Pope Benedict XVI Impeded ?


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


In an extraordinary turn of events, last Thursday, October 6, 2022, the vigil of Our Lady of Victories, just as Don Alessandro Minutella was preparing his evening talk, on the Radio Domina Nostra, it appears that the Holy Father has anticipated his request to declare the Apostolic See impeded.

The occasion was the personal message he sent to the Scholars assembled by the Pope Benedict XVI Foundation for the presentation of a book by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, entitled, “In cammino alla ricerca della Verità. Lettere e colloqui con Benedetto XVI” (Rizzoli, 2022) (English translation: “On the road to search for the Truth. Letters and Colloquies with Benedict XVI”.

At the beginning of the discourse, for the 2.5 hour conferences (Visible on Video Here), Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the personal secretary of the Holy Father gave a brief but cryptic introduction, which I will relate in English, below, the Italian transcription of which you can read at Andrea Cionci’s article, here.

His intervention began at 2:31 into this 2.5 hour video.

Before speaking the Archbishop asks if he should open with an official customary salute of all the persons present — the Rector of LUMSA University responds, he can do it cordially, informally — to which the Archbishop says he will do it in a Catholic manner.

The Archbishop Georg Ganswein, dressed as a priest, not an Archbishop, and without the pectoral cross, says:

Before I came here, I prayed with Pope Benedict – as every Catholic priest does it – vespers. And then I spoke about the book, and first of all, of those invited or those presenters. (that is, of those Scholars who will give talks during the conference — ed.)

Pope Benedict told me, first of all: “Don’t give an official salute, salute them personally in my name and say to everyone: ‘I have not merited this illustrious list of presenters’.  I said to him: “Holy Father, if I say this they will not believe me, but I will obey.”; (Pope Benedict continued) “Either believe or do not believe, if you do not believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say which verse or which chapter, but there is the response “.

Now, even in Italian, this sort of introduction is remarkable for its idiosyncratic format.  Yes, it is known that the Archbishop is a conservative, and may have simply wanted to emphasize that he prays the Divine Office with the Holy Father at the canonical hours, as all priests should. But it is also clear that he is conveying a personal message given by the Holy Father.

So, as Andrea Cionci has done the other day, a closer look at the first phrase will notice a remarkable grammatical structure, which taken syntactically according to the rules of the Italian language means to day, “I have just prayed Vespers with Pope Benedict XVI, as all Catholic priests do.” FULL STOP.

But such an affirmation makes no sense unless all Catholic priests should regard Pope Benedict XVI as the true and only Roman Pontiff, since all priests are to pray in communion with the Vicar of Christ, not with a pope emeritus.

But this is not all.

In the second expression, where the Archbishop is asked to salute the assembly of scholars as illustrious persons (a thing which Cionci in his article explains is nonsensical since they are either all of very bad moral or academic reputations or are persons who have insulted Pope Benedict XVI in the past), the Archbishop objects that no one will believe him if he communicates such a message. (That is, no one who is following Vatican affairs closely).

And then the Holy Father says,

“Either believe or do not believe, if you do not believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say which verse or which chapter, but there is the response “.

Here, if you know anything about Scripture, you have to experience a shock. Because, there is an exact parallel in the Book of Jeremiah, where Saint Jeremiah, the prophet sends his personal secretary, Saint Baruch (Feast Day Sept. 28) — who was not a high priest — to convey his message to the corrupt clergy and nobility of Jerusalem, of his own day. Jeremiah had been imprisoned by the King, the High Priests and the nobility and scribes who were all opposed to Jeremiah for preaching that Jerusalem would be destroyed if they allied with worldly powers: but only be saved if they remained faithful to the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So he sends his secretary to deliver his most important message to them.

And since he is impeded, he cannot say what he really thinks of these scholars who have taken over the Pope Benedict XVI foundation are are using its massive funds to promote Bergoglianism. It’s a total ruination of his intellectual legacy, far worse than ripping up the vineyard of German’s grapes which he himself had planted at Castle Gandolfo at the beginning of his pontificate. It is a spiteful, hatred, in your face, kind of thing. And so he chooses to leave a cryptic message for those who are truly listening to him and appreciate his words: those in communion with him, who pray Vespers with him!

The biblical passage is an exact situational parallel for the moment of sending his own personal secretary, an Archbishop — But not dressed as an archbishop or high priest — to speak to the nobility and scholars of the Roman Church. So it cannot be brushed aside as a coincidence. Moreover, this address was given on the 9th day after the Feast of St. Baruch. So we simply cannot ignore to consider it as the verse indicated by the text and context of the Holy Father’s personal catholic message to everyone.

And in that message, Jeremiah says these amazing words in chapter 36:5: first in Hebrew, then in Greek, Italian and English.

IN THE HEBREW ORIGINAL (read right-to-left):

In the Greek Translation used by the Apostles (read left-to-right):

In Italian:

5 Quindi Geremia ordinò a Baruc: «Io ne sono impedito e non posso andare nel tempio del Signore. 6 Andrai dunque tu a leggere, nel rotolo che hai scritto sotto la mia dettatura,

In English (My translation from the Italian, which is the translation used by the Holy Father):

5 Then Jeremiah ordered Baruch: “I AM IMPEDED and cannot go into the temple of the Lord. 6. You, therefore, shall go to READ, in the scroll that you have written under my dictation, …

If it were not for the nearly exact super-imposition of circumstances, I would say that it is a mere coincidence, but there is no passage in Scripture where this expression is found nor is there one in which we have a dignitary sending a secretary to speak to those who are of the party which has imprisoned him.

And I see corroboration in this interpretation, because in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI published a book called, “Jesus of Nazareth, from His Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration”, in which he says, in Father De Souza’s words, written in February of 2007,

“While Elijah personifies hope for the restoration of Israel, Jeremiah is a figure of the Passion, who proclaims the failure of the current form of the Covenant and of the Temple that, so to speak, serves as its guarantee. Of course, he is also the bearer of the promise of a New Covenant that is destined to rise from the ashes. By his suffering, by immersion in the darkness of contradiction, Jeremiah bears this twofold destiny of downfall and renewal in his own life.”

Wow! For Pope Benedict, Jeremiah was the Katechon of the Old Testament in an age of the total apostasy of the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Thus, by referencing Jeremiah and Baruch, in his message delivered by the Archbishop, last week, he is definitively declaring himself to the the sole VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST, who is the defender of the Faith.

But what remains even more of wonderment to me, is how did the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, know how to respond to the Question of Don Minutella which would not be aired for the first time on Youtube FOR ANOTHER 5 HOURS or so?

I am flabbergasted.

I do not know what to say. — I will attempt to understand better the historical context and explain it in an update to this article.

But for now, if the world wants to know that the Holy Father is a prisoner and that the Apostolic See is impeded, he has it from the mouth of the Holy Father, via his personal secretary, in public, in a way that can be understood by all who are listening carefully.

NOTA BENE: In the phrase, “The Apostolic See is impeded”, the words, “Apostolic See” refer to the person of the Roman Pontiff in the exercise of his supreme authority, thus, to say, “I am impeded” as the pope, is the same signification as to say, “The apostolic see is impeded”

UPDATE: I have unconfirmed reports that Don Minutella and the other 7 priests had communicated to the Holy Father their shock at the phone call of Archbishop Ganswein and indicated their desire to have direct communications with him, prior to this conference, where Archbishop Ganswein related the personal message of the Holy Father, which refers to Jeremiah o Isaiah. — It is also possible that Pope Benedict XVI was responding to the Conference at Turin, which concluded on Oct. 6, the day of the above intervention, since that conference discussed Sede impedita and Sede Vacante and Popes emeritus. But the signification would be the same.


My Comment : I am of course aware of the reputation of Brother Bugnolo but I don’t care , for example it was also the same case with Father Gruner or Malachi Martin among others, reputation is in no way for me a factor of seriousness or not, I therefore publishes this incredible and I would even say historical article confirming what we have been thinking since 2013, that Pope Benedict never abdicated or renounced the Papacy but that he was probably forced to retire and we got the greatest of the apostates in the history of the church, he is named in the holy scriptures, as the false prophet, the antichrist, the son of perdition and in fatima as the bishop dressed in white, an usurper, Saint Francis had called him a destroyer not canonically elected, we have had him before our eyes since 2013, we see him destroying day after day, the church of our Lord and his teachings, in his next diabolical synod (the one our lady told us about in Garabandal) he will go so far as to make us believe that people of the same sex will henceforth be able to be blessed by the church of Christ and even marry before God, he is capable of it believe me, me who had unmasked him from the first day, I have since fought him tirelessly here in public and in private, to finally understand that the real Pope, Pope Benedict XVI is in fact impeded and that he uses parables to express himself as Christ did, using also biblical references as recently during this presentation via his loyal servant and personal secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein, here we go :

“Either believe or do not believe, if you do not believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say which verse or which chapter, but there is the response “.

And what we read in Jeremiah, “I am Impeded”, but WHY a so called retired and still dressed in white Pope Emeritus would need to use via his personal secretary,some cryptic words, biblical reference…etc….for WHAT ? Because he is not free to talk as simple as that my friends, he is a prisoner and it is a biblical event related to the Apocalypse directly, also how to forget these incredible grammatical errors in Latin in his renunciation and for an expert in Latin (he even can think in Latin for example) of his level it is simply impossible, if it was not wanted to send a cryptic message and canonically cancel this historical document of an invalid renunciation, only few were able to understand it from the beginning thanks God for it, This is crazy my friends, by the way let me add that the Bergoglio name using the computer alphabet (Apocalypse 13:18) is the only name among 266 Popes since Christ to date giving the number of the beast 666, the only one, what else we want as proof ? this is historical time my friends but a very big danger for all of us as well, we need to understand that and it is urgent why ? Because Russia de facto is still not consecrated as ordered in Fatima by our Lady, the risk of annihilation of Nations is before our eyes, do not expect a new conclave to get rid of Bergoglio, this will not happen I know it from Fatima myself, no way and if the Katechon dies before, this is the end of the official Catholic Church and de facto of the world as we know it , Pope Benedict is already at 95 the oldest Pope alive since Christ. I was informed myself in Garabandal and in private via some close friends of the greatest Garabandalist to me Father Laffineur, that the Pope will be in Russia for the Great Miracle Day but which Pope ? if the Katechon dies before the impostor, no conclave will be valid, de facto after Francis no valid Pope is possible only after Benedict, is it for that reason why our Lady did give a number of Popes before the end of times in Garabandal ? actually it is my fear so what is the solution ? There is only one :

As long as there is still time (short probably), the Pope should be released from the vatican as soon as possible with his will or not, taken abroad and to Russia because I do not see any other country that could welcome him, then from Moscow with his good friend the patriarch Kirill, consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady at Fatima in communion with all the bishops who will still be faithful to him, that’s the only way to avoid annihilation of Nations, for us and by the way for Russia as well. So utopia, madness, impossible, unbelievable….etc…, indeed but it is the only possible solution and time is short, please be sure of it, thank you.


PS : I dedicated this article to Archbishop Vigano, a future Saint to me and a former great Diplomat of the Holy See.

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  1. Garabandal 2008

    Loli’s sister : Welcome back !

    Aviso : What we eat today ?

    Loli’s sister : Your favorite plate but for dinner only

    Aviso : Let me go to see my savior remind me where is his house ?

    Loli’s sister : You mean the Irish man ?

    Aviso : Yes of course I want to thank him again

    Loli’s sister : His house just face the Eucharist miracle place, you cannot miss it but he is a special man

    Aviso : How are you my Savior ?, so please to see you back

    The Irish : Please do not call me that way, the Lady stop your car not me !

    Aviso : Ok but I met you that night and you help me and probably save me

    The Irish : let me show where I met you and where your car was going

    Aviso : Woow my God, no chance for me if you did not stopped me !

    The Irish : Probably but as I said to you it was not me, our meeting was a coincidence, I was going to the Pines for Praying

    Aviso : at 10 Pm ?

    The Irish : right you are from Army, so strong man ?

    Aviso : Yes I am not afraid of anything and went everywhere around this world

    The Irish : Great so tonight join me and lets go together at the Pines

    Aviso : Ok deal what time ?

    The Irish : 10 Pm as well

    Aviso : But why are you going at the Pines during the Night and at this time ?

    The Irish : This is my job I am here for that

    Aviso : I do not understand, anyway see you tonight my good friend

    The Irish : Good take your Rosary

    Aviso : What ?

    The Irish : your Rosary, you know what is it ?

    Aviso : I heard about it but I am not Catholic yet so !

    The Irish : you will be Catholic soon

    Aviso : What do you mean ?

    The Irish : see you tonight

    Aviso : What a great dinner !

    Loli’s sister : the Same like last year, your favorite meat

    Aviso : I must go

    Loli’s sister : Where ?

    Aviso : I am going with the Irish at the Pines

    Loli’s sister : No do not go you are not ready for that

    Aviso : I remind you that I am from Army do you think I am scared ? come on !

    Loli’s sister : Take this Rosary

    Aviso : I do not need that I have my own knife always with me in case so do not worry !

    The Irish : are you ready ?

    Aviso : Let’s go !

    The Irish : Do you have your Rosary ?

    Aviso : Do not worry, all is ok

    The Irish : I am not worry, by the way I dreamed about you !

    Aviso : I enjoyed the tea of your wife, a great Lady

    The Irish : The best but she endured a lot

    Aviso : Why you are in Garabandal ?

    The Irish : We arrived here years ago, they welcome us with stones especially the children but my wife for each stone was giving sweets to children, today we are friends

    Aviso : What a fucking dog !

    The Irish : Be polite please here is the village of God and his Mother

    Aviso : But why this dog keep following me ? and this road is so dark !

    The Irish : Soon you will be Catholic !

    Aviso : Good I hope so

    The Irish : Your name will be related to the Village forever

    Aviso : My Name ? but I am not even Catholic yet my Friend

    The Irish : But your Cross will be unbearable as well

    Aviso : Come on ! you already save my life please do not talk that way !

    The Irish : In my dream I saw you at the entrance of the village like a keeper, protecting the access

    Aviso : Come on my friend, I am not even Spanish or from the Village and unknown here, fucking dog still behind me !

    The Irish : What I said to you, again bad words and I will leave you here in the middle of the road

    Aviso : sorry please tell to this dog to leave me in Peace

    The Irish : But you are strong no ?

    Aviso : I have a knife, I can kill him if you want

    The Irish : Give me this knife and take this Rosary

    Aviso : Where is the dog ?

    The Irish : now be quiet I must Pray here we are at the Pines

    Aviso : It is cold, I hear weird cries

    The Irish : This is the devil and will follow and fight you all your life as well

    Aviso : Let’s go back please !

    The Irish : But our Lady of the Mount Carmel will be with you always.

    Aviso : I am going to Sleep please give me some wine

    Loli’s sister : I told you not to go

    Aviso : But who is this Man ?

    Loli’s sister : Your savior, good night.

    • An intense and mysterious experience. You are braver than me! May the Irishman’s words be your security that Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be with you always. The Irishman must have been a very holy man. No wonder you can’t just walk away from your mission.

  2. A new video sent to me in my mail box, so who is this Priest ? this is my mistake and I am sorry, I chose this Traditional Priest myself for being a Church caution within our Garabandal Group Years ago, I met him in London few years ago, again as for Glenn Hudson no access to Garabandal village in no way for this Priest, thank you.

  3. Just got this video in my mail box, I was not aware of it so thank you for those who sent it to me.

    Taylor Marshall is a Traditionalist and will not hesitate to destroy Garabandal at the slightest mistake, and he chose who to talk about garabandal ? the hollywood star in the Usa (thanks to his supporters by the way) but unknown in Garabandal to date, de facto I am afraid of the worst, Taylor Marshall is not John Henry Westen a faithful of Vatican 2 and company, No with Doc Marshall you cannot play so again and before any disaster, the Glenn Hudson and company do not represent Garabandal in NO WAY, between us in the village we call them the team of Lomangino, the blind man who had to regain his sight for the great miracle day, we all know the rest, no hate from me believe me, the Man is probably good, I know him myself for years, his speciality is to copy my work without giving the source for years as well (like the Pope in Moscow, the Synod, Great Miracle in April and so on) but I am sorry to reconfirm, he is incompetent, so I will follow his interview closely but if again i ever hear no 3rd world war, a great miracle on tv….etc….I will not hesitate to use my contact in the village to deny him access to Garabandal forever.

    By the way and for your information, I was interviewed myself and more than 2 hours in Garabandal for the famous movie Unstoppable Waterfall 2 years ago, I spent about 24 hours with the movie team myself but I told them, I am ok for an interview but at one condition only, no Glenn Hudson testimony in the movie which he begs for it, the team said to me ok but my interview was canceled for the movie as well because of my opinion about Francis, thank you.

    • So happy that your website is back online, Aviso. I was worried about what happened. It is good that you were interviewed for Unstoppable Waterfall. Please do not worry. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel knows your heart.

      • Thank you Claudia as I told you, you are Great but let me add few words, I am the only one to date who has been able to Marry in the village of Garabandal as a non spanish or from the village, in other words this is impossible to date so how was possible for me ? because of my good relations and contact in the village, I have myself in Garabandal as I call her a second mother, the own sister of Loli and in 2007 during my first trip in the village she was the one who welcome me, she was the one who talk to me about her sister about the village…etc…, she is also behind my wedding and so on, de facto when I talk about garabandal I know about what I am talking, so Today let me open my heart a bit just few minutes, Yes I own to our Lady of the Mount Carmel a lot from my convertion to Catholicism to my life but my Cross is very heavy for the Garabandal cause as well, no one here can imagine how much I paid for it, please be sure of it No one and this explain also why I get angry sometimes with some incompetents, so to you Claudia I will tell you and for the first time online, for the Garabandal cause I lost all from my business to my own wife and children, thank you.

        Ps : By the way, today february 5 is the anniversary of my father in Heaven. 32 years ago I was only 20 that time, please join me and Pray for him, Thank you.

        • Prayers for you and you’re father Aviso, yes you’re cross is heavy and I also pray our dear heavenly queen may send you a Simon of Cyrene when the weight of the cross is unbearable.

        • We have watched you over the years try to hold everything together, Aviso and losing your beloved wife and children was a terrible price. When the Garabandal events come to pass there may be a lot of reconciliations. May God grant you the Graces needed for the weight of your cross.

          • Thank you Concerned, probably one of the most beautiful message I ever got since my Garabandal apostolate online for years so as a gift for all of you and for the first time online as well, tomorrow I will talk about how our Lady of the Mount Carmel save me from death via a Irish man in 2007, by the way she did no save me only, The Mother of God did talked to me about my Futur as about my online user name and my heavy Cross via this man, something incredible, in other words the Heaven power of the Mother of God and be sure that when she want something she will get it, you like or not she will, so stay tune, thank you again.

        • Yes, I will pray a rosary for your Father today on his anniversary. I am sorry for the heaviness of the Cross you carry in connection with Our Lady’s messages. Indeed, many reconciliations may occur at the time of the Garabandal events and let us pray for Aviso that the Lord may restore all things to him.

  4. For the first time online

    Garabandal 2011

    Aviso : Where we go today ?

    M. : you will see

    Aviso : where ?

    M. : No one knows this place, only few old People from the village like me

    Aviso : Why you have the same family name as one of the seer ?

    M. : She is my family, our Fathers were brothers

    Aviso : Your wife does not talk to me why ?

    M. : Check the road

    Aviso : My God this is very dangerous !

    M. : Do not worry

    Aviso : I trust you but please drive slowly

    M. : I am borned here I know this road by heart

    Aviso : where we go ?

    M. : after Garabandal there is no more village but here few can access so enjoy !

    Aviso : What a wonderful view, those are horses ?

    M. : Yes, sauvages horses, here you can drink this water if you like !

    Aviso : Ok lets try !

    M. : watch the village from here

    Aviso : wooow ! Incredible beauty and view !

    M. : I am borned in this house on your right

    Aviso : how was the village before the Apparitions ?

    M. : in peace !

    Aviso ; do you know the 4 seers very well ?

    M. : of course, we were at the same school and one of them is my cousin

    Aviso : how was during the Apparitions ?

    M. : Difficult, busy, incredible, I could not beleive myself

    Aviso : What about the seers ?

    M. : To me there is Jacinta and Loli

    Aviso : What about the 2 others ?

    M. : What I am telling you please keep it between us only !

    Aviso : I cannot beleive you sorry but I will.

  5. To be fair Aviso, Glenn is close with Conchita and worked closely with Joey lomangino for years. There is no disputing that. I thought you had come around and agreed Glenn was a true genuine garabandalist.

  6. January 25th 2023

    The Night of the Unknown Light

    By 1938, World War II was about to break out. It would begin “during the reign of Pius XI,” signaled by “a night illumined by an unknown light”. On the night of January 25-26, 1938 – during the reign of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) – the sky became a brilliant blood-red. Likened to the blaze of a gigantic fire and filling the evening sky, it was seen across Europe and even in parts of North America and North Africa.

    It was determined to be a most extraordinary aurora borealis,[2] but Sister Lucia expressed reservations about this. She wrote in her third memoir on August 31, 1941 that no matter what cause the light could be attributed to, “God made use of this to make me understand that His justice was about to strike the guilty nations…” This was the sign of the beginning of World War II and the other dire events predicted in the Second Secret.

    Read more :

    My Comment : In one sentence only, Get ready for the Garabandal Prophecies !

    • Dear Aviso,

      If this Russian leader is to be believed, then ‘Pope’ Francis has been planning to visit Moscow in the spring of 2023:
      I understand your frustration with Conchita and her friends for not stating openly that Francis was not elected validly and therefore is not the pope. But, perhaps it is not her role to speak about it. Her role is to announce the Miracle eight days in advance. She must stay true to this. Let us all pray for her. The time is aporoaching.

      • Thank you for this source Claudia, please let me remind to all of you as well, my last Great Miracle date 13 April 2023 is my own spéculation date Only, by the way and as you all know I was always wrong in the past for any dates given online via my Blog, always wrong and I am very bad with spéculation, de facto please do not travel to Garabandal for the Great Miracle before the announcement of Conchita 8 days before only, reminder thousands of people did traveled to Garabandal on 13 April 1995 for nothing and made a mess in the village who was obliged to call Army for help, this rumor of April 13 given to me via this french lady in the village was de facto known that time already so almost 30 years ago, thank you.

        Ps : For the rest I am canceling my last messages written with anger, thank you again to all of you for your reminder in private as in public.

        • By the way the last from Francis, sodomy is not a sin but what we can do with this heretic because this is more than heresy this is evil, so again please do not tell me or remind me that he is the Pope in question who will travel to Moscow, I cannot beleive that our Lady of the Mount Carmel, mother of God did talked about him, sorry but I cannot beleive it as long as I will not see it with my own eyes, thank you again for your understanding.

          Ps : This is not a message to Claudia only but to all of you, thanks.

            • By the way I was informed today why Life site News did talked yesterday about this rumor of Francis traveling to Russia (in no way to me), thank you again to the source who informed me in private.

              • What do you mean Aviso when you say the events are still far off, they cannot be but close now, four popes dead; you said it might be 2023 a few months ago, have you changed your mind now?

                • Hi Pat, today (february 2023), we are too close to April 2023 for the Great Miracle, let’s face the truth, we are still missing the end of an important Synod, that synod is probably the current one in progress called Synod of Synod and will end in october 2023 only, this heretic synod hope to change the moral teaching of the Church, in other words Abomination, also Francis will try to cancel the Traditional Latin Mass probably soon now, the Mass of Saints, the Mass of Lourdes, Fatima and of course of Garabandal among others, I am calling myself the Traditional Latin Mass the Mass of God, if Francis success this will create a Schism, in fact the Schism prophesied by our Lady of the Mount Carmel in Garabandal as well and before the Great Miracle.
                  Also a 3rd world war is to our door, finally I will not be surprised if Francis under the insistent influence of his masters, will travel to Moscow as a kind of peace maker trying to avoid it, the result will probably be the opposite like his evil Consecration of Ukraine and Russia on March 2022 from which we suppose to get peace according to our Lady in Fatima but today we got almost WW3 precisely via Russia, the Country of the Fatima 3rd Secret as we know.
                  Now back to Garabandal, my goal is from the beginning to bring all of you in the village of Garabandal for the Great Miracle day because this is my promise to our Lady of the Mount Carmel who saved me from a terrible car accident in Garabandal in 2007, this is my own story and in my memory for ever and I will, please be sure of it.
                  So, before the D Day, something much worse than the death of Joey Lomangino (for you Sam) will happen and will leave the first Garabandalists in doubt, I mean the most faithful to our Lady of the Mount Carmel someone like me for example so imagine the others but thanks God I am aware of this possible event but cannot talk in public yet, please let me remind you also that you must travel to the village of Garabandal to be healed if you are sick, please do not listen some claiming their ignorance for years and from their sofa, there will be a 3rd World war unfortunately and confirm to me in Fatima by the way, there will not be a Miracle on Tv or internet, precisely it is why our Lady of the Mount Carmel did said to us that the access to Garabandal will be very difficult but imagine a Great Miracle 1000 times more important than in Fatima, something like seeing from your own eyes HEAVEN, imagine the effect on your own life for ever, who would like to miss this unique event, well not me so stay with us.

                  For the rest, let’s look for 2024 or 2025 more likely today, the month is April this was my job to get it and today a fact for sure but do not forget NOT during the holy week for sure as well, thank you.

                  • Yes Aviso I agree with you probably too late now for 2023, hopefully 2024 now. The event causing doubt before the miracle could only be that Conchita will die before the miracle or else the miracle does not happen on the date that Conchita announces, am I correct?

                  • Garabandal News back online after a strong hacking yesterday all the day and for the second times in 1 month, de facto I have used some friends to get a better security and this should not happen anymore, sorry again for any inconvenience, thank you.

                    • By the way my friends, the yesterday hacking was from China according to my friends who are taking care of security of the blog to date, thank you.

  7. Archbishop Vigano aware of the Fatima 3rd secret ?

    Abp. Viganò: We must ‘celebrate’ the papacy despite the ‘heretical tyrant’ on the throne of St. Peter

    These are not randomly written words: they were written after Leo XIII, at the end of Mass, had a vision in which the Lord granted Satan a period of time of about a hundred years to test the men of the Church. They echo the message of the Blessed Virgin at La Salette, fifty years earlier: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist,” and precede by little more than a decade that third part of the Secret of Fatima in which, in all likelihood, Our Lady predicted the apostasy of the hierarchy with the Second Vatican Council and the liturgical reform……………..


    My Comment : Yes sir !

    • Aviso,

      Would you comment on Br. Alexis Bugnolo’s organizing of a conclave by the people of Rome to elect the successor of Pope Benedict XVI? If the College of Cardinals have gone into schism by having called an illegitimate conclave in 2013 and then continuing to recognize Bergoglio, apparently there is a precedent in which the people of Rome may validly elect a new Pope.

      I am dismayed at how few people are talking about this. Or, if they are, they are mocking Br. Alexis.

      What other options are there?

      • Hi Claudia, Bugnolo has not any Authority from the Church for it, by the way he is a faithful of Vatican 2 like Cionci, de facto I stay with Vigano, thank you.

        Ps : I will reply to your email soon.

        • Thank you, Aviso. It bothers me that Br. Bugnolo is telling people not to go to Mass if the priest recognizes Bergoglio in the Canon. At the same time, I understand his point. But, we have to stay close to the Sacraments. Then again, what if we were living in a place like Siberia where there is no access? Which is more pleasing to the Lord? I struggle with this. I currently drive 2 hrs each way to a TLM parish which stayed open throughout the Scamdemic.

          • Dear Claudia, I confirm of course you must go to Mass even with Bergoglio on the Seat of Peter, by the way I do not want to see anyone of you in Schism or outside of the Catholic Church of Rome for the rest be sure that we are doing our best to end with the heretic, again and as I said it online already, I am sure he will resign (or will die), thank you.

  8. The document out of Rome which is said to restrict the Traditional Latin Mass in a more dramatic way is set to be released in April or May of this year:

    It is more evidence that the Warning is not too far off..

    • Hi Claudia, if this new restriction on the TLM is confirmed or even worse if the TLM is banned then we will get the something like a Schism predicted in Garabandal by our Lady of the Mount Carmel, thank you.

        • We know also that an important event within the Church will coïncide with the Great Miracle day, maybe that event is the full restriction of the TLM, by the way mass given in Garabandal during the Apparitions, the Synod in question is already in progress but we are still missing the Pope traveling to Moscow and please do not tell me that Francis will be that Pope, hopefuly not, thank you.

            • I thought that Serafin, Conchita’s brother, said under pressure one time that there would be something like a schism in the Church, or at least he did not refute it.

              • Thanks for your comment, concerned. Strictly based on current events, I would suspect the schism would revolve around moral aberrations such as acceptance of homosexuality by some prelates or a reversal of doctrine on contraception. However, that is only speculation on my part.

          • We are waiting for the Consecration of Russia. What if, in anticipation of this, Pope Benedict were to “meet” with Patriarch Kirill in some way at the time of the Miracle to hasten his conversion. It is not unheard of for the dead to visit the living in a mysterious way. Remember that Fr. Luis Andreu visited the girls after his death and was teaching them to pray in Greek! I, myself, have had knocks at the door from Holy Souls in purgatory. I am not saying that Pope Benedict is in purgatory.

            Russia will be converted, as Our Lady has said. This has to be in connection with the Truth of Catholicism, not in communion with the globalist puppets who are creeping around the Vatican. The ecclesiastical event at the time of the Miracle will perhaps be the death or removal of the usurper.

            • I don’t think it will be a simple death of a ‘pope’ as Conchita said that it was a rare but previous event in the Church but that it had never occurred in her lifetime. She said this when the Pope had just died, therefore this cannot be the event.

  9. Please, contributors to this forum, there will be many times when one’s opinion would not be agreeable with each other, could we at least remain humble and agree to disagree rather than batting the ball back to prove a point. Enough of this pettiness towards each other, let’s respect others opinions even if not agreeable to yours.

    • There is a difference between fact and opinion. There are certain basic facts about Garabandal, plainly listed on the standard websites, such as the Warning, Miracle, and conditional chastisement – in that order – that are essential to understanding the complete story. When one disputes those basic facts, opinions become the standard and consensus becomes impossible. It is not pettiness to demand acknowledgement of a foundation without which, opinions become irrelevant. This is my final posting on this subject. Read the letter in this middle of this article from Conchita to Joey Lomangino on May 28, 1965 in which she discusses the conditional chastisement after the Miracle. https://whatisgarabandal.blogspot.com/2007/09/friday-january-1-1965.html

    • Can I just warn anyone who might be tempted to go on the ‘motherofgod’site to be extremely careful. I have just had a huge whopper of a lie told against me because I dared disagree with the blog founder on defending Archbishop Vigano against his calumniation. The said person publically lied that I sent him an abusive email and then blocked me from the site so that I could not repudiate his blatant lie. I don’t even know the man’s email address.
      We expect so called Catholic bloggers to be at the very least truthful, even if they can’t take diverse opinions. But to make up and publish an absolute falsehood out of thin air…..!
      Just as a warning to any others who may frequent that site. Some sincere people there but the blog host…… Be warned and wary.

      • Thank you for this comment Concerned, I said to all of you already to avoid this site, their founder is a promoter of the evil Gospa of Medjugorje, there is no greatest sin than to promote an evil apparition of a false our Lady, so I am not surprised of lies, plots…etc..from their leader, years ago they have done the same to me but let me add also that I still have some good friends there, they are often in touch with me in private especially when it is about the Garabandal topic, de facto they can join us here at any time as well and will be welcome like brothers and sisters in Christ for sure even if they do not share my opinion, thank you.

        Ps : By defending Archbishop Vigano in public you have done a Great job, God Bless you for it.

        • You run a very good website Aviso but sometimes some people posting on here are quite arrogant and dismissive of anyone with a different opinion which is unfortunate; I. have been following your blog since 2013; keep up the good work

          • 10 years already Pat, I know myself that you were one of my first reader that time, today and without any arrogance, you are thousands around the world monthly de facto I am doing my best to moderate this blog, for example almost 50% of comments are not published online for different reasons, heresies, personnal insultes, Medjugorjist, Francis supporters, sedevacantist and so on, again I am asking each one of you to respect each others, thank you again for your understanding.

            • 10 years this year AVISO! Can you believe it; people need to read peoples comments and be open to each others opinions while obviously avoiding heresy yes. you are a good moderator; Yes of course we all know its tribulation first, then the warning, then the great miracle and then the conditional chastisement, I am not debating that; however I do stand by my opinion 100% that the 3 days of darkness will happen before the miracle and that the 3 days of darkness is not the conditional chastisement spoken of in Garabandal this of course could also happen later in time as Our Lady spoke of. you are a very good moderator Aviso; keep it going.

          • Your comments about respecting others opinions and not being arrogant apply to yourself as well Pat. Keep that in mind. Thanks.

        • Yes, Aviso, there are some genuinely very holy and good people on that site – which is what I frequented it for. But such a blatant and devious ploy by the founder shocked me, and I am not easily shocked. But some very good people there.

  10. Pope Benedict was “heartbroken” by Traditionis Custodes according to his own secretary :

    My Comment : Hopefully Mrsg Gänswein will give more details about Pope Benedict Resignation as well even if I do not believe it.

    • What line will Ganswein’s forthcoming book take, I wonder? Will it give us insight into what was really going on with the ‘resignation’ etc, or will it toe a francis line and spin? Interesting to see.

  11. Was it the warning or miracle that that will coincide with a day during which the priests may wear black vestments for mass — that is alledged to have been stated to one of the visionaries? I can’t find this quote, but in light of +Pope Benedicts’s passing seems to bring up this possiblity.

    • I’ve just read this part of a question on colours of vestments and their significance,…..
      Although not seen very frequently in the United States today, black vestments may be worn for Masses of Christian Burial as a sign of death and mourning. Black may also be used on the Feast of All Souls or for any Mass of the Dead, such as on the anniversary of the death of a loved one…..
      Maybe not that unusual an event for wearing a black vestment?

      • Other than All Souls Day, black is not the liturgical color for all churches across the world that is to be worn at that very day. Black for a funeral mass would only be applicable to that singular parish where the funeral is being held. However, e.g. a mourning mass held across the globe on the same day for +Pope Benedict XVI could have black worn in any church in the world; it could (however unlikely) come as a recommendation from the Vatican. Traditional parishes certainly would choose black as the color. But since according to Aviso’s response the black vestment color is for the “miracle”, would anything delay the funeral mass for Pope Benedict XVI for three months? Not sure this idea is relevant anymore.

  12. So, the third pope after JXXIII (JPI not counted because of short reign) is passing on to his eternal reward.

    Bishop Garmendia (08-27-1981) : … Are there any other relationships between Rome, the Holy Father and the Miracle that you would like to talk about?
    Conchita: Yes. The Virgin told us something related to the Holy Father, and it was that before the Miracle there would be only three more Popes.
    Bishop: I want this to be very clear to all who hear this tape. Conchita was very precise. The Virgin told you that before the Miracle…?
    Conchita: At the time, Pope John XXIII was living. The Virgin said, “Three more Popes are left; there will be only three more Popes.” She was then speaking about the end of the times.

    Only, only, only three more popes before Miracle.

    • The popular reasoning that Pope John Paul 1 is not included due to his short reign, due to natural causes or sinister motives troubles me, Holy Mary was sent by God to reveal these messages and warnings and God doesn’t make mistakes, he would’ve known of the future elected pontiffs whether or not it involves long or short reigns.
      If indeed this is the case then the 3rd ended with the passing of JP 11. Which begs the question God knew Benedict would vacate the seat of Peter, or be forced to, so did heaven actually include Benedict XV1 as a valid pontiff? I see similarities between the treatment of Sister Lucia and Pope Benedict XV1 by the enemies of the bride of Jesus.

      • Surely it was told

        Surely Conchita said 4 Popes, but one wasn’t to e counted as his reign would be so short. Our Lady spoke with accuracy.

    • Here is another piece of information on the issue. https://www.garabandal.it/en/documentation/going-deeper/1290-the-three-popes-and-the-end-of-times-in-garabandal You can decide for yourself whether or not it meets your satisfaction. There are many confusing aspects to the events of Garabandal, but if there were no debatable points, than there would be no need for faith or disbelief thus depriving the world of freedom to proceed as if God did not exist. The course that the world is currently on is unsustainable and the Catechism paragraph 674 forecasts a mysterious event in time that would usher in the final coming after a recognition from “all Israel.” I believe that this mysterious event could coincide with the religious manifestations connected to the Warning and the Miracle. We shall see.

      • Yes that does give me clearer insight into why PJ 1 would’ve been excluded, a well written article.
        Even though I understand and agree that more popes will come I can’t help that feeling of doubt that these future elected popes would not be representing Peter and invalid in heavens eyes because they would be head of a future catholic church riddled and torn apart by schism and as Jesus would not be truly present in their planned masonic liberal form of all welcome holy communion and the future popes agreeing or reluctantly pressurised to agree then are future pontiffs true shepherds of Jesus in the eyes of our heavenly father? For sure I feel the forthcoming illustration of conscience is only a few yes ahead when atomic war is present on earth, but I feel the future envoy of peace announced by Jesus and Mary will be a truly faithful future Holy Father sent by God in those terrible shepherdless times to encourage the remaining small faithful on earth, even faithful priests, cardinals and religious and lay persons of today will fall in line to make their lives easier and to be free from persecution. Let’s pray St Michael and his legions give us the strength and faith to be true beacons of light amongst a very dark futuristic world.

          • I do not have such a dark view of the immediate future. For example, some have claimed that the visible manifestation in the sky at the time of the Warning would be a crucifix in the sky. If so, not only would those of the Jewish faith be converted by recognizing the Messiah, but also the Muslim world. The Koran specifically states that Jesus did not die on the cross. Since none of their prophets can be considered a failure, but only the “false” interpretations of their single message, a sign such as this would reveal to Muslims that they have been duped into believing a lie. A worldwide conversion of the Muslim world as well as the destruction of atheism would have great impact on the future (e.g. reunification of Christianity, inclusion of many of the Jewish faith, etc.) , although we can guess that the unrepentant will give some preposterous “scientific” explanation or claim that we have been visited by space aliens and attempt to proceed with their evil agendas.
            As far as the future of popes, the prophecy was “to the end of the age, but not the end of the world.” We can only speculate what comes next.
            If I had the audacity to recommend to the Lord, I would wish that everyone in the world would leave the experience of the Warning with a divine infusion of Latin literacy – a sort of reverse Tower of Babel. That would be quite a sign for His blessing of the traditional Latin mass.

            • Interestingly, there is an allusion to such a possibility in Zechariah 12:10-14. The catechism paragraph 674 intimates that the final coming of the Lord will be proceeded by an event which will invite the disbelieving Jews to accept the true Messiah. Will it coincide with the Warning?

    • Pope Benedict XVI has passed to his Heavenly reward at 9.34 am Italian time. May God grant him comfort, light and peace R.I.P.

            • I can believe it. Didn’t he announce a week or so ago that his resignation had been written for years, even though that, apparently, is against Church rules! But when did francis ever bother about rules!

        • I recall a statement or a writing that speaks of some great event within the Church that will just precede the WARNING . This certainly will be a rather extraordinary funeral Mass and overall event within.
          Can someone refresh my memory , and extrapolate on this ? Certainly this is a sad day for us all , and I find it incredibly interesting that Pope Benedict would die on the last day of the year. This ushers in a new year ; what some believe without the Katechon , which was Pope Benedict .
          May Our Lord forgive him of any sins or weaknesses , and may Our Lady cover him in her mantle of love .

          • The unusual event would coincide with the Miracle, which would be in April, but your insight (the death of Benedict) could well pertain to the event that would cause disbelief in Garabandal. Would the Garabandal apparitions be spurned by many now with the death of the third( or fourth if you count the short reign of John Paul I) pope without any apparent “end of the age?”Certainly, Aviso’s comment about Benedict being the Katechon (2 Thess 2:6-7) makes one dread the near future, although if the events happen this year, we will not have to suffer much longer.

          • Hi Joseph the Great event within the Church will coïncide with the Great Miracle day not with the warning, what about the resignation of Francis next April 13 2023, who knows, thank you.

            • Lets remember as well that in the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision 1 Pope is killed by a group of soldiers, this is very important to keep in mind always. By the way for the warning I was told that the famous is like the collusion of 2 stars might be the collusion of 2 atomic bombs, who knows as well.

              • I was in touch with Cionci myself Antonius, I told him my opinion about Pope Benedict, he said to me how did you got my research ? I said to him they send it to me for free, de facto he was more worry about his book than my opinion, I said to him you know nothing about Fatima, he never answer to me back, thank you.

    • Bad News for the Church if the Pope go to Heaven soon Antonius, de facto we will get a schism within weeks just after and probably a Warning from God on the way, thank you.

      • Thank you for your site and your work, Aviso! I’ve been a lurker for the past years and have been a longtime believer in our Lady’s apparitions at Garabandal.

        I don’t think that the Warning will be happening this year. I like the timeline proposed by one group (based on the Revelation Seals) because, so far, they have been correct: 1st, a Time of Mercy; 2nd, Peace is Shattered (which I think is the war b/w Russia and Ukraine); third is Economic Collapse (where we are now headed as per the financial expert’s opinion of a coming worldwide recession this year); 4th will lead to Social Collapse (when, I think, the digital IDs, CBDCs, etc will become full-blown); 5th will lead to Minor Persecution (for those who will resist, logically). At this point, it will seem like communism (brought by the Great Rese) will have overrun the world–only then will the Warning happen. Remember, Jacinta said, it will happen when things are at their worst.

        We are just at the onset of that–things will have to progressively get bad and then when they seem to be at their worst, then the Warning will happen. But all that leading-up-to events will take some years to happen, maybe 4-5 more years, or more. Or maybe, things will be at their worst after the WEF’S 2030 goal for their Great Reset.

        The timing of the “removal” of the Katechon–Benedict XVI–makes the above timeline even more plausible. The terrible things that are being prepared for us–worldwide vaccine mandates, social credits, digital ids, gender ideology fascism, climate-change-behavior-control–are only starting to happen and will need some time to be fully implemented. They will be ramping up beginning this year, progressively getting worse, thus setting the stage for worldwide communism and the coming of The Warning, “when things are at their worst.”

        • Dear Anonymous,

          All those things are planned by Mr. Global (a term used by Catherine Austin Fitts to refer to those hidden elite rulers behind the WEF), to be sure. Let us not think, however, that their plans must come to fruition before the Warning and Miracle can happen. Things are bad enough already. Rioting in Paris, War in Ukraine, forced unemployment without the jab, etc.

          We do need to do our part, however. Get our money out of the Central banks. I opened an account with a local credit union a few days ago. Good bye Wells Fargo. Good bye JP Morgan Chase. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! These are the very people who engineered Pope Benedict’s “abdication ” which was only apparent. Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger saw this coming and changed the Code of Canon Law in 1983 to save the Church from Her enemies. Thank you. Deo gratias.

            • Let us also take into consideration that since the death of Pope John XXlll , there have been four additional popes who have since died . We currently have a fifth pope , or possibly someone who is not a pope . This is very important to consider carefully. As Aviso has just reminded us as well , that according to Fatima and part of its secrets as far as we have come to be told ; a pope will be killed by arrows and bullets after walking with halting steps …. through a city half in ruins . Of course we are reminded that one pope will not be counted due to a very short pontificate of 33 days . This 33 days is very important as is Benedict’s dying on the last day of this year.

              I am troubled by these facts. Either , the Fatima prophecy is incorrect , or the amount of popes is incorrect or one of the last 5 popes is not a pope . Let us suppose the Fatima prophecy is correct and some pope will be walking with
              halting steps , through a city in ruins , praying along the way. Then is killed by arrows and bullets. This must be someone other than our current living pope , or supposed pope . Or one of the prior Popes was not a pope within the last four pontificates ..

              If Francis steps down and a new Pope is elected , I suppose it is possible that this would not be a valid Pope , if Pope Francis and the prior conclave was invalid due to a multitude of reasons which have been greatly discussed by many many Catholic minds and other.

              Or Conchita misunderstood Our Lady’s words in regards to all of this. If Pope Francis is a valid pope , I suppose it is possible he could be this Fatima pope who will be killed . We know there will be a future Pope who will anchor the Church , between and with The Eucharist and Our Lady. ( St Don Bosco )

              In any careful consideration , I believe someone is invalid as one option … and then this great warning and Miracle will happen according to the Garabandal prophecies . Unless our current “ Pope “ is the bishop in white and not a Pope , and Lucia misunderstood some portion of The Secret . or Our current Pope is a pope and someone else was not the pope or Conchita misunderstood our Lady in regards to Popes before the miracle and warning.

              Please help me see something or understand an outcome that will not contradict either Garabandal or Fatima . Not in either in totality and overall prophecy , but something is amiss within all .

              Please look up an article in regards to a rather obscure Catholic Church Father by the name of Tyconius . Pope Benedict was very well studied in regards to this man and his understanding of the Apocalypse . I can get a link on this , but Lifesite News published this a few months ago. You could search his name and the article is quite revealing … It explains quite a bit and leaves some vert strong hints as to why Benedict may have stepped down. Accordingly , if this is correct , as far as Tyconius and his thoughts , this speaks to a situation which seems to be obvious in regards to a rather rapid decline in the Church and the world almost immediately . Rather difficult days are within months Extremely destructive and heartbreakingly painful to all the faithful. Many will leave the Chuch.

              I have more to say and I probably touched on too much here. I will look forward to other responses. I may be greatly misunderstanding something ,… but I don’t believe this to be so.

              May God have mercy on us all and Our Lady help us !


              • I believe I would need a more precise reading of what Conchita actually stated. This is very important. A few words missing or rearranged can imply completely different outcome or interpretation. It seems I have heard and read slightly different statements over time. Did she say 3 popes after John XXlll , then the end of times begins or an epoch of time ends and a new period begins ?

                Also , what are we to make of the 1929 words given to sister Lucia and in regards to the 100 years and it being late etc.

                Possibly by 2029 is the date of the warning and up until that time , Communism will create total havoc and pain upon the earth and the Great Apostasy will follow the Catechism in regards to this “ Passion” , That the Church must take part in , as did Christ.

                Somehow there is a period of Peace promised by Our Lady of course and this must be after all the Garabandal and Fatima primary prophecies come to be. We may have 6 plus years prior to the warning and miracle , a new pope then comes to be , the entire world for the most part converts . Then the coming of the end of the world , ; the actual end could be 100s or another 1000 years away. God knows this is extremely difficult to discern timing. In actuality , we must stay in a state of Grace and pray without ceasing. This is all we can do in this regard , coupled with all other acts of prayer and Catholic teaching .

                Hold Fast to our Lord and Our Lady , and Saint Joseph .


              • Joseph,

                To me it is clear that Pope Benedict XVI has been the only pope since April, 2005. We are in the interregnum. We do not know how long this will last. I have hope that the Warning/Miracle will happen soon.

                It is heartbreaking and painful because all of my friends and family and church friends believe that Francis is pope. I feel very alone and sad. Imagine how the Holy Father, Pope Benedict must have felt. He was forced out of office and remained at the foot of the cross for the last ten years.

            • Yes, thanks for the reminder! The fact that Francis extended it to 2024 bolsters my contention that the Warning won’t happen soon.

              If what they plan for the outcome of that Synod truly happens–acceptance of homosexuality, women priests, same-sex marriage, relaxation of Humanae Vitae, etc–then these will usher in the minor persecution of those who will resist and maybe drive us underground in 2025 onwards, again all in line with the Timeline I share above.

          • Deo Gratias, Claudia! I still believe that these evil plans will come to pass because they are part of Catholic eschatological prophecy as part of the worldwide apostasy that is happening today. The Warning will happen precisely because Man’s ways will have become so evil that God will have to divinely intervene to correct our consciences. Things are bad enough but we will see things becoming worse.

            This is what the CC #675 says: “Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.” Aren’t we living in this time of “religious deception”, mass apostasy, and “pseudo-messianism”?

            Just as Christ underwent His own passion, way of the cross, and crucifixion, so will His Church. We are undergoing our own passion under Francis; soon, we will be walking our own way of the cross till we reach Calvary as things go from bad to worse, culminating in the 3 Days of Darkness. But, of course, after that is our Resurrection, which I believe will begin the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, when a period of peace will be granted us, as was told in Fatima.

            In the meantime, we prepare physically as you have done, and spiritually, by ramping up our prayer life and deepening our relationship with God.

            • Dear Anonymous,

              If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that none of us knows when these events will transpire. For instance, how much time will pass between the Miracle and the Three Days of Darkness? We do not know. It is possible that we are both correct. I do believe those things such as digital passports, microchips, digital currency will come to pass (it is already in the works). However, the Warning and and Miracle could come sooner as a way of Divine Providence to help us prepare for the return of Christ which will be accompanied by many evil signs. Also, let us not forget the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which has been promised. That must come before Christ returns.

              • Hi Claudia the three days of darkness is after the warning; not after the miracle, it makes no sense for the three days of darkness to be after the miracle because that means the miracle will have failed to convert the world. Also the 3 days of darkness is not the chastisement spoken of in Garabandal; many are making the mistake of thinking this.

                • Pat, can you tell me what visionary said that the miracle would convert the world? As I remember, the visionaries said IF the miracle did not have the desired effect then there would be a chastisement which certainly could include a three days of darkness, but that issue is not mentioned at Garabandal. Certainly, Our Lady would not have mentioned a chastisement if there was a guarantee that the entire world would respond positively. Once again, the sequence as I understand it, is Warning, Miracle, potential chastisement. Aviso, can you elaborate?

              • Hi Claudia the 3 days of darkness is after the warning and not after the miracle, it makes no sense for the 3 days of darkness to come after the miracle otherwise the miracle will have failed; also do not make the mistake of thinking the 3 days of darkness is the chastisement stage after the miracle spoken of in Garabandal because its not.

                • Pat, where is your evidence for your claim? Certainly, it does not come from the visionaries at Garabandal, as they never talked about the three days of darkness. Also, show us where the visionaries said that the whole world WILL convert after the Warning. You need to cite the specific interview or book citation. Speculation is fine, but your claims are presented as certitude with no evidence.

                  • Hi Tim, you are making the mistake of thinking that our Lady in Garabandal spoke of everything that is coming in the end times, she did not; Our Lady gave only an outline of the coming events at Garabandal, many saints spoke have spoken of the 3 days of darkness which will happen and it is not the chastisement of Garabandal, I am adamant about that. I didnt say the world would convert after warning, I said after the miracle and Jesus confirmed this to Conchita by saying the whole world would be converted.

                    • Sorry, Pat, you are not giving the correct information to the readers of the blog. The fact that you backtrack on the three days of darkness issue shows that it was not mentioned at Garabandal and it is just your opinion. Secondly, everyone should read this article about Garabandal, especially from the middle of the second column where Conchita is quoted about the conditional chastisement IF people do not convert after the MIRACLE. https://www.garabandal.us/zips/pdf/bo_do_not_change.pdf. Whether or not the three days of darkness is part or not part of a future chastisement is pure speculation on your part as the event has been predicted by some saints or visionaries, but was not part of the revelation at Garabandal.

                    • Pat you are actually dead wrong on this.
                      One, your cherry picking statements by Conchita. In other statements she has clearly stated
                      That the chastisement will come if ppl do not convert after the warning AND miracle. As Tim said, which is right, the PURPOSE of the miracle is to convert the world. But .an has free will. Conchita has also.said she believes the chastisement will come and that men will return to their d ways, see her 1980 interview easily found on YouTube. Finally it makes zero sense that the three days of darkness would come between the warning and miracle. Clearly the conditional chastisement comes AFTR the miracle, and with prophecies from other saints it’s very likely and reasonable to conclude the three days of darkness is part of the prophesied Garabandal chastisement.

                    • You are totally wrong and I am right, can you not read what Jesus said or do you have some sort of blind spot; he said to Conchita Russia will also be converted after the miracle and everyone will love our hearts! (EVERYONE NOT JUST SOME) read the words properly. Do you think God is going to perform the biggest miracle ever only for it to fail, I dont think so. It doesnt matter what Conchita thinks she is just human, the three days of darkness is not the chastisement and it will come between the warning and the miracle ok; end of the matter.

                    • Sorry Erik but you are wrong; these were Jesus’s words not mine, I am not cherry picking anything. Let me spell it out for you again; the miracle will convert the whole world and the chastisement will not happen. However the 3 days of darkness which is not the chastisement will happen and it will happen before the miracle ok; and just for good measure I am correct ok!

                    • Hi Pat, your last message was disrespectful and will not be published, the 3 days of darkness are not related to Garabandal, none of the seers as our Lady of the Mount Carmel had ever talked about it, end of this topic, thank you.

                    • No Aviso it was not disrespectful at all please publish it thank you, The Lord has spoken of the 3 days of darkness and it will happen, enough said on this matter ok

                    • Thank you, Erik H and Tim for taking the time to refute this.

                      This has already been said before, but one reason Conchita may even need to make the announcement eight days prior to the Miracle is that the Warning may come AFTER Conchita’s announcement. If the Warning happens before Conchitas announcement, then everyone will be able to deduce from all of the clues when the Miracle will be.

                      I wonder if Francis will resign after the Warning as a way of repentance and admitting that he was never Pope, but a usurper.

                  • Hi Tim here is the link confirming the whole world will be converted after the miracle; please dont reply back saying this doesnt confirm the whole world will be converted.

                    I was making my thanksgiving and praying for things. He answered me…
                    And I said to Him:
                    — Why is the miracle coming? To convert many people?
                    He answered:
                    — To convert the whole world.
                    ─ Will Russia be converted?
                    ─ It also will be converted, and so everyone will love Our Hearts.

                    Locution on July 20, 1963
                    CONCHITA’S DIARY-7

                    • Here it is again Tim as you do nott seem to have understood the first time I sent it; read carefully the words ok;
                      I was making my thanksgiving and praying for things. He (Jesus) answered me…
                      And I said to Him:
                      — Why is the miracle coming? To convert many people?
                      He answered:
                      — To convert the whole world.
                      ─ Will Russia be converted?
                      ─ It also will be converted, and so everyone will love Our Hearts.

                      Locution on July 20, 1963
                      CONCHITA’S DIARY-7

                    • Pat, there would be no reason to predict a conditional chastisement after the miracle and scare the children with a vision of it if it was not a possibility due to a rejection of the Miracle. I stand with the official websites of Garabandal and not your interpretation of her diary. Of course the GOAL of the Miracle is to convert the whole world, but we have free will. Just look at her words. Her questioner asks if the Miracle is supposed to convert MANY people. No, she says it is being sent to convert the WHOLE world. She understands that it is being sent for all of mankind, not just a smaller number. Also, to think that every person in Russia will suddenly be converted is just silly. Even in the times of Our Lord, His miracles did not convert everyone in Israel, otherwise they would not have killed Him!

                    • Oh Tim what little faith you have; so you are saying God cannot convert the whole world including every single Russian person; how silly of you to even suggest that. It is not my interpretation by the way; it is Jesus’s own words, can you not read properly? Jesus said to Conchita in that locution that everyone will love our hearts after the miracle! EVERYONE!

    • Aviso, we need you and this site now and in the near future more than ever, I imagine. Things are bound to be speeding up soon. Aviso, you have given so much of yourself and forfeited so much for Our Lady to set up and maintain this site and I do not for think for one minute that God, who is justice himself, will not recognise and reward you for this. May Our Mother guide and protect you and your dear ones this coming year.

    • There is so much talk that sister Lucia was silenced and kept behind walls and a fake sister imposter was paraded to the world, Vatican officials and their freemason minions must have been very afraid sister Lucia would reveal the true message somehow some way, poor sister Lucia although she lived the longest of the 3 visionaries maybe she suffered the most ?
      God rest her soul.

  13. Reminder, the 15 Promises of the Rosary with Father Gruner :

    Please Pray the Rosary daily and share this great devotion given to us by our Lady with anyone around you and you will be rewarded here on earth as in Heaven, please be sure of it, thank you.

  14. My Friends, we all know that Fatima is related to the number 13 but why Garabandal is related to the number 18 ?
    Both messages to the world from our Lady of the Mount Carmel were on 18 so why ? Sister Lucy went to God on February 13h 2005, here as well the last Fatima seer is related to the number 13, this a fact as Bergoglio who was elected on march 13h 2013, de facto we can be sure that he is the Bishop in white of the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision, but what about Garabandal why 18 ? In my opinion and as Garabandal is the continuation of Fatima, 18 from Garabandal must or should be related to Fatima as well, thank you.

    • It refers to Revelation 13:18 which speaks of the number of the beast as 666 which = Bergoglio.

      Since the Fatima secret refers to the Bishop in White and in Garabandal, we have the message about three more popes, then the end of times…. it seems they are both pointing to our current time.

      It cannot possibly be much longer now. The Warning may rouse the legitimate Cardinals to investigate the conclave of 2013. I pray the rosary for it every day.

    • March 13, 2013 shows that the third secret of Fatima had been fulfilled with the rise of the AntiPope onto the chair of Peter. 13 was emphasized at Fatima to let the world know that the end times were coming, Chapter 13 of Revelation. The week before the 2013 conclave when the beginning of the conclave was set for March 12, 2013; I said to myself that the election of a pope will be concluded on March 13. My intuition came exactly true. This AntiPope will rule for 13 years.

      • Interesting, 4 more years in his state of health is not guaranteed for sure. I do feel the illumination of conscience miraculous event is not far off. I have had several dreams in the last 2 years of glimpses of Jesus on the cross in the sky as described by our Lord to st Faustina as his final act of mercy to the world, my feeling is this will occur when war increases between several countries and maybe after the first initial nuclear weapon is used, the world will simply be given a choice to pick sides, good or evil, let us prepare so as not to be shocked at this spectacular event but repent for our sins now and aim to be our lady’s warriors of light and love.

    • I think Fatima is related to ‘13’ because the 3rd secret is tied to Zechariah 13 and also 1King 13, where Mother Mary is the unnamed prophet of Judah. Recall in Jacob’s blessing that Judah is the ‘whelp of a lion’ AND a lionness (Mother Mary). Garabandal is tied to 18 as it is 2×9. 9 for the 9 pines, but also for the 18 ‘cups’ on the ‘arms’ of the menorah. The 9 pines are symbolic of Mary standing at the Lord’s right hand (i.e. 9 cups on the menorah) while He was on the cross. Just a thought.

  15. Incredible and recent interview from one of the closest friend of Malachi Martin confirming that Malachi was also a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and a great supporter of Garabandal, a Must watch for any one, enjoy !

    • Thank you, Aviso.
      I really enjoyed that.
      It is heartening to be reminded of the life of a brilliant and colourful priest, who constantly sought to serve God, and to do it in a heroic way.

    • Miguel, it is said the letter was written in both italian and german, with the german containing grammatical mistakes and non-native german phrases. Br. Bugnolo, Don Minutella and Andrea Cionci say this suggests that it was not written by a native german speaker – which Arch. Ganswein is. Also, it would carry more weight if it were signed by Pope Benedict himself ( being of such importance!).

      • So Bugnolo, Minutella and Cionci are the new testament of the Church now? Come on! I can´t believe that faithfull catholicis are holding on to men now to live their faith and sacraments

        • I was perfectly civil in my reply to you. Why do you feel the need to be nasty in your reply. You and Bergoglio make a nice pair. There, I have replied to you in like manner. Conversation ended. I won’t engage with people like yourself.

        • Ok Concerned, I got some back from the village of Garabandal, unfortunately no one to my knowledge is aware of seeing this statue crying in Garabandal, by the way this is not a statue of our Lady of Mount Carmel (as she appeared in Garabandal) and our Lady does not cry during a recorded video only and with a Priest accompagning these piligrims from South of america dressed like you and me in civil but not as a Priest for sure, so I am sorry but this is probably another fake news, thank you.

          • Aviso, thank you for looking into this. I agree as I nooted exactly the long hair of the priest and the clothes, while the girls in Garabandal always regretted the priests coming in ‘civvies’. I had already looked this priest up and while he might be very good as I couldn’t understand the spanish he has a lot of videos and seems to possibly like the limelight. But thanks again for checking as I think Gienn on mog had been asked by someone regarding this as well.

            • Hi Concerned, I do not follows this Medjugorjist blog (mog) for years now even if I have probably still few friends there but if someone confirm this fake news then please let me know, thank you.

              • Aviso, Glenn said he spoke directly with someone who had been on that pilgrimage group from colombia. He says that a(different unnamed) lady in the group noticed the statue crying as she was walking out of the chapel and her son took a photo of it. The group ontinued on to lunch. The son then passed the photo to other group members. One of the other group members then used it as part of a video compilation. The lady cried at lunch and when the others heard they went back to the church after lunch but the statue was dry by then. I have some issues with this story: if I was in Garabandal and saw a statue of Our Lady crying I wouldn’t be leaving to have lunch!!!!!! And I would be asking everyone around if they saw it too! But Glenn is perhaps giving it some credence. Also, why did they not tell any of the local people about this while they were in the village, but instead went back to Colombia and produced a video? Strange.

                • Ok Concerned, I understand now, well the Glenn and company and as I said to all of you already online, they do not have any contact with the village of Garabandal as with any seers, so using our Lady of Mount Carmel in Garabandal for confirming this fake news is a shame but not a surprise for me, so you were right to contact me about it because I was not aware of it at all as the village, so please again do not trust or follow these clowns anymore as simple as that, thank you.

          • Ok final confirmation from Michael, the boss of the Garabandal center for piligrims in the village of Garabandal who lives there all the year and not in Paris or New York…etc…, so fake news confirmed, thank you again Michael.

    • Hi Miguel, after verification this is a false letter, in other words a fake news, de facto this is your last comment on my blog, enjoy with Bergoglio, thank you.

      Ps : Again friends no Bergoglio supporters on my blog, in other words no Apostate and heretics here, thank you again.

      • I´m no supporter of Bergoglio or anyone but the Church… You are putting things on someone elsess mind and heart, and that’s so wrong and unfair. If you want to censor me is your choice, i´ll keep on living and fighting like soldier of Christ not men

      • According to FromRome this morning, Arch. Ganswein has declared to Kath.net that the letter is a fake. Now, who sent it?!

  16. As I said online in my comments recently, the best media channel to contact about Pope Benedict being Impeded was Life Site News, here we go, so Free the Vicar of Christ NOW ! before it is too late, thank you.



    My Comment : Important video to watch for anyone, Please let me remind you that Brother Bugnolo is also a great supporter of the Vatican 2 Council which is not my case at all especially since my investigation in Fatima, That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be taken seriously, quite the contrary but I do not share his solution to call for a kind of small Council via the Bishops of Italy to confirm that the Pope is still Benedict, that will be good of course but will never happen unfortunately because the vatican is under Masonic control, in particular via Parolin, the only solution and I myself told it to Cionci directly, it is via Russia that you have to go and contact via its embassy in Rome or even elsewhere, it is what I was advised to do at Fatima and urgently because the Pope is very old now, I can only write it in public but for some security reasons that everyone can understand, I don’t have the will or the strength to contact the Russians myself, on the other hand I can also publicly give 2 names, Vigano and Burke, so I have done my part and I have nothing else to add, thank you.

    • Thank you, Aviso, for this tip. I did not feel it correct to contact the Kremlin in Moscow. This is more direct. I will do it. Cardinal Burke is indeed our ally. I’m not 100% certain about Vigano, though he says many things. If he is in hiding, why doesn’t he just declare for Pope Benedict since his whereabouts are not known? I will leave him out, since he is not a Cardinal.

      Russian Embassy in Vatican, Holy See
      Via della Conciliazione, 10, interno 2, 00193 Rome, Holy See

      • Thank you Claudia. Bishop Vigano is a former diplomat even Trump knows about him, The good Archbishop still has the correct Channels for it in Rome as in Usa, according to what I was told, Cardinal Burke as well and you and me we know what the good Cardinal might think, Russia must understand that this is an honor for them for have been chose by Heaven for Peace, the current war in Ukraine will end with annihilation of several nations with millions of death, this is what Malachi Martin knew about Kiev and confirmed to me in Fatima a bit before my travel to Ukraine so much more before the current war there, again I was told “all will start in Ukraine”, now we are in trouble because we have a false Pope with a non valid Consecration last march, so already 8 months after and the result is what : almost a nuclear war on the way as never before in the history of this world, Russia must understand it because there is no guarantee at all that a great part of their country won’t be annihilated as well, maybe that important detail might convince them but God knows for sure only.

        Ps : There is of course no time anymore for calling a Provincial Council as suggested by Cionci and Brother Bugnolo, in other words too late as simple as that, hopefuly the Warning might help us, I really hope so.

  18. My Friends, the American mid terms on november 8 are close, as for the élections of 2020, I call all our readers from USA to vote Republican, do not hesitate at all, voting democrate for any Catholic today is a one way ticket to hell, please be sure of it. Also if anything huge happen in Ukraine before november 8 then you will know from where and for sure not from the 3rd Rome, thank you.

  19. Yes, well documented Aviso, it seems to make sense now why Pope Benedict is the oldest living pontiff in history, all for Gods plan! I offer rosaries for this man who’s mind is still sharp as a pin and understands the true shepherds and sheeps deep pain at the deep infiltration of the evil ones smoke permeating in every corner of the bride of Jesus. The best weapon is daily rosary fact! If no one believes this then just ask your guardian angel to ask St Pio to confirm this for you.

    • This does not sound good:

      If we pray the rosary every day for the Consecration of Russia by the valid Pope, let us not worry. It has been promised by the Holy Virgin that her Immaculate Heart will Triumph.

      • Thank you Claudia, I know this source, he is in Ukraine and not in Canada or USA on his sofa, but let me add few words :

        For the first time online :

        Odessa Ukraine february 2022

        Aviso : They will attack !

        Odessa French Consul : Never Sir

        Aviso : In case you must ex filtrate me

        Odessa French Consul : Of course I will, but do not worry nothing will happen

        Aviso : They are attacking !

        Odessa French Consul : I cannot help you,They told me to join Army

        Aviso : You must help me to leave the country Now, send me a Driver to reach Moldava

        Odessa French Consul : No comment.

          • Hi Hugh, I can understand the wish of some Catholics hoping that Bergoglio is still the Pope and he will be that Pope traveling to Moscow as our Lady said in Garabandal de facto Aviso was wrong…etc…well my friend no chance, Kirill cannot support his heresies and promotion of sodomy, according to what I know, this is the red line of the Church of Moscow so again no chance and who can imagin yet that the Mother of God in Garabandal was talking about this evil and heretic as the Pope in question ? well his supporters only and thank God they are not readers of my blog, thank you.

            • Aviso, let’s be reasonable here, neither Francis nor Benedict are in position or have the chance to go to Moscow. Benedict is now a very old man, he cannot be the person walking among martirs and going up hills, just cannot do it. To me, we still have the next one, probably when both, Francis and Benedict will be gone, probably also in a short period of time one and the other.
              Like this, the picture gets so much clearer, to me off course

  20. Sister Elena Aiello said that Russia would fight with secret weapons against Europe and the USA; which possibly indicates several civil disturbances in the West with Russian participation; furthermore I think the worst betrayal of the church has not yet occurred which is the papal primacy being sacrificed in the name of the synodal church project; As for the dilemma of Benedict XVI’s resignation I think the Church will define this explicitly in an ecumenical council convened during or after the communist tribulation.

  21. the synod has been extended to October 2024 which indicates that Francis possibly thinks his reforms will not pass in 2023; and that maybe the warning only comes after that.

    • So After 2024 Luan ? well if it is the case then I am feeling already better especially after a possible nuclear world war in progress, for sure we will enjoy the Great Miracle in Garabandal anytime after 2024 and on tv if we cannot travel as we know, by the way the title of this article is : Pope Benedict XVI impeded ? Just saying, thank you.

    • Right Anon, this is not good at all, a very bad sign again and Russia just declare that the European Union is “part of the conflict” in Ukraine, let me add that if this war end by a nuclear war as we fear then the Garabandal Warning should be very close as well and de facto my last date of the Garabandal Great Miracle on April 13th 2023 might looks very possible this time, thank you.

    • Welcome back Enrico, please tell to this Canadian from me because you said you know him, that as long as Russian Embassies are still open around the world especially in UK and Usa, We still have time so take a breath and stop worring people more than necessary, by the way no one will buy his staff in case of any Nuclear world war, be sure of it as most will not have time for it, it is so abvious, he better convert to Catholicism and save his soul as long as he has still time, thank you.

      Ps : By the way Garabandal News still needs also donations to stay online and to continous this apostolate for the Glory of God and his Mother, probably more safe than any of these end of world business makers , so reminder for any donation via PayPal directly to
      Alban.bertin@yahoo.fr , thank you.

      • Hi, Aviso.
        Nate is from Martensville (Saskatchewan), in Canada. I told him about Jesus Christ, but it is not easy to convert a person. Let’s pray for him and for all the unbelievers. The real ‘prepping’ is, obviously, spiritual.
        However, should you decide to follow him occasionally, you’ll see that there’s more to Canadian Prepper than first meets the eye.
        God bless. Let’s pray.

        • Here we go Enrico, enjoy !

          PS : so about 50 000 $ monthly without any selling but Please do not ask me how much Garabandal News get Monthly, better, thank you.

          • Maybe Aviso: It is not my habit to do the accounts in people’s pockets and I do not know how much does youtube pay the contributors. Sorry for my ignorance. I appreciate his analyses: That’s it.
            God bless. Let’s pray.

            • Right Enrico and not mine as well but no more vidéos of these end of world business makers on my blog, I was myself in Ukraine not that clown, thank you.

              Ps : by the way my friends and if it is not the case, I put back my Scapular yesterday, l suggest you the same, there is not better protection from Heaven than the Scapular and the Rosary, please be sure of it, thank you.

              By the way, I got that suggestion from Aviso Prepper.

  22. Well said Aviso.
    Thank you for your zeal and ignoring the pressures to give up!
    You haven’t and I know you won’t, by the grace of God.
    As a mere male with a connection with the Apostle John, the only male to stand by Our Lady and support her in the passion and death of her Son, on the cross on Calvary, I have to agree.
    But the few of us males who have been blessed with an insight that seems rare, need to pray harder and longer and better so other males will be converted and join us.
    Our Lady! So easy to love. So easy to seek solace with and so clearly fighting the fight for Almighty God as well as for us her children and His creations.
    I have noticed that the Bishop of Rome never, that I have noticed, encourages us to say the rosary.
    And how he seems to hate the sign of the cross!
    That just about says it all, I would suggest.
    Any priest who does not appreciate the rosary and the sign of the cross needs a lot of prayers, from all of us!
    But Pope Benedict often is seen to have that connection to our mother – seems to me he loves the rosary!
    And that too says it all!
    God bless.

  23. Hi AVISO , and all others within this blog ,

    I believe most people are now within a stunned silence, a stupor , not really self inflicted in many cases , but horror and evil has been thrust upon us in every government and institution within these governments and in every aspect of humanity. It is clearly obvious the Church is full of compromise and destructors . The Church is fighting on three fronts. Fighting the destructors within , and the evil outside as well as the Protestants and the naive , pagans and Communists. Usurpers and Satanists. Ignorant and Wiley demons. They are within and they are outside. . Inside there are sinners who actively fight against sin and pray to fight for God although we all fail and we confess. We love God , we love the Church and all She is . Then there are the complacent fools who are more Protestant and are full of presumption and want to change the catechism. Some are not willful , some are ignorant , some are destructors . Then outside we have all the same., but they are ignorant or destructors for a variety of different reasons.

    Humanity is prone to a condition known as complacency theory or false hope in return to normal stasis and of course all suffer from varying degrees of concupiscence coupled with general apathy and sloth. I think you will witness a great silence coming from many , as most cannot comprehend or are unable to process the extent of the unfolding of great collapse in so much. This make response and action and to speak or write is difficult. It is almost unbearable ,and coupled with an over abundance of facts within almost every aspect of our lives being infiltrated with tremendous corruption and evil , brings people into great sorrow. They become apathetic and don’t fight. They give up. They can’t act. I think many others are trying to figure a way to survive this onslaught of evil and maintain peace. It is hard to discern to the extent of fighting that is required , or the modus of attack or retreat . How much prayer in. front of abortion clinics , or do you arrive early and break the hands of the abortionist “ doctor “ before he enters the death chamber he works within ?

    Who can comprehend doctors removing sexual organs of 12 year old children to “ change “ one’s gender ? How can it be that there is a great segment of the population whom profess fifty genders ?
    How can countries print useless money no longer backed by anything ? Who can comprehend priests raping boys in confessionals ? Who can comprehend the pope praising Martin Luther and pagan idols in the Vatican ? How is it possible that anyone could want to dismantle The Latin Mass? Who can promote sodomite priests to the Cardinalate ? Transgender masses being attempted. .
    Quite frankly , I am surprised that the prophecies of Akita are not in full swing with fire raining from the sky already. I can’t comprehend how an all Holy God can witness such evil upon so many innocent children and other faithful people.

    I’ll tell you this . St John of the Cross. St Alponsus Ligouri , St Augustine ( Doctors of the Church ) , and many other great saints and mystics as well as our Lord Jesus Christ speak quite clearly of THE FEW SAVED . That should tell you quite a bit.

    How can it be that this latest revelation is not being discussed in masse within all the Catholic world ?

    I don’t know AVISO why there is so little response in everything ? The silence is deafening !
    How can my church have 24 hour adoration and there sometimes be only one or two people there ? Sometimes empty ! I live in a very big community of well over 200,000 people within the area and a million within 20 minutes of this church.
    I appreciate this blog and all those with passion. There are the quiet religious praying all day , and the little old lady’s like my mom praying countless rosaries and Mass daily. They pray and pray and trust in our Lord.
    The battles will greatly intensify soon. I am sure we have calamities not even imagined , and horribly destructive and vicious attacks of weapons and food shortages coupled with loss of even fresh water. Most of the populace is feeling something is wrong , but they have no idea of the extent of destruction .
    Im fighting everyday. I’m with you and appreciate all you have done and the other contributors. I know the only way is through Our Lady to her Son . I know all the saints are with the faithful. I know St Joseph is with us as well as the vast army of St Michael . I know Our Lady has given us so much time. She has begged us , her children to return , to repent to Love almighty God. Somehow , tragically, it seems to not reached the majority of souls on earth.

    I know the Church hid so much , and the Shepard’s are either Willful destructors , complacent or steadfast fighters for Christ.

    I’ll add some more later. Thank you for all you do and the research. Thanks to the others within this blog. Prayers for all always for all . It is amazing and much appreciated what has been shared.

    Pray and stay in a state of Grace and implore all those you love. Pray for the apostates too. Our Lord told us to pray for everyone.

    I’ve lost friends over all of this agenda of the globalists and atheistic minds etc .

    God Bless You ! I hope to meet you some day. I feel you are my friend. !


  24. let us all pray for Pope Benedict and try and spread this news. I have seen it nowhere else apart from the original at From Rome. How can we spread this in the Catholic blogosphere so that it is discussed?

    • Hi Concerned, lifesitenews would be the best to contact about this historical topic, reminding them the last book of Cionci which is available in english now, by the way I got myself confirmation from France from a site called Benoît et moi dedicated to Pope Benedict XVI confirming exactly what I wrote about it (link below), the Holy Father using cryptic words and biblical references to express himself for years, this is huge and of course urgent, thank you also to all of you, for your support in public as in private.


      • Hi, I have drawn the article to the attention of Frank Walker and his compilation at Canon212 and to John Henry Westen at Lifesite by email. Whether they choose to highlight it or not we can only pray.

        • Thank you Concerned, I know of course that few will talk about it if not at all but we have done our Part and this is the more important before God, let me add that the Russian ambassy at the Holy See could be also a possible solution in case, thank you.

  25. There can be no mistake about it. The Holy Father has made himself clear. This is historic. You have been vindicated, Aviso. Deo gratias.

    More rosaries for the Holy Father to be liberated from his imprisonment. 95 is old, but there are many centenarians alive on the earth. May His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reign for many more years on the Throne of St. Peter.

    • Thank you Claudia, by the way you are the only one who dare to comment this article, you, a great Catholic woman for sure but where are our men ? no where of course as it was for the Lord, his mother and almost no one else, bunch of weak ones, so thank you again Sister.

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