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11 February 2018

Garabandal Dec 2017

Garabandal December 15th, 2017

18 October 1961

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

Garabandal Dec 2017 III

Garabandal December 15th, 2017

18 June 1965

As my message of October l8th has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

Below some rare documents and for the first time online, original handwritten transcription of the Garabandal Messages from the 4 Seers.

The Garabandal Seers

Conchita, The Garabandal Message 18 October 1961 :


Mari Loli, The Garabandal Message 18 October 1961 :


Jacinta, The Garabandal Message 18 October 1961 :


Mari Cruz, The Garabandal Message 18 October 1961 :

Mari Cruz Copy Right 2023

Conchita, The Garabandal Message 1965 :

GARABANDAL Message 18.06.1965 JPL 1 (1)

GARABANDAL Message 18.06.1965 JPL 2

And to finish, a unique document from Father Ramon Andreu about the Garabandal Messages, brother of the Famous Priest who saw the Great Miracle, Father Luis Andreu :

Father Andreu

My Comment : Please let me thanks again The Garabandalist who sent to me few weeks ago, these unique and invaluable documents sent to him from a French Source who was in Garabandal during the Apparitions, thank you .

21 July 2019

The Garabandal Messages back on the home page.
28 March 2020

The Garabandal Messages back on the home page.
My Comment : Time to bring back the Garabandal Messages on home page, by the way we are living what we are calling “the end of Times”, those are times of purification and will take us to the Garabandal warning probably soon in my opinion, this decade 2020 to 2030 should be the Decade of our Lady of the Carmel, May our Lady protect all of us during this pandemic and tribulation, May our Lord in his Great Mercy, give us the faith necessary to pass these difficult times, My Friends those are times that you and me were expected for years, those are times of Garabandal, thank you.
08 February 2023

The Garabandal Messages back on the home page

18 October 1961

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

18 June 1965

As my message of October l8th has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.


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  1. these events will happen in 2020, most likely on Fatima sun miracle date October 13.
    NASA announced asteroid on Nov 3 on close approach. CBS local news made a “mistake” saying the asteroid is not 6 feet but 6 miles long. If it is 6 miles long it is an extinction level event. Were they told to make the stupid mistake on purpose? Of course NASA claims it is harmless 6 feet rock. But maybe not alone. If Planet X approaches we will have many more asteroids in short notice.

    I want to tell all faithful who might read, we need to be open minded for all! We do not know the Great Warning nature, neither the Chastisement nature. We know GW starts with the letter A and looks like collision of two stars. A could stand for asteroid, alienígenas (aliens) or astronave (spaceship).

    • ALEX not to worry, The asteroid 2018 VP1 IS 2 METERS IN DIAMETER AND WEIGHS 2 TONS It has a 1 in 240 chance of an impact with earth. It could fall into an orbit of earth, approximately 300 miles above, or will do a fly by, For more information please go to

    • Hi Alex and Ross.

      Just to be clear, once again, as I have on previous occasions, the Warning to come is not a natural event, it is wholly supernatural. The Seers used a reference to the visible effect being like two heavenly bodies colliding as a similitude of the event it self and only in terms of noise and light. Even in logical terms, the whole world cannot witness simultaneously a collision in space. Planet X is debunked.

      On a more serious note I was pleased to read the below article on the illegality of any Priest, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope, refusing a person Holy Communion on the tongue and a pandemic does not afford an exception to the rule, there is no exception allowed whatsoever.

      God Bless

      • Hi Pete, it might be very well connected with the natural event becouse God always uses his natural laws to warn people. Just like when Jesus died on cross, there was an earthquake and some solar eclipse (natural event) as we can read in Bible, also the dead rised from graves (supernatural event). So please dont be so sure that Warning will not include some natural event like the passing of the big comet tor asteroid like some other privete visons claime.
        God bless

        • Hi Josip. I will stand corrected if you or any can offer any statement from any of the Seers and verified by them as from them, that there is going to be an occurrence of a purely natural event of major significance that will coincide with the Warning or even form part of the Warning itself. The statement has to state ‘is’ and not ‘be like.’

          The hint of something beginning with ‘A’ by the way, as so often referred to, doesn’t cut it. To enforce the point, ‘A’ could besides Asteroid also be Atomic-Bomb, for example, it explodes above the earth, produces noise, light, heat, frightening to behold, create devastation and fear of imminent death.

          Notably one of the Seers had said (cant remember which, I’ll look it up), that there will be no doubt The Warning is directly from God and in fact that after the Warning there won’t be much time left for none believers and sinners to convert as the existence of God will then be obvious! This is in itself an interesting statement if explored further, more so than guessing the nature and substance of the Warning. For we know according to St Paul, Faith (alongside good works) is a component of Justification and mandatory in the action of our redemptive pilgrimage on Earth. If Faith is no longer possible because its become obvious God exists what are we to make of the Seer’s statement? What are its very implications for those of us who are to experience it and be witnesses to thereafter for future generations?

          Of course knowing that God exists by an event such as The Warning, does not then evaporate the necessary function of Faith. No, it remains thereafter a necessary function of the will, heart and soul, the conditions or prerequisites for Justification cannot change. It’s one thing to believe the Doctor exists, I know it because it’s self evident. It’s another thing entirely to have absolute faith in this Doctor’s word, i.e. his ability to heal the sick, without my having any prior evidence that he can.

          God bless

  2. there is also the question of the warning occurring shortly after a very important synod in the Church, in 2022 we will have a synod but it will be after the 12th of May in the month of October, but in this time of pandemic everything becomes so uncertain that it is not possible be sure of the date that will occur.

    • Dear friends of the Holy Virgin.
      In the midst of the crisis in the World and Church right now its useful to remember that following the Passion comes the Resurrection. As a promoter of the Holy Virgins Messages for forty years I’m more than ever convinced of their authenticity and urge all of you; particularly the current generation, to remain united to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother through the Holy Mass, Sacramental Confession, Prayer and the Rosary.
      Now is a time for ‘cool heads’ and complete confidence in the fulfillment of the events foretold by Our Heavenly Mother. Like Conchita, we too should at all times seek ” to love God and do His Will”.
      In the final analysis nothing else matters.
      In Christ,

  3. Le jour de Saint Pancrácio, le 12 mai 2022 (année paire), est la date du grand miracle à Garabandal.

    • Hi Carlito and All

      St. Pancratius was born at Phrygia around AD290, he was an orphan who at the age of 14 was taken to Rome by his uncle, Dionysius, where he was converted to Christianity. Around AD304 he along with three other men were beheaded in the Via Aurelia for publicly declaring their faith, this was during the Diocletian persecution of the Christians.

      Notably he is not venerated as a Martyr of the Eucharist and as you rightly say his feast day is the 12th of May. The information we have and believe to be correct at this time, is that the Great Miracle will occur in April rather than May

      God bless

      • Hi Pete.
        Better to keep all options open and not set anything in concrete. What is deemed to be ‘correct at this time’ is not necessarily definitive and thereby subject to change.

        • Hi JohnAU.
          Surely we are to pay heed first to actual testimony, from the Seers themselves followed by reliable witnesses and trustworthy study in respect to each topic so we don’t have to keep ‘all options open.’ The miracle will occur on the feast day of a Eucharistic Martyr a statement of fact according to the Seers.

          God bless

          • Hi Pete.
            I agree; the testimony of the Seers is paramount. All else, given the state of uncertainty in the Church and the world right now
            may no longer be relevant to present or future expectations – hence the need to keep an open mind. My reply to you was predicated upon that realization.

            • Hi JohnAU,

              Yes this is indeed correct, for example, many may be assuming that the current situation of a pandemic, resulting in travel bans. might be the very reason why at the time of the Miracle people are going to have difficulty travelling to Garabandal. A situation the Seers have stated (travel difficulties) without necessarily knowing themselves as to why it should be the case. Conversely the pandemic may have no direct connection with this circumstance whatsoever. Consequently some may conclude that great events are very near when in fact they may yet still be far off. Keeping an open mind is for sure the most prudent approach.

              God bless

              • Thanks Pete.
                Perceptive reply although I think there is much more to it than that. For example, have you given thought to the yet unnamed event to occur shortly before the Miracle after which many followers of Garabandal; including members of Conchita’s family will no longer believe in her vision? Not much has been written about the topic but worthy of deeper consideration in my opinion. Linking it to the small number of those present in the village for the Miracle may be of significance.
                In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

              • Gidday Pete et al.
                Interesting banter here as today I listened to a sermon about the end times by a TLM priest!
                He referred to Matthew & Revelation, suggesting that it seemed all the signs are here RIGHT NOW!
                And I was thinking of Garabandal & Fatima as I listened to his wonderful words & teachings.
                Also of interest here in Australia and it seems in USA is a sudden widening of the gap between TLM advocates (priests & laity) and the NO advocates (laity & priests)!
                Your responses to the last couple of issues raised, to me Pete, put Garabandal & Our Lady of Mt Carmel right in the middle of Our Lord’s explanations in Matthew which I will now go and read again.
                God bless and may Our Virgin Mother protect us all.

                • ServusOLMC.
                  The priests reference to ‘signs’ strikes a chord with me. Indeed, is it not a sign that the Lord God will leave at the Pines after the Great Miracle for the conversion of the unbeliever?

              • Dear Pete.
                Came across this post recently which may be of interest to you and your readers. Certainly it cannot be ruled out as a precursor to the events leading up to the Warning.

                “The Elite invented the Covid-19 crisis, with its associated lock down, to take the blame
                for the coming catastrophe. Any event which causes the loss of over 46 million jobs in
                just a few weeks must surely have very serious economic consequences. The public will
                assume that the crash, when it comes, will be due entirely to the lock down. They won’t
                realize that the lock down was only the detonator that the Elite used to set off a much
                more explosive device.
                Save for a few observations, we won’t examine the awful impact on humanity that this
                financial collapse will have. The middle class will cease to exist. As the Elite intended,
                just about everyone will become dependent on the state. Essential resources, notably
                food production and supply, will be taken over by the ruling authorities. A small
                number of mega-corporations will control all aspects of food distribution and, by this
                means, will enforce strict compliance with whatever social regulations the government
                decides to impose. All other essential resources, notably gasoline, oil, electricity and
                water, will be controlled in the same way. Most of the population will accept this level
                of state intervention, no matter how draconian, if it guarantees continuity of supply
                and a measure of social order.
                THE GREAT RESET.
                We know this event cannot be far off since the Elite have already told us that they are
                preparing for what they call a “Great Reset.” They have even fixed a date – JANUARY
                2021 – for the Summit at which general details of the Great Reset will be discussed.”



                • Hi JohnAU

                  One of many conspiracy theories I suppose, but lets apply a bit of logical reasoning from what we do know and see where we end-up.

                  The precursor to the Warning is: ‘when Communism comes again.’ words used by Conchita in 1965 to the author Albrecht Weber and recorded in his book Garabandal, The Finger of God.

                  In the 1970 newsletter L’Impartial (No.31), published by Fernand Corteville there is a statement, originally presented to Maria Saraco bearing Mari Loli’s signature, concerning the return of communism and its impact:

                  “In spite of continuing to see the Virgin, (during the Nights of the Screams) we saw a great multitude of people who were suffering intensely and screaming in terror.” The Blessed Virgin explained to them that this is a great tribulation to come “because a time would arrive when the Church would appear to be on the point of perishing. It would pass through a terrible trial. We asked the Virgin what this great trial was called and she told us it was Communism.” She further explained that this tribulation as terrible as it is to be, is not the Great Chastisement that would come directly from God at a future time.

                  My thoughts:
                  Russia and Communism seem often to be portrayed as one and the same thing.

                  Notably Communism derives from the French communisme which developed out of the Latin roots communis and isme, and was in use as a word designating various social situations before it came to be associated with more modern conceptions of an economic and political organization.

                  It is not insignificant then that France is of particular focus for the Visitations of Our Blessed Mother. In France ‘communisme’ was born. From France alone do we receive the Dogma of the Immaculate Heart (Lourdes). And what is it that triumphs over Communism? The Immaculate Heart of course, a promise and command of Divine Providence.

                  We know also that in time ‘communisme’ evolved in to that now more familiar form of communism as founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the second half of the 19th Century, that is USSR Communism, an economic-political aesthetic philosophy imposed upon a nation and nations through unconscionable ruthless rule of law. Communism and Totalitarianism combined.

                  And just what are these ill-begotten offspring?

                  Well, we have seen they are characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. They do not permit individual freedom. Civil liberties are removed under pain of fines, victimization, ostracization, imprisonment and at worst death. Now tell me is this starting to sound a little too familiar under present circumstances being shared by all across the Globe?

                  When Our Blessed Mother speaks of Russia overtaking the World I am persuaded to think Our Mother isn’t saying the nation of Russia will go to war with the world, invade, persecute and rule, but rather is speaking metaphorically, that is, in terms of Russia ‘being the epitaphic symbol of Communism.’ We are talking here of a Communism dressed behind sheep’s clothing, one that societies will accept, begrudgingly perhaps, but accept none-the-less.

                  If we take the words of Our Blessed Mother to her Seers spanning Fatima to Akita literally only, then we risk being blinded to actual events unfolding under our very noses that are the very fulfillment of this communism prophesy. Consequently we may be suddenly caught up in an onslaught that overtakes us. One too late to counter, too late to have recognised without hindsight. An outcome we in fact became unwittingly complicit in, one we always vowed to resist. For this we kept watch and watch we did, yet the enemy sailed right passed our vantage point, able to do so because we did not suspect or recognise the undertone of the ‘rainbow colors of hope’ under which the vessel sailed.

                  Don’t be blinded by the dazzling light of that which is befalling us all right now.

                  COVID-19 is here, either by a fluke of nature or created deliberately, and given the evidence I favor the latter. And no, I don’t believe it was an intended release, again judging by the evidence, it was most likely a tragic and uncalculated incident resulting in its accidental spread beyond the bio-facility from which it originated.

                  An unintended and unforeseen outcome or rather opportunity that this accidental virus outbreak has presented to Governments worldwide is the seizing in an unprecedented manner of control upon a populace that can now be exerted without objection, moreover, for the most part, with its full cooperation. Not only can Governments now impose massive intrusive restrictions on working practices, social living, education, leisure, commerce, communications, family interactions, charities and the practice of all religions, they make it a criminal offence to not comply. The expanding frontiers of control will only increase not diminish, once the vaccine is made ready, track and trace will be prolific, perhaps to the extent that without a certificate of vaccination a person will be barred from shops, work, places of entertainment and be unable to buy or sell etc. I don’t for one minute believe that Governments are going to readily let go of this opportunity easily.

                  Herein lies the ingredients for the spread of communistic rule over democratic societies without objection or the spilling of blood. A rule of law ultimately leading to many prohibitions. One being yet more unreasonable restrictions on the daily practice of our sacramental faith. Perhaps the escalation of prohibitions will even one day necessitate the Church in part going underground, lead by holy Priest and Bishops in hiding; a theme yet again of Garabandal’s Waning.

                  Perhaps Communism isn’t coming, perhaps it’s already here, seeping in to the very fabric of all societies and cultures, in every home and every institution across the world. It’s just disguised as something else. And this is not a situation arrived at by years of planning and the devious intention of multiple Democratic Governments working collaboratively, no, it’s a gift dropped in to their laps and they are as much victims of their own lack of faith as are we. This situation could well be of the making and devious cunning of that Enemy who is the master of all disguises.

                  Remember these are just my thoughts, not fact, if I take anything away from this rambling myself, it’s be aware, for rarely does an enemy approach in plain sight, it will always attempt to sneak up unnoticed. Hence Our Blessed Mother comes to warn us. We must look over our shoulders often toward the Alter throughout our distracted lives and keep praying the Rosary and we will then surely see what we need to know. I know I am not going to effect any change for the better, I have no voice loud enough to change the course of events. I must be content in the example of St Therese of Lisieux, in the little things, the dutiful practice of my faith and praying all the while for Priests, that many if not all will be faithful to the end.

                  God bless

                  • Thank you Pete for your thoughtful analysis. Whilst reading it I was reminded of Lenin’s Dictum : ” The lie is sacred and deception is our weapon”.
                    Beware indeed!

                  • Pete, I completely 100% agree with you. Folks, let’s not think that a transfer of the means of production must occur so as to fit the narrow definition of a communist society. In fact all we need to do is simply reflect on what these imposed edicts (shelter in place) by the STATE truly mean. THINK…does it really matter that you OWN a restaurant or place of business if YOU are FORCED to shut it down by the state? The vale or illusion of private property has been lifted. So much for the means of production needing to be transferred to the state, in order to fit the textbook communist definition. No need to transfer it to the State if the State decides what to do…with so called private property. Our FRIENDS on the left…see that now, and smell blood in the water.

                    Let’s not kid ourselves, Socialism, communism cousin IS AT LEAST HERE NOW.

                    • Dear Juan,

                      Believe it or not (it’s up to you) this is what is gonna happen in Spain as of 18 September 2020 [second military-enforced lock-down in three phases to last totally more than 6 Months or until almost all the Spaniard are ‘vaccinated’ -read POISONED- forcefully]. The second lock-down will almost certainly extend beyond 15 April 2021, to date the most likely date for the Garabadal “Aviso’. Similar dictatorial, communist-like agendas will be implemented in the Western countries. The new, more deadly, strain of the virus will be randomly initially spread via mass Covid-testing compulsory campaigns. We all have slightly more than one month of semi-liberty, even if psychological pressure will increase progressively during this time-span. Take advantage of this short opportunity to stock food and possibly water for you and your beloved one:

                      In Phase 1 there will be a regional lockdown first. Spaniards are then no longer allowed to leave their municipality or place of residence. The borders with France and Portugal are also closed to all ‘non-essential’ traffic.

                      Phase 2 starts after 2 weeks with closing all ‘non-essential’ companies, such as the catering industry, cinemas, theaters and other places and events where many people come.

                      Another 2 weeks later Phase 3 started. Then everyone has to stay at home again, and only shopping can be done under strict conditions.

                      Discussions have already taken place with prime ministers of other Nations about the planned second lockdown, including with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is one of the reasons travel agents are canceling flights and trips before September: They have been warned about it in advance.

                      Shutting down the economy and society for months will be allegedly done to “protect the population,” but hides a much more nefarious and satanic agenda.The economy will be deliberately destroyed further with the ‘second wave’ corona pandemic hoax, so potentially everyone gets tested and vaccinated.


                      God bless! Let’s pray.

                    • Dear Anonymous.
                      Where on Earth do you get your information from for you to be so assertive? I wouldn’t mind so much but you very rarely or even never offer the least bit of circumstantial evidence for such. Why not table authoritative research to back up your thinking and give some level of credence to the logic behind these assertions. You ask readers to trust you, but on what basis should they?

                      I don’t doubt your good intentions or question your faith based reasoning but please, setting out timetables and events as you have here, not to mention the genocide you are prescribing, are either no more than conspiracy theories of your imagining, or you do indeed have reliable insider information garnered from the highest levels of Government.

                      So which is it? Simply your hypothesizing (we all do it but at least state the case), or indeed you are the recipient of clandestine insider activity using you as a conduit to leak information to the wider world?

                      God bless

                    • As a paediatric infectious diseases specialist myself with all my people (wife and sons) also physicians and dealing with covid patients I cannot agree with the term “hoax pandemic” if it implies to deny the corona infections and deaths. The world has turned crazy altogether. How can we deny the corona infections if we see them? It would be mad for our part. The political use of the infections is another story. The goverments under the rules of this one world order is using it to spread panic and limit our liberties. They are extremely happy with the bouts of infection and overstate its real impact to finally bring poverty and communism in the whole world. Perhaps they want to try and decimate the world population using any means at hand. One could be a wrong vaccine not properly tested. All the corona vaccines at the front line now are made up with a sars cov-2 RNA material inserted in a modified adenovirus as a vector. Never before we have developed a vaccine with DNA or RNA (the FDA and the European agencies never allowed previously a vaccine with nucleic acids because of security concerns). And this is the strange thing now observing how they promote them so eagerly with such a scarse testing and apparently without considering the medium and long term side effects. If things went wrong with them it would be a huge world disaster!!!! There is no doubt that the dark forces ruling the world are planning terrible things for everyone. However, to those reading these lines: please don’t join the purely conspiratory groups denying this virus among us and which is infiltrating their ideas into some catholics above all traditional catholics. I can hear some catholics saying that as believers God would not allow them to get infected and they could even drink venom with no damage. For my part I will not put God to the test because Jesus didn’t jump off when satan tempted him…

                    • Hi Juan

                      Great point, lots to think about

                      You state:

                      ‘The political use of the infections is another story. The governments under the rules of this one world order is using it to spread panic and limit our liberties. They are extremely happy with the bouts of infection and overstate its real impact to finally bring poverty and communism in the whole world.’

                      This is insightful and measurably the case, even the WHO declared last week, 25 million tested cases worldwide (probably 10 times below the actual number re: if including those infected but not tested) and yet the death rate for several weeks, (possibly months now) continues to remain below 800K worldwide. In fact during the last 8 days tested cases rose from 19 million to 25 million but recorded deaths stayed about 755K. that’s about a 3.7% death rate and if actual numbers were truly known, probably less than 1%, (no worse than seasonal flu albeit a more awful set of symptoms for those who suffer worst effects) yet no one is raising a noise on this topic of figures. Even the UK Government admitted an error in that it overstated the number of recorded deaths from COVID-19 (the error being probably higher from what I hear from those I know working in the the NHS) and also it admitted double accounting a good number of those who were tested positive.

                      I’d be interested to read more on your comment about security concerns i.e. in what way does the use of nucleic acidsis present a case for concern?

                      COVID-19 is most definitely real and your right to point readers away from any alternative view.

                      Dark forces are always at work, absolutely and work most easily in those indifferent to or wholeheartedly opposed to the One True Light and thereby achieving more easily its will via their ego, their vanity and pride in self. As I have said, we are where we are through a lack of faith, leaders in particular being blinded by the light of their own puffed up conceited reasoning, the so called ‘enlightened ones’ of our age as they’d like us to believe.

                      Your statement about drinking venom shows how easily people’s faith can become distorted through misinformation, which again can be a sign of immaturity in the practice of prayer and ascent of the mind and soul to God. They must be confused in their faith and reason reference, receiving the Holy Eucharist under both kinds and on the tongue of course will not spread any disease, which is a matter entirely different to that (as you say) of putting God to the test by extending such a fundamental truth to other forms of matter that is not the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ in its very substance. Unbelievable really.

                      Hope you and the family are keeping well.
                      God bless

                    • It is striking to hear that the covid19 vaccines now on the front line of the race (all of them RNA vaccines) are safe and produce protection (protective antibodies and T cell inmunity). Safe in the short run, with mild local complications and also mild systemic effects (fever, etc). However, nothing is said about the medium and long term systemic effects. Some of these side effects are seen when the vaccinated person confronts the native virus. ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) is one these complications, and consist of an aggravation of the infection caused by the antibodies produced by the vaccine. This is a very serious complication with many casualties seen previously with Dengue and Respiratory Syncitial Virus vaccines trials. Another complication is the hyperimmune response and the development of autoimmune disorders also a very damaging side effect. As regards to nucleic acids vaccines, the ones leading the race today, they consist of a piece of sars coV-2 RNA encoding for the spike protein attached to the genome of an attenuated adenovirus. In theory it is a brilliant approach, simple and rather cheap to produce. The adenovirus acts as a vector and gets into the human cells and use their genetic machinery to produce the spike protein of the coronavirus against which the host inmmune system produces antibodies to block its reproduction. Absolutely brilliant but there are some questions with no answer at this time. Could there be hybridisation of this genetic material with the human one and if so what would it be the effects according to the specific human cell lines affected? Some would oppose that when we vaccinate with attenuated viruses their genetic material could theoretically do the same and no reports have been published so far when used with some well known vaccines. However many researchers believe that the risks with genetic vaccines could be greater and have not been thoroughly evaluated and it must be done before their administration to humans at such a large scale

                    • Morning Juan

                      I was pleased to read the article below. If only Shepherds in every Country would stand up publicly and be similarly forthright and what’s more be further supported by a statement from the Chair of St Peter.

                      The Body of Christ on Earth, Church Militant must ensure the World be in no doubt as to how the serving of its own interests in this manner as in many others, is nothing short of a franchise with Satan, a participation in his rebellious hate against all that is Holy and of the Divine Plan for the salvation of souls.

                      “Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over.” and “You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts.”


                      God bless

                    • You are very right, Pete. We need good sheperds standing up. Unfortunately we don’t see them very often. Yesterday a priest denied us Holy Communion because we used a Palia ( the small cloth to cover the chalice). On the plain hand or nothing!!!! Fortunately we had time to go to another church. About the vaccine I talked about it previously. I am afraid that church authorities will join the governments to impose it. Believe me, there is not any medical reason to approve any express vaccine especially a type of vaccine which has never been produced so far, a genetic material vaccine, because we cannot assure that the remedy is going to be worse than the disease. What terrible interests are behind these new vaccines of the leading industries behind them… The companies trying to produce a corona vaccine using the most common technologies used to produce the flu vaccine and others (with the attenuated whole virus or parts of the virus) are totally silenced (the case of Sanofi-Pasteur vaccine for example). This classic type of vaccine I would try myself with no more fear than with flu or similar) but I would not try any of these genetic vaccines that seem to be promoted by the dark powers of this new world order. I say again that there is not any medical reason to produce any express and poorly tested vaccine because covid-19 mortality rate is extremely low to justify putting in risk large populations with a bad vaccine (worse if elaborated with immorally obtained materials). With vaccines or without them we are going to have covid-19 for many years. For the majority of the patients it will be less than a flu. But for a small percentage it will be a devastating disease until we find a drug to treat it. The problem now is the sudden arrival of the virus and our ignorance about it although we are learning a lot and the lack of a medication to prevent the complications. In my hospital we have now 30 people in the ICU (during the flu time there is no more that 10 at a time) when three weeks ago there were 4. Most probably very few of them will die. In other places covid 19 is almost nonexistent. The more people who becomes infected now the lesser accumulation of patients in hospitals there will be in the near future as a result of herd immunity. Now is the hard time. Even a good vaccine would take some years to improve the health situation in the areas mostly affected. This is the reality of the matter. As it is the use of covid 19 by the goverments as an excuse to impose their new order and take our liberties away. And also of the church hierarchy to impose their evil practices.

                    • OK Anonymous that is something at least in terms of your timelines, but perhaps you should also take in to account articles such as the below by way of example as a counter argument. This however still doesn’t explain your claim of intended genocide.


                      A piece of advice given me that counts more than anything else in these troubled days.

                      “Peter do not fear those who can harm the body, but rather, those who can lead away from God and in to Hell. You cannot add a single hour to your life fretting about what might be and by whose hand. Rather chose to live in a constant state of thanksgiving for the wonderful Graces you receive daily. Desire to live penitentially, praying always for sinners and one’s own amendment of life, all motivated by Divine Love, by Holy Charity. Stay close to and fix your gaze upon Jesus your Saviour, your King, your Lord, your Brother, indeed moreover your Very Dearest Friend. In this way does the Kingdom of God come about in you. A Kingdom that must be established interiorly through Him made present in a heart desiring of a holy purity that He may then become exteriorly witnessed moving even the most obstinate mountains to a conversion of life. This is your role, a primary duty of your life no matter your station, it is this and only this that your Blessed Mother councils and seeks from you.”

                      Do I pray thus every day and often through the day? Do I rise and pray when awoken in the midnight hours? Did not the Seers, motivated by Our Blessed Mother themselves rise from their beds and pray a Rosary during the most difficult hours of the night; surely an example to me and to all? No, ashamedly I don’t, but I am trying. It is enough of a task, just to begin. I can’t be doing with the wants, does and don’ts of a secular World bringing ruin upon itself due to its chosen degradation and despising of The Father’s Divine Purpose. It is one thing to discern the Signs of the Times and share with one another in faith, its another entirely to be captivated and driven by speculation proffered by atheistic or commercial enterprises spinning their egotistical news, fake or otherwise. Leave them to it and all who follow them.

                      Peace be with you always and may God bless you in all that you do.

                    • Dear All,
                      Unfortunately I do not have time to reply to all the reactions I have triggered: I apologize for that.
                      Let me only clarify, for Juan’s peace of mind, in which sense I spoke of ‘hoax’ pandemic. Not in the sense that there is not a virus, obviously. The virus is there: it has been deliberately manufactured and spread (mainly by US military personnel participating in the Army Olympics in Whuan [].
                      What I mean by ‘hoax’ is that:
                      – the number of casualties has been artificially inflated on purpose, both via medical procedures voluntarily inappropriate suggested by the Governments, both via statistical tricks;
                      – the ultimate goal of the PLAN-demic was to usher the antirchristic NWO.
                      Sorry for he misunderstanding.
                      The important thing is that you ALL make any effort to avoid both the ‘testing’ and the ‘vaccine’, for your own good and safety, both material and spiritual. I felt my compulsory conscience duty to warn you about this
                      I am sorry also that I cannot reveal more, including the sources of my intelligence infos.
                      Harsh times ahead!!!
                      Be wise!
                      Be strong!
                      God bless!
                      Let’s pray.

                    • They expose their own lies straight into the camera as they explain the lie to you

                      “He was suspected corona, so he was tested. He was negative. But he was a probable case, even though he was negative, you know, so we treat it as a positive case and include it as a positive case in our holy ‘rona statistics.”

                      This is getting ridiculous.
                      — Tony (@Mrtdogg) August 17, 2020

  4. When times are at their worst, communism will prevail, according to one of the girls. That seems about now.
    And the warning is a flash in the sky lasting around 5-10 mins apparently, according to one of the girls.

    • A new blog post was published today (May 13 2020) with a thoughtful and positive discussion on the visions of Garabandal. The blog looks objectively at the reasons for believing that the apparitions were genuine, and then asks “Why were the visions of Garabandal accompanied by more supernatural phenomena than any other visions in the history of the Church?”
      Please check out this blog post and let us have your feedback! Our website is non-profit, no ads and done for the glory of God!
      Edward Benet

      • Hi Edward. I wish that many people convert to the Lord with your blog. However, I sincerely doubt that those who read the book The Joy of the Gospel that you recommend in your blog as a must read and follow the ideas of Jorge Mario Bergoglio will be ready to fight for the truths of the Catholic Faith. For love of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal I appreciate your article about Garabandal but I don’t think that I will read any other article from your blog.

        • Hi Juan, we appreciate your comment, thank you.
          Our website is managed by our children (the oldest is 13 years old). They compiled the list of recommended books in the book section. They don’t say Pope Francis book is a “must read”, but list it there with other Catholic books. We are Catholic and doing our best to walk in the faith, obedient to the people the Lord has set over us, even if it is hard at times.
          Padre Pio is a great example for us. Even when he was placed under inderdict by the Vatican, his reply was, “God’s will be done”. He did not raise his voice against those above him. Please don’t judge our website too harshly on account of a simple book recommendation, Juan. In “Joy of the Gospel” Pope Francis did not say anything controversial or contrary to the magisterium of his predecessors. Our website does not recommend Amoris Laetitae, because there was a problem in one of the footnotes there which seems out of line with the teaching of previous popes.
          Juan, we are grateful that you went to the trouble of writing, and even more so, that you bothered to read the blog. Thank you from the heart! The blog is really directed at answering a simple question that presents itself to many people when they first encounter Garabandal: why did so many supernatural signs (ecstatic walks, privileged knowledge of people and objects, levitations, etc.) accompany the visions? Why did Lourdes (for example) have so few “strange” signs? It is an important question because the dramatic signs put some people off altogether, but lead to sensationalism in other quarters.
          Our guest blogger has a couple of good answers to these mysteries, in my opinion. And they are all very positive to the truth and real message of Garabandal.
          Juan, thank you again. Peace be with you and God bless you.

          • Hi Edward. Thank you very much for your kind answer and forgive me for my apparently harsh words. They came out from my heart at seeing Jorge Mario Bergoglio in your blog. During the last 7 years I have been containing myself trying to see him as you seem to see him but I cannot do it any more and reject anything in which something about Francis appears. In my view the harm to so many souls cannot be overlooked in any way. Sorry but I cannot accept the comparison with Padre Pio’s attitude because in his case there was not any danger on the souls of the people but only on his own honor and credibility. But I don’t want to argue on this individual because in this blog the only important thing is Our Lady and She as a way toward Our Lord Jesus. In my experience it is useless to debate with anyone who sees Francis in a different way and considers others simply as people who judge. I have read your article about Garabandal a couple of times and I agree with Edward Kelly that you have done a great job and your thoughts will help many to come near Our Lady of Garabandal. It is really a fantastic approach and I congratulate you and all of us for your analysis.

            • Juan, thank you! Our children designed and manage our website and they will be delighted when I pass on your positive review of this week’s blog! Yes, you said it well: Mary is our way to Jesus and that is all that matters!
              Regarding Pope Francis, we understand how you feel and of course you are right that the situation with Padre Pio was different. I think it is good though to look at the history of the papacy. As we are all aware, there have been over 260 successors of Peter. Some were not as good as others. Very often, during the time of great saints, the popes were weak. But their ambivalent behaviour actually drove those saints to even greater heights of sanctity! Catherine of Siena is an example. She was loyal and obedient to the pope but still told him directly to “man up!”
              We have a commitment among our family that we say nothing against Pope Francis on our website, so I wish to respect that, whilst understanding your frustration, Juan. Our aim is to be loyal and pray for him. His efforts to “reach out” to the world often look to us like compromise and betrayal of the Church’s perennial teaching. When we are upset at his loose talk, we try to knuckle down and be holier. I think that is what St Philip Neri and others did. God has his motives in giving us Francis as our leader. I think many people are rooting themselves more in Christ and Our Lady as a response to some of the confusion that has emanated from the See of Peter.
              Juan, I am not preaching to you. I have no doubt that you are on a better path than me, but I offer the above just to describe how we as a family try to respond to ambivalent elements in Pope Francis’ teaching. I am sure you are loyal to the Church in an even better way than us. Since the very early days of the Church (as we find in the writings of St Ignatius of Antioch who was a disciple of John the Apostle and died around 110 AD) the apostolic fathers have asked us to show deference to the leaders that the Lord has placed above us, even when that is hard for us.
              Once again we thank you Juan for going to the trouble of reading our long blog on Garabandal, for your very positive and encouraging comments. God bless you Juan. May Our Lady keep you under her mantle and on the path to Jesus.

        • Dear Anonymous, I, not Aviso decided, to remove your last 2 comments as I felt they were not in keeping with the theme of a Web Site dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal and Her call to conversion. There is much across the internet placing numerology alongside eschatology in an endeavor to hypothesize about the times of the end. And you are not the first to be censored on the topic. There is also much more than one can ever hope to read on the WEB about the terrors of apocalyptic end times and the content of persecution. Such has occasionally been permitted as statements of generality on here before, but not something we want to encourage. We are about spreading the messages of Our Lady, of discerning some of their mystery, of sharing the supernatural occurrences that evidence or witness to authenticity as also do consistency with Scripture, Church teaching and the prophesy of Saints and Mystics etc. We place world events alongside these things and seek as a family united by the One Truth to understand how we are to respond, who we should follow and who not to follow, we seek to be prepared, to keep watch in prayer. We are not blind or deaf to the worst of what can be as you often suggest, we are hopeful, trusting in God and we look forward beyond the troubles and tribulations of our times to a time of peace and The Triumph. We do not want to promote fear, but faith. We know we are not guaranteed exemption from bearing witness to our faith via some level of persecution as many do now across the world and many generations before us have done so, even unto martyrdom if need be.

          You have made many a good contribution to this site in the past so please continue to do so if you wish, but likewise have you pushed the boundary of content that is simply not needed here. You know the score, just reflect on what you write before you post and judge for your self from past experience, “would it pass moderation?” And make the right decision.

          Keep up the good fight

          God bless

      • I greatly appreciated your well thought out and well expressed article on Garabandal. just finished a letter to National Catholic Register complaining about its poor coverage of Garabandal over the last fifty years. I list a dozen favorable comments by “well known” Catholics for which they could find no space and three misleading article the NCR published. NCR will probably throw it away. Perhaps it is meant for you. Besides your e-mail, I also found Deacon John’s What is Garabandal site referring us to your article and a notice from Mater Spei, the producer of “Garabandal Only God Knows”. It says that the trailer for the sequel to the movie Catarata Imparable (Unstoppable Waterfall) is now available. The sequel (for which I was filmed and interviewed in August will be available on June 18. Your last couple of paragraphs were spot on. I would love to talk about them with you. Have you read “A Walk to Garabandal A Journey of Happiness and Hope.”? People like it because it is different from all of the other books on the subject.

        • Edward, thank you for your positive reply. If you ever want to write to us, our email is
          We are on the other side of the Atlantic, though, in the old Emerald Isle, so there may be a time lag in replies, especially now that we are engaged in full-time home schooling!
          God bless you.
          E. Benet

  5. Father Gruner, the Fatima Priest about Garabandal

    My Comment : Did you know ? Father Gruner started his apostolate about fatima in Garabandal, we own to our Lady of the Carmel this Great if not the best Soldier of our Lady of Fatima,

    Malachi Martin, one of the few around this world having read the Fatima 3rd Secret, about Garabandal

  6. Dear Aviso,
    great article about Garabandal an communism from the year 2015.

    God bless you!

    P. S. : people in Austria are afraid of the possible consequences of Corona Virus like Big Data, cashless society, lock down and so on

      • Aviso I think that Bergoglio is very much communist, can you please tell me about the rumor that Warning will be on a even year number?

        • One more thing, Conchita said:
          Q. Many years ago you told us the event of the Warning begins with the letter “A. ” Since Our Lady never told you not to reveal it, can you now mention it?
          A. She did not forbid it, but I don’t know why I haven’t said it and I don’t feel as though I should say it now.

          I dont know if you are watching, but there is some fuzz about the comet ATLAS
          “Northern Hemisphere skywatchers are getting excited about Comet C/2019 Y4, discovered at Mauna Loa in Hawaii on 28 December 2019 by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) when it lay among the stars of Ursa Major. Now designated Comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4), astronomers soon noted that its orbit is very similar to C/1844 Y1, the celebrated ‘Great Comet’ of 1844.”
          It is intersting why the comet has a nickname ATLAS, it is not the first comet that ATLAS system on Hawaii discovered?

          • “A” stands for “asteroid”, “asteroide” in spanish. More precisely, it is a celestial body coming from the outer space that will pass at around 0.3 Astronomical Units from Hearth, in the area between Mars and Jupiter…The celestial body will not impact with Heart, but it will seem that he will collide with other celestial corps.
            Conchita also said regarding the Warning: “will be like two stars colliding, a lot of noise, a lot of light, but they won’t fall down”

            Get ready!
            Let’s pray. God bless!

          • Again my Friends, the Warning is not 2 stars colliding but IT IS LIKE 2 STARS COLLIDING (in other word and like in Fatima, we have a vision of the Warning only given by the seer) then the descripion starts with the letter A as APOCALIPSIS so in other word the Garabandal Prophecies (Warning + Great Miracle + Chastisement) are within the Apocalypse of Saint John and concerns the end of times (Novissimi) related to Chap 13:18, thank you.

            • Thanks Aviso, I couldn’t summon up the will power to write yet another response refuting colliding celestial bodies. 🙂

              God bless

                • Big blow for the Freemasons of Police & legal fraternity in Victoria Australia & Rome is the quashing of the Pell conviction. I don’t know but suspect Cardinal Pell & Archbishop Vigano just might be friends!!!
                  Maybe justice does exist in the Australian legal system!
                  No justice without Almighty God through his Blessed Mother.
                  Many traditional Catholics in Australia offered prayers for justice for Cardinal Pell and here we see the result!
                  The head of the serpent (Freemasonry in Australia) crushed by the heel of the Virgin Mother of God.
                  Thanks be to God.

          • In the book, Suddenly & Unexpectedly pg 93

            “We know that the Warning must precede the Miracle. I happen to know, as per Maria, that Mari Loli had at one point been questioned by a priest who was trying to extract the year of the Warning from her. She would not tell him. Finally, he asked if she could at least tell him if it was an even or odd year. She relented and told him that it would be an even year. “

            • Hi Daniel, who is Maria ? What is the name of the Priest ? and who is the author of the book Suddenly and Unexpectedly Pg 93 ?

              Garabandal 2017

              Aviso : Did Loli said that the warning will be on even Year ?
              Loli’s sister : I was talking to my sister almost once a week, may she rest in Peace
              Aviso : Did she talked to a Priest about the Warning year ?
              Loli’s sister : Never
              Aviso : There is a book confirming that she talked to a Priest about it ?
              Loli’s sister : Which book and which Priest ?
              Aviso : I do not know myself, those are rumors we can read on the net especially from USA
              Loli’s sister : My sister never talked to me about it, be aware of some books especially from those who have no link with the village, they are coming in the village for 2 weeks then they are writting a book just for making money
              Aviso : Thank you.

    • Hi Aviso, do you think someone in the village (garabandal) knows the dates of the warning or miracle or both, you seem to indicate that they do? thanks

      • Hi Pat, in my opinion probably, of course not a lot and only family of the seers but many are with God now but I still think that very few people from the village, those who have lived the Apparitions might still be aware with some details.
        I tried myself to get some news about it but without success, for example I am very close to one of Loli’s sister Amalia with her husband which is a good friend to me, by the way both are my wedding witnesses as well and I know them for almost 15 years now, they are de facto like my family, so during all these years I was of course able to have some private details about the Apparitions but whenever I tried to get more details about a possible timing, each time I got a refusal to speak about this topic, there is a kind of deal or promise between the seers and their family, another example I am also very close to Conchita’s aunt as well, she was her first confident during the apparitions which is not the case anymore, the lady with me on my avatar (Maximina), for years, she was my guest for my wedding and baptism of my last child as Jacinta one the Garabandal seer, be sure that I tried also to question them about it but as I said without success.
        What I will be able to say online but this is my own opinion only, probably and to me at least 3 garabandal seers have or know the good timing, of course Conchita and Loli for sure but maybe the 2 others as well, again this is my opinion only.

        Garabandal is a small Village, each of the families know each other, for a foreigner like in my case, it tooks me at least 10 Years before being accepted in the village,of course today I just call there and I can have all news from village directly, by the way I am dealing since last summer with Jacinta’s brother who is the mayor of Garabandal as well, for my hope but God’s will only and being buried in Garabandal when my time will come, this is impossible for any foreigner non spanish normaly but thanks God it looks that for me there is a possible open door so will see, by memory but I must check again and to my knowledge, 2 non Spanish are buried in the village only, Bastiano’s Mother (French) Mrs Bocabeille and our Good Friend Albrecht Weber (German) the Great Garabandalist, this is it Pat, thank you.

        • By the way my Friends and especially since the beginning of this Pandemic, the blog has more and more readers according to statistics, 4 to 5 times more, which is good of course but our goal is also to keep our readers because about Garabandal and I don’t want to appear pretentious, you have whatever you need here with us, please be sure of it.

          Let me add also that I did not changed my opinion about the current Pope (getting many questions about it in private), I knew from Day 1 and I talked about it online that time when he was elected that this Pope will be a problem for the Church, thanks of course to Albrecht Weber who was a reader of the blog and in contact with me, may he rest in peace, who gave me some details about a specific Papacy which our Lady talked about it during the Apparitions, I am a converted Catholic from Garabandal and I know that the Holy Father must be respected and honored anytime as the Vicar of Christ, so be sure my Friends that when I am tallking especially online about the Holy Father with some disagreement if not more, it’s because I think to be well informed not only via some opinions from some close Garabandalist/Fatimist friends but with facts which I get and check before any publication online, I know also that the Lady of the Carmel, our Mother, will not be happy with me if what I am talking to all via my blog is rumors or nonsense especially when it’s about the Holy Father, so again be sure that I am very precautious when I am giving my opinion about this topic by the way I had a strong disagreement let’s say for example with Loli’s sister or even with the Garabandal Priest who married me about this topic and many times, of course I have not been able to change their mind but they too could not changed mine, thank you.

    • Hi Basto, my Brother in Christ, was missing you, how are you my good Friend, long time, give me some news in Private, I am in Portugal as well and thanks for your message about the Garabandal movie, by the way but God’s will only, I will be in the second movie on the way, I spent 24/48 hours with the Garabandal movie’s team last summer in Garabandal, playing in the second part my own role, we keep in touch, God Bless.

      • You might even win an Oscar… (I’m joking!) I haven’t got any news, my friend, just that I am not feeling very well at the moment, I’ve been too busy and, now, disturbed with all the situation we are going through. I should have been prepared for this but in fact I am not.

        • Thanks Brother for the Joke, imagine a second if I get it what about my good enemies, you know the Bad books printer and co, be sure they won’t sleep for a year, you made me laugh my good Friend, no seriously by the way I make them crazy and asked to keep my sun glass, they interviewed me for hours then we went from Cosio to Pines, they cut my scene hundred times, of course I am not a professional but Loli’s sister was angry with me and told me if you play this movie, I won’t cook for you anymore, pity or thanks God, for the first time I did not follow her advise and she did not cooked for me as well but for 24 hours only, anyway I sign a movie contract and asked for some obligation, by the way they asked me to find a solution for the movie in Portugal, Brother I tried but impossible to get anything because of Fatima, in other word Portugal is almost the only main Catholic Country where the movie is not shown yet, my Good Friend if you can do something please let me know in private, thanks again.

          • It’s a shame Portugal is the only catholic country where the movie didn’t come out, but I’m not surprised. There is no “market” for that, Garabandal it’s very unknown in this land.

            I suppose if are in Lisbon at the moment, you’ll have trouble going out of the country. I live right at the epicenter of the new Coronavirus in Portugal, nearby where they found the very first case o infection.

            • Yes Basto my Good Friend, currently in Lisbon, please take care of you, you are probably around Porto, by the way I am in touch with our late Friend’s wife, our good friend Mac, I miss him daily and remember our fun all together with Joe when we were trying to understand our Church and world, surely Josie will not blame me (but will ask) if I add a picture of the family on the blog, please let me ask our friends to Pray for this great family as well, thank you.

    • Basto thank you for the advice & link to the Garabandal Movie.
      I watched it yesterday and found my emotions deeply affected.
      Love the “Mama” references by the seers to Our Lady.
      Tears welled up often for me, which is very unusual – for me! Not inclined to tears as often as I should.
      Hopefully this Holy Week I will shed many for Our Saviour & Our Lady.
      Some 60+ years ago I remember watching a similar movie about 3 young children in a Portugal town called Fatima!
      My suspicion is it struck me the same way as this one.
      Thank you & God bless you and all Our Lady’s faithful servants.

  7. By the way my Friends, I was asked if there was a Fake Sister Lucia, of course not, I met myself Sister Lucia Family in Fatima last year and I asked them about it, they confirmed to me that this was a shameful rumor, it is pity that some close Friends of Father Gruner are feeding this rumor online, thank you.

    • Thank you for putting this Fake Lucy rumor to rest. I agree it is shameful. Folks want to argue this point to death.

    • Thank you Aviso for pointing out the falsity of the widespread claims of a fake Sister Lucia. I have looked carefully at these claims many times and it is clear that their supposed “evidence” is without substance. You are right in calling it “a shameful rumour”.
      YET it is worth studying why and how this nonsense happened.
      BECAUSE the people who are making the false claims are mostly good people.
      Something changed around about 1990.
      Sister Lucia did not change, but her role did change.
      So we should ask WHY, and also IN WHAT WAY?
      Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz had been the Archbishop of Moscow from 1991 to 2007. In 1991 he visited Sister Lucia. Bear in mind that The Vatican and the Bishops and the Nuncio had been repeatedly saying that Russia was converted and these statements were constantly coming to Sister Lucia. So when the Archbishop visited, she asked him “Is it true?” “Is it true?” “Is it true?” He gave his erroneous opinion. “‘So,’ she replied, ‘it means the prophecy of Fatima is fulfilled,’”
      One could suggest that the Archbishop’s statement is a lie. It’s possible but I don’t think so.
      Previously Jesus and Mary directly spoke to Sister Lucia, so she knew the situation with authority and gave us guidance and instructions. I suggest that in 1990 or thereabouts, God withdrew this Grace from His Church. So from then on, Sister Lucia’s opinion was like the opinion of any other good person and thus subject to error. There are indications that The Pope pulled rank on her previously, pointing out that he, as Pope, was entitled to decide how to interpret God’s instructions. He was wrong, but if God did not tell her this, then Sr Lucia would simply observe obedience.
      That, in my opinion, is why God withdrew Grace – simply because His Church had treated Our Lady’s request with contempt.

      • Hi Patrick, we are in middle of something Apocalyptic, unseen in the history of humanity, a confined world, no Flight, no one in street, no Mass, Church closed, impossible to reach Garabandal, Statue of Mother Earth consecrated in Rome which is Abomination, a shameful Synod trying to get Married Priest, Heresies after heresies from what they are calling the official Vicar of Christ…etc….etc…and there is still some of you who beleives that the Consecration of Russia was done, my God what else to add ? but remember what our Lord said as well, anyone mocking our Lady will not have any Mercy, de facto thinking that request from our Lady was fulfilled and the consecration done it’s making fun of our Lady, by the way I will delete any comments confirming the opposit, thank you.

    • I don’t have a way to prove or refute this theory, the only thing I can say is that Portugal seems to me small enough for that to be quite impossible. Coimbra, where Lúcia’s convent was, is only one hour away from Fatima… Don’t you think her family would notice such thing? Families in Portugal are very close, especially the countryside families of her time. Sister Lúcia even had a nice who was also a nun, following the vocation of her aunty, she worked at Fatima and she only died three years ago.

  8. Back on the home Page of the Garabandal messages with my last comment, I call our Friends Peter, Juan and John and myself included, being at the service of our readers more than never, during this pandemic and difficult time for many families, receiving myself many questions in private, please let me ask you 3, my Brothers in Christ, for being online whenever it is possible, please Pray also for our Soldier of Christ Juan, doctor himself as his wife and Children, they are on the first line in Spain and will need all our Prayers for sure, we keep in touch and do not forget, you are Great, please be strong, thank you.

    • Dear Aviso.
      Pleased to read about your decision to give prominence to the Holy Virgins Messages.
      Seen in their proper context, the Messages given by the Holy Virgin for the world at Garabandal mirror those of Fatima — of this, there can be no doubt. What is also certain is that there is an element of HOPE in all of this; — the punishment / chastisement CAN BE AVERTED. The means to do so are contained in the MESSAGES. That is why promotion of the Messages above all else, is so vitally important. Linked into this is the extraordinary content of the nota issued by Bishop Aldazabal, who obviously referring to the Messages from the Mother of God, had to declare: “… no grounds for ecclesiastical condemnation…”
      The Blessed Virgin emphasized the importance of leading good lives; penance; prayer for the sanctification of priests; devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary.
      In Christ.

      • Hi John, pleased for having news from you, this is my opinion, nothing CAN BE AVERTED as long as Russia is not Consecrated as requested by our Lady in Fatima, to me unfortunately nothing, de facto and as long Popes are keeping the same way then en route to the Chastisement for sure, we know at the end they will do it but probably too late, thank you.

  9. My Friends, to reply to all your questions I am getting in Private especially about the current Pandemic :

    Is this Pandemic related to the Garabandal Prophecies ?

    Aviso : Probably but no warning or Great Miracle this year yet, this is what I was said from the village according to some good friends, at least for them is not the Year yet but in my opinion we are probably on the way, we must watch Rome and the Vatican especially Popes Benedict and Francis, by the way to date it’s quite complicate to reach Garabandal almost impossible for any foreigners, this is exactly what our Lady of the Carmel did said (the access to the village will be difficult) but in my opinion this pandemic is probably a pre-warning sign only, I remember also that a source told me years ago about this Year 2020, I even talked about it online, I have no relation with that source anymore because I finaly did not trust it, today and with this Pandemic I am of course surprised myself as well, any way we are living what we are calling “the end of times” for sure, thank you.

    • Aviso, my sincere apologies as I first referenced these words from Conchita on your blog. I understand that you have past negative experiences with Glenn.
      I was taking these words just as personal, human words of advice or reflection from Conchita herself when directly asked, and not as any sort of inspired message or locution carrying any more weight than wisdom from a prayerful person.
      Best Wishes.

  10. Happy New Year, everyone!

    The movie, Garabandal: Only God Knows, is available now on Amazon Prime and DVD. It is well worth seeing. It is only 90 minutes, though, so it cannot possibly cover everything that happened.

    Does anyone know if it is true that a Franciscan priest was present in Garabandal for the Miraculous Holy Communion when Conchita received a miraculous visible Host on her tongue? In the film, it showed this priest then went to the Bishop and told him that it was a scam. In the film, it showed that, later he regretted his actions and three of his fellow Franciscans went on his behalf to Garabandal and apologized to Fr. Valentin for the damage caused by his lie. I had not heard this story before, but I have not read all of the books.

    • Yes, that has been reported – that a priest reported that he saw Conchita place the host in her mouth. The priest’s name is in my mind but I fear to report it without looking for the source. It is most likely in Fr. Eusebio Pesquera’s wonderful, Se Fue Con Prisass a la Montana. Yes, I recall that the priest later confessed that what he said wasn’t true. I will get back to you. I didn’t include that story in my “A Walk to Garabandal. A Journey of Happiness and Hope.” If you want to contact me through my e-mail I will tell you the name I recall.

    • Claudia, You can find the story starting on page 386 of Se Fue Con Prisas a la Montana. Padre Justo, a Franciscan was one of four priests waiting with Conchita and some of her family in her house before the “miracle” of the host. On page 394 Pesquera cites page 59 of Conchita’s Diary to relate the incident. It is on page 68 of my Diario de Conchita but there are a number of editions. I translate “A Franciscan priest, Father Justo, saw the miracle but didn’t believe it and told people that he hadn’t seen it and that it was a lie. That it had been I that had done it all. After two or three days I received a letter from the same priest asking me to forgive him for having thought badly that way. He told me that it was the devil that tempted him.” She continues with the details of how some days later three priests arrived on behalf of the priest to tell her how he had spent days and nights without sleep ……but that he finally accepted it and believed it all.

      • Thank you, Ed! I will try to find an English translation of that work. I have read excerpts from She Went in Haste to the Mountain. It is good to hear from you. May God bless you.

        • Moving to see Archbishop Vigano standing today in the square in Munich with Acies Ordinata. ( see Michael Matt’s twitter).

    • I would have to agree with the anonymous poster above regarding the possible message. I do personally understand if Aviso has a problem with Glenn. However having said this….IF the message was indeed by Conchita…then the difference between YOU two gentlemen (Aviso and Glenn) should be put aside and her message should be PUT EVERYWHERE. IT is part of knowing humility…and knowing that these events or anything that happens in this world has nothing TO DO with personal differences between individuals…all grievances must be put aside if this message was by her.

      I don’t know Glenn..only from reading the MOG forum, although i find it rather pitiful that he has to place a photo of himself and Conchita on his avatar…an obvious sign that “he has something to prove”. (I too can put a photo of me and Pee Wee Herman next to each other…but that wouldn’t mean he and I are buddy buddies) Again, I’ve read the message. …and it contains nothing indicative that it shouldn’t be from her….just because 1 person was YET to confirm it it should not be regarded as FAKE as of yet…rather we should view the message and the context.

      Again, throwing the baby with the bath water…or killing the messenger does not mean the message or the baby are bad. Humility…humility…and peace.

  11. I believe that at this synod that would change the dogmas of the Church there could be a denial of the real presence in the Eucharist, at a time when many people would lose faith in the Sacrament, so God would intervene with a miracle that, even though not a Lanciano-like Eucharistic Miracle , would show a sign of the royal presence in the Sacramento. I believe that the fact of the Miracle occurring on the date of a Eucharist martyr shows a deep relationship with the Sacrament that is the center of Catholic Christian life.

  12. Few words about the main Garabandal Prophecies, I got more details from my last stay in Garabandal and with some of my contact to date :

    1. The exact Prophecy about Popes : Read 4 Popes then the end of times, this end of times is the end of times as Prophesied in the Apocalypse of St John and related to the antichrist period, this end of times prophesied in Garabandal is not a new era as described by some

    2. A Main and Important Synod before the Warning Period, I do not say that it’s the current one but an Important and main one and probably unique, a one who will probably try to change some main dogma(s) of the Church

    3. I reconfirm the link between Fatima and Garabandal, there is a clear indication confirming it in the Church of Garabandal itself, few words confirming that the Lady of the Carmel was also the Lady of Fatima explaining why our Lady of Fatima’s last Apparation was as our Lady of the Carmel, I have the proof of it and got it in the village during my last stay, something incredible and a first to me de facto I thank again the Source for it

    4. About Communism : Read when the Pope will be Communist and not when the World will be communist

    5. The Pope will travel to Russia, the exact words from the Lady are THE POPE, de facto only a Valid Pope will travel to Moscow, if for example Francis travel to Russia then Francis is ipso facto a Valid Pope as our Lady named him

    The Rest soon, stay tuned, thank you.

    • the end of times prophesied in garabandal is a new era aviso, it is the last miracle god will perform for mankind in conchitas words, how can it not be a new era?

      • Hi Pat,

        First Garabandal is not Conchita but the Lady of Carmel and she chose 4 seers and not only one, I am at the service of the Lady of the Carmel and not to a spefic seer, the new era story comes from Hollywood from those who have no clue or any link with the village, I called them myself the false friends of Garabandal or editors of bad Garabandal’s books if you prefer and by the way a new era of what ? Please reply to my question then you will still be able to comment if not then this is your last comment here, thank you.

  13. The darkness is increasing more and more in the Church now. The revelation that Francis does not believe in the divinity of Christ has confirmed what I concluded about him two to three weeks before. It is as if God answered my conclusion. 2023 is the year of the warning.

    • Hi Daniel, anyone denying the Divinity of Christ is not or cannot be Catholic, I said online years ago and from Day 1 that Francis is not Catholic and de facto cannot be Pope, this Apostate will drive us directly to the Chastisement of God prophesied especialy in Garabandal then confirmed in Akita AND to date I do not see anyone within the Church who has the necessary faith to change anything, some pictures were sent to me where this Apostate and his supporters were Praying before a kind of Statue of Mother Earth at the Vatican Garden just before their heretic Synod, this satanic secte are attacking the Mother of God right there within the Halls of St Peter and before the eyes of Pope Benedict de facto Rome has lost the Faith and became the seat of the antichrist, as indicated in La Salette and confirmed within the Fatima 3rd Secret itself, for the rest I said online that speculation about dates is not welcomed here anymore, thank you.

  14. My Friends, I had to remove the last article online as requested by the author to me, I probably know the reason and I am sorry for our Lady of the Carmel but we are living what she called herself the end of times de facto this blog and his position especially about this pontificate might not pleased everyone, thank you.

    • I am trying to pray during this synod and I am finding it so hard. It is as I have to overcome so much reticence to force myself to pray. I think we are fighting against strong forces. How are you all finding things?

      • Difficult as well. But remaining steadfast. I too feel something trying to over power me in my prayer time like never before. I cannot explain it. We must remain steadfast. I unite with all the saints in Heaven and all the just on earth!

        • I am finding the same, Elizabeth and Concerned. It’s a heavy feeling, and a distracted feeling. I am exhausted sometimes. But we must remain steadfast, as you have said. Pray for perseverance, pray for the perseverance of the just. We are not praying to a wall, but to Almighty God who hears us and answers us.
          Exaltate justi, in Domine.

      • Dear all be of good cheer and Holy Courgage. I am sure you will recall from your reading of the Saints, that prayer offered when it is most difficult is also the most efficacious. For when we receive no consolation, no sweetness of heart, only thorns and dryness, intercessory prayer is then truly sacrificial, is completely for the other, the self is not involved and prayer is most blessed. Is it not the case that the highest level in a contemplatve’s spiritual life is the dark night of the soul?

        It is especially in these times that we live as in other perilous periods that prayer must be at its most ardent and effective. You may be receiving more Graces than you can count so do persevere.

        Difficulty of course can come from our Enemy, but his interference is usually recognisable as some means of preventing our good intention from being followed through. For example, being persuaded to put off until later, to give time to self, to join in some gaity. Distraction during prayer tempting us to give up for the moment is also a temptation from the Wicked One.
        For some, elevated to the higher levels the attack is less disguised, more direct and can even be physically felt leading upto and during prayer.

        My simple advice, when prayer is dry and heavy give thanks for this may be a blessing, when much distraction leads you away from or to abondon your prayer, pray vocally and invoke the assistance of your Guardian Angel and persevere until your intentions are complete. Finally the more you pray, be assured the more will you be attacked but be assured also you are being attacked more rigourously because your prayer is become more effective and acceptable to God.
        You are never alone, I know your Guardian Angels always wrap you in their wings to protect you when you pray, so pray often.

        God bless

    • Hi aviso.
      it was said the miracle is not on a feast day of our lady or our lord? do you know if this is a false rumour or is it true? thanks pat.

      • Hi Pat, I can’t speak for Aviso, but for my part I honestly don’t know. My preference is to rely only on source material and that whereby the Seer’s words are verified by known and trusted parties or I hear first hand in televised documentaries or radio interviews. These statements you refer to I’ve no recollection of them being from such sources, but happy to be shown otherwise. In the end it doesn’t really matter. It will happen in our lifetime and will certainly be over and done with in the next fifty years, thereafter Garabandal will be a matter of fulfilled history, Church approval and the perminent sign.

        God bless

        • Hello, this may not happen at all. God can at anytime change things. Look at Jonah, his prohecy was delayed by hundreds of years because people changed prior to anything happen. God can change things at his will. Do not wait for this to happen but be as loving and the best version of yourself you can be. Our time can come at any time. Visit the blessed sacrament, receive the sacraments you can and pray for the world.

          • Good advice ‘Anonymous.’ if all this tribulation leading to a Heavenly intervention could be delayed or wholly mitigated by a consequent change in morality and end to depravity in and without the Church then we would have reason to rejoice. If you are following current affairs from Catholic news outlets, world news, reading the mystics and Apparitions of Our Lady, not least Our Lady of Good Success (a reminder tweeted today), one would have to be optimistic in the extreme not to conclude all is now upon us and will not be rectified until these events good and bad have reached their decisive and formidable hour.

            Pray, remain steadfast, offer tears of supplication and all sufferings, the least to the most painful, as offerings of attonememt for the sins of the clergy, the lukewarm, the apostates etc.

            God bless

  15. hi aviso
    Did you get any new information about the date of the warning on your recent trip to garabandal? do you still think it is not this year? thanks

    • I hope and pray it’s 2020. I went to Garabandal in April 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 believing or hoping each year would be the year of the great miracle. Please God and God willing the miracle is this year for sake of all our souls. I pray for the reconciliation of all of humanity to our God through his son and his mother. The world and I so disparately needs God

      • Hi Pat, I was in Garabandal mainly for the new movie, as usual we had also some talks between us in the village about prophecies, none of us expect a Warning this year 2019 but we agreed that the next Synod of October might be related to the Garabandal Prophecies, thank you.

        • ok aviso thanks for replying but someone posted here on your blog a few months ago that the warning was 2019 and that they got it from a good source in garabandal who got it from someone who knew mari loli before she died so unless she had the wrong year, it must be this year, do you know anything about this?

          • Hi Anonymous…
            Unfortunately, the late Mari Loli (and thus whomever got info from her) is not the best source about Garabandal: by Divine Will she forgot everything about her past mystical experiences:
            Against this background, we certainly cannot blame Aviso if, in good faith, he gave us a hint that might prove wrong in the end…
            Moreover, Aviso could still be right in the end: the Warning and the Miracle could be 7 day apart only and could both happen in April 2020…
            Let’s pray. God bless…

              • Hi Pat, probably she did: her daughter seems to suggest that (but it is her guess anyway)…
                In any case Mari Loli has certainly recovered his memory as soon she entered the Glory of God, after a life of physical sufferings offered for the sanctification of priests.
                The point is that we should NOT rely on what Mari Loli might have, supposedly, revealed to a third person about dates as apparently she forgot everything related to the apparitions relatively soon after they ended (when all the seers were quite committed to secrecy also towards their relatives and reluctant to provide precise details) until her very birth to Heaven (20 April 2009).
                God bless. Let’s pray.

                • Hi Anonymous, who said to you that we should not rely to Mari Loli ?

                  PS : By the way everyone knows here that I am very close to loli’s family for years de facto I do not confirm this kind of gossip, rumors or call it as you want, thank you.

                  • Dear Alban,
                    In the link I already posted (here again: ) is Mari Loli’s daughter herself who admit that her mother lost completely memory of the apparitions to the point of being surprise of some important detail.
                    In this sense, and very respectfully, I wonder how Mari Loli could have given voluntarily any reliable indication on the date of the Miracle.
                    God bless, Let’s pray.

                    • OK Anonymous, first you call me with my Name, thank you, may I ask yours ? then nothing with your link confirm whatever you said here, Maria Saraco do not represent Loli’s Family or Loli’s herself, there is no date about this supposed interview from Loli’s daughter, which is not good then according to Loli’s family, still living in the village and not in hollywood, none of them did confirmed to me anything about what you are saying or promoting online, de facto I will not allow anyone else smearing Loli’s Memory, also I can confirm myself and according to my own source in the village, that Loli was aware of everything about the Apparitions of the Lady of the Mount Carmel in Garabandal, the Warning year included, I am myself aware of unknown details given by Loli to some and with me for years like for example about Communism and Papacy…etc…., thank you.

                  • By the way my Friends, be aware of what we call between us, the false friends of our Lady of the Mount Carmel, they are known online mainly for their gossip, rumor and bullshit based mainly on few bad garabandal books, most of them have no link with the village and are known as great supporters of Francis as well, thank you.

    • ok aviso thanks for replying, but someone posted here on your blog a few months ago that the warning was 2019 and that they got it from a good source in garabandal who got it from someone who knew mari loli before she died so unless she had the wrong year, it must be this year, do you know anything about this? was it the same source that told you in 2015 that the warning was before 2020?

    • Hi aviso,
      If you know mari lolis family so well can you confirm 100% that the warning is not this year 2019 or is it just your own opinion that it is not this year?

  16. My Friends, just back from Garabandal where I had a great Time with the Garabandal’s movie team, let me thank them again for their welcome, interview and shooting, for the Glory of the Lady of the Carmel, I am honored for being a part of their new documentary which is on the way, a special thank to Brother Brian, thank you again.

    • Great news, Alban. I hope we will be able to see the documentary soon and that you are doing better.
      God bless. I am praying for your surgery/recovery.

    • hi aviso
      Did you get any new information about the date of the warning on your recent trip to garabandal? do you still think it is not this year? thanks

  17. My Friends, let me add few words about Garabandal in general, we have here and to my knowledge the best Garabandalist with us to date, I do not want to sound Pretentions but with our Moderators Peter from UK and Juan from Spain, 2 Great Garabandalist, let me add also our good Friend Michael from the Garabandal Center as my different contacts in the village of Garabandal, in other words you have here what you need to know about Garabandal, for your information I am myself in touch with close Friends of the 4 seers, for any doubt some of them are able to question the seers directly if necessary which we have already done in the past, the latest news about the Seers are here as well, thank to them, I cannot forget my close Friend Bastiano, son of Mrs Bocabeille who was closed to the Garabandal Pioner Father Laffineur, Bastiano has also with him a copy of the archives sent to Rome in the 70s and given to his Mother via Father’s Laffineur friends, some rare and unique documents are also online (protected by a copyright, thanks God) as for example Padre Pio’s original letter via Juan, the original Garabandal messages written by the 4 Girls via Michael, latest news from Conchita via Bastiano, My Contact with Albrech Weber the Great Garabandalist…etc…we are able also to consult the archives if necessary or for any doubt at any time, good friends of Albrech are in touch with me as well…etc…as others who prefer anonymity from all around the world, even if some of them do not share always some of my opinions especially about the current Pontificate, when we are at the service of the Lady of the Carmel, we are always back together and forming a unique and Great Garabandal team, please be sure of it, also I received many messages in Private about your wish for having a Q/R about Garabandal Prophecies and Rumors which you can read online or from bad books, in the past I already debunked many of them, de facto and whenever I have a bit more time, I will open a special thread about it at with replies from our best Garabandalist, stay with us and for the Glory of The Lady of Garabandal, do not hesitate to make known this blog around you , thank you.

      • Right John, your Blog is now online as well, by the way one of the oldest one and from a great Devote of Garabandal, between us John, I enjoyed more your blog when you were focusing on our Lady of the Carmel but this is my opinion only, thank you.

        PS : My Friends, Let me use this comment to remind you also that Garabandal News years ago was behind that famous detail about a Synod before the Warning, this was reminded to me in private by those from the village who helps me that time to get the famous video online and now everywhere from Mother Nieves Maria confirming this important detail, I can also add the wonderfull website of Maria from, a must for anyone interested by Garabandal, writtings from our good Friend Gabriel Garnica, I personnaly enjoyed his last review about the Garabandal Movie and many others which I will never forget as well, in other words a Great Garabandal Team.

  18. It is important to note that the authentic original version of the Final Message of June 18, 1965 contained the words,
    “Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist.”

    These lines clearly indicate problems inside the Church; more specifically problems with churchmen and the faith.
    Father Malachi Martin who read the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960 said,
    “The Messages of Garabandal are a repetition of the Third Secret of Fatima in brief form.”

    The following quotes regarding the Third Secret of Fatima demonstrate the reason why Father Malachi Martin made that definitive statement.

    “I cannot reveal anything about what I have learned at Fatima about the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: the one concerns the Pope. The other, logically – although I should say nothing – should be the continuation of the words: ‘In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.’” – Father Joseph Schweigl 1952 (Pope Pius XII sent Father Joseph Schweigl to speak with Sr. Lucy); Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, The Whole Truth About Fatima: The Third Secret, Vol. III, Page 710

    “It is therefore completely probable that the text makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves [and the] internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence of the upper hierarchy …
    “In the period preceding the great triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, terrible things are to happen. These form the content of the third part of the Secret. What are they? If ‘in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved,’ … it can be clearly deduced from this that in other parts of the Church these dogmas are going to become obscure or even lost altogether. …
    “Does the unpublished text speak of concrete circumstances? It is very possible that it speaks not only of a real crisis of the faith in the Church during this in-between period, but like the secret of La Salette, for example, there are more concrete references to the internal struggles of Catholics or to the fall of priests and religious. Perhaps it even refers to the failures of the upper hierarchy of the Church. For that matter, none of this is foreign to other communications Sister Lucy has had on this subject.” – Father Joaquin Alonso (Official Archivist at Fatima); La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima 1976

    “The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. Apostasy, the loss of the faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the Church.” – Pope Paul VI, October 13, 1977 in a formal address marking the 60th Anniversary of the sixth and final apparition – the Miracle of the Sun as quoted in the Milan-based daily Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Page 7 of its issue dated October 14, 1977

    “The Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs, nor nuclear warheads, nor Pershing missiles, nor SS-20’s. Its content concerns only our faith. To identify the Secret with catastrophic announcements or with a nuclear holocaust is to deform the meaning of the message. The loss of faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true that faith is continually diminishing in Europe.” – Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral, Bishop of Fatima, September 10, 1984; published in the February 1985 issue of Mensagem de Fatima

    “The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against the apostasy in the Church.” “I would not be surprised if the Third Secret alluded to dark times for the Church: grave confusions and troubling apostasies within Catholicism itself…If we consider the grave crisis we have lived through since the Council, the signs that this prophecy has been fulfilled do not seem to be lacking…” – Silvio Cardinal Oddi, to Italian journalist Lucio Brunelli in the journal Il Sabato, Rome, March 17, 1990

    “I believe that [third] part of the secret concerns the Church from within, perhaps doctrinal difficulties, a crisis of unity, rebellion. The last sentence my aunt wrote, which precedes the part that is still unknown, says, In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved. Therefore, people elsewhere in the Church might waver on dogma. But this is just speculation.” – Father Jose dos Santos Valinho (nephew of Sr. Lucy) in 2000; Reportage su Fatima by Renzo and Roberto Allegri [Milan 2000]

    “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top.” – Luigi Cardinal Ciappi (Personal Theologian to four Popes up to and including Pope John Paul II) taken from a personal letter to a Professor Baumgartner of Salzburg, Austria; Father Gerard Mura, “The Third Secret of Fatima: Has It Been Completely Revealed?”, the periodical Catholic, (published by the Transalpine Redemptorists, Orkney Isles, Scotland, Great Britain) March 2002

    “I believe that there is a connection between that which is announced in the first part of the Secret, which concerns wars and sufferings which would be everywhere, and the second part which concerns the persecutions and a type of breakdown of the faith. Because where the ellipsis (the three dots, “…”) was placed, it means “Here is the third part, which is not revealed” and then the conclusion “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.” This suggests to me that there is a relationship between faith and the third part of the Secret. Therefore, it is something that relates to the Church. It is some kind of universal crisis which affects the whole Church and all of humanity.” – Father Jose dos Santos Valinho (nephew of Sr. Lucy); This public statement was made on the 14th of February, 2003 broadcast on the program ENIGMA, which was transmitted prime time, nationwide on RAI, the National TV Network of Italy, The Fatima Crusade, Issue 74, Page 76

    • Reading the above quotes and why JXXIII did not reveal the third secret, it is quite clear that the popes would become quite involved in the faith disappearing in most of the world. Their participation by implementing the doctrines of Vatican II from 1958 until now makes this quite clear. JXXIII, PVI, JPII, BXVI, Francis are all implicated in the destruction of the faith. Francis or the one who comes after will complete that destruction. Then comes the AC.
      A highly organized minority at the top conquered the disorganized majority.

      • Probably Daniel even if I would add, to me, we cannot compare Popes John and Paul with Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI regarding Fatima, Pope John Paul II probably tried his best and Pope Benedict as well but finally resigned, Pope John XXIII did not revealed the Fatima 3rd Secret in 1960 as he was in charged and called for the new Council Vatican II, Pope Paul VI finally changed the Mass after the Council and so on, in both cases, those are Prophecies from our Lady herself within the Fatima 3rd Secret.

        • Aviso, First of all, I wish you are well physically and spiritually, may the blessed Virgin keep you.
          In this regard, it is also true that Paul VI was the only one who received the seers, blessed them and had the best words towards Garabandal, and that does not put him, in the least, in a better historical position, according to my point of view, of course. So, to me, the point Daniel makes is strong enough.

          • Thank you Miguel for your wishes, by the way let me ask our readers for their Prayers, my last test are not so good, nothing to worry but my Surgery will be done on August 22 so almost a month before the first date, de facto I will need prayers from all of you, thank you again.

            For the rest Miguel, I share also your opinion.

  19. News on the new movie on Garabandal, Solo Dios lo Sabe. I couldn’t find anything on the public reaction to the movie, by using a normally good source for Garabandal news, the Santander daily, el Diario Montañés. I think the information that one of the movie’s main promoters sent is worthwhile, and offer it to you through,
    . After I went to the trouble to translate some of it I saw that you can click “Translate” and it all comes out in English. This will soon be old news so I won’t delete the duplication. Sorry and good luck.

  20. Thanks Aviso for sharing. They are an important and valuable resource and be of much interest to followers of your blog.
    As I recall, Conchita’s handwritten notes were reproduced in Fr Pelletiers book on Garabandal.
    Fr Ramon’s notes I’d not seen before. The mere fact he had put pen to paper underpins the significance he gave to the events.
    The importance of the Holy Virgins Messages right now should not be underestimated. It was St John Paul II who in his letter to Albrecht Weber emphasized the need for them to reach the hearts of the faithful before its too late.

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