seem to want you to think Russia has acted aggressively. 

The citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk have always spoken Russian.  They are Russian, in their language, in their songs, in their lineage, in their literature and in their hearts.  They did not ask to join the new country of Ukraine when new borders were arbitrarily drawn following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Over the last four centuries several European empires have subjected Ukrainian soil to their rule.  Not only the Russian Empire ruled this territory. The Austro-Hungarian empire once enclosed most of western Ukraine within its borders.  The Polish-Lithuanian kingdom once ruled over most of the Ukraine and most of central Europe.  Inside the borders of the Ukraine, you find not only Ukrainians, but also Romanians, Moldovans, Ruthenians, Tatars, Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, Belarussians, Cossacks, and of course Russians, who naturally live near the lengthy eastern border with Russia.  These groups don’t always see eye to eye.

Ukrainians trace their roots to Prince Danilo’s small kingdom of Galicia on the eastern banks of the Carpathian Mountains, founded in the 13th Century following the invasion of Genghis Khan’s Mongols who had plundered and burned Kiev in 1242. Today’s Ukraine dwarfs the kingdom of Galicia.  But for the vicissitudes of history; they might have named our subject county Southern Poland, or Greater Galicia, or Western Russia.  As we have it, they named it the Ukraine, which literally means “the borderland” (in the Russian tongue).

The U.S. and the EU had been planning and hoping to bring the Ukraine into the EU and into NATO. 

Next, Maier throws a red herring into the stew.  Stalin and the Communist party plotted the death by hunger for millions (Holodomor) in 1933 in Ukraine.  It was not a crime committed by Russia against the Ukraine.  The Russia of 2022 bears no guilt for the crimes committed by the Soviet Union ninety years ago.  Today’s Russia bears no animosity towards the Ukraine.  Instead, they fear the U.S. and NATO who have been encircling Russia with U.S. financed military bases in most of the former countries of the Warsaw Pact and the former Soviet Union.  NATO has doubled in size since 1991.  And all those missiles and armaments in the new countries in NATO point towards Russia.  Of all the large countries bordering Russia along its western and southern flanks, only Belarus and the Ukraine remain outside NATO.

Contrary to Maier’s assertions, Russia has not waged war in these two most eastern oblasts of Ukraine.  Instead, the Ukraine sent its army east to Donetsk and Lugansk to stop those oblasts from seceding from the country, much like Abraham Lincoln’s armies invaded our southern states to prevent their secession.  The Russian army has not crossed the border to engage in armed conflict.  Our government and our media seem to want you to think Russia has acted aggressively.  On the contrary she has shown the greatest restraint.

Does Mr. Maier know how much hatred for Russia burns in the hearts of so many misguided souls in Ukraine?  Recall how in May 2014 a gang of thugs (reportedly neo-Nazis) forced forty Russians visiting Odessa for a football tournament to seek refuge in the Trade Unions Building.  They barricaded them inside, set fire to the building, and killed all forty.

Maier conflates the Soviet Union of the 1930’s with the Russia of today.  He wants his readers to reflect “on the savage Stalinist persecution of Ukrainian Catholics that took place in the name of Marxist Leninist progress.” 

Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk don’t want to live in a country that treats Russians so.  I can’t explain why hatred of Russia runs so high.  Do they hold Russians culpable for the crimes of ancestors?  I have witnessed the ugly faces of hatred in the Ukraine many times and places.  I witnessed the 2004 Orange Revolution, also on Maidan Nezolezhnosti, when tens of thousands of western Ukrainians shut down the city with ugly tent camps in the city center.  The magnanimous presidential election victor, Viktor Yanukovich, agreed to accede to the demands of the mob, and he allowed Viktor Yushchenko to assume the presidency.

After Yushchenko’s ineffective term expired, Yanukovich finally became president again, by popular vote.  The troublemakers came again.  This time they came with U.S. support, encouragement, logistics and money.  Yanukovich barely escaped with his life.  Burnt-out buildings lined the main street Khreshchatik.

The U.S. and the EU had been planning and hoping to bring the Ukraine into the EU and into NATO.  The Russians living in Eastern Ukraine had seen enough, and they wanted out of the country.  They wanted no part of the corrupt European Union and the western decadence it promised to bring. Nevertheless, some “smart” policy wonks in Washington think we should act to prevent the secession of those two easternmost oblasts—Donetsk and Lugansk. [Ukraine has twenty-five regions or oblasts]

Russia cannot countenance our adding Ukraine to the block of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—and the near certainty that we would thereafter install offensive nuclear weapons on the doorstep of Russia, weapons capable of reaching Moscow in just a few minutes.

Maier laments the “mutations of post-Soviet Russian imperialism” seemingly oblivious to the misguided American imperialist adventures around the world these past several decades that have left many more dead, wounded and refugees than anything you can lay at the doorstep of Russia since the Soviet Union disbanded. I’ll spare the reader the list of countries we have invaded or with whom we have meddled, as my ink cartridge now runs low.

Maier conflates the Soviet Union of the 1930’s with the Russia of today.  He wants his readers to reflect “on the savage Stalinist persecution of Ukrainian Catholics that took place in the name of Marxist Leninist progress.”  Maier wants his readers to look upon Russia as a land of monsters.  He doesn’t know that Russia has become the most Christian of nations since Pope Pius XII consecrated her to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1952.  He seemingly doesn’t know much about the people I have visited on 38 mission trips these past twenty-five years.  They have built thousands of new Orthodox churches throughout Russia in recent years. They exhibit great piety and sober purpose in their lives.  You won’t find more humble, generous, long-suffering people in any other country you might visit.

Putin and the Russians do not covet the oblasts of Lugansk and Donetsk as so many in our government and media imagine.  Instead, Russia cannot countenance our adding Ukraine to the block of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—and the near certainty that we would thereafter install offensive nuclear weapons on the doorstep of Russia, weapons capable of reaching Moscow in just a few minutes.

Many Russians fought valiantly against the Red Communist army in the several years immediately following the Communist Revolution of 1917. 

Russia stages her army along her lengthy border with Ukraine to send us the message that we may not try to add Ukraine to NATO without deadly serious consequences.  Russia will act in her own best interest. Maier laments the traumatized veterans of the Ukrainian army.  Why can’t he sympathize with the anxiety suffered by the Russians—brought about by the US and NATO who continue to encircle them with new military bases in the several new countries NATO adds every decade?  I invite you to look at the map showing NATO encroachment upon Russia.  The world should give thanks that Putin and Russia have shown such forbearance and restraint, up until now.

Never go to war over an Eastern European cause.  You will not likely understand the people and their history.  From your great geographic distance, you probably won’t have had the motive nor the opportunity to study and understand the issues that divide them.  Where and how they draw their country’s borders does not vitally threaten your nation’s security.  You will find your greatest security by turning to the mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the solicitous mother of her beloved Russian children, by praying her Rosary and trusting in her intercession to untie all knots. 

— A. Matt Werner received his B.S.F.S from Georgetown School of Foreign Service in 1978 and a Juris Doctorate from Catholic University School of Law in 1981. He was Judge Advocate USAF in NATO from 1982 through 1987.

My Comment : Great article from the excellent Remnant Newspaper of the Great Michael Matt, friends as you all know now I am myself living in Kiev (Ukraine) for months, this article written by an expert describes exactly the geopolitical situation in the region and what I see and hear here on the spot myself every day, no Ukrainian to my knowledge wants a war with Russia, most of them are well aware of this daily propaganda from the United States of Biden and its European armed wing via Nato, this is the same team beind the covid propaganda, their final goal is a world war 3 with Russia and of course China, for your information many ukrainians have a russian parent either the father or the mother or vice versa, kiev is the cradle of russia, the ukrainian president himself recently asked to calm down, nobody wants war here, leave this country in peace, in under no circumstances does President Putin want to invade a brother country, the only possibility would be that he would be obliged to do so, in particular because of possible Nato nuclear missiles on Ukrainian territory, but if we ever get there, I am telling you from Kiev, none on this earth will be able to escape this global tragedy, as our Lady said at Fatima, MANY countries will disappear from the face of this planet forever, it is the responsibility of each one to pray that this never happens but also to put pressure on those responsible and behind this new plot, reducing the population by marking it and now ended their diabolical plan with a third world war well if it is not evil I do not know what is it and precisely with the Country that our Lady had asked our Popes to consecrate for more than a century, here is where the blindness of Rome leads, by disobeying to our Lady, they will take us with them into the abyss, de facto now we are fast approaching the prophecies of Garabandal, thank you.


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  1. What if “the pope” already went to Moscow on March 16 when he had a video conference with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow? Television and video conference were not part of the seers everyday life at the time of Our Lady’s apparitions. Perhaps the event passed by without our comprehending it. If so, the Warning could happen at any moment.

  2. The EU “will reduced oil supply from Russia ‘significantly in a year… because of Hungary” Ursula von der Leyen.
    That just about sums up the situation. Nato have already agreed to allow Russia occupation of East Ukraine. The rest is just political posturing.

    • From a usually well informed italian newspaper (google translated):
      “In the meantime, however, negotiations are continuing: the real diplomatic channels with Russia are being entertained by the Vatican. The declarations of Pope Francis on Moscow, NATO and against good-bad Manichaeism are not accidental. Putin in fact respects Bergoglio very much, because he has never attacked him personally and has always tried with his reasoning to fillet the complexity at the origin of the conflict
      The threads of the underground dialogue at this moment are held by the secretary of state Parolin and the Russian foreign minister Lavrov, in triangulation with the United States.”

      Keep also an eye on what’s happening in the Middle East!!!.

      God bless! Let’s pray.

  3. Third Secret of Fatima Documentary: Russia’s Secret Weapon (No Background Music Version)

    This Third Secret of Fatima documentary investigates Russia’s secret weapon and unveils the testimonies and evidence that the Third Secret of Fatima foretells this weapon’s key role in the coming chastisement and the prophesied annihilation of nations. This prophecy has tremendous implications and ramifications which this Third Secret documentary will explore and expound fully: ramifications that will affect everyone. This is one of the very first documentaries to explore this part of the prophecy at this level of depth and this level of quality production level.

    This video is the same as the original documentary but with the background music removed. The version with music is here:

    What’s in this video:

    Suzanne Pearson talks about how “there is something in the Third Secret that has never been guessed yet by anyone trying to predict it”: a weapon Russia can use based on a newly discovered form of energy that can kill billions (likely based on Nikola Tesla technology) (00:15)

    A clip from Vladimir Putin’s full warning speech where he warns and reveals that Russia has developed a “new weapon” that renders NATO’s anti-missile defense system “entirely pointless” (00:53).

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a high-ranking Russian diplomat, spills the beans on Russia’s scalar weaponry on Georgian TV (possibly to the chagrin of the Russian military and Secret Service) (01:40).

    Fr. Gruner on Pope John Paul II’s words admitting that the real Third Secret of Fatima predicts oceans flooding whole areas of the earth and millions of people perishing from one moment to the next which is exactly what Vladimir Zhirinovsky threatened (03:26).

    The best clips from the documentary “Third Secret of Fatima Theory 2017: The tip of the spear as a flame” by Frieza2000XTC (05:52). These clips walk you through the best evidence based on testimonies, official documentation, leaks, and keen insights for why the recent publication in August 2014 of Sr. Lucy’s previously unpublished vision of the chastisement narrows down the possibilities of the chastisement substantially and points very clearly and squarely to this most probable scenario: “That initiating or during a war with Russia, someone will fire a weapon powered by a new source of energy that will, through Russia’s instrumentality, cause global earthquakes strong enough to level mountains, triggering global tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and massive windstorms that will kill at least 600 million people, also resulting in continents breaking off and island-nations sinking into the ocean being annihilated, possibly resulting in changes to the earth’s axis and rotational velocity, billions more dying in the aftermath from volcanic ash and gases, nuclear meltdowns, toxic chemical spills, starvation, disease, and eventually chronic degenerative disorders from the environmental toxins.” View his full video here:

    Suzanne Pearson talks about Nikola Tesla and his publicly suppressed, undisclosed research that made its way to the Soviet Union; scalar energy and scalar waves; Russia’s electromagnetic weaponry research (which seems to be far ahead of the United States); Fr. Malachi Martin’s testimony on these things; and Fr. Malachi’s startling statement: “Remember: when these [convulsions of nature and catastrophes on land, water, and atmosphere] begin to happen, it is NOT nature and it is NOT God” (44:43). About how these will be caused by man manipulating nature and using nature itself as a weapon.

    A discussion of Fr. Malachi Martin’s assertion about the Third Secret: “Whole sections of the earth will be washed away forever, whole nations will perish, whole nations will lose the Faith, natural catastrophes that the world has never seen before will level humanity.”

    About how at every point of the fulfillment of the Fatima prophecies and the implied geopolitical change, Russia will be the trigger that advances the process. How Russia is its womb, focal point, and the main agent of change (51:34, 57:58). About Pope John Paul II’s admittance that his papal predecessors diplomatically postponed publication of the Third Secret so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves (because the Secret is so explicit on this new form of weaponry and the vulnerability of the West). About how Russia leads the world in the development of scalar energy and Nikita Khruschev’s public admittance in 1960 that Russia had developed “a fantastic new weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on Earth if used without restraint” (54:12).

    The full warning speech of President Vladimir Putin given in 2016 and 2007 where he discusses the contemporary arms race between the United States and Russia (1:04:56). Towards the end of his speech, he talks about a “new weapon” that Russia has developed over the years that renders NATO’s anti-missile defense system “entirely pointless” and that is far cheaper.

    Please share!

  4. Dear Emmet Sweeney,

    The only rubbish I see here is your defense that Russia has converted when Putin wants a new world order with leadership shared with China (another example of a Christian nation perhaps), perhaps you would consider the dogmas of immaculate conception and papal primacy as optional truths for Catholics; since the Russian nation completely rejects them; and yet you maintain the fallacious thesis that garanbadal spoke only of the Soviet Union.

    Russian FM hails China as part of emerging ‘just world order’…ls-china-as-part-of-emerging-just-world-order

    Medvedev weighs in on goals of Ukraine special operation
    Russian Politics & DiplomacyApril 05, 14:07
    According to the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, the most important goal is “to convert the bloodthirsty and the total, fabricated-myth-laden consciousness of some Ukrainians”
    MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. One of Moscow’s most important aims is to convert the “bloodthirsty and the total, fabricated-myth-laden consciousness” of some Ukrainians. This is necessary for their own future generations’ peace and harmony and the creation of an open Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin has clearly set the goal of demilitarizing and denazifying Ukraine. These complicated tasks are not fulfilled in the blink of an eye, nor will they be solved only on the battlefields,” the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council stated.

    According to the top official, the most important goal is “to convert the bloodthirsty and the total, fabricated-myth-laden consciousness of some Ukrainians.”

    “The goal is for the harmony of future generations of Ukrainians and the opportunity to build an open Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” Medvedev pointed out.

    On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in response to a request for help by the heads of the Donbass republics. He stressed that Moscow had no plans of occupying Ukrainian territories, but aimed to demilitarize and denazify the country.

  5. Conchita said that if we don’t change our ways Russia will take possession of the whole world and Blessed Sister Elena Aiello predicted that Russia would march on all the nations of Europe; hence these speculations about Russia reaching Israel *(in the context of the prophecy about Gog and Magog); involve the possible point at which divine intervention will stop Russia and bring about her conversion.

    I had previously posted a link about Malachi Martin’s prediction that Ukraine would be involved in Russia’s conversion process; apparently the comment was not approved

    • Conchita said no such thing. Mari Loli, or perhaps Jacinta, said something to that effect. However, as I never tire of explaining to people, “Russia,” when the seers said these things (early 1960s) meant “communism.” For your information, the prophecy of Fatima, that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world, if the consecration didn’t take place then (1929), has already happened. It is the so-called West that is now the godless part of the world. Russia, on the contrary, is now a Christian country. So, can we please stop hearing this rubbish about Russia.

      • You may be right about the west, but it’s completely rubbish to claim Russia is a Christian nation.
        They have state sponsored Christianity in the form of the corrupt Russian Orthodox Church which
        Simply serves to give Putin a moral backing for his atrocities.

  6. the connection of Ukraine with Fatima was mentioned by Father Malachi Martin *(who knew the third secret since 1960), as according to him the conversion of Russia would begin in Ukraine (specifically Kiev)

  7. Dear Anonymous; In one of Ukraine’s peace proposals presented last week, the country would agree to renounce NATO membership on the condition that Israel; Poland, Turkey and Canada would guarantee their security: such a proposal could also generate a future confrontation between Russia and Israel.

    + God Bless you

    • Dear Luan,

      there are certainly several reasons that will lead to a confrontation between a coalition led by the leader of Russia (Gog of Magog) and Israel. According to the Bible the main reason, however, will be related to economics (that’s why the gas seems to me the more plausible.
      The Gog-Magog end-times war foreseen in Ezechiel chapters 38-39 will involve the following ancient nations:
      Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer and Beth-Togarmah;
      Corresponding to today’s:
      Russia, the former Soviet states (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia and Libya, eastern Europe, Armenia, western Asia, and Turkey.
      Yemen (Sheba) and Saudi Arabia (Dedan) do not participate in this war.

      God bless. Let’s pray.

    • Dear Luan,

      It is, however, worth noting that God will totally defeat on His Own, in a supernatural way, the leader of Russia (we don’t know if it will be ‘Putin’ or another by that time) and his army: Israeli Defense Forces will not even be involved…

      “Then I will strike your bow from your left hand and make your arrows
      drop from your right hand. On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you
      and all your troops and the nations with you. I will give you as food to
      all kinds of carrion birds and to the wild animals. You will fall in the
      open field, for I have spoken, declares the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel

      “so that the nations may know Me, when I show Myself holy
      through you in their sight.” (Ezekiel 38:16)

      God will finally intervene, a moment before that Israel is annihilated, not because Israel deserves His intervention, but simply to show His mighty power in front of all the nations. Until that final moment, Russia and its allies (which at a certain stage will include China and Iran) will be set free to unleash their destructive powers to punish the world the sins and to purify His Spouse (the Catholic Church: the one and only that will survive).

      God bless. Let’s pray!

      • Anonymous, Stay with Fatima and Garabandal or do not blame me if I am too hard then, we do not care about who is gog or magog…etc…..our main goal is to take the maximum of our readers to Garabandal for the Great Miracle day, which is already difficult as many are waiting for years, de facto I count on you, thank you.

        • Disagree with you Aviso.

          If we can determine who Gog and Magog are then we will be able to more accurately analyze the news and predict future events, especially the warning as well as the miracle.

          Where it gets interesting is that I heard the same analysis from a Quebec priest specializing in eschatology (Mario Massicotte). He also said that the attack on Israel would be stopped dead by a direct intervention of God and that the whole world would then know that God exists.

          Now that’s my analysis, but I wonder if it’s not the warning that would put an end to this attack… It could totally make sense in this case.

          • No pigmentbleu, my Apostolate is about Garabandal via Fatima only and from the beginning, this is my main goal then I will be off online, de facto I do not need to know who is Gog and Magog, my wish is to take with us the maximum of our readers to Garabandal for the Great Miracle day only, by the way I am getting myself daily and in private many of these new google/Tiktok Prophets….Aviso I know Garabandal, Aviso I read the Fatima 3rd Secret, Aviso I know who is Gog and Magog, Aviso I know the Great Miracle Date, Aviso you are a dictator like Putin, Aviso you are not catholic but schismatic, Aviso you have no heart, Aviso you are excommunicated because you do not recognize Francis, Aviso you are a joke, Aviso Ukraine is linked to Fatima I am sure (of course since it’s all over the medias) I have myself hundreds of these messages in my mail box and on and on….,again you have here at Garabandal News the best Garabandalist to my knowledge, let me add via Maria Saracco and my good friend from whatisgarabandal as well, this is it, thank you.

            • Excuse me Aviso but in this case, if the subject is only Fatima and Garabandal, why did you create the following subjects? :
              – Ukraine donation
              – The Russia Hoax
              – An Easter Prayer to share with you, our Friends and Family
              – Biden says Putin is a “killer”
              – Two Remedies for Our Time: Eucharistic Devotion, Wholly Revitalized & Devotion to Our Lady
              – Francis & Biden The Evil’s Plot
              – Vote Trump D DAY
              – The Agony in the Garden. A Prayer and a Promise From Jesus to St Padre Pio
              – etc., etc., etc.

              Besides, I thought that managing to determine the date of the miracle and the warning was your hobby. The analysis of the elements present in the Bible is one of the means of achieving this. I don’t see why you should draw a line under it. And even less when you understand that everything is linked. When the clairvoyants announce that the warning will come when the situation will be at its worst and when in the 3rd secret there is mention of war and of Russia invading Europe and that it has just invaded Ukraine it seems to me more than relevant to analyze the elements reported by Luan. Otherwise you’re missing something…

              I understand your annoyance at the bombardment of your mailbox. However, it is not a question here of playing the guesser and wanting to predict the future, of debating about the effective return of Jesus or not, the millennium or not, etc.

              Similarly, for example, you will analyze the elements of the synods that are held as you go along to try to determine which could trigger the predicted shism to try to guess the date of the warning, even analyze the war of Gog and Magog is another element to take into consideration and totally relevant in the context that we know.

            • Hi Aviso

              Thank you.

              Dear all, what is important for our reflection is not fanciful predictions of cataclysmic events or the what, where and when of the Parousia. These mysteries and their specifics of unfolding are beyond our full understanding. They are hidden and remain hidden as mysteries by Heaven for a reason. So my advice is, as always, “Stop poking!”

              Our Lord said “It is not for you to know times and dates” {of these matters}. Our Lord gave generalities concerning these mysteries as also the New and Old Testament to keep us on our guard and so encourage use to lead holy lives, not become complacent like one of the bridesmaids, for we know neither the day nor the hour (referring to both our death and The End). Wars and rumors of wars, famine and plagues, false Christs etc. Since the time of the Apostles, history records numerous events for which, speculators of the day would say “this is it, the end is nigh.” Even the Apostle Paul, as also those living under Nero (666), never mind more recently 2 World Wars preceded by “signs and wonders in the sun and in the air” And still The End is not come.

              That which ‘we do know’ is that which is important for our reflection.

              We know Fatima warned of consequences if certain matters were not attended to. This we are witness to, both in past events and recent history. We are then to reflect on “which side of the line do we stand.” Most especially today, now that the institutional Church and many of Her Pastors are compromised by Communism, Freemasonry, Liberalism and Modernism. All these are consequences of not heeding the warnings of Fatima and applying the remedies; as also re-announced at Garabandal.

              I urge our readers to discern, call out and share the errors of today, both in secular society and the Church, that we might shed some worthwhile light on the signs of the times (not as in the end of things but as in errors to be avoided) and encourage one another to stay true to the millennial teaching of the Church. Help one another not become persuaded to follow this fashion or that novelty, even if such pours from the mouth of a Pope, a Cardinal, a Bishop, a Priest, a Deacon, a teacher, etc.

              Our Lady of Mount Carmel warned that many Clergy are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them. How blatant this is now most especially in the episcopate of certain Bishops promoting Synodality, inviting LGBT+ agendas and even suggesting the tearing up of the Catechism.

              We don’t have to speculate the mystery of iniquity ‘in the now,’ we see it! We don’t need to speculate the outcome, the harm to the Church, to souls, to innocence, to the unborn, we see it! We don’t even need to speculate over what is the final consequence, we’ve been told, its the Warning, The Miracle, The Permanent Sign, The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, A Time of Peace.

              We don’t need to speculate beyond this, we don’t need to speculate on what horrors man can concoct before the Warning, it changes nothing, does not hasten the hour, it only makes one anxious for the future and Our Lord said we are not to be thus for we cannot add a single hour to our life by being so.

              What we see today is what Our Lady has warned us about, but we are assured, in the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!

              Finally, we have all had a go at speculating the day and year of The Miracle, and if not next year Apr 13th other later dates are recorded on this blog as possible candidates. We speculate thus because we want an end to the tyranny and we are impatient for the Era of Peace!

              I’m with Aviso, I’ll not approve any speculation of ‘end times’ on the blog so please don’t waste your efforts.

              That said, I hold you all in my prayers and I appreciate you mean well and perhaps have no other means of sharing such ideas but truly, this is not the place.

              God bless

              • Pete and Aviso, I would like to add my agreement with your assessment of focusing solely on the specific issues pertaining to Garabandal and Fatima. I lean towards a preterist view of the book of Revelation up to the middle of chapter 19 and a futurist view after that point. However, my opinion is rather irrelevant to this blog and I have refrained from participating in the discussion as well since speculation has drifted towards obduracy and certainty about interpretations that can only be verified in the future. I recall a brilliant classmate at my Catholic high school duped by the arguments of Protestant Hal Lindsay’s the Late Great Planet Earth in the 1970s. The last I heard, there was a rumor that he had abandoned the faith entirely.

              • My dear Pete,

                as usual your posts are beautifully written and reassuting…which we all appreciate,

                Nonetheless, in your list of the Gatabandal events ‘allowed’ to deal with, namely:

                “the Warning, The Miracle, The Permanent Sign, The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, A Time of Peace”

                You omitted a substantial one: the end-time (because we should remember we ARE in the end of times, as Conchita has clearly stated): the (end of time) Chastisement… It does not come as a surprise then that you are annoyed by the escatological events: in fact, they are one and the same with the Chastisement.

                In doing this, you miss an essential part of the picture and you risk to be unnprepared to what is about to happen, including the physical and cruel persecution of almost all the true believers: namely all of us!!! We would not be able to escape this, and we must endure the persecution until the end in order to be saved (I understant this is painful and frustrating, expecially for who, as you and me, has family, but this is it!).

                Regarding the main scope of this blog in the own words of Aviso: bringing as many people as possible to Garabandal in order to witness the Warning and/or the Miracle, let me humbly note that, if this is the case, he should pay the utmost attention to the development of the war in Europe and its ramifications: he has recently experienced how challenging it has been to escape from Ukraine and certainly he can imagine how difficult will be to plan a trip to Garabandal pendind a war between NATO and Russia (remember wath Conchita said about the impossibility to come to Garabandal from France at the time of the Miracle). Not to mention the possibility that, once arrived at the Pines, one could experience issues in coming back…

                Ignoring all this would be, to me, a big mistake.

                God bless. Let’s pray!

        • Dear Aviso,

          I believe that decoding what the Bible says about the ‘end of times’ is pretty much in line with Fatima and Garabandal. In other words, the Gog and Magog war as described in Ezekiel depicts with astonishing accuracy the conquest of most of the Western world by ‘commuunism’ prophesied at Garabandal…Such an invasion, stemming initially from Russia, will proceeed as far as God will allow it to go on, and He had announced thousands of years in advance His red line: the holy land will not be touched.

          Knowing this developments will also help us to determine a likely timeline: il is possible, for example, that before the ‘Gog of Magog’ war, Israel will be engaged in a war with its neighbour countries (which, in fact, are not mentioned in Ezekiel, as if they were defeated in a previous conflict by Israel itself): if this is the case, the end-time battle described in the Bible is probably not so close in time,

          The ‘Gog of Magog’ (which one could translate as ‘Prince of Russia’, a surname that could very well identify ‘Putin’) war, according to some Bible scholars, might also be the occasion for the antichrist to acquire global power as a pacificator of the whole world: thus I believe that we should to pay a very close attention to what will happen, probably relatively soon, in the Middle East, likely as a, today, unforeseable escalation of the current Ukranian crisis.

          So said, I stop here my comments on the book of Ezekiel even if I suggest everybody interested to have a close look to the chapters 38 e 39 of such book: I was impressed how they fit with the perspective geopolitical situation of our days.

          I am happy to see that you are alive and well!

          God bless you and let’s pray!

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    I think that if the Russian gas cut occurs during the winter, the European continent itself will become a favorable field for the Russian invasion since the Russian soldiers used to its harsh winter will have the advantage of better tolerating a European winter without heaters.

    God bless! Let’s pray!

    • Dear Luan,

      your suggestion about the gas cut to Europe is very interesting, and reminds me of a recent analysys of Amir Tsarfati (a former Israeli Air Force official): link below.

      There, Tsarfati claims that sooner or later Russia will challenge also Israel, exactly due to the forniture of gas to Europe. In fact, Israel has recently started to exploit vast gas offshore reserves recently discovered and is selling them to Europe, via Egypt, in order to avoid conflict with Russia (whose agrrement is necessary for Israel to continue to pursue military operation in Syria agaist Iranian forces).

      The idea of Tsarfati is that Europe mignt decide to rely more and more on Israeli gas if the current energy crisis continues and that might became a serious issues for Russia that needs the revenues from gas to finance the war and sustain its internal economy.

      This, according to Tsarfati (and he may be indeed right) will trigger a Gog-Magog war scenario as in the prophet Ezeckiel:

      Let’s stay united in prayer! God bless!!!

  9. Putin tells Europe: pay in roubles or we’ll cut off your gas…ayments-europe-calls-it-blackmail-2022-03-31/

    this possible financial crisis and energy crisis will be the reason for hostilities to explode in different parts of Europe as predicted in Garanbadal; will it be a chaos of civil uprisings?.

    • Dear Luan,

      most of the global events, including the current war between Russia and Ukraine (as a proxy for NATO) are staged.
      The puppet called ‘Putin’ in and the puppet Zelensky are pursuing the same goal. You might ask which is it: simply the creation of what the zionists call the ‘heavenly jerusalem’ or Israel 2.0 in the same area from which 90% of the modern ‘jews’ (nothing to do with the ones chosen by the Heavenly Father to send us His Beloved Son) come from: the ancient Kazaria (
      There is an interesting voice on the current project to create Israel 2.0 in the Russian Wikipedia (not available in western countries). It has been recently translated in Italian by my dear friend Maurizio in his blog:
      The current war that “Putin” has started is functional to demolish buidings and push away local citizens, in order to rebuild the region in order to welcome the jews (as it has benn done in Palestine starting more than a century ago). Check the map of the Russian military operations in South Ukraine and analyse their military strategy and you will fully understand.

      The Ukraine-Russia war serves thus three main objectives:
      – prepare the creation of Israel 2.0;
      – reduce the military superiority of the Russian Army as regards conventional combat (i.e. infantry supported by armored veihicles) and thus make more likeli a limited nuclear confrontation (which the power that be consider necessary to usher completely the NWO;
      – provide the motivation for the pre-planned Russian invasion of two thirds of Europe: the Russian will arrive even to Rome and, toghether with muslim troops coming from the south of Italy, they will destroy most of the city of Petrus.

      This has been planned, and God will allow this to happen, in order to purify His Spouse, the Catholic Church.

      Do not worry: whe all will seem to be lost, God will intervene to glorify His Name and the Immaculate Hearth of His Mother ond Our Queen.

      God bless! Let’s pray!

    • Plus (sorry, I forgot) obviosly, as you mentioned, the current Ukraine-Russia war has as additional goal tnat of cutting the energy supplies to Sestern Europe, accelerating the economic collapse needed to finalise the ‘global reset’ and the global financial collapse required to introduce the upcoming global single electronic currency to be used only coupled to biometric devices (the next evolution of the ‘green’ passes).
      In the end, the Immaculate Heart of Our Qeen and Mother will triumph!

  10. Kviv is being blown up by the Russians tonight. Flaming shot down Russian planes falling into residential areas. By land the Russians are but 20 miles away. Poor, poor Ukrainians. The final stages of Fatima have started. It will be rough out to the Warning. Prayer is very important now.

      • If he is the Pope who does the consecration (but late), he needs to stop being a politician and get to consecrating. Grace for their conversion is needed for the Russians not jawboning with them.

        • Tim, when I first read the article about the pope cancelling his Jerusalem visit with Krill, I was somewhat saddened. I initially thought that the cancellation would check mate the Garabandal prophecy about the pope visiting Russia before the Warning. As an afterthought I then reasoned, that it might better the odds of the pope visiting Russia, since there would be an unlikelyhood that the pope would do both, visiting Jerusalem and Russia within twelve months of each other. I am hoping the Warning takes place soon this year or in the first quarter of next year 2023 that would trigger the Miracle on Apr 13, 2023 Please recall that Conchita slipped by saying both Garabandal prophecies would occur in the same year and another seer said she could not remember if Our Lady said the two events would be separated by three weeks or three months. At my age of 73 (Conchita is a month older than me), I sure hope to experience both Garabandal events in 2023. Lets pray for the pope’s visit to Russia to occur soon. A visit to Kyiv might qualify, as Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union during the 1960s.

          • Ross, I had the same feeling as you. It was evident that this summer meeting was destined for another location than Moscow so its cancellation is a blessing of sorts. However, if the miracle doesn’t happen next year, as a young 73 year old, you still have many more years left in this world to witness its manifestation!

          • From the article I just mentioned, Bergoglio speaking:
            “I’m not going to Kiev for now,” he explains. “I sent Cardinal Michael Czerny, (Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development) and Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, (Almoner of the Pope) who went there for the fourth time. But I feel I don’t have to go. The sooner I have to go to Moscow, the sooner I have to meet Putin. But I am also a priest, what can I do? I do what I can. If Putin opened the door…”
            Apparently, for the time being, ‘Putin’ is refusing Bergoglio’s proposal to meet with him.
            God bless. Let’s pray.

            • Things are moving quickly and expect major social upheaval in the US over the apparent reversal of the abominable Roe vs Wade decision. While many would criticize this interview, those of us immersed in the message of Garabandal realize its importance. Thank you for passing this on.

    • Dear Daniel,

      This is only the beginning. Russia will invade 2/3 of Europe in the coming future. Including, almost entirely France: if anyone plans to be in Garabandal for the Miracle, God willing, he/she won’t be able to arrive from France, as the seers warned us well in advance…
      So said, we havd to pray as never before…

      Another litte known prophecy of a great Saint, John Bosco.
      Not many people know (I do because I was born in Turin were Don Bosco started his wonderful work in favour of the youth and I have maintained along the years a very special relationship with the Salesians, the Institute he founded) that don Bosco knew, by God’s revelation, the year when the Triumph of the Immaculate Hearth of Our Lady will happen. Initially, he wanted to write it on the facade of the Sanctuary he had built in Turin (entitled to the Auxilium Cristianorum), but he was forbidded to to that by the Vatican (so, he wrote down the year of the battle of Lepanto and the year of the foundation of the Sanctuary instead).

      This is the final part of his prophecy:
      “And you, priests, why do you not run to weep, between the vestibule and the altar, invoking the suspension of the scourges? Why don’t you take the shield of faith and go over the rooftops, in the houses, in the streets, on the squares, in every place, even inaccessible, to carry the seed of My Word?… These things will have to come inexorably, one after the other. But the august Queen of Heaven is present. The power of the Lord is in his hands. She scatters her enemies like fog! She wears the venerable old man with all his ancient vestments! A violent hurricane will come again. Iniquity is consumed; sin will end, and before two full moons of the month of flowers pass, the iris of peace will appear on earth. The Grand Minister will see the Bride of his King dressed up for the occasion. A sun will appear over the whole world as bright as it was never from the flames of the Creation until today, nor will it be seen again until the last of days.”

      The month of the flowers is may.
      The next may with two full moons (on the 1st and the 31st) will happen in 2026.
      The masonic NWO wants the ‘great reset’ to be completed by 2030, but the Bible says that, for the sake of the elects, the days will be shortened, otherwise noone on earth would survive…
      Thus, we will have to endure until may 2026.

      God bless! Let’s pray! Let’s be the elects!

      • I had forgotten about May 2026. Thanks for the remind. Four years is not much time left. Just found out today that Germany’s army is more like a joke. A small national guard is more like it. The only real sizable national army in Europe (not counting Great Britain’s) is France’s army. Old, old prophecies state that the Reds will be defeated at the Rhine with the Rhine filled with dead bodies. Russia has 850,000 in their military with 2 million in the reserves. Looking like this might be it.

    • A voir ; Donbass ( bitchute) journaliste Anne Laure Bonnel.

      Crimes contre humanite ! Les donations vont ou ? Attention extreme droit est finance par occident. Mensonges televise…

    • Utter nonsense. The Russians are going out of their way to avoid civilian casualties. It is the Ukrainians who are murdering civilians, and Russian prisoners of war.

        • Erik, it is sure in history, such an atrocity (a country that murders its citizens) has never, oh never, existed. I wonder who lives in a fairy tale…
          We may not know the truth about this but one thing is certain however, the information war is very real and whoever wins the information battle wins the truth, the one that will be believed by 95% of people. Keep always this in mind whatever information you receive, whether it comes from official or alternative sources.

          • Im aware of the untrustworthy media. The alternative lie people fall into is automatically believing that everything they hear is a lie and In turn believe an opposite lie that has no factual basis. That’s the great dillusion of the day. With regards to Ukraine I know ukrainians and they have seen first hand who is committing the atrocities, and it is the Russians, not ukrainians killing ukrainians, thats the most absurd factless statement I’ve seen out here.

  11. Urgent Message update :

    Friends, still alive, please do not contact me by email anymore, still in Ukraine but ex filtrated to Odessa and tomorrow to Moldova, nothing will happen to me please be sure of it, I have your prayers and the Lady of the Carmel with me but here in Ukraine my friends, it’s hell, help me with your Prayers, thank you.

    • Let me add a world of hope…(a little known prophecies by a great Saints: Saint Padre Pio):

      St. Padre Pio told that if we hope to completely defeat Islamism, secularism, freemasonry and all other errors and evils, the support of Catholic Monarchies, especially the Royal Monarchs of France, will eventually be indispensable. This was revealed by Dr. Luigi Gaspari (1923-1995) from Bologna (Italy), a spiritual son and occasional secretary of St Padre Pio. St. Pio had chosen him when he was only 14 years old, by order of Jesus, to prepare him and to dispose him to be the instrument of the Grace of God.
      As a student, Luigi was called in 1940 to live with Padre Pio for 14 years. St. Pio then sent him to Rome to settle various matters with the religious and civil authorities. A few months before Padre Pio’s death, Luigi received St. Pio’s messages, which were dictated to him and called “Testament of Love and Thoughts” to save the world and especially France. Luigi published several small booklets, the “Cahiers de l’Amour”, which received the blessing and encouragement of the Roman Curia. However, it seems the Marquis de Franquerie was given the honour to see them, hence he published them without giving away the name of Luigi at the time. We may therefore assume these texts written by this secretary / confidant and spiritual son of St. Padre Pio are authentic. Here are more extensive passages quoting (or paraphrasing) St. Padre Pio as found in the Marquis’ publication, quotations which are completely in keeping with the revelations given to Marie-Julie Jahenny regarding the Great Catholic Monarch, who will be the last and greatest of the Kings of France:

      “Without the support of the royal power of King David, which is authentic anointed kingship, the Church falls into decadence, corrupted by the power of the spirit of the serpent, which raises its proud head above the head of the Church (the Vicar of Christ). Royal power, derived from Christ the Supreme King, is a divine power which brings down serpents. Republics, on the other hand, where power is placed in the hands of people, raise up serpent spirits from the earth which harm the people of God and stop them rising up to the God of Heaven. This is the evil which reigns nowadays in Europe and elsewhere under the republics. …
      This royal power, which is hidden by God in this time of madness, is the same royal power given to King David, and is the only power which can successfully rule the governments of peoples. Without David’s royal power, recognised and set in its proper place, the Christian religion lacks the indispensable support on which to rest the truth of the Word of God. Hence, there must not be separation of Church and State. The madness of men has been in trying to kill off royalty and the world is paying heavily for this today. …
      In Europe, without the true king, the eldest son of the Church, the King promised by God from amongst David’s descendants, … the power of God no longer resides in the hearts of heads of states and governments. Satan has been able to exercise tremendous power in the absence of the royal power of David. How great shall be the world’s misery before men are able to understand this truth, a truth found only in hearts of a few hidden men, but in those hearts are all the powers of the living God. …
      The love of the heart of Royal France, land of the kingship which descends from David, will rise in his heirs, for the love of Christ’s Kingship has its cradle in France. … The royal power of David ought to awaken in the hearts of the French people a love of the royalty of God, which has its cradle in France. The real greatness of France is David’s royal power, which existed in the blood of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. France was forgiven by the great heart of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, who died as victims for Christ through the brutality of the beast (the diabolical revolution). This forgiveness of Louis XVI has maintained for France the right to the greatness of David’s kingship, a right that is love and humility, of recognising in the Monarch the power of Divine Love. In silence and prayer, God will select His chosen ones for the good of France and the world … human and divine power of the great monarch from the royal blood of France”.
      (Source: le Marquis de la Franquerie, “Ascendances Davidiques Des Rois de France

      For Italy, his own country, St Pio went even further naming, in a previous occasion, who the king will be, shortly after he was born:
      It will not come as a surprise when the Russian, that will invade Italy from the north to Rome, in leaving will entrown him as the new king (he has tight links to Russian and to the incoming Chzar:
      Introducing you the new king of Italy:,_Duke_of_Apulia
      (Future) king Aimone I of Savoia was born on 13 October 1967, on the 50th Anniversary of the last Fatima apparitions.
      Stay strong: God is in control of everything! A bright future awaits humanity, after the Great Tribulation!

  12. Urgent Message :

    Friends, the situation in Ukraine is not good, I got a message from the French ambassy in Kiev to leave the country last saturday, I have not been able to leave the country for some private reasons, de facto Pete, Juan and Michael I leave you the blog, you have all the details of connection and how to manage the blog, you must help me by continuing the blog, by the way I am alone here, wife and children are in France, yes I can say I did not saw my children for almost 6 months but they are safe thanks God so I cannot guarantee a new message from me from Ukraine, de facto I thank you for your prayers and as a reminder my last date was April 13 2023, I love all of you, you are great and if it is my time, let it be, please Pray for me, thank you.

    • Dear Aviso, you are in our prayer. God is with you…do not worry!

      Last Saturday the main Italian mainstream news agency (ANSA) has published the followin news:

      “We are preparing the second meeting between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, in June or July. I know that a good principle has been chosen to identify the place of encounter: it will be a place where people suffer, where Christians suffer”. This was explained by the Russian ambassador to the Holy See Aleksandr Avdeev in Genoa at the fifth Italian-Russian seminary. “I think the meeting will be very important and interesting, not only for international relations, but also for the development of relations between the two churches. – he concluded – We are the children of a Christian civilization, we have common moral and ethical values”.

      I sincerely hope that this will delay the inevitable…

      God bless you!

            • Perhaps the trip to Moscow would not involve the planned meeting with Kirill, but might arise from another reason. For example Francis might try to mediate the rift between the Patriarch of Constantinople and Kirill or as part of a peace mission to Putin.

              • I doubt that Bergoglio will interfere in the internal religious matters of the orthodox church: it would not be in line with its accomodating attitude towards any form of cult. I believe instead that he will see the possibility offered by an unsolicited political and diplomatic mediation of last resort as a way to increse his international visibility and popularity (the main driver of any actions he puts in place). Against this background, Francis’s trip to Russia might happen unexpectedly and sooner that we can imagine.
                Obviously, as he is not acting on behalf of the Holy Spirit, he will fail, and war will start, involving several European countries…(as Conchita foresaw).
                There is something particularly evil around the Ukranian crisis, and the USA attempt to escalate the situation.
                Yesterday, the puppet Biden, a poor old guy clearly suffering from dementia, has launched further provocations…conveying in the meantime an essentially antichristic hidden message: he has gone live on the 2nd day of the pagan week (Tuesday, for us Cristian is the third, as Sunday is for us the first), at 2:22, on 22/02/22, means 9 times 2, or 6-6-6…
                This mean that the anthicrist himself, not uet publicly, is giving the orders behind the scene. He (the antichrist) will emerge publicly in the aftermath of the WW3 as a pacificator of all the ‘religions’ involved in the war itself and main representative of the new NWO humanistic creed…

                • The antichrist is not in this time period, he comes towards the end of the world, we are not even close to the end of the world.

                  • Dear Pat…we do not know for sure when the FINAL antichrist will come, if at the END-of-times or if at the END-of-the-world, if in both occasions (being, essentially, satan himself). The Holy Scipture is vague on this…God did not want us to know for sure before the time(s) come…
                    For sure we know that there has been/wiil be several ‘antichrists’ all along human history (see St John). Another things is also certain: when the FINAL one will come, the Holy Spirit will make the real faithfuls know it’s him (maybe some will recognize him at first, some a bit later, but we all will do in the end, while the unfaithfuls will be deceived and follow him, going to eternal perdition).
                    So, as you say, we have to wait, pray, and see. To me, we won’t have to wait much (I hope to be wrong, because if I am not, we will soon face very hard times of though persecution).
                    Let’s pray. God bless us all!

        • In addition…

          On 22 September 2018, AP news published the following shocking public acknowledgment by Bergoglio, then in visit to Lithuania:
          “Greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, Francis was given a book about the former pope by Polish photographer Grzegorz Galazka. Receiving the large book with a beaming John Paul on the cover, Francis quipped: ”(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil”

          This went almost unnoticed at the time but it’s becaming more meaningful today…

    • We are with you in spirit Aviso, you are always in our prayers but more so these days, be assured we’ll do our best with the blog if need be. If you cant leave, I pray you find somewhere safe until this is over.

      I suspect Putin’s entry in to Eastern Ukraine supporting the separatists is much akin to a Puma creeping toward its primary prey. Donetsk and Luhansk provinces are just the appetizer.

      God Bless

  13. Reminder :

    “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go, To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated, in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved but as you have seen, Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist, an evil Council will be called, Liturgy and The Holy Sacrifice will be changed, Less and less importance will be given to the Eucharist, Churches and altar will be sacked, many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will be on the road to Perdition and will take many souls with them, the work of devil will infiltrate the Church to her Top, that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord but Popes will be also of those who accept compromises and in delaying Lord’s Command this brood of vipers like Juda, will end into misfortune. You have seen the Bishop in white of the Vision, this is the false Prophet and his Church of the end of times, under the control of the Beast, The Church of the Lord and his Vicar will be eclipsed, if Russia is not consecrated at time then God will punish men harder and harsher than He has punished them with the flood, with its secret weapons Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by God, Rome will be destroyed and the False Prophet killed, Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world ”.

    Read more :

    The Full Fatima Secret ?

    Fatima 2017 :

    Aviso : I received this what do you think ?
    Fatima Source : I cannot talk
    Aviso : It is between us only, you have my word
    Fatima Source : How you got it ?
    Aviso : I got it from Canada
    Fatima Source : I understand
    Aviso : so ?
    Fatima Source : It is worse.

    • There is also this extract from the ‘Two Remedies’ article

      The below text is claimed by Fr. Raymond Arnette (a French Priest) to be the true content of the Third Secret revealed to him By Our Lady in 1994 when he was listening to a CD entitled Mysterium Fidei (Mystery of Faith).

      “There will be a wicked council planned and prepared that will change the countenance of the Church. Many will lose the Faith; confusion will reign everywhere. The sheep will search for their shepherds in vain.”

      “A schism will tear apart the holy tunic of My Son. This will be the end of times, foretold in the Holy Scriptures and recalled to memory by Me in many places. The abomination of abominations will reach its peak and it will bring the chastisement announced at La Salette. My Son’s arm, which I will not be able to hold back anymore, will punish this poor world, which must expiate its crimes.”

      “One will only speak about wars and revolutions. The elements of nature will be unchained and will cause anguish even among the best (the most courageous). The Church will bleed from all Her wounds. Happy are they who will persevere and search for refuge in My Heart, because in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

      At the conclusion of this message and after a short pause, Fr. Arnette then heard:

      “This is the Third Secret of Fatima.”

      It is noteworthy that this message, if authentic, occurred whilst Fr. Arnette was listening to a CD of devotional hymns, the title of which directly relates to the Sacred Act of Consecration, (i.e. the Priest, during the consecration of the wine would also whisper over the chalice “Mysterium Fidei” words used prior to their removal under the Novus Ordo Missae promulgated by Pope VI in 1969). It may be surmised therefore that this locution tentatively points to an accelerating situation in the Church of “less and less importance being given to the Eucharist” by Prelates who in consequence impart the same attitude among the Laity. A mindset thus formed fashioning an unintended sacrilegious state of affairs regarding the Holy Eucharist which, is unequivocally concomitant with the ambitions and errors of the 1962 Ecumenical Council. Of this Sr Lucia in a letter to her friend Mother Martins writes:

      And the worst is that he [the Devil] has [not ‘will’] succeeded in leading into error and deceiving souls having a heavy responsibility through the place which they occupy …! They are blind men guiding other blind men. …”

      I see on the news today things seems to be escalating further between NATO and Russia over Ukraine

      We pray for peace

      God bless

  14. What those idiots in Washington do not understand, is that as soon as Putin is gone for some reason, the next person in charge will hit back at the West ruthlessly, and WW III will be upon us. Putin is the last barrier against an all-out nuclear war. It might also be that Communism will return, when he is gone, as has been suggested by the holy Virgin in Garabandal and in Fatima. I am sure that the Communists have made much stronger gains in the last Duma elections than the Kremlin admits, especially in rural areas.

    And China would love Russia to turm communist again, no doubt about it! Since I am half Russian, I make my best to see Vladimir Putin in a realistic manner. He is not the dictator that the West labels him, but he’s also not the Saviour that many pro Russia folks make him to be. In what concerns the article, it represents my views as well, unfotunately, I have to say.

  15. Friends, few words from Kiev, our Americans, Canadians and British friends are starting to leave the country, this is not a good sign, for my part I have still not received anything from the French Embassy concerning the geopolitical situation so I stay for the moment, I can’t deny that this situation is getting more and more intense, we feel it more and more when we meet the Ukrainians especially, we are talking here about a war in March if diplomacy fails, I can imagine a visit of the Pope to Moscow and Kiev in 2022 as a last chance to avoid a major conflict, especially a nuclear one, my friends the world has gone mad, please pray for me, thank you.

    • All is clouded in the iniquity of sin.

      We’ve always known things are to get worse, but how much worse is not so obvious. When things are at their worst then rejoice for Heaven’s intervention will present it self. What the world we look like then…?

      Aviso my thoughts and prayers for you. I expect you have an escape plan in place if tensions look to be on the cusp of imminent conflict?

      I wonder, your being a military man, does the withdrawal of US/UK citizens from Ukraine look like a tactical move to you, a sort of leaving the building empty and the door ajar as means to tempt Putin to make a move and enter. In so doing the US/UK will use it to justify a response and thereby level the blame of conflict squarely on Putin, rather than NATO’s expansionist ambition?

      God bless

      • Hi Pete, yes do not worry I have a escape plan in case of war but let me use your comment to add few words :

        I am aware of some important details given to me in Fatima, geopolitical details and related to this :

        Fr. Gruner’s letter About his meeting with The Russians, read more :

        Fr. Gruner’s letter About his meeting with The Russians online ! Update

        There is only one solution to stop this madness it is the Consecration NOW, this cannot be done with Francis that’s the problem, impossible, so we are probably on the way to the possibility of annihilation of some countries but in my opinion we still can win 1 Year or so till the Garabandal Prophecies probably next year, the Warning can stop this madness as well but we need a valid Pope for the Consecration otherwise we are in trouble :

        In case Reminder of my contact email :

        Thank you.

        Matthew 11:15

          • Great Pete but let me add few more words again, in Fatima I was informed about the Secret, This explain why I am myself in Ukraine, Francis is not of course the Pope, Benedict XVI only but I was informed also about Papacy and Pope Benedict XVI is himself fragile and lacking in faith, he is primarily responsible for the election of Francis who was already his challenger in 2005 but he still has a chance to catch up, my advice to the Pope would be don’t miss it, thank you.

            • That’s it, Aviso: Ratzinger and Bergoglio are the two faces of the same coin. We wouldn’t have had the latter as a fake pope without the false (purposedly) resignation of the first…
              Nonetheless, Ratzinger appears now too fragile (and he’s too much isolated right now, for his own fault) to be able to Consecrate Russia (moreover, the Consecration has to be done by the LEGITIMATE pope and ALL THE BISHOPS UNITED WITH HIM, for expressed request of Our Lady in Fatima)
              Would, in general, any bishop (many of them were nominated and loyal to Bergoglio) follow Ratzinger in a possible Consecration? Not certainly before the Schism…and, even after: would Ratzinger be able to repent and deliver?
              Let’s pray!

      • God has given a powerful sign of His Holy Presence in a orthodox church on the border between Russia and Ukraine. If you are in a hurry, see after min. 2:00 (comments in Italian):

        God bless. Let’s pray.

  16. Got that from our good Friend Michael :

    “Our Times” are witnessing no ordinary synod but the “Synod of synods” on Synodality. Also,”Our Times” are witnessing two bishops dressed in white ‘peaceably’ living in Rome which is something never before seen in the 2000+ year history of the Catholic Church. Both of these are unique & significant and would appear to correspond very neatly with the prophecies of Garabandal. Given the last three synods (on the family, on young people and for the Pan-Amazon region) which were utilized as the vehicle to advance pre-ordained objectives & Modernist agenda resulting in disharmony among believers, to put it mildly… Let’s see what wondrous innovations / novelties will be imposed upon Catholics over the next two years… Let’s see which Catholic Tradition is jettisoned and how these actions will affect the faithful’s recognition of the one man who holds Christ’s Keys of Authority.

    PS : Michael, please next time do not hesitate to publish it directly online, thank you.

    • “A SYNOD” and “Something Like A SCHISM” Prophesied In Garabandal Concern Our Times…

      Check out this quote from a recent article out of Italy, “The aim of the next SYNOD, like the German one, seems to be the internal democratization of the Church. […] democracy in deciding dogma and morals, transformation of existing councils into deliberative assemblies, in order to achieve another Church, favoring a de facto SCHISM, even if not declared. So behind synodality, you find the same references that served to justify collegiality […] It is the collapse of Catholic culture and a return to Babel. Now, with synodality, we go from tragedy to farce!” – Msgr. Nicola Bux, 3 February 2022 [emphasis added with capitals & underscore]

    • Hi Aviso

      I was sent the below video in part hosted by our brothers in the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. which speaks of the current crisis (heresy) created by this Pope and linking this to the issues outlined by professionals surrounding experimental vaccines. I think there are some inaccuracies and possibly some exaggerations, but overall it does align with some views I have seen posted here.

      I have also attached a link to the UK lawyers presenting a case for Corporate Manslaughter and Gross Criminal Manslaughter with the UK Police which, sets out in detail, forensic evidence of COVID Vaccine ingredients that have caused harm and likely to cause future extensive harm.

      Interestingly both the video and the Case Briefing Doc independently arrive at similar conclusions in regard to the harm caused by mRNA.

      Click to access Case_Briefing_Document_and_lab_report_Ref_AUC_101_Report%20.pdf

      If you feel this is not suitable for the blog please remove immediately

      God bless

      • And what Anonymous ? By the way you are more Google or Ticktoc ? I know you are from Italia so show me that you are a + for this blog and not Google or Ticktoc news only, thank you.

        • Hi Aviso,
          I see that you are kind as usual…For a moment I was concerned that you were a bit unewell, as you seemed to refrain to bite people everytime: I am happy to see that you are, instead, in perfect shape.
          As regards my preferred search engine (thanks for asking), I use duckduckgo, as it allows for a certain degree of privacy. I barely know what tiktok is and I assure you that I never use it.
          Notwithstanding my apparent IP (I have to take some precautions, for my own and family’s safety), I live and work for the most part in the United Arab Emirates. And yes, I was born in Italy.
          As regards the possible value added of my contributions, that’s for you to judge: in fact you, and Pete before you, censored many of them (and, probably, the most important)…
          If you really want me to stop sending my comments, please let me know…

          • I confirm Anonymous, I am in perfect shape, you can comment as long your comments are related to Fatima and Garabandal as I said to you already, I have nothing against you, please give us the best of you, a + for this blog, we are trying here to give to our readers, myself and my 3 Moderators, Pete, Juan and Michael the best as well and for years now, in my case I am known to be quite frank but I have for our readers and brothers in Christ only respect and gratitude, thank you.

            • I know Aviso, and I appreciate you very much for that. You are a true servant of Our Lady…and your outspoken and sincere attitude, to me, is a rare plus. The respect and gratitude is reciprocal!
              I assure you, and your beloved ones, my humble prayers…

    • Dear Aviso,
      Have you seen Dr. Taylor Marshall’s follow up pieces?
      Francis appoints a Heretic over Synod on Synodality: Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast

      Pope Francis is a Heretic denying Tradition, Part 2: from Trent, Catechisms, Popes

      Have you seen Patrick Coffin’s work “Seven Pieces of Evidence That Francis Is an Antipope”?

      • Yes Michael great videos from Marshall and I will suggest to our readers the Patrick coffin’s 7 pieces of Evidence as well, a must watch, let me remind our readers again, here at Garabandal news we denounced this apostate from the beginning, from Day 1, that time in 2013 it was I who was bitten, pointed out as schismatic, ultra traditionalist, sedevacantist…etc….and thanks again to the Great Garabandalist Albrech Weber who did confirmed to me that my doubts about Francis from the beginning were founded, 9 years later in 2022 everybody can see the result and destruction of the Church from this heretic, probably not even Catholic, he should have been excommunicated for years, but we the simple faithful do not have this authority, lets pray that God will take care of it as soon as possible, too many souls have already been lost, by the way I cannot imagine what condition will the church be if Pope Benedict dies before Francis, thank you.

  17. My Friends, I am still receiving from you questions about Saint Pio and Garabandal, you complain to me that some still use this confirmed fact against our Lady of Mount Carmel as being a lie from the part of the promoters of Garabandal, links between Saint Pio and Garabandal are numerous and verified, confirmed to me many times in the village as well, by the way our good friend Juan already published here the original envelope and letter addressed to the seers by the Saint as below :


    more here :


    And below as well from our Good and Great Garabandalist Friend Maria Saraco :

    This should be enough for anyone of Goodwill but if it is still not the case, then listen to my advice, forget them, thank you.

    PS : In honor of “Our Lady of Garabandal” I am giving permission to use freely these documents published here to anyone of goodwill as long as is indicated as the source.

  18. “Never Go to War over an East European Cause” Good advice but will not be heeded.

    The West which is blinded by its immorality and its worship of the Religion of the Flesh will eventually blunder into war with Russia and China.

    First sin then war. If not now, war later.

    • The visit of the (less-than-a-half) ‘pope’ Francis to Ukraine/Russia seems a more and more concrete possibility by the day:
      This means that the event prophesied in Garabandal are fast approaching (thanks God!).
      How Francis’ mediation for peace will end, God has shown us 8 years ago , with powerful images:

      Two years before, the doves returned to the legitimate pope, Benedict XVI, as if they were suggesting him not to leave the flock:

      God speaks also via the events of the ordinary life!
      There is another similarity that strikes me deeply. During the Cuban missile crisis, pope John XXIlI (the first pope non compliant to Our Lady’s requests in Fatima), that was the first pope to be also a freemason (initiated as Cardinal both in Paris and in Istanbul), was used by the freemasons themselves to kick-off a negotiation between the URSS and the USA, which finally led to the withdrawal of the nuclear missiles from the island.
      It was not known by the public at the time, but on September 23, 1962, just a month before he helped pull the world back from the brink of war, an X-ray revealed that Pope John XXIII was suffering from an advanced case of stomach cancer. He knew he was dying. He passed away on June 3, 1963.
      Also today, the last (- than half)’pope’ to be also a freemason (freemasonry will soon be defeated and disappear for good!), Francis, is suffering from a pancreating cancer, and will likely die from it within a year!
      “Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!”
      God bless. Let’s pray.

  19. It is a great article, a short precise history lesson woven in to the context of the diabolical events that are a cold darkness cloaking the whole world of our day. And how has this situation come about, all of it?

    As Aviso implies in his appeal to recite our Rosaries, the Saving Light that the Church is meant to present to the peoples of all nations, most particularly to the members of Her Mystical Body, has all but become extinguished.

    Math 5:15 recounts Our Lord as saying, “Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.”

    The day the Light began to become dimmed, the day consecrated hands began to lift the bushel aloft that it cover the light of the candle was, the day a Pope said no to Our Lady’s petition that, ‘he make the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.’ The movement of consecrated hands holding the bushel continues over subsequent decades as they slowly seek to attain their long planned intention, that is to fully extinguish the candle’s light illuminating ‘the house.’ The bushel has a name, it is Modernism, it’s gospel, Vatican II, its apostles are apostate Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, (you know who they are) their Pope a man born and raised under the influence of two evils, Marxist Communism and Atheistic Freemasonry.

    And so as the Light dims ever further, the world is thrust in to a dreadful turmoil, a turmoil that gathered immense pace the day this Pope brought his Abomination, an Amazonian Idol, in to the Holy Sanctuary and knelt before it. It was then the prison doors restraining evil intentions of men in power were opened by demons that they might release upon God’s creation their own abomination, a plague of locusts, a pandemic of sickness and lies to eat-away and destroy all that the Light had given to men. A plague to make men slaves of a lie.

    And so now we witness the threat of a war to end all wars, we see the false apostates destroying the bastions of the faith, and as we look toward the near horizon we sense in our hearts and souls the approach of a dread darkness.

    I shudder with tears for all mankind, for I see before me the cause of all ills. I see a Holy Bark surrounded & under siege, unable to make headway against the tempestuous seas that seek to engulf Her. I see men in purple & red plotting nefarious schemes to thwart Her advance that those to whom She brings succor be once & for all starved of Her ancient cargo, Her sacred bread, Her healing oils, Her life giving water, Her millennial wisdom, Her holy traditions.

    I see a Commander, the architect of the siege, dressed in white robes, one whose features are full of malice toward this wondrous vessel, those who steer Her, those to whom She sails.

    And yet my heart is consoled for I see that, when it will appear all is lost, the Commander & his Generals have their victory, a very great Light will burst forth from the Heavens and the Sacred Bark. Such will be its Illumination the Commander in white robes & his crimson army will be struck down in terror, for then at that hour, they’ll know what unholy thing they have done and to whom.

    From that day henceforth there will be a peace such as man has never known since the dawn of Adam and Eve, The Sacred Bark will be illuminated in great glory and the nations will flock to Her harbor.

    As Aviso reminds us, we will witness this great day but to do so we must persevere and remain steadfast. As Our Mother says pray our Rosary, make many sacrifices, do much penance and visit the Blessed Sacrament often.

    God bless

    • He (Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich) & the like ‘consecrated & married to the Mystical Body of Christ’ are adulterers fornicating with the world & its’ sin rather than be a sign of contradiction for the sake of the world & its’ salvation.

      Who would have thought so many shepherds of Christ’s flock would do this?

      Francis appoints a Heretic over Synod on Synodality: Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast

      God bless

      • Hi Pete,
        I cannot imagine our Lady of Mount Carmel prophesying that the Pope will go to Moscow and that the pope in question might be Francis the heretic, I admit to being more than surprised but if it is him then we will have to accept it.

        • Dear Aviso,
          in a sense you are right and we all agree: Bergoglio is certainly not a legitimate pope…Nonetheless, on the other hand, he is a kind of a pope.
          I try to put it simple: on the Vatican’s and pope’s coats of arms there are two crossed, and tight-togheter, keys: one in gold and the other in iron (as the respective Crucifixes of Ratzinger and Bergoglio): the golden one represent the “munus” (the role of pope), the iron one represent the “magisterium”, the practical exercise of such role. Thus it is like now the papal function has been split in two and Bergoglio is a kind of ‘acting pope’: he has to travel to Russia, Ratzinger obviously can’t…
          Obviously this separation of roles is illicit…let’s think of a married man who, for example, delegates the role of procreating to another….(the keys are tight togheter and inseparable)…but, as you says, we live in crazy, an very evil, times.
          God bless you…you and you beloved one are in my prayers…

  20. The first power to use nuclear weapons has in fact declared war in everybody in the world…radiation is massively collateral and is for centuries… nuclear war is far worse than ecogically criminal and a nuclear response enters also into the realm that is beyond psychotic.. in fact it is the manifestation of pure evil…one would say have no part of it… we have been asleep in failing to renounce all aspects of the 1914 to 1945 world war… the global despots walk on…for sure blessed is the peace keeper…may the men of peace find their presence…PS Jesus Christ is Lord and Master

  21. President Vladimir Putin’s Speech and the Following Discussion at the Munich Conference on Security Policy (Official Transcript) – 10 February 2007

    Putin’s 2007 Munich Speech Predicted Era of New US, Western Aggressions – 13 February 2016

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin, an aficionado of judo martial arts, once revealed part of his pugilist philosophy learned from growing up on the mean streets of postwar St Petersburg: if a fight is looming, then don’t hesitate to strike first.”
    Putin Slams US With Geopolitical Judo – 5 October 2016

    Putin promises ‘asymmetrical’ response to any threats made against Russia, promises those provoking Moscow will come to regret it – 21 April 2021

    Putin Warns of ‘Swift’ Response to Rivals Crossing ‘Red Line’ – 23 April 2021

    ‘If you try to bite Russia, we’ll knock out your teeth,’ Putin says, warning whole world is afraid of size & resources of country – 20 May 2021

    Putin sets out military threats facing Russia – 21 December 2021

    Putin on ‘Red Lines’: West Has Pinned Russia Into a Position Where It Has Nowhere to Fall Back To – 26 December 2021

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