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01 December 2015

Reminder, this Article represents my opinion only, as we know the more important are the Garabandal Messages indicated on the home page of this Blog, thank you.

It looks that my article about the Garabandal Warning Year as the Year 2018 had some succes, the article has been read by many visitors from around the world as I had anticipated, a record of visits for this new blog but why as expected ? because when it’s about Garabandal and especially after all these years, even if most are now aware that the Garabandal messages are much more important than the Prophecies, many today starts to find the time long and doubts are here for many especially since the Death of Joey Lomangino in 2014, who had to recover his eyesight on the day of the Great Miracle, as we know this was a fact for years according to Conchita, one of the main Garabandal seers as below :

Dear Joey: Today at the pines in a locution the Blessed Virgin told me to tell you, you will receive new eyes on the day of the Great Miracle. . .

Conchita has further explained that her understanding of the Virgin’s term “new eyes” is eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision and that Joey’s new eyes “are to be used for the Glory of God”. (Garabandal special issue 1996, Page 1)

But If we read carefully, we can also note 2 important details :

1. It is Conchita understanding of the Virgin’s term only

2. Eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision but if you say something is not necessarily the case, you mean that it may not be the case or is not always the case as well.

The death of Joey Lomangino before the Great Miracle day simply confirms that her understanding of the Virgin’s words was wrong and this was not the first time, it was also the case with Padre Pio, who was supposed to see the Great Miracle as well, as we know Padre Pio saw it but this did not mean that Saint Pio should see it the D Day, Conchita herself was also surprised and had doubts when in 1968 Saint Pio died, ” How could the Blessed Virgin have told me that he would see the Miracle and now he was dead? “as we know, Conchita’s concerns were put to rest one month later in October 1968, when she went to Lourdes with her mother and the French Priest (known on this blog) Father Alfred Combe but her surprise when she had learned the death of Padre Pio so de facto her doubts, proves that time already she had also misinterpreted our Lady’s words but the Lady of Carmel is never far away to enlighten us, indeed a close friend of Padre Pio, Father Cennamo, told to Conchita in Lourdes that Saint Pio saw the Great Miracle before he died as he had told him so himself, so it is also the case with the death of Joey Lomangino on June 18 2014, the same day of the second Garabandal message (18 June 1965) and this cannot be a coincidence but surely a message of hope to all of us from Heaven, who surely knew that this death could have demoralized even the most faithful of Garabandal so his Death on June 18 (symbolic and important date for any Garabandalist) allowed also many to keep the faith still today, thanks God.

Let me add and for your information, this death of Joey before the Great Miracle day was known as possible in the village since years, for some more than 20 years when I learned it myself in 2011, the explanation given to me was already a possible misinterpretation of the main seer, the fact that none of the 3 other seers (Garabandal had 4 seers, too often forgotten) had never spoke about this Prophecy has been also recalled to me but I was myself still very surprised.

So few months after the death of Joey Lomangino, I asked one friend who knows Conchita quite well to ask her what she thought about this death, not any specific reply or explanation from the main seer according to my friend, she just remind him about the announcement of the Miracle that she never said that she would call Joey only but anyone else in the world as well that she feels can help to spread the word rapidly. This year 2015, I ask him to call her back and to ask her about Albrecht Weber as about Pope Francis, the main seer who is obedient to the Church as the other Garabandal seers and from the beginning, will not hesitate to deny or confirm a question when prompted by a close friend, so below her answer exclusively for this blog because as you know Aviso has no contact in Garabandal, as not contact with any seers and so on :

1. About Pope Francis, we can give our opinion about the Pope but Salvation is in his hands

2. She confirms the interview with Albrecht in 1965 but not the 4 Popes, she reconfirm that she said 3 Popes only, she did not denied the Weber’s possibility of 4 Popes but rather as the questions were in German and translated to her in Spanish, she may not have understood all the questions, this could explain some misunderstanding thereafter.

But let’s stay a little more on my relationship with Garabandal, please let me remind you once and for all, at least I hope so, what I own myself to this village :

1. My own Conversion to the Catholicism in 2007 so my Baptism 3 years later after a long preparation

2. My weeding in the village in 2013, between us it’s quite difficult if not very difficult for any foreigner to get married in Garabandal without any good contact and relation in the village, in my case this has been possible precisely because of my relations with some in the village and I thank them again, it’s not a lack of humility from me but a fact.

3. From this weeding, a new baby is born 1 year later, to thank our Lady for this new gift, my second one, we decided to bring it back to her, so this gift from God will be baptized in Garabandal as well, done last summer with the Great honor to have with us during the Baptism our close Family but also Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and one of the main eyewitness of the Garabandal Apparitions, Jacinta one of the Garabandal seers, of course Amalia (one of Loli’s sister) with her husband (one of Conchita’s cousin), the God Father and his wife, my good friend Bastiano, son of one of the more important french eyewitness of the Apparitions, who was close also to the 4 seers, as to Father Laffineur, the famous Garabandal Pioneer as she had also the Great Honor to be the 1st non Spanish to be burried in the village, the second one is Albrecht Weber recently and so on. It’s also quite difficult to organize a Baptism in the village without the help of the villagers as without the help and agreement of the Priest of Garabandal. In my humble opinion, this would have never been possible without my good relations in the village as without our Lady’s help of course, it is for us a blessing and not a proud, those are my relationship with Garabandal, as I said a blessing, I know the village as the history by heart and I could give much more unknown stories but this will be for next time and you might be surprised, as I said a huge responsability for me but also a Blessing.

Let me remind you also some of my works about Garabandal, published online on my first blog as elsewhere:

I debunked the Paralytic Boy Rumor used against our Lady of Mount Carmel for years

I debunked the walking back of the seers in Garabandal with explanation used also against us

I denounced the so call and false seer Maria Divine Mercy as a group of different people from Ireland

I proved with facts, the link between Pope Benedict and Garabandal

I Confimed that the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr is not Spanish but Saint Tarcisius

I confirmed that the Month of the Great Miracle is April

I debunked the Year 2017

I said that Joey Lomangino was not Garabandal as aware since years of his possible death before the GM

I developped the words from Pope Benedict in Fatima in 2010 as “may the 7 years…..etc…”

I showed the link between Malachi Martin as Father Gruner (the Fatima World Champions) with Garabandal

I said that we are going to see our Lady during the Great Miracle

After Maria Saracco for whom I have a great Respect, I have been the first to develop the Warning year as an even year

I had the honor to interview the current Priest of Garabandal, Father Rolando

I was in contact with a close friend of Albretch Weber

I have confirmed the Prophecy of the Popes as 4 Popes and not 3

I developed the link between Fatima, Garabandal and Akita

I indicated an important Synod before the Warning

I said that the Great Miracle is linked to the Woman Clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse

I said that Pope Benedict might resign

I confirmed several times that the Garabandal events could not take place during the Holy Week with facts

I debunked the Rumor that the Pope will go to Russia and on his return the tribulations will start, this Rumor is not in Albrecht Book

I said years ago that the Pope will travel to Russia trying to avoid a 3rd world war

I said that Malachi Martin talked about Ukraine and that the salvation will start from east

I have been one of the first online to be cautious about Pope Francis and this in 2013, knowing that this will be very unpopular for me

I confirmed recently that Sister Lucia herself advised Father Combe to visit Conchita in New York

I recalled that Malachi Martin said several times that the Garabandal messages were a brief form of the Fatima 3rd secret

I debunked many other different rumors as a Great Miracle on TV and so on

Garabandal Pines protected by wooden fence

I am today the first to talk online about the Year 2018 and Garabandal, at the beginning as a warning before this Year and recently getting new details as the Year of the Warning in my opinion

Of course all was not perfect, I made some mistakes of appreciations as the Garabandal Puzzle is very difficult and many details are contradictory but I tried to bring back Garabandal online with the latest news from the village and also to its real Place, in agreement with the Traditional Teaching of the Church.

More than 100 articles about Garabandal have been written, many are still online and since my back after having been obliged to close my last blog, you are already thousands each day to follow me as well via this new blog and let me thank you again for your confidence.

Back now to the Year 2018, why in my opinion, this could be finally the Year that many are waiting for :

1. I can confirm with a strong probability that the Month of the Great miracle is APRIL, Maria Saracco has been the first to talk about it online but I can myself confirm it as few years ago I met in Garabandal, the French sister of a very close friend to Conchita, the family is known in the village since years, I had a conversation at Amalia’s posada with her for more than 2 hours, she said to me among other details, according to her sister that the Great Miracle will be on April, she even add that it could be April 13, this was in 2012 and explains why I thought myself about April 13 2017, long before that date became today fashionable around the net.

2. But latter I found out that the Great Miracle cannot be during the Holy week as on Holy Thursday, this is known since years for some in the village as for some in contact with me so I ruled out April 13 2017 especially when I learned from Father François Turner that the Eurcharist Martyr is not a Spaniard, indicated on my last blog then this important detail became a fact around the net, so de facto I ruled out St Hermenegild as the Possible Eucharist Martyr of the Great Miracle as well, Saint Hermenegild was not so young when he died, he was Spanish and married as well, the Eucharist Martyr is a young Boy and has been described by the main seer herself as below :

«The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms » (Garabandal Sept 1963)

So a young Boy, this description match completly Saint Tarcisius even if Conchita never confirmed his name and can only come from our Lady as it was impossible in 1963 for any Garabandal seers who had difficulty reading and writting to invent themselves this description, impossible simple as that.

3. But having the Eucharist Martyr name did not help my own research at all as the Church does not know the exact day of St Tarcisius death as confirmed again by Pope Benedict few years ago (

In 2014, one of my reader talk to me for the first time to my knowledge of a possible and important Synod before the Warning (another fact copied and known now around the net today) with a confirmation from Madre Nieves in a video sent to me, I directly linked this Synod with the Synod called by Pope Francis for october 2014 and confirmed online that the Great Miracle could be on April 09 2015, a mistake from me as later I learned that this Synod will be in 2 parts, one in 2014 and the other one in 2015, de facto this important detail eliminate my date which I explains online as well and before April 2015.

4. Shortly after, another reader contacted me privately and confirms to me that Loli said many years ago to a Priest that the Warning will take place during an even year, I was aware of this rumor but I never works on it, so I spent few months to get more details and concluded that it was really the case but waited for my planned trip to Garabandal last summer for the Baptism to double check this important detail in the village, as below :

I asked Amalia, Loli’s sister if she can reconfirm to me that Loli knew the Warning year, she said YES and if this Year could be an even Year, She said I cannot confirm as I cannot deny because I don’t know the Year of the Warning. Amalia thinks that the Warning as the Great Miracle might be close to each other, she did not said to me directly but indirectly only.

5. The puzzle starting to be clearer, having the possible month (April), the Day (Thursday between the 8th to the 16th), the Time (08.30 Pm), not in 2017, after an important Synod, during an even year and surely a Warning and a Great Miracle close to each other, so de facto probably the same year, it only remained to me 2 possible years 2016 and 2018.

6. I learned years ago from a french expert in Eschatology, in my opinion one the greatest in this world, that God used often the numbers to reveal to the Mankind some important messages or events, there are full in the Holy Bible but can be interpreded by some experts only, for example we know that in Fatima our Lady appeared every 13th of the month and in Garabandal she gave the 2 messages on 18th of June and October, so we know that the number 13 is Fatima as the number 18 is Garabandal, we saw it again with the Death of Joey Lomangino on June 18th, as we saw it with the Resignation of Pope Benedict in 2013 and the election of Pope Francis on March 13 2013, this is Fatima, Akita was also in 1973 and the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times so surely for a reason, the attack against Pope John Paul II was on May 13 as well and so on, all these numbers from Heaven have a meaning, it’s a certainty but can only be interpreted by some.

So if the number 18 is Garabandal, I said recently to myself let me check which possible dates between the 08th and the 16th of April may give the number 18 and this until 2020, strangely I got 4 possible years as below (the year 2020 does not match) :

14.04.2016 = 18
13.04.2017 = 18
12.04.2018 = 18
11.04.2019 = 18

Which explains why I think that the Great Miracle should be one of this date as indicated online.

7. But today as indicated above, I know also that the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably the same year and during an even year, so I ruled out the Years 2017 as 2019 and works on the Years 2016 and 2018 only.

So Let’s start with the Year 2016, this year match quite well and arrives just after the 2 controversial Synod but we know also that the Warning will take place when the situation will be as its worst, which is today not yet the case, 2016 is also a year of election in the USA, in November 2016 exactly, an important detail, I don’t see Obama for his last year as President, Nobel Peace Prize, lauching a major war against Russia or China, The first Black American President will probably not wish to leave his post with a world in war, we saw it with Cuba and Iran (diplomatic rapprochement with 2 historic allies of Russia) as in Syria where he leaves Putin with little resistance, in my opinion too late and unpopular for Obama to take this risk, history is important for our main leaders as for their pictures, which may not be the case with the futur US President as Putin probably understood as well, this could explain why the Russian President decided few weeks ago only to finally moove in Syria by bombing daech… for our Church, the last Synods were surely important but for many observers, the real battle, the final Battle begins now, the 2 camps are now clear and will fight untill the Schism indicated in Garabandal as well, so the Year 2016 was possible but probably not yet the Warning Year because too close.

8. The Year 2018

This year match very well, it’s also an even year and a year 18 as Garabandal, 2018 is also an election year in Russia, this is in my opinion a very important detail and Putin is already the favorite, enjoying currently a popularity close to 80% in his Country, so we may have a Putin for 6 more years (2018 – 2024) and this is unthinkable for his enemies mainly the Nato’s Countries led by the USA having probably other plans, so surely all will be put in place that this possible nightmare for some does not happen in no way, we already saw it with Ukraine, all will be put in place to destabilize Russia in order to avoid at all costs a new election of Putin and this will probably start during the first year of the new US President mandate, so probably in 2017 as any major wars starts mostly at the beginning of a new mandate (the 1st or the second year) as any US presidents having 4 years only as the 4th year being mostly a year of election compaign, this explains why this last year is rarely a year of important decision.

2018 is also 101 years after 1917 (Fatima), we know that Fatima, Garabandal and Akita are connected, I talk about it many times on this blog, the 3 Marian Apparitions are what we call eschatological Apparitions in direct connection with the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, from Pope Leo’s Vision of satan 100 years of increased Power, we know that satan had 100 years (and not more) trying to destroy the church, what we don’t know for sure is when this power given to him started, some think from 1884 (the Year of Pope Leo’s Vision), other from 1914 (the 1st world war) and so on, in my opinion the first year is probably the year 1917 and the last year 2017 as it’s in 1917 that Heaven chose to send to us our Lady in Fatima to warn the World as the Church, 1917 is also the Year of the Russian Revolution, an important detail as our Lady of Fatima asked precisely the Consecration to her immaculate heart of this Country only if not the errors of Russia will spread the world and this was the case as none of the Pope since 1929 had never consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady in Fatima, a great mistake for all of us and unfortunately this will be paid in blood as confirmed by Padre Pio himself when he said that they will beleive in Garabandal but too late.

So 2018 is also 101 years after Fatima, I said to myself, this number 101 reminds me Akita where the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times between 1975 and 1981 but my question was why the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times, after some research, I am quite sure today that this number of tears from the Mother of God was telling us the number of Years of Mercy we may had before the Judgment of God, 101 cries as 101 years of mercy before the Warning from God.

But what is the Garabandal Warning, let me give 2 exclusive testimonials of 2 important eyeswitness of the Apparitions, Amalia, loli’s sister and Maximina, Conchita’s aunt, both are considered in the Village as the main eyeswitness, for example Amalia introduced me to Jacinta and took care of my weeding, Maximina was also next to me for the weeding as for the Baptism and so on, a single word from these 2 great ladies and your problem in the village is fixed within the hour :

Amalia : “As my sister described it to me, it will be terrible for mankind”

Maximina : “For me, it will be like the end of the world”

I will not give more details but I let you imagine what could be the chastisement, many confirmed to me that the situation in the Church will be very bad as well. So the Devil had 100 years to destroy the Church (1917-2017) and not more, the 1st year after these 100 years, in 2018 God will probably send a terrible Warning to the mankind, a last call before the Chastisement who will be worse than the deluge as indicated in Akita, which could explain why our Lady cried there 101 times as well, each crying of our Mother is probably a Year of Mercy which she surely got from his Son, our Lord, before his judgment.

We also all remember these words in Fatima in 2010 from Pope Benedict :
« May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity »

I developed these words from the Pope Emeritus on my last blog, thinking about a deadline given to us between the lines by the Pope himself as he is surely aware more than anyone else of the good timing, having been prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith for years and Pope for 8 years, I said to myself if he knows the timing why he had to resign in 2013, he could wait a few more years, today in 2015, he is still alive and his health is still good despite his age, did this deadline means rather the number of years that remain to us before God’s Justice, in other words before the Warning, today I think so.

As he said MAY and not WILL hasten the fulfilment of the Prophecy of Fatima, May the 7 years is a wish like a Prayer but not a certainty, 7 years to finally listen our Lady of Fatima and not more then it might be too late for the Mankind as for the Church.
That’s why today among other, the Year 2018 is in my opinion probably the Year of the Warning, having finished my own research based on facts as on my experience in the village (and not from books) for years, I thought let me share it with my readers, not like a pride (as the Breaking News might seeming) but as a Joy only, giving to all of you my final own opinion online, will allow you maybe to keep the faith about Garabandal because by then the Situation should be as its worst, in the World as in the Church, some could not longer beleive and could lose any hope, so this is my gift for all of you, from one of the Sons of the Lady of Carmel, converted himself in her village years ago, a poor sinner surely but saved and thanks to her again

Let me finish with few words about Pope Francis, my opinion is known but let me reassure you, the Pope is loved in the Village, from Amalia to Father Rolando the current Priest, most love him, so my opinion is not shared at all there and many reminded me to be very cautious if I speak of the Holy Father but this does not prevented me to keep my very good relations, we saw it with Albrecht Weber as well, who had the same opinion as me if not even worse but Albretch had also the honor to be the second non Spanish to be buried in the village and be sure that’s a very great Honor.

To conclude, attached a picture of the Cross kissed by our Lady of Mount Carmel and given to Amalia by Loli, this Cross is venereted in all the village, piligrims from around the World come to kiss it as well, few are still available, I had the honor to keep it in my bedroom during 2 weeks for the Baptism, a gift from Amalia to me, so to thank her again, don’t hesitate to visit her from me whenever you will be in Garabandal, talk to her about this Cross from me as well and you might also have the honor, you too, to kiss our Lady, thank you.



20 July 2017

My Comment : One of my must read article, read by thousands around the world, so today almost 2 years later and to reply to your questions, should I add anything else, No Nothing else to add, thank you.

31 October 2017

My Comment : My Good Friends, currently in Portugal since 2 months, please apologies if I was unable to reply, many messages also in my mail box about this article and if had any update or news to add, Nothing to add for the moment, the Garabandal events are probably very close, this is my opinion, de facto those are the futur events I am following closely :

  1. The Formal Act of Correction (related to the Dubia) especially the date of the Formal Act (probably before April 2018 or on April 12 2018 at the latest)
  2. Pope Benedict XVI health, this is very important
  3. The next Synod planned for October 2018, in my opinion probably too late but possible (for your information, this will be the 18th Synod since the first one of Pope Paul VI, important detail)
  4. A possible Schism probably due to the Formal Act of Correction, this is a VERY IMPORTANT detail, if it’s the case I will follow Pope Benedict as a valid Pope only, if Benedict dies during the Pontificate of Francis then I will be obliged to accept Pope Francis as a valid Pope, in any case I call all of you to stay within the Catholic Church
  5. Any trip of the Pope to Russia (probably an unplanned trip, in emergency)
  6. Geopolitics (Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Iran….ect…)
  7. The Next Russian Election (March 2018)
  8. I reconfirm my opinion that one of the Garabandal Great Miracle dates given in this Article is probably the good one, we still have April 12 2018 as April 11 2019
  9. I chose myself April 12 2018 as related to our Lady of the Revelation, read more here :
  10. For the good News, We won’t reach the Year 2020 without living the Garabandal events, please keep this information from me and be sure that I am very confident.


PS : Please Donate and help Garabandal News to stay online untill the Warning, Please Pray for me as well, thank you.


25 December 2017

My Comment : My Good Friends, Back in France for Christmas, I was in Garabandal last week for 2 Days only, I stayed with the Major of Garabandal and Brother of Jacinta, I want to thank him again for his welcome, we had a good talk together about different topics, I met also the Priest who married me, he came to greet me before the Mass and I was chose to read a passage of the Bible but I refused because of my Spanish, I met also Maximina, Conchita’s aunt and with me on my avatar, she hugged me strongly and was pleased to see me back, I cannot forget my meeting with Michael from the Garabandal Center, a Great faithful of the Lady of the Carmel, we had also some talks about different topics, as I said to him, the Lady of the Carmel is in good hands with him as the head of the Center, I then met some others persons but will not talk about them online, I was also suprised to know that many within the village are reading Garabandal News and some daily, I thank them again for their confidence.

I chose this article as read by thousands of you around the world to talk about my last stay in Garabandal for a good reason, this will allow me to update it again and answer to 30 of your questions (not answered yet online as some questions are amazing) I received in my mail box (to date) as below :

  1. Shoud I change anything about the possible timing of the Garabandal events indicated in this article ? No
  2. Do I know the Garabandal dates ? no
  3. Are we close ? In my opinion YES
  4. What about the Year 2018 ? Probably one of the main Year related to Garabandal but again this is my opinion only 
  5. Am I aware of some important détails related to Garabandal and unknown to many ? Some are aware of these détails and myself included
  6. Did Loli really said that the Warning will be during an even Year ? NO and I was able to find the source of this false Rumor during my last stay, de facto in no way Loli has said anything to some Priests about an even or odd year so both are possibles
  7. Am I known in Garabandal ? Unfortunately, this was not my wish, please be sure of that (this is not false humility) but I am today quite known in Garabandal as my Blog, some are even calling me Aviso and do not use my real name anymore, in other word YES
  8. Did you worked for the Fatima Center ? Not directly
  9. Did you read the text of the Fatima 3rd Secret ? Not directly
  10. Do you know the content of the Fatima 3rd Secret ? in my opinion Probably
  11. Did you worked for some intelligence services ? Merry Christmas
  12. According to you, what is the best source (in English) today about the Garabandal Apparitions ? well after the death of Joey Lomangino, in my opinion only
  13. What do you think of the Fatima Center since the Death of Father Gruner ? Well I am on my guard, in other word I miss the Fatima Priest every day
  14. What about the Divine will movement ? A Heresy from Heretics and to avoid at all costs
  15. What about Saint Faustina ? Not for me, I prefer the real text of the Fatima 3rd Secret
  16. Do you have any sources within the Vatican ? Merry Christmas
  17. What about Medjugorje ? I said it thousand times online so again and I am sorry but to me evil from the beginning, here again to avoid at all costs
  18. Is Pope Francis a real Pope or a false Pope ? Pope Francis is a false Pope from the beginning, a Destroyer and probably close to the end, for your information I was probably one of the first via garabandalnews to confirm it online, my sources are clear, false from the beginning simple as that, the Pope is Benedict and no one else
  19. Are you a Sedevacantist ? At all, Sedevacantism is a Heresy as Protestantism and Modernism
  20. Is Maitreya the antichrist ? At all, Maitreya is a joke, the antichrist is alive and in my opinion within the Catholic Church
  21. Did you knew Malachi Martin ? Not directly
  22. Are you Pro Putin ? Yes as I am Pro Trump, in my opinion both should work together especially in 2018
  23. What about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy ? Not for me, I prefer the Rosary of our Lady only
  24. Are you Traditionalist ? At all, I am Catholic only
  25. What is your favorit website ? 
  26. The New or the Traditional Mass ? To me The Traditional Mass of course
  27. What about the Illumination of Conscience mouvement ? Heresy from Heretics, Nothing to do with the Garabandal Warning, to avoid at all costs
  28. Who are for you the Greatest Garabandalists ? Father Laffineur, Bishop Venancio, Father Gruner, Joey Lomangino and Albrecht Weber
  29. Who is your favorit Pope since the last Council ? Pope John Paul II 
  30. Who are you Aviso ? I am no one, thank you.


Merry Christmas



03 January 2018

My Comment :  I wish you all a Happy New Year 2018, to start this new and very interesting year, 30 more question and answers from my Mail box :

31. which is for you the last real apparition of the Virgin Mary ? Akita

32. Is Akita related to Fatima or to Garabandal ? Akita is related to Garabandal as to Fatima, the message of October 13th, 1973 about the Chastisment worse than the deluge is what the Girls in Garabandal have seen during the so called night of screams, the rest of the message is related to the Fatima 3rd Secret “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confrères…ect…”

33. Can you be wrong about your Garabandal dates ? Possible but I don’t think so, we still have 2018 and 2019, I chose myself as indicated online 2018 but why not 2019, to me this will not be a problem

34. How can you be sure ? Because of the Fatima 3rd Secret

35. What do you mean ? There is a timing in the Secret, in short the events of the Secret are related to a Pontificate with 2 Popes, the Bishop in white and the Holy Father

36. Who is the Bishop in White and the Holy Father ? The Bishop in white is Francis and the Holy Father is Benedict as I already said online

37. Do you know your Catechism ? Thanks God and I owe it mainly to Father Gruner via the Fatima Center

38. Do you know what the Garabandal Great Miracle will be about ? I think so

39. What about 2029 ? Too late, those who believes that we may have 12 more years are probably incompetent in eschatology as about the Fatima 3rd Secret

40. Does the Fatima 3rd Secret talks about the antichrist ? Probably

41. Have you ever received Threats ? Never directly

42. What about the Dubia ? Probably this Year 2018

43. Do you think that Malachi Martin was killed ? Happy New Year

44. Will we live a 3rd World War ? Unfortunately 

45. Who is your favorit Saint ? Saint Pio

46. In few words what is the Fatima 3rd Secret ? From Vatican II to the antichrist

47. Do you know why Pope Benedict Resigned ? Happy New Year

48. How Long Aviso ? to me 1 or 2 Years not more

49. Speculating on dates is not good Aviso ? I know but I take responsability

50. will there be a cross in the sky for the Warning ? Bullshits from false Apparitions

51. Will the Garabandal Great Miracle be televised ? Bullshits from incompetent and if I am wrong then probably on CNN

52. How many times have you been in Garabandal ? I don’t remember exactly but probably between 30 to 40 Times

53. Did Loli knew the Warning Year ? Yes, I checked with her sister and she said Yes as well

54. Have you been in Fatima ? many times and live now next to Fatima

55. Will the Warning be so terrible ? Yes, they said to me in the village when I was trying to get the Year, You should not wait for the Warning but better be ready only

56. Do you have a Spiritual Director ? No, a Confessor only and I chose a Priest from the SSPX for 1 Year now

57. Are you a Member of the SSPX ? Not At all, I am a member of the Catholic Church only

58. You are too Proud Aviso and is this a sign from the devil ? I know and many said it to me, so I treat myself with my Rosary but the work is still long

59. why did you decide to give up your blog last summer and then come back ? Because of my Marriage then because of our Lady of the Carmel

60. Do you personally know Conchita ? No but hopefully one day, thank you.


 25 February 2018

My Comment :  My Good Friends, let me wish to all of you a Holy Lent 2018, in my opinion time also for this article to be back on the Home Page,  today I still do not feel the necessity to update the possible timing given in this article about the Garabandal Prophecies de facto this will be also my reply to the same question I received from many of you in my mail box recently, thank you.



11 June 2018

My Comment :  Any Change Aviso ? this is the Question number 1 sent to me in my mail box since the last update, my reply is : Not yet my Friends, in other word 2 Synods are on the way, in october 2018 as october 2019, let’s wait then I may update this article, thank you.




540 thoughts on “Garabandal why 2018 ? Last Update

  1. Dear Elena,

    I feel for you. Please accept my warm wishes for your loss.

    You should try to not let the scandals of the Church weaken you. This scandal affects directly, as Pete suggested, the Bridegroom (Jesus) for the Bride’s (the Clerical Church) infidelity. Let Jesus take care of it.

    In fact, Jesus wants us to unburden ourselves so that he can deal with it.

    There is a lovely Novena titled “NOVENA OF SURRENDER TO THE WILL OF GOD. It is a 9 day prayer cycle, but I myself continue to pray it every single day. It really does help me cope by leaving it up to Jesus to deal with problems that are out of our control.

    The link to this Novena is here:

    I hope it gives you peace as it has done to me.

    • Thank you all. At the end, I went to Mass yesterday and this gave me peace. The Gospel offered me a real answer…..”Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”. Don Ruotolo’s prayer is beautiful. Thanks again. I would also like to suggest St. Brigid’s prayer for 1 year. Clearly, any prayer offered with faith is powerful.

  2. Dear all,
    good discernment to everybody, expecially Pete…it’s time for my farewell…for the good this time.
    Let me remind my recent quotation from Luke: be careful, or you will be deprived also of what you believe to know…
    I will continue to pray for you…whoever is in good faith will understand…
    God bless

    • It is heartbreaking to read on the blog so many disagreements, and especially over a situation we as laity have no power over other than prayer and the witness of our lives in continuing to live in accordance with the long-term teachings of the Church.
      On a personal note, as I know you are all people of prayer and sacrifice, could I ask you urgently to offer a prayer for a very ugly family situation which has arisen in my family tonight. Satan is attacking families and fermenting discord in many ways, and my family ( who are individually good people) seem to be being attacked tonight. It is very painful to see people who love each other tearing each other apart! Please, if you can, spare a prayer for us. Thank you.

      • Dear Concerned, it will be a privilege to add my prayers to yours for your family throughout today. I hope matters become reconciled and there is a return to peace.

        God bless

      • Thank you, Pete. It is very distressing and I can only plead with God and Our Blessed Mother to work miracles and change hearts. I will likewise include your intentions in my prayers. God be with you.

      • Dear Concerned, I’m currently living what I would define as my “passion”. I will certainly pray for you and your family. It’s so difficult to keep our faith in these moments, I can understand you very well. God bless us all and may our sweet Mother comfort us

      • Dear Anonymous, your prayers for my family are very much appreciated. The world seems to have so much evil at present, and our children have been very poorly catechised and have little to fall back on. I will pray for you in your “passion” also. May our Heavenly Mother wrap her protective mantle around us and draw us to Herself and her Son.

      • Hi Concerned.

        I am currently wheelchair bound due to bad fall from slope. When I am on my two feet again, I will light a candle for you and your family when I got to Church.

        Please note, if “Christians” remained faithful to the Gospels and Jesus Christ and his teachings, then there would be no disagreements. Unfortunately, human nature means that people behave and do things according to their own Will, i.e. human greed for wealth, desire for other people’s husbands and wives, and the quest for personal power.

        We should all learn to surrender to God’s / Jesus Christ’s Will because he knows what our “real needs” are and he will cater for them. God may close one door in our lives but open another one.

        Unfortunately, even those people who identify themselves as Christians (and this includes not only laity but priests, bishops, cardinals and even popes) think that they know better and only give the most basic lip service to God and his son Jesus Christ.

        Jesus Christ in the Gospels and the prophetic Biblical books has warned us of this and he has also said that His Will will be restored in the World. A great Golden Age awaits us in the future where Jesus Christ’s influence will be felt in the World more than ever before in the history of humanity. He has promised us this.

      • Thank you, Pepe, in advance for your candle and prayers. I am praying they can make peace with each other. I will pray for your speedy recovery from your fall. With the Rosary we can do anything.

      • Dear Pete, Pepe and all who prayed for my family recently, Our Lady and St. Joseph are so, so good and so, so powerful! God has given his Grace and relationships have been repaired. I am so thankful to you all. The power of prayer is truly shocking. I am sometimes scared that I might take it and God’s mercy for granted because He just never let’s us down.
        Elena, I will pray for you in your loss. There is a lovely reflection in Coram Sanctissimus where when John the Baptist died his disciples came to Jesus for comfort – His Heart is our best balm.

  3. Sadly there are so many christians arguing what day the warning will be. if Conchita knows why not tell everyone to stop predicting. This helps no-one!!! l have been waiting for the miracle since 1981…and l’ve wondered if it’s worth waiting.
    According to what l remember, it was Loli that knew the date of the warning and she has died since…and Conchita the one of the miracle.
    ln the monthly booklets that l used to receive there was always an update… it says 3 more popes. This could mean that from there on the times are a’changing. l am very sad that the majority of people think it’s A OK to marry if you’re gay…Yet the
    HETRO-SEXUALS don’t bother as they say we don’t need the churches blessing…
    Now in the country of choice ( by my parents) the bill will be passed to make it perfectly ok to abhort up to 22 weeks.
    Therefore, the time of change has already arrived. l’m sad about the present situations all over the world. Maybe we need a warning to shake these polititions up…Anne

    • We all share your pain Anne, these are diabolical times and our inner sufferings for the sake and love of Holy Righteousness, Justice and Truth are a form of hidden martyrdom that is particular to this period of salvation history, this Tribulation. There is yet much that remains to be asked of the faithful before this is over, remain firm.

      God bless

      • Today is the saddest day of my life because of the loss of my best friend. I will miss the Holy Mass because I’m totally unable to face this reality. I invite you all to read this document that should convince the last supporters of this false pope.

        I really hope our Lady can ease my pain and that of many true believers that are suffering because of Satan

      • Dear Elena. When there is no consolation and the soul too hurt to even elevate one’s heart to prayer, there is always those who will be your prayer, will pray on your behalf, for your intentions and in so doing, will be mystically united to you through and in the suffering Body of Christ. In addition to the loss you mention, you also suffer, along with many, the inner martyrdom that results from this time of tribulations. It seems that each day brings new scandals and new pain, but this unveiling is necessary, it is both a Tribulation and a Purging. The Bridegroom is revealing and attending to the wounds of His Bride, drawing out the infection so Her healing will be complete and Her beauty and strength fully restored. Take courage in this Elana and don’t become overwhelmed, for we are God’s participants in this hidden work and we are privileged to be witness to the pre-dawn of a new era.

        I will remember you in my prayers tonight as I am sure will many who pass this way.

        God bless

  4. My dear Peter,

    It’s 3AM where I am now, and I have decided to limit my intervention to this blog to the very minimum.
    Nonetheless, I feel compelled to quicky reply to some of your questions.
    You are demanding if there is evidence that the elction of Bergoglio is illegitimate. The answer is definitively yes: there are plenty of them. I will limit to two (and I will be very brief, sorry if this might cause misunderstandings or result in scarce accuracy):
    1. the ‘election’ of Bergoglio is a direct consequence of the ‘resignment’ of Benedict XVI. A pope can, in fact, resign but two conditions must hold (both!):
    – he has to take his decision in total freedom;
    – he has to fully manifest publicly the renouncment to the office.
    I happen to know that Ratzinger was forced to resign, and I happen to know why. As stated before, I will not enter into details about this, because this would create a huge scandal (I am sure that, should you know the real reasons, you will understand better). By the way, anyone can desume that Ratzinger did not take this decision freely by many known issues: the mediatic ‘scandals’ artifiacially created during the last years of his office, the threat to exclude the Vatican state from the SWIFT payment system if he did not resign, the ice-cold attitude of many cardinals in his presence in the last months of his ‘active duty’, the ‘profecy’ of his demise and their alleged motivation circuated via selected (masonic) mainstream media more than a year before his actual decision by certain cardinals, etc., etc.
    In any case, IT IS EVIDENT, that Ratzinger decided NOT TO MANIFEST PUBLICLY HIS RESIGNATION: he continues to dress in white, lives in the Vatican, has attributed to himself the meaningless title of ‘pope emeritus’, wears a golden papal cross, etc… On the other hand, Bergoglio live ouside the Vatican (S. Marta is accessible from Italy’s mainland), wear an iron cross, refuse many papal symbols and prerogatives…etc., etc…
    The canonic law has his rues and principia, and according to these, the ‘renounciation’ of Ratzinger is VOID and NULL: it never produced juridical effects and thus, never really happened…’Dura lex, sed lex…’ (being graduated, also, in theology, I know what I am saying).
    2. In analogy, the vote that ‘elected’ Bergoglio was void and null as well because it has been canonically made invalid by a formal irregularity during the Conclave proceedings (probably created on purpose, in case the cardinal electors would decide to remove Bergoglio in the future…). I will not enter in the technical details: you might want to find furter info on internet, if interested: I believe that they are still available on the net, even if is not immediate to find them.

    As a results, and I believe that this is ultimately God’s will, Bergoglio could be removed any time from is office…and, expecially, we can positively affirm that HE IS NOT THE POPE, but an impostor, based on objective (merely legal!) arguments.

    Moreover, Bergoglio, is clearly an apostate and heretic (consider, for example, his support for the protestant heresy or his blunt neo-Arian attitude) and, even if he would have been a legitimate pope (which was not!) he would have incurred in an authomatic decadence from the petrine office (as an heretic, he is also excommunicated ‘latae sententiae’, thus he cannot even be consider a cardinal anymore).

    Now I come quickly and briefly to your furtehr question:
    Q: Why Bergoglio is not removed? A: Because nearly all cardinals are aware of the plot (which, in fact, they contribute to create!) and will all be disqualified if it emerges (because it would also emerge that they have willingly participated in a ‘false’ conclave). The Vatican has invented and communicated to the believers, with a 40 years delay, a totally false and invented version of ‘secret’ of Fatima: do you believe that they will have problems in pretending that Bergoglio is a pope, if this allow them to cover their misbehaviours and mantain their current influence in the so called ‘New World Order’ and their power?

    I conclude with some further clarifications:
    – I do not believe that Bergoglio is the antichrist. He is the false profet. The antichrist will rise (again) after the death of Benedict XVI. In my view, he is very likely a well known political leader, apparently currently disgraced. What it is sure is that Bergoglio, as the ‘second beast’ of the Apocalypse, will support him.
    – the theory of ‘1000 years’ of the heartly ‘Reign’ of God is contary to the Catholic doctrine, as clearly stated in the Cathechism of the Catholic Church (last version edited under John Paul II). Pls. check yourself, I do not have the reference at hand in this very moment.

    Now I have to rest a few hours.

    God bless,

    • Dear Anonymous, thank you for your considered comments.

      You rightly state two conditions need to exist for a resignation to be valid and the election of a subsequent Pope to be legitimate. As things stand, the evidence is, both conditions have been met.

      1. Benedict has confirmed on many occasions that this was his decision, his alone and freely made. Your counter evidence is pure circumspection and just one interpretation of the climate current at the time leading up to his resignation. To say otherwise is to proclaim Benedict a liar.

      2. On 26 February 2013 it was Father Lombardi who stated that the Pope’s style and title after resignation are His Holiness Benedict XVI, Roman Pontiff Emeritus, or Pope Emeritus, this was not the will of Benedict nor was such a title insisted on by Benedict! In later years, Benedict ratified his desire to be simply known as “Father Benedict” (as reported in an interview with him by Elise Harris). You can read the article via the link below, which also includes important statements by Benedict regarding reception of Holy Communion by the divorced and remarried.

      You know Benedict was forced to resign and why, but can’t substantiate your claim in a public forum. So that’s it, we are expected to just take your word for it and this is enough reason for the Catholic world to be assured Pope Francis’ election was invalid.

      Benedict continues to wear his distinctive white cassock yes, but without the mozzetta and without the red papal shoes, opting to wear a pair of brown shoes that he received during a state visit to Mexico. Cardinal Camerlengo Tarcisio Bertone destroyed the Ring of the Fisherman and the lead seal of Benedict’s pontificate. What therefore is contrary to canonical law making the resignation void?

      The strongest argument against the validity of Pope Francis’ election is the case for ‘irregularity.’ It is precisely this that I refer to when questioning why, if it exists, it has not been brought to the the attention of the Church and Catholic media. Your comments though comprehensive and well reasoned are, I am sorry to say, still a matter of opinion and can only be judged so until supported by verifiable, incontrovertible and conclusive evidence. Are you in possession of such?

      We are agreed PF1 is not the Antichrist, but I can’t reach the same conclusions as yourself concerning your remaining statements in the last paragraph. Francis may be a worm ridden Pope under the influence of Satan’s lies which we recognise as being seductively dressed under the guises of mercy, accompanyment and other such sentimental modernist politically correct nonsense. I also agree with you regarding the heresy of millenarianism (Christ enthroned on Earth effecting a 1000 year reign), my reference to 1000 years was not relating to this heresy but rather in regard to that long undefined period that will be the new epoch of the Apostolic Church Post the Miracle.

      God bless you whoever you are Anonymous

      • Dear Pete,

        Your comments are contrary to the spirit of Aviso’s assertions, indeed Aviso’s long held stance for the last decade. But I could be wrong. The may be some misunderstanding on my part. But since you pull the strings now for the blog, then it must be respected. People can choose to contribute or leave.

        In any event, I agree with you that Pope Francis remains Pope and is recognized as Pope, irrespective of the legality or illegality of his position. This is because he has 99% support of the Clergy and 100% support of every world leader.

        Thus it is pointless to speculate anymore.

        Anonymous, please take it easy and look after your health and your mental well being. People like you will be desperately needed in the End Times Tribulation. Please be patient. Your goodness will be recognized if it is God’s will.

        I am family of migrant living in Australia. Weird things are happening in my parish. For example, my parish priest knowingly and willingly gives the Eucharist to Protestants. My parish priest tells the parishioners who are divorced and remarried that they can receive the Eucharist too, after they speak to the Bishop it becomes a formality..etc. My parish priest has made it clear that these are all instructions received from the Vatican and the Pope to be executed at the parish level. But so far my parish priest appears not to support Gay Marriage and abortion, but I fear when the instruction comes from the Vatican and the Pope to accept Gay Marriage and Abortion, I am 100% certain that my parish priest will accept it.

        These are the times we live in unfortunately.

      • Hi Pepe, good to see you are still watching. I am 90% in conformity with Aviso on this matter, we only deviate in that I don’t consider Pope Francis the Antichrist and that I, hand on heart cannot state whether his election was valid or otherwise. Can you?

      • Pete. You really do not want to see the truth.
        I hope, and pray, that you will. If not, very bad for you. This is an important matter, both for our faith and our salvation, not an academic dissertation!
        God bless!

      • Pete,
        you really take for granted the public staments of people who have hidden for 40 years and then manipulated before publishing a message from Our Lady that they knew absolutely true (Ratzinger is one of them), fullyy conscoisu of the terrible consequences, spiritual and material, of their shameful act?
        You really do? If yes, good luck!
        For the moment, I strongly reccomend this (the only one I could find in few minutes), as a very introductory key of interpretation of what’s going on in the Church and where the whole process is heading soon. It was aired more than 20 years ago, but it maintains all its validity:

      • I take nothing for granted, not what you purport as truth, or even anything from souls consecrated to Christ that are proven to teach and accommodate falsehood. I am simply challenging you and others when the evidence presented is far too insubstantial. You are dealing with matters of the Divine, God’s Righteousness, His Justice, His Truth and His Bride the Church.

      • Hi Pete,

        I felt anonymous needed a little boost.

        To me it is irrelevant if Pope Francis was canonically elected or not. The measuring stick I use is rather to what extent Pope Francis is fulfilling his duties as the Vicar of Christ, which I must say is a complete failure. Why do I say this? Well because he is unfaithful to Jesus Christ’s teachings and the Gospel. From this perspective Jesus Christ will deal with Pope Francis and his supporters.

        In any event people have made up their minds about Pope Francis, incidentally much the same way that Americans have made up their minds about Trump, and they will have to live with their decisions.

        As an aside I do not think Pope Francis is the FALSE PROPHET. That distinction goes to Islam in my opinion. This is because Islam considers both Judaism and Christianity to be false corrupt religions.

        On the other hand I consider Pope Francis to be an Antichrist, as I consider Trump to be a Protestant Antichrist. There are many Antichrists. In fact anyone who identifies themselves as Christians and are unfaithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings are all Antichrists.

        Antichrists should not be confused with the Beasts in bible prophecy because this category belongs to geopolitical players (whole nations) who may or may not identify themselves a christian.

  5. Follow up to my question of July 11th… Do any of you know if Aviso confirmed with his “source” that the Warning would be before 2020? He had mentioned in an earlier post that he would endeavor to get back to us about this over the summer. Thank you.
    In Our Lady.

      • Hi Richard.

        Aviso has passed on the following today re your question on the timing of the Warning:

        “I have not been able to re-check this rumor given to me years ago in the village, whenever I will be able to do it, I will let you know.”

        God bless

      • Pete,

        I’ve really enjoyed the articles you’ve written in the past on this blog. Is there any chance you might write more articles in the future?


      • That’s kind of you Patrick. Yes, with the permission of God, is the short answer.

        I would like to complete the article I started in October last year called, ‘Discerning the Construct and Defeat of the Anti-Church in the Era of the Two Popes.’ I have come across more accurate resource material regarding the St. JPII prophesy on this topic that needs clarifying within the current article. Also and more importantly, I feel compelled to do so (complete what I started), due to the last 9 months of social and church history which, have served to verify, to me at least, that the intended content is indeed relevant to Fatima, Garabandal and The Tribulation now in play.

        I hope to commence another article as a means to researching particular aspects of Marian Apparitions that pertain to ‘signs of the end times.’ The reason is to investigate and articulate my instinct that there are prophetic events that many believe have yet to pass, that have in fact already been fulfilled, that some still awaited may have been averted and finally to understand the ‘chastisement’ as a comparative set of events in the contexts of St. John’s rise of the Anti-Christ and the prophesies of Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, La Salette, as well as prophecies from Saints and Mystics.

        I have considered adding more about my faith story (A Road to Emmaus) as a witness to Our Divine Mother’s intervention in my life but remain reticent to do so as it’s only interesting to me and not the purpose of

        The next question is when will I get started? In truth, I don’t know, but I do feel an urgency that I am struggling to ignore. I suppose I want to be assured that to do so would only be because I am compelled by the Holy Sprirt and Our Holy and Beloved Mother and not my ambition and vanity. I am also conscious of the fact that at the time of adding articles I was a temporary caretaker of Aviso’s WEB site while he took a much needed break. Thereafter, I simply continue to moderate and only do so with his permission.

        Perhaps you could say one intercessory prayer for me, with the intention that Our Lady of Mount Carmel guide my discernment in this matter.

        God Bless

      • So now the warning not an even year despite the fact that the above article mentions it being an even year several times and now also it is not before 2020. So in short we are back where we started.

        Many thanks for the effort.

      • Steve, hence investment in speculating dates needs always to be tempered with a pinch of positive skepticism by authors and readers and why I prefer to avoid such. Always interesting though to read the results of research behind the hypothesis and always tempting to pursue the endeavour.

        God bless

      • Hi Concerned. For my part I try not to speculate on dates. Our Lady of Mount Carmel requested they be kept secret until the appointed time. This said as we enter each new calendar year, a question does present itself. “Could this be the year?”

        God bless

    • The young martyr of the Eucharist is Saint Hermenegild (13 April, first Vespers 12 April). If you are interested I can explain you why.
      Thus, to have a reduced subset of possible dates, it is enought to check the future years when the 12 and 13 April fall on Thursday.
      I do not speculate about the dates…So I invite whoever is interested to check the future calendars…
      God bless!

      • Everyone knows my views on this topic of predictions so If you want to peruse this please also take in to account Aviso’s articles covering the Saint Hermenegild and Saint Tarcisius contentions.

        God bless

      • About St. Tarcisius, this is a matter on which unfortunately Aviso was wrong (not the obly one). When I will have more time, and if I will decide so, i will elaborate further on why the Siant referred to by Our Lady is saint Hermenegildus.
        In the meantime, God bless you all!

  6. Dear Garabandalists! First of all thanks to Aviso for his work for the Very Blessed Mother! I hope Aviso will stay tuned!!! The appearence of Garabandal has nothing to do with UFOs or things like that. UFOs, aliens and so on are a demonic trape to make a lot confussion in the world!!! Don`t fall in this trape of the devil. Albrecht Weber never told to me about these things because it`s not the message of Fatima nor of Garabandal!!! The devil is going to damage your fait into the real praecence of the eucharistic body of our Lord Jesus Christ! That`s the main focus of Garabandal!!!
    Ave MARIA

  7. Juan My Brother from the Village, please Moderate this Blog, I am sorry but I cannot anymore, they makes me crazy ! thank you.

    PS : In the Name of the Lady of the Carmel, you have my Respect and my Blessing !

    • Dear Aviso and Pete, thank you both for taking time to reply to me. I did not intend to cause annoyance, but thought it crucial to my belief to get your opinion on it. Serafino, like us all was human, and so not everything he said could necessarily be relied on as completely 100% accurate. I know nothing about Glenn ( except that he was verifying this story ) and just came across this story about Mercedes Salisachs – I do not know if she even really existed. I am certainly not a supporter of Pope Francis!
      As most have said here, if we live good lives and pray our Rosary daily and accept what God sends us then we should live at peace.
      God Bless you both, and thank you for your patience.

      • Hi Concerned, it’s OK to ask about these things, and I personally would rather readers do ask if unsure, so we can either refute or endorse for the sake of the truth. In this way we can between us help break the damaging effect of rumours, deception and lies, so that those enquiring about Garabandal here and on the WEB are not mislead. However (and I am not refering to you Concerned), anyone continually and singularly promoting that which is not compatible with Church teaching or in anyway dilutes the supernatural character and messages of Garabandal or any of our Holy Mother’s apparitions will not have their comments published.

        God bless

    • My dear friends Aviso and Pete. After praying the rosary at the Garabandal village this afternoon I have asked Paquita (Serafin’s wife, i.e the wife of Conchita’s brother) what her husband supposedly said about the existence of life in other planets. She has told me that Serafin never told her anything like that. No more comments….
      I want to congratulate you for the blog. What a difficult task my friends dealing with so many people with all kind of ideas!!!!! Cheer up!!!

      • I confirm Juan, I have the same source, band of incompetent, I said it 1000 times online, they will make me crasy, deal with them, I am too tired myself to do it, thank you.

      • Wow. God Bless you and God Bless Paquita! I was with her in 1989, 1992 & 1994 but just spoke with her thru her daughters Conchita, Fatima & Mercedes translating how Fantastic her cooking was! 🙂 She was older then. She must be near 90 by now I assume? Hope all are well.

        John T

      • Paquita is a wonderful young lady of 82, with a bright mind and a fast pace, Maximina (Conchita’s aunt) is the champion, 92 and leading the holy rosary, on her knees. It is very unlikely that Serafin said anything like that without repeating it to her wife. Please don’t confuse people with these stories

      • Fantastic!! No. I’m not trying to confuse anyone and I believe you when you state Paquita said Serafin didn’t tell her anything re life in outer space. But I’m will state again when I was there in 1992 & Serafin was interviewed for an article re many things that question came up and Serafin answered yes. Mary told Conchita that. The author was my roommate Mark Comte at the time and the article was published. You can check it
        For yourself. Was I surprised -yes. But none of that changes anything re Garabandal and the Warning & Miracle to come. God willing I hope to be there for the Miracle. God Bless you! Peace!

    • Aviso. without passion like yours we would never have Bach or Van Gogh but I realise it has a heavy cost. Many thanks for all your work. I hope you are right.


    Days after, Conchita, again in ecstasy, was heard asking her Vision if these mysterious beings are like us, sinners? – “They are like men, tainted alike by sin, but also redeemed by Christ just like men,” was the new astonishing answer!
    These new revelations made to Conchita were to appear so exceptional to Fr. Lucio Rodrigo, S.J., when he learned about them, that, after an uneasy first impression, and then, after reflection, he went out to write that “it would well be that the Blessed Virgin, and through Her, Our Lord, were lifting the veil of a mystery which broadens in that way the dimensions of the Kingdom of Our Lord (and of the Most Blessed Virgin), so to include other rational creatures, which could, of course, not be angels (. . .)”. (Letter, October 22, 1965, to the Marques de Santa Maria).

  9. We are now in the end of the 7th month 2018, which means April has already passed. So there is noway the miracle is this year. Since the children said it will be on an even year that leaves us with 2020. If the month was not quoted I would say may be the warning is December and the miracle 3 months later but it does not seem right. But I am keeping the faith and trying to be ready whenever it comes

    • This apparition took place in 1961 but this is the first time I am hearing about it. I am from a small island and I am sure nobody from my country have heard about that. I stumble on this article by chance. Now I am going to get the whole story on Youtube. I am glad I am not too late.

      • queensix you should thank God for stumbling upon this article, story of Garabandal is this most fascinatning apparition of our Lady because of the prophecy about The Warning.

    • Apparently Aviso says it could be either an even or odd year and the rumours are false that the warning is definately an even year..

    • Dear Concerned, I said it 1 Million times online, Glenn Hudson is not a Garabandalist and will probably never be, he has no link with the village of Garabandal and will never have, I asked myself to my friends in the village, whenever The Glenn and co are in the village, just let me know, simple as that, in no way anyone should follow a Hacker of the Garabandal Cause as the Glenn Hudson and co are to me, again in no way, for your information I was myself in contact with the Family of Joey Lomangino when the Great Garabandalist went to God, I had asked the family about this Glenn and I know myself about what I am talking, I have done the same with the Main Garabandal Seer Conchita about his case and as well, the answer was always the same, Glenn Hudson represent himself only, by the way from one of the Greatest Supporter of Pope Francis, who would still be surprised, in other words, to avoid at all cost.

      • Aviso, we are driving you crazy! Apologies. But on my part it is not because I believe in aliens but because exactly like you I regard such talk as in complete contradiction to our Catholic Faith. That is why I had to ask.
        Look at it this way, we have given you a lot to ” offer up” today!
        You are in my prayers tonight.

  10. What do you think the point was of Cochita saying the Miracle would be “between the 7th and the 17th… etc” but then not giving the year? How does this help anyone? Why not just say “I’m not telling anyone when the Miracle is”

    • Its a fair point Mick, but I guess you would draw the same conclusion as most, that Conchita was constantly pressured to reveal some morsel of detail and did so out of charity but not so much as to disobey Our Lady’s instructions. Other than that, only Conchita can answer the question.

      God bless

      • We must be very close to the Great Warning:
        – the year is most probably 2018
        – it will be 3 months before the Great Miracle
        – that leads us to December
        It could very well be the last (insert week day here, I won’t tell, knowing it myself though) of 2018.

      • This is for Aviso himself. Dear Aviso, I am feeling very upset and quite angry this morning. I have believed in Garabandal for quite some time and tried to live it, while relying on the Warning to help me save others in my family. Even though Joey died, and even though Conchita had married a man who was already a father to two children I still believed, but then last night I read from Glenn and others that Conchita said Our Lady said that there were aliens who had sinned like man and been redeemed by Christ. I cannot now but wonder if this was all the imaginings of children in the 1960’s led by Conchita. I don’t want to think that this is the case but find all this talk of aliens disconcerting and alarm bells started to ring, like Medugorge. Why is this aspect kept so quiet? I find it troubling. What do you think? How have you come to terms with these statements?

      • Dear Concerned, I do not speak for Aviso, but had to respond. From my own knowledge of Garabandal. I can assure you aliens have not on any occasion been recorded as a topic of discussion in any reputable book or discourse that included verifiable testimony from any of the Seers simply because the subject matter between Our Holy Mother and the children does not exist. It’s a lie from Glen, as are many proported messages from many false prophets in these times.

        Take comfort in re-reading true testimony of those who were there at the time, doctors, scientists, priests, theologians, remember the Miracle of the Host, the joyous testimony and subsequent death of Fr Luis Andreu. If you haven’t already, read the following books:
        God Speaks at Garabandal by Joseph A. Pelletier.
        The Apparitions of Garabandal by F. Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual
        Garabandal the Village Speaks by Ramon Perez
        Our Lady Comes to Garabandal including Conchita’s Diary by Joseph A. Pelletier.

        It’s all true and will come to pass, don’t loose heart.

        God bless

      • Hi Pete. Respectfully I need to advise you this: (Disclosure first-I have been a Garabandalist since the mid 1970’s, worked with Joey and been to Garabandal three times with The Workers of Our Lady of Mt Carmel-Led by Joey). My second trip there in 1993, I had a roommate by the name of Mark.(I met him on the trip) He was writing an article fo Garabandal Magazine at the time and interviewed Serafin, Conchita’s Brother (RIP). One of the things Mark asked Serfafin (its printed in the article) was tis here life in outer space?
        Serafin replied: “YES.” “Our Blessed Mother told Conchita that and she told me.” That was the extent and end of the topic.
        I was there when Mark Interviewed Serfafin. Its not terribly important, but it surprised me too. I wanted to advise.As we await the Warnin and Miracle, probably sooner than later, Lets all just live the message and “FIRST BE VERY GOOD.”

      • Please, do not believe all the lies of false seers of today using Garabandal. At Garabandal nothing was said about aliens and this rubbish as far as we know. As Pete says go back to the reliable books about Garabandal!!!! And come to Garabandal as many times as you can to talk to Our Lady and feel her presence here.

      • Pete, thank you so much. I feel reassured just by your answer, and so promptly! They are saying it is in a Garabandal Book page 160-161 – but they don’t say who wrote the book. They write that on Dec. 20th 1962 a lady called Mercedes Salisachs told Conchita to ask Our Lady about such things and that she said yes and they were like men, sinful, but also redeemed by Christ. I found that very disturbing! If this is not true then I think the people spreading it should be called out on it. Who is this “Glenn” anyhow? God Bless you, Pete.

    • Jason Muga
      Pray tell how you derived and discerned that the Garabandal Warning and Miracle will occur during the same month?
      One of the four seers, I think it was Mary Loli related that the Virgin Mary told her the time between these events would be three weeks or three months. So given the range of the eigth and the sixteenth of the month for the Miracle and then subtracting at least 21 days, puts the Warning at least one month earlier than the Miracle.

      • Anthony, my Good Friend, nothing about what you said is related to The Lady of the Carmel, in other words Bullshit and between us, I am very disappointed about you as well, thank you.

        PS : My Friends, I am tired, yes I am tired with most of you, I thought I left something but it looks not, in other words, you have deceived me de facto, please Pray for me, thank you.

    • Hi John T, let me remind also to our readers that you are a great devote of Glenn Hudson and co, by the way I checked myself in the village this rumor about aliens and so on years ago, in no way I can confirm what you and your friends are publishing online for years about this topic and taken from probably one of the worst book about Garabandal (in other words, your single source, to me you are a band of incompetent only !) and I will be pleased to challenge any of your source face to face if necessary, thank you.

      • No need for challenges Aviso. Like I said I was there with Serafin then & it’s surprising but not important.

        Lastly, no. The only devotee I am is to Our Blessed Mother, specifically Our Lady Of Mt Carmel de Garabandal. God Bless You Aviso

      • Thanks John T. I was thinking after my response to Concerned, that if indeed Our Lady did speak to the Seers about life elsewhere in the Universe, it takes nothing away from the truth of Garabandal. The evidence as to the veracity of Garabandal is as I explained and it is to that, that we should hold on to if we suffer any doubts, no matter how they may arise.

        Notably there is a difference in the descriptive content concerning ‘life elsewhere’ between that relayed by Glen as reported by Concerned and that reported by Mark who heard it from Serafin, who it is said heard it from Conchita. Not doubting the truth of this dialogue, I still hold that the Seers have not themselves directly and verifiably reported through reputable media any such conversation with Our Blessed Mother. For me I believe it is very important to have accuracy and detail in that which is being advocated as true, and that it is supported by firsthand evidence. I only say this because such things if not true or are misconstrued can cause unnecessary doubts.

        If the existence of alien life had been spoken of by Conchita to her family, I think it unusual that Serafin in his 1971 testimony did not volunteer any information on hearing of life elsewhere when speaking of the stellar phenomena he witnessed when the girls were in ecstasy. Of the phenomena, he remarked, “it was like a light, a globe which passed over the mountain…something very fast.” This intrigued him as something unusual given he had seen many stars with long tails, “but that, I had never seen.” If it were me following the revelation from Conchita, I would have thought ‘spaceship?’ Perhaps Conchita had not yet confided in him by that time (1971) of life elsewhere in the universe.

        Thanks again John T for your comment, perhaps my use of ‘lie’ is too harsh a word, ‘open to question’ would be more appropriate. I am hopeful that life in some form does exist elsewhere and I celebrate the fact that Earth may be but one of many of its kind in the entire order of God’s creation. Our uniqueness of course is that it was here, on Earth that God in the Person of Jesus Christ, lived, suffered and died for all (wherever ‘all’ may be).

        God bless

      • Amen Pete. Let’s just all live the simple message of Our Blessed Mother “Be Very Good.”
        None of this changes the authenticity of Garabandal & the Events (Warning & Miracle) to come.

        God Bless you! Peace!

        John T

      • Hi Aviso

        I think you may have misunderstood my comment to John T. I thought I made it clear that I do not believe Our Lady spoke to the Seers about aliens, It was my poor attempt at satire when I placed Serafin’s testimony alongside spaceships and supposed alien life.

        The 1971 testimony of Serafin Gonzalez (then 37) from which I relayed the stellar phenomena he witnessed is recorded in the Book Garabandal The Village Speaks’ by Ramon Perez. His testimony is one of a number In the book that were extracted from a tape containing testimonies from nearly all the Garabandal inhabitants (upwards of 300 at that time). The tape was sent to the Doctrine of the Faith, Rome in 1972 and handed to Msgr. Jose Luis Ricondo, the then Vicar General.

        God bless

      • Dear John T, I have my own source about Serafin and what Serafin knew ? nothing ! simple as that, now please remind me where in the teachings of the church, we have something related to aliens ? do you know my Friends about what you are talking ?, do you know what you are doing to the Lady of the Carmel and to the Garabandal cause with this false rumors ? if not please just be quiet, simple as that !

      • It’s ok Aviso. No worries. My Source was Serafin Himself.
        But None of this changes the authenticity of Garabandal and the events to come.
        Let’s all just “be very good.”

        God Bless You! Peace!

      • Pete, my Good Friend, you know the Respect I have for you and your Family, please Kiss the Family from me but my Brother, when someone question me, let me reply myself, by the way you are doing a great job here, this was said to me 1000 times, thank you.

      • Ok. I was just anxious for the person Concerned. My family send you our love and prayers for you and your family, we remember you always to Our Beloved Mother.
        God bless

      • I think this issue about Aliens needs to be addressed because, these days, more young people lose the True Faith over their belief in aliens than over anything else.
        In short, the Church teaches that there are angels and demons. That is dogma.
        If there are beings in other parts of the universe, they are likely angels. In many languages, the word “heaven” and the word “sky” are the same or at least have the same root. Aviso can confirm this in French.

        The idea that Jesus died on earth for being that live on other planets is kind of a joke. Let’s reverse it. Would you believe in Christ if he died on some distant planet in a faraway part of the universe? My first question would be: what evidence is there of this?
        I believe in Christ because the facts of history confirm his life, death, and resurrection. I wouldn’t be able to prove that to my satisfaction if it took place on some distant planet. And so, neither would they given that it happened here.

        No, I would need a lot more proof in the existence of aliens than some supposed comment by Conchita that may or may not have happened. I would be more likely to lean towards the likely falsehood of Garabandal than the belief in aliens if Our Lady of Garabandal can be proven to have said that to Conchita.

        That being said, the issue of UFOs needs to be addressed. Because they are real.

        It is a confirmed fact of history (although little known) that US Admiral Richard E. Byrd took 13 navy vessels on a supposed “scientific expedition” in February, 1947, down to Antarctica. The real purpose of that expedition was to destroy a Nazi base that did not surrender at the end of WWII. Of course, America was tired of war, WWII was supposedly over, and the last thing anyone wanted to hear was that there were still Nazis roaming around. And so, they were told it was a scientific expedition.

        Byrd got his butt kicked by the Nazi craft that had far superior technology. The Nazis had researched anti-gravitational craft, and they figured it out during the war. However, as any military expert could tell you, you can’t hold ground with aircraft. And so, while Germany was being over run by the Allied Forces, they took many subs (50 were unaccounted for at the end of the war) and flew their UFOs to Antarctica, where they had build a large under-ice military base.

        After the Nazis won v Byrd, the so-called first modern UFO incident took place in early July, 1947, in Roswell New Mexico.
        It is NOT a coincidence that this took place a few months after the battle in Antarctica. It was a Nazi craft that was shot down.

        The first news said that they “captured a flying saucer”. Then, they changed that to a weather balloon. Why did they hide the truth?

        If you were the American government in 1947, what would you rather your people believe: that there were aliens flying around, or that the Nazis were not defeated after all and just kicked our butts and can fly their more advanced craft at will over our country?

        The rest of this history is too lengthy to get into.

        Here are the facts: the US government now has this technology as well, and has had it since at least the mid 1960s, probably the mid 1950s. It is quite advanced now. I cannot confirm whether other governments also do or not, but the Russians probably do too. The technology is imbedded in two patents given to T.T. Brown in 1953 and 1954. Google it if you don’t believe me.

        These UFOs are NOT aliens!

        If UFOs came from a different solar system, there would be a highway of them, all coming from one direction in the sky. This would have been noted by now by at least some astronomers. Nothing like this has ever been seen. In fact, they all appear to originate from the earth. Yes, some from the polar regions.

        Here is another interesting confirmed fact: Secretary of State John Kerry took a trip to Antarctica just before the end of his term. Also, the Pope met with the Russian Patriarch, and then the Russian Patriarch took a trip to Antarctica at around the same time as Kerry.

        Why would two senior officials, who can be called the second highest in both State and Religion, fly to Antarctica? What were they doing down there? Was it really all about Climate Change, as the media wants everyone to believe?



      • Thanks Pete, no topic about Aliens were talked in Garabandal from the Lady of the Carmel and why ? well because this is not from the Teachings of the Church, simple as that, the rest is bullshit from the false friends of Garabandal, thank you.

      • Aviso i know that you dont believe in the Book of Truth, but just to connect with the false story of aliens and Garabandal. Lord Jesus said to the Maria Divine Mercy that apparition of Garabandal is true amd that that Warning will happen soon, also in other message Lord clearly said that there is no other life in universe except on Earth, but satan wants to fool people in believing that aliens exist.

  11. Greetings Aviso,
    I believe you were going to get back to us this summer regarding your “source” who stated that the Warning was before 2020, seeking further confirmation. I hope you are able to reach this person. Thank you.
    Blessings in Our Lady.

  12. Thanks for this wonderful website Aviso. It’s great to know that these terrible chaotic times will eventually pass.

    There is an interesting video that is good proof of the Divine Mercy and the story it relates concerns Conchita.

    Aside from this video the Divine Mercy was prophesied by the approved mystic Marie Julie Jehenny
    and during the course of the exorcism of
    Annelise Michel it was revealed that “the Divine Mercy image should be propogated.”

  13. Hi Anthony. Well Joey was Devoted to our Blessed Mother and did the Five First Sat. So, and of course no one knows for sure, but the promise from our Blessed Mother is when complete the requirements of the five first Sat she comes personally and releases that soul from pursgatory the first Sat after death. THUS Joey would long be in Heave. Peace!

  14. Agreed Pete re time in the next life. It’s always present. I wasn’t inferring Joey has new eyes now in Heaven but because he’s in Heaven he can still see regardless. It’s Heaven. OR as you say, He saw or sees the Miracle in Heaven bec in Heaven there is only the present. Realizing Blessed Mother couldn’t tell him he would be in Heaven/passed away from this life when the Miracle actually happens in the future for all of us on the earth when she made the “new eyes” statement.

    If God allows us to know definitively on Miracle day re Joey-He will.
    Either way I can’t wait. 🙂 Peace!

  15. Dear Claudia and Joe,
    Thank you for your comment. You are right, both of you!
    All the dates, which are published arround the future events of Garabandal are speculative!
    We have to pray the rosary, that`s the key for our salvation🌹♥
    Ave MARIA

  16. Few words my good Friends, quite busy currently as you know, many messages in private about this article, should I update it ? should I change anything?….ect….well, nothing to change for the moment, I should be in Garabandal probably soon, I call all of you to stay with us, you are here in good hands and please do not worry for the rest, we are probably close as indicated in this article, thank you.

    • Thank you, Aviso, for keeping your article online for us followers of Our Lady of Carmel and her messages at San Sebastián de Garabandal. To attempt to interpret the dates according to our times must have been part of Our Lady’s message to offer consolation and encouragement for us, her children, to keep the faith in the midst of chaos in the Church. It is a great gift to have knowledge that God will come to our rescue with a Warning to purify us followed by the Miracle. I don’t know how to understand Joey’s death before receiving new eyes or Fr. Luis Andreau’s body having been found to have decayed when Conchita said that it would be found incorrupt on the day of the Miracle. But, I know there will be an explanation for these things. All in God’s time. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray the rosary for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope together with all of the bishops. Fatima, Garabandal, Akita. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you, save souls.

      • Claudia. Allow me to answer the second answer first. It’s wuite simple and you basically answered it yourself. Our Blessed Mother told Conchita “On THE DAY OF THE MIRACLE” Fr.Luis Andreau’s body will be found incorrupt. NOT BEFORE. So now that the fact is he was found corrupt before, will be EVEN MORE OF A MIRACLE when he’s found incorrupt on day of Miracle. Incredible!

        In re to Joey. I knew him personally for 30 years. Worked with him in NY and on three trips to Garabandal. It is true that even he himself misunderstood what “receiving new eyes on day of Miracle.” He was never promised he would see the miracle when it happens or before it like St Padre Pio did. So we can only surmise that that comment by our Blessed Mother was spiritual and supernatural in nature in that Joey, surely now in Heaven can see BUT wil have NEW EYES in Heaven on Miracle day in my opinion. I’m sure we will very surprised on Miracle day re Joey if God allows us to know definitively. Peace!

      • Agreed but, if Joey is already in Heaven, then has the new eyes with which to see the Miracle, he won’t get another set John, if that is what you are inferring, otherwise Heaven is not perfection. Also time is of no consequence in Heaven, so for those in Heaven the Miracle has already happened and history is complete. My theology teacher in seminary (Fr. Eric Doyle OFM) used to say that this means we all (the saved that is) walk in to heaven at one and the same moment. In this context the Visitations of the Blessed Virgin Mary can only mean one thing, that the Mother of God comes to visit us in our present from our future. Not to think like this, he would say to me, means I am not even grasping eschatology or the theology of the final judgement at their most fundamental levels.

        God bless

      • Thank you for that comment John.
        I never met Joey, so my comment here is speculative. Perhaps he is in purgatory now and will enter heaven on the day of the Miracle. That would qualify as receiving new eyes.

  17. I feel like the guessing of the warning/ miracle will lead us all down the same path Joey L. Went down. If Conchita passes away before it happens people will just say Conchita said it would happen in her children’s life times. she did say that in the 1981 doc she did. At some point don’t we all have to just throw our hands up and say ‘well, if it happens it happens.’ I know for myself I have always looked at a the warning as a cure all when things are not going great in my life. It’s a great way to rebuff all your critics and say, ‘you see one day I was right.’ Jesus tells us to not consider tomorrow. that it will take care of itself. He wants us to live for the day. God actually came to earth and told a bunch of people that. Why are we not listening to that simple message. Who cares about Conchita’s date. It will not change anything in your life to know it. If you get hope from thinking you know it, than my question is why? Hope can be found in so many other places. If Mary did come to Garabandal I am pretty sure she did not want he messsage to be turned into a parlor number trick. ‘First miracle goes to the man who solves it.” No. Live for the day. Pray the rosary for those who need it today. pray it for the souls in purgatory today. They don’t care about Conchita’s date. They just want help. Help them. It’s a much better use of your time and God will bless in ways that he won’t by speculating on this warning date. The speculation does no good for anyone. None. If it does anything it hurts faith and creates false prophets or fools.

    • Thanks for your common sense, I have been following this blog since I first visited Garabandal last September and I’ve always felt that so much emphasis is put on the Miracle almost to making the Warning an « appetiser’ to the main event. The Warning chills me to the bone and I so need to listen to Our Lady’s message at Garabandal. Please, please listen to Her and I ask for your prayers for a fellow sinner.God Bless Pat

  18. Josh, Conchita used the example of two stars colliding but she also stated that it would not be two stars colliding. So I would not consider that event to be related.

    • EXACTLY! 1000% Correct! And in addition the Warning WILL NOT Be explained by science. It’s 100% Directly from God and When it happens EVERYONE, regardless of their belief in God will know it’s from GOD! Peace!

  19. Dear devoters of our Very Blessed Mother of Garabandal!
    The apparation of Eisenberg in Austria is approved by Padre Pio, like Garabandal!
    Deo Gratias

  20. Dear Little John, the source of the diary seems to be evident, but sorry there is no link to the year 2024. I think this is fictive.
    I`m going to highlite that only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle.
    I agree with you that there is so much confusion about the Prophecies of Garabandal. Remember the Very Blessed Mother appeared in Garabandal for all people and not only for a so called innercircle!
    God bless you

  21. @Garabandalists

    The inner prayer circle knows more and regrets that so many misconceptions are in circulation.
    The topic Garabandal is too valuable and important to serve for speculation.

    That’s why this information. Therefore, stay calm until the year 2024 is over.
    Finally have a look at the following information and draw your own conclusion:

    „She knows the exact date. Her mother, Aniceta, also knows, and two other persons in Rome, who know it in secret.“

    The key for all is Aniceta in her last days.

    • Dear Little John, please remind us what are your links with Garabandal and what do you mean by inner Prayer circle…etc…..thank you.

      PS : No Reply to my questions then No more comment on the blog, thanks again.

      • All i have to say: « You (Aviso) will remember my comment, when the year 2024 has passed and nothing (no miracle) has happened. »

        Stop with your senseless calculations.

        That was my last comment on this blog!

      • For me, these dating guesses are a game. I don’t take it very seriously, other than that I would like to be in Garabandal on the date of the Miracle.
        I suppose that is true for most of us on this blog.
        That being said, if I were a betting man, I would take the under on your 2024 date.

      • I think many of you have heard of the (very good) channel: we are probably but weeks (or even days) away from war escalation (USA? Russia? Iran? Israel? « Syria has the key to peace », like Ken Peters said a few years ago).

        What does this have to do with Garabandal? Well, the Great Warning will be in the same period of WW3 (that is, this year!). There are some older prophecies, and even very young ones, all agreeing on that.

        We must be prepared NOW!! 2018 is the year!!

        (BTW I’m catholic, but open to real prophecy from all our Christian brothers!)

  22. Dear Little John,
    concerning your last comment I have to ask you, where and in which interview or situation the statement “No miracle until 2024“ was done by Conchita! Please give me an exact answer and the exact source, which schould be evident!!!
    I know from Albrecht Weber (R.I.P), that Conchita never ever told about dates.That`s a fact!
    I have also informed Aviso, that it is not good permanent to speculate about the dates of the Warning Year and the Great Miracle. We have to live the Two Main Garabandal Messages!
    Relating the Celebrating of the Mass, I can give you the Great Message of Mother Aloisia Lex (R.I.P) from Eisenberg in Austria, I saw the so called Rasenkreuz with my own eyes! The Traditional (Tridentine Mass) is focused on the Eucharistic and that`s the main message of Garabandal.
    We are in the final periode of the endtimes: Abortion, no attitude of the Eucharistic, homo marriage, cachless payment provide by the EU and USA, RFID Chiping in planing!!!!
    I would say that we are very close, but please no speculation about dates!

  23. @Steve

    If you are unable to draw the right conclusions from the texts of Conchita, ask her.

    She will have to admit that there can be no miracle until 2024. If she does not admit, wait until the end of the year 2024 and you will realize that I was right.

  24. @JohnAU
    @Maria Bolohan

    Thank you for all your comments. Read everything Conchita said very carefully and you will realize there can be no miracle or warning this year 2018.

    • HI Little John.
      Thank you for your reply.
      Given the present circumstances I think it prudent to not rule anything in or out. Regrets can be costly. Aviso may have been mistaken about the month but not necessarily the year.

    • Please give specific examples of what Conchita has said which preclude 2018. People just making assertions doesn’t really contribute a lot.

      • To me, just the fact that Our Lady predicted that the Miracle will take place in March, April or May, on or between the 8 and 16 ( so is 8 days in between), on a Thursday at 8:30 , and Conchita will announce 8 days in advance, looks like is gonna be in 2018.

        Plus adding As Aviso said in GARABANDAL MESSAGES, ” 2017 is also 100 years after 1917 (Fatima), we know that Fatima, Garabandal and Akita are connected, , the 3 Marian Apparitions are what we call eschatological Apparitions in direct connection with the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, from Pope Leo’s Vision of satan 100 years of increased Power, we know that satan had 100 years (and not more) trying to destroy the church, first year is probably the year 1917 and the last year 2017 as it’s in 1917 that Heaven chose to send to us our Lady in Fatima to warn the World as the Church, 1917 is also the Year of the Russian Revolution, an important detail as our Lady of Fatima asked precisely the Consecration to her Immaculate heart of this Country only if not the errors of Russia will spread the errors in the world and this was the case as none of the Pope since 1929 had never consecrated Russia as requested by our Lady in Fatima, a great mistake for all of us and unfortunately this will be paid in blood as confirmed by Padre Pio himself when he said that they will beleive in Garabandal but too late.”

        THE WARNING will END THE RULE OF SATAN, and after that will be the MIRACLE in May 10, 2018.
        So 2018 is also 101 years after Fatima, I said to myself, this number 101 reminds me Akita where the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times between 1975 and 1981 but my question was why the Statue of our Lady cried 101 times, after some research, I am quite sure today that this number of tears from the Mother of God was telling us the number of Years of Mercy we may had before the Judgment of God, 101 cries as 101 years of mercy before the Warning from God.
        even Our Lady said to Conchita when Pope john XXIII died (1963), there will be 3 more popes until the END of TIME, but not the end of the world. Is the end of an Era, preparing us tot live in eternity. This is what Lord Jesus meant when He revealed to St. Faustina.
        We have to read the BIBLE too and see what the theologians said to interpret the TIMES – as Jesus said “ you shall know the TRUTH and the truth shall make you free. God said in the bible: “ My people die for lack of knowledge.”
        I don’t believe in numerology, but I see that what is written about the numbers from the Bible is true. Even St Augustine said that 11 is the number of sin and the significance of other numbers.
        God knew the END from the beginning and he expressed it with words – which in Hebrew represents numbers too. When He toldNoah how to build the ark, in those words transmitted the dimensions.
        Look what coincidences I just found in a Romanian newspaper with number 22 X (10) – John Paul II is known as the Divine Mercy pope, he fought for the Journal of sister Faustina to be recognized as coming from Jesus, made the Divine Mercy Sunday, he even died the evening before that.
        “The Evening of the Day” of October 16, 1978 was that, in Rome, the Polish cardinal Karol Wojtyla (1920-2005) was elected pope under the name of John Paul II; ascended to the Pontifical Chair on 22.X.1978; his election as pope was considered an exceptional event, since he was the first non-Italian Pope since 1522 (when the Dutchman Hadrian VI was appointed); his 26th pontificate (October 1978 – April 2005) is considered the third length in the history of the Catholic Church,” The funeral of Pope John Paul II was held on 8 April 2005, six days after his death on 2 April .
        So, maybe April – the 4 month, will be the Warning ( because in fearful phenomena), and on May- the 5 month, day 10 to be the Miracle; 5 is the number of GRACE, is the month of Mary ( she appeared on May 13 at Fatima), and also the name Noah means grace.
        Ten generations of man lived on the earth before the flood waters came and swept away all those who were disobedient. Noah, the 10th generation, was 600 years when he and seven other family members entered the ark.
        God gave the 10 Commandments to man. Ten therefore represents man’s responsibility to keep the commandments. A tithe is a 10th of our earnings and is a testimony of our faith in the Lord.
        “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the SIGN of the COVENANT between me and the earth.” (v.13) Here we see God’s mercy for he knows that every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. (Genesis 8:21) Yet He says, “NEVER again will the waters become a FLOOD to DESTROY ALL LIFE.” (v.15)
        This sign is the ARK of the COVENANT that will save us from the flood is Virgin Mary- as is the description of the Throne of God with the rainbow. That’s why all the hurricanes started after the solar eclipse on Aug 21 and the sign of Virgo Sept 23 as is written in Rev. 12: “ The women appear on the sky…”
        “And the one (God) who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. “ (Revelation 4:3)

        There will be PEACE, but only for those who give the 10th of their income sacrifice on the Altar – as Abraham and others gave to Melchizedek, received communion and they were defended by God. Our Lady also asked us to make sacrifices, pray the Rosary and make reparations for sins.
        I think the WARNING also coincides with the Ten Jubilee Prophecy.
        Rabbi Judah ben Samuel supposedly made an amazing prophecy concerning the future of Jerusalem that already has three accurate fulfillments from 1517-1967. The prophecy further predicts the start of the “Messianic end time” by 2017.
        The Ten Jubilee Prophecy
        here’s his prophecy translated and summarized from the original German by Ludwig Schneider (March, 2008 in Israel Today on page 18): “When the Ottomans conquer Jerusalem they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee it will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”
        In the Bible, the number 10 is used 242 times.
        Eight is the number of salvation.  It is the number of Christ, of the resurrection, and of the Second Coming.  The gematria of the name Jesus in Greek (the language of the New Testament) is 888:  a trinity of eights, the fullness of salvation!  As a matter of fact, every name identifying the second person of the Trinity is a multiple of 8 in Greek

  25. We must always remember that God’s time is almost always not our time. The Warning and the Miracle will come when God wills it. The time of Fatima is now here with the coming of Francis. The great test is upon each one of us. Calvary awaits. Debating and predicting the dates of Garabandal is futile. It actually brings disrepute on Garabandal. They come when they come.

      • I have just found out that Padre Pio told Father Amorth, when he was a young priest, a sort of prophecy in 1960 about Satan ruling the Church and a false church coming…this is the interview Father Amorth gave years ago.
        It’s been published after his death because it was a bombshell!

  26. We’ll know on Wednesday if it is this year or not when Conchita either makes the announcement for the Miracle or she doesn’t. We may not understand all of the details surrounding the Miracle but I wouldn’t give up on this year, 2018, until Wednesday has passed. Keep living the messages and God bless!

    • @Anonymous

      You don´t have to wait until Wednesday, because i know it today. There will be no announcement fromConchita tomorrow. 100%

    • Why Wednesday? May and June are still within the available time frame. Your commendation to ‘live the Holy Virgins Messages’ assume greater importance day by day. They should be the focus of our attention above and beyond everything else in these troubling times. Pray for Conchita as she prepares for what is soon to come.

      • You are absolutely correct JohnAU! I was still hopeful for Aviso and his date for the Miracle of 4/12/18.

        Conchita gave us more clues than we realize without saying very much at all, the rest is hearsay. In one interview in February 1977, she stated the Miracle was between the months of March and May .

        In another interview with Gay Byrne, she stated that the Miracle was between the months of April and June .

        So we can narrow it down to April or May if we want to, or as you have stated we can leave it as April to June because the evidence for this is clearer and more importantly as you have also stated Conchita needs our prayers.

        So we continue to follow the messages and keep praying.

      • In this case, as Conchita said to a group of Americans on Aug 10, 1971, that” the Miracle will take place on or between the eight and the sixteen of March, April or May.”, is very possible to be on May 10, 2018.
        Number 10 coincides with the Ten jubilee prophesied for Israel in 1215 in Germany (1517- 1917- 8 jubilees; 1917- 2017= 2, when Messiah comes), plus, on May 12 celebrate 70 years since Israel was reborn in 1948. As it is written in Garabandal Magazine about “Milagro”: “As soon the grils arrived at the pines, Loli mentioned the future chapel to honor St. Michael the Archangel, Protector of the People of God, i.e., the Universal Church, the “eschatological Israel”, they knelt, sang a hymn to St. Michael…”.
        So, there is still time for the Warning before May 10, and could be around the Divine Mercy Sunday, on April 8, because Jesus revelation to St. Faustina about the END OF TIME , and also Conchita wrote in letter on June 2, 1965 about the END of TIME:
        “ The Blessed Virgin told me on the first day of January that the Warning would be given before the Miracle so that the world might amend itself. This Warning, like the Chastisement, is a ver fearful thing for the good as for the wicked. It will draw the good closer to God and it will warn the wicked that the END of TIME is coming and that these are the last warnings… No one can stop it from happening.”
         The author Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual wrote in The Apparitions of Garabandal, it could coincide with the MIRACLE, but to me sounds like the WARNING: ” IMPORTANT NOTE—The printing of this book was almost completed when there came into my hands a prophesy by Sister Maria Faustina, a Polish nun who died during the invasion of Poland in 1938. The prophesy was written on February 22nd, 1931, and reads as follows:
           “The Lord manifested Himself to me today, and He said to me: ‘Before coming as the just Judge, I shall come as the King of Mercy. Before Judgment Day arrives, there will appear a sign in the heavens and over the earth. That sign will be the Sign of the Cross, and from each of the wounds in My hands and in My feet there will issue a bright light that will illumine the whole earth for a few minutes. This will be the END OF TIME.”
           Could this be a prediction of the great miracle of Garabandal, announced way back in 1931 ?”
        To me, this “SIGN in the heavens and over the earth” looks more like the WARNING.
        On May 10 is written on the calendar St. Damien de Veuster Shrine Pryer Guild Members’ Mass. Father Damien (Joseph de Veuster)
        Missionary priest, born at Tremeloo, Belgium, 3 January 1840; died at Molokai, Hawaii, 15 April 1889.
        His father, a small farmer, sent him to a college at Braine-le-Comte, to prepare for a commercial profession; but as a result of a mission given by the Redemptorists in 1858, Joseph decided to become a religious. He entered the novitiate of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary at Louvain, and took in religion the name of Damien. He was admitted to the religious profession, 7 Oct. 1860. Three years later, though still in minor orders, he was sent to the mission of the Hawaiian Islands, where he arrived, 19 March, 1864. Ordained priest at Honolulu 24 May of the same year, he was later given charge of various districts on the island of Hawaii, and, animated with a burning zeal, his robust constitution allowed him to give full play to the impulses of his heart. He was not only the missionary of the natives, but also constructed several chapels with his own hands, both in Hawaii and in Molokai.
        On the latter island there had grown up a leper settlement where the Government kept segregated all persons afflicted with the loathsome disease. The board of health supplied the unfortunates with food and clothing, but was unable in the beginning to provide them with either resident physicians or nurses. On 10 May, 1873, Father Damien, at his own request and with the sanction of his bishop, arrived at the settlement as its resident priest. There were then 600 lepers. “As long as the lepers can care for themselves”, wrote the superintendent of the board of health to Bishop Maigret, “they are comparatively comfortable, but as soon as the dreadful disease renders them helpless, it would seem that even demons themselves would pity their condition and hasten their death.” For a long time, however, Father Damien was the only one to bring them the succour they so greatly needed. He not only administered the consolations of religion, but also rendered them such little medical service and bodily comforts as were within his power. He dressed their ulcers, helped them erect their cottages, and went so far as to dig their graves and make their coffins. After twelve years of this heroic service he discovered in himself the first symptoms of the disease. This was in 1885. He nevertheless continued his charitable ministrations, being assisted at this period by two other priests and two lay brothers. On 28 March, 1889, Father Damien became helpless and passed away shortly after, closing his fifteenth year in the service of the lepers.

  27. Hi to everyone. Im reading this blog since some times but it’ s the first time i write here. Only a thing. Garabandal messages concer two sacraments : Eucharist and Priesthood. Late synod was about the first one( communion to divorced remarried) and the next about the second. I think the next synod( 18th) could be crucial. God bless you all and good Easter.
    Gigi. P.s. excuse for my english, im italian.

  28. Aviso. I said the Holy See because as you know Conchita gave Pope Paul the VI the date of the Miracle when she visited him in 1966. And he said “ Conchita I Bless you and with me the whole church blesses you.” I’m sure they or someone in the Holy See Knows the date from Pope Paul VI And told to be directly by Joey that that is the main reason the Church has not approved Garbandal yet. Prudently so too I may add. They have the date and are waiting for it to approve when it happens. That very wise in my opinion . Peace

    • This is the first that I have heard that the Holy See was given the date of the Miracle by Conchita.

      Can anyone else confirm this?

      In any event, what does “given the date” mean? Was Paul VI orally told the date by Conchita, or did she give him a written document with the date of the Miracle on it? If the former, then how do we know that any pope other than Paul VI was “given the date”? Even if the latter, unlike the third secret of Fatima which every Pope seems to have read, how do we know that any pope other than Paul VI read what Conchita gave to Paul VI, IF she even gave him something in writing?

      • Hi Anthony. She verbally told Pope Paul VI. He wrote it down and kept it. Again Garabandal is the only Apparition EVER that has a specific, concrete future date (The Miracle) which is the main reason Garabandal has not been approved by church yet. They are prudently waiting for the Miracle date to come. Easily then they will approve it with no hesitation when it comes to be. In God’s time and not a second before, on the date set by God it will happen. Soon, in my any many others opinion. Soon is all I now. And again my opinion. Peace!

  29. HI Aviso. Peace be with you and Happy Easter. You might be confusing me with someone else. I NEVER EVER said the Miracle would be on the date you “debunked” in your reply or have NEVER EVER posted any date anywhere. Why? Because I do NOT know at all. I believe it’s soon and I know of the the Pre Warning things I posted that must happen first. But again, I have no idea nor ever posted a Miracle date. God Bless you!

      • That’s Ok. Despite the details. Agreed or not the Warning and Miracle will happen at the dates known to God and Our Blessed Mother and the Miracle known by Conchita and the Holy See. We do agree it’s soon! But not
        This year.

        Peace be with you always and Happy Easter!!

      • Unfortunately the Hoy See does not know the year of the Warning as of the Great Miracle, I agree about Conchita but I will give more détails about it in 2020 until then let’s Pray, Holy Easter as well.

    • Dear all, I’m glad we are not reading any further false prophets’ comments on this website. The times are already confusing and challenging, there is no need to disorient ourselves with apocalyptic as well as pseudo visions. I know we must be prepared and be able to recognise the signs. However, I’m just wondering whether we have been carried too far away with our expectations regarding the Warning and the Miracle. It looks like we are still not there…yet.

  30. That the Warning did not happen yesterday, Good Friday, it gives me cause to wonder if the announcement from Conchita about the Miracle will come before the Warning. Perhaps it is even more sensible for it to occur in this manner. If Aviso is correct, and I still hope that he is, about April 12, 2018, then an announcement from Conchita could come on April 4. Divine Mercy Sunday is April 8 this year. As terrible as the Warning may be, isn’t it also an act of mercy that more souls may repent and turn to God? For myself, I hope to be in Garabandal for the week of April 12.

    • 3 things must happen First before the Warning. NONE OF those 3 things has happened yet and aren’t happening by next week or a week after. 1-A Pope must visit Moscow (upon his return hostilities will break out in Europe) and all will happen. 2.”The Warning will happen shortly after a Synod.” (1 sched for this Oct and 1 next Oct) Are any one of those 2 THE SYNOD before the Warning?
      Only God knows. 3.”At the time of the Warning it will appear as if the Church has disappeared.” (And things will be at there worst) Mari Loli. While things are bad in world today it’s not at its worst yet. Prayers!
      So the likelihood of the Warning and Miracle happening in next 2 weeks is Zero
      Simply live the message-“BE VERY Good-“Our Blessed Mother. “Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry,” St Padre Pio.

      God Bless you, Peace be with you and have a Blessed and Joyous Easter. Renjoice. Christ Has Risen and saved all of us !

      P.S-for full disclosure I am a Garabandalist for over 40 years, been there 3 times, met with 3 of the girls and worked with Joey and us group back in the 1970’s-the mid 1990’s. But who I am is not important at all. Peace!

      • Hi John my Good Friend, I confirm that you are a Great Garabandalist, let me remind you that your date was April 13 2017 which I debunked online so unfortunately I cannot confirm your things as well, just the Synod Yes I confirm but as you probably know I am behind this main information, so thank you again for the reminder.

    • Dear Claudia, NO Great Miracle this April 2018, de facto I was wrong for the Miracle date, this is not a problem at all for me, my goal is and was the Warning Year only, thank you.

      • And on which alleged year should the warning occur, according to your extensive researches?

        Happy Easter

  31. I just do not know what to say about this. I’m at a loss for words. Except to say, pray everyone for this man, Bergolio. Pray…we must pray for the Vicar of Christ NOW!!

    Pope Francis says, “They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.”

    If he says there is no, hell. Then Bergolio contradicts Catholic doctrine, contradicts Christ about Judgment. Contradicts the Saints who say they have seen hell with their own eyes, Padre Pio, St. John of the Cross, St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Avila…etc. etc. He contradicts the visions of our Lady of Lourdes, of Fatima, of Garabandal…etc. Bergolio by claiming there is no hell, we can then logically thus claim then their is no fallen Angel, Satan, and therefore Evil in the world does not exist, that therefore man is not fallen to sin.

    Pray for Bergolio this Holy week. Tomorrow Good Friday, pray for him. He is putting his soul at peril and may lead many other souls there with him.

    • Hi Mike,

      I am with you on this. I saw a news report on CNN where the Vatican tried to say that Bergolio (Pope Francis to others) was misquoted. But, as usual, this is just damage control.

      Hell is real. I myself had a vision of Hell when I was younger. It really changed me. I read some of St. Faustina’s work and it reminded me of the vision of Hell I had. It was very similar. It was a life changing experience for me that has brought me closer to Jesus Christ and God. By the way, God is in charge of both Heaven and Hell. It is God that sends bad people to Hell, not Satan.

      Happy Easter.


      • No the Catholic Church representatives are running around trying to claim that the pope was misquoted.

        I can understand, being misquoted once and thus learning of your mistake of not trusting the viper who misquoted you. But meeting 5 times with the same leftist atheist reporter, this sounds to me; more like a wink and a nod by the Pontiff to have this guy put-out what the Pontiff believes while at the same time giving him cover of “inaccurate” interview. Marxism Saul Alinsky 101…deception and subterfuge.

        Really Bergolio? How does a commie atheist misrepresent what you say after meeting with him 5 different times?

  32. Dear writer under the pseudonym Triumph of Mary (ToM) and Friends of Garabandal it is now time to draw a close to this topic of discussion between you. I do so without judgment of any individual or the validity or otherwise of topics raised. The discussion must now cease because this blog is devoted entirely to the Glory of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her messages for the World. It is not a vehicle for incidental self-promotion or glorification of any individual however well intentioned, and I am concerned ToM this is where you are in danger of heading. My advice ToM, is seek out and speak with your parish priest and confessor about these matters and do so with absolute candour, then follow his council to the letter. He will discern the nature of your experience and do so under the assured guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will know then the Will of God. I am going to remove the comments from everyone, even if what has been suggested may happen tomorrow happens. As I have said this site is about specific prophetic messages given to the world from The Mother of God, not messages from anyone else.
    God bless you all and please let us each remember all in our prayers

  33. Mick, well informed escathologists and theologians agree on that,..many people, it is not my conclusion, but I firmly believe on that, this is a TIME LINE do not forget that….to say that the Warning is AFTER the Great Tribulation (AntiChrist 7 year world government)… just clueless…..but reply back and let’s start a respectful debate on this topic.

  34. YOU Richard are either working togeather with this hoax prophet called “Triumph of Mary” or pardon me for saying you are very ignorant. For the “Trimph of Mary” either you are suffering from the serious case of psychosis or you are possessed and please go to catholic exorcist asap. Aviso why are you allowing this on your blog?

  35. The 3 days of darkness will occur just right before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (that is: a few years from now); so, don’t hold the breath…

  36. DO NOT CONFUSE “the tribulation or great tribulation” with a big war, epidemies, famine, revolutions, natural and cosmic disasters,…..those events are NOT the tribulation. Those are just “THE BIRTH PANGS”..

    The only, worse and last “Great Tribulation” is the 7 year world-technological dominance of a demon-person, called “the antichrist”, backed by all the power of the satanic forces – “For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again. “Matthew 24:21” – (We know that the antichrist will appear as a peaceful and humanist person but atheist, at the beginning)

    The antichrist will be finished by the CHASTISEMENT (Garabandal) sent by God (3 days of darkness) and the Second Coming of Jesus. “Whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of His mouth and abolish by the majesty of His arrival” 2 Thessalonians 2:8

    In my opinion somewhere between 2040 and 2060 (the latest) this sinful world as we know, will not exist anymore.

    “He will wipe away all tears from their eyes; there will be no more death, and no more mourning or sadness or pain. The world of the past has gone”.(Rev 21-4)

  37. During the days, months or around a year of the WWIII, the WARNING AND MIRACLE should be happening. (seems that WWIII is about to start in the next 3 years …things are really bad with Russian diplomats expulsed from E.U countries)

    The 3 days of darkness (Jesus in the Sepulcher) IS THE CHASTISEMENT OF GARABANDAL (final chastisement), and are supposed to happen years after (I would say 20 years) the WWIII. The time given by God between the MIRACLE and THE CHASTISEMENT are some years to see if humanity changes, if not, the LAST antichrist will rise for 7 years, the last and worse seven years of this world as we know it (the great tribulation) ending with the CHASTISEMENT (3 days of darkness) Resurrecting to the New World (Second Coming of Jesus).

    “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared now, and there was no longer any sea” (Rev 21:1)

    I do not know why people insist that the warning is after the great tribulation, this is non sense…

  38. “What about Medjugorje ? I said it thousand times online so again and I am sorry but to me evil from the beginning, here again to avoid at all costs” – This answer tells me everything about you. I was last year i Medjugorje. It’s holy place, full of God. It was my last visite on this website.

  39. 100% with you Pepe. Saints are human and they can be deceived as well. Father Amorth, one of the most famous exorcist, was a big supporter of medjugorje but this means anything really. Above all, he loved our Lady and saw her as our greatest protector against Satan. We should not worship special apparitions’ places or “versions” of Mary because this is idolatry. Having said that, we should move on really because we already discussed the matter quite exhaustively!

    • Thank you for your kind words Elena. As a fellow human being with flaws I will be making penance in the lead up to Easter. May Jesus Christ open our eyes and help us to see and think according to his understanding and not ours.


    • Yes, you are right Elena. Amorth was a great supporter of Medjugorie and he could smell evil for a distance. I also heard that there were many exorcisms during Holy Mass there. Father Basoborra who was indifferent first was asked by God to go to Medjugorie. He didn’ t know why. Later he learnt how important it is to pray Rosary. He learnt it in Medjugorie. He said this place was given by God.
      I am not personally focused on Medjugorie. I love all of them,Fatima, Garabandal,akita, however.I strongly do not agree to deny acts of Holy Spirit. Medjugorie is one of them and soon we will all be witnesses of it. Father Petar Ljubicic asures us that it will be soon.

      • Let’s suspend our judgement on matters we cannot be absolutely sure about. This not just to be respectful one another but to avoid to be judged too severely when the time comes. We should know the Truth quite soon, apparently! I will stay silent for all the Holy Week.

  40. God has revealed to me that on Easter, 18 o’clock (German time), the whole world will believe in God.

    God bless you,
    Triumph of Mary

    • Thank you for the reminder Peter, quite busy currently but do not hesitate to let me know if you feel that some comments are not Catholic, I will be off for a certain time but back online soon, thanks again.

    • Triumph of Mary OUT, Please pray for his soul, Peter will take care of the blog as of the comments until I am Back, so I count on you, thank you for your understanding.

    • Dear writer under the pseudonym Triumph of Mary (ToM) and Friends of Garabandal it is now time to draw a close to this topic of discussion between you. I do so without judgment of any individual or the validity or otherwise of topics raised. The discussion must now cease because this blog is devoted entirely to the Glory of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her messages for the World. It is not a vehicle for incidental self-promotion or glorification of any individual however well intentioned, and I am concerned ToM this is where you are in danger of heading. My advice ToM, is seek out and speak with your parish priest and confessor about these matters and do so with absolute candour, then follow his council to the letter. He will discern the nature of your experience and do so under the assured guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will know then the Will of God. I am going to remove the comments from everyone, even if what has been suggested may happen tomorrow happens. As I have said this site is about specific prophetic messages given to the world from The Mother of God, not messages from anyone else.
      God bless you all and please let us each remember all in our prayers

      • You look like a panicked immature Catholics, that have to “take care” of other catholics of the posts of a person that needs attention (ToM). If you are worried about the messages of ToM (which I do not believe in, allow me to tell you), you seem really weak in your faith. I do not care about ToM, but you also erased debates about the forecast of events of Garabandal. If you do not want “certain” messages in the discussion section, why do not you just block the comments section?. On the other hand AVISO, you seem to have a VERY HARD PRIDE and ARROGANCE talking bad about Pope Francis. At least until today he has not cancelled the Mass, He said the hell does EXIST. Even in a comment you wrote that people in Garabandal believe in Pope Francis…THAT IS OBEDIENCE AND OBEDIENCE IS A FRUIT OF A STRONG PRAYER LIFE, learn from that Aviso. You need it!.

      • Dear Arthur, You have no idea how others have suffered for their faith and their faith as a result has matured.

        Your are of course entitled to express a wish that some comments were not removed and you are also welcome to request the reinstatement of any specific comment you wish, but would need to justify why, and do so in the context of this web site’s purpose which has been clearly stated in my comments. And just for clarity it was me, not Aviso who removed the comments. If something has been removed by mistake, then at least give me or Aviso the benefit of the doubt and a chance to rectify it prior to criticising.

        A lot of tripe is blocked already Arthur. Some comments do pass through moderation by error, no system is perfect. Also there can be times when it is judged appropriate to allow opinions of others through that are somewhat eccentric. Once a clear negative opinion is formed by readers and commentators a decision may follow to have all the subject matter removed, this is what happened in this case.

        Aviso’s approach toward Pope Francis has always been open and honest, you don’t have to read his comments and you don’t have to agree with them. I am sure I speak for Aviso when I say he fully respects your opinion and that of others and does so without reserve. For my part I do endorse Aviso’s approach, in that Pope Francis, loved by God, a man who has devoted his life to the Priesthood has seriously betrayed the founding principal of his Office, i.e. safeguarding the faith according to Divine Revelation, the teachings of Christ and the Apostles, and, to preserve unity within the Church among all its members. He is failing badly and is destroying the bastions of faith as a result. He has instigated and therefore is fully responsible for promoting confusion across the world on what The Church teaches on matters of adultery, interfaith communion and the validity of idolatrous religions etc. He desperately needs our prayers and needs to reverse the damage he is doing, otherwise he and his supporters will finally be responsible for the near destruction of The Church and subsequent loss of countless souls.

        We are bound to obedience to the Office holder only when such acts, speaks and teaches in full conformity with the teaching of Christ. Are you going to be obedient to the Anti-Christ when he rises, simply because he sits on the Chair of Peter?

        God bless you Arthur

      • AVISO: “Pope Francis followers OUT”, what a whited sepulcher, God have mercy on your arrogant and ignorant soul, you in my prayers after all.

      • Dear Arthur, please do not hesitate to follow Francis as there is no hell according to him (probably the biggest heresy from a supposed Pontiff in the history of the Church) I am not worry for you, to me I prefer to stay with the Teachings of Christ so Pray for me as I will Pray for you, thank you.

  41. Dear Anna123,

    The conclusion presented by Michael @ The Pilgrim Center, San Sebastian de Garabandal is indeed correct.

    The evidence is everywhere. There is past evidence and there is current evidence. You need to be impartial and accept the conclusions of the experts in the Roman Catholic Church.

    Anyone who says that the Medjugorje apparitions and the seers has been approved by the Roman Catholic Church is a liar and has an agenda that is intrinsically evil. Unfortunately there are many well intentioned souls who have been tricked into believing in Medjugorje.

    This is very sad because these souls have been snatched away from the bosom on the true Holy Madonna, and in doing so have become apostates. There is even evidence that those souls who go to Medjugorje to worship there and see the seers become possessed by demonic spirits.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Jesus Christ will punish apostates and destroy the demonic spirits, even if he has to destroy the people who are possessed with them.

    The strongest criticisms of Medjugorje come from the Roman Catholic Church itself through the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and the exorcists. The fact that it comes from the exorcists who are experts in exorcisms is very important.

    Here is some of the evidence I obtained by simply doing a quick 5 minute google search:


    … in a May 2008 interview with Bishop Andrea Gemma from Gianluca Barile’s website Petrus…:
    “The apparitions of the Madonna? Completely false: the seers lie under the inspiration of Satan to profit economically”


    Bishop and exorcist Mons Andrea Gemma on Medjugorje says:
    “…It is an absolutely diabolical event, around which numerous underworld interests revolve … I’m referring to ‘the Devil’s dung’, to money, what else? At Medjugorje everything happens for the sake of money: pilgrimages, overnight stays, the sales of trinkets. In this way, abusing the good faith of the poor people who go there with the idea of meeting the Madonna, the false seers have set themselves up financially, they have married and live a wealthy life, to say the least”

    Crux reports that Bishop Peric has noted:
    “…the “apparitions” have been studied by several commissions: in 1982-1984 and 1984-1986 at a diocesan level, and in 1987-1990 by the Croatian bishops’ conference. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith studied the phenomena from 2010-2014 and again from 2014-2016. The local and national commissions arrived to the conclusion that there’s nothing supernatural to the apparitions…”


    Inés San Martín Feb 28, 2017 VATICAN CORRESPONDENT

    “Considering everything that this chancery has so far researched and studied, including the first seven days of the alleged apparitions, it can peacefully be affirmed: The Madonna has not appeared in Medjugorje!” Bishop Ratko Peri of Mostar-Duvno wrote on his diocesan website…

    “This is the truth that we support, and we believe in the words of Jesus: The truth will set us free,” he said in a message published Feb. 26 in Croatian and Italian.”


    • What about this? Both Mother Teresa from Calcutta (a Saint) and Pope John Paul II. (another Saint) believed in Medjugorje!
      You can’t discuss this away… The well-known (in Italy) founder of “Radio Maria” Italy, Father Livio Fanzaga, has given this testimonial: one day he encountered Mother Teresa in Rome, and they talked for a plain of 15 minutes about Medjugorje (that is: Mother Teresa was asking Father Livio to tell her everything about Medjugorje! She was listened very carefully, with an agreeing smile on her face. This is a historical fact! I have been in Medjugorje many times: if you don’t have been there, just stay quiet, you can’t know what’s really going on: it’s one of the most beautiful place on this planet, spiritually speaking!

      • Dear friends,we are actually actualizing Satan’s masterpiece, a deep division and a sterile discussion about the “real” Madonna! There is only one Mary. This website focuses on Garabandal and Aviso has the right to decide to keep other actual/alleged apparitions out. We are free to believe in the apparitions we like the most but we don’t have the right to fight for our “favourite” as if we were supporting a football club. After all, we should all be in the same “team”! God bless

      • Dear J.O.,

        You may not realise it but you have elegantly supported my argument. If what you say is true, then both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II were well intentioned souls who have been tricked into believing in Medjugorje without having the hard facts at their disposal.

        It means nothing that they are saints because they were granted this blessing long after they had died for leading holy lives based on scripture. They were human beings with human strengths and weaknesses like anybody else. I know of a nun who used to work with Mother Teresa. She had some unpleasant things to say about Mother Teresa in terms of some flaws in her character. But the point is Mother Teresa had a lot more positive attributes that balanced things out. In short, even saints have flaws. Only Jesus Christ and God are perfect.

        I happen to know that Pope John Paul II was aware of the events in Medjugorje. This is because the commissions on Medjugorje that took place in 1982-1984 and 1984-1986 would have reported to the Pope the conclusions of the investigation.

        Pope John Paul II was a kind soul and he preferred to be diplomatic when speaking to zealots who, no matter how much evidence you provided to the contrary, they would still blindly support Medjugorje. Perhaps such people who reject the evidence and the truth on Medjugorje are possessed with demonic spirits? Or perhaps they are disobedient Catholics who care more about their own convictions at the expense of the teachings of Jesus Christ? Yes, the Medjugorje messages contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is why investigations have been held and why the Roman Catholic Church as a whole reject Medjugorje completely.

        This blog is about Garabandal. We should talk about issues dealing with Garabandal. After all, the author of this Garabandal blog has made it clear where he stands in relation to Medjugorje. Why don’t you respect his wishes?

        Surely there are blogs on Medjugorje where you can discuss what you want to your hearts content. Perhaps you can start your own blog on Medjugorje?


      • One key element in determining if an apparition is of God or not [“not” having two possibilities: 1) the apparition is real but of the devil; 2) the apparition if a hoax and/or of human invention] is if the seers obey the hierarchy of the Church, including their parents. It does not matter if their parents or the local priest asks them to stop doing X or Y, where X or Y are not sins. If they display any sense of disobedience — any sense of usurping the legitimate authorities created by God — claiming that the apparition told them to do so, that is absolute proof that the apparition is not of God. NEVER ever did Mary, in any real apparition, tell any seer to do something contrary to what their parents, the local priest, or bishop asks of them. Never. Nor does any angel or any entity from God. (The reason God does not do this is that this authority structure comes from Him, and God does not contradict Himself. If He wants to take someone out of their position of authority, He has an other very permanent way of doing so.)

        At Garabandal, the seers were told not to enter the Church while in a state of ecstasy. They went right to the doors of the Church, but never entered. That is a sign of obedience to the Church’s authority. Yes, Our Lady was obedient to the Church in the Church’s realm of legitimate authority.

        It is my understanding that the seers at Medjugorie were told by the apparition to disobey the local bishop in certain instances. I do not have any citation to give here. This was told to me a long time ago. But if this is true, (I say IF) then Medjugorie is false. Then, if supernatural phenomenon can be shown to have taken place there (I have no evidence one way or the other) we can conclude that it would be false of type 1. If not, then false of type 2.

        It is important to remember that the existence of supernatual events alone does not mean that the events are of God. It even says in scripture that if an angel tells you to do things contrary to what is written in the Bible, then you should not obey the angel.

        Finally, when the Church approves of an apparition, it says that it is “worthy of belief”. This does NOT mean that you MUST believe it in order to be a good Catholic. It merely means that you COULD believe it and still be a faithful Catholic. It also means that you could disbelieve it and still be a good Catholic.

        Therefore, to those who are claiming that disbelievers in Medjugorie are of the devil are ipso-facto themselves being divisive because the doctrine of the Church allows for Catholics to be in good standing and disbelieve even Fatima, let alone Medjugorie or Garabandal!

        So, enough.

        Faithful Catholics are free to believe or disbelieve any apparition that has been formally approved of by the Church as “worthy of belief”; or, more exactly, are free to believe or disbelieve any apparition that has not been formally rejected by the Church (into this category goes Garabandal). Faithful Catholics are NOT free to believe in apparitions that have been formally rejected by the Church.

        I will leave it to others to decide if Medjugorie has been formally rejected or not. I am not up on those details. But it has not been formally approved, and neither has Garabandal, yet.

        Medjugorists, before you accuse someone of being divisive, know your doctrine. Or, it may be you who are being divisive.

    • Medjugorje has the power of the demons behind it because it promotes the false doctrines of this day and age. Ecumenism and religious liberty. It is unstoppable until fire falls from the sky.

  42. Dear All,

    I apologize for stepping in in this discussion, but I feel it is important. I follow this precious website since nearly one year, when I began to understand the importance of the apparition of Garabandal for our (end-)times.
    In general I tend not to comment to any post whatsoever: I believe this is my first time, actually.
    I decided to do this for two reasons: the first one is to invite everybody to put aside our personal beliefs and join forces to help each other to find the truth, at least to the extent that this is possible and allowed by God at the present stage: In this respect please stop criticizing and questioning our dear Aviso who has devoted his best energies and efforts to find out the truth and to share it with us and, as I understand, has payed, and is still paying, the price for that!
    The second reason is the following: I would like to provide my personal view on some of the issues recently discussed, in order to contribute to our common search for the truth.
    To the best of my understanding:
    – MDM is clearly a false apparition, as ascertained with authority, even if some elements of the messages are true (satan is, sadly, a master in deception…);
    – Vassula: I would be very cautious, even if I do not know in depth the phenomenon (and I do not feel the need to know it better than I do),
    – Medjugorje is certainly a true manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but satan has had the time and the ability to exploit some weaknesses of the seers (at least a couple of them) and the faulty absence of the Church to poison the efficacy of the messages and mislead partially the outcomes expected by Our lady. He has done that via the lust for money and material goods (nonetheless, in many respects, the core message of Madjugorje and Garabandal is, essentially, the same including for what regards the sequence warning-miracle-chastisements).

    Fortunately, the same poisonous attempts of satan were not as successful for Garabandal!

    I do not speculate on the dates (even if I believe as some of you that the current preferred estimate of Aviso for the miracle is a bit too near in time). In any case I am convinced, for a number of reasons that it would be too long to explain here an now, that the whole sequence warning-miracle-chastisements would be completed in four years from now at the latest.

    As regard the chastisements, I have grounded reasons to believe that they will be the effects of the approaching of some massive planetary bodies approaching fast our solar system, which are clearly described in Revelation and will be manifested in clearer and clearer details by the Holy Spirit in the near future.

    Some places like Garabandal and Medjugorje will be preserved. Thus I would reccommend anyone of you to think about possible ways to spend some time there (should I hazard a time frame now, I would say sometime between the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

    You all are, and will be, in my preyers. I hope you will remember me as well!

    In Our Lord Jesus Christ,


    • Dear Enrico, thanks for your comments. I agree with you, we should not fight against each other. None of us can be absolutely sure about the timing of future events. And yes Aviso, we already possess all the book we need, the Gospel. We should say as Jesus did « Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit. »…. and so our destiny

      • Dear Elena,
        Many thanks for your wisdom and spiritual impetus! This is, to me, exactly the attitude we must have to pass though the current phase of the story of the Catholic Church (the Spouse) which is presently called, by the Will of the Father, to follow mystically his Holy Master and Lover on His Calvary.
        Nonetheless, if the Lord gives us some signs via His Blessed Mother, as happened in Garabandal, they are certainly important and He probably desires that we deal with them with respect, love, thankfulness and WISDOM. In other words, we must act like the wise virgins who stored some oil…just in case…
        I mean that it is right and just, to a certain extent, to ask oneself about the timing and implication of Our Lady’s messages. Thus, thanks again, Aviso, for helping us collecting and sharing your ‘insider’ information.
        The important thing is, as Elena said, to feel that we are on the same side (EVEN MORE: we are, in fact, part of a single Body, the mystical Holy Body of Christ).
        God bless us all!!!
        Stay strong!!!

    • egisgisolen
      “warning-miracle-chastisements would be completed in four years from now at the latest”
      Four years is 2022. and the warning year is even. So the warning is eith 2018 or 2020. Aviso was told “before 2020” so He has to be right about 2018. I just suspect that it all happens suddenly. I am still with Aviso on this one. The lust for material things you mention is just a distraction don’t get all bothered about it, kids always go for toys.

    • Give at least two reasons why MDM is as you said “clearly false”. What is the problem with the messages? Bergoglio??? Why would Garabandal be true and MDM false…

  43. Thank you for your comment Triumph of Mary, what a Great Name, me I am Aviso only, contact me for more détails as well.

    Let be serious ! so I will use this comment to thank you again for your Prayers my Friends, many good news in my life recently, the Lady is Great, I should be back in Garabandal soon, please do not run after dates only, remember the Garabandal messages as well, remember also that I gave 4 possible years in this article, please be patient, you can get many answers to your questions about Garabandal on this blog, I wrote more than 100 articles about it, there is also 2 Schools in Garabandal, the real Garabandalist are from the School of Laffineur only, the Pioneer, the other School are those who links Garabandal to many fasle Apparitions and seers, those are not Garabandalist, please take care and stay with us, thank you.

  44. I agree with 2018, but you are wrong about MDM: every real catholic will believe the Book of Truth (MDM) RIGHT AFTER the Great Warning: this very event is described in most detail by the holy messages received by MDM. God bless.

    • That is True J.O. God bless. Now that we see the fruits of Bergoglio I dont know how can anyone doubt Book of truth.

    • Please no MDM on my blog, people how can you beleive in Something called the Book of Truth ? the only book of Truth are the Holy Scriptures and the Teachings of the Church, I am trying to be patient with many of you but some are really on the road to Perdition, please go back to your Catechism, read book of Saints, Pray your Rosary…ect…do not fell into the trap of these new visionaries, the so called MDM, Vassula, Medjugorje, Mark Mallett, Divine will, John Martinez and company, stay with Fatima and its continuation Garabandal, as I said 1000 times online, the last real Marian Appartion is Akita and Nothing else, the rest is not from God, please be sure of that, thank you.

      • Aviso,

        I don`t understand why you accept Garabandal and throw away others given by Holy Spirit. I mean Vassula and Medjugorie. You act against the Holy Spirit, be aware of this. There are saint people who examined those 2 ‘God gifts’ and accepted them as true. John Paul II read books of Vassula and blessed her. The same Ratzinger. Why do you deny them? For me it means you have no recognition what is saint and what is not.
        Pope Francis said Medjugorie wasn`t real for him and the case was given to be examined by Henryk Hoser, polish bishop who examined it carefully and admitted Medjuogire was real, it is a Confessional of Europe and there are amazing things happening where people are healed, confessed and brought back to life. People are converted from ateism to real catholic. In the Bible you have all how to recognise the real prophety. You will judge them by fruits and the fruit of Medjugorie is CONVERSION.
        Father John Bashobora was there and also admitted it is our Mother Mary who reveals to people.
        So many witnesses and only one Aviso who is against.

      • Anna,

        None of these apparitions that you speak of have been approved by the Church (including Garabandal, so far). Hence, anyone — any good Catholic — is free to reserve judgment, and even believe that they are false. Until, that is, the Church approves of them formally. (This holds true for Garabandal as well.).

        So, Aviso is within his right as a good Catholic to believe as he does with respect to Medjugorie, Vassula, and the others.

        To claim that his reservations are ‘against the Holy Spirit’ it to reveal your ignorance of the doctrine of the Church.


      • Anthony, Aviso

        in Poland we already know that Medjogorie is accepted by Catholic Church. As I explained previously Henryk Hosek, polish archbishop who examined it, approved it (it was his mission to do it) and in Poland, a few months ago all polish newspapers were telling about it. Now we are waiting for official letter from Pope Francis. I am not sure why he is waiting so long ……

        it is one of the links but in polish, I couldn`t find anything like this on other european webpages.,31349,wszystko-wskazuje-na-to-ze-objawienia-beda-uznane-abp-hoser-odpowiada-na-zarzuty-dot-medjugorie.html

        yes, I understand that Aviso has the right to be reserved against Medjugorie, Vassula etc but he has no right to deny it. On the contrary he is always doing it. Why?
        A person who has the Holy Spirit wouldn`t do it, sorry. It is better to say nothing than to deny.

      • Even in USA we know that Medjugorje is approved by Catholic Church. Few years ago, the deacon and his wife , from our St. Tarcisius Church, went there knowing that is approved. But when I told them about Garabandal, and gave them a leaf about the Apparitions, they had reserves because Vatican is still investigating. I gave leafs to the priests so they call people to pray the Rosary before the Mass, or after, as some Catholic churches do in Romania, but they ignored it.
        Some years ago I was reading many times about Medjugorje and I believe is true, but I have reserves that our Lady is still giving them messages every month or so.
        I never heard about Vassula, and I hope that Aviso is not talking about St. Maria Faustina who received apparitions from Jesus and gave the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, that Aviso wrote:

        “I denounced the so call and false seer Maria Divine Mercy as a group of different people from Ireland “

      • Medjugorje is authentic (I’ve been there many times); it’s simply the natural continuation of Fatima. When the 10 secrets of Medjugorje will unveil, it will be clear to everybody (with open hearts).
        Vasulla is FALSE (automatic writing can NEVER come from God, because it does not respect free,human will).
        Ave Maria!

      • To all defenders of Medjugorje:

        The judgement of the ordinary of the diocese (the local bishop) has always been the standard for approbation or condemnation of an apparition. In the case of Medjugorje, the Bishop of Mostar did something unique, powerful and significant.

        In this letter to Mr. Thierry Boutet (the editor of Famille Chrétienne), the ordinary of the Diocese of Mostar
        (Bishop Ratko Peric), in which Medjugorje is located, says he judges the alleged apparitions to be proven False and Not Supernatural.

        Mostar October 2, 1997
        Protocol Number: 1267/97

        Honorable Mr. Boutet,

        I am answering your letter of September 29, 1997 received by fax from the Nunciature of Sarajevo…

        On the basis of the serious study of the case by 30 of our ‘studiosi’ [academics] (well three Commissions), on my episcopal experience of five years in the Diocese, on the scandalous disobedience that surrounds the phenomenon, on the lies that are at times put into the mouth of the “Madonna”, on the unusual repetition of “messages” of over 16 years, on the strange way that the “spiritual directors” of the so-called “visionaries” accompany them through the world making propaganda of them, on the practice that the “Madonna” appears at the “fiat” (let her come!) of the “visionaries”,

        my conviction and position is not only non constat de supernaturalitate [the supernaturality is not proven] but also the other formula constat de non supernaturalitate [the non-supernaturality is proven] of the apparitions or revelations of Medjugorje.


        constat de non supernaturalitate means:
        – the non-supernaturality is proven
        – it is evident to be of non-supernatural origin
        – it is established not supernatural

        Incidentally, the local bishops of the following sites NEVER pronounced the type of condemnation we see in Medjugorje:
        La Salette
        Tre Fontane
        San Sebastian de Garabandal

        End of discussion.

      • What about Medjugorje from Father Gruner :

        My Comment : We all know that Father Gruner, known also as the Fatima Priest, did not have the Holy Spirit with him as well, my God, what kind of bullshit I have to support today with the fanatics of Medjugorje and company.

        Medjugorje the Great Marian Satanic Hoax from Malachi Martin :

        My Comment : here as well from Malachi Martin, known as a Great Exorcist and as a Vatican insider, one of the few around this planet having read the Fatima 3rd Secret…ect….

        Again, Medjugorje is evil from the beginning, with messages without any sense and full of hérésies, a shame to think a second that this could be from our Lady, built to oppose and stop Garabandal only, my Friends listen to me, run away from this Place and stay with us and our Lady of the Mount Carmel, thank you.

        Medjugorje hoax :

      • I confirm Maria Bolohan, I am one of those who had unmasked the so Called Maria Divine Mercy especially when she starts to link her false messages with Garabandal, I was myself in contact with MDM years ago until I expose her in Public, so thank you for the reminder.

      • to Michael @ The Pilgrim Center, San Sebastian de Garabandal

        seriously? you post a letter from 1997 year?

        Father Pio was said either to be demonic, the same Saint Faustina. Now they are saints.

        Our discussion has no sense if we start to argue. Remember this is Devil who wants us TO BE DIVIDED. The same happened to all Christians. We are all divided by him. We should be all united and try to find all things that make us THE ONE CHURCH. This is what Jesus wants us to be and this is what Pope John Paul II teached us about.

      • Very well said. And who can think that 2,5 million people go to Medjugorje every year if they are not inspired by the Holy Spirit? In 2004 I was in Romania and I wanted to go to Medjugorje, even tried to get train or airplane tickets, but they didn’t know which one will go there.
        Instead of arguing we could find someone to send money to start a TV channel Our Lady of Garabandal, so many more people could hear about the prophecies and change their lives in order to be saved.

  45. Sorry Aviso, but it can’t be 2018 – or anywhere near it. The seers were quite clear that the Great Warning would come at the end of the Tribulation – and would in fact end it. The Tribulation has not yet begun. If you doubt this, consider what the seers said about it. They made it clear that it would involve a violent persecution of the church throughout Europe, and that much blood would be spilled. It would be virtually impossible to say the mass.

    You need to be careful about making claims about dates, as this can cause confusion and perhaps even disillusionment.

      • Aviso – one day in your life you will and have to accept that Garabandal is a trap from hell.
        Further you will have to accept, that you were one of the idiots, that has promoted this bullshit.

      • Thank you for your comment Anonymous, there is also a price to pay when you promote Garabandal and insults are also part of it, what else to add ? Nothing.

    • I tend to agree Emmet
      The girls were quite clear about the two nights of screams – they were shown The Tribulation which Our Lady described as Communism and were told this would involve persecution by a Russian takeover. They said this was terrifying enough and was not even the Chastisement which would follow if mankind did not repent even after the Warning and The Miracle. The only Tribulation I consider is the one prophesied at Garabandal. It could still happen with a kind of blitzkrieg involving nuclear weapons that would be over quickly. It does not take much time to induce terror and suppression. Fr Pel, a mystic who visited Garabandal, prophesied the destruction of France and a nuclear attack on Paris. There is nothing mentioned in Garabandal about a seven year tribulation, Mick, either before or after the Miracle. We are told that the sick who are in Garabandal on the day of The Miracle will be healed. I wonder how many will have radiation sickness. The tribulation is natural, the Chastisement is supernatural,

      • I meant to say IMHO that is most unlikely that The Warning will happen this year – the pope has to go to Moscow first.

      • The Pope going to Moscow occurs « shortly before » something. You seem to think that something is the Warning. I recall it being the Chastisement/Tribulation.

        Does anyone have a citation?

      • I recall it being the Miracle. She said that the pope will see it from Moscow. And is normal that after they see and feel the Warning, the Churches will seek reunification.

      • So Maria and I are in agreement that it makes no sense that the Pope goes to Moscow before the Warning.

        He goes there either because he is convicted by the Warning that he needs to unite the Orthodox and Catholic Churches (before the Miracle, and maybe he is there during the Miracle), or he goes there because WWIII is about to begin and he seeks to avert it (WWIII being the Chastisement, so he goes before the Chastisement).

        Either one makes logical sense without any prophesy needed.

      • Joe

        Well the warning is hardly after the great tribulation. I think that Revelation makes that pretty clear.

      • It goes something like this among many escathologists,like Atonio Yague (Spain) Luis Lopez (Mexico). These are well informed people based on the Holy Scriptures, Saints Scriptures, and serious private revelations.

        1)THE WARNING: Happens among a WAR (Russia attacking Europe probably) and revolutions in most countries
        2) THE MIRACLE: Happens after some months of the Warning. The Pope will see it when he is outside the Vatican.

        Somewhere between 1 to 20 years after the MIRACLE, the Antichrist emerges as a peaceful figure, « restoring the world, economy, and bringing peace » of the damage caused by war, cosmic and sea tragedies. It is said that the antichrist will sign a peace treaty, when he signs that document, the 7 year tribulation will start.

        3)THE CHASTISEMENT: Will happen at the end of the second half of the 7 year world government antichrist tribulation, which is supposed to be the 3 days of darkness (supernatural event coming Directly from GOD), and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesuschrist.


        Today we are in the « birth pangs », when Our Lord was at the Mount of Olives (Gethsemane)
        Wars, revolutions and all kind of tragedies (including christians persecutions), will be the Passion of Our Lord; Arrest, Judgement, Scourging and Cruxifiction.
        3 days of darkness, Our Lord in the Sepulchre,
        Second Coming; Resurrection.

        677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God’s triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.

      • How does your eschatology comport with « In the end, my Immaculate Heart with triumph, the Pope will consecrate Russia, and there will be a certain period of peace throughout the world, and then the end shall come. »

        Where, in your eschatology, is the « period of peace » that Our Lady promises?

      • « « In the end, my Immaculate Heart with triumph, the Pope will consecrate Russia, and there will be a certain period of peace throughout the world, and then the end shall come. » »

        Let’s decode the phrase into TWO, (there are two parts in that phrase)

        1) THE PERIOD OF PEACE OUR LADY PROMISES: (certain period of peace throughout the world after Russian consacration) Could be AFTER THE MIRACLE, 10 to 20 years perhaps, for GOD to see if the humanity converted after the Warning and the Miracle. If humanity DOES NOT CHANGE, Chastisement will be sent…… Conchita Gonzalez declares in an interview that she may not live for the CHASTISEMENT, but their kids will…

        2) AND THEN THE END SHALL COME + « the Immaculate Heart will Triumph » (The end shall come AFTER the Chastisement), is that Our Lady is Co-redemptrix with Our Lord Jesuschrist (the Fifth Marian Dogma not declared yet). Our Holy Lady the Virgin Mary has a strong powder in the redemption of humanity and in the end of times. (Second Coming; new world, humanity restored as GOD’s plan before original sin.)

        « A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head » (Revelation 12:1)

        Humanity can not stress enough the importance of Our Lady and Her Role during these times. SHE BROUGHT JESUS TO THE WORLD 2018 years ago, SHE WILL BRING HIM AGAIN being CO-REDEMPTRIX WITH OUR LORD JESUS, after the Chastisement (3 days of darkness) Second Coming.

  46. Why did Conchita give the association the day of a boy saint (Saint Tarcisius) which is incompatible with the April Miracle month. And why is this just ignored. Does this not suggest some dubious prophecy claims? I sincerly hope not.

    • Hi Mick. Conchita on receiving the date of the Miracle checked it on the calendar. In the book Our Lady Comes to Garabandal by Joseph A. Pelletier, page 151 Conchita says “ what I can reveal is that it will coincide with an event in the Church and with the feast of a saint, a martyr of the Eucharist.” She has never named the saint, therefore any named persons that are proposed are purely speculative. The event in the Church she qualified (on August the 10th) as being a happy one.

      God bless

    • Hello.

      Look at what a commenter wrote in one of those links you gave us.

      « St Stanislaw’s feast day was moved from April 8th to April 11th by the Roman Catholic Church in 1969. So when Conchita looked at her calendar in 1963 she would not have seen his name listed for April 11th…

      “The Miracle will be on the feast day of a young martyr of the Eucharist, a boy who carried Communion to persecuted Christians. His companions, on seeing him pass by, wanted to force him to stay and take part in their games. Infuriated by his resistance, they ended up hurling stones at him until he was left almost dead. Later a Christian soldier came, who recognized him and carried him in his arms.

      One of those present exclaimed: Oh, that’s St. Tarcisius!»

      Conchita, without saying a word, as if she hadn’t heard, turned back to her pastries.

      After dinner ended and Conchita had left, those at the table exchanged their impressions. The oldest in the group concluded: It seems that Conchita saw this scene in an ecstasy, but without understanding what martyr it was. I don’t think she even knows his name. (L’Etoile dans la Montagne)”


      • Hello,

        I’m sorry but I believe we are going way off into the woods now. Guessing the day should not be the focus. We were called to make sacrifices, to do penance and to pray. That is what will save us, not guessing the correct day. If we fulfill our obligations the day does not matter. We will be prepared whenever it comes.

        As an academic exercise this is an excellent conversation but I do not believe that this should consume us. Focus on what the Blessed Mother has asked of us. Aviso has told us many times this is his opinion from his research, right or wrong it should not distract us from what was asked of us. We should be discussing ways of correcting the errors of our faith, how to disarm the heretics so they can not harm others, and bringing our own lives in more alignment with God.

        God Bless,

      • Arthur per your comment on March 13th you can research and download the 1960 & 1969 feast day calendars from the www.
        The 1960 Roman calendar had Saint Stanislaus on May 7th, however in Poland it was celebrated the next day on May 8th
        The 1969 Roman calendar moved the feast day of Saint Stanislaus, to April 11th, the actual date of his death

    • Hello Mick.
      See my most recent comment on this topic and accompanying link: (about 6+ minutes in from the start).
      Note particularly Conchita’s answer to the all important question about the month of the Miracle and her reply: “April,May,June adding; BETWEEN the MONTHS”.
      Her response is the only one that matters therefore all the rest are speculative.

      A saints feast day occurs on the date of his/her death. Before Vatican II, Saint Tarcisius would most likely have been a movable feast according to the old Liturgical Calendar.

  47. Does anyone else feel as I do?

    Every so often more arcane information pops up. Recently, it was that there is supposed to be a Synod before the Warning. Now we hear that the Pope must visit Russia before the Warning… It is impossible to keep all these pieces of the puzzle in mind.

    What is your take on this, Aviso: does 2018 still look like the Year of the Warning, possibly Good Friday?

    • Hi Richard, the Synod, known as a pre Warning is information provided by Mother Nieves Garcia, which you can watch at the below link.

      As for the Russia trip, I my self have no reliable source for this. What is interesting is a statement about communism and the confusion in the Church being very closely linked, for further information, see the below transcript from an interview with Loli

      God bless

      Fr. Pelletier: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs with your father and that you cried and cried for one hour. And that afterwards your father told her, “I have seen the most touching sight. Loli was crying all the time and she was saying, ‘Oh, its going to be like that? People are going to suffer like that? Oh, make me suffer!’ Do you remember what you said at that moment?

      Mari Loli: All this was related to Communism and what is going to happen in the Church and to the people because all these things are to have repercussions amongst the people because when the Church suffers confusion, the people are going to suffer too. SOME PRIESTS WHO ARE COMMUNISTS…WILL CREATE SUCH CONFUSION THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG.

      Fr. Benac: Since you are the one who knows the most about the Warning will you tell us: is this event to take place before the Miracle promised through Conchita Gonzalez?

      Mari Loli: The Warning is meant to help us see what we are doing, how much evil we are doing, how much pain we are causing God. Everyone will experience it wherever they may be regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God. It will take place all over the world. Yes, it will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world had come to a standstill, however, no one will not be aware of it as they all will be totally absorbed in their own experience.

      Fr. Benac: Do you know the Year of the Warning?

      Mari Loli: Yes, the “Year” but not the day.

      Fr. Benac: Do the others also know about it?

      Mari Loli: I don’t know if the others know the “Year”, but I presume so since we were so often together, and they had spoken about it on different occasions.

      Fr. Benac: But did you have any instructions from Our Lady not to pass this information to others?

      Mari Loli: No, She never told me not to do that, but I feel I shouldn’t say it for the present.

      Fr. Benac: So, if such is the case, what would you advise people in view of that uncertainty about the “date” and “year”?


      Fr. Benac: What Fr. Pelletier and I would like you to explain more clearly is the nature of the Warning. How do you sense it?

      Mari Loli: Yes, it will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world had come to a standstill, however, no one will not be aware of it as they all will be totally absorbed in their own experience. It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and pain for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the harm we are causing Him and all the evil things that we do. God will help us to sense that interior pain because often when we do something wrong we just ask with our “lips” for the Lord to forgive us, but now He will help us to physically feel that deep sorrow.

      Fr. Benac: Would you say that this Warning will be a help towards ones purification? And is there any correlation between the “Warning” and the “Miracle”?

      Mari Loli: Yes, the “Two” will take place within 12 months. The Warning will be a purification and preparation to return to God.

      • I read that the Pope visits Moscow shortly before the Chastisement. It has nothing to do with the Warning.

  48. Some thoughts concerning the Warning year and the date ofthe Great Miracle!

    Please read it, the Blessed Mother promised these things for the future. It`s also written down in the Book of Albrecht Weber.
    I personally don`t speculate with the date of the Great Miracle. Probably the main events of Garabandal may happen the next year.
    For me it is also possible, that we have to wait for the next ten years (10 years is just a symbol period for me, because I don`t know the timetable of Garabandal)
    But remember the page of the book of Garabandal and it`s the statement of Conchita ( I would highlite, that I personally wish her a very long timelife, 100 years and more) but in 1998 she said to the author, that when the chataisment will happen, she will not be alive. Now she is 68 years old!

    God bless you!

    Latest news at Garabandal. Three years ago Spanish government began widening the high way from Cossiyo to Garabandal village 4 miles and put street lights. We were wondering why this work all of a sudden. And last year Garabandal village Mayor has given a order to the 5 small hotels and 2 Apartment complex’s not to get bookings for the Great Miracle. Now this year Village Mayor has clean the surrounding area around the Nine pine trees and has put a fence around the Nine Pine trees as you know where the Great Miracle take place in the sky over these trees. Remember on these Pine trees where Our Blessed Mother always Appeared over 2000 times in 1961-65. Another event happen in many years ago due to lighting strike one pine tree died though these trees have seeds they die during the winter before the seeds mature. All of a sudden 3 years ago little pine tree began coming up from the ground. Something is going on here in Garabandal. This news has gone to the internet and Garabandal Journal and spreading like wild fire. Now remember year 2017 is going to be 100 years to the Fatima Apparitions that happen 1917. In 1978 when I went to Garabandal I stayed in Conchita’s (main seer at Garabandal) brother Serafin’s hotel. Serafin’s told me Great miracle will happen on a month of April and the word in the village is Eucharistic Martyr is St Hermangild. Holy Thursday will be on April the 13th in 2017. And on April 13th 2017 happen to be the feast of St Hermangild a Eucharistic Martyr (according to the Martyriology Calander before Vatican 11) St. Hermangild a French Saint beheaded in the prison because he refuse to receive Holy Communion from a Bishop not under the Pope. So in the DVD Conchita clearly say Great Miracle will happen on the feast day of a Eucharistic Martyr. And also Conchita has given a interview in 1965 to a German book writer and said before the Great Warning Holy Father will go to Russia(not in the DVD) but she did not say why. She said when he comes back the Great turmoil will take place in the world. If this dates are correct next year by this time we may hear from Vatican some news about the Holy Father’s visit to Russia. I am in contact with the village people by phone any further development I will let you know. In the mean time pray the Rosary for the whole world.

    • So much has still to happen that for now I cannot see 2018 as the year of The Warning. The good news is that we have more time to prepare if this is the case. Like a death, even if we are prepared for it to some extent, it will still come as a shock. We are told that some may even die of shock. We have been given so mamy chances but The Warning is the last. We shall see just as Joey will see. For now it seems to me that N Korea is playing for time and Trump is playing him at his own game. Hopefully it will buy time for us. Every little helps.

      • Of course my doubts for 2018 being the year arise from the interpretation that The Warning happens in an even year that will be the same calendar year as The Miracle. 2018 then could bring the start of Tribulation. Tribulation proper will get underway after the pope goes to Moscow. The Warning will cut short the days of Tribulation otherwise none would survive. The humility of her silence together with the example of her life continue to convince me that Conchita is our best light in these days. Her hands are already full of good gifts for Our Heavenly Father. And yet even she said she was afraid of The Warning. How much moreso should we be. Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

      • Isn’t it clear from the seers of Garabandal that the Warning comes before the Miracle, and both before the Chastisement? Where, the world will be given a period of time to repent between the Miracle and the Chastisement?
        So then, why is everyone speaking as if the Warning comes amidst the Tribulation, or amidst WWIII, as if the Tribulation, or WWIII, is something different than the Chastisement?

      • If 2018 can’t be the year, 2019 also can’t. I remember someone said that Miracle will not happen in Lent but in Easter time. If 2019 is the year, under the current major view it will be on 11 April but 2019 Easter will be on 21 April. So maybe we need to wait for more years?

  49. In Serre/Caux’s Garabandal book on page 255, it states that there will be a special synod after the Aviso. Mari Loli stated that she thought she was told that the Warning(Aviso) would occur either 3 months or 3 weeks before the Miracle and since synods usually occur in the Fall I wonder if the meeting being held in Rome regarding the October 2018 Synod is actually what was referred to in the book.
    The following is from an article in the National Catholic Register,
    ‘The synod will be preceded by a March 19-24 meeting of young people in Rome held by the Synod Secretariat to allow them to share “their hopes, doubts and worries ahead of the synod.” ‘…vitae-milestone-and-more-decentralized-church
    Maybe the Warning will occur before this meeting is finished, maybe exactly 3 weeks before April 12th on March 22nd.

  50. The fall of China’s space station could be the Warning, it will be like hurricane of fire and earthquake – like St. Padre Pio said. Maybe will fall on April 9 ( one day after the Divine Mercy Sunday), so on April 12 could be the Miracle. That’s why we should tell everybody to pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to be saved.
    Experts say it is impossible to determine where the debris will fall China’s space station, named Tiangong-1 after reentry.
    Tiangong-1 is the first space station built by China and weighs 8.5 tons.
    Now scientists say it is difficult to calculate exactly where the impact will occur, but it most likely will be areas in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
    Specialists Aerospace Corporation considers that remains space station will rejoin the atmosphere in the first week of April, to within a few days.
    Experts from the European Space Agency believe that Tiangong-1 will reach Earth between March 24th and April 19th.
    Fortunately, experts say the risk of someone being killed or wounded remains China’s space station is rather small, although not completely ruled out.

  51. One of the stipulations is that it comes soon after a synod. The next synod is in October 2018. Therefore, as much as I would personally like it, I doubt it will come in the next couple of months.

  52. someone here believes that the synod of 2018 will be the resumption of the previous one, where the schism almost occurred. I apologize for the lack of eloquence in the texts because of my bad English

  53. Elena thank you for passing on this information, very much linked to Fatima. That is in terms of explaining the family type that Satan most wants to destroy in his final and decisive battle against Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    God bless

  54. Does anyone know about the apparitions at Ghiaie di Bonate, Italy? I live in the UK now but I was born in a little village near the place where the Queen of Family (this is how our Lady presented Herself) appeared to a little girl from 13th May 1944 (please note the numbers: same day as Fatima, always at 18 PM, and then the year, 1944= 18!). If you are interested, please go to this website:
    There were 13 apparitions and the symbolism around them is really impressive (especially the 9th one). At the last apparition, 350.000 people were present and the miracle of sun occurred like in Fatima. Countless miraculous healings happened as well. Aviso, please have a look. It doesn’t really add anything new to what we already know. However, because the Church tried to hide these apparitions, I believe it’s my duty to make as many people as possible aware of them. They are also called Fatima’s epilogue.
    Miserere nostril Domine

  55. Dear Garabandalists!
    I would response on the comment of Athony. Athony, you are absolutly right. Millions of abortions, gay marriage, no respect of the Eucharistic, celebration of modern mass…….that`s the apocalyptic message of Garabandal.
    All for the Glory of God

  56. Not sure if you’re familiar with William Tapley but he just did a video whereby a woman advised him that the Warning would occur this month and the miracle would occur in April. He did not give out her name – only her spiritual name – Maria Stella Jesu (not sure if spelled correctly). Do you have any opinion on this?

    • In context of the ongoing speculation on timings, take as an indicator the phrase given by the Garabandal Seers, ‘when things are at their worst.’ Such I don’t believe can be judged as the case today, and I suggest the phrasing doesn’t mean a day or week when things are suddenly at their worst, but rather a building toward an intolerable situation across many facets of living when we imagine things couldn’t get any worse. I don’t see that being next month.

      God bless

      • I have thought about that too, Pete.
        However, I would like to make a counter point: When heaven says ‘things are at their worst’ it does not mean that we will be without material things but that we will be without spiritual necessities.
        In light of this current papacy, abortions in the tens of millions each year worldwide, rampant divorce, gay marriage (the only time in history), transsexuals, material and physical persecution of Christians everywhere, the lack of a SINGLE confessional state (I bet half of you reading this don’t even know what that is) any where in the world — from Constantine until 1918 there was always at least one, and the fact that only 5% of Europeans go to Church anymore, let alone that the vast majority of the young in the US have lost the faith, and the lukewarmness of those who still have it: from a spiritual perspective things may just be ‘at their worst’.

        Sure, theoretically they could get worse still, but I have a hard time thinking about how, other than more of the above. More physical persecutions, but usually that causes the average person to change their view, which is what we have begun to see in the US with respect to forcing Christians to bake cakes and other such nonsense.

        There has to be room left for a recovery; there has to be a few of us remnant still left to help rebuild the Church after the world hits a spiritual bottom. In other words, the spiritual bottom for the world is not the same as zero. From zero there is no recovery.

        Like with the stock market, you don’t know when the bear market has hit bottom except in hindsight. I think that, when the Warning happens, the spiritual state of the world will begin to turn for the better. And so, looking back in time to the Warning, it will be clear that it was then at the worst.

        The Warning will turn things around. If it does not happen now, then obviously things will continue to get worse because, by definition, things will be at their worst when the Warning happens.

        My point is: it is sufficiently bad right now that I would not be surprised if this is ‘the worst’.

        If I was a betting man, I would bet that if we are not at the spiritual bottom, we are very close. And this gives me great hope. That’s right. To think that we are at or near the spiritual bottom gives me hope that it’s up from here — the world will begin to be a better place for my son and others in the next generation to live in.

        This doesn’t help predict the date, just that it could be anytime now. I would not have said the same prior to recent events — gay marriage for one. In the US, that ruling was June 26, 2015. In other countries, also very recently. So, it’s been only a few years ( a very short time in historical terms) that we could say things are ‘at their worst’.

      • Hi Anthony.

        One cannot dispute your analysis of the current situation, but place it in context with the horrors of the 20th Century or the sorrows of the first three centuries of Christian persecution and our situation is far from being at its worst. In Europe as in America we can still practice our faith in relative peace.

        Some food for thought: The Anti-Church is in formation both within and without, but not yet fully realised, widespread communism is yet to return (as a form of totalitarianism of which the gender agenda, abortion and euthanasia are principal pillars, civil liberties, freedoms and rights that must be embraced by all without exception or else!), we have yet to reach a stage where attending Holy Mass will be difficult in all places, when the rosary will be our only comfort, when the apostasy will be eveident everywhere, when we can discern that world circumstances point to the immanence of a Pope’s martyrdom. I hold the view all these things must come to pass first, to a lesser or greater degree, disasters both spiritual and material before things can be at their worst.

        I sense with with you and with the many that the momentum of events is gathering pace daily, in the Church, in politics (think of Anti-Church agendas in Canada, France, China the UK to name but a few) and in nature. It’s soon, very soon but not this April.

        God bless

      • Pete,

        I am not an historian, but the little that I do know shows that far far fewer Christians were persecuted in the first 3 centuries than have been persecuted in the last 100 years. Sure, the way in which they were killed was more public and we think more gruesome. But, the 21 Egyptian Christians who had their heads cut off in Libya, along with God knows how many killed by ISIS that the news doesn’t even report, plus the millions killed by the Communists in the 20th century, makes the first 3 centuries pale by comparison.

        That being said, you are correct that things can get worse — the Mass can be made illegal in most places, etc. as you indicate. (Although, some Traditionalists would say that that refers to the Traditional Mass. If they are right, then we are at that point already….)

        If you are right, then we are another 10 years off. The 2029 date comes to mind. I have always equated that with the Chastisement and not the Warning. (Things may appear worse during the Chastisement, but it will be a cleansing, where those with eyes to see will recognize that the Church will be victorious. It will be a time of hope. It is worse now with little hope.)

        The reason I believe the Warning will take place within the next couple of years if not this year is because of the Joey Lamancino promise. Our Lady promised that if he did X, Y, Z, that she would restore his sight on the day of the Miracle. As you know, he died back in 2014 at the age of 84. Clearly, he did not do X, Y, and Z. However, had he done so, Our Lady would have fulfilled her promise. It is difficult for me to believe that Our Lady would make a promise to someone that could only be fulfilled when he was 100 years old. In 2020, he would have been 90. To me, that’s about as far as this could be credibly pushed. Sure, heaven could have kept him alive until he was 120, but that’s a very low probability possibility. Even 100 is too long for my taste. Hence, either we disregard entirely the Lomancino promise as a hoax (I am happy to go there…), or the Warning must take place by 2020.

        Our Lady answered: « When Communism returns » to what question: « When will all this take place? » or « When will the Chastisement take place? »

        In any event, a good argument can be made that Communism largely disappeared from 1991 until 2008, and has returned in America, Canada, and other places since then in the form of cultural Marxism.

        Enough said. We will find out soon enough. I have better things to do than to speculate about some future event.

      • Hi Peter, Anthony is right for the “when things are at their worst” but you also as it looks that April 2018 is too close to get the Great Miracle, what I can add and this is a first hand source but regarding the Warning Year only, I was informed few years ago of an important detail and I will add it for the first time online as below :

        Aviso : You know the Warning Year ?
        Source : Maybe
        Aviso : I was informed that you could be aware ?
        Source : I cannot talk
        Aviso : I understand
        Source : Thank you
        Aviso : Can you just reply with Yes or No ?
        Source : About what ?
        Aviso : Is the Warning Year before the Year 2020 ?
        Source : Yes

        Garabandal summer 2015

        My Comment : To me The source is very good, probably the best one (around this planet) within the Garabandal Cause, I promised never to talk about it online, today I decided it was time to talk about it, thank you.

      • Evening Aviso

        A full reading of your 2018 article and your latest brief on timings make clear that The Warning must be this year (an even year before 2020) and The Miracle on April 11th 2019 because both events are within one year of each other (not necessarily the same year). O shared belief they will occur close to each other, suggests The Warning will take place toward the latter part of 2018.

        Interestingly, 2018 began in January with a Blood Moon and was also the month of a Blue Moon. 2017 saw the constellations converge to depict the Virgin of Revelation and also had its Blood Moons and Eclipse of the sun.

        The heavens proclaim the Glory of the Lord

        God bless

      • Hi Pete.
        Worth remembering that prior to the Warning must come the Communist Tribulation. Its at the end of the Tribulation that things will be at their worst and the Warning will occur. Recently announced weapons superiority by Russia greatly increase the likelihood for wider conflict along its border with the Ukraine and elsewhere. Invasions of any sort arise from a position of strength; where the odds of success are with the aggressor and happen suddenly: when least expected.

        Any pre-conceived idea concerning the month for the promised Miracle has to be weighed against what Conchita had to say about it. (about 5 minutes in from the start).

      • Indeed Peter but let me add just few words, “no necessarily the same Year” could mean also the same year, I was also informed that Both Events, the Warning and the Great Miracle might be very close each other, in my opinion the Warning will happen 8 Days before the Great Miracle de facto the same day of the announcement of the great miracle day by conchita, I have also debunked this Rumor about a Warning during an even Year, this false Rumor was not confirmed to me during my last stay in Garabandal last December via some very good contact I have in the village.

        Let me conclude that a new World War might happen this year 2018, here as well to me the source is very good.

        God Bless

      • Aviso,
        One point about a third world war — I thought that the seers of Garabandal said that there won’t be a third world war in the manner of the first two. Or, if not them, then some prophesy that has been approved of by the Church. Forgive me for not remembering where I got this from.
        In any event, the Chastisement certainly will involve some type of world war. But it appears that it will be more of a civil war type of situation than a war between nations. It will ultimately be a culture war that gets bloody. I believe that various prophesies indicate that, but we don’t need prophesy to reveal to us how that can be so throughout Europe.
        But that is the Chastisement, which is after the Miracle.
        I maintain that the meaning of ‘the worst’ when the Warning occurs refers to the worst spiritually, not physically. I highly doubt that a world war will break out before the Warning.
        In fact, a war often brings out the best in people. And it turns many to God because they have no other place to turn. When the next major war begins, it won’t be the worst spiritually any longer.
        It is precisely when people have all the material things that they want that they think they don’t need God; That is the worst spiritually. They think that technology will solve all the worlds problems, and then laugh at religion and those with faith. That is the worst spiritually, and that is where we are now.
        Whether the Warning takes place this year or next, it’s all basically the same ‘worst’ when seen from a longer term perspective.

      • Hi Anthony,

        About the 3rd WW, I debunked this false Rumor as well, in other word to a question about the cuba missile crisis, the seers were worried about a possible war,and asked the Lady of the Carmel if there would be a new War, the Lady answered No de facto her reply was related to the Cuba Missile crisis only and not about a possible WWIII in the future.

        My personnal research about the Fatima 3rd Secret confirms a WWIII like most of the Fatima Scholars, de facto our Lady cannot deny in Garabandal what she said in Fatima, thank you.

      • Yes, I agree that there’s going to be something like a third world war.
        My point was that it won’t happen before the Warning. It’s called “The Chastisement”.

      • This is my understanding also Aviso. I am aware that one of the postulated secrets of Medjugorje, (No.7) was said to be about WW3 and was cancelled as a result of the many conversions in that place; this may be your original source Anthony. Please note I don’t subscribe to Medjugorje. In terms of WW3 in the very near future, I hope not, but a war of sorts perhaps. I read somewhere recently, which I cannot verify the truth of, that Saint Pope JP11 confided to a trusted friend, a vision concerning a war in Europe between the West and Islamists, that he saw the conflict breaching even the walls of the Vatican.

        Might I also add my undstanding of ‘The Chastisement,’ if you are refering to the end times Anthony, it is a supernatural event coming directly from God not the action of man, although leading up to this there may be tribulations consisting of a world war and persecution.

        God bless

      • No, my source certainly would not have been Medjugorje. I don’t follow that and never have.
        As I said, what will be WWIII is called the Chastisement. And that comes after the Warning, not before.

      • You are right Pete, the phrase “when things are at their worst”, I think it means that the warning will come when the world will be in a huge chaos (revolutions in many countries) and a big war in Europe (Russia and Turkey (maybe) invading Europe, especially Italy). I do not see the Warning coming not even this ending decade, but the next, somewhere between 2020 and 2025.

  57. March is the month dedicated to St. Joseph, protector of the Church and the Holy Family and, according to Pope Pius XI, the Saint we should call upon to defeat atheistic communism. He brought me back to the Catholic Church 2 years ago. I still praying him the Holy Cloak novena. If you can , try it, it’s so powerful. St Joseph is also the protector of Mount Carmel.

  58. I appreciate your interest and effort to present factual and reliable information concerning Garabandal, but there are two issues that need to be brought to your attention. The first one concerns your misunderstanding of the “Divine Will Movement” The second one, which most likely flows from the first, concerns the Warning being in an even year. First, he “Divine Will Movement, as you label it, is not a movement, but the finality of the Church and every soul for which Christ died. Let me direct you to a good source that has the approval of the Holy See and the theological faculty of a Pontifical University in Rome, the Gregorian, which houses most of the theologians who work at the Vatican: “The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta” You can download the book on Amazon for about 10 dollars. The name of the theologian who wrote it–a labor of love for more than 10 years–is Joseph Iannuzzi, STD (Doctorate in Sacred Theology).. This comes from the heart of the Church and when it was published (2013), every bishop in the United States (and over 200 in Europe) received a copy. If you read it and understand what our Lord is saying about His Divine Will, let me know and I will you to tell you why the Warning will be in an even year.
    God bless!

  59. “As you know and in my opinion, the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably close each other, maybe even the same week because if it is not the case, anyone with a minimum knowledge about Garabandal will be able to get the Great Miracle day if the Warning happens months before it then Conchita will have been of not use and be sure that was not the wish of Heaven, on the contrary !”
    This is very interesting what you said about Conchita, but keep in mind that Warning will be very stressful event and it will take weeks before world will get on its feet. Justi imagine the whole world will stop and everyone will see its own sins, like Our Lady said to fr Gobbi, “it will be like a small judgment day” (message date 22.5.1994.). having that in mind I dont see how anyone could get to Garabandal to see miracle if it is only few weeks after, probably couple of months later will the Miracle occur.

    God bless

  60. Hello, do you think it is possible that the true date of the martyrdom of Saint Tarcisius coincides with the date of the martyrdom of St Stanislaus? For in this case the miracle would occur on April 11 and would be related to St. Tarcisius

    • Yes it’s possible, the Description of the Martyr was given to Conchita by the Lady of the Carmel herself, this Description match without a possible doubt Saint Tarcisius, de Facto only Heaven and the Seer knows when Saint Tarcisius died exactly, probably between the 8th and the 16th of April.

  61. I came back to your site because for the past few months I cannot stop thinking about the date of April 18th. However, I don’t know why this is. I initially thought it might have something to do with an event happening here in the U.S., but I’m not sure. This same thing happened to me just prior to last year’s Mexico City earthquake, but in that case I knew it was going to be an earthquake somewhere in Mexico. So now, after reading your various predictions on Garabandal, I’m thinking that the date in my mind might have something to do with Garabandal, or possibly one of the other Marian locations. I can almost always sense when something disturbing is going to happen, but I can’t always know what it’s going to be. I’m telling you though, you might be right about April 2018.

  62. The Eucharistic Martyr is Francisco Marto died April 4 1919. How can you not know this? His whole suffering was to console the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. The Heart of Christ is the « Eucharist »

    • For your information, I am receiving these kind of non sense daily, I will let some of them online and still about 5 new Garabandal Great Miracle Dates each year, the last one : the Garabandal Great Miracle in 2029 in relation with Fatima and the Year 1929 when the Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia, the Famous 100 years, it means in 11 Years, after 5 years with Francis, we are seeing the damages daily, imagine another 11 Years, come on !

  63. Is possible the Warning to be on 2/22 because on this date, Jesus manifested to St Faustina and said that will come the END TIME, as Our Lady prophecied also, plus on 2/22 is the Feast day of the chair of St. Peter, and we have two Popes. and is the collision of two stars. So, after that could be the Miracle in April 2018, like Aviso said.

    The author Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual wrote in The Apparitions of Garabandal, it could coincide with the MIRACLE, but to me sounds like the WARNING: ” IMPORTANT NOTE—The printing of this book was almost completed when there came into my hands a prophesy by Sister Maria Faustina, a Polish nun who died during the invasion of Poland in 1938. The prophesy was written on February 22nd, 1931, and reads as follows:
    “The Lord manifested Himself to me today, and He said to me: ‘Before coming as the just Judge, I shall come as the King of Mercy. Before Judgment Day arrives, there will appear a sign in the heavens and over the earth. That sign will be the Sign of the Cross, and from each of the wounds in My hands and in My feet there will issue a bright light that will illumine the whole earth for a few minutes. This will be the END OF TIME.”

    Could this be a prediction of the great miracle of Garabandal, announced way back in 1931 ?”

    To me, this “SIGN in the heavens and over the earth” looks more like the WARNING

  64. Thank you, Aviso, for your years of study and reflection.
    2018 could be the year of the Warning. However, I am confused about St. Tarciscius being the Eucharistic Martyr because his feast day is the same day as the Assumption, August 15th.
    In any case, I am convinced that Francis is the False Prophet who will point out the Antichrist.
    Based on orthodox prophetic books I have read regarding the Apocalypse, the timeline could be: The Warning, World War III, The Schism, the Arrival of the Antichrist, Persecution.
    In Our Lady, may we all persevere in the True Faith.

      • Thank you, Aviso, for your speedy reply…

        I did read your thoughtful article, and let me submit my interpretation of it per St. Tarciscius:

        The Great Miracle is supposed to be on a Thursday in April on the feast of a martyr of the Eucharist, possibly St. Tarciscius, but his feast day is August 15th. It seems to me that you are speculating that if we knew the day he died that would be his actual feast day, which may have been in April?

        In Queen Mary of the Angels, blessings.

      • Yes I confirm Richard but I still have a problem with Saint Tarcisius, why ? well if the year 2018 is not the Year of the Great Miracle (apparently we are too close to April to get the Miracle this year which is not the case for the Warning as we still have time, in other word my goal was not to get the good Great Miracle day as this was indicated to conchita only by Heaven but the Warning year only, by getting the good warning year de facto we can get the Great Miracle day) then the Year 2019 might be but April 11 2019 is the feast day of Saint Stanislas, this is the Martyr choosen by Maria Saraco for years and the only Garabandalist in my opinion having the necessary knowledge and experience to give us something credible then she would have been right and not me but I’ll still be happy because in any case she deserves it much more than me.

      • Thank you for that clarification, Aviso.

        I do concur that– given the state of the Church and the world and that the Warning must be in an even year– 2018 looks very plausible.

        Your website is the very best on Garabandal!

        Let’s keep praying our daily rosaries.

      • Maybe someone can clarify to me how you know that the Warning must happen in an even year.



      • Hi Anthony,

        This was a false Rumor, I debunked it during my last stay in Garabandal as indicated online just after my stay, the Warning Year has Nothing to do with an even or odd Year, de facto both are Possibles, this Rumor came from a Bad book about Garabandal, I won’t give any name online (but it’s related to the so called divine will heresy and company) then some incompetents, the famous Pope Francis Garabandalists, spread this false Rumor online for years, it’s also my mistake as I was not able to debunk it before so I believed it also for a long time, in other word we must know and not forget, if we have false friends of Fatima, we have also false Friends of Garabandal and their common point is modernism, simple as that.

        PS : As you know and in my opinion, the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably close each other, maybe even the same week because if it is not the case, anyone with a minimum knowledge about Garabandal will be able to get the Great Miracle day if the Warning happens months before it then Conchita will have been of not use and be sure that was not the wish of Heaven, on the contrary !

  65. There is no blow to the hope of the faithful with the death of Joseph Lomangino. And the Apparition is true.


    The Beginning of Knowledge

    …5A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel, 6To
    understand a proverb and a figure, The words of the wise and their riddles. 7The fear of the LORD is the begin-
    ning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.…

    Many believed that Joey would receive new eyes. This was a riddle and it is time for the faithful to know the

    1 Corinthians 2:6-16

    Wisdom from the Spirit

    6 Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this
    age, who are doomed to pass away. 7 But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed
    before the ages for our glory. 8 None of the rulers of this age understood this, for if they had, they would not
    have crucified the Lord of glory. 9 But, as it is written,

    “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,

    nor the heart of man imagined,

    what God has prepared for those who love him”—

    10 these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of
    God. 11 For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one
    comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received not the spirit of the
    world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God. 13 And we
    impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those
    who are spiritual.

    14 The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not
    able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. 15 The spiritual person judges all things, but is
    himself to be judged by no one. 16 “For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But
    we have the mind of Christ.


    Joseph means: “He will add”

    Lo means: “The” in Italian

    Mangino has no meaning as it is- it derives from the name: Mancino.

    Mancino means: “Left handed person”.

    Joey’s name and what was said of him is actually a hidden message, a mystery and riddle of God. It is to be re-
    vealed now for, the time is at hand.

    The message in this riddle is: “New eyes will be given to the left handed person.”

    Who is the left handed person? Scripture reveals: MATTHEW 25:40-42 (The Sheep and the Goats)

    …40And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine,
    you did for Me.’ 41Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal
    fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and
    you gave Me nothing to drink,…

    The left handed person is he who is at the left hand of God. They are the accursed ones. They give nothing, they
    contribute nothing and their works come to naught!

    They are of the wide path and many follow their wanton conduct.

    The meaning of the flaming square and triangle with the eye. The square means symmetry. Since God is a God
    of order there is balance and symmetry which is of His kingdom. The Kingdom of heaven is going to overthrow
    the rulers of this world and its current darkness. They are going to be given sight of the Lamb on the throne.

    They are going to feel His wrath, THE RETRIBUTION OF THE LAMB= REVELATION 6:12-17.( READ)

    This will occur when the sealing 144,000 of Rev.7:1-8 occurs. This is currently happening and will soon be
    complete. This has to do with the Rev.12 sign that appeared and concluded over Israel. The flaming squareand
    the triangle with the eye, is the Masonic, Illuminati,

    OCCULT symbol . It is on fire because the Lord is going to destroy and cosume them. This ruling body who
    practice this occult garbage are going to receive a BLOW TO THE HEAD! The falling away of many kingdoms
    and their Masonic Rulers is at hand.It is revealed in the Song of Mary, THE MAGNIFICAT. The Bride will be
    preserved= the CHURCH, THE ELECT. This will be an exodus type event, but global. All of which in the end
    is about Israel. In Revelation 6, it says “hide us from the FACE of Him Who sits upon the throne” This is the
    sight given them right before His wrath. All will know the Lamb is God. For those who see the Son, see the Fa-
    ther. This is a terrifying vision, NOT Christ’s second Coming, a terrifying APPARITION!

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