A Road to Emmaus

Its dark and cold outside, I am 18 years old, at home, waiting for my father to give my girlfriend a lift home. He will, but  insists, not until he has watched a BBC documentary which is about to start. It concerns an obscure village in Spain, one called Garabandal. My mum is also there, sat by the fire quietly knitting yet another jumper. My girlfriend is keen to go, in fact very keen, never really at ease in the home of a catholic family; she is most irritated not least at having to sit through a programme with an overtly Roman Catholic theme! So it was, that I, in this prickly atmosphere, at this one most significant moment in my life, unsuspectingly approached and stepped on to, what would become a ‘Road to Emmaus.’

And so it was that I listened with increasing attentiveness to the revelation of a living, ever  present God through the words of a humble and beautiful woman; Conchita Keena (formally Gonzalez). The impact of her story forever changed my perception of God. Up to this point, God for me solely existed in the imprint of ancient history. I knew only a two dimensional personality, one that was as absent of life as the Saints depicted in the stained glass windows of numerous churches. One who only spoke to mankind in repetitious words read from dated scripts and trapped me in the  mundanity of Latin chants and endless ceremonies.

In this room, on this late winters night, I started to become oblivious to all except Conchita who was telling me, almost in a whisper to my innermost heart,  “God was and is alive,” and not only this but alarmingly close to unleashing a furious intervention in the lives of every one of us on Earth. I sensed in the light of this moment the gravity of my sins and in consequence a sudden and terrible urgency to change for the better. I was both chastened and exhilarated. Whilst I now began to recognise I was on a path to perdition, I was  encouraged by the remedy unfolding before me. A way of living and believing, counselled by the visitation of The Holy Mother of God and the words spoken by Her to the four children of Garabandal.

That was 38 years ago. Between then and now I have tried to live accordingly and never once stopped believing. I have over all these years, when possible, shared the messages and events of Garabandal with all who would listen. I have encouraged conversation both within and without the Church and have on too many occasions sadly suffered the malice of the incredulous.

As you might imagine, my now being privileged to contribute to the spreading of the messages of Garabandal via Aviso’s blog is without doubt a most unexpected gift.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my concerns for these our times. In particular the context of Fatima, Garabandal and Akita as well as private revelation given to the Saints in respect of the diabolical attacks we are witness to on the family, marriage, the Holy Eucharist and the Church. I will also counter the false ideologies and lifestyles  of these times by referring  to Divine Revelation, the Magisterium of the Holy and Apostolic Church, Canon Law and true orthodoxy.

As we move through the liturgical year and toward the fulfilment of prophesy, I will, with your permission, continue to share more of my story, ‘A Road to Emmaus.’

As a final footnote to this article, please be aware that all donations continue to go to Aviso’s PayPal account which keeps these pages on-line. None are received by me, and neither will I ever take or need any.

Enjoy the embedded BBC Everyman Documentary, the very same that began my journey all those years ago

God bless you