Last Monday, November 15, 2021, the book entitled “The end times are here: the seer Jacinta of Garabandal breaks her silence” was published in Spain. Its author is a Catholic journalist named José María Zavala, who has managed to interview Jacinta for 8 hours (4 days in July 2021 and 1 day in September 2021).

I think this book is a must-read not only for the followers of the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal but for all those who seek the truth of what is happening in the world and what lies ahead.

The interview book by José María Zavala is a gift from heaven to counteract the recent interview to Mari Cruz, the most controversial seer of Garabandal who does the most damage to these apparitions, and where she says the following: “In the end you don’t know if you are imagining it or if it really happened, perhaps we have mentalized it”.

Just one week after Mari Cruz’s interview appeared in the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, José María Zavala asks Jacinta at her home in California: What do you think of these statements from the girl with whom you shared such extraordinary experiences?

Jacinta’s response was resounding:

– “I didn’t know, but it doesn’t surprise me either. I can only assure you, as far as I am concerned, that I have not imagined anything at all. What I affirm is what really happened, everything is absolutely true. Now why did it happen? This I do not know. But it happened and it’s what really matters. I have everything etched forever in my mind and in my heart”.

Zavala continues to ask: Why do you think Mari Cruz says that now?

And Jacinta responds: 

– “She has always maintained that doubt and I don’t really know why … Her mother got very nervous with the apparitions. In my case, I did not have that problem: although my mother did not quite believe in them until the end, my father’s confident stance supported me in difficult times. I can only add that I had parents who practiced religion and maybe Mari Cruz lacked that spiritual guide.”

In this interview with Jacinta, the seer of Garabandal, we are surprised by the depth and clarity of her thought, since we have always seen her as a very simple and humble woman who for 60 years has spoken publicly on very few occasions. 

In this book Jacinta appears as a giant of faith and with a continuous relationship with Jesus and Our Lady, showing an enormous love for Jesus in the Eucharist (“without daily mass I could not live”), to the sacraments and to those who dispense them (the priests).

In this interview an analysis is made of the growth of evil in the world, with the apparent triumph of Satan in all fields. But despite this apparent triumph, Jacinta’s reflections are a hymn to hope, to the assurance that Christ is the one who will triumph, remembering that in Spain the Heart of Jesus will finally reign with predilection (with reference to the words of Jesus to the Blessed Father Bernardo de Hoyos).

Jacinta calls to ask for more faith to those who already have it and above all to ask for the gift of faith for those who do not have it. “The absence of God -says Jacinta- causes the most absolute unhappiness.” And she adds: “There is no suffering comparable to that of souls who live in darkness, without joy or hope”.

Likewise, Jacinta invites us to live day by day in simplicity and to surrender ourselves to God’s will at all times; without any fear for the future because with God everything that happens will be for our good. Using her words: “if we are with God we have nothing to fear.”

She comments on the great pain she had when on January 13, 1963, she stopped seeing Our Lady. She remembers that after having seen her that day they denied her due to the pressures of the new priest of Garabandal who continually threatened them with not giving them Holy Communion anymore if they did not deny. After doing so she repented and from that moment on she did not see Our Lady again. She recalls that Our Lady had already warned them that one day they would deny her. It was according to Jacinta the saddest day of her life.

Jacinta says that her life (now she is 72 years old) has been marked by the apparitions and the imprint left by the visions of Our Mother in her mind and in her heart. But she was especially marked by the vision she had of the Sacred Heart just two days before seeing Our Lady for the first time and whose gaze pierced her soul, sealing her forever. 

She tells that throughout her life she has had that presence of Jesus that looks at her at all times. She says that throughout the day she maintains a dialogue with Jesus and that she always feels herself observed by Him (“that look of His remains etched in the depths of my being after so many years”).

Jacinta opens herself and talks about some gifts she has had in her life. For example, that of prophetic dreams and locutions with Our Lady and it seems that also with Our Lord, who let her know things that she cannot speak about.

She reaffirms with total security that there will be a Warning and a Miracle (of which she says that only Conchita knows what it will consist of). She also confirms that if the world does not change there will be a Chastisement that will affect the righteous and the sinners.

On the night of the screams, she implies that they saw not only the chastisement but many of the evils that would come to the world by turning away from God. She refers that when they shouted “not to the children, not to the children” they also saw the children torn from their mothers’ wombs, and that at that moment they did not know that abortions were to come. 

She hopes that the world will change and that there will ultimately be no punishment. To Zavala’s question about if the chastisement can still be avoided, Jacinta replies:

– “We must have hope. The Warning will come first and in the same year, I believe, the Miracle. And if despite the Miracle there is no repentance, then no one will get rid of the Chastisement … The Chastisement, I insist, is contingent on conversion and we must have hope and pray a lot for the world to change, even if it doesn’t seem like this is going to occur for the moment. “…” “It will be a rebirth for the soul. Many people are terrified of thinking about the Chastisement, but I tell them: The best thing is to live from day to day with hope and peace, staying close to God. The rest will follow. The problem is the people who continue to live with their backs to Christ and thus it is impossible to be happy and have hope … You do not have to be afraid, but change your life right now, instead of waiting for the Miracle to occur while you dedicate yourself to offend God as you please. I will not be tired of repeating that the conversion has to be today, and not tomorrow. We should ask God for a lot of help, because He is the only one who can sustain us and protect us in the face of the adversity that lies ahead.

In short, this interview with Jacinta carried out by José María Zavala comes at a time when we very much needed a clear and resounding testimony that what happened in Garabandal 60 years ago was a real manifestation of the Our Lady trying to avoid the drift of this generation into the abyss. Without a doubt, the words of Jacinta, so well expressed by Zavala in his magnificent book, will do a lot of good to many people.


  1. I’ve read the book now, and have reviewed it in Spanish on Amazon yesterday. There are certainly many interesting new details. It would be very easy to translate the book into English, because automatic translation can be used which can be corrected. This only works from Spanish into English. I’ve tried German, Italian and French, all of them unusable, since those translators like Google or DeepL will always translate the Spanish first into English, and then from English into the other languages, even today in 2022! I’ll contact the author, in my opinion he should publish an E-Book in English. No necessity to have it printed on paper.

  2. Before judging the views of Mari Cruz, we must consider that she was the seer that had to deal with the highest psychological pressure because of her communist parents. This is also attested to in Dr.Puncernau’s pamphlet.

    Here is the excerpt (my translation): “Three days passed and Mari-Cruz did not experience an apparition of the virgin, and did not enter into a trance state. The night of the day I had to leave, I told her: “you will have to give me back my ring, because at three o’clock in the morning I have to leave”. “Let me have it a little longer, [she said], perhaps tonight I will have the apparition”. So I left her the ring.

    The other three girls entered the ecstatic state, and the three of them walked in trance, holding each other by the arms. Mari-Cruz approached them, and took hold of the arm of one of the others, raised her head and walked ten or twelve steps [on their side], to see if the trance state would also extend to her. But it did not happen. So she disengaged herself sadly from the other three, and gave me back my wedding ring without saying a word, and walked away with her head down.”

    Additionally Puncernau diagnosed the weird lacunar memory loss that all girls suffered from for some years, which means that their memories were normal, EXCEPT for the apparitions. Here ist the excerpt of his diagnosis from the unabridged Spanish original (my translation):

    “It was therefore a systemic and localised amnesia. The girls remember the rest of their lives perfectly well. In respect to the apparitions, they display a lacunar type of memory loss, with missing, blurred, [but also] perfect and completely clear ones.

    These contradictory memory losses of the girls are found in their inability to recall [past] events, due to a mechanism of mnesic suppression that is emotion-related, resulting in a real memory disorder. Often the subject [experiencing such a disorder] finds itself in a dazed or stunned state of mind, without knowing exactly what is happening to him or her. This is the case in Garabandal. It is a psychogenic amnesia of unknown origin. At least I do not know the cause, in spite of having made investigations to that respect. [So what is it?] Preternatural? Supernatural? Natural?”

  3. I’ve been working on all Garabanal Photos and available texts (Spanish, French, English) for a year now. There are enough photos that clearly prove that Mari Cruz also saw the apparition. But it is true that she often looked down, instead of up, when she was in ecstasy (or “in the field”). And it is important to note that the fact alone that all 4 girls looked into different directions, clearly proves that the ecstasies were not staged. In fact it is my opinion, that there is no other Marian apparitions, in which so many physical anomalies were observed and so many laws of Newtonian physics were broken. At the end it boils down to two possibilities: Alien Technology or the Virgin Mary. I prefer the latter.

  4. Dear Conchita, I pray you with all my hart to ask to our blessed mother to protect our sons from the mark of the beast. I’m in big distress for my son and for all the boy that I see carried up to the hospital to be marked, with a superficiality that is terrifying. Ask to our blessed mother to protect them that are innocent and can’t pay for our sins I’ll give my own life to protect my son but don’t allow the beast to take the candid souls of our sons.

    • Hi Michele, I share your opinion and as Catholics we have also the right and duty to protect our children, let me make a pronostic using your comment, in my opinion 2022 is their deadline, thank you.

      • President Zelensky speaking to the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine:
        “We have learned to contain external threats. It is time we begin offensive actions aimed at securing our national interests. Our citizens are united in wanting their territory returned”.
        Apparently, it will not be Russia to invade Ukraine, but Ukraine to attack Russia!
        I move we all will regret!!!
        God bless! Let’s pray!

    • Dear Michele Calzini. The vaccine is not the “mark of the beast”. Talk to your priest. You will find comfort there. Do not go seeking the latest alarmist websites. With due respect, this “Aviso” as he is called on this website has some misguided views on Catholicism. I don’t want to criticise and I pray for him as he is seeking his way as well. None of us are perfect. God did not give you a spirit of fear. He will forgive you for any of your sins. You obviously have a heart for God and I assure you that you are loved by Him and the Virgin Mary. Don’t fall into despair. I have never written a comment on any website such as this one but my heart broke for you when I read your comment and the subsequent response. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your son. ‘God bless you.

      • Hi there…I am the ‘usual’ anonymous…
        I did not write the ‘1’ comment…and I strongly disagree with it. The magic serum (gene teraphy) is the closed PRECURSOR to the mark of the beast the humanity ever experienced and the mark itself will be imposed potentially to everybody by the antichrist in the very near future…
        As regards the priests who, accordinv to ‘1’, should support and ‘confort’ us in taking the so called ‘vaccine’, many of them are likely the ones that, according to Our Lady, are blinds that lead others to despair and perdition…

        • Hi again…the ‘usual’ anonymous speaking…
          I have a couple of important news that I would like to share with you all (hope that will be published).
          They come from a very reliable source within the Vatican.
          Bergoglio has a serious cancer that has recently involved pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is incurable and passes from the first to the fourth stage on average within 14 months: I would then be surprised if Bergoglio survives 2022.
          It seems nonetheless that he is not repenting at all! He is secretly asking all the Bishops to prepare to change the Consecration formula from “This is my Body” to “This is my food” and from “This is my Blood” to “This is my beverage”. According to the secret ‘directive’, the changes will not have to happen everywhere and at the same moment, in order to let the faithfuls get used to them progressively. This outcome should appear as a result of a proposal from the bottom, in the context of the ongoing synod on Synodality, and should not stem from a magisterial official document. Its main alleged intention should appear as to boost ecumenism!
          The announced schism is very much ahead!

          • Hey anonymous….are you the editor of the Rorate Caeli blog and Twitter account? The site reported similar news about Francis’ health yesterday. However, they did not mention the words of consecration issue. Based on your analysis of his earthly time remaining and the extended timetable of the synod and synodality which extends through late 2023, it would be astounding if any segment of the Church other than the heterodox Germans would accept such a controversial alteration. Similarly, the death of Francis would certainly result in a lengthy reassessment of the necessity for the synod itself.
            BTW, the Italian Vaticanista reporter Sandro Magister is reporting on his blog (L’espresso repubblica) that the meeting between Francis and Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Kirill had been initially planned for Kazakhstan, but now is projecting to be held in a Hungarian abbey. I know that Magister has become a big vax pusher, but he still he has good sources. It will be interesting to see how the Holy Spirit moves to change the venue to Moscow. Magister also reveals the growing schisms within the Orthodox churches, particularly between the Russian Orthodox and the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

          • OK Anonymous, lets see if your sources are right but if it is the case, that will be for sure, the best news of the Year 2022, thank you.

            PS : of course lets Pray for the Pope

        • OK Anonymous, reading again that comment from probably what we can call between us a leftist Catholic, you are right it is not your style but I will keep it online for our readers and I will cancel my comment affirming that it was from you, thank you.

      • Dear ‘1’,

        As I see that there is, understandably, a lot of confusion about the relationship between the ‘vaccine’ and the ‘MARK OF THE BEAST’, I would like, if I may, to elaborate a little bit on this matter.
        It should be clear now that the no virus has anyrhing to do with what’s happening worlwide and that the serum is not a vaccine whatsoever: no vaccine has to be injected every 3-4 months and, contrarily to the vaccines we knew so far, this one is designed to allow the recipient to conduct a normal social and economic life. Moreovdr, all the vaccines cureently available does not protect effectively from any coronavirus and, after a few Months, they even increase the probability of getting ill as they basically destroy the natural immune system, inducing a sort of AIDS.
        In fact, and this is a little secret, C.O.V.ID-1(=A)9(=I) for the self-proclaimed rulers of this world has nothing to do with the name of a virus, while it is an acronym which stands for:

        So what are they injecting in people, and why?

        Basically three things:
        – A gene modification treatment, currently based on RNA, in the very near future on DNA.
        – chemical compound based on graphene oxide;
        – enzimes called “LUCIFERASE” (a meningful name!) which is a genetically modified version of the one naturally present in certain animals and has luminescent properties, only visible in certain ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum and thus not at naked eye.

        The new generation DNA vaccines have just be announced. Compared to the ‘old’ (current) RNA ones, they are more likely to induce genetic modifications in the numan genome, but they need to be activated by electromagnetic impulses (and this is one of the reson to implement the new 5G and future 6G land and satellite networks. Not by chance, the theoric efficacy of the new DNA vaccines is set to 66,6% (666):
        The main satanic purpose of this gene-modifying treatment is to alter the human genome, transforming the recipient in something different from what God has created and making the resulting hybrid (not technically human anymore) potentially patentable.

        Graphene oxide is the most powerful known superconductor: it is capable of self-aggregating when exposed to a 5G networks, to merge with human neurocells, creating afticial synapsis and neurons. Incremental amount od graphene oxide in the human body (it degrades naturally, but father slowly) will dtermine an artificial extension of our neurological system, that could be interfaced, in a wireless manner, with all the existing networks. Unfortunately, graphene oxide is higly toxic and is the main ‘vaccine’ ingredient responsible for the observed (and unobserved, such as male and female unfertility) adverse reactions:
        Graphene oxide slowly degrades within the bodies: that’s also why the ‘vaccine’ injections have fo be very frequent.

        Luciferase will be used in the future to ascertain if one person has been injected recently or not. Experiment on humanized rats (rats whose genome has beenblended with some buman genes) shows that it can be detected via infrared sensors (no more need to bring a cell phone to show the COV-Id status) for some Months. It degradatesin he bodymuch faste than graphene oxide: a further reason, for the satanic cabala that currently rule the world, to mandate frequent inoculations.

        Once most of the people will get used to the periodic shots, and have accepted the principle that it is necessary to ‘buy or sell’, the ‘final solution’ will be a patch that the slaves of the antichrist will havd to, peiodically, press on the visible part of the body (front or hand) in order to access their bank account and get in any public area.

        THIS FINAL STAGE WILL BE THE ACTUAL MARK. THE CURRENT ‘VACCINES’ ARE ONLY ITS PRECURSOR. At that time, cash will not be accepted any more, at least officially, for any economic or financial transaction.

        God bless!
        Let’s pray.

  5. My Friends, you are a lot to contact me in private about my stay in Ukraine, please let me reassure you, I am alone here, wife and children are not with me, I am here for business nothing related to the current situation at the Russian border, so few words about that situation, many local talked to me that they are not afraid at all with any possible conflit with Russia, they are just a bit worry which is normal, if the situation become bad then I will of course move back to Europe, this is for sure but for the moment the French ambassy in Kiev did not contacted me about this matter, so please do not worry at all.

    Few words also about a possible trip from Francis to Russia, this is not done yet but it is possible because President Putin did met Francis in Rome twice already, our Lady did said in Garabandal that the Pope will travel to Russia to Moscow, if Francis then he is that Pope then he can be only a valid Pope and no doubt anymore about it even for me, thank you.

      • I am with you, Aviso, in that I pray for Pope Benedict XVI every day. The world is blinded to the reality of the impeded See of St. Peter as of Feb., 2013. So, what did Our Lady of Garabandal mean when she said the ‘Pope would travel to Moscow”? Francis must be aware of this prophecy and perhaps this is a desperate attempt on his part, seeing that there has been no invitation from the Russian diplomats thus far.
        Pope Benedict XVI was able to travel to Germany not long ago to visit his ailing brother. Perhaps it is not so far fetched that he would be invited by Putin to make the long-awaited Consecration.
        I sent His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI a Christmas card last week. We should do all do the same and also write to Ganswein to inform him we are praying for the Consecration of Russia by PBXVI. He seems to know already that there is a growing awareness of what has happened to Holy Mother Church.

  6. Per the Article: “In this interview an analysis is made of the growth of evil in the world, with the apparent triumph of Satan in all fields.”

    There is a certain “Father” out on youtube stating that things in the world will begin to snowball downward after Dec. 8th due to losing the protection of St. Joseph. Dec. 8th is the last day of the Year of St. Joseph. They are calling St. Joseph the restrainer(katechon) in 2nd Thessalonians. This is the first I’m hearing St. Joseph being called the restrainer of the anti-christ.

    I always had the thought the Church specifically the Seat of Peter being the restrainer in 2nd Thessalonians. Does anyone have any incite into the subject of the restrainer(katechon)?



      When still a cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI wrote:

      Abraham, the father of faith, is by his faith the rock that holds back chaos, the onrushing primordial flood of destruction, and thus sustains creation. Simon, the first to confess Jesus as the Christ… now becomes by virtue of his Abrahamic faith, which is renewed in Christ, the rock that stands against the impure tide of unbelief and its destruction of man. —POPE BENEDICT XVI (Cardinal Ratzinger), Called to Communion, Understanding the Church Today, Adrian Walker, Tr., p. 55-56

      The Pope, Simon Peter’s successor, by virtue of his divine office as “rock” and custodian of the “keys of the kingdom”, [13] holds back the “mystery of lawlessness” in its fullness. The Pope, however, is not alone; there are “living stones” [14] built with him upon the foundation who is Christ, the cornerstone, [15] who leads the whole Church into all truth through His Spirit.

      The whole body of the faithful… cannot err in matters of belief. This characteristic is shown in the supernatural appreciation of faith (sensus fidei) on the part of the whole people, when, from the bishops to the last of the faithful, they manifest a universal consent in matters of faith and morals. —Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 92

    • Interesting comment. By the way, John Gizzi of Newsmax today is reporting that according to his connection in Rome, specifically a secretary to a powerful Cardinal in Rome, Francis is dying and will probably not last beyond 2022. Assuming that the report is accurate, I would appreciate some speculation from regular posters as to the implication on the proposed miracle date in 2023. Some articles on Newsmax have a paywall, but the gist of the article’s contents can be determined via a browser search.

      • If WWIII erupts in 2022 (a nuclear war), the Church will have to go underground. Blessed Elena Aiello prophesied that Russia would invade Italy. So, it is not likely that the Vatican will be operating as usual afterwards. Mari Loli said that the Warning will occur when things are at their worst and priests will be in hiding. So, when the Miracle occurs in 2023 it seems that the Church will still be underground.

        Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961)


        “The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope will suffer greatly.”

          • During the French Revolution Notre Dame Cathedral was looted, taken over by the State and renamed the Temple of Reason. The Goddess of Reason was enthroned in the Cathedral. Then there was the fire in 2019. Yet, Notre Dame still exists today.

            The Vatican was not destroyed in either WWI or WWII although the Vatican was bombed during WWII. Why didn’t Hitler demolish the Vatican? Although 4 bombs were dropped on Vatican City State on November 5, 1943 the Vatican survived. And, the Vatican was bombed despite being a neutral state. The source of this attack remains a mystery.

            After the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement comes the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. Since there will only be ONE Church and ONE Religion (the Catholic Church), it doesn’t seem likely that the enemies of the Church will be allowed to destroy the Vatican before, during or after WWIII.



            • Dear Cathy…
              apparently God has currently other plans…Our “Creed” recites that tbe catholic Church is “One, Saint, Catholic and Apostolic”…it does not have necessarily to be also “Roman”…
              You are certainly familiar, as all the other readers of this blog, with the prophecy of Saint Malachy on papacy which ends like this:
              “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (The Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.“
              As you certainly know, according to this prophecy, Benedict XVI is the immediate predecessor of Petrus Romanus…likely Pietro (Petrus) Parolin…the currently highest ranking “Petrus” in the roman Curia…the one that will oversees Vatican affairs once Bergoglio will die (probably sooner than one could expect)…
              Remember also the true III Secret of Fatima…
              The center of the new Church, which will be Cathlic and Universal might be in Constantinople (were recently part of the bones of Saint Peter have been transported following a gift from Bergoglio) or even in Jerusalem…
              Only Gods, and maybe few human creatures, knows…

    • One should be careful about what Father Michel Rodrigue says…You might want to consider this, first:
      It is nonetheless true that God the Father is going to rip away satan of his powers on the eartly matters for the next thousand years or so…but things are going to became very very bad before they can improve:
      Good Feast of the Immaculate Conception to everybody!!!

  7. COMMENT: Is Pope Francis about to fulfill the alleged prophecy attributed to Conchita that the Pope will visit Russia before the outbreak of hostilities in Europe?
    Pope on resignation of French archbishop: What did he do that was so bad?

    “We shouldn’t water down our identity for national gain,” he said, pointing to the 1907 end times novel The Lord of the World, written by English convert Father Robert Hugh Benson, who foresaw the rise of an international government that ruled all other nations.

    “This is what happens when a superpower dictates the economic, cultural and social value,” he said…

    He also spoke of relations with the Orthodox churches, saying they can walk together toward unity through prayer and acts of charity, while theological disputes are worked out over time. He also said a potential second meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is being planned, but offered no other details.

    Russia Bolsters Supply Lines, Deploys Medical Units Near Ukraine As Invasion Fears Grow: Report (Updated)

    U.S. intelligence shows that the Russian military has established significant supply lines for fuel and other support, which now also include various medical units, for its forces arrayed around the country’s borders with Ukraine, according to a report today from CNN…

    Fears that Russia could be preparing to stage a new invasion of Ukraine as early as January have been building for weeks now. NATO, of which Ukraine is not a member, pushed back against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s setting of new “red lines” over the alliance’s potential involvement in the brewing crisis earlier this week.

  8. God help us all.
    I reside in Ireland and tomorrow the government are due to pass a bill that will see healthy people sent to detention centers if they are SUSPECTED of having covid.
    Our children over 12 are muzzled in school and many are vaccinated and this week saw the muzzling of those aged 8-9 and up. The EMA are allowing vaccinations from 5 years old above which any day now will see them coming after our children.
    Please Pray for Ireland and children everywhere.
    God help us all

  9. Could you please advise:
    ISBN number for book “The end times are here: the seer Jacinta of Garabandal breaks her silence”
    Where to buy from?
    I have serached internet and cannot find and supplier of book or means to purchase.
    I reside in Australia.
    Thank you.

  10. Great Job Juan as usual with you, currently busy but I will reply to your email very soon.

    PS : I was blessed to have Jacinta with us for the Baptism of my last child and my wedding in Garabandal years ago, I will never forget our talk and her eyes and smile illimunitated by Heaven.

    God Bless, Aviso

      • Hi Juan, currently in Ukraine, sorry I had no time to answer you yet, by the way I lost the picture with Jacinta, a great pain for me but If you have it please send it to me.

        Ps : I will need you soon for the blog, I should be back in the village in 2022, we keep in touch, thank you.

      • Funny but meaningful ‘coincidences’…: the anagram of Omicron is “Moronic”, but more worrisome is its other anagram being “Oncomir”, that is a microRNA (mRNA) associated with cancer and is used in experiential Covid vaccines. The anagram of the Covid variants “Delta” and “Omicron” when put together spells out “Media Control”…The 2013 movie “The Visitor From Planet Omicron” was about an alien coming to Earth to spread a deadly virus…the 1963 movie “Omicron” about an alien that takes over the body of an earthman in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over, and was produced by Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France Lux Film…the word “Lux” is the Latin derivation used to form the word “Lucifer”, otherwise known as “satan”, implicitly evocated by Obama’s most famous phrase “Yes we can”, that in reverse speech sees him saying“Thank you satan”…when reverse speech is used on “Omicron” sees it saying “Lock him up”.
        Mala tempora currunt!!!

    • I am also looking to buy this book and so far cannot find it anywhere. I would need a copy in English…perhaps it has not yet been translated? It seems such an important book and hope it will be available soon.

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