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Dear friends, some news from me, I am alive and safe, thank you again for your emails of support and for your prayers, I was able to leave Ukraine in emergency 2 days ago, I ex filtrated myself at my own risk, the situation there was very difficult, I would even say apocalyptic, so I left Kiev under Russian bombs last week for Odessa in southern Ukraine, there I had to wait few days before being driven to the Moldovan border, on the road to Moldova, I picked up 2 Ukrainian mothers each with a child who begged me to help them and whose husbands stayed in Ukraine to fight in the Ukrainian army, together we found refuge in Moldova, hosted for one night by a retired Moldovan couple and whose kindness and generosity I will never forget, they picked us up at the Moldovan border where we stayed more than 4 hours under the snow with thousands of other Ukrainian refugees, a moment that I will keep in mind forever, the passport control at the border by the Ukrainian army as well as by the Moldovan customs officers was a moment of shame and lack of compassion, I had to use my French nationality to make myself heard and respected, we finally crossed the border once our passports were returned to us, I will spare our readers other difficult details so as not to make this article too long.
So we spent 24 hours in Moldova in a village near the capital where we were able to rest, take a shower and above all eat, especially the children, the next day this same Moldovan couple dropped us off by car to the Romanian border, the crossing of this border was long but more respectful, we then went to the nearest city and having an airport in Iasi where we spent 2 days in a hotel, we then flew to Bucharest Romanian capital where we are staying today in a hotel for the moment, moreover I had to leave the heart in tears one of the Women with her child at the Romanian border to the aid services for Ukrainian refugees, a moment that I will always keep in my heart and whose details I prefer to keep as well.
Today I find myself with a Ukrainian lady and her child in Bucharest, by the way I myself lost everything in Ukraine, I had invested in a French restaurant in Odessa, everything went up in smoke within 1 week and in the emergency I had to leave everything else there, de facto and because of this exceptional situation, I ask you my readers and friends, all of you, to help as much as possible with an emergency donation using the Paypal Ukraine donation button that you will find on the home page of the blog, any help will be appreciated and will allow me to get out of Romania and send this Ukrainian lady and her child to Austria in Vienna to join her family there as soon as possible, I am counting on you, thank you for any help.

I Dedicate this article to Julia, Elysabeth, Dimitri, Svetlana, Jouri and to our Lady of the Mount Carmel who was with me during that perilous journey. Amen


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    Pope Francis: ‘I am ready to meet Putin in Moscow’

    Pope Francis grants an interview to Luciano Fontana, editor of the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, focused on the war in Ukraine, saying “I feel that before going to Kyiv I must go to Moscow.” …

    “I asked Cardinal Parolin, after twenty days of war, to send a message to Putin to say that I was willing to go to Moscow.”

    Of course, affirmed the Pope, the Russian President must first offer a window for dates. “We have not yet received an answer, and we are still insisting, even if I fear that Putin cannot and does not want to have this meeting at this time”…

    Visit to Moscow first

    No trip to Kyiv is planned at the moment, but first, the Pope would prefer to visit Moscow.

    Reviewing the efforts made or to be made to stop the escalation of violence, the Pope clarified: “I am not going to Kyiv for now; I feel that I must not go. First I must go to Moscow.”

    • Today’s ‘Corriere della Sera’ titles (translation): “MOSCOW OPENS TO THE WORDS OF THE POPE “IMPORTANT DIALOGUE WITH HIM”
      In the meantime, Israel (a few weeks ago one of the main candidates for a diplomatic mediation) take side for Ukraine, committing to military aid to it and accelerating a direct confrontation with Russia.
      God bless. Let’s pray.

    • I found very interesting the closure of the Corriere’s article:
      “More significant is the reaction of Zargrad, a TV and site very close to the Orthodox Church, financed by the “holy” oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, close to the circles of religious nationalism, who in an unsigned editorial on the online edition is produced in a cautious and diffident opening on a possible visit from Francesco. «It is curious how at the beginning the Pope immediately called Zelensky, while he did not give a thought to us Russians. That day we thought that every step of his was cut out on the silhouettes of the West. So, open arms to his enlightenment. But know that we will never accept the indecent peace that the Western world is asking of Russia».
      God bless. Let’s pray!

    • Apparently, ‘Putin’ does not want to meet Mr Bergoglio:
      On the other hand, “Putin” will soon undergo a prostate surgery…and it is even possible that part of the Russian establishment would seize the occasion to try to remove him from power. The situation is pretty fluid…
      God bless. Let’s pray!

      • I love the updates, but why the “anonymous” name? You could always make up a fake name anyway, but we would recognize your authorship in the future.

        • Dear Tim,
          You might be right. Time is running (very) short…everyhing we know would be disrupted soon…secrecy is probably less important than before, ans soon, if we would like to continue practicing our Faith we will have go underground in order to escape the great persecution.
          For whomever has a LinkedIn profile, this is me:

          Sorry, but I do not have any other social profile…
          God bless. Let’s pray.

          • Then just use Enrico because it gets confusing when many people use anonymity. I don’t care whether or not others know that I participate on this blog or another social media account. It is time that we stood up to online bullies, censors and cancel culture snowflakes. I believe that Garabandal is authentic and will not shy away from this belief in order to please others. I would like Aviso or others on the blog to clarify one issue for me though. It has to do with the date of the miracle coinciding with the feast day of a young male Eucharistic martyr. Since the current estimate aligns with April 13th 2023, is the martyr St Hermengild or St Tarcisius and if the latter, how does one reconcile his current feast day of August 15th? I have heard bits and pieces of the dilemma discussed before, but would appreciate a comprehensive apologetic.

  2. Friends, confirmation tonight from Fatima that Francis Consecration is not valid, thanks also to the Fatima center for confirming it as well, again stay with us and we will do it, still on the way to Rome in April, thank you.

    • Aviso. Firstly, I’m glad you’re safe and well and will continue to pray for you!
      A few days ago you posted this: “I am also aware that the Ferrara, Salza and company as the new Fatima Center are confirming the validity of the Francis masonic Consecration of March 25.” They are the Fatima Center here (NJ) so I’m confused now re you saying now “the Fatima Center is confirming it (not valid) as well.”

      If Francis is the true Pope (and I’m no fan of this Pope and I have my doubts as well) ONLY God knows that answer at this time. Yes I also follow Fr Kramer and I know what he says. But he’s been wrong before saying this will all be done in 2012. I also followed Fr Gruner. (RIP). But If Francis is the Pope what he did (this is now my opinion) on March 25 is valid Bec, while adding other words, Russia was FINALLY specifically mentioned and Consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart in Union with the Bishops. If Benedict is the true Pope, he also said the prayer at the same time as well. And in 1936, Jesus told Sr Lucia “the Consecration Will be done but it will be done late.” Of course in my view, Bec of this lateness, Russia has already spread her errors and things will be horrible leading up to the Warning anyway as Garabandal foretold. I’m just praying that the time and content of the forthcoming Tribulation will be lessened due to the Consecration on March 25 FINALLY being done. If Francis is the True Pope then it was done. If not, then no it wasn’t unless As I mentioned earlier, Benedict did the same prayer at same time as we were advised he did. Time will tell. But at this time-which is my main point above all-NO ONE knows 100%- me, you or anyone except God and the Blessed Mother. Neither You, me or anyone know more than God or the Blessed Mother. NO ONE! Opinions-Yes. 100% certainty-No one knows at this time. Prayers for you and all. Stay safe.

    • Thank you Aviso. Let’s pray for Heaven to protect us from what’s coming. May Blessed Mother keep us protected under Her Mantle. Our Lady of Mt Carmel de Garabandal, pray for us. Stay safe. God Bless you!

  3. Hi and God bless everyone,
    Please don’t take the vaccines or any boosters as they are part of a larger plan as was covid.
    Take plenty of vit C, vit D, zinc, quercetin, garlic tablets and oregano oil tablets.
    Covid saw churches close and priests go into hiding and the war in the Ukraine sees Ukrainians entering into countries in their hundreds of thousands especially European countries and when the girls had the visions the Ukraine was part of the soviet union. So we are seeing their prophecies play-out now. The warning is close at hand and the world so needs the warning.
    The CIA had infiltrated the Ukraine and Oligarchs have placed a genital piano playing clown Zelensky at the Helm.
    Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has just lied to the world.
    US has funded Ukraine Lab Pathogen and Bio Weapon Research since 2005.
    A publicly-available document shows a $15MN agreement signed between the US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry to support research into biological weapon research in Kiev, Lvov and Odessa.
    The US govt provided materials and training for “cooperative biological research, biological threat agent detection and response, and improving biological material protection, control and accountability”.
    Details were withheld from public disclosure, but “state secrets of Ukraine” were to be shared with the US Defense Dept.
    The time is now to reveal what really went on there for almost two decades? And we will soon see the diabolical and illegal bio-weapons being created in the Ukrainian bio-labs. They are gross violators of the CONVENTION ON THE PROHIBITION OF THE DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION AND STOCKPILING OF BACTERIOLOGICAL (BIOLOGICAL) and TOXIN WEAPONS AND ON THEIR DESTRUCTION.
    Also the sons of Biden, Pelosi, Romney and Kerry sit on the board of Energy Companies in the Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s Firm Rosemont Seneca Invested in Firm Tied to Ukrainian Biolabs

    Click to access 05-829-Ukraine-Weapons.pdf

    The Azov Battalion the Neo-Nazi Branch of the Ukrainian Army have killed 14,000 civilians in the last 8 years.
    And when MSM, Soros, Schwab, the WEF, Trudeau, Biden, Boris, celebrities etc are telling you to back Zelensky you know all is not what it seems. Hunter Biden’s Laptop which has been verified and handed to congress this week which will reveal the corruption between the US and the Ukraine.
    God always wins and Justice will be served
    May the blood of Jesus purify and protect us all, Amen

    • Hi Cathy, Bishop Schneider is not a expert of Fatima at all, for example the good Bishop still think that the full Fatima 3rd Secret was given to us via Pope John Paul 2 in 2000 which is by the way my favorite Vatican 2 Pope (John Paul 2), unfortunately the good Bishop is wrong, I am myself aware of the content of the 3rd Secret and reconfirm online and to all of you in public, the Francis Masonic Consecration of March 25 is not valid and will go down in the history of the catholic church as the trigger for the darkest prophecies of Fatima, I am sorry, thank you.

      • My Fatima rosaries are now in reparation for the false consecration. We can perhaps hold back the wrath of the Almighty through Our Lady of Mt. Camel’s intercession.

      • Hi Aviso,

        What is missing from the documents on the Third Secret published by the Vatican in the year 2000?

        The consecration on March 25 will not prevent the unfolding World War 3 which will involve many nations. However, it is necessary in order to usher in the Era of Peace as is the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement. Since the Warning will occur when things are at their worst (churches closed and priests in hiding), WWIII will precede the Warning.

        Since 1998, petitions have been sent to the Vatican calling for Proclamation of a fifth Marian Dogma. Is this Dogma (Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate) also essential in order to usher in the Era of Peace? If so, when will this Dogma be proclaimed? Before the Pope goes to Russia? After he returns from Russia? Or, is this the event that is supposed to happen in the Church on the day of the Miracle?

        • Hi Cathy

          I don’t see this Pope agreeing to any new dogma concerning our Lady. Pope Francis speaking at his general audience on March 24, said “that while Christians had always given Mary beautiful titles, it was important to remember that Christ is the only redeemer.

          He was addressing a theological debate about whether the Church should issue a dogmatic definition declaring Mary “Co-Redemptrix,” in honor of her role in humanity’s salvation. He said. “Jesus extended Mary’s maternity to the entire Church when He entrusted her to his beloved disciple shortly before dying on the cross,”

          “From that moment on,” he said. “we have all been gathered under her mantle, as depicted in certain medieval frescoes or paintings. Even the first Latin antiphon — sub tuum praesidium confugimus, sancta Dei Genitrix: the Madonna who ‘covers,’ like a Mother, to whom Jesus entrusted us, all of us; but as a Mother, not as a goddess, not as co-redeemer: as Mother.”

          For him to turn this discussion around to the topic of Mary as a ‘goddess’ reveals how little he grasps the theology. I cant remember the exact reference but doesn’t St Paul speak of our sufferings as making up that which was suffered by Christ?

          God bless

          • Hi Pete,

            Pope Francis stated that Christ is the only Redeemer and Mediator and that Mary is not a goddess. Stating that there is only one Redeemer does not in any way preclude declaring a Dogma that Mary is Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Pope Francis also said that Mary is the road we must travel to reach Jesus. So, Pope Francis is clearly echoing St. Louis de Montfort’s spirituality of “To Jesus through Mary”. Whether or not Francis is the Pope to proclaim the fifth Marian Dogma remains to be seen. But, he is no less Marian than Benedict XVI and John Paul II.



            • Hi Cathy

              Notably the Pope said
              “..the Madonna who ‘covers,’ like a Mother, to whom Jesus entrusted us, all of us; but as a Mother, not as a goddess, not as co-redeemer: as Mother.” Unless he changes this stance, I don’t see how he could promote this Dogma.

              I know Our Lady is Coredemptrix. When I was in my teens, at a point some time after I had encountered Garabandal and had subsequently changed my life as a result, I had a very vivid dream, one of a number, some I’ve shared here in the past. On this occasion I was kneeling, praying my Rosary when Our Lady appeared above and before me, dressed in white and blue. I saw her from her feet up to her shoulders, I was not permitted to see her face. As I looked on, Our Lady held out her hands toward me. Her palms showed the marks we see on Our Lords hands, the holes left by His Crucifixion. I immediately questioned what I saw, as this couldn’t possibly be right. Our Lady in response turned her hands over to show the backs, proving to me the holes passed right through. I don’t know why, but this gesture totally re-assured me; that I was not imagining this event, Our Lady then departed, not a word had been spoken.

              Given I was in my teens I had no idea what the dream symbolised and kept it to my self. Four years or so later I was in my second year with Order of Friars Minor, in Canterbury and studying Marian Devotion when, during one of the classes we discussed the Dogmas of Our Lady. It was the first time in my life I had heard of the word ‘Coredemptrix.’ I was immediately reminded of the dream of my teens and understood a that moment what I had seen, perhaps even dare I say, had been shown. The vision without a word having been spoken, symbolised the hoped for new Dogma we were discussing in that class, that of Coredemptrix.

              I also understood there and then for the first time that the sufferings of Our Blessed Mother, given her Immaculate state were truly united to Christ’s in that they were borne in perfect reparation for our sins alone, were not borne in vain. When we suffer we make imperfect reparation for our sins and others if we pray thus. Our Lady was conceived without sin and lived sinless. And so it is, her sufferings have a uniquely redemptive quality. So also it is wholly fitting that Our Lady like her beloved Son before her, was assumed both body and soul in to Heaven.

              God bless

        • Hi Cathy, we are missing the more important, what Vatican Published in 2000 via the Masons Sodano, Bertone and co is the vision of the 3rd Secret only, words from our Lady explaining that Vision are missing, these words are what we call the Fatima 3rd Secret, it is a single page about 25 lines written in local Portuguese language, signed and dated by Sister Lucia, this text explain that vision given to us in 2000 via Pope John Paul 2, when I was in Fatima my goal was to find out that text, if not possible then to know the main content which I got finally.

          Also the good Bishop Schneider is telling us that Fatima is a private revelation only, which is the main mistake we are getting often from someone who is not an expert about this topic, by the way I do not know if he has been in Fatima even once, anyway Fatima is not just a private revelation, I am also aware that the Ferrara, Salza and company as the new Fatima Center are confirming the validity of the Francis masonic Consecration of March 25 but I know also that the so called Catholic Lawyers are business people first and foremost as I was and I am myself, de facto I will stay with Father Gruner only, for your information I already debunked the rumor about 2 sisters Lucia from one of the best friend of Father Gruner, so I will not hesitate to denounce other relatives of Father Gruner if necessary as well, thank you.

          Matthew 24:24

          PS : Fatima is a part of the Revelation and not a private Revelation, if you do not believe or understand that then I will suggest you to visit Kazakhstan and send my regards and respect to his Excellency.

          • Aviso, in your opinion is the Miracle going to occur on Thursday April 13, 2023? Also, do you have any information on the event in the Church that is supposed to occur on the day of the Miracle?

              • I also believe the Miracle will occur on April 13, 2023. Is the event in the Church on the day of the Miracle the proclamation of a Dogma? Thanks

              • Hi Moira, I compiled a timeline of events with the Miracle occurring on Thursday April 13, 2023.

                Things will be at their worst when the Warning occurs according to Mari Loli with churches closed and priests in hiding. Conchita allegedly said that only a few people will be in Garabandal on the day of the Miracle So, it appears that the Church will still be in hiding when the Miracle occurs. Therefore, what is the event that will occur in the Church on the day of the Miracle?

                March 25, 2022 – Consecration of Russia and Ukraine

                Conchita said that she will announce the Miracle 8 days before the event occurs. Thursday April 13, 2023 is the Feast Of St Hermenegild. So on Wednesday April 5, 2023 Conchita makes her announcement.

                April 5, 2023 – Conchita announces the date of the Miracle.

                April 7, 2023 (Good Friday) – The Warning

                April 13, 2023 (Feast of St. Hermenegild) – The Miracle

                Date of the Chastisement??? –

                • Well I will advise 2 things re your timeline. It’s not accurate. I can advise more than 2 but out of respect to this Blog and Aviso who may not agree with other points I could make & to avoid a complete angry back and forth which is what satan would want, I will only name 2. 2 facts. 1-Per Mother Nieves the “Warning will happen AFTER an important Synod.” The current, unprecedented Synod is going on right now BUT ends in Oct, 2023. (Which sets 2024 as all happening btw but Only God and Conchita knows for sure -of course. Conchita knowing the Miracle date . I m not claiming I know for sure Bec I don’t) 2-The Warning & Miracle doesn’t happen until the next worldly and Garabandal Prophecy happens as Aviso has affirmed is true- “The Pope will Go to Moscow. Upon his return to Rome hostilities break out in Europe and all will happen.” Until “A Pope” goes to Moscow the Warning & Miracle will not happen. That event is first and has not happened yet. Peace!

                  • Hi John T, two important Synods already took place…the Synod on the Family (2015) and the Amazon Synod (2019). World War III is currently in progress and once global war erupts, work on the Synod on Synodality will be interrupted, as we will have entered into the final hour of the 1260 day tribulation period in the Bible. Pope Francis has again recently stated that he is awaiting a response from Putin regarding a meeting in Moscow. Putin has visited Francis three times at the Vatican, which in my opinion increases the odds that Putin will agree to Francis request for a meeting in Moscow.

                    When did the 1260 day tribulation period begin and when does it end?

                    In March 2020 the global pandemic was declared. Churches were deemed non-essential and closed. Was January 2020 the start of the 1260 day tribulation period, which will include WWIII in 2022 followed by the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement in 2023? The consecration of Russia on March 25 will shorten the severity of what is about to unfold, and is necessary like the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement, in order to usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary/Era of Peace predicted in Fatima. What is the singular event in the Church that will occur (like proclamation of a Dogma) according to Conchita on the day of the Miracle? The fifth Marian Dogma – Coredemptrix and Mediatrix?

                    Possible timeline for the 1260 days (three and a half years) tribulation period:

                    year 1 – January 2020 (start of the pandemic)
                    year 2 – 2021 (pandemic/economic problems/rumblings of war)
                    year 3 – 2022 (pandemic/economic problems/ WWIII began in February in Ukraine and will soon involve other nations)
                    First 6 months of 2023: Warning (Good Friday April 7, 2023). Miracle (Thursday April 13, 2023), followed shortly after by the Chastisement.

                    1260 days from January 1, 2020 ends on June 14, 2023.

                    • Sorry. I have to disagree. There won’t be WWIII. Threat of it yes. Regional Wars yes. But No WWIII. Per Blessed Mother. There is also the matter of the “even” Warning year which I believe and some don’t. Lastly, the last. Synods no longer apply in my view. They weren’t that important compared to the large scale, 3 Yr, unprecedented current Synod. Mother Nieves specifically said “shortly, after an important synod.” Not an “interrupted one.” For Those last 2 also, it’s no longer “shortly.” So we will have to agree to disagree. Peace.

                    • John T, Aviso compiled a list of questions and answers pertaining to Garabandal.

                      8. A Warning during an Even Year

                      Aviso Verification : FALSE, even or odd year we do not know

                      16. Few will be in the village for the Great Miracle

                      Aviso Verification : TRUE and unfortunately so why? it’s geopolitical probably

                      18. No 3rd World War according to our Lady in Garabandal

                      Aviso Verification : FALSE


                    • Cathy, as I first told you, out of respect to Aviso and this site I will not engage after this in a back and forth debate. I don’t I agree on some of those things you list, basing my thoughts and reasons on my conversations in the last 40 years with direct and indirect conversations with 2 of the visionaries, Joey Lomangino (RIP) my own research & being to Garabandal 3X. Other than that I will address 2 points with you again: 1-Per Mother Nieves the Warning will happen “Shortly after an important Synod.” Not an “interrupted” one. Lastly, while the (a) Popes trip to Moscow per the Garbandal prophecy will absolutely happen, it’s not going to happen soon unless something else happens first. You advised and linked a story from 2019 re the Pope and Moscow, etc. The following article is from last week. It advises That Putin has rejected Pope Francis Request to meet w him 3X and Patriarch Krilli is now upset with Pope Francis over his recent comment that he (Krilli) “should not be Putins alter boy .” They are far apart from a Moscow meeting with the current tensions and climate. Sad but true. The Warning and Miracle will happen in Gods time. Not ours. But It is soon. I believe 2024 as I Mentioned. But I do not know for sure and don’t claim too. Peace.

                  • Dear John,
                    Even if for the time being a meeting of Mr Bergoglio with the man who calls himself “Putin” seems far away, things may change unespectedly. Our lady warned that as soon ad the Pope will come back from Moscow, hostilities will break down in Europe and the Garabandal event will then happen QUICKLY, Thus the two circumstances must be correlated: “Putin” will acceot the last resort mediation of the “Pope” immediately before the conflct will escalate at NATO level…For many, the illumination of coscience could be the last possibility of repenting before a nuclear exchange…
                    God bless…Let’s pray,

                    • Couldn’t agree more Enrico. As I said-“if something else happens they could meet. Just not right now. Today, although I don’t trust him, Putin advised he accomplished what he wanted in Ukraine, so for now, Thank God, the war is over if we are to believe that statement. Peace!

                    • Enrico….since for some reason it is not possible to reply to John’s comment, I am placing this comment here if you excuse the intrusion. John assumes that the synod refers to Francis’ synod on synodality which includes a session in late 2023 when indeed it could refer to the individual bishop conferences predatory synods which are also synods. Interestingly the German synod has been extended to a final session of March 9-11 2023 (and I would certainly categorize it as an”important” one – to use John’s terminology) when we can expect formal heretical positions to be promoted by that conference. This would dovetail with #17 of Aviso’s “Garabandal Fact and Rumor” topic which refers to a schism prior to the miracle. We can all debate about the timing of the predicted events but should not exclude other’s interpretations out of hand because we favor our own.

                    • Yes Tim. There will be a Schism or like one before the Warning & Miracle. Conchita’s Brother The Late (RIP) Serafin alluded to that in a conversation he had. The German Synod is NOT a Synod or an official Synod of the Catholic Church from the Vatican as the all officially are done and not what Mother Nieves was referring to. The German Synod was done/formed by them and them alone. Not the Vatican. Also the Synod on Synodality is NOT just a session in Oct 2023, it’s the conclusion. Lastly, no, I don’t favor my own view, I have repeatedly said, it’s my view, I DONT KNOW FOR SURE. Only God and Conchita know the timeline (Conchita the Miracle) Peace!

                    • Hi John; it is not a synod after a warning, it is a synod before the warning or a warning during a synod (not the same thing as a synod after a warning).

                    • At this stage we are all speculating a bit…which, to some extent, it is not necessarily bad.
                      Many of us agree that there will be a schism before the Garabandal events…This will probably happen when the Holy Presence will be challenged to please the lutherans…the general loss of faith in the Eucharistic Sacrament will probably herald the Warning and Miracle…Let’s keep an eye on this also.
                      As regards the trip of the ‘pope’ to Russia, which will probably coincide with an escalation of the conflicts worldwide (including, but not limited to, Ukraine) this might not even happen between Mr Bergoglio and Mr ‘Putin’: both of them does not appear to be in good shape as of today. Apparently, Putin would currently favour a dignifying exit stategy from the Ukraine mess, but the US and UK seem determined to seize the occasiion to weaken Russia militarily, in order to pursue their own version of the NWO (China and Iran being the wild cats in the equation).
                      But it is also very possible that the whole Ukraine story is a pretext to bring the askenazi home in Kazharia (they probably feel partly unsafe in the Middle-East)…
                      I suggest that we stay in a watchful and confident prayer: the dates of the Warning and Miracle were set by God since the beginning of the creation and soon will be manifested to all the mankind.
                      God bless!

                    • Pat Murphy: I NEVER SAID NOR DID Mother Nieves say “a Synod after a Warning?” What are you talking about??? I quoted Mother Nieves saying: the Warning will happen “Shortly after an important Synod.” The Synod Will happen FIRST. OR-Shortly BEFORE THE WARNING There will be and important Synod. The Synod on Synodality ends in Oct, 2023. Peace!

                    • Sorry John I meant to say that Mother Nieves said in that video a synod would precede the warning; which is not the same thing as a warning after a synod, this means a synod would be in motion before the warning but not necessarily finished by the time of the warning.

                    • Pat Murphy: In the video by Mother Nieves she states the Important Synod would “precede the Warning.” Yes. But you’re making the implied assumption it doesn’t conclude so it fits a 2023 Warning and Miracle Scenario. That’s a big assumption. Which could be right or wrong. BUT Mother Nieves NEVER said Blessed Mother said, the Synod would not be completed. She just said “an important Synod will precede the Warning.” I take that as, like EVERY OTHER Synod that ever was, it will be completed. And I’m not trying to fit ANY SCENARIO OR YEAR. TIME will tell! (I’ve stated my OPINION BASED on Mother Nieves statement. BUT as I also stated countless times I have no idea Re my opinions accuracy. That’s why it’s an OPINION. ONLY GOD and Conchita know the actual timing. (Conchita the Miracle Date). Peace!

        • Has anybody read José Maria Zavala’s book on the third Fatima secret? (the best-held Fatima secret – El secreto mejor guardado de Fátima, 2017)? It is strange that the book has neither been translated into Italian or English, and the Italian websites attacking his findings seemd to be mouthpieces of the Vatican. I just bought that book and am reading it. Interesting.

  4. Sister Elena Aiello predicted that there would be a violent revolution in Italy that would bring persecution to the Church; so maybe we will have some civil disturbances in Europe before the start of a war with Russia.

  5. When in 2007 for the first time I heard about Garabandal I was a businessman working in Dubai, I had no faith and I was not Catholic. That same year I went to Garabandal for the first time in May 2007, there I was directly converted after avoiding a car accident, 3 years later in 2010 I was baptized and shortly after I started my apostolate about Garabandal online. Since then I know the village by heart, having been there about fifty times, I even got married there in 2013 in the village church and became a close friend of the Loli’s family, my last child was baptized in Garabandal as well in 2015. When in 2013 I heard about Fatima and Father Gruner, the Fatima Priest who became my mentor and was also a Garabandalist, I learned from Father everything, I then decided myself to investigate Fatima but on the spot where I went for the first time in 2017 after moving to Portugal where I lived for 3 years, when in Fatima I continued there to investigate the 3rd secret of Fatima, I met some interesting persons and I heard for the first time about kyiv and Ukraine, although I already knew that this country was linked to Fatima via Malachi Martin, it was then when in 2020 I decided to settle in kyiv where I lived until the current war, for more than a year I tried to get in touch with the Russian authorities via their embassy in kyiv without success, I wanted to talk to them about Fatima, the content of the text, I also wanted to give them the only possibility to avoid the most terrible prophecy of Fatima , the annihilation from the world map of several countries via a nuclear war, today with the terrible events on the way in Ukraine from where I exfiltrated myself 2 weeks ago and after having learned yesterday that the consecration of next March 25 by Francis will be one more insult against our Lady of Fatima, I hope to go to Rome in April and be welcome by whom it may concern, thank you.


    • Dear Aviso,

      there is indeed the risk that, if not done properly, this ‘consecration’ will result in and offence to the Holy Trinity.

      Let’s pray that, at least, this won’t be the case.

      God bless!

      • Pope Francis did not take the consecration seriously enough, in my opinion. He personally added the words “This is not a magical formula” Of course, in a way it should have been. And he also still holds the third secret of Fatima hidden, which is a shame.

    • We are indebted to you, Aviso, for your bold action in creating this blog. I first learned of Garabandal in 2008 and traveled from California to the village in 2010. I spoke at length with Miguel, the brother of Jacinta during my week-long stay.
      You are right to chastise those of us who were more cautious in expressing concern about the false conclave of 2013. You came right out and said the obvious a long time ago. But, I listened to voices saying “this is the Pope we deserve because of our sins”. We are sinners, but we do not deserve a total usurpation of the Chair of St. Peter and takeover of our religion.
      I hope to meet you at the Miracle. We pray for your safety and God’s protection. May Our Lady cover you with her mantle. Amen.

      • Whoever understands Italian should listen to what my dear friend Fabio Maria has to say about today’s ‘consecration’:

        God bless! Let’s pray!!!

        • Hi Anonymous, why not offer a high level synopsis on the main points for those of us that don’t speak Italian

          The service was quite moving. The wife and I watched EWTN on the TV. and said a Rosary together during the penitential service.

          To be honest I think had the Pope just named Russia (not humanity, Church & Ukraine) the impact, importance and principal purpose of the Consecration would have had greater resonance across the World and rang loud and clear in Putin’s ear.

          God bless

          • “In union with the bishops and faithful of the world, I wish to solemnly bring to the Immaculate Heart of Mary all that we are experiencing: to renew to her the consecration of the Church and of all humanity and to consecrate to her, in a special way, the Ukrainian people and the Russian people, who with filial affection venerate her as Mother.”

            These are the words with which Pope Francis, in the homily of the Rite for the Reconciliation of several penitents with individual confession and absolution and the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Russia and Ukraine, which he presided over in St. Peter’s Basilica, explained the meaning of the gesture he chose to ask Our Lady for intercession for peace.

            “It is not a magic formula, but a spiritual act,” Francis pointed out: “It is the gesture of full entrustment of children who, in the tribulation of this cruel and senseless war that threatens the world, have recourse to the Mother – just as children when they are frightened go to their mothers to seek protection – throwing fear and pain into her Heart, surrendering themselves to her. It is placing in that limpid, uncontaminated Heart, where God is reflected, the precious goods of fraternity and peace, all that we have and all that we are, so that she, the Mother that the Lord has given us, may protect and guard us.

          • Dear Peter,

            Your prayers, and your wife ones are certainly precious to God, because you are a man of right intentions: they will certainly obtain Graces from Him…

            As regards mr Bergoglio’s ‘consecration’, after careful consideration, I fear this may have resulted in an offence to God. I hope I am wrong.

            God bless you and your family!

  6. Pete,

    In The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and the End Times, the author explains that the Antichrist will reign before the Era of Peace/Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    pages 136-137 – The Day of the Lord: “In light of this foretold era or temporary kingdom, the Apostolic Fathers specify the period in which this holy age is to take place, namely after the first tribulation of Antichrist, but before the final tribulation of Satan. Unanimous in their interpretation of Revelation chapters 19 & 20, the Fathers concur on the doctrine of Antichrist preceding the glorious reign of the saints on earth. They constitute these two events of the defeat of Antichrist and the final defeat of Satan as the ‘Day of the Lord’.”

    page 143 – “It is also clear from Sacred Scripture that during this first period of desecration, there will be attempts to completely abolish the perpetual sacrifice of the Mass;…’he shall abolish sacrifice and oblation’ (Dn. 9:27); ‘…sin replaced the daily sacrifice’. (Dn. 8:12). Having deceived the inhabitants of the earth with the signs it was allowed to perform, Antichrist – the ‘beast’ in the Books of Revelation and Daniel according to the Fathers – will erect a pagan image for all to worship. This image will be held on high for all to see and worship as it represents the desolating abomination’s ephemeral victory over God and His holy place. After the period of approximately 1260 days, Jesus will send forth his Spirit to transform and sanctify the earth and thus inaugurate the period of peace prophesied from of old, the millennium. At the final coming of Satan, the attempts to completely abolish the Mass will be even more vehement.”

    • This is a great News but lets pray to avoid any evil actions between today and March 25 in Ukraine via for example a false flag using chemical weapons, this will be dramatic, for the Consecration which we are hoping for years now, the Consecration must be done by a valid Pope ONLY and in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world at the same time, asking Pope Benedict to join Pope Francis for the Consecration will be a good sign, if the consecration is done correctly and accepted by God then we will probably live the Great Miracle in Garabandal on April 13 2023, by the way I was told years ago that the Pope will see the Garabandal Great Miracle from Russia as well so lets see, thank you.

      • Pope Benedict will be there spiritually. The consecration of Russia will not bring a quick end to the war, but I hope that at least a nuclear attack will prevent it. According to Albrecht Weber, the Pope will go to Russia before the warning. Only the warning will be able to stop the war. The Consecration of Russia will not halt the prophesied process of Garabandal. Conchita goes to the normal Mass in unity with the Pope, which I personally know. Conchita will never call for calling the Pope false, even Albrecht Weber, whom I knew personally, had to take note of that.

        • Hi Stefan, I do agree with you on the points made, the fact one may need to tolerate the Pope Elect does not also mean one approves of all that the Pope has done and intends to do. AS in loving someone does not necessarily mean one condones all their behaviours

          God bless

        • The consecration of Russia could have prevented World War II. Some of the graces were apparently successfully retrieved through consecration by later popes. Pope Francis will also be able to access part of the graces and the Blessed Mother will try to intercede. I’m very happy and I hope it will be enough to prevent nuclear and maybe chemical attack. Whether a pope should be good or bad is not a condition.

          Albrecht Weber was very eloquent in his notes. This is his great merit. But he was pushy with Conchita with his views, which is why I personally know that she had to protect herself. I am convinced that she never wanted to have Garabandal linked to statements about the validity of popes, because she received no such instructions from heaven, even Albrecht had to see that.

          By the way, no guessing games about the date of the warning or the miracle. Let’s not forget that there is also punishment after the miracle

          • Remember also the chastisement is conditional and not a foregone conclusion not matter Conchita’s opinion at the time of the apparitions..

            More reliable is Our Lady’s promise of peace.

            Consider this also, reports are published every day of Bishops across the world confirming their intent to participate in the prayer of Consecration. Today Archbishop Cardinal Vincent Nicols of the UK announced he would be participating in the Consecration. The Bishops of England and Wales have also confirmed the same.

            God bless

          • It is great that Pope Francis has asked the world’s bishops (and priests!) to participate in the consecration at about the same time. You are right that the chastisement is conditional. But I would like to point out that the world is in a wretched mental and moral state and soul introspection (warning) of is necessary. Should only the consecration of Russia after Fatima bring about the great turning point, then sooner or later we humans would go on as godless as before.

            Pete, you’re right about the chastisement being conditional. Thank you.

            If God is merciful to us, then he will accept the consecration of russia instead of the pope’s trip to Moscow and the warning can be given at any time after the consecration (Aviso would then be right in pointing out that the Pope would be in Russia for the miracle) or we will still be surprised with the announcement of the trip. Pope Francis is currently doing everything he can to come to Moscow and is being prevented. It is shocking to see how fearless and direct he still tries again and again.

            However, after the return of the Pope from Moscow, Russia is supposed to invade and flood the free West. According to Albrecht Weber, things would get even worse. Holy Masses can no longer be celebrated freely and the priests will have to hide. After the warning, this is hardly imaginable, otherwise the punishment would be unavoidable. End of times means that God will definitely intervene because this malicious military threat from human demons of the world would no longer be survivable. People need to realize that there is God and only he is the solution and no human and agnostic diplomacy can prevail against demons.

            • Analysis:

              The consecration of Russia on March 25 will not prevent the unfolding World War 3 which will involve many countries. However, it will lessen the severity of what is about to unfold, and is necessary in order to usher in the Era of Peace that will occur after the defeat of the Antichrist. Why did the Mother of God request the consecration of Russia? Russia spread her errors (atheism) throughout the world. Russia needs to be consecrated to undo the affront to God caused by atheism which was spread from Russia to the rest of the world. The spread of atheism has prepared mankind to embrace the coming one world religion under Antichrist. And, the Antichrist appears when the Restrainer (Papacy) is removed.

              Timeline of Events:

              March 25, 2022 – Consecration of Russia and Ukraine

              Conchita said that she will announce the Miracle 8 days before the event occurs. Thursday April 13, 2023 is the Feast Of St Hermenegild. So on Wednesday April 5, 2023 Conchita makes her announcement.

              April 5, 2023 – Conchita announces the date of the Miracle.

              April 7, 2023 (Good Friday) – The Warning

              April 13, 2023 (Feast of St. Hermenegild) – The Miracle

              Date of the Chastisement??? –

              Since the Warning is a preparation for the Miracle, it makes sense that these two events will be close together. If the Warning and Miracle don’t convert an individual nothing will. So it is also likely that the Chastisement (a purely supernatural event), will occur quickly afterwards, to be followed by the dawning of the Era of Peace/Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary/Reign of Christ the King, where there will be one fold and one Church – The Catholic Church. Then, mankind will experience the fulfillment of the Our Father (thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven), and the fulfillment of the Beatitude (Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth/land).

              • Dear Cathy

                There are statements where according to the warning should be in an even year (e.g. 2022) after Marie Loli and the miracle in an odd year (e.g. 2023) after Conchita. This is contrary to your schedule.

                The warning will take place when the world needs it most or Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly invade and flood a large part of the free world. Then the world will have it most necessary that God intervenes (Albrecht Weber).

                After the warning, it will be possible to achieve the miracle in Garabandal because God has stopped the worst. Since Russia can cause terrible destruction and death within a few days, I hope for a not too long time.

                People can mend their ways and the punishment will be optional. The consecration could mitigate the Russian assault, I hope. The matter of the Antichrist should not be the subject of a discussion of Garabandal now, because that is to follow later. Let’s hope that Pope Francis will live to see March 25, 2022 and be able to carry out the consecration.

                • Hi Stefan,

                  Conchita is supposed to announce the date of the Miracle 8 days before the event. If the Warning occurs before her announcement, then there is no need for Conchita to announce the date of the Miracle, as everyone will be able to figure out the date. Therefore, it makes sense that the Warning won’t occur until after Conchita’s announcement.

                  Also, the Warning is supposed to be a preparation for the Miracle. Therefore, it makes sense that the two events will be close together. It is also feasible that the Chastisement will occur shortly after the Warning and Miracle, because if the Warning and Miracle don’t convert an individual – nothing will. And, the Chastisement will rid the world of evil so that the Era of Peace can begin.

                  Thursday April 13, 2023 is the feast of St. Hermenegild, the Martyr of the Eucharist.

                  The next date that Thursday falls on April 13, is in 2028.

                  In The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and the End Times, the author explains that the Antichrist will reign before the Era of Peace/Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

                  pages 136-137 – The Day of the Lord: “In light of this foretold era or temporary kingdom, the Apostolic Fathers specify the period in which this holy age is to take place, namely after the first tribulation of Antichrist, but before the final tribulation of Satan. Unanimous in their interpretation of Revelation chapters 19 & 20, the Fathers concur on the doctrine of Antichrist preceding the glorious reign of the saints on earth. They constitute these two events of the defeat of Antichrist and the final defeat of Satan as the ‘Day of the Lord’.”

                  Mari Loli said that when the Warning occurs things will be at their worst. Churches will be closed and priests in hiding. She said she thought the Pope would also be in hiding. This fits the description of the reign of the Antichrist, where the Mass will be abolished and the Church will have to go underground. The Chastisement will end this persecution.

                  • Albrecht Weber published on his meanwhile strongly changed internet pages that Conchita informed him in 1965 that the date of the “warning” is hidden in the “secret of God” and is neither known to the SON nor to the MOTHER. That would be a little bit strange with only missing month and day.

                    Therefore it is comprehensible that Mari Loli knows nothing at all, except the year (even year) and that it would be within 12 months.

                    Mari Loli herself states that the Warning and the Miracle are within 12 months of each other but not necessarily in the same year.
                    Time 3.15

                    Time 7.04

                    We must pray that Pope Francis will not be killed before or during the consecration of Russia. Nevertheless, I think that the matter of the Antichrist will come only with the conditional punishment or later. Conchita will not live to see the punishment, as she says herself. I don’t agree with mixing all the issues with Garabandal.

                    • Dear Stefan,

                      I agree with all you recently wtote, BUT one thing: IF the antichrist will rise in the near future (I intend that he will gain global power and demand or accept to be considered ‘god’), the Chastisement will be also the way by wich God will destroy his power.

                      According to mostly all theologians and bible commentators, including the Fathers of the Chirch, WHEN the antichrist will rise to global power, he will reivn for around 3.5 years, during whi h he will impose to almost everybody the ‘mark of the beast’ on their right hand or their forehead.

                      As, IF the antichrist will rise, his power would be based on global control supported by Artificial Intelligence, digital money and single global currency, social credit systems to access any aspect of social and economic life, global humanitarian and ecologic ‘religion’ with no direct participation to the rites (attended remotely or even on ‘virtual reality’)…the Chastisement should be a series of event that will completely disrupt/destroy the technological infrastructure that will support the antichristic global control system…
                      I ‘feel’ this since 2015 and, for that reason, I I often proposed in this blog my view of the Chastisement (most of times I have been censored: I hope I will not now). Thus, to get an idea of the timing and of the kind of events, you can bave a look at something like this, tentatively foreseen for 13 APRIL 2029:

                      Saint Lucy of Fatima (Tuy, France, 13 JUNE 2029)
                      According to Saint Lucy, shortly after:

                  • Thank you Cathy for this reminder, let me reconfirm again this list of questions, nobody knows Loli’s family more than myself, Loli was aware of the Warning year and even more but I will not add anything else, by the way Friends, I remind you that this is a blog about Fatima and especially Garabandal, you have here with me the best Garabandalist to my knowledge with Pete, Juan and Michael from Garabandal, I cannot reply to all your emails because I am still in Bucharest, I cannot support also some new comments especially when these comments are related to Garabandal Prophecies unfolding before everyone’s eyes, we did not wait for you and we do not need you.

                    By the way I was informed and unfortunately that the Consecration of Russia via Francis the heretic won’t be valid, I am sorry for this news but this is it and even if Pope Benedict joins him, so let me suggest to Rome do not make fun with our Lady of Fatima on March 25, thank you.

                    • It seems you may be right Aviso, see Life Site link

                      Our Lady didn’t ask for every Tom, Dick & Harry, Tracy, Julie & Brenda to be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by a Pope. She said Russia. Just Russia, not variations on a them. Russia, Russia & only Russia. Why do Popes find it so very hard to be humbly obedient, do as they are asked without question and don’t presume they always no better?


                      Signing off as
                      Infuriated Pete

                    • Sadly, this has just been reported: On Sunday, Pope Francis said he will consecrate “humanity” to the Immaculate Heart. He said, “I invite every community and all the faithful to unite with me on Friday, March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, to the Solemn Act of Consecration of humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that she, the Queen of Peace, may help us obtain peace.”
                      This will not fulfill what Our Lady asked . . . God help us!

            • Stefan and Cathy, I think you have both articulated some very likely outcomes and timelines. Personally, my considered opinion is there is still much that remains hidden in mystery which may not be so easily discerned until we are upon the hour itself or have the benefit of hindsight.

              As you say Stefan and I recall also posting here in the past, man driven by and succumbing to his inordinate appetites will bring to an end the Era of Peace. I think this end will be the last one, its then the Anti-Christ will rise to prominence, then will be ‘the’ Apocalypse and as Scripture reveals the Anti-Christ will only be defeated by Christ Himself at His second coming.

              Below is a re-cap of the prominent Fatima messages along with some thoughts of my own:

              “When you will see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, famine & persecutions of the Church & of the Holy Father. To prevent *this*, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heard, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred. The Holy Father will have much to suffer. Several nations will be annihilated.” but “Finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and an era of peace will be granted to the world.”

              Our Lady’s request:
              1. Consecration of Russia *and* the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays
              2. To prevent the 2nd World War
              3. To convert Russia
              4. To prevent the spread of errors throughout the world
              7. To avoid the martyrdom of many
              8. To avoid the suffering of a Pope
              9. To avoid the annihilation of several Nations

              F) Our Lady implied the Consecration would not happen at the hour she asked when she used the word ‘Finally as in “Finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” In so saying Our Lady also implied that the Consecration would be after a culmination of events leading to “Several nations will be annihilated.., etc.” and thereafter the Triumph. This suggests the Consecration will occur in the midst of events as we see now, but its’ efficacy i.e. the Triumph & Era of Peace will not be so immediate as many hope.

              Furthermore ask yourself, “Have I done my part to meet one of the preconditions & if not how many others have not also?” That is, the precondition of Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays.
              You see we cant point fingers at the Pope(s), as some are prone to do, many of us (and I include myself) are also culpable. I want also to add to those that say a Pope who at times teaches what might be judged as heresy cannot effect the Consecration in union with all the Bishops, that they reflect on the fact God permits the Sacraments the Pope performs to be wholly effective. Why then would his intercession not be effective especially when in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and the whole Church as will be the case on the 25th March?

              For what it’s worth I surmise;
              1. The Consecration will be valid, but not immediately effective, things will continue and get worse.
              2. Many (including me) will at last do our part as in the First Saturdays.
              3. Things will continue to get worse throughout 2022.
              4. God will intervene with the Warning when things will be at their very worst, i.e. several nations annihilated.
              5. We & Church will recognise that Divine intervention as the final unifying event that is the fulfillment of all Marian prophesy, particularly that of Fatima & Garabandal.

              Then we will we witness Our Lady’s statement of fact, “in the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph and an era of peace will be granted to the world.”

              Finally, be warned, after the Consecration has been effected and you see things continue to get worse, don’t despair, our faith is being tested and refined like gold. Don’t listen to those who will mock you with words like: “Where is your God now, He’s not coming to save you” or “I told you so this Pope is evil and therefore God has ignored his intercession even if the entire Church and its Bishops interceded with him, I’ve been proved right you proved wrong.”

              Ignore them, have faith remain steadfast, we were told beforehand how things will play-out, the mocking crowed will be left in dismay when we are vindicated.

              The Triumph will occur of that we are 100% certain

              God bless

              • Dear Pete
                You get my full approval. I could not describe it better.

                Pope Benedict Emeritus is also bishop and will join the consecration. However, it does not have to be required by him that he is visibly present in his bondability. Pope Benedict Emeritus is to be trusted, but only if no misunderstandings can arise about the Pope and it is a healthy healing.

                The question of the journey of the Pope to Moscow remains open.

                Conchita: “If the Pope returns from a trip to Moscow, the circumstances will break that God will send a warning.”

                Or: “The Pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, make out of Europe’s hostilities in different parts of Europe.”

                Last sentence should be from the sources of Albrecht Weber. However, I can not find this sentence in his book.

                • Conchita never said “IF” It’s the latter sentence: it’s when. “The Pope will go to Moscow. When he returns to Rome hostilities break out in Europe and all will happen.” From Albrecht Webers Book. He will go to Moscow. Only God knows when. Peace!

              • Hi Pete,

                When did the 1260 day tribulation period mentioned in the Bible begin and when does it end?

                In March 2020 the global pandemic was declared. Churches were deemed non-essential and closed. Was January 2020 the start of the 1260 day tribulation period, which will include WWIII in 2022 followed by the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement in 2023? The consecration of Russia on March 25 will shorten the severity of what is about to unfold, and is necessary like the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement, in order to usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary/Era of Peace predicted in Fatima. What is the singular event in the Church that will occur (like proclamation of a Dogma) according to Conchita on the day of the Miracle? The fifth Marian Dogma – Coredemptrix and Mediatrix?

                Possible timeline for the 1260 days (three and a half years) tribulation period:

                year 1 – January 2020 (start of the pandemic)
                year 2 – 2021 (pandemic/economic problems/rumblings of war)
                year 3 – 2022 (pandemic/economic problems/ WWIII began in February in Ukraine and will soon involve other nations)
                First 6 months of 2023: Warning (Good Friday April 7, 2023). Miracle (Thursday April 13, 2023), followed shortly after by the Chastisement.

                1260 days from January 1, 2020 ends on June 14, 2023.

                Does the Era of Peace begin in Spring 2023 (late April to June)?

                • Dear Cathy,

                  1260 days is the duratiin of the reign of the antichrist…but he’s not in power yet…So I believe we’ll have to wait a bit longer (a few more years…up to 2026, or even 2029 I guess).

                  Stay strong! Let’s pray!

                  • Anonymous, the Antichrist appears when the Restrainer (Papacy) is removed. This does not mean that we are not already in the 1260 day tribulation period which will get much worse once WWIII ramps up. The worst is yet to come. If the Antichrist rules over the planet for 1260 days, we are doomed because of the technology and control he will have over mankind.

                • Hi Cathy, an interesting hypothesis. Speculative of course based on well reasoned ideas and time lines.

                  My personal view in respect to the ‘chastisement’ is two fold.

                  1. It is unlikely to occur in short-shrift after the Miracle and the leaving of a Permanent Sign at the Pines. Why, because I trust Our Lord will allow time for the ripples (Graces) to; effect hearts and minds across the world; give time to the many who do convert that they be assured their conversion was not in vain; allow the many to live in a spirit of loving remorse for their sins and make reparation; allow for one or more generations to participate in and invigorate a renewed Church. I do accept there will be many that are so far removed from accepting our Christian faith, so hardened that they will not be effected by these great events, will not change in the slightest. As Our Lord said prior to His Passion, ‘And he said unto him, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” (Luke 16:31 – King James Bible).’

                  2. We do know this chastisement is conditional, not my words but that of Our Lady to the seers. It was Conchita’s personnel opinion that she thought this chastisement was inevitable. For this reason alone (conditional) I don’t see how some people equate this chastisement with The Chastisement (final) as described in the Book of Revelations.

                  I do bear in mind the private revelations relayed by Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, particularly the words “The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son.”
                  When one reads this in its’ full context (below), there is no indication of the duration between the (Garabandal) “Sign left by my Son.” and when such terrible events will commence. Is St Agnes describing the conditional chastisement of Garabandal, another chastisement generations later due to a return to old ways or in fact The Chastisement?

                  “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests.”

                  “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

                  God bless

            • There are three major issues in the incoming ‘consecration’:
              – in 1917 Our Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia in order to avoid the spreading of the errors of Communism worldwide in the incoming century (mainly atheism): the incombent one is a ‘consecration’ of Russia and Ukraine to try to prevent the escalation of a regional conflic in the incoming months (the latter is thus rather limited in scope);
              – the Bishops will be ‘in unity’ with Mr. Bergoglio, who is not the Pope, instead of Benedict XVI;
              – it comes very, very late.
              All we can do is pray, pray, pray.

      • Let us pray and hope for as many graces as possible from the consecration of Russia on March 25, 2022.

        Let us not be discouraged by those who already scoff and want to declare the consecration invalid. They will look for and blame every little mistake anyway. They will bring up the dress, the gestures, the words, the procedure, the participation, the validity of the Pope and much more that I can only be wickedly imagined.

        On the other hand, I hope that Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke will also attend. Rather not Vigano. Let us not be demoralized and forbid the hope that the consecration will be effective, even if, as expected, things will get worse at first.

        Bishop Schneider has called for a novena in preparation for the consecration of Russia and Ukraine on March 25, 2022. Well done.

        • Sure, Stephan: this ‘consecration’ will certainly obtain many Graces from God, depending also on our faith, prayers and sacrifices.
          Still: let’s be prepared to endure ‘long years’ (hopefully, not many) of of tough trials, as recently annouced by Our Lady…
          God bless!!!

        • Yes this is the right and proper approach.

          We must surely accept that this consecration on the 25th March for Russia and Ukraine in what is amounting to be in full collegiality with most (if not all) the Bishops of the World, including Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, is never going to be repeated. The Church will not do this again. It was supposed to have occurred shortly after the Fatima apparitions, so it is indeed very late and the world has suffered needlessly as a consequence.

          We must pray, hope and remain steadfast in faith.

          People (including me) must stop hurling ‘sticks and stones’ at Pope Francis and just pray for him. We know he has caused problems, we know he is a product of his upbringing in a communist state, we know he has some past connections with Freemasonry (that secret sect), we know he has naively participated in an act of idolatry during the Amazon synod, we know he wants a devolved authority and a more Lutheran/Protestant approach to Church governance and doctrine, we know he is a modernist and a liberal. We know he is a Pope who is fueling confusion and schism. Still we have to pray for him, this Church, the Mystical Body of Christ is not the Pope, the Pope is a member as are we.

          The Pope is only an obstacle to the Consecration in as much as he refuses to perform the Consecration, which we know he hasn’t. And let us not forget, he dedicated his Papacy to our Lady of Fatima, not I believe a coincidence, and had we our wits about us when he stated this dedication we may have wondered then would this be the one to perform the Consecration?

          God bless

          • Dear Pete

            I very much support your approach. Pope Francis is now doing everything Fatima and Garabandal asked for and that impresses me deeply. The Fatima consecration was not meant for today, but as you say, to avoid the 2nd World War. It will be the last concrete consecration of Russia, I am also convinced of that, and thus our last chance in particular for it.

            Pope Francis is not a theological genius like Pope Benedict and has his shortcomings and mistakes. He should have trusted in good theologians (smile). But he is courageous and does not hesitate. Perhaps he is now the Pope of the hour. What is needed now is not a theologian, but a pope who will stand up against all odds and vicious attacks. He will do it without compromise and patiently endure the ridicule and attacks afterwards. Pope Benedict would never have been able to do that and that is also the reason why Pope Benedict supports and accompanies him in prayer. What the consecration lacked, Pope Benedict and the bishops of the world will make good with intense prayer, I believe.

            As you say, so do we. Pray for him, Russia and Ukraine.

            • Diabolical Narcissism. Collected Essays by Ann Barnhardt. It is the key to understanding the current reign of terror masquerading on the Chair of St. Peter. Read it.

              I have done the 5 First Saturdays. Our Lady will appreciate her requests being honored.

              In union of prayer with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI of an impeded See.

    • a novena prayer for the consecration. by Bishop Athanasius Schneider that would be great to pray at least once per day for the nine days starting today, March 16, and leading up to March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation that commemorates the incarnation of Christ exactly nine months before His birth on Christmas Day.

      O Immaculate Heart of Mary, you are the holy Mother of God and our tender Mother. Look upon the distress in which the Church and the whole of humanity are living because of the spread of materialism and the persecution of the Church. In Fatima, you warned against these errors, as you spoke about the errors of Russia. You are the Mediatrix of all graces. Implore your Divine Son to grant this special grace for the Pope: that he might consecrate Russia to your Immaculate Heart, so that Russia will be converted, a period of peace will be granted to the whole world, and your Immaculate Heart will triumph, through an authentic renewal of the Church in the splendor of the purity of the Catholic faith, of the sacredness of Divine worship and of the holiness of Christian life. O Queen of the Holy Rosary and our dear Mother, turn your merciful eyes to us and graciously hear this our trusting prayer.


      God Bless

  7. Thank you Friends for your donations, still in Bucharest, please do not hesitate to share my story in Ukraine with as many people as possible using the link about it from the blog via your social media, twitter, facebook, instagram….etc…..more we will be, the easier we will get out of this situation as soon as possible, thank you again for any help and Prayers.

    God Bless

  8. Evening Aviso, so relieved you are out and safe. My wife, Margo sends you her prayers and good wishes. We’ll send something tonight and I’ll share the link on Gettr, Gab and Twitter.

    God bless

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