A Fatima Garabandal Visit

A Fatima Garabandal Visit

An Interview with Fr. Alfred Combe, conducted and translated by Rev. François Turner.

Bishop Venancio with Conchita

Bishop Venancio with Conchita

Father Combe to the former Bishop of Fatima :

« Sister Lucia asked you to Visit Conchita in New York »

Father Combe : On July 5 of the last year, I was at Fatima with an important group of Piligrims as a spiritual guide. While there, I asked to be received by the former Bishop of Leira (Bishop of Fatima). He agreed, at 8.30 Pm, I was received and we met together, just the two of us, for three quarters of an hour. I knew that this Bishop who often saw Sr Lucia, not now but sometime ago, had been asked to go and see Conchita twice.

I had met the Bishop in 1961, Here are the main points of what we discussed.

The first thing I said was :

« This is the second time I have seen you. The first was in 1961 »

I reminded him of our encounter. At that time he had given me a Piligrim Virgin Statue of our Lady of Fatima which eventually landed in my Church at Chazay d’Azergues. Then I said

« The second time I saw you was on a photo in the home of a lady Sr LUCIA ASKED YOU TO VISIT WHO LIVES VERY FAR FROM HERE – CONCHITA IN NEW YORK. »

I’ll tell you the story as it happened.

IMMEDIATELY, the Bishop stood up and FELL AT MY KNEES. He then touched his ring indicating to me that I should venerate it. After I venerated the ring, he took my hands in his and told me this WHICH I REMEMBER PERFECTLY :

« Fr Combe, I’ve understood everything. You who spread the Messages of our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal be blessed and thanked for this work which is a priestly work because this Message is the same as that of Fatima but for our epoch, arranged for our time »

I asked him what he meant by « arranged for our time » He said

« What the Blessed Virgin couldn’t say at Fatima in 1917 on the crisis of the priesthood and the doctrinal crises, ESPECIALLY THE EUCHARIST – because there were no such crises then, there wasn’t the contestation that there is now – she spoke clearly of at Garabandal”

The full interview Below :

Source : http://www.garabandal.us/interview-with-father-combe/

My Comment : Msgr Venancio, Bishop of Fatima-Leira was the former President/Director of the Blue Army, In mid March, 1957, Bishop da Silva entrusted his Auxiliary Bishop Venancio with the responsibility of delivering the 3rd secret of Fatima to Bishop Cento, the Apostolic Nuncio to Lisbon. Bishop Venancio implored his bishop to finally read the Secret and to make a copy of it before sending the manuscript to Rome, we know from Bishop Venancio that this 3rd Secret is not very long and between 20 to 25 lines only, Bishop Venancio had also the Privilege of frequently discussing with sister Lucia.

Most of Garabandalist are aware of the Bishop Venancio’s meeting with the main seer of Garabandal in New York but maybe few that the former Bishop of Fatima was asked to visit Conchita by Sister Lucia herself as indicated in this Testimony from Father Combe, who was one the main French Priest and leader of the Garabandal Cause, close also to the Pioneer, Father Laffineur himself.

When Sister Lucia of Fatima herself, advise you to visit someone at the other part of the world, be sure that she knows about whom she is talking and this is surely not the devil or any of its friends.

Here, we have another litte known fact confirming that the Bishop of Fatima as one the main Seer of the last century, Sister Lucia herself, knew about our Lady of Mount Carmel up to ask and meet one of her main Seer at the other part of the world.


A rare video of Sister Lucia singing

6 thoughts on “A Fatima Garabandal Visit

  1. Hercolubus appears to be “the motor that renews the centuries”. Fr. Malachi Martin was emphatic when he said,“… I think the big factor … is what happens in the skies … ‘Keep your eyes on the skies’ is a prudent motto. I think … Our Lady’s sign is going
    to appear in the skies, soon.” That was in 1997…18 years ago. The current increase in the frequency and intensity of volcanic, seismic and meteorological events are being well documented (non-mainstream). Earth is now under the unmistakable influence of “The Destroyer” (Kolbrin). Fr. Martin indicated that the events of the 3rd Fatima Secret would transpire within 20 years of the 1997 interview. Comet C/2017 K2 is UNPRECEDENTED in its opposing electrical potential relative to the sun and is due by 2023. A word to the wise…keep your eyes on the skies and an ear to the ground.


  2. The events described in the authentic, but as yet unpublished 3rd Secret of Fatima…as reinforced by the revelations at Garabandal…are already well in progress. What I find incomprehensible is that, although many ardently believe in the “super-natural”, they at the same time adamantly deny the “natural” connotations of that term. The Creator works through its creation to fulfill its purposes. Existence in and of itself is a miracle given the alternative which is absolute nothingness. Why would it be otherwise? The Gnostics/Cathars believed that there were two Gods…the good one of the spiritual realm and a bad one that created the physical universe. Perhaps this denial in terms is an artifact of this philosophy. Or perhaps, it is true and we are trapped spirits in material world which serves as the battle ground between good and evil. Nevertheless, for those engaged in their due diligence, it is very clear that the Superior power works through natural means to fulfill its purposes. At the time the authentic 3rd Secret of Fatima was supposed to be released to the world, a large, energetic mass pierced the heliosphere of our solar system. When Sr. Lucy was asked why the release of this information was delayed to that time (1960) she responded, “because then it will seem clearer”. A cosmic event is well underway that will culminate in turning this world literally upside-down. This event comports precisely with the 3rd Secret and Grabandal. . http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/PlanetX_Files/fatima-garabandal-planet-x.pdf

    • Thanks, Robert.
      Finally, somebody who has understood!!!
      Instead of becaming crazy in guessing the Grarabandal dates, we should start thinking about what Nbiru/Hercobulus/Planet X/Wormwood…(or wathever one wanna call this fasting approaching celestial body) will produce to our Planet and which would be the implications also for the Faith and the way it will be perceived in the future.
      The Chastisements foresee at Grabandal (and elsewhere) are that by-product of these celestial bodies, now in our solar system, in their approaching Hearth and then returning into the deep space…
      Our Lord does not want us to be scared, but confident in Him. Nonetheless, we should be aware, and possibly prepared, especially for the spiritual point of view. Time is getting shorter and shorter…

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  4. There is much misinformation concerning to Garabandal, which gives some false hopes to those who don’t fit well with de doctrine of the Church. They want Garabandal to replace Fátima, Lourdes, La Salette, Guadalupe and other heavenly apparitions with a new different message. They wait for the warning of Garabandal to change our views on the moral teaching of the Church, with new and exotic concepts of mercy, kasperites and other new age heresies. Indeed, those supposed garabandalists, without assuming, they truly believe that the apparitions of Garabandal are satanic, or perhaps they want them to be…


    Garabandal apparitions can only be reliable by reaffirming the same Truth of ever, otherwise they should be considered a work of Satan.

    • Excellent post Basto,
      I thought the video summarized the main points very well. Nice to hear Father Malachi Martin’s input again. His observation about the relevance of the Fatima Third Secret to the Garabandal Messages is a powerful testimony to the credibility of the Events.

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