Garabandal, Medjugorje and Co in one Basket ?

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We are all aware of the recent Restrictions on Medjugorje from the CDF, few weeks ago I have been also informed that Medjugorje was probably “condamned” as below :

1. The CDF has not recognized the apparitions as supernatural

2. Medjugorje will be recognized as a Place of Prayer

3. Medjugorje will not be recognized as a Marian Sanctuary

4. The seers of Medjugorje, all of them, have refused to disclose the so call “10 Secrets” to the CDF

5. The seers will be forbidden to divulge any new message with the risk of excommunication

6. Pope Francis will confirm the conclusion of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)

According to my good Friend Bastiano, Medjugorje could be considered indirectly as an example, for any Marian Apparitions not yet approved like Garabandal, recently certain restrictions have begun in the village as well, restrictions imposed by the new Bishop of Santander Msgr Monge, appointed by Pope Francis in May 2015, as below :

Prohibition of any Mass at the Pines or at the St Michael Chapel

Prohibition to talk about the Appartions of our Lady of Mount Carmel in the village of Garabandal

Prohibition to any Priests to come in Garabandal as a representative of the Church except privately

Prohibition in the village of Garabandal of any religious manifestation in connection with the Apparitions.

The New Bishop Msgr Monge refused also to bless the new center of the Apparitions, opened recently as he imposed a strict control on its website.

In short, with this new Bishop, completely hostile to the Apparitions, we return 50 years back, surely some directives have been given from the Top as we also saw it with the complete destruction of one of the most flourishing orders of the Church, The Franciscans of the Immaculate, in other words, it looks that anything Marian is no longer appreciated by the new team in Rome, probably incompatible with their New Church of Mercy.

The New Bishop with Pope Francis

The New Bishop of Santander with Pope Francis

More détails regarding these new Restrictions in Garabandal below  :

My Comment : We may have the event causing disbelief in Garabandal as confirmed to me few years ago. .


4 thoughts on “Garabandal, Medjugorje and Co in one Basket ?

  1. Dear All,greetings from malaysiaa muslim controlled nation.may god bless you avisio.whatever,i am for garabandal.i visited aik.ita in 2010.i believe even if rome thinks otherwise

  2. There’s nothing new on that! Garabandal’s apparitions are not approved, the Church recommends caution. Even Father Rolando, the local parish priest, agrees with that.

    There are many good things about Garabandal, specially the conversions. But we shouldn’t make our Catholic faith depend on the fulfillment of the Garabandal’s prophecies. That’s a risk that nobody should take.

  3. Remain obedient to lawful church authority at all times. The rest will not be long in coming.

    To Aviso: What are your intentions regarding the future of your blog? [ I note commentary on Garabandal at the MOG site has been silent this past week].

    • Hi John, The blog will remain online until the Garabandal Warning if it’s the will of God.

      Regarding the Forum MOG you are talking, I have nothing else to add and I do not want to hear about it anymore, their insulting thread about me will be forgiven but never forgotten, thank you.

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