Archbishop Vigano, the 3rd Secret of Fatima has not yet been fully published

Archbishop Viganò: Third Secret of Fatima has not yet been fully published

The full message of Our Lady of Fatima ‘remains a secret today.’
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April 22, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In a stunning new interview, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal nuncio in Washington, D.C. and the prelate who accused Pope Francis of covering up the crimes of Theodore McCarrick, has now publicly stated that he does not believe that the Vatican up to today has published the full Third Secret of Fatima. This report has already found interest in Italy, by outlets such as Corrispondenza Romana and Stilum Curiae.

Speaking to Dies Irae, a Portuguese website, Archbishop Viganò says, “The third part of the message that Our Lady entrusted to the shepherds of Fatima, so that they could deliver it to the Holy Father, remains a secret today.”

In 1917, Our Lady repeatedly appeared to three shepherd children – two of whom are now canonized – and gave them one secret with three parts, the first and the second to be revealed to the public.

The third part of the Secret – often called the Third Secret – was to be given to the Pope, who was then asked by Our Lady to make it known to the world not later than 1960.

The first and the second parts of the Secret show a vision of hell, speak about the spread of the “errors” of Russia, the need for penance, and for Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The third part as it has been published shows a Pope who is being killed on a hill, together with clergymen and laymen.

Further explaining his position, the Italian prelate, who lives currently in an undisclosed location, then says, “Our Lady asked [the secret] to be revealed in 1960, but John XXIII published, on February 8 of that year, a statement in which he stated that […] ‘he does not want to assume the responsibility of guaranteeing the truth of the words that the three little shepherds say that the Virgin Mary addressed to them.’”

With this departure from the Queen of Heaven’s message,” Viganò continues, “a cover-up operation was initiated, evidently because the content of the message would reveal the terrible conspiracy of her enemies against the Church of Christ.”

According to the archbishop, until a “few decades ago,” people would not have believed that we could even dare to “gag” the Blessed Mother, “but in recent years we have also seen attempts to censor the Gospel itself, which is the Word of His divine Son.”

The Italian prelate states that the Vatican, when officially presenting the Third Secret to the public in 2000, presented an “incomplete” version.

He says:

“In 2000, during the Pontificate of John Paul II, the Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano, presented as his Third Secret a version of himself that, in relation to some elements, appeared clearly incomplete. It is not surprising that the new Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, tried to divert attention on an event of the past, in order to make believe to the people of God that the words of the Virgin had nothing to do with the crisis of the Church and with the collusion between Modernists and Freemasonry carried out behind the scenes of Vatican II.”

Archbishop Viganò is referring then to the Italian journalist and author Antonio Socci, “who has thoroughly investigated the Third Secret, [and] has unmasked this malicious behavior on the part of Cardinal Bertone.”

Socci published in 2006 (in English in 2009) his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, in which he argues that the Vatican did not publish the full Third Secret as it had been given to the shepherd children in Fatima in 1917. According to his research, the Vatican only published the vision of the secret which was then further explained by Our Lady. These words explaining the vision are still missing, according to this author.

Archbishop Viganò, in his new interview, seems to follow this line of argument. He also insists that the full consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – as it had been requested by Our Lady of Fatima – has not taken place, either.

He says:

“Let us not forget Our Lady’s ignored call for the Pope and all the Bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as a condition for defeating Communism and atheistic materialism: consecrating not ‘the world’, not ‘that nation that She wants Let us consecrate him’, but ‘Russia’. Did it cost so much to do it? Evidently so, for those who do not have a supernatural look.”

Instead of following Heaven’s request, the prelate says, the Vatican wanted to take a peaceful approach with the Soviet regime, a “path of distension [detente],” which had been “inaugurated precisely by Roncalli, without understanding that without God no peace is possible.”

“Today,” Viganò adds, “with a President of the Russian Confederation who is certainly a Christian [Vladimiar Putin], the Virgin’s request could be granted, avoiding further misfortunes for the Church and the world.”

LifeSiteNews reported in 2017 on a statement made by the German curial cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, who gave testimony to the fact that Pope John Paul II, in 1984, did not explicitly mention the name of Russia when consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Cordes stated that the Pope “had made this act of consecration on 23 [sic – 25] March 1984, when the statue of Our Lady of Fatima had come to Rome. However, he held back to mention Russia explicitly; because the Vatican diplomats had urgently asked him not to mention this country because otherwise political conflicts might perhaps arise.”

Archbishop Viganò further explains that in the 1960s – exactly the time when Our Lady wanted to have the Third Secret made public – the apostasy that we are currently witnessing began. It is also the time when the Second Vatican Council took place, from 1962 to 1965.

Apostasy and ‘fulfillment’ of a 200-year plan?

The prelate says in his new interview that the message of the Third Secret is still valid for us today. Before we consider Viganò’s words, let us remember that in May 2010, on his way back to Rome from his visit in Fatima, Pope Benedict XVI said about the Fatima message that “there is also the fact that attacks on the Pope and the Church come not only from without, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from the sin existing within the Church.”

He continued, “This too is something that we have always known, but today we are seeing it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church comes not from her enemies without, but arises from sin within the Church, and that the Church thus has a deep need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness on the one hand, but also the need for justice.”

The Pope then insisted that the message of Fatima is still valid for our time when he said: “We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.”

Viganò’ states the following:

“Benedict XVI himself confirmed the timeliness of the Virgin’s message, although – according to the interpretation spread by the Vatican – it must be considered fulfilled. Those who read the Third Secret clearly said that its content concerns the apostasy of the Church, which began precisely in the early sixties and that today it has reached a stage so evident that it can be recognized by secular observers. This almost obsessive insistence on issues that the Church has always condemned, such as relativism and religious indifference, false ecumenism, Malthusian ecologism, homoeresis [homo-heresy] and immigration, found in the Abu Dhabi Declaration the fulfillment of a plan devised by the secret sects since more than two centuries ago.”

Here, the prelate makes an explicit reference to Freemasonry, which centuries ago developed plans on how to destroy the Catholic Church from within, by undermining her very own teachings and customs. Many of these historical matters are outlined in a recent book by Dr. Taylor Marshall, called Infiltration. This book had been supported by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who authored a foreword for it.

‘Neo-Church’ is ‘a deformed and monstrous creature that does not come from God’

Archbishop Viganò speaks of a “new church” that has been developed in the recent decades, a church that is “simply not the Church of Christ!”

He adds that “the post-conciliar, Modernist and Masonic church also aspires to transform, to overcome the Church of Christ, replacing it with a ‘neo-Church’, a deformed and monstrous creature that does not come from God.”

“The aim of this neo-Church,” Viganò continues, “is not to lead the chosen people to recognize the Messiah, as [with] the Synagogue; it is not to convert and save all peoples before the second coming of Christ, as for the Catholic Church, but to constitute themselves as a spiritual arm of the New World Order and defender of Universal Religion.”

It is in this sense that, according to this Italian archbishop, “the conciliar revolution had to first demolish the Church’s legacy, its millenary Tradition, from which it extracted its own vitality and authority as the Mystical Body of Christ, to later get rid of the exponents of the ancient Hierarchy, and only recently began to propose yourself, without pretension, to what you want to be.”

It was Bishop Athanasius Schneider who, in 2019 in his book Christus Vincit, also raised critical questions and doubts about some select elements of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council that seem to go along with the words of Archbishop Viganò.

Speaking further about the Freemasonic plan to weaken and undermine the Catholic Church from within, Archbishop Viganò says that many bishops might not even be aware of these dangerous developments. He states:

“What you call utopia is actually a dystopia, because it represents the realization of Freemasonry’s plan and the preparation of the advent of Antichrist. I am also convinced that the majority of my Brothers, and even more so, almost all priests and the faithful, are not aware of this hellish plan at all, and that recent events have opened the eyes of many.”

With this interview, Archbishop Viganò invites us to debate several key issues that have troubled many Catholics in the recent past and that have left many wondering how it could have happened that the Church lost so much of her moral integrity (see for example the McCarrick scandal) and missionary zeal. Even Pope Benedict XVI said in 2016:

“The missionaries of the 16th century were convinced that the unbaptized person is lost forever. After the [Second Vatican] Council, this conviction was definitely abandoned. The result was a two-sided, deep crisis. Without this attentiveness to the salvation, the Faith loses its foundation.”



My Comment : You are Great Eminence, God Bless Archbishop Vigano, showing to us again how is possible to talk without fear (probably) whenever you are out from the Vatican, I also enjoyed reading the good Archbishop telling us :

“Let us not forget Our Lady’s ignored call for the Pope and all the Bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as a condition for defeating Communism and atheistic materialism: consecrating not ‘the world’, not ‘that nation that She wants Let us consecrate him’, but ‘Russia’. Did it cost so much to do it? Evidently so, for those who do not have a supernatural look.”


“Today,” Viganò adds, “with a President of the Russian Confederation who is certainly a Christian [Vladimir Putin], the Virgin’s request could be granted, avoiding further misfortunes for the Church and the world.”

This is exactly what we said here for years and Putin did asked the consecration in 2013 as reported by Father Gruner himself which I investigated myself as well, below read the full story again, by the way this is a very rare testimony from the Fatima Priest himself :

I Happen to know one of Fr.Gruner’s benefactors who gave me a copy of a special report sent to him from Fr. Gruner which gives additional details of this aforementioned event at the Ambassy.

Considering Fr. Gruner’s recent passing away and the fact that the world is running out of time before the commencement of the Chastisements, I feel it is an opportune time and a benefit to those interested in the Fatima message to make known some of these details.

Here is a copy of part of the Letter :

March 05, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Dear [name omitted] :

The time has come to tell you things that I have had to keep secret until now. […]

Things have been happening behind the scenes. No sooner had I returned from Rome after our attempt to make the papally promised (but unfulfilled) October 13, 2013 consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart a consecration of Russia, then I had to go back to Rome. why ?

Our office in Rome received a phone call – from the Russian Embassy!

The Russian official let it be known, in that roundabout language that diplomats use, that the Russians wanted to meet with me! He said that if I were in Rome, the embassy would welcome a visit from me.

When I found out, I wondered what it could mean.

I knew that in a few weeks time, Vladimir Putin was to meet with Pope Francis in Rome. Could the call and the meeting be connected?

I wondered what should I do, [name omitted]?

I was tired from my recent travels and the demands that our campaign in Rome had made upon my energy. I am 71 and not quite as resilient as I once was.

The apostolate was also broke from our Rome campaign and all the costs of printing and distributing 200,000 copies of L’Osservatore Fatima and our other publicity. We had no money left for such travel.

I always want to be able to respond to the opportunities Our Lady offer us, but I also have to look at our bank account and measure what we want to do against what we are able to pay for.

So I did not act immediately. I also wondered how important such a meeting might be? Would the expense be justified and where would the money come from?


Somehow, through diplomatic channels, he had learned the Russians had approached me. This Cardinal has shown his support for our apostolate in the past. I knew him as a trusted friend.


I have never refused an opportunity to serve our Lady and make her Message known and obeyed. And now, it appeared plainly, an opportunity was being placed before me. Of course I went!

It is a bit intimidating to meet with powerful people and not always easy to read their expressions and know what is in their minds. And diplomats have their own coded language that is not always easy to decipher.

Still [name omitted], I went, a priest whose only claim to fame is an apostolate that has struggled for almost 36 years to keep its financial head above water so that the Message of our Lady of Fatima can be know in its fullness – and obeyed!

I sat facing a high ranking representative of one of the most powerful nations on Earth – Russia, the nation specifically mentioned by our Lady of Fatima Prophecies – and I did what I have always done :

I repeated Her Message and Her Promises.

This was apparently why I had been asked to see them.


You might wonder : The Russians were in Rome – The seat of governance for the worldwide Catholic Church, with several pontifical universities, numerous scholars, scores of priests, bishops and Cardinals.

They had many sources of information available to them; many highly placed Church officials they could have consulted. BUT-


And it was obvious to our Vatican based Cardinal that they wanted to hear it from me before the Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Pope Francis on Nov. 25!

I told the Russians what our Lady told us, though the seers in 1917, and in later messages given through Sister Lucy. I told them that the Pope and bishops had been requested to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


I told them that if this were done, Our Lady promised that Russia would be converted and a period of peace granted to the world.


I told them of Our Apostolate, of our decades of work, of our attempt to have the Pope and bishops do as our Lady asked, and the long history of disobedience to Her requests. And I told them of the terrible consequences of continued disobedience.


Why, I wonder, will not the leaders of the Catholic Church listen? If only I could sit down with the Holy Father and speak to him as I spoke to the Russians!


What came of my interview with the Russian officials?

I cannot say for certain. Vladimir Putin did meet of Pope Francis on November 25, 2013. He brought an Icon of our Lady as a gift, which both he and the Holy Father kissed before their talk commenced.

So we know this much [name omitted]: the meeting began with an act of reverence toward Our Lady. Her grace, Her presence was invoked. Can Her grace ever fail?

And although we do not know all of what was said, we know that peace was the mean topic. And we know that the Russians President must have been briefed by the Embassy officials in Rome before the meeting. What did they tell him about Fatima?

Busy, important people do not waste their time on frivolous interviews. If the Russians went out of their way to arrange an interview with me, they must have had their reasons for choosing to speak with me rather than the Vatican Secretary of State’s office.

How did they know about me, about our apostolate and our office in Rome? Just weeks before, we had been in Rome campaigning for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As part of that campaign:

We hired trotters – billboards on trucks – to travel about Rome calling for the consecration of Russia on Oct. 13, as our Lady of Fatima specified. Much of Rome saw the billboards along with 1000s of our posters.

We printed and distributed 200,000 copies of L’Osservatore Fatima throughout Rome – to businesses, homes, apartments, on the street, in St. Peter’s Square.

We published a four-page advertorial calling for the consecration of Russia in Il Tempo – a large daily newspaper in Rome that was doubtless seen by 100s of 1000s of people.

I was interviewed by Oggi, the most popular news magazine in Italy which published an article about our mission in Rome!

We worked our personal contacts in Rome! We spoke to clergy, to bishops, to media people, to everyone and anyone who was willing to listen!


But in the end, the consecration did not take place. In fact, I was detained by Vatican security and questioned when I came to St. Peter’s Square. No less than the head of Vatican security told me not to go near the Pope!

So we know the Vatican was aware of our Presence. How could they not be? And we know the anti-Fatima forces were still in positions of power in the Vatican. That may explain why the promised consecration became a weak act of “entrustment.”

Not only was Russia not mentioned. The world was not mentioned! The Pope’s plans had been derailed – by whom and for what reason, we do not yet know. But something went wrong!

[Name omitted], my disappointment was great. I’ll admit. I felt heartsick. Another opportunity lost! How much longer can we delay the consecration before the most unthinkable chastisements unfold, I asked myself?

And, of course, I had to deal with the tremendous expense of our campaign. We were deep in the red. Had it been worth it? What did we accomplish, I wondered?

Then, the Russians called!

The Russians had noticed our campaign. They were watching to see what the Vatican would do. And they thought it important to learn all they could about the truth of Fatima before the President of Russia met with the Vicar of Christ!

Now, the Kremlin is Fatima-conscious!

Vladimir Putin is Fatima-conscious!

Where will it all lead? Eventually, we know, it will lead to the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and the bishops.

Eventually, it will lead to the conversion of Russia and world peace. Our Lady has promised. We have Heaven’s word!

What role we will have played in this great drama is not for me to say. I have no way of knowing precisely. But I know this –




If we had not gone to Rome to work for the Consecration on October13, 2013 I don’t think the Russians would have wanted to speak to me before Putin met with the Pope. Perhaps, this was the plan of Providence all along.

The old saying, “Man proposes, God disposes” is ever relevant. We campaigned for a consecration; we got a meeting with the Russian embassy. Nothing goes to waste in the economy of salvation. Nothing happens outside of the Divine plan.

What will come of the meeting with the Russians? Perhaps it has already produced its result and is working itself out at this moment. We must have faith and be patient. After all, we are God’s servants, not his counsellors.

I am telling you about this episode now so that you will know how important it is for the Fatima Center to be able to respond to unforeseen circumstances and opportunities.

[I’m omitting several paragraphs here which consisted of Fr. Gruner explaining the necessity of generosity of benefactors for his apostolate and to humbly request further assistance for an emergency fund for events like the one he just described]

[Name omitted], are you with me? I need your Prayers and your alms. If you stand with me, and we stand with our Lady, there is nothing we cannot accomplish when called upon. Know that I always bless you and you are in my Prayers.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner



Fatima last year 2019 during my stay



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  1. On this Feast of Fatima and Ascension Thursday I was listening to Mile’s discourse on St. Jacinta’s statement, “most souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh,” If you have not come across his channel before, I can recommend it for your listening. Below is the one I was listening to today

    God bless

  2. Dear Aviso,
    please give me a response to my email, I have sent you on your private email address.
    Thank you my brother in Christo!

  3. The SSPX Is in Communion with Rome?

    Well, I was told that they are not in “full communion” with Rome.

    Read More :

    My Comment : Many questions about this topic and this comment will be my reply to all these questions I received : OF COURSE the SSPX is in Communion with Rome, they are not schismatic or whatever, in no way and be sure of it, they are hated because they are catholics in particular by the vatican 2 modernist and co, do not fell into their trap and do not hesitate to participate to any sacrements from the SSPX Churches, trying and doing it myself in Portugal whenever it is possible, even if I go sometimes to a NO Mass, nothing to me is comparable to the TLM, nothing, thank you.

  4. As promise the last Garabandal movie with english subtilities, enjoy !

    Holy Feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    PS : Mother I’ll serve you until my last breath, please Pray for me.

  5. 50 priests, scholars, journalists thank Viganò, Schneider for raising Vatican II questions

    My Comment : Great news but it is just the beginning, we will probably need a new Pope for the Consecration, I was hoping of Pope Benedict but it looks that there is no way for it, Cardinal Burke for example will be perfect and a miracle is always possible, by the way and again Vatican II must be rejected totally, the proof is in the Fatima 3rd Secret, this is the command from our Lord himself via our Lady, again this council was NOT WANTED by God and only a publication of the real secret will confirm it, to me and as long it is not done, the Church will be in trouble, in other word : The Consecration of Russia + Divulgation of the Fatima 3rd secret.

    • Gidday Aviso, Pete, Concerned et al.
      Am penning this after following recent comments & following the links put up.
      Stay strong Aviso.
      I’ve spent the last 14 months or thereabouts reading a lot of prophecies. Anne Catherine Emmerich, Sr Mary Of Jesus Of Agreda, Fatima, Akita, Our Lady Of Good Success, St Padre Pio, THE BIBLE (Old Testament is full of today’s times!!!) and can say this site, Aviso does not conflict.
      Thank you Aviso.
      OurLady Of Mt Carmel is with you.
      God bless.

    • Aviso,
      I can see why you would have been exasperated at their unwillingness to ‘see’ and hurt by some of the personal sneering and self-congratulatory righteousness.
      As I visit the site as a guest only I am aware that Padraig’s opinion of Francis has come full circle. Humble pie eating in order! Joe Crozier’s petition to the late Fr. Gruner (among others) to pray for your enlightenment struck me as being particularly ill-informed as Fr. Gruner was one of, if not the first to question the validity of Pope Benedict’s resignation way back in 2013. (Lots of changes at the Fatima Centre since, and a very large donation by a particular donor).
      Francis even cut out reference to poor Hong Kong yesterday!!
      Your instinct was right Aviso, we will stick to the true, established teachings of our Church as I don’t recognise Francis’s voice. Let Almighty God deal with Bergoglio, while we pray for Cardinal Zen, the persecuted Christians of China and the suppression of even Catholic symbolism, never mind practice, in U.S.A. and Europe – often with the silence/ connivance of churchmen.
      If you had told mog in 2013 that this would have been the situation 7 years later they would have had you committed to an institution.
      Pray for them, they mean well but are afraid to acknowledge what is in front of their eyes.

      • Thank you Concerned and Servus, well the Truth is still hard for some and a waste of time for trying to convince many of them, blinds leading other blinds as Sister Lucia did said, I had to use my own lawyer to stop calumny and insults from that forum but still have friends there, by the way some of you talk to me about a new member calling Sg or something like that and doing a good job, well it looks that there is always hope, thank you.

  6. June 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Yesterday, news broke that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI unexpectedly left the Vatican in order to fly to Regensburg and to be with his ailing 96-year-old brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger. There is already talk about his possible protracted stay in Germany. Michael Fuchs, the vicar general of the Diocese of Regensburg, let it be known that “it would be an honor, should he stay permanently.” Observers are asking questions about these developments.

    Speaking with the German Catholic weekly Die Tagespost, Clemens Neck, the press speaker of the Diocese of Regensburg, quoted Vicar General Michael Fuchs with the words that it would be an “honor” should Pope Benedict remain permanently in Regensburg. Neck then added that a retired pope belongs to the Vatican. The length of his stay, continued the press speaker, is exclusively depending upon the physical condition of the retired pope.

    Read more :

    My Comment : Great news and related to Garabandal for sure as the Pope left the Vatican on June 18th, the same day of the Garabandal second messages and the famous Many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are on the road to Perdition….etc….let’s follow this travel closely, hopefully he will never return to Rome, we know also that the Pope will see the Great Miracle wherever he will be that day, they said to me in Russia, let’s see and if it is the case then the April 15th 2021 given to me recently might be finally the good date even if it’s speculation only but who knows ! by the way Archbishop Vigano is again a good example, he started to talk when he left Rome only, hopefully Pope Benedict XVI will do it as well, in my opinion it’s now or never for him.

    • “The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute. First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that Rome shall apostatise from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism.” – Cardinal Henry Edward Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, London: Burns and Lambert, p. 88-90, pdf p. 106-108

  7. Back from Fatima, I got some new books, made 2 different interviews, 1 in french and 1 in english, tried to get an authorization to access the sanctuary Library and so on, I made also some verifications which I finalized regarding this famous quote from our Lord to Sister Lucia in August 1931 related to the King of France, confirming his displeasure because the Pope and the Catholic bishops had not yet obeyed His command that they solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary :

    “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will likewise follow him into misfortune.”

    This misfortune indicated by our Lord to Sister Lucia was related to the French Revolution as a warning to Pope and Bishops that in delaying Lord’s Command given via our Lady in Fatima in 1917 then in 1929 (Consecration of Russia, Devotion….) the Catholic Church will end into misfortune like the French Monarchy and its last King Louis XVI via another Revolution within the Church after the Year 1960, explaining why our Lady did gave that year to Sister Lucia, with de facto the same end for the Pope and the Church, this is confirmed also via the 3rd Secret vision where we can easily see the assassination of a Pope and his death as other members of the Church and so on, the French Revolution was Masonic de facto the Church Revolution will be from the same source, Masonic and french as well.

    I then easily concluded that Pope John XXIII (who was by the way Papal nuncio in Paris from 1944 to 1953 and decorated by the French President Vincent Auriol, a well known mason in France) council called Vatican 2 was infiltraded by some mason Prelats mainly french and was the cause of misfortune our Lord did talked about to Sister Lucia in 1931, a revolution within the Catholic Church based on the french revolution with same masonic ideas, explaining why our Lord’s warning in 1931 to his Ministers did related the misfortune in question to the King of France and not another king or country, France my beloved country being also the eldest daughter of the Church, in other word the best target for the masons as attacking the eldest daughter of the church, it is attacking the rest of the church.

    In a word and I am sorry to tell it online, the fatima 3rd Secret is mainly about the Council Vatican 2, this council with masonic origin was not wanted by Heaven as it will create a new french revolution within the church with a Papacy ending into misfortune like the king of France, it is good that 60 years later a Archbishop like Vigano, number 3 of the Vatican during Pope Benedict Pontificate, had finally accepted the terrible reality, being myself french and a fruit of Vatican 2 too, I am de facto fully concerned as well, please my friends accept my apologies for these heretic french prelates via the french lodges for their betrayal but the Triumph of the Immaculate is on the way and 2029 is to our door, thank you.

    • Let me add few words about the last council, I am reading and receiving many opinions about this topic, especially about Archbishop Vigano and his recent comments about Vatican 2, my friends for me there is not debate to have, this council was NOT WANTED by Heaven, this is why also they will NEVER PUBLISH THE REAL FATIMA 3RD SECRET because this hidden text will only confirm it, so reminder : the Real Secret is in Portuguese, with the date and signature of Sister Lucia, a text of almost 25 lines only written on a single page and beginning by” in Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved…etc…”and ending with “in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world ”, de facto if these elements are not present, it will always be a false text, thank you.

  8. From the Garabandal Movie production to me :

    Dear Alban,

    I wanted to apologize for the situation that we may have put you in. I can understand how you feel, and we a very grateful for all you have done and our doing for our Blessed Mother. We had originally thought we were going to include recent testimonies of conversions in Garabandal, but in the end, we decided not to include them into the 90 minute feature we are producing. Yours was not the only testimony – There are many others whose testimony are not in the documentary. We think you did a very very good job and we are blessed to have spent that time with you – I value very highly our friendship and I was sad to hear that you were upset about this decision. I really think you are going to like the documentary and I think it answers a lot of the questions that were not answered in the first movie. Please keep in touch,

    May our Lord and our Lady bless you abundantly,

    Brother Brian

    PS : By the way this is the second message of apologies from the Garabandal Movie to me, today on this June 18th and after a long reflection, I of course accept the apologies with a Christian Charity, my good Friend Bastiano and many other Garabandal friends have not been included in the movie as well, despite their great testimony, it looks that the Production via Brother Brian deceided to chose mainly those who lived the Apparitions instead the converted, which I respect and understand, de facto I will be pleased to promote the movie after seeing it on my blog as I will be back online as well, thank you.

  9. From what I have learned, the Third Secret of Fatima was published with the ommision of a prophecised devastating tsumani probably in the Atlantic or world wide . Also this event has been referenced elsewhere in terms of the total flooding of Ireland. This ‘may’ be the chastisement spoken of by the Garabandal girls.

        • Hi Guilherme peace be with you also.

          No, he is not the Antichrist and I strongly suspect not the rightful heir to the throne of England either!

          I recommend avoiding any such persons, their claims, their vain words and their advocates lest you become caught up in errors of all kinds.

          If we are alive at the time when the Antichrist is revealed you will know him for sure but only if you remain faithful to Christ in all things, clinging tightly to the Mantle of Mary, for many at that time will be deceived.

          We need not even look for the Antichrist, a wasted activity, for he will not be revealed until after the one who restrains is removed (and we don’t know who the ‘Restrainer’ is, or in what time line he is destined, guess as we may like, but we don’t know). There is much to take place before such a revelation, not least the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the promised Time of Peace. And how far are we still from that wonderful Epoch, we have not even experienced the Warning, Miracle and Permanent Sign? Remember the Antichrist’s attempted assent to the Throne of the Church as its Lord and Master will signal the very final battle when Christ will appear in His Second Coming and cast in to Hell His adversary and all his followers.

          God bless

      • Reply to Pat Murphy:
        No, this “flooding of Ireland” is one of the many thousands of old false prophecies.
        Every country has its collection of silly fables from saints and sages and others. And some are attributed to saints, centuries later, but with no evidence that the saints said such things.
        However, bear in mind that the punishment that Our Lady warned us about in1973 in Akita is of a physical nature and thus would have geographical variations. The only PUBLIC update given by Our Lady since Garabandal in the 1960s and Akita in 1973 is the apparitions of Our Lady at the Melleray Grotto in 1985. I suggest that you ignore all the other visionaries. Some visionaries sound impressive. Some were (and some are) priests. I went to listen to a few of them and to talk to some of them. But if you study what they wrote and what they said, and go back over it later, you will usually find the smell of sulphur – some small lies of Lucifer – hidden in an ocean of piety. If (as they claim) they were reporting the Words of Our Lord or Our Lady, then they would not have errors within them. They are designed to deceive “the elect”. Also beware of those who say the Second Coming is soon. It is NOT for these times. The “false second coming” they are promoting is for their false messiah to fool many Christians.
        To come back to the subject of “flooding”. Yes there will be flooding. Our Lady told us about the flooding when She came to Melleray. At the same time, She told us that Ireland will be saved. This seems surprising as Ireland is low-lying (and seems to be as bad as all the other countries), but they are the words of Our Lady. (Of course we may suffer some damage as this would still be consistent with being saved) I suggest that you read IN FULL the details of the Melleray apparitions. As with Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal etc, it is worth reading the source writings many times. Our Lady’s Words are so full of perfection that, perhaps on the 30th reading you will get a further insight.
        In the book of Revelation it is mentioned that a large object will strike in the ocean. This would naturally send a wave around the world to destroy the coastal cities. We do not know in the Book of Revelation whether a particular prophecy refers to the end of this particular civilisation or to the ends of various future civilisations which rise and fall over the next 15,000 years. But because of Melleray we can be sure that it also applies to the end of this particular civilisation.
        None of us knows the future. I can only suggest a likely timing from a study of Our Lady’s warnings and from present realities and possibilities.
        Two separate times of flooding are likely:
        (a) If there is a limited nuclear exchange in the next 2 or 3 years, then the military powers possess the capacity to detonate undersea nuclear explosions off the coast of target cities of their adversaries. This would generate a single wave sufficient to destroy the target city.
        (b) After the lockdowns to control us, and the communism and the wars are over in a few years, then we have the start of the brief “period of peace”. The Luciferians who rule, (and that almost all governments obey) have an artificial intelligence form of monstrous control ready for implementation. My guess is that the period of peace will be perhaps ten years – or at the very limit, say twenty years. Then comes the chastisement of fire (Garabandal & Akita) and flood (Melleray & Revelation) to sweep it away. Not even a bicycle will be possible after that, without the machinery or power to maintain roads or the advanced metallurgy etc required to make one.
        So it is time for the Rosary to seek some mitigation of the effects and more importantly seek the grace to withstand it and save souls. By 1996, it became impossible to avoid these calamities. But it is always worthwhile to seek their mitigation.

  10. Latest message from Conchita (regarding the coronavirus):
    “Dios nos está separando de los valores de este mundo. En el silencio de la Iglesia o en nuestra casa, ahora podemos hacer un examen de conciencia para que podamos limpiar lo que nos impide escuchar la Voz de Dios con claridad. Con sinceridad podemos pedirle a Dios que nos diga qué quiere de nosotros hoy y continuar haciéndolo todos los días. Y pasar el mayor tiempo posible con Dios en la iglesia o en algún lugar de su hogar o donde encuentre el silencio. Él es todo lo que necesitamos”.

    • Thank you Gerardo. English translation below copied from the Rein Del Cielo Web site.

      Cautionary note. The site does not offer verifiable evidence that these are in fact Conchita’s own words, who asked the question and in what context. It offers only a statement to the question asked, a picture and word of thanks from a Maria Town. Gerardo can you add any further light on this please?

      “God is separating us from the values ​​of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our home, we can now do an examination of conscience so that we can cleanse what prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly. We can honestly ask God to tell us what He wants from us today and continue to do so every day. And spend as much time as possible with God in church or somewhere in your home or where you find silence. He is all we need. ”

      For what it is worth, this has certainly been an outcome to some extent in our family. The extra time we now have for each other has spawned conversation on family values, the world’s values, we have shared more about our individual faith, where we are at, sometimes addressing searching and difficult questions and more moments have been given to private quiet prayer. We also have noted that our longing for the Eucharist has increased and since the Mass is now watched in the home it carries a greater intensity and meaning, a result I guess of minimal distraction and more attentiveness as a result.

      God bless

  11. My Friends and for your information, I was informed today by the Garabandal movie team that I was excluded of the new movie, probably because of my position with Francis the heretic, I am very disappointed with this news, especially after having spent hours with the movie team in Garabandal last summer and it looks for nothing, I should have listened to Amalia, Loli’s sister, who advised me not to testify, in no way Garabandalnews will promote it anymore and I asked my good Garabandalist friends from the village for giving me names of those who are behind this plot, even if have already my own idea, shame on them, thank you.

    • It will be providential Aviso, so be content, you will see in time. The last one did little for conveying the urgent messages of Garabandal in truth , I was left rather underwhelmed as were my daughters and wife.

      God bless

      • Dear Aviso,

        IF the documentary is a cowardly politically correct & socially acceptable potemkin village concerning the powers that be.
        And IF the documentary fails to mention any one of the points below, then consider it a blessing in disguise.

        – The facts concerning Fr. Luis Maria Andreu.
        – The Nights of Screams June of 1962 and the associated Messages of Our Lady regarding the coming Chastisement.
        – The unadulterated words of Our Lady’s Message June 18, 1965 e.g. “Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests…”
        – The facts concerning Padre Pio’s advocacy, confirmation and endorsement.

        But in any case, don’t feel bad… surely you weren’t the only one to feel slighted.

        Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

    • My Friends, this last news is unbearable to me, only God will know the sufferings and personal attacks that I had to endure for practically 15 years of apostolate about garabandal and our lady of mount carmel, i fought day and night to put Garabandal back with the tradition of the church and its teachings, it cost me a lot especially since my marriage in the village in 2013, in a word the devil never let me go, especially the day I understood and explained online that Garabandal was the continuation of Fatima, secret included, I also made too many enemies and this is what touched me the most, my position about this pontificate from the start also cost me a lot of attacks personal even from the village of Garabandal,on this I ask forgiveness before God to those I could have offended as well as to those I could have hurt apart from my way of expressing myself, surely I did not always knew how to do well and surely made pain to our Lady as to some of my Brothers in Christ, please forgive me again, I therefore withdraw definitively of my online apostolate but leaves you this blog, under the responsibility of 3 great garabandalists, Peter, Michael and Juan. Amen


      • Aviso,
        I don’t know you but I have noticed somethings about you. English is not your native language, so we allow for that. You can be blunt, you are certainly forthright, you have invested A LOT of yourself in promoting Garabandal and you can take offence – but your honesty and commitment and devotion to Our Lady of Garabandal shine through. You are human. You are being MUCH too hard on yourself as to who you may have rubbed up the wrong way. The villagers of Garabandal were lucky enough to be born there, you had to make tremendous efforts to get there. If others want to pretend that there is nothing wrong with this pontificate it doesn’t mean we should join them!
        Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone can see that your heart is in the right place, and that’s what matters. God Bless.
        p.s. I always love reading your posts. You have a personality, you shoot from the hip and you make me laugh!

        • Thank you for your support Concerned, you are Great, let me thank also those who contact me in private as well, it looks that my work is appreciated by many of you, so we are going to continous together in the same way, shooting heretics from the hip but always with Christian Charity, by the way I am going to Fatima today to end my investigation about the 3rd Secret with some verifications not yet done.

    • Life Site is a wonderful source of balanced and proper news concerning the Church and the world in which She serves. A site I have subscribed to for a long time. The posted video does affirm much of what we share on this blog and will be a source of assurance when we waver. Be steadfast, is what comes to mind, we will be few but hold fast to the Mantle of Mary with your Rosary and you will not become deceived by the seduction of apostates who will be many and of impressive authority.

      Was not the prayer remembering Our Lord’s Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane timely given the theme of the hour as expressed in the video? Not a coincidence my friends.

      God bless

    • Dear Anon,

      The letter detailed in the link your shared above is PATENTLY FALSE.
      Sr Lucia wrote down the two parts of the real Third Secret of Fatima in early January of 1944.
      The first part, The Vision on the 3rd of January 1944
      The second part, The Letter; the actual words of Our Lady in explanation of the Vision either on or slightly before the 9th of January 1944.
      Additionally, Sr Lucia stated the Third Secret of Fatima is in the Gospels and the Apocalypse [Revelation]; particularly Chapters 8 through 13 of the Apocalypse. The Book of Daniel was never mentioned by Sr Lucia on that occasion.
      Incidentally, Chapter 13 of the Book of the Apocalypse specifically concerns the rise of the Antichrist.

      See Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, “The Whole Truth About Fatima”

      May Our Lord bless us and Our Lady protect us always,
      Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

    • To understand the context of McCarrick’s power I’d suggest to also watch the videos Taylor Marshal has with James Grimes; James Grein’s testimony was basically the exposure which took down McCarrick. McCarrick was a very close family friend of the Greins’.

      McCarrick’s Victim Speaks Out on McCarrick and St Gallen w James Grein (Dr Marshall #188)

      It’s a long video but gives the details of how McCarrick was the “king maker” to influence the appointments of Bishops in the US. This is why we hear no spiritual leadership from our US Bishops; if anything they are just corrupt mouth pieces to the Francis globalist agenda.

  12. Dear Aviso,

    great and powerful comment concerning the popes and the Third Secret of Fatima.

    Fatima is connected with Garabandal and Garabandal is connected with Fatima.

    Ave Maria


  13. My Friends let me add my opinion about all our Popes related to Fatima :

    Pope Benedict XV : We own Fatima to this Great Pope, to me a futur Saint, in the middle of the first world war, he prayed and begged Heaven for Help, he said Father they are killing each other, please help us and Heaven sent our Lady in Fatima and the war stopped a year later

    Pope Pius XI : Good Pope but not more, our Lady talked even about him in her second secret, giving his Papal Name years before, only that detail should make everyone agree, this is incredible but as we know our Lady is also known as the Queen of Prophets, Pope Pius XI was not so interested with Fatima and had other priorities, great Mistake if he had listen and obey Heaven, we would probably have avoided the second world war for sure

    Pope Pius XII : Great Pope, he tried his best to Consecrate Russia but did not, his Holiness was very interested by Fatima, he sent an emissary to know the 3rd Secret from Sister Lucia, its content was told to him but he did not read it, however the Great Pope was so related to Fatima, the Pope of the Dogma of the Assumption, saw himself and in the Vatican gardens the Miracle of the Sun, however he did not obey our Lady’s request as well, unbelievable

    Pope John XXIII : The Good Pope as we called him, the Vicar of Chirst did read the Secret but could not beleive it, he thought is was not for his Pontificate especially about the evil Council indicated in the text, Pope John could not imagine the result of his Council years later, he was an optimist by nature and could not beleive that our Lady could prophesy such a bleak future for the church as for the World, he failed as well and did not Obey Heaven him too

    Pope Paul VI : His Holiness read the secret as well but he countinued the Council, he even changed the Mass, a Catastrophe for the Church, that’s all our lady didn’t want, he regretted it later but it was too late, however he knew from Garabandal that dark times were before us, unbelievable as well

    Pope John Paul 1 : What a Great Pope, he met sister Lucia in Fatima, during their meeting She prophesied that he would be Pope but with a short reign, he is dead 33 Days later, what they have done to our Pope, we will never know for sure and why Sister Lucia via our Lady did talked about his Pontificate ? by the Way, the smiling Pope as we called him, wanted to reveal the 3rd Secret and to Consecrate Russia, we lost a lot with his Holiness short reign and a great hope for Fatima

    Pope John Paul 2 : A Great Pope, by the way my favorite one, a long Pontificate, saved himself by our Lady of Fatima and as Pope Pius XII, he tried his best to consecrate Russia, the Holy Father was a real devote to our Lady, of course he made some mistakes during his Pontificate (especially Assisi and Faustina), he of course read the 3rd Secret especially after the attack on Saint Peter’s Square, the Great Pope tried and tried but Cardinal Sodano and his friends within the Vatican, the Secretary of State, was opposed and finally won.

    Pope Benedict XVI : Great Pope for sure, very closed to Pope John Paul II but his pontificate was surrounding by wolves, they tried to knock it down even during the 2005 conclave, the same group and today we have the names, they call themselves the St Gallen Group, a kind of Mafia within the Church with a heretic faith, the worst enemies of our Lord and our Lady from within, they are also behind the Apostasy from the Top for years and especially since the last council, their choice was Cardinal Bergoglio in 2005, they achieved their goal in 2013 and probably pushed the Holy Father to resign, The Pope of the Summorum Pontificum made 2 bad choices in my opinon, Cardinal Bertone and his own secretary, he tried also to correct his comment about the Fatima 3rd Secret givien in 2000 when he was himself in Fatima in 2010 by adding these few words : « We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete », Pushed to Resign for sure, his last defense was to keep his papal name as his clothes of Pope, I do not think that his mission as Vicar of Christ is finished, at 93 years old he is also the oldest Pope with Pope Leon XIII (the Pope of the St Michael Prayer, probably a sign from Heaven), there is a last book about him on the way, few details below :

    Pope Francis : Here we go ! the Bishop in white, proud of himself under the guise of kindness and mercy, he said himself in Fatima « I am the Bishop in white », de facto the fulfillment of the Fatima 3rd Secret is before our eyes since 2013, this is the Pope under the control of satan before the Triumph of the Immaculate, some are telling me that his pontificate will last 13 Years (2013-2026), I hope not but possible of course, a dangerous man for any soul as for the Church de facto for the world, when he was elected in 2013 just few days later, he consecrate his Pontificate to our Lady of Fatima, that’s where he fell into the trap of the holy spirit, none of his predecessors since benedict XV dared to do so, we know that devil, prince of lie, always try to fool our Lord whenever is possible, de facto what better than to take the place of Peter as Vicar of Christ, we understood it from the first days, his main mission, destroying the teachings of the Church from within, few will oppose him, by fear and obedience, sin of idolatry, his goal will be reached if Heaven does not help us, be sure of it, if we are not helping the Lord by opposing him, we are done and on the way to the Chastisement, by a nuclear war and annihilation of many nations via Russia which will be pushed to act when Putin will not have any other choice, this must be stopped by all possible means, according to what I learned, all should start via Ukraine and Nato forces, Trump is our last Geopolitical chance, the Biden and co will use a general vaccination + a nuclear war to reach their goal, this is also indicated in the Fatima 3rd Secret according to what I know, I was in Fatima myself many times and I got a lot of informations, terrible days are before us and the current virus is a joke compared to the rest of their evil plan, reducing the world’s population by more than half, dead line 2030 via the Paris Agreement as the principal lure, the ecology and co utopia via Rome and antichrist forces.

    My Conclusion : within the Church beware of Modernist and sedevacantist, both are heretics, Never leave the Catholic Church even during Francis, stay with Peter, today Pope Benedict XVI
    Within the World, beware of any left political Party as of any ecology lure, the climate depend of God and not of men, Catholics by voting for the left, you participate in the forces of the antichrist without knowing it.
    Finally, If you can’t fight and we can understand it for some of you, Pray the Rosary for own protection as for your Brothers in Christ and learn your catechism by heart, you will be so and also the shadow fighter against the forces of the antichrist, remain united between you, the fight promises to be fierce and will end in 2029 according to my own information, this is the Year of the Trimph of the Immaculate heart of our Lady according of what I have been told in Fatima, thank you.

    PS : My business trips around the world will start again very soon so I will be probably less online but our moderators will be always here for any questions, stay safe and please Pray for me, God Bless.


    • Nice synopsis Aviso thanks. St. Pope John Paul II is also my favorite Pope of those who reigned during my life time, commencing with Pope John XXIII. Your post reminds me of the day me and my then girlfriend of the time (now my wife) traveled 6-Hrs to Cardiff, South Wales, to be two among 33,000 young people gathered at Ninian Park Stadium (Cardiff City F.C.) to celebrate Mass with him. Whilst there we sang his alleged favorite hymn of the day ‘Our God Reigns’ (based on Isaiah 52:7; 53; Luke 24:5-6, 39) “How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him, Who brings good news, good news; Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness.” Very much needed words for today!

      This afternoon I have been re-reading a 1957 Catholic Truth Society publication entitled ‘The Miracle of Fatima’ and a couple of statements therein made me pause and think.

      During the event of the Great Miracle Sr. Lucia recounts what she and the other two children saw. ” I saw St. Joseph and the Infant Jesus beside Our Lady. Then I saw Our Lord blessing the crowd. Next Our Lady showed Herself dressed like Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, but without the sword in Her Heart. Finally I saw Her dressed in another way; I do not know how to say it but I think it was as Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” This image, the author reminds the reader, was seen alone by Sr Lucia.

      Notably, only one of the three visionaries would be alive when Our Lady would once again come to remind mankind of the urgent need to convert. That visionary of course being Sr Lucia and this second heavenly visitation being that of Our Lady, (dressed) as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I am of course speaking of the visions of Garabandal. Perhaps the ‘tableaux’ little Lucia witnessed alone during the Great Miracle was meant for her, a prelude to the great occasion of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. A series of apparitions necessary specifically because mankind had not changed and Pope John XXIII did not consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart as explicitly requested during the 13th July 1917 vision which was necessary to prevent the 2nd World War and all that would follow, or subsequently reveal the whole of the Third Secrete in 1960 also as requested. For me this perhaps incidental and easily overlooked set of circumstances are some of those that clearly point to Fatima and Garabandal as uniquely bound together.

      Secondly I was a little surprised by an apparent coincidence between; that which caused the death of Francisco, later Jacinter, the years such occurred, with the circumstance that the world is facing today.

      It was during December 1918 that the terrible Spanish Influenza came to make a claim on Francisco who on April 4th 1919 passed to Heaven. Later it was during February 1920 that Jacinter also succumbed and passed from this life to one of eternal bliss. 100 years later we are once again in the grip of an influenza type virus that has the potential to claim lives on a massive scale. Almost exactly 100 years later to the day, an unrepentant mankind, a perpetuation of clerical disobedience toward the Will of Our Lord and Our Lady re the Secret and Consecration are no doubt the direct cause of why the world is facing this pandemic, this hour of sacramental prohibition, rumor of anarchy, war and a Pope “who will have much to suffer.” But unlike then the Church of today has capitulated to secular authority and seems to have abandoned the flock!

      On a personal note, I was a little comforted to read that St. Francisco made his First Holy Communion on the 2nd of April 1919, the 2nd of April being my birthday and June the 18th (1965) the date on which Our Lady delivered her final message to the World also being the day of my wedding anniversary. Perhaps I am by providence or by coincidence bound to Fatima and Garabandal. Wishful thinking of course but nice none the less.

      God bless

      • Pete and Aviso,
        Please see Lifesite article detailing the appeal to the world on the dangers currently facing it, from Archbishop Vigano, Cardinals Sarah, Zen, Mueller and one other plus 8 bishops. I think it is significant that Cardinals Sarah and Zen are advising us Catholics to be mindful of what is actually going on.
        God Bless all on the site.

          • Thank you Concerned, Cardinal Sarah did signed then he retracted shamefully because his boss Francis did asked it for sure, in Army we call that desertion or an order depend where you stay and as sister Lucia said for the Lord or for the devil, in his case more probably for fear and also because he is still in Rome, probably where not to be if you want to talk freely currently, Archbishop Vigano is a good example as he has to move from Rome in emergency before talking freely as currently, please Pray for him, be sure that he will need any prayer, below more detail about it :


            By the way, Let me add few words as well, my friends do you know really what is Mafia, as we know Mafia can kill you at anytime you and family if necessary, they have no pity, no faith and always using fear and threat and by the way what is the St Gallen Group ? A Mafia within the Church, as simple as that, they said it themselves and as any mafia they need also a Godfather and who is their Godfather, again they said themselves as well, Francis as simple as that, well when the Godfather talk you better listen especially if you are living in the same town or sharing the same house, if not well or you are leaving quickly in any other country for hidding or you end as Pope John Paul 1st maybe, who knows, what do you think ?

            It reminds me also this story to keep in mind told to me in Portugal, it is like thinking that in 1957, the original text of the Fatima 3rd Secret sent to Rome from Portugal was the unique text available because sealed, no other copy could exist since then to date, come on ! well when you are reading the text of the Lady, in my humble opinion you better make some copies before sealing in case she was right especially about Papacy, we never know, at least in my opinion.

            Archbishop Vigano, Great you are your Eminence, this thread is about you for the Glory of God via your interview given to this Portuguese website (only) about Fatima, Great soldier of the Lord, faithful sheperd, in my opinion your award will be great in Heaven but as you probably knows, we need more Sheperds for fighting the current antichrist forces, I beg also help from God via our Lady, Mother please send to us more faithful Sheperds like Archbishop Vigano and we will take care of the rest, Amen.

            PS : Reminder, below my contact email :

            • Aviso,
              Rotate Caeli says Bergoglio’s pick to replace Cardinal Sarah at the Divine Worship would be Vittorio Viola who supposedly was given Freemason Bugnini’s episcopal ring and is implacably opposed to Summorum Pontificum.
              I was very disappointed at Cardinal Sarah backing out, and the declaration of tape-recording of phonecalls and squabble over the sequence of events was, I thought, very unseemly and depressing. Maybe Cardinal Sarah judged that he needed to stay in his position for as long as possible. Who knows!

      • Thanks Pete, by the way my Brother in Christ Great you are, the blog will be back to you soon, it is almost time again for me, to travel back again, between us I do not know why but I really enjoyed my last stay in Ukraine, I should be back there soon for business trip, please stay safe and be strong, of course you are linked to Fatima and Garabandal, for me there is no possible doubt, great comment again, by the way please Pray for me as well, thank you.

      • Hi All

        This looks to have the making of a great film on the story of Fatima, this clip alone seems to follow the sequential narrative of the 1957 CTS pamphlet I referred to previously.

        It is said the movie will premier in August if not delayed further by COVID-19. Lets hope it lives up to the expectations set by the trailer.

        God bless

    • Thank you to all of you for your compliments sent to me in private or in Public about my comment related to Fatima and Popes,let me add few words as well regarding many questions about Pope Benedict last book, where the Holy Father confirms his resignation but keeping the spiritual dimension of the Papacy, more details below :

      Pope Benedict: I resigned, but I kept ‘spiritual dimension’ of papacy

      My Comment : “Pope Benedict: I resigned, but I kept ‘spiritual dimension’ of papacy”

      Questions received in Private many times : Aviso to you what does that Mean ?

      Aviso : well, here with these words is confirming what we are telling here for years but between the lines only as he has probably no choice, he is still the Pope and I will explain why ? so for Pope Benedict, Yes he resigned : Question to ask freely or not ? to me of course not de facto any resignation is invalid, but he cannot talk at least from Rome, how I know ? as simple as that, Keeping his Papal Name and clothes, this is the best possible reply in these circumstances within the Vatican from Benedict, no one who resigns keeps his work clothes, have you ever seen a police man, a postman, a nurse, a baker or whatever ? resigning from his post for whatever reason and walk around town still dressed as a police officer, postman , nurse, baker and so on, It is a matter of common sense my friends so of course not, so now imagine a Pope, a major and global world figure, spiritual leader of about 2 Billions Catholics, also known for his famous white clothing even by non-Catholics, announcing that he is resigning (by the way in latin with 2 main great grammar errors, come on !), for health reasons and being cloistered in the Vatican gardens always dressed as Pope, even signing books about him since his resignation with his Apostolic name, Pope Benedict, come on my friends ! but This would be the best possible way to create confusion within Catholics but also to the wolrd and this is not Benedict, the great Pope and theologian we all know, he knows quite well that confusion is not from the Lord but from evil, impossible for Pope Benedict to not be aware of it (possible confusion within Catholics with a possible schism by the way) and today he is affirming via this last book, that to him he is keeping the spiritual dimension of Papacy, so in other word he is still the spiritual Pope but what does mean a “spiritual dimension” ?, well the meaning is God so for Pope Benedict and to be clear again he is currently THE Pope in the eyes of God, as spirituality is related to GOD, if he is a Spiritual Pope de facto he is the Pope for God but God (the Lord) cannot have 2 Popes, this is our Catechism and the teachings of Fathers, one spiritual and one physical (Peter on you I will build my Church….ect….and not Peter and Paul on both of you I will build my Church, this is heresy for anyone beleiving it possible), so in our case for us Catholics, the Vicar of Christ, as simple as that which by the way it is exactly the Prophecy of Fatima, the famous Holy Father and the Bishop in white of the vision of the secret what to ask for more my friends ? when the reality itself is so blatant, de facto any other explanation cannot be from God and is probably related to the Sin of idolatry only, thank you.

      PS : Possible solution for the Pope Emeritus for avoiding any confusion, by the way this strange title is something new and unseen in history of Church, it is like having 2 Jesus, 1 is the Lord and the other one is a Emeritus Lord only, come on ! so the possible solution for Benedict, if you are really free then
      move from the Vatican Gardens freely and go back to your own country as a simple Priest or even Cardinal if you like but please leave the Clothes Pope in Rome and all should be fine, forgive my language my friends but there is a time when you have to be clear once and for all and stop playing with faith of the faithful as confusion is not from the Lord but from the devil only.

  14. The Third Secret (read between the lines):

    In 1984 Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral of Fatima: “The Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs, nor nuclear warheads, nor Pershing missiles, nor SS-20’s. Its content concerns only our faith. To identify the Secret with catastrophic announcements or with a nuclear holocaust is to deform the meaning of the message. The loss of faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true that faith is continually diminishing in Europe.”

    It is important to note that, as part of the general attempt to conceal and suppress the truth about Fatima, Bishop Amaral was pressured to withdraw his remarks shortly after they were made. But then, ten years later and safely retired, the bishop casually reaffirmed his testimony in a public interview in 1995, adding a crucial bit of evidence: “Before I asserted in Vienna (in 1984) that the Third Secret concerned only our Faith and the loss of Faith I had consulted Sister Lucy and first obtained her approval.”

    Father Alonso, the official Fatima archivist had this to say on the Third Secret:

    ‘In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved’: The phrase most clearly implies a critical state of Faith, which other nations will suffer, that is to say, a crisis of Faith; whereas Portugal will preserve its Faith.

    September 2, 1952 – Pope Pius XII sent Father Schweigl to interrogate Sister Lucy about the Third Secret at her convent in Coimbra, Portugal. On his return to the Russicum in Rome, Father Schweigl confides this to one of his colleagues: “I cannot reveal anything of what I learned at Fatima concerning the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: one concerns the Pope. The other, logically–although I must say nothing–would have to be the continuation of the words: In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.”

    March 1990 – In March 1990, Cardinal Oddi confirmed the belief of many that in the Third Secret “the Blessed Virgin was alerting us to the apostasy in the Church”, and that the date for its revelation, 1960, indicates that “the Secret had something to do with the convocation of Vatican II.”

    1995: In a personal communication to Professor Baumgartner in Salzburg, Austria, Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi — the personal theologian of John Paul II (and of the four popes before him) — reveals that: “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”

    The apostasy will begin at the top (i.e. the Vatican) by the followers of Satan and then will proceed to destroy the faith throughout the world except Portugal.

    Pretty simple when you get down to it. (2 + 2 still equals 4)

    • Dear Daniel,

      This evidence might cause one to have doubts about the comment that Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral made regarding the Third Secret of Fatima on September 10, 1984 during a question and answer session at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.


      1966 – Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Bishop João Pereira Venâncio saw the necessity and urgency of defending the authentic Message of Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop Venâncio, alarmed by growing attempts to revise and reinterpret the Message of Fatima, officially commissioned Father Joaquin Maria Alonso, a learned Claretian priest, with the task of writing a complete critical history of the apparitions, messages and revelations of Fatima.

      July 1, 1972 – The Resignation of Bishop João Pereira Venâncio, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima at the age of 68 BEFORE his
      75th birthday (A defender and advocate of the true Messages of Our Lady of Fatima & Garabandal).

      NOTE: Why would a healthy bishop resign so early? Could it be that Bishop Venâncio was being pressured by the Vatican to halt the complete critical history of the official archivist, Father Joaquin Alonso?

      July 1, 1972 – The Appointment of Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima.

      1975 – All 24 volumes of Father Joaquin Alonso’s work were ready for publication. However, the presses were literally stopped by the new Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral. As a result, Father Alonso’s years of research was prevented from reaching the public. Two of the twenty-four volumes were eventually published (in 1992 and 1999, respectively), but only in a heavily edited form. The other 22 volumes remain unpublished, even though they were fully prepared for the press in 1975.

      NOTE: Father Joaquin Maria Alonso (official archivist of Fatima with unrestricted access to Sister Lúcia and her writings) completed his work entitled, “Fatima Texts and Critical Studies”, after several years of studying the Fatima archives and all relevant documents. This massive work would fill 24 volumes (800 pages per volume) and presents a collection of over 5,396 documents, ranging from the beginnings of the Fatima apparitions until November 12, 1974. These manuscripts were “very well prepared,” according to the Abbé Rene Laurentin, who consulted them himself.
      Why would Father Joaquin Alonso, officially commissioned by the Church to make a critical study of the Fatima Apparitions and Message, be prevented from publishing? Have those in authority who wish to suppress, subvert or obfuscate the Message of Our Lady of Fatima determined that the “telling findings” of Father Alonso must be buried with the rest of the Fatima Message? Also, if the Vatican is telling the truth and the Third Secret of Fatima was completely revealed on the 26th of June 2000 (comprised of 62 lines on four sheets of paper), then why haven’t all 24 volumes (800 pages each) been released and published as of May of 2020? Where are the actual words of Our Lady given to the seers of Fatima in explanation to the mysterious vision above?! (The letter containing the very words of Our Lady comprised of 25 lines on a single sheet of paper)

      “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top. [The implication being, not merely the Vatican and more specifically, THE ONE WHO IS AT THE TOP]” – Luigi Cardinal Ciappi 1995 (Personal Theologian to Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II) from a personal letter to Professor Baumgartner of Salzburg, Austria; Father Gerard Mura, “The Third Secret of Fatima: Has It Been Completely Revealed?”, the periodical Catholic, (published by the Transalpine Redemptorists, Orkney Isles, Scotland, Great Britain) March 2002

      Father Malachi Martin (reader of the Third Secret of Fatima) Interview with Bernard Janzen 1992 (The Kingdom of Darkness)

      1:34:06 –
      Janzen: And your book, “The Keys of This Blood,” indicated that within Rome itself, there exists a super force that has paralyzed the governing machinery of the Church, even in the Vatican.

      Martin: That’s right – that’s what I’m talking about. There is this force which is, at the present moment, irremovable – I was going to say undislodgable but irremovable is the better English word. And this is where again, one’s faith in Our Lady of Fatima comes in, ’cause she said so. And she said that, only I can save the Church, because that is what my son has willed – not because of her own choice, but because that’s what Christ has chosen. That she shall be the one to come finally and save the Church, before the final disaster. Because, if you read carefully what Our Lady told Lucia, you get the strong picture that things are going to get so bad, so many of the elect will lose their faith, so many people who now believe will finally give up in despair and commit suicide or be taken away by Satan as his prey, so much so that if she did not step in nobody would be saved … the danger is that today, because the magisterium has a muffled voice – the office still exists – it is a muffled voice, and uncertain voice, the churchman who are supposed to voice the magisterium have uncertain voices, they’re affected in their faith, they’re affected in their outlook, they’re affected in their performance through fear, and through what Our Lady called disequilibrium of mind. She said to Sister Lucia once, my child, don’t be surprised if the best minds suffer from an imbalance at a certain moment – wonk and waver. And because that is so, there’s a great crisis of faith in the Church, and there’s no point of recall, there’s no rappel to order, there’s no leading voice really talking in the Church today inspiring us all; it isn’t there.

      1:39:53 –
      And once that is over [Martin was describing a “passion, crucifixion and death” of the Church in the future. All the Fathers agree that the history of the Church will reproduce exactly the history of Christ] once Our Lady comes on her appointed time giving us the signal that she has promised to give us, then we can lift our faces to the East because it’s from the East our salvation will come.

      1:58:41 –
      Janzen: In our discussion earlier you just touched on the subject of Satan’s assault on the papacy. Perhaps we could have a brief discussion about that.

      Martin: Bernard, if we didn’t speak about the papacy before the end of this conversation, I know that by the autumn of 1992, this year, you suddenly would be very angry and disappointed with me. By the spring of ’93, and well into May, June, and July of that year, I don’t think you would ever speak to me again because I would’ve let you down. I wouldn’t have brought to your notice what I think is fatally necessary for every Catholic to know, and that is the fate of the papacy and the coming stress and danger that we shall be without the strength of the papacy.

      2:10:00 –
      Bernard: Is it ever possible that the cardinals at a future conclave could elect a heretical pope?

      Martin: [brief pause over the sensitive nature of the question] You know…they have elected men in the past who had heretical ideas. Two or three. They have never elected yet an apostate…an apostate. … An apostate has rebelled against the very fundamental of faith and rejected God and Christ. We have apostates now who are papabili [men who could be pope].
      Yes, we could have an apostate. But in that day, then we are into something terrible. We’re into something which, Bernard, is something that, if you think on it, in full knowledge of the meaning of your terms, is nightmarish. It would test the faith of the St. Catherine of Sienna. It would test the faith of greatest saint. It would try the patience of Job. It would be a black day. … ’cause then, they have the prize and everything goes underground. And we are indeed on our way to becoming what Paul VI, in his misery, called, in 1978, an infinitesimally small part of humanity. Completely marginalized and pushed to the side and forgotten as a quaint group of people as interesting as Tibetan astrologers on a modern campus.

      Father Malachi Martin (reader of the Third Secret of Fatima) Interview with Art Bell on May 4, 1998

      Martin: The prophecy of Fatima is not a pleasant document to read – not pleasant news. It implies – it doesn’t make any sense unless we accept that there will be, or that there is in progress – a wholesale apostasy amongst clerics and laity in the Catholic Church, that the institutional organization of the Roman Catholic Church – that is, the organization of parishes, dioceses, archbishops and bishops and cardinals and the Roman bureaucracies and the chanceries throughout the world – unless that is totally disrupted and rendered null and void, the third secret makes no sense, and number two, the other salient characteristic about it is that it means intense suffering for believers.

      Martin: So, it was opened by John XXIII in February, 1960, and he proceeded to say that it wasn’t true; it was unreliable and the children didn’t know what they were talking about, and Lucia didn’t because when she got this supposed secret from the Virgin, she was illiterate – she was under 10 years old. So she couldn’t know what she was talking about. And John XXIII then, in his opening speech at the Vatican Council on October 11, 1962, referred contemptuously to the three children as prophets of doom and said, we today, we don’t have anything to do with these prophets of doom, because we are in a different age. And so he suppressed the secret.

      Bell: Do you consider it to be the ravings of an illiterate child?

      Martin: No, no. It’s a very exact description of what is now happening and apparently what is going to happen shortly, but in cold, hard terms. There’s no exaggeration, there are no use of adjectives or adverbs or anything like that. It’s a blanket statement. A very factual thing stated baldly with no adulteration, no flourishes, no purple patches.

      Bell: In other words, they got exactly what they asked for.

      Martin: Yeah, it’s a frightening document. It’s very frightening.

      Father Malachi Martin Interview with Art Bell on July 13, 1998 (the anniversary of the Third Secret of Fatima)

      Bell: Alright, here we go. Just a couple of things I want to quickly read. One from a friend in Australia, Father, who says, “I had a Jesuit priest tell me more of the third secret of Fatima years ago in Perth. He said, among other things, the last pope would be under control of Satan. Pope John fainted thinking it might be him. We were interrupted before I could hear the rest.” Any comment on that?

      Martin: Yes…uh…it sounds as if they were reading – or being told – the text of the third secret.

      Bell: Oh my.

      Martin: It sounds like it. But it’s sufficiently vague to make one hesitate. It sounds like it.

      Bell: Father, is there any circumstance under which you can imagine, that you would feel free to reveal the secret?

      Martin: Yes. Yes. If there was a total collapse at the center.

      Bell: And you anticipate that, don’t you?

      Martin: I anticipate it as a possibility, Art. I can’t predict, but I anticipate it as a possibility, certainly, yes. I do.

      • Open Letter to Father Colum Power:

        Dear Fr. Colum Power,

        Having listened very carefully to your recent video entitled, Garabandal and ‘Conspiracy Theories” which streamed live on Mar 1, 2021 I am asking for your help to correct the record. At 36:19 and following, you mentioned something that I’ve never heard before and would like to know the legitimate source which supports your claim of “Our Lady praising the Second Vatican Council in Garabandal.” Would you be gracious enough to provide me with any legitimate sources regarding this matter, because I have found nothing in print and would like to have those sources for the archives in our Pilgrim Center here in Garabandal.

        Truth be told, I do not recognize the 54 minute documentary entitled, “The Message of Garabandal” released in 1996 as a legitimate source on this matter because it is in direct contradiction with the single greatest scholarly work on the subject of Garabandal, “She Went In Haste To The Mountain” by Padre Eusebio Garciá de Pesquera, published decades earlier in 1972.

        However, I was able to find one reference inside the bible of Garabandal, “She Went In Haste To The Mountain” on pdf page 517:

        “With the Council being discussed in their environment, and since the
        girls talked in their ecstasies about the things that drew their attention
        each day, it is no wonder that Conchita was heard to say in a trance:

        The Council, is it the greatest of all? . . . Will it be a success? . . . How good! . . .
        That way they will know you better, and you will be very happy . . . Why do they
        paint you so ugly, when you are so beautiful? 7

        It would be extremely interesting to know the words that came from the
        Vision in those intervals of silence that separated the girl’s questions and
        statements. Perhaps we could know that way how God appraised the
        activities and the end result—at that time unforeseeable—of the last Council
        of the Church. Today, many years later, the people’s opinions are
        tremendously different. Some think that the Council was the starting-
        point of an authentic Church, of a Church that finally found itself. For
        them only the postcouncilar has value. Others say, or at least think, that
        the Council has provoked the worst revolution and the greatest crisis in
        the history of the Church.

        7. The words that follow were transcribed by Louis Navas from a tape recording made by a Basque priest who was in Garabandal on those days. (Fr. Valentín places the girl’s ecstasy on the morning of September 26th.) “The whole night (between the 25th and 26th) they passed in vigil at Conchita’s home, until six in the morning. And when at that time a priest—there were six from outside the diocese—was reciting the Angeles, the girl fell on her knees and presented the crucifix to be kissed, starting with all the priests. She went outside into the village, she went to the Cuadro. It lasted about an hour. She was heard to say something about the Council . . .”

        En Español, “Se fue con frisas a la Montaña”, pdf p. 511:

        Don Valentín pone el éxtasis de la niña en la madrugada de este día 26:
        “Toda la noche (del 25 al 26) la pasaron en vela en casa de Conchita, hasta las seis de la
        mañana, y cuando a esa hora un sacerdote –había cinco extradiocesanos– estaba rezando
        el Ángelus, la niña cayó de rodillas, dando a besar el crucifijo, primero a todos los
        sacerdotes. Salió por el pueblo, fue al Cuadro…; duró como una hora. Se lo oyó decir
        algo acerca del Concilio…”):

        –El Concilio, ¿es el más grande de todos?… ¿Será un éxito?… ¡Qué bueno! Así
        te conocerán mejor, y estarás más contenta… ¿Cómo es que te pintan tan fea,
        siendo tan hermosa?

        Sería de extraordinario interés saber qué palabras hubo por parte de la visión en
        aquellos intervalos de silencio que separaban las preguntas o frases de la niña… Tal vez
        conoceríamos así cómo valoraba el cielo la celebración y el resultado –entonces imprevisible–
        del último Concilio de la Iglesia. Porque las opiniones de los hombres son ahora, diez años
        después, terriblemente dispares: desde creer que aquello fue el punto de partida de una Iglesia
        auténtica, de una Iglesia que, ¡al fin!, se encontraba a sí misma –sólo lo “postconciliar” tiene
        ya valor–, hasta decir, o al menos pensar, que en el Concilio se ha desatado dentro de la
        Iglesia la peor revolución y la más grave crisis de toda su historia.

        If you are unable to provide any legitimate sources and the above citation is the same one to which you referred during your YouTube broadcast, then you appear to have dangerously misrepresented the QUESTIONS which were asked by Conchita and neglected to mention the UNKNOWN CONTENT of the REPLIES given by Our Lady to those same questions. Additionally, the exclamatory sentence of Conchita clearly referred to the unknown content of the reply given by Our Lady. In truth, any claim made beyond that is, at best, guess-work and conjecture or, at worst, an insertion or projection of one’s own bias and opinion.

        Considering the serious nature and consequences of what you declared, may I suggest that it is your responsibility as a man of God and man of truth to formally correct the record on this matter on your next broadcast.

        May God bless you and Our Lady protect you always,
        Sincerely and respectfully yours in the Passion of the Church,

        Michael S. Hottinger, B.A., M.Div.
        Director of the Pilgrim Center, San Sebastian de Garabandal
        For your consideration:

        Is it possible the conversation between Conchita and Our Lady went something like this?

        The Council, is it the greatest of all?
        [No… Sadly, there are some at the council who have abandoned prayer and are leading others astray. They are painting me in an ugly way and failed to heed my requests. But there will come a future council and that next council will be great.]

        Will it be a success?
        [Yes, it will be a success and will establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart beside the Sacred Heart.]

        How good!
        [Yes, the next council will teach people many good things about my special relationship with God and each of you.]
        e.g. Our Lady is solemnly defined Advocating Queen, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix of All Graces

        That way they will know you better, and you will be very happy.
        [Our Lady smiles]

        Why do they paint you so ugly, when you are so beautiful?
        [Our Lady gives a sorrowful expression in silence]
        Is it possible there is a relationship between the Third Secret of Fatima, Garabandal and Vatican II from this timeline?

        “At the approach of 1960, older ones remember it, the whole Christian people confidently awaited the promised public unveiling of the Secret. And you Italians (here present) you no doubt know that in 1959 there was in the whole country a great movement of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For several months, the Virgin of Fatima crisscrossed the [Italian] peninsula drawing along in its trail enthusiastic crowds and spreading everywhere its marvels of grace, extraordinary fervor, miracles of conversion, miracles of doves … On September 13, 1959 – all the Bishops of the country solemnly consecrated Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Unfortunately, the movement was so little encouraged by Pope John XXIII that his silence and reserve could not pass unnoticed.” – Taken from a talk by Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité at the Vatican Symposium on Fatima on November 24, 1985 sponsored by the “International Fatima Rosary Crusade”

        The express order of the Queen of Heaven written on the envelopes which contained the Third Secret to be revealed “in 1960.”
        “By express order of Our Lady, this envelope can only be opened in 1960 by His Excellency, the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or His Excellency, the Bishop of Leiria.”

        November 10, 1959 – Pope John XXIII meets with Bishop Venâncio (now the Ordinary of Leiria-Fatima) and Cardinal Cento (the former Vatican nuncio who brought the Secret to Rome in 1957). In a handwritten note John XXIII refers to Sister Lúcia “who is now a good religious at Coimbra. The Holy Office will take care of everything to a good end.” (See Christopher Ferrara, “The Secret Still Hidden”, p. 219.) Shortly after this, Sister Lúcia is placed under an order of complete silence and not allowed to speak with almost any visitors. – Father Paul Kramer, “The Devil´s Final Battle: Book II” 2010, p. 242

        1960 – Sister Lúcia is officially forbidden to speak about the Third Secret and can receive no visitors except close relatives and people she has known for a long time. After 1960, even her own longtime confessor of many years (since the 1930’s), Father José da Silva Aparicio, is not allowed to see her – although in the early 1950’s he was free to do so.

        February 8, 1960 – As the world anxiously awaits the full revelation of the Third Secret, the Vatican issues an anonymous press release. Despite Our Lady´s explicit request, the Vatican announces that the Third Secret will not be revealed and “would probably remain, forever, under absolute seal.” The announcement (through the Portuguese news agency, “A.N.I.” – “Agenda Nacional de Informação”) as follows:
        “It has just been stated, in very reliable Vatican circles, that it is most likely that the letter will never be opened, in which Sister Lúcia wrote down the words which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three little shepherds in the Cova da Iria.”

        “According to Msgr. Loris Capovilla (personal secretary to Pope John XXIII), several Roman Prelates had been consulted. But what is certain is that the Portuguese authorities in charge were odiously disregarded. Neither Bishop Venâncio, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, nor Cardinal Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, had been consulted or notified by Rome.” – Taken from a talk by Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité at the Vatican Symposium on Fatima on November 24, 1985 sponsored by the “International Fatima Rosary Crusade”

        The Apparitions in San Sebastián de Garabandal begin in 1961, the year after the deadline given by Our Lady for the opening and publication of the Third Secret of Fatima had not been fulfilled.
        Do you think it was an accident or a coincidence that Our Lady appeared in Garabandal after the Third Secret of Fatima was hidden and Sister Lúcia was silenced?

        July 4, 1961 – The First Message of Garabandal is delivered by Our Lady. (174 days or 5 months, 21 days before the Convocation of Second Vatican Council):

        October 18, 1961 – Public Announcement of the First Message of Our Lady of Garabandal.

        December 25, 1961 – Convocation of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII (Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ).

        February 22, 1962 – Pope John XXIII publishes, Veterum Sapientia, an Apostolic Constitution emphasizing the importance of Latin in the liturgy and how it must never be discarded, during the Roman Synod preparing for Vatican II. (Given in Rome on Feast of the Chair of St Peter)

        NOTE: This document may suggest that the Third Secret could have predicted modernizations or changes to the Mass.

        June 19, 1962 – The Nights of Screams of Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz (Shortly afterwards Jacinta, Mari Loli confirmed the coming Chastisement).

        “The Virgin told us:
        That we do not expect the Chastisement; That without expecting it, it will come;
        Since the world has not changed. And she has already told us twice; And we do not pay attention to her,
        Since the world is getting worse. And it should change very much. And it has not changed at all.
        Prepare yourself. Confess, Because the Chastisement will come soon. And the world continues the same . . .
        I tell you this:
        That the world continues the same. How unfortunate that it does not change!
        Soon will come a very great Chastisement, If it does not change.” – María Dolores Mazón, Jacinta González

        June 20, 1962 – The Nights of Screams of Jacinta, Mari Loli and Conchita (the eve of Corpus Christi, the Thursday after Trinity Sunday at that time).

        June 23, 1962 – Our Lady gives Jacinta and Mari Loli the following important message.

        “The Virgin has told us:
        That the world continues the same, that it has not changed at all; That few will see God; so few they are,
        that it is causing the Virgin great sorrow. How unfortunate that the world does not change!
        The Virgin has told us that the Chastisement is coming. As the world is not changing, the cup is filling up.
        How sorrowful is the Virgin, although she does not allow us to see it. Since the Virgin loves us so much, she suffers alone, since she is so good. Everyone be good, so that the Virgin will be happy!
        She has told us that those who are good should pray for those who are evil.
        Yes, we should pray to God for the world, for those who do not know Him.
        Be good, be very good.”- María Dolores Mazón, Jacinta González

        August 1962 – The Pact of Metz (France) was signed by Cardinal Eugène Tisserant, representing the Holy See and Metropolitan Nikodim, representing the Russian Orthodox.

        NOTE: The Vatican-Moscow Agreement effectively silences the Second Vatican Council regarding the evil of Communism. The Vatican appears to have done the exact opposite of the mandate of Heaven given by Our Lady on July 13, 1917.

        September 23, 1962 – Pope John XXIII is diagnosed with stomach cancer. The diagnosis, which was kept from the public, followed nearly eight months of occasional stomach hemorrhages, and reduced the pontiff’s appearances.

        October 11, 1962 – The Opening day of the Second Vatican Council,
        “We feel we must disagree with those prophets of doom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand.” – Pope John XXIII, Opening Address in St. Peter’s Basilica. (The Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

        NOTE: Pope John XXIII, who read the Third Secret of Fatima and would also have had a means of knowing about the Nights of Screams in San Sebastian de Garabandal regarding the coming Chastisement afterwards authorized the “Metz Pact” appears to have contempt for the messengers and the Messages of Our Lady in the Opening Address.

        June 3, 1963 – Pope John XXIII dies of peritonitis caused by a perforated stomach at the Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

        NOTE: In accordance with the Law of the Church, “If it happens that the Roman Pontiff, during the celebration of a Council, departs from this life, [the Council] by the law itself is interrupted [suspended] until a new Pontiff resumes it and orders it to be continued.” – 1917 Code of Canon Law, Can. 229

        June 21, 1963 – The election of Pope Paul VI.

        June 27, 1963 – Pope Paul VI reads the text of the Third Secret kept in the papal apartments less than a week after becoming pope. Pope Paul VI reads the text after the Substitute Secretary of State Msgr. Angelo Dell’Acqua telephones Msgr. Capovilla, personal secretary to Pope John XXIII, to inquire as to where to find it. Msgr. Capovilla testifies to this fact in his “certified note” of May 17, 1967. It is this text, the one that contains Our Lady’s words, that is later identified by Cardinal Ottaviani as being 25 lines in length.

        September 29, 1963 – Pope Paul VI reconvenes and reopens the Second Vatican Council, which had automatically closed with the death of Pope John XXIII (This date marked the beginning of the Second Session of Vatican II).

        1963 – In a public admonition to his spiritual sons amidst the Second Vatican Council Padre Pio said: “Due to the rampant injustice and abuse of power, we have reached a compromise with atheistic materialism [Communism], a denial of the rights of God. This is the punishment foretold at Fatima … All the priests who support the possibility of a dialogue with the negators of God and with the Luciferian powers of the world [Freemasonry] are mad, have lost their faith, no longer believe in the Gospel! In so doing they betray the word of God, because Christ came to bring on earth perpetual covenant only to men of heart [good will], but did not join with the men thirsty for power and dominion over the brothers … The flock is dispersed when the shepherds ally with the enemies of the Truth of Christ. All the forms of power made deaf to the will of the authority of the heart of God are rapacious wolves that renew the passion of Christ and make the Madonna shed tears … ” – Published in “Avvenire” August 19, 1978; See also partial quote in “The Fourth Secret of Fatima” 2006 by Antonio Socci

        June 18, 1965 – The Second Message of Our Lady of Garabandal is delivered by St. Michael the Archangel on behalf of Our Lady. (173 days or 5 months, 20 days before the Closing of Second Vatican Council):

        “As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over.
        Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts.
        If you ask for His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings.
        I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the Passion of Jesus.”

        NOTE: There is one very curious thing many good Catholics seem to have missed. Look at the symmetry of time Our Lady gave between the First Message of Garabandal & the Convocation of the Second Vatican Council and then the Second Message of Garabandal & the Closing of the Second Vatican Council. They are both the same amount of time, “5 months, 20 days.” How could these four little Spanish girls in a tiny Cantabrian mountain village orchestrate such precision? The symmetry speaks to a conscious mind (Our Lady’s) which intentionally chose the same interval of time before each historically significant event. Also, it is important to note the verbal tense of Our Lady´s words in the Second Message of Garabandal. They were spoken not of the future but of the present.
        · “are on the road to perdition” is Present (Simple) Tense.
        This tense describes the present state or condition of something or a habitual action.
        · “and are taking many souls with them” is Present Continuous Tense (also called Present Progressive Tense). This tense is used to show that an ongoing action is happening now, either at the moment of speech or now in a larger sense. It describes an activity that is currently in progress. The present continuous can also be used to show that an action is going to take place in the near future. Consequently, Our Lady’s own words were meant for right then, at that very moment, on this particular date in 1965 and continuing during the Second Vatican Council. Please take a moment to think about what that implies.

        June 19, 1965 – Public Announcement of the Second Message of Our Lady of Garabandal.

        November 13, 1965 – Final Appearance of Our Lady of Garabandal.

        December 6, 1965 – The day before the Second Vatican Council ended,
        “Once the Council is ended, will everything return to the way it was before? Appearances and habits would say yes. The spirit of the Council would reply no.” – Pope Paul VI, during an Address to the Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops of Italy

        December 8, 1965 – Closing of the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI (The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

        1966 – Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Bishop João Pereira Venâncio saw the necessity and urgency of defending the authentic Message of Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop Venâncio, alarmed by growing attempts to revise and reinterpret the Message of Fatima, officially commissioned Father Joaquin Maria Alonso, a learned Claretian priest, with the task of writing a complete critical history of the apparitions, messages and revelations of Fatima.
        Supplemental quotes regarding the Third Secret of Fatima and the Second Vatican Council:

        Excerpt taken from an Address by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,
        given on July 13, 1988 (The Anniversary of the Third Secret of Fatima), in Santiago, Chile before that nation’s bishops:
        “The Second Vatican Council has not been treated as a part of the entire living Tradition of the Church, but as an end of Tradition, a new start from zero. The truth is that this particular Council defined no dogma at all, and deliberately chose to remain on a modest level, as a merely pastoral council; and yet many treat it as though it had made itself into a sort of “super-dogma” which takes away the importance of all the rest.
        This idea is made stronger by things that are now happening. That which previously was considered most holy—the form in which the liturgy was handed down—suddenly appears as the most forbidden of all things, the one thing that can safely be prohibited. It is intolerable to criticize decisions which have been taken since the Council; on the other hand, if men make question of ancient rules, or even of the great truths of the Faith—for instance, the corporal virginity of Mary, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, the immortality of the soul, etc.—nobody complains or only does so with the greatest moderation. I myself, when I was a professor, have seen how the very same bishop who, before the Council, ad fired a teacher who was really irreproachable, for a certain crudeness of speech, was not prepared, after the Council, to dismiss a professor who openly denied certain fundamental truths of the Faith.
        All this leads a great number of people to ask themselves if the Church of today is really the same as that of yesterday, or if they have changed it for something else without telling people. The one way in which Vatican II can be made plausible is to present it as it is; one part of the unbroken, the unique Tradition of the Church and of her faith.”

        Continuing his diagnosis, he [Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger] recalls that this “true” Council, “already during its sessions [Vatican II] and then increasingly in the subsequent period, was opposed by a self-styled ‘spirit of the Council’, which in reality is a true ‘anti-spirit’ of the Council. According to this pernicious anti-spirit [Konzils-Ungeist in German], everything that is ‘new’ (or presumed such: how many old heresies have surfaced again in recent years that have been presented as something new!) is always and in every case better than what has been or what is. It is the anti-spirit according to which the history of the Church would first begin with Vatican II, viewed as a kind of point zero.” – The Ratzinger Report: an exclusive interview on the state of the Church (Rapporto Sulla Fede), 1985, by Vittorio Messori, p. 34-35

        When Pope Benedict XVI was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, around 1990 he revealed to his friend [Fr. Ingo Döllinger] that in the Third Secret of Fatima Our Lady warns not to change the liturgy. Our Lady warned against changing the Mass and there would be an evil [an iniquitous] Council in the Church.
        The elderly German priest [Father Ingo Döllinger], Ratzinger’s long-time personal friend, took note of the fact that when this vision of the Third Secret was published on June 26, 2000 it did not contain those things, those elements of the Third Secret that Cardinal Ratzinger had revealed to him nearly ten years earlier. The German priest, Father Ingo Döllinger, told me [Father Paul Kramer] that his question was burning in his mind on the day he concelebrated with Cardinal Ratzinger. Father Döllinger said to me [Father Paul Kramer], “I [Father Ingo Döllinger] confronted Cardinal Ratzinger to his face.” And of course he asked Cardinal Ratzinger, “How can this be the entire Third Secret? Remember what you told me before?” Cardinal Ratzinger was cornered. He didn’t know what to say and so he blurted out to his friend in German, “Wirklich gebt das der etwas” which means, “Really there is something more there,” meaning there is something more in the Third Secret. The Cardinal stated this quite plainly. – The first published account of Fr. Ingo Döllinger’s testimony (of which we are aware) appeared in an interview with Fr. Paul Kramer in Fatima Crusader Issue #92 in May of 2009.

        Question: This is an amazing story. Is Father Döllinger a credible witness?
        Answer by Father Paul Kramer: I can say this much, we’re talking about an elderly priest, a long-time personal friend of Pope Benedict XVI, a man who was a long-time personal acquaintance of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. In fact, he told me he had gone to confession to Padre Pio 58 times. This is a man who for many years was the Rector of a seminary in South America; a man who is highly esteemed, who is of great reputation in the Church. I would also point out that in the diocese where he worked what I have said about the Third Secret, what Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to him, was common knowledge among the young priests who were seminarians and deacons at the time this man was Rector. They all know the story that Cardinal Ratzinger had told him. As I mentioned, they had even put together a dossier and sent it to Cardinal Ratzinger. So he is a man of great credibility, worthy of credence; a man of great seriousness who is not given over to making up fabulous stories, or exaggerating self-importance. The man had no need of such things; he’s a man of utmost credibility.

        Father Döllinger was himself also involved with the German Bishops’ Conference’s discussions concerning freemasonry in the 1970s at the end of which came the statement that freemasonry is not compatible with the Catholic Faith.

        (Another account of the same story…)

        Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told a personal friend, a German priest and former professor of theology in Brazil (Father Ingo Döllinger) that Our Lady warned that there would be an evil Council in the Church that would cause great scandal. Not long after the June 26, 2000 publication of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told Fr. Döllinger during an in-person conversation that there is still a part of the Third Secret that they have not published! “There is more than what we published,” Ratzinger said. He also told Döllinger that the published part of the Secret is authentic and that the unpublished part of the Secret speaks about “a bad council and a bad Mass” that was to come in the near future.

        “What we have published is not the whole secret.” “We were instructed to do so.” – Gottfried Kiniger’s recorded conversation with Father Ingo Döllinger

        “Today the Church is experiencing a moment of anxiety. Some practice self-criticism, one would even say in auto-demolition [self-destruction]. It is like an acute and complex interior upheaval, which no one would have expected after the Council.” – Pope Paul VI on Saturday, 7 December 1968 during an Address to the members of the Pontifical Lombard Seminary

        “Referring to the situation of the Church today, the Holy Father states that he has the feeling that, from some fissure [crack] the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God” […]
        “It was believed that after the Council would come a day of sunshine in the history of the Church. But instead there has come a day of clouds and storms and of darkness.” […]
        “How did this happen? The Pope confides his thoughts to those present: that there has been the intervention of an adverse [adversarial] power. His name is the devil, this mysterious being which is also alluded to in the Letter of St. Peter.” – Pope Paul VI, June 29, 1972 on the 9th Anniversary of his coronation during the homily given at Mass for the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul with 30 cardinals in attendance

        “The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. Apostasy, the loss of the faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the Church.” – Pope Paul VI, October 13, 1977 in a formal address marking the 60th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun as quoted in the Milan-based daily Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, p. 7 of its issue dated October 14, 1977

        1976 – Father Joaquin Alonso (Official Archivist at Fatima) with respect to the Third Secret wrote:
        “It is therefore completely probable that the text makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves [and the] internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence of the upper hierarchy …
        “In the period preceding the great triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, terrible things are to happen. These form the content of the third part of the Secret. What are they? If ‘in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved,’ … it can be clearly deduced from this that in other parts of the Church these dogmas are going to become obscure or even lost altogether. …
        “Does the unpublished text speak of concrete circumstances? It is very possible that it speaks not only of a real crisis of the faith in the Church during this in-between period, but like the secret of La Salette, for example, there are more concrete references to the internal struggles of Catholics or to the fall of priests and religious. Perhaps it even refers to the failures of the upper hierarchy of the Church. For that matter, none of this is foreign to other communications Sister Lucia has had on this subject.
        “An inopportune revelation of the text would only have further exasperated the two tendencies which continue to tear the Church apart: a traditionalism which would believe itself to be assisted by the Fatima prophecies, and a progressivism which would have lashed out against these apparitions, which in such a scandalous manner would seem to put the brakes on the conciliar Church’s forward progress … Pope Paul VI judged it opportune and prudent to delay the revelation of the text until better times. Pope John XXIII declared that the text did not refer to his pontificate … And the following popes did not consider that the moment had come to lift the veil of mystery, in circumstances where the Church has still not overcome the frightening impact of twenty post-conciliar years, during which the crisis of the Faith has installed itself at every level.” – Father Joaquin Alonso (Official Archivist at Fatima); La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima 1976. See also Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, The Whole Truth About Fatima – Vol. III, p. 687, 704-705. See also De nuevo el Secreto de Fatima 1982 Ephemerides mariologicae p. 93]

        July 21, 1983 – During an interview with Abbé Alfred Combe from France, Bishop João Pereira Venâncio, Bishop of Leiria-Fátima (Mind you, Bishop Venâncio is the same man who gave a detailed description of the Third Secret contained in the wax-sealed envelope by holding it up to a bright light, who officially commissioned a complete critical history of the apparitions, who had first-hand knowledge of everything that happened as the Bishop of the Diocese and twice personally visited with Conchita González of Garabandal in her home in New York) declared:
        “This message given by the Most Holy Virgin in Garabandal is the same that She gave in Fatima, but it is updated for our time.” – “Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, July-September 1993 p. 9-10

        It was Cardinal Leo Jozef Suenens who exclaimed, “Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church” and among other unguarded declarations he added “One cannot understand the French or the Russian revolutions unless one knows something of the old regimes which they brought to an end… It is the same in church affairs: a reaction can only be judged in relation to the state of things that preceded it.”
        What preceeded, and what he considered due for abolition, was that wonderful hierarchical construction culminating in the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth. He continued: “The Second Vatican Council marked the end of an epoch; and if we stand back from it a little more we see it marked the end of a series of epochs, the end of an age”. Père Yves Congar, one of the artisans of the reforms, spoke likewise: “The Church has had, peacefully, its October Revolution.” Fully aware of what he was saying, he remarked “The Declaration on Religious Liberty states the opposite of the Syllabus.”- Archbishop Marcel-François Lefebvre, C.S.Sp., “Open Letter to Confused Catholics,” English translation, 1986, pdf page 105, page 106

        Click to access AnOpenLetterToConfusedCatholics.pdf

        The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against the apostasy in the Church.” “I would not be surprised if the Third Secret alluded to dark times for the Church: grave confusions and troubling apostasies within Catholicism itself…If we consider the grave crisis we have lived through since the Council, the signs that this prophecy has been fulfilled do not seem to be lacking…” – Silvio Cardinal Oddi, to Italian journalist Lucio Brunelli in the journal Il Sabato, Rome, March 17, 1990

        “The Secret of Fatima contains a sad prophecy about the Church and, for this reason Pope John did not divulge it. And neither have Paul VI or John Paul II. It seems to me that what is basically written is that the Pope would convene a Council in 1960 which, contrary to expectations, would indirectly result in many difficulties for the Church.” – Cardinal Silvio Oddi, who was Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy in the Pontificate of John Paul II and very close to John XXIII during his reign; 30 Giorni, November 11, 1990, p. 69

        “Silvio Cardinal Oddi spoke with Sister Lucia in 1985. Afterward, Cardinal Oddi said [regarding the Third Secret] that ‘In my opinion, what is written is that in 1960, the Pope would have convoked a council from which, contrary to his intentions, there would arise many difficulties in the Church.’” – The Fourth Secret of Fatima, 2006 by Antonio Socci p. 123

        “The prophecy of Fatima was completely defied! It is a lack of sense, I would say, because according to the interpretation that seems to me most worthy of consideration, the Third Secret – which John XXIII and his successors thought inopportune to reveal – is not about a supposed conversion of Russia, still far from becoming a reality, but regards the ‘revolution’ in the Catholic Church.” “From a Council convened to throw light on the beauty and profundity of the Christian mystery by presenting the Church as the spouse of Christ, according to the beautiful words of the same Pope John XXIII, so many innovations were born that they appear to constitute a true internal revolution.” – Cardinal Silvio Oddi, Il Tenero Mastino di Dio, Rome: Progetto Museali Editore, 1995, p. 217-218

        “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top.” – Luigi Cardinal Ciappi 1995 (Personal Theologian to Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II) from a personal letter to Professor Baumgartner of Salzburg, Austria; Father Gerard Mura, “The Third Secret of Fatima: Has It Been Completely Revealed?”, the periodical Catholic, (published by the Transalpine Redemptorists, Orkney Isles, Scotland, Great Britain) March 2002

        “I believe that [Third] part of the secret concerns the Church from within, perhaps doctrinal difficulties, a crisis of unity, rebellion. The last sentence my aunt wrote, which precedes the part that is still unknown, says, In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved. Therefore, people elsewhere in the Church might waver on dogma. But this is just speculation.” – Father Jose dos Santos Valinho (nephew of Sr. Lucia) in 2000; Reportage su Fatima by Renzo and Roberto Allegri, Milan 2000

        “I believe that there is a connection between that which is announced in the first part of the Secret, which concerns wars and sufferings which would be everywhere, and the second part which concerns the persecutions and a type of breakdown of the faith. Because where the ellipsis (the three dots, “…”) was placed, it means “Here is the third part, which is not revealed” and then the conclusion “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.” This suggests to me that there is a relationship between faith and the third part of the Secret. Therefore, it is something that relates to the Church. It is some kind of universal crisis which affects the whole Church and all of humanity.” – Father Jose dos Santos Valinho (nephew of Sr. Lucia); This public statement was made on the 14th of February, 2003 broadcast on the program ENIGMA, which was transmitted prime time, nationwide on RAI, the National TV Network of Italy, The Fatima Crusader, Issue 74, p.76

        In 2011 Fr. Gabriel Amorth was interviewed by José María Zavala. During the interview, Fr. Amorth relates — as he has done elsewhere — that he does not believe the consecration of the world by Pope John Paul II in 1984 was sufficient to satisfy the requirements set forth by Our Lady. Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the famous Roman exorcist, personally knew Saint Padre Pio for 26 years, and it is from this towering figure of 20th century Catholic sanctity that he claims to have learned the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. Saint Padre Pio also confirmed the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal. The interview:
        Zavala – “Forgive me for insisting on the Third Secret of Fatima: Did Padre Pio relate it, then, to the loss of faith within the Church?”
        (Fr. Gabriele furrows his brow and sticks out his chin. He seems very affected.)
        Amorth – “Indeed,” “One day Padre Pio said to me very sorrowfully: ‘You know, Gabriele? It is Satan who has been introduced into the bosom of the Church and within a very short time will come to rule a false Church.’”
        Zavala – “Oh my God! Some kind of Antichrist! When did he prophesy this to you?”
        Amorth – “It must have been about 1960, since I was already a priest then.”
        Zavala – “Was that why John XXIII had such a panic about publishing the Third Secret of Fatima, so that the people wouldn’t think that he was the anti-pope or whatever it was …?”
        (A slight but knowing smile curls the lips of Father Amorth.)
        Zavala – “Did Padre Pio say anything else to you about future catastrophes: earthquakes, floods, wars, epidemics, hunger …? Did he allude to the same plagues prophesied in the Holy Scriptures?”
        Amorth – “Nothing of the sort mattered to him, however terrifying they proved to be, except for the great apostasy within the Church. This was the issue that really tormented him and for which he prayed and offered a great part of his suffering, crucified out of love.”
        Zavala – “The Third Secret of Fatima?”
        Amorth – “Exactly.”
        Zavala – “Is there any way to avoid something so terrible, Fr. Gabriele?”
        Amorth – “There is hope, but it’s useless if it’s not accompanied by works. Let us begin by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let us recite the Holy Rosary, let us all do prayer and penance…”

        NOTE: Sister Lucia of Fatima never gave one positive quote regarding the Second Vatican Council.
        If Sister Lucia had said something positive about Vatican II, then we would have heard about it.
        Her silence on this point means something… it means a lot.
        This writer finds it impossible to accept the notion that Our Lady (shown the future by God in order to warn her children) was ignorant of the disastrous effects that the Second Vatican Council would have upon the Catholic Church.

        Can you see now the reason why Our Lady ordered the Third Secret to be revealed in 1960 before Vatican II?
        Are you able to see why after the Third Secret was buried and Sister Lucy was silenced Our Lady then came to Garabandal in order to give us the contents of the same Message in an “brief updated form”?

          • May 4, 1998 – “The prophecy of Fatima is not a pleasant document to read – it’s not pleasant news. It implies – it
            doesn’t make any sense unless we accept that there will be, or that there is in progress – a wholesale apostasy amongst clerics and laity in the Catholic Church, that the institutional organization of the Roman Catholic Church – that is, the organization of parishes, dioceses, archbishops and bishops and cardinals and the Roman bureaucracies and the chanceries throughout the world – unless that is totally disrupted and rendered null and void, the Third Secret makes no sense, and number two, the other salient characteristic about it is that it means intense suffering for believers.” – Father Malachi Martin (reader of the Third Secret of Fatima in February 1960, an advisor to Pope John XXIII and assistant to Cardinal Augustin Bea) declared during an interview on “Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell”

            July 13, 1998 – On the 81st Anniversary of the Third Secret of Fatima during a radio interview on “Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell”, Father Malachi Martin declared:
            “There was a second appearance [of Our Lady] this time in Spain in Garabandal […] The message was very dire. Repetition of the Third Secret in brief form.”

            • 24 July 1966 – An important confidential letter written by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, the Pro-Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, sent to all the Presidents of the Bishops Conferences of the world.

              • In 1933, sixteen years after Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, the future Pope Ven. Pius XII, then Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, Secretary of State to Pope Pius XI, made prophetic remarks in confidence to his friend Count Enrico Pietro Galeazzi. Cardinal Pacelli stated that Our Lady of Fatima’s confidences to Sr. Lucia were a warning against the “suicide of altering the Faith.” Pacelli made similar prophetic warnings in a subsequent conversation with a fellow curial cardinal. Cardinal Pacelli said:
                “Suppose, dear friend, that Communism is the most visible among the organs of subversion against the Church and the Tradition of Divine Revelation. Thus, we will witness the invasion of everything that is spiritual: philosophy, science, law, teaching, the arts, the media, literature, theater, and religion.
                I am concerned about the confidences of the Virgin to the little Lucia of Fatima. This persistence of the Good Lady in face of the danger that threatens the Church is a divine warning against the suicide that the alteration of the Faith, in its liturgy, its theology, and its soul, would represent.
                I hear around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments, and make her remorseful for her historical past. Well, my dear friend, I am convinced that the Church of Peter must affirm her past, or else she will dig her own grave.
                I will fight this battle with the greatest energy on the inside of the Church, just as outside of it, even if the forces of evil may one day take advantage of my person, my actions, or my writings, as they try today to deform the history of the Church. All human heresies which alter the word of God are so that a greater light might appear.” […]
                These underdeveloped peoples will save the Church, Eminence. A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God, that His Son is only a symbol, a philosophy like so many others. And in churches, Christians will search for the red lamp where Jesus awaits them, like the sinful woman crying out before the empty tomb: ‘Where have they taken Him?’
                Then, priests will rise up from Africa, from Asia, from America, formed here in this seminary of the Missions, who will say and who will proclaim that the ‘Bread of Life’ is not ordinary bread, that the Mother of the God-man is not a mother like others. And they will be cut to pieces to testify that Christianity is not a religion like others, since her head is the Son of God, and the Church is His Church.” – The future Pope Ven. Pius XII, then Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, Secretary of State to Pope Pius XI. – Msgr. Georges Roche & Philippe Saint Germain, Pie XII devant l’Histoire [Pius XII Before History], Paris: Robert Laffont, 1972, pp. 52-53

                • O Michael, thank you, thank you!
                  Previously I had only known parts of the above statements by Cardinal Pacelli (later to be Pope Pius XII) in 1933 and later.
                  Your above post [03/21/2021 at 10 h 45 min] contains some little-publicised quotes which I now find very helpful against some seriously harmful writings. Clearly Cardinal Pacelli was both wise and inspired in his words, which were prophetic. The two of his statements that I find most useful at the moment are:
                  (1) “Suppose, dear friend, that Communism is the most visible among the organs of subversion against the Church and the Tradition of Divine Revelation. Thus, we will witness the invasion of everything that is spiritual: Philosophy, Science, Law, Teaching, the Arts, the Media, Literature, Theater, and Religion. …”
                  (2) “These underdeveloped peoples will save the Church etc etc (two paragraphs).

                  For others, it may be different parts of the quotes you gave, that help them more.
                  This reminds me of a significant medical miracle that took place, only a few years ago, in Italy.
                  The miracle was evidence for the double message that accompanied it, namely that:
                  Pope JP2 was NOT a saint, but Pope PIUS XII IS A SAINT.
                  I looked for evidence that the Vatican might take that message seriously, but so far I have not found any.

        • Fabulous piece of work Michael. I’m still reading my way through not finished yet.

          I stopped at your comment;

          NOTE: There is one very curious thing many good Catholics seem to have missed. Look at the symmetry of time Our Lady gave between the First Message of Garabandal & the Convocation of the Second Vatican Council and then the Second Message of Garabandal & the Closing of the Second Vatican Council. They are both the same amount of time, “5 months, 20 days.” How could these four little Spanish girls in a tiny Cantabrian mountain village orchestrate such precision?

          A fact I hadn’t take in to account and should have in my article on the Two Remedies under Chapter 2: A Question of Timing.

          I’ll get back to reading your words now.

          God bless

        • Hi Micheal

          I note you have included a comment by Pope VI from his Saturday, 7 December 1968 Address to the members of the Pontifical Lombard Seminary:

          “Referring to the situation of the Church today, the Holy Father states that he has the feeling that, from some fissure [crack] the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God” […] “It was believed that after the Council would come a day of sunshine in the history of the Church. But instead there has come a day of clouds and storms and of darkness.” […]
          “How did this happen? The Pope confides his thoughts to those present: that there has been the intervention of an adverse [adversarial] power. His name is the devil, this mysterious being which is also alluded to in the Letter of St. Peter.” – Pope Paul VI, June 29, 1972 on the 9th Anniversary of his coronation during the homily given at Mass for the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul with 30 cardinals in attendance.

          Notably I understand the Pope was not implying the Council itself was the issue, the source of the “fissure” but as he states during the same June 29, 1972 homily:

          “We believe … that something preternatural has come into the world specifically to disturb, to suffocate the fruits of the Ecumenical Council, and to prevent the Church from breaking out in a hymn of joy for having recovered in fullness the awareness of herself.”

          One interpretation of this statement of context is that it was not an ‘awakening’ of the Pope to the errors spawned by the Council but rather an intended shot across the bows of those who would voice serious concerns on its output, e.g. that it will inevitably lead to an ever-increasing crisis of faith and morals.

          God bless

        • Pope Paul VI cites some very curious passages from Sacred Scripture in “Quinque Iam Anni” amidst the aftermath of Vatican II:
          “However, the present condition of the faith requires, on the part of all of us, a greater effort than in other times, so that this Word reaches our contemporaries in its fullness, and so that the works performed by God are presented to them without any adulteration, with all the intensity of the love of the truth that saves them. (cf. 2 Thess. 2, 10) […] so many faithful feel confused in their faith, due to an accumulation of ambiguities, uncertainties and doubts, which affect that same faith in what is essential. In this case are the dogmas of the Most Holy Trinity and Christological mystery, the mystery of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of the Real Presence, the Church as an Institution of Salvation, the Priestly Ministry within the people of God, the value of prayer and the sacraments, the moral requirements concerning, for example, the indissolubility of marriage or respect for life. What is more, it goes so far as to question even the Divine Authority of Scripture, in the name of a radical “demystification” [demythologisation]. While silence gradually envelops certain fundamental mysteries of Christianity, we see a tendency to reconstruct, starting from psychological and sociological data, a Christianity detached from the uninterrupted Tradition that reconnects it to the faith of the Apostles, and to exalt a Christian life devoid of religious elements.” […] “even among us – as in the time of St. Paul – men arise who teach perverse doctrines to draw away [to snatch, to drag behind] the disciples after them”(Acts 20: 30), and those who speak in this way are sometimes persuaded to do so in the name of God, deluding themselves about the spirit that animates them. Are we vigilant enough to discern the word of faith, on the basis of the fruits it produces? Could that word come from God that makes the faithful lose the sense of evangelical renunciation, or that proclaims justice by neglecting to proclaim goodness, mercy and purity, a word, in short, that would raise brothers against brothers? Jesus warned us: “by their fruits you will know them” (Matt 7:15-20). – Pope Paul VI, Apostolic Exhortation, Quinque Iam Anni, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8 December 1970

          9 The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.
          – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10

          29 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; 30 and from among your own selves will arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them.
          – Acts of the Apostles 20:29-30

          “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? 17 So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit. 18 A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.
          – Matthew 7:15-20

  15. Dear Aviso,
    Trump wants coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, this was the topic in the latest news in Austria.
    Trump supports global vaccination?!
    I am surprised…..

    God bless you!

    • Hi Jochen, first thank you for all your private emails, I knew that you Knew Albrecht as well, sorry if I did not replied yet to you so let me do it via the blog :

      Yes it’s very difficult time for anyone, in your country as in anyother one, in Portugal I am quite lucky, we have many cases but and if I can say 1000 dead only because Portuguese are usuly very disciplined and are respecting rules with serious.

      For the rest, we will follow any new world vaccination carefully, I am sure that Trump will never use any general vaccination with evil purposes but we will check for sure as well, for the moment this is for 2021 and after the US election, we must be patient, the church closed is the most difficult for any of us, this is a first as well, de facto I am sure our Lady will help our Church soon but probably this decade 2020-2030 will be difficult time for all of us, like any father I am very worry for my children but we must live this Passion of the Church then Peace for the world as our Lady promised us,we own to our Popes and I am sorry to tell it but this is for sure, their disobedience to our Lady of Fatima especially when you know that a Consecration takes only 15 minutes, 15 minutes and you save the world and the Church, now we can see the result when you disobey Heaven, pity and many souls were or will be lost, 15 minutes not more, I am mad with rage just thinking about it, we keep in touch, thanks.

      PS : By the way, let me tell you why Popes did not revealed the 3rd Secret to us, our Lady talked about them in the Secret and not in a good way for some, she saying that the Apostasy will come from the Top, from some Popes themselves and this is why Lucia could not write it when she learned it from our Lady, it tooks to her 3 months to write it because she could not support or imagine this possiblility as for her Popes are like Christ on earth, which by the way normaly they are but unfortunately not all of them.

  16. My Comment : God Bless Michael Matt, de facto if we are losing Trump next November, in other word this is what this virus was all about, general vaccination and so on, so if we lose Trump we are done then Biden and co (by the way a false Catholic) will target Putin for sure, my fear from the beginning, exactly as prophesied by our Lady of Fatima in her Fatima 3rd Secret, Then our last choice will be Consecration Now or Chastisement, as simple as that.

    • A possible underground church…possibly. We are truly witnessing the Fatima Message occurring before our very own eyes.
      Read the signs for those who have ears….let them hear!!

      When it is evening, you say, “It will be fair weather; for the sky is red.” And in the morning, “It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.” You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. Mathew 16:3

      “Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

  17. What Fr. Gruner Actually Thought and Wanted
    – August 07, 2017

    Dear Readers,
    In light of the controversies currently surrounding the work of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, I believe it is my obligation to speak of what I know concerning the mind of Fr. Gruner. All of what I write here was either told to me by Fr. Gruner himself on numerous occasions or told me by my dear friend John Vennari in private conversations, either over the phone or face to face. For all of those involved in the controversy, we must remember what Aristotle said when confronted with a fundamental disagreement with his teacher, mentor, and colleague Plato, “Truth is more important than friendship”; and what are we all about but truth.

    First, when Fr. Gruner spoke about the Third Secret, information that he had gleaned from his many relevant sources — whether the information given to Fr. Gruner was accurate or not I have no way of knowing, but I do know that he himself held the following to be true — he indicated that the Third Secret included the following:

    1) Our Lady’s warning that there would be an “evil Council.”
    2) Our Lady’s warning that the Mass was “not to be changed.”
    3) Our Lady’s warning that “one third of the stars shall be swept from the heavens, by tail of the Devil”: Fr. Gruner interpreted this as indicating that 1/3 of the priests and bishops would serve Satan directly.
    4) The Apostasy in the Church “would come from the very top,” in other words, from at least one or more men who were designated as being “the pope.” Cardinal Ciappi — who Fr. Gruner continually cited — was famous for indicating that this was the Third Secret, which he had read himself.

    In other words, Fr. Gruner saw the Third Secret as being a complete vindication of the traditionalist movement. Obviously, in Fr. Gruner’s understanding, the Third Secret was a condemnation of Vatican II, the New Mass, many of the clergy of the post-conciliar Church, and an indication that a man or men designated as pope would be the ones actually pushing the apostasy in the Church. What was Our Lady warning us against? The New Doctrine, the New Mass, the New Priesthood, and the New Popes. How else can we possibly interpret what he said about the Third Secret? The whole purpose of the Third Secret was to warn people against the Novus Ordo religion. This is clearly what Fr. Gruner intended to convey to me.

    With regard to the papacy, however, we must consider this. Fr. Gruner came to believe that Francis I was not a true pope, but that Josef Ratzinger/Benedict XVI had retained the office. So it would have to be Benedict that would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart and not Francis. John Vennari told me this on two occasions in private after the death of Fr. Gruner. At the time I had not known that this was the case and was surprised. John also said that Father was making statements in this regard during his speeches at his conferences at least by late 2014. John was not pleased by this turn of events at all, not at all.

    During one of the occasions in which John Vennari told me about this new view of Fr. Gruner on the claims of Francis, he also told me about Fr. Gruner’s plans for the future of his organization. John had just found out about these plans and was not at all happy about these plans. According to John, who told me this almost exactly 2 years ago, Fr. Gruner had kept these plans from him, since he knew that John would not approve. Apparently Fr. Gruner had wanted Andrew Cesanek to be his successor, but only after Andy had gone over to Ireland to be trained as a priest by Fr. Paul Kramer and then ordained by Bishop Richard Williamson. John thought that this would be a disaster for the Fatima Center. There is no doubt however that John understood this to be Fr. Gruner’s plan. The entire story totally surprised me since I had no idea that this was the case.

    I hope that the truth of this situation can clarify things. I think that many might not like what I say here, but since Fr. Gruner and John have left us and this is the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima — I thought that the truth must be told.

    My Comment :As Father Gruner said ” A Man Must be Catholic in Order to be Pope”,de facto this is the first obligation before anyother, if it’s not the case and as Saint Bernard said “he is not Catholic, he cannot be Pope”, as simple as that, thank you.

  18. Inspiring Aviso and Michael.

    Thank you.

    How fortunate are we to have shepherds such as Archbishop Viganò?

    He may be one voice but just as the children of Fatima & Garabandal were ‘small’ voices initially what sound have they all now made thanks to Our Blessed Mother!

    Now that we are shut out of our churches and banned from visiting Our Lord in The Blessed Eucharist, the cry for “Penance, Penance, Penance”, is reverberating ever so loudly, around the world, even in Rome!

    I think perhaps the freemason temples may not be too jolly these days as the heel of Our Lady crushes the head of the serpent!

    God bless all.

  19. I fear it Michael, I fear it, by the way let me add that Father Gruner chose Father Paul Kramer as his successor, I was aware of it from the beginning and just after his death, let me add also and as I said to you in Garabandal, by the way some are doing their best to avoid this terrible war if it’s still possible, we need for that the consecration as soon as possible and to keep Trump + Putin if not they will do it for sure, they have already the Bishop in white and that’s our main problem, I cannot imagine a new conclave as we may get even worse, if it’s the case we are done and de facto the world as well, the Holy Father can still save us and he knows he can do it but not from Rome, from Russia only.

  20. Dear Aviso,

    Do you think that the war will come before the Full Third Secret of Fatima is revealed?
    You will recall what Father Paul Kramer said during his interview with the Fatima Crusader in 2006.

    The Fatima Crusader (FC) Interview with Father Paul Kramer:
    FC: But when, if ever, will the [Full] Third Secret be revealed?
    Fatherr Kramer: Of course, it will be revealed, for man cannot hide forever a secret confided by God Himself to His Blessed Mother for the benefit of the whole world. The question is not whether, but when it will be revealed at last.
    Without claiming any kind of prophetic accuracy I can say that when I was in Fatima in 1991, I was informed that the Carmelites of Fatima had received the news from Sister Lucy and her fellow sisters at the convent in Coimbra that Our Lady had appeared to Sister Lucy not long before May of 1991 and told her that the Third Secret is going to be revealed during the course of a major war.
    So, the war will break out, it will be a sudden war, it will be a blitzkrieg, and the true Church will be driven underground. But, at the beginning of this war, when the Pope realizes that keeping the Third Secret hidden no longer makes any sense, because the Russians have now made their move, he will reveal the missing text of the Third Secret.
    If Pope Benedict is reigning at the time of this war, he will probably want to consecrate Russia after revealing the full Third Secret, but like King Louis XVI, he will not be able to do the Consecration in time because the calamities will strike too quickly. There won’t be enough forewarning, so the Pope will not be able to organize it in time. He will have to go into hiding. Perhaps Benedict will be the very Pope who flees a devastated Rome, as St. Pius X foresaw, and is finally hunted down as the Third Secret vision depicts — which God forbid that should happen. But if it happens, that Pope will be hunted and killed by the enemy’s armed forces, just as we see in the vision.

    FC: So, whoever this hunted Pope is, Benedict or some other Pope, it will not be he who consecrates Russia, in your view?
    Father Kramer: On this point I would refer to the testimony of the Roman stigmatist, Antonio Ruffini. Pope Pius XII authorized the blessing of a chapel on the spot where Ruffini received the stigmata on the Via Appia, and Father Tomaselli, the miracle worker, wrote a booklet about him — a short account of the life of Ruffini. I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. He is the one who will consecrate Russia.” That is, Benedict’s successor [a validly elected and legitimate successor], during this time of world war and persecution of the Church, will be the one to do the Consecration at long last, and then the restoration and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin.

    FC: How would you sum all of this up?
    Father Kramer: From the evidence we have discussed, this much at least seems clear: The Church will undergo a great apostasy among many of Her members, which is plainly already underway. Then there will be a world war in which much of the world’s population will die, the Church will be persecuted as never before and driven underground, and Rome itself may possibly be devastated. This is the scenario that fits perfectly the Third Secret vision, where the Pope is executed and prominent churchmen and lay people have been slaughtered in a half-ruined city. And that is why Cardinal Ratzinger, when he spoke of the Third Secret in 1984, mentioned the dangers “to the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore [the life of] the world.” Both the Church and the world will suffer catastrophe. Given Cardinal Ratzinger’s admission that Fatima and Akita are essentially the same message, no other conclusion seems reasonable.
    So, when one considers the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Akita, the statements of John Paul II at Fulda, the admissions of Cardinal Ratzinger, of Cardinal Ciappi and the revelations of Malachi Martin, they all add up to the same thing: apostasy in the Church leading to a horrible global chastisement, with much of the world’s population being extinguished almost instantaneously.

    – The Fatima Crusader, Issue 82 – Spring 2006, p. 11

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