2 and half Years Later ! Aviso News

The Bergloglisme, 2 and half Years later

The 4th secret of Fatima

” do The joyous war machine tramples?” Asks a Swiss Vatican (ndt: Giuseppe Rusconi, Rosso Porpora).

In fact, at the Synod, the Argentine war machine with a German motor (progressive bishops) has stalled: we know, these days the “engines” Germans are good for car breaks and the Argentine car body is a scrap , steeped of Peronism and rusty in theology of liberation.

Indeed, the Synod began with the report of Cardinal Erdo who reiterated Catholic teaching, demolishing the heresies of Kasper (and irritating Bergoglio).
Also, after the first week, one of the rapporteurs of the committees, Australian Mark Coleridge, summarized the situation as follows: “If the Synod ended today, 65% of fathers would vote against the possibility of admitting remarried divorcees to communion “.
For the party of Kasper and Bergoglio, defeat will be even more bitter on the issue of homosexuality, because the reports of the different “circles” are emerging query vigorously oppose the theories of gender, considered as the new dangerous ideology that has taken the place of Marxism and which has a devastating effect on the mentality and education of young people.

Moreover, the Catholic part of the Synod, the majority in number (the one that refers to the Magisterium of all time, and especially to John Paul II and Benedict XVI), strongly protested against the bergoglian minority in power, imposing its procedures, his methods and his men in key positions, but from these protests, there is no news outside, and they are not represented by the funny propaganda machine (the wicked Conservatives against the enlightened progressives).
Although the Synod discusses the family, those millions of Christian families who are outside – according the bergoglians – should know no thing about what happens (unlike other Synods) or must have filtered information and “packaged” for them.
The bergoglian party is like a football team that loses 5-0 on the playing field, but can with impunity give kicks, try to score goals with hand (an Argentine way) and spread his arrogance because it knows that the referee is their leader and ultimately will give them a victory on the Green Carpet against all rules (indeed even Bergoglio reserves the right to change the current rules of the game – for example on the final relatio – according to convenience of his team).

A great comfort on the Catholic side is represented by the gentle and wise Pope Benedict XVI, of wich Magisterium and presence are like a beacon in the night storm, pointing the way.
Last week, however, the Vatican American Edward Pentin revealed this answer from Pope Benedict – about the previous Synod – gave to a German prelate who asked him what he had to do facing the storm that was unleashed in the Church: “Halten Sie sich an die Lehre unbedingt” (remain absolutely firm on doctrine).
Ratzinger is now listened by the majority Because unarmed truth is the only treasure of the Church, being Christ itself, and if the Church betrayed or liquidated the truth of Catholic doctrine, she would do like Judas and would deprive humanity of the true mercy of God, and salvation.
Illuminated by the light of Benedict XVI, the Catholic party came to this Synod stronger and better prepared than the previous as at the consistory of February 2014, when she was taken by surprise by the unprecedented Kasper thesis that Bergoglio had proclaimed.
It is moreover significant that among the more determined to oppose the overthrow of Catholic doctrine, there is a young Church as the African Church, particularly treated during 40 years by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
This Church, in fact, in addition to giving gread cardinals as Sarah, a light today for all Christendom, this Church is by far the most dynamic, most missionary, one that has experienced the most growth, having already exceeded 200 million adherents with an impressive increase of 238% compared to 1980.
While the South American Church of Bergoglio, of the German Kasper, and the Belgian Daneels, collapsed.

But today here is the paradox: at the head of the Church, there are those whose recipe have proven being disastrous in their countries. And they want to apply the same disastrous recipes to the whole Church, with devastating effects on a global scale.
While many are saying that the popularity of the Argentine Pope is a sign of rebirth but this is a bluff and in the church we have now understood.
This popularity is drugged by the secularist media circus, which does not bring a single conversion, but rather rejoices for the conversion of the Pope on the agenda of Obama and UN agenda.
Data about Catholic practice in Italy which, under John Paul II and Benedict XVI had grown up, continue to fall with Bergoglio. Saturday (October 3rd), The Repubblica itself had to admit that for the Church “there is no any Francis effect” (see above, ndt), and even Italy continues to move away from the church; thus, the Bergoglio effect is upside: it removed the faithful.

Catholics feel that with Bergoglio, we’ve seen everything. For example, the embarrassing coming out ( with his companion) of Mgr Charamsa – which claims that on homosexuality, the Church changes the moral law based on the Word of God – this would not have been possible without the thousand disconcerting openings and the who-am-I-to-judge of Bergoglio, what Charamsa describes as “fantastic”. Who sows the wind reaps the storm, says the Bible.
And how to avoid confusion and disorientation with the Motu Proprio of Bergoglio on the nullity of marriage that even a Catholic jurist Professor as Danilo Castellano demolished.
One can only note that it introduced de facto divorce, subverts the Gospel and the millennium teaching of the Church. So – instead of supporting families attaked by modern ideologies – it gives them a blow of mercy.

Then, there is another whole list of other bergoglians errors. The one about immigration is colossal like the one of the persecuted Christians who are certainly not pleased with his attitude of submission to Islam and Communist regimes.
And then there is these Christians massacred by ISIS which he actually abandoned, delegitimizing any concrete intervention for their defense: in fact, today, the bishops of the Middle East (and their communities) sees in Putin intervention, hopes of deliverance from terror.

Then take the anti-globalization rallies from Bergoglio against the “economic killer” (the capitalism).
According to FAO data disclosed these days, the percentage of undernourished people in developing countries increased from 23.3% in 2000 to 12.9% today.
In 50 years, the global rate of extreme poverty fell from 80% to 10%, while the world population has doubled (it happened the opposite of the predicted Malthusian theories).

And also the data on the environment: air and health are much better since the past 50 years, belying the eco-Marxist catastrophism of bergoglian encyclical.

Even what is celebrated as the international success of Bergoglio, the end of the embargo on Cuba, a close watch turns out to be the rescue of an old odious and bloody dictatorship in which Pope went to pay honor, ignoring victims and dissidents.

It is a landscape of rubble, one Bergoglio leash. With incredible waterfalls, like the funny quarrel with Ignazio Marino (Rome Mayor), unimaginable for giants like Ratzinger and Wojtyla (no offense to Scalfari, praising Bergoglio because he would lead the Church away from politics).
Marino has to go and deserves all the criticism of the world but Bergoglio did not steal the spread of his friend, Sabrina Ferilli, “that the Pope feels obliged to make a statement to send him to hell, it ‘ is really incredible. “

Antonio Socci


My Comment : Strong words from Socci, the famous Italian Journalist and writer among other of the famous “the fourth secret of Fatima” book, I translated myself his last article from Italian to English, what else to add or to correct, unfortunately nothing, except we are seeing slowly but surely that 2 sides clairly emerges, so make no mistake, defending the millenium church’s teaching that each Pope must respect, yesterday as today, you’ll be on the safe side and Garabandal News will always defend the Church teaching, no more no less.


One thought on “2 and half Years Later ! Aviso News

  1. The face of God, as His Holiness reminds us, is the face of mercy. This is the face we, the Church, must show the faithful and the unfaithful, people of good will and those who seek not the Lord. Our task is to manifest God’s everlasting mercy (see Ps 136).

    Yet, if mercy is boundless, why does not everyone experience it? Because mercy cannot be encountered unless it is measured against the eternal law, which is truth. “Mercy and truth have met together”, says the psalmist (Ps 85:10 NKJV). One must seek the truth in order to experience mercy.

    The first words Jesus uttered when he began his public ministry were, “The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel” (Mk 1:15). Jesus is uniting mercy with truth, as did the psalmist. In order to enter the kingdom – the gift of God’s mercy – Jesus calls his disciples not to self-fulfilment, not to having fun, but to repentance and faith. This entails a change of mentality: from the ways of the world to the ways of the kingdom, from thinking only humanly to having the mindset of Christ (see Phil 2:5).

    Jesus is showing mercy by calling people to conversion. Pope Saint John Paul II illustrated this in the third Mystery of Light: Jesus’ “proclamation of the Kingdom of God, with his call to conversion” (Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 21). Mercy means leading a person to the truth. Mercy means challenging people. Mercy means not covering up reality with gift wrap.

    The Church should not be afraid to speak the truth about marriage and the family. The “demands of the Kingdom of God” are indeed sublime, out of reach, not attainable by our own means; nevertheless, they make us free when – with the grace of God – we seek to fulfil them.

    However, maybe we fear being irrelevant, out of touch, not modern, not merciful. Perhaps this is because we do not trust that the Spirit is guiding us; or the Word is not strong enough; or it will not appeal to our secularised world.

    If we want people to believe in marriage, to believe in the family, we ought to help them, first of all, to repent and believe. We should not water down the tough words Jesus pronounced. We should begin with a challenge: “Repent, and believe in the gospel”, and then we shall arrive at mercy: “The kingdom of God is at hand”.

    Bishop Hlib Lonchyna, head of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Holy Family of London, October 9th, 2015


    I still think that we should keep an eye on the kievan Church, if we are touched in some way by the enigmatic words from Malachi Martin.
    We still have good bishops in the Synod, let’s trust them.

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