Better Late Than Never ?


Better late than never Such was the message that I received from a close personal friend of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, along with the photo above showing the gravestone that had just been put in place to mark the resting place of “the Fatima priest’s” earthly remains.

Indeed, I think we can all agree that this headstone stands as a fitting monument to Father’s life’s work of promoting the full message of Fatima to save souls and achieve world peace.

And yet, we must also admit that we risk seeing this mission, once carried out so well by Fr. Gruner, becoming more a thing of the past to be remembered rather than being treated as it should be – namely, as an imperative for those of us alive today.

Much has taken place in the three years since Fr. Gruner died; e.g., the conclusion to the rigged Synods on the family, publication of the heresy laden text Amoris Laetitia, issuance of the now infamous dubia, the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima…

These are the kinds of things that would have happened even if Father had not been mercifully called from this life. More noteworthy still, however, are those things that arguably would not have happened had Father remained here to continue serving Our Lady at the helm of the Fatima Center.

For instance:

  • Those associated with the Fatima Center would never have hailed, in the name of the apostolate, the “courageous declarations” and “intellectual honesty” of a neo-conservative icon (Cardinal Burke) who shamelessly exploited the centenary of Our Lady’s appearance to legitimize the “new evangelization,” the anti-Fatima pontificate of John Paul II, and the Second Vatican Council.
  • There is no chance whatsoever that persons long associated with the Fatima Center would have found themselves shunned, openly ridiculed, and blacklisted by the apostolate for no other reason than their willingness to defend the integrity of the Fatima message from those who, like Cardinal Burke, are Hell bent on synthesizing it with neo-conservatism.
  • Surely, no one working for the Fatima Center would have dared to deliberately obfuscate Fr. Gruner’s well-studied position concerning the “so-called pontificate of Francis;” a man he plainly considered an anti-pope and whose name he, therefore, would not mention while praying the Canon at Holy Mass.
  • Certainly such persons in the Fatima Center’s employ never would have gotten away with insisting – again, in the name of the apostolate, that the validity of Jorge Bergoglio’s claim to the Petrine Office is a “controversial issue” that is but a distraction from “the full Fatima message.”
  • Much less would these persons have been given free reign to use the Fatima Center’s letterhead to calumniate those who, like Fr. Gruner himself, see the unprecedented situation in Rome as directly related to Our Lady’s warnings.

Yes, much has changed since Fr. Gruner passed, but the mission to which he dedicated so much of his life is growing increasingly more crucial with every passing day. As such, the important question one must ask is simply this:

In Fr. Gruner’s absence, where, and by whom, is the mission of safeguarding and spreading the full message of Fatima still being carried out in all integrity?


My Comment : Yes I knew myself Father Gruner (this will answer to many questions received in my mail box………), in my opinion a Futur Saint of the Catholic Church, Father Gruner was also a reader of Garabandal News as his good Friend John Vennari, the result of their fidelity to our Lady of the Mount Carmel is this video below but let me add few words about this good Article of Louis from, by the way a Non Garabandalist, I was asked if Verrecchio was the best Successor of Father Gruner, well and in my humble opinion,  in No way Louis is the Successor of my Mentor, to me the only one  is Father Kramer, thank you.



2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never ?

  1. Fr. Gruner was one of a kind! No replacements, just people who loved him deeply and share his love for the Blessed Mother and her message. Whoever comes behind him, or beside him, carries a difficult impending message, awaiting to be unfolded. We all can see, the Church is not going in the direction of releasing the message, be it Fatima, Garabandal, or Akita. It is mind blowing as to why not, yet we know it is not done. I don’t like getting into the neo/trad/ thing…because there is no meeting point. It will all be laid out before us in time. Fr. Gruner was an amazing priest, and to have been aware of his devotion and love for our Blessed Mother and Fatima has lit a fire that was dimming in many many people. I review often the tapes, of Fatima from the Fatima Center, and often tapes from Garabandol and then Akita. Purpose to refocus the idea that was brought to us, heavenly and divinely, by the Blessed Mother. I share as often as possible with others, and hope they also will investigate. Time is critical. But you can only point them in that direction. No pointing out flaws, just the message from our Mother. We don’t have time. And people still have to decide the “good/evil; Divine Trinity/luciferian” preternatural for themselves. It is all there, she has said it all. Now we must tell others to “Awaken from slumber” and ..”fight the good fight.” Thank you for your messages.

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