Vote Trump D DAY

Vigano Trump 1

Interview by Francesco Boezi with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop Viganò, why did you write a letter in favor of President Trump?

On August 14, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI let me know that it was his conviction that at that moment my providential position was the Nunciature in the United States of America. This is what he wrote to me: “I would like to tell you that I have reflected and prayed with reference to your condition after the recent events. The sad news of the passing away of His Excellency Archbishop Pietro Sambi has confirmed in me the conviction that your providential position at this moment is the Nunciature in the United States of AmericaOn the other hand, I am certain that your knowledge of this great country will help you to undertake the demanding challenge of this work, which in many ways will prove decisive for the future of the universal Church.

My official assignment in that immense and beloved country has ended, but the challenge to which Pope Benedict referred to almost prophetically, and in which he chose to involve me, is still present more than ever; indeed, it has become ever more dramatic, taking on tremendous dimensions: the destiny of the world is being played out at this hour precisely on the American front.

Now that I am free from my official assignment, the inspiration confided to me by Pope Benedict permits me to address President Trump with the utmost freedom, pointing out his role in the national and international context and how decisive his mission is in the epochal confrontation that has been unfolding in recent months.vigano interview 2

An epochal confrontation? Really?

It appears today that the Holy See is being assaulted by enemy forces. I speak as a Bishop, as a Successor of the Apostles. The silence of the shepherds is deafening and upsetting. Some bishops even prefer to support the New World Order, aligning themselves with the positions of Bergoglio and Cardinal Parolin who, as a frequenter of the Bilderberg Club, has slavishly submitted to its diktats, like so many politicians as well as the mainstream media. 

I am persuaded that everything I denounced in my open letter to President Trump last June is still valid and can form an interpretive key to understanding the events that we are living through. It remains an invitation to have hope.

The Catholic Church in America, both in relation to the presidential elections and more generally, appears to be split. The Pope says that dividing is a work of the devil, but the fracturing of the American episcopate is obvious. What is happening?

The split within the American episcopate is the result of an ideological action carried out since the 1960’s especially within Catholic universities – and by the Jesuits in particular – in the formation of entire generations of young people. Progressive indoctrination (on the political front) and modernist indoctrination (on the religious front) have created an ideological support for 1968 which began with the Second Vatican Council, as Benedict XVI confirmed in his essay “Principles of Catholic Theology”: “Adherence to an anarchic and utopian Marxism […] was supported on the front lines by many chaplains of universities and youth associations, who saw the blossoming of Christian hopes there. The dominant fact is found in the events of May 1968 in France. There were Dominicans and Jesuits on the barricades. The intercommunion that was held during an ecumenical Mass in support of the barricades was considered as a kind of milestone in salvation history, a sort of revelation that inaugurated a new era of Christianity.vigano interview 3

This split in the United States, which today has become even more obvious as the presidential elections approaches, is also widespread in Europe and Italy: the highest levels of the Church have desired to make a radical – and in my opinion unfortunate – choice, preferring to follow the mainstream thought of environmentalism, immigrationism, and the LGBT ideology, rather than courageously standing up against them and faithfully proclaiming the salvific Truth announced by Our Lord. This choice took a great leap forward beginning in 2013 with the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, but it goes back to at least almost sixty years ago. It is significant that even then the Jesuits – and all of the Catholic intelligentsia of the Left – looked to Mao’s China as a privileged interlocutor, almost a driving force behind the alleged social renewal, just as today La Civiltà Cattolica of Spadaro, S.J., looks to Xi Jinping’s China. The Jesuits, who supported the guerillas in Latin America and who were on the French barricades in May of ‘68, today use social media to make similar claims, always with their eyes turned towards Beijing while carrying the same hatred towards America.

It is true that division is the work of the devil: Satan sows division between man and his Creator, between the soul and Grace. The Lord, however, does not divide but separates: He creates a boundary between the City of God and the City of Satan, between those who serve the Lord and those who fight against Him. He himself will separate the just from the wicked on the Day of Judgment (Mt 25:31-46), after having placed himself “as a stumbling stone” (Rom 9:32-33). Separating light from darkness, good from evil, according to the teaching of the Lord, is necessary if we want to follow Christ and renounce Satan. But it is also necessary to separate when we choose who best protects the rights and Faith of Catholics from those who only nominally proclaim themselves to be Catholic while in fact promoting laws that are clearly opposed to both divine and natural law. Just as the Shepherd who warns the flock about the attacks of the wolves is also divisive (Jn 10:1-18).

Accusing Trump of not being Christian solely because of the fact that he wants to protect national borders; evoking the specter of sovereignism as a disaster while human trafficking is allowed; remaining silent in the face of the persecution of Christians in China and elsewhere, or silent before the thousands of profanations of churches that have been happening for months all over the world: is not all this divisive?vigano interview 4

Joe Biden is pro-abortion, but some American Catholic circles seem to overlook this aspect. Look, for example, at James Martin. What do you think?

Father James Martin, S.J., is the standard bearer of the LGBT ideology, and despite this – indeed, because of this – he was appointed by Bergoglio as Consultor of the Holy See’s Secretariat for Communications. His work – which is truly “divisive” in the worst sense of the term – serves to strengthen a fifth column of the progressive agenda within the ecclesial body, so as to create an ideological and doctrinal split within the Church and to make people believe that the demands of progressivism, including the so-called homoheresy, come from the ground up. In reality we know well that the faithful are much less inclined to innovations than public opinion is led to believe, and that the desire to show that there is a supposed “will of the people” in order to legitimize choices incompatible with the perennial teaching of the Church is a ploy which has been used both at the ecclesial level (think of the liturgical reform, which nobody asked for) as well as at the civil level (for example, with gender ideology).


Permit me to recall the words of American Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979): “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.”[1] We learn to separate who is with Christ from who is against Him, since it is not possible to serve two masters.vigano interview 5

You have spoken of the “Deep Church”. Is it really possible that one exists? Who composes it?

The expression “Deep Church” gives a good idea of what is happening in a parallel way at the political and ecclesial level. The strategy is the same, just as the goals are the same, and, in the final analysis, the mens that is behind it. In this sense, the “Deep Church” is for the Church what the “Deep State” is for the State: a foreign body that is illegal, subversive and deprived of any sort of democratic legitimacy that uses the institution in which it is embedded to achieve goals that are diametrically opposed to the goals of the institution itself.

One example is John Podesta, a “Catholic” liberal and Democrat, a former collaborator of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who is tied to John Halpin’s Center For American Progress. In an email of February 11, 2012, Sandy Newman wrote to Podesta asking him for directions on how to “plant seeds of a revolution” in the Church in matters of contraception, abortion, and gender equality. Podesta responded by confirming that in order to obtain this “springtime of the Church” (note the echo of the idea of the “conciliar springtime”) the organizations Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United had been created. These ultra-progressive associations have been financed by George Soros, just as he has financed Jesuit foundations and Bergoglio’s apostolic visit to the United States in 2015.[2]

hilary podestaHillary and Podesta

We should also recall the conspiracy of the Saint Gallen Mafia, which sought to oust Benedict XVI, in concert with Obama and Clinton who saw Joseph Ratzinger as an obstacle to the spread of the globalist agenda.

As a Catholic and as a bishop, how do you judge what Trump has done?

I limit myself to observing what Trump has done during his term as President. He has defended the life of the unborn, cutting funding from the abortion multinational, Planned Parenthood, and just in recent days he has issued an executive order that requires immediate care for newborns who are not killed by abortion: up until now they were allowed to die or they were exploited by harvesting their organs and selling them. Trump is fighting pedophilia and pedosatanism. He has not started any new war and he has drastically reduced the existing ones by obtaining peace agreements. He has restored God’s right of citizenship, after Obama had even gone so far as to cancel Christmas and impose measures that were repugnant to the religious soul of Americans.Vigano interview 6

And I also observe the media war that has been waged by the press and the centers of power against the President: he has been demonized since 2016, despite the fact that he democratically obtained a majority of votes. It is well understood that the hatred against Trump – which is not dissimilar to what happens in Italy in the face of much softer members of the opposition – finds its real motivation in the awareness of his fundamental role in the battle against the Deep State and all of its internal and external ramifications. His courageous denunciation of Communism – of which Antifa and BLM are the global versions while the Chinese dictatorship is the incubator – serves in some measure to remedy the silence of the Church, which despite the heartfelt appeals of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima and La Salette has preferred not to renew its condemnation of this infernal ideology. And if Bishop Sanchez Sorondo can declare with impunity, against all the evidence, that China is the best implementer of the social doctrine of the Church, we can rejoice over the words of the President of the United States and the no less courageous words of his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

It appears that Bergoglio will now not meet with the US Secretary of State [during Pompeo’s trip to Italy this week].

We have now come to the point of paradox, indeed of the ridiculous. Certain attitudes seem more suited to the whims of an undisciplined schoolboy rather than prudence and diplomatic protocol. Pompeo denounced the violation of human rights in China and received a sharp response from Santa Marta: And I won’t play anymore. These are unworthy behaviors which are beginning to cause feelings of undisguised shame even among members of Bergoglio’s magic circle. Not only will he not receive the Secretary of State so as not to hear it said to him ore rotundo that the United States will not stand by watching idly as the Church hands itself over into the hands of a ferocious dictatorship, but he did not even respond to Cardinal Zen’s request for an audience, confirming the specific intention of the Vatican to renew its submission to the Chinese Communist Party.vigano interview 9

Did you organize a Rosary for Trump, and, if so, why?

I was urged by many people to launch this initiative, and I did not hesitate to join it, becoming the promoter of this spiritual crusade. This is a war without quarter, in which Satan has been unchained and the gates of hell are trying in every way to prevail over the Church herself. Such a contradiction must be faced above all with prayer, with the invincible weapon of the Holy Rosary.

The involvement of Catholics in politics, under the guidance of their pastors, constitutes their concrete action as citizens who are members both of the Mystical Body of Christ as well as human society. Catholics are not “disassociated” people who believe that God is the Author and Lord of Life when they go to church, but then, at the ballot box or as elected officials, approve of the killing of innocent children. 

This action of the natural order is accompanied – indeed it must be accompanied – by the awareness that human affairs, as well as social and political events, have a transcendent spiritual dimension, in which the intervention of Divine Providence is always the determining factor. For this reason, Catholics do not extract themselves from the world, they do not flee from the political arena, passively waiting for the Lord to intervene with bolts of lightning, but, on the contrary, they give meaning to their daily action, to their commitment in society, giving it a soul, a supernatural purpose.

Prayer, in this sense, calls down from the Lord of the world and history those graces and the special help which only He can give both to the actions of private citizens as well as to the work of those who govern. And if in the past even pagan kings were able to be instruments of the good in the hands of God, this can happen still today, at a moment in which the Biblical battle between the children of darkness and the children of light has reached a crucial point.

What scenarios await the Catholics of the world if Trump should lose?

If Trump loses the presidential elections, the final kathèkon [withholder] will fail (2 Thess 2:6-7), that which prevents the “mystery of iniquity” from revealing itself, and the dictatorship of the New World Order, which has already won Bergoglio over to its cause, will have an ally in the new American President.biden confused

Joe Biden does not have his own identity: he is only the expression of a power that does not dare reveal itself for what it truly is and that is hiding itself behind a person who is totally incapable of holding the office of President of the United States, also because of his weakened mental capabilities; but it is precisely in his weakness for pending complaints, in his ability to be blackmailed for conflicts of interest, that Biden reveals himself as a marionette maneuvered by the elites, a puppet in the hands of people thirsting for power and ready to do anything to expand it.

We would find ourselves facing an Orwellian dictatorship desired by both the “Deep State” and the “Deep Church,” in which the rights that today are considered fundamental and inalienable would be trampled with the complicity of mainstream media.

I want to emphasize that the universal religion desired by the United Nations and Freemasonry has active collaborators at the highest levels of the Catholic Church who usurp authority and adulterate the Magisterium. They are opposing the Mystical Body of Christ, which is mankind’s only ark of salvation, with the mystical body of the Antichrist, according to the prophecy of the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Ecumenism, Malthusian environmentalism, pan-sexualism, and immigrationism are the new dogmas of this universal religion, whose ministers are preparing the advent of the Antichrist prior to the final persecution and the definitive victory of Our Lord. But just as the glorious Resurrection of the Savior was preceded by His Passion and Death, so too is the Church journeying towards her own Calvary; and just as the Sanhedrin thought that it would eliminate the Messiah by crucifying Him, so the infamous sect believes that the eclipse of the Church is a prelude to its end. A “tiny remnant” remains, made up of fervent Catholics, just as the Mother of God, Saint John, and Mary Magdalene remained at the foot of the Cross.

We know that the destiny of the world is not in the hands of men, and that the Lord has promised that He will not abandon His Church: “the gates of hell shall not prevail” (Mt 16:18). The words of Christ are the rock of our hope: “Behold, I am with you all days, until the end of the world” (Mt 28:20).

My Comment : Great Interview from Archbishop Vigano as usual with this servitor of the Lord, to read as a Catechism lesson, Catholics from USA my good friends, you are my main readers, thousands monthly, I CALL all of you to VOTE TRUMP for the next election, as Archbishop Vigano said it, the destiny of the world is being played out at this hour precisely on the American front, please let me remind you also the teaching of the Church, any of us baptized Catholics voting (de facto supporting) for a pro abortion President as this false Catholic Monsieur Biden, commits a Mortal Sin and is on the road to Perdition (if he has not confessed and been absolved), those are the teaching of the Church like you probably know, thank you.

By the way and despite the covid plot, was traveling a lot recently, I thanks my moderators to keep this blog alive and please let me ask you Brothers to be more active if possible, also I am still working on the Fatima 3rd Secret text (the main goal of my Mentor Father Gruner) whenever I have time, my final goal (or dream if you prefer) with some friends and relatives especially from Portugal is to publish the ORIGINAL text in Portuguese (which will be translated by a professional) on this Blog and we are full of hope and optimism. (thanks again to those who contact me in private about this topic)

Please don’t forget to Pray for me as well, thanks.

God Bless, Aviso

UPDATE NOV 3 2020 :

Catholic Friends, Readers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ from USA, this is the D Day, THIS IS YOUR DAY, you are my main readers for years, again I call of you to vote Trump, in no way you should hesitate, as I said to you for years and especially since the seat of Peter is with the enemy of the Lord from Day 1 to date, we are living the Fatima 3rd Secret in live, Please be sure of it, our sources are clear and without doubt on this point, Biden will be a chastisement for all of us especially for Catholics, he will also fight Putin from Ukraine probably and so on, he will be the best puppet of the dark and evil forces, on the contrary Trump will give us 4 More years of peace and if god’s will to get rid of the heretic and Bishop in white of the Fatima 3rd Secret, Trust me at 100%, I was right from the beginning with Bergoglio and facts are here for anyone of good will, by the way we will never leave the Church, we will never call for a Schism but with our Lady, the Mother of God and our Mother, we are sure and as SHE said in La Salette, we will free the Seat of Peter, light of the World, from the serpent, Amen.

FINAL COUNTDOWN: Viganò’s Urgent Letter to Trump Before Election 2020


34 thoughts on “Vote Trump D DAY

  1. Looking as if Trump might loose. If he does, do not despair. Looking as if the Republicans are going to keep the Senate. That will block the packing of the Supreme Court and the new Green Deal (up to 7 trillion dollars). Trump has at least delayed the global government and global religion by four years. There is always 2022.

  2. Looks like Biden and his family are traitors and sexual degenerates, so much for Church going Catholic. Pictures and E mail are damning.

  3. A pro-Biden video from Francis and a meticulous attack on Trump and his wall…etc…. enjoy !

    this papacy is truly a divine punishment for all of us, here we knew it from Day 1 but the worst for me, it is not the daily heresies from the Top but the Silence from the Princes of the Church, incredible and a shame !

  4. Trump is looking like another Constantine. Flawed but making his way to Christ. Trump has already, openly, declared that Christ is greater than him. What more do you want?

    Constantine’s had many sins, including the execution of his nephew and his own son. His conversion seems to have advanced by stages. As often happens, coins of the period tell their own story: Christian themes only began to appear on Constantine’s coins after another full decade after 312.
    Another stroke against Constantine was that he waited to be baptized on his death-bed, in the year 337. This may indicate a reluctance to convert fully, although it may also mean that like many others of that time, he wanted to be “cleansed” of his sins at the last possible moment before facing God.
    On the other hand, his mother Helena had converted to Christ in 310, and he knew of the gospel. He fully and enthusiastically supported the church, putting up buildings and helping in church disputes. He put out many decrees that showed a clear reverence for God and Christ.
    Constantine was hardly a fake Christian, but neither was his conversion exemplary.

    • Thank you for your comment Daniel, a good point well made. Constantine’s life long pilgrimage of conversion is one that applies to most of us I am sure. It reminds me of our Lord’s parable of the vineyard laborers (Mat 20:1-16), how even those who come to the Kingdom in the last hours of their day (their life) receive the same reward of salvation as those who accepted much earlier in life.

      God bless

    • Not sure if you’re able to see this reply, but I would like to know your thoughts. Revelations talks about 2 beasts. The 2nd beast removing the 1st. And all will be deceived around the globe thinking that the one in power is like Jesus, but in reality isn’t. And people will be so warn out and tired and will just end up bowing to him. Could Trump be the 2nd beast? I hope I’m wrong. But he refuses to repent to God, he’s admitted this on numerous occasions that he doesn’t need to because he’s never done wrong. Hence Jesus dying for us and giving us the gift of salvation to all, this is a blasphemous thing to say. He said his mentor was and always will be Norman Vincent Peale. Norman Vincent Peale was a FREE MASON. Go look it up. He rejected CHRIST. Free Masons are known to be Luciferian, I’ve never heard anything otherwise.. Which makes Trump a Free Mason and a possible Luciferian himself if he accepted this man as his mentor in life.. So help me on this please. Trump also tweeted calling himself the King of Israel. I’m not making this up. Any thoughts on this? Take a look at this 7 minute video….

  5. I am so triggered and disgusted. I’ve long been coming to this website and I considered it the best for garabandal updates.
    You’ve lost a regular visitor. TRUMP IS THE DEVIL. Not Biden. Biden actually cares for people. Trump doesn’t care about anyone.

    • Dear Haunted Serenity and Everyone especially those who contribute to these pages and its articles. This site is wholly devoted to and is only at the service of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. It is not to be a platform of preference no matter how minor for any politician or political party of any nation, either in support of or to disparage. It is one thing to support and encourage laws that overturn the diabolical and another to attempt to elevate the person behind such; for everyone will be found wanting, without exception as we are all flawed sinful children of Our Father. We are not to measure out the sins of another against his brother or sister, we are to desire and pray for Gods’ Kingdom, and Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven, now with much haste and without delay. Trump, Biden, Putin or any other for that matter is not going to save any of us from this terrible hour, that moment has passed.

      And why? The Pope and his predecessors have manifestly stood obstinately against the simple requests from Heaven to reveal in full the actual Third Secret of Fatima, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and promote the first 5 Saturdays of Reparation, everything now is as it has to be. Of course many of us are as culpable for many have not taken to heart Our Blessed Mother’s requests, if we have, too many of us have been lax and I would wager very few have persisted every single day from the beginning and will do so until their end. What our generations today are enduring and will have yet to face is a consequence of our complacency and the Shepherds ignoring the Will of God and His purpose that His Mother shall be glorified as She who crushed the head of the Serpent.

      The Cup in the 60’s was filling up and then latter overflowing, well that overflow is now pouring over the whole earth, God will not be mocked time has ran out.

      So it is:
      1) we have Vatican officials that in their utter ignorance dance with the Dragon, (the CCP), and as the two renew their pact so will the Chinese Catholics and other Christians be persecuted harder. If the church property is not demolished it is signed over as property of the CCP, it is fitted with cameras to monitor attendees. Some (eventually all) Holy pictures removed replaced with images and statues of the leader Xi Jinping and other ‘great’ leaders, who by the way are to be acclaimed and worshiped in that place today. The semblance of a Catholic Mass is tolerated for now but soon it will not. No one under the age of 18 is permitted access to the Church or the Sacraments, even Baptism! The cameras monitor everything, any breach results in detention at a re-education camp. This evil will be manifest in various ways in due time across parts of Europe and other Nations.

      2) we have a Papacy building and decorating all the walls and structures of the Anti Church. A vision of a fraternal pluralistic worship of pagan gods along side the One True God in the one place of Divine Worship. Implying that there are other religions that are genuine routes to salvation, even that such alternatives are willed by God Himself. “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me ” is one of the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6. and prohibits God’s children from worshiping gods other than the Lord. Of late, I read yet a second Catholic Priest in Ireland has invited and permitted worship of Allah by Muslims in his (our) Church. In the past the Pantheon in Rome was a place of idolatry eventually becoming the Church of St Mary and All Martyrs under the reign of Pope Boniface IV. Remember, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich recounts: “I saw messengers from Pope Boniface going to the emperor and petitioning for the temple to be changed into a Christian church. I heard the latter declaring distinctly that the Pope should allow the ancient statues to remain, though he might erect therein the Cross to which the highest honors should be paid. This proposal, as it seemed to me, was made not wickedly, but in good faith.”

      “While (Boniface) was thus deliberating (the emperor’s response), I saw a good, pious priest in prayer before the crucifix. Suddenly he arose, went straight to Boniface, and told him that he should by no means accede to the emperor’s proposal. Messengers were then dispatched to the emperor, who now consented to the temple’s being entirely cleared.”

      Today we have a Pope who is inviting back in to the Pantheon, (a symbol of The Church Universal) those ancient statues of pagan idolatry, which as in the case of Boniface according to Bl Anne is made not wickedly but in good faith. Except this time it would seem there is no good Priest who will be listened to by this Pope. So this diabolical sacrilege is going to spread until such time as the Anti-Church will be so dispersed among the nations and so closely resemble the One True Catholic Church in Her functions and celebrations that many will be seduced and so deceived.

      3) I don’t need to remind you how it is within the Church Satan is on a full scale assault using the German Church as an example, in order to destroy the Divine Plan for Men and Women, of marriage, family and the Priesthood. To oppose this diabolic disorientation and the usurping of the Priesthood (‘For as a young man marries a virgin, so shall your sons marry you.’ Is 61:10-62:5) to include female ordination will make you outcast.

      I assure you my friends, Our Lady is already gathering you around Her in secrete and will council you until such time as the overthrow of the Anti-Church. For our part we must remain faithful to all Our Mother asks of us, daily Rosary, daily penance and sacrifices, without which we will never tame the cravings of the flesh and will fail in our duty to persevere to the end.

      Finally we along with secular society are going to suffer much before the Warning, please no matter how hard it becomes in whatever sphere of your faith and life, you only need to hold fast to the pre VII Truth’s, say your daily Rosary with devotion and make daily offerings of penance and sacrifice, which by the way may be as simple as diligently fulfilling one’s duty that day (as a spouse, a father/mother, single person, worker, son or daughter) with all it’s hardships as a prayer of love and reparation.

      Let others out there fight the corner of politics, we are to be informed of course, and as such vote according to him or her who regardless of their own human frailty makes in to law that which accords with the Will of God.

      God Bless

      • Amen. May God’s Will be done, Pete.
        I think the topic of the Article precipitated the comments. However, as Archbishop Vigano said: this present moment is epochal in terms of Good versus Evil. If a comment lauds and promotes what would lead to further evil, we have a duty to either: not publish it or rebutt it. I don’t think it is right to let it sit there for all to read unanswered, but this forum was never previously a partisan political debating place, and I don’t think any of us want it to mutate in this way. Naively I assumed innocent human life would be paramount among lovers of Our Blessed Mother.
        Rosary Coast to Coast today, 11th.

      • Excellent Pete.
        Anniversary here as the sun rises on October13, 2020!
        May OLMC and her Divine Son shower her children (all of us – Biden, Harris, Trump & Pence as well as Burt
        & Haunted Serenity) with wisdom, repentance, & powerful desires to make reparation & pray the Rosary
        every day.on this great day of Fatima.
        God bless all visitors here.

        • Thank you Pete.
          I am always amazed how Our Lady finds ways to get her messages
          to the least of us!
          And here we are again.
          Not sure any world (or True Church) leaders visit this site but
          would be awesome if they did.
          Well ……… as long as they actually paid attention, especially to Sr Lucia’s words!
          And as a matter of interest heard recently from a Bishop about a Carmelite community
          that was established somewhere in country Australia with 4 nuns to kick it off.
          And apparently it’s only been going for a couple of years.
          Now he said it is a community of 7 and some new girls in waiting.
          Now there’s Our Lady Of Mt Carmel at work.
          God bless.

      • For all, a reminder, not in my words but that of Saint Sr. Lucia herself, for the eve of this most auspicious anniversary, The Miracle of Fatima.

        God Bless

      • Hi Pete my good Friend, Great comment as usual with you but in my opinion we must also and especially NOW take a political position as advised by Archbishop Vigano, with Trump we will win 4 more years, without Trump we are DONE and vaccinated next year, please be sure of it, thank you.


        11. The Church teaches that respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of homosexual unions. The common good requires that laws recognize, promote and protect marriage as the basis of the family, the primary unit of society. Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing them on the same level as marriage would mean not only the approval of deviant behaviour, with the consequence of making it a model in present-day society, but would also obscure basic values which belong to the common inheritance of humanity. The Church cannot fail to defend these values, for the good of men and women and for the good of society itself.

        The Sovereign Pontiff John Paul II, in the Audience of March 28, 2003, approved the present Considerations, adopted in the Ordinary Session of this Congregation, and ordered their publication.

        Rome, from the Offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, June 3, 2003, Memorial of Saint Charles Lwanga and his Companions, Martyrs.

        Joseph Card. Ratzinger

        Angelo Amato, S.D.B.
        Titular Archbishop of Sila

  6. a vote for trump is a vote for the death of america. Over 10 women have accused him of sexual assault or rape. He doesn’t care about veterans – remember when he mocked them repeatedly, including a GOLD STAR FAMILY?
    I’ve been coming to this website for a long time and I am appalled at how a person can overlook all of the sins Trump has done.
    Biden went to mass earlier. Trump used a church and a bible for a photo op. All of Trump’s sins are facts and well documented. Ask the people of Puerto Rico how much Trump has helped them and they will say not at all.
    Just saying.

  7. America need President Trump or chaos will reign America. Sure, he isn’t the perfect man, he may have played around, but he is praryful and only wishes the best for his country and people. Don’t forget the Kennedys…. they fooled around also, especially with their girlfriend Marilyn Monroe, and rumoured had it said she was having a child by one of the Kennedys and had the baby aborted. Just all gossip and not something I can be bothered with…. this is a Garabandal site and I feel the split of the Church and the Warning is near. Let us all pray for unbelievers and pray for our families. Just to let you know, a dear woman we knew died of cancer recently and the hospital said it was the virus, it is totally untrue, she had asthma and cancer. Her family are furious they told such lies. So…. are we told lies about the virus? Is it as bad as the television says? Sure it is happening…. but are the numbers right? We heard Bill Gates has a home in the North Island, Auckland, here in New Zealand. And he was here recently, what is he up to? Who do we trust?

    • Barbara we trust Our Lady Of Mt Carmel.
      That means we accept sufferings which come our way just as
      She and her Divine Son accepted their sufferings on the First and
      Original ‘Way Of The Cross’.
      Anne Catherine Emmerich has revealed Our Lady was the first to honour Our Lord by
      doing The Stations Of The Cross (after His death and before His Resurrection!!).
      She is our Co-Redemptrix per Our Divine Lord.
      She will triumph.
      Do not doubt it.
      And perhaps just as Stephen prayed and gave his life for Saul to be
      converted and become St Paul, we all should pray for the conversion of
      the likes of Bill Gates, Jefferey Sachs, Pope Francis, etc.
      Looks to me as though some prayers have had a big effect on DJ Trump up to now!
      Viva Christo Rey.
      PS Go the Wallabies!!! 🙂

  8. Trump has left the US in a horrible state. He basically ignored the virus, divided our country.. committed adultery while his wife was with child. He was fined 25 million dollars by the courts for having a fraudulent university. He makes fun of handicapped people in his rallies.. Its on YOUTUBE if anyone wants to witness this.. He ignored the virus re: helping the citizens of the US and now he has to virus along with his family.. He is a horrible role model for us

    • Burt,
      Anyone who assesses President Trump’s tenure in this way will not be swayed by anything anyone says here. Their mind is made up by selecting things which they feel justify the voting choice they already wish to make. If Arch. Vigano’s words carry no weight with you then none of ours will. Perhaps God Himself will shake your mind up. How anyone can prefer promoters of hate-filled, identity politics of victimhood and strident murderers of already partially born babies and actual infanticide to someone who has tried and continues to limit the murder of babies and guarantee freedom of religion and worship, is beyond me.
      Trump didn’t receive the sanctifying Grace of Catholic Sacraments but he is a better man by far than Joseph Biden who has rejected that same Grace by his marital situation, his affair with this woman while she was still married to her actual husband, the numerous allegations against him never mind his hair sniffing fetish (lol), his officiating of homosexual “marriage”, his sacrilegious Communions, his complete facilitation of partial birth murder and infanticide and his dubious money laundering.
      President Trump stopped flights from China while Democrats called him a racist and encouraged New Yorkers to follow them pied piper like into China Town in N.Y. Cuomo slaughtered the old in nursing homes and Priests failed to give them Last Rites.
      At present, pelosi won’t agree to release the funds poor business people are in dire, dire need of.
      But it’s all President Trump’s fault. He has the strength of an ox to bear all the hate, blame and opprobrium that has been incessantly heaped upon him. May God continue to give him strength.
      If some Americans wish for the jackboot of communism, there are many such countries to choose from: often with much more natural resources. Why don’t they move to such a utopia?

        • Great to see President Trump on video just now. I had a Mass said for him via the Lourdes grotto, let’s keep praying for his health and the restoration of America.

      • I’m with Aviso, Concerned.
        Very well said.
        Perhaps Burt has yet to discover Archbishop Vigano.
        Beats me how anyone labelling themselves Catholic can support 000s of murders of the unborn every week and have no fear of the just judgement of Our Redeemer!
        May Our Lady find a path for those souls to receive Our Lord’s mercy.
        Let’s pray.

  9. Keep praying hard for President Trump, his Family and his Administration. The Rosary is the best weapon we have against the Evil that seeks to destroy the World.

  10. I think perhaps Judas would describe himself as catholic today as well!!!
    The rosary might convert Biden but as Our Lord said Judas is no chance!
    Prayer & penance is needed now.

  11. Thank you for bringing us uptodate. Exceptional interview we now need to have a rosary crusade in England for President Trump because what will happen in America will be used here as they have always done. Anyone who wants to join my reposary crusade please reply and we can get started. God have mercy.

    • Let us pray for President Trump and Melania, that they are brought through covid safely and for his success in the election. Church priests and bishops have abandoned their flocks shamefully throughout this virus and the hierarchy are blatantly using it to advance a worldly agenda. Strange times. We may not be writing just for the sake of writing on the forum, but we can all pray that Truth prevail during these times, and for our abandoned elderly, isolated single people, terrified children, robbed students, distressed small business owners and self-employed – while government officials and employees and health employees and media apparatchiks continue at home on full salaries and are content to sow fear out of all proportion to virus danger. Let us pray for poor Cardinal Zen also and the Catholics of Hong Kong and China. May God give strength to Arch. Vigano and all doctors, musicians etc who are brave enough and care enough to raise their heads above the parapets at this time.
      I hope all on this forum and their families have been kept safe and well.

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