Garabandal What’s going on ?

So what’s going on ?

Well I have been informed few days ago by my good Friend and God Father of my last child, Bastiano and by someone else from the village, of this last decision from the New Bishop of Santander, some new strong restrictions imposed by Msrg Monge, appointed by Pope Francis last May 2015, the new restrictions, between us the hardest since the beginning of the Apparitions in 1961, are available in the village of Garabandal, they mainly concerns the Priest, my good Friend, Father Rolando and any Priests visiting Garabandal, clearly they are not allowed any more to talk or to recall anything related to the Apparitions of our Lady of Mount Carmel, publicly (I said Publicly) in the village as at the Pines or elsewhere in Garabandal, the seers are de facto and also concerned, as they have been obedient to the Church from the beginning, this will not have any impact for them as silent in Public themselves since years now.

In short, no more talk about the Apparitions in the Church of Garabandal as no more commemoration of the Apparitions in the Village, did something new happened in relation with the Apparitions of our Lady of Mount Carmel explaining this new decision ? No, nothing but as I said in my last article, known now around the world, this is the current trend in our today’s Church, I have of course more détails but I’ll avoid any unnecessary contreversy, I remind you also that I have good friends in the village which requires from me a certain discretion and responsability, so thank you again for your understanding.

What about the pilgrims and Garabandal News ?

About the pilgrims, nothing has changed, they are of course allowed to travel in Garabandal whenever they want, which is before anything else, a Catholic village and for centuries, the Cantabria region is very beautiful, the village wonderful and the view from the Pines unforgettable, so don’t hesitate, all the villagers will be pleased to welcome you as it was the case yesterday as it will be the case tomorrow, you will meet very good people and good Catholics, they are the Honor of this Village and I greet them all.

About myself and the Blog ?

Many emails since I published this news and you are more and more to follow me, many each day even more than with my last blog so thank you again for your confidence, but humbly let me be clear again, in my opinion my case does not represent the case of most of you as most of you were probably born Catholics, which is not my case, so again and as a reminder :

I have been converted myself in Garabandal years ago and baptized few years later, so I own my Baptism to Garabandal and de facto to our Lady of Mount Carmel, which I call myself my Mother, it’s also my land, I dreamed this village which I did not even knew, I visited, I was converted, I was adopted, I got married,I have baptized my last Child and so on, you all know my story now, so below my own opinion about these last restrictions :

It is an insult to my Mother

It is a blow in the stomach but not a stab as I was aware of this possibility

An unfair decision and Regrettable

But also an important News which I respect and between us a good News as well, as I said I was aware of this possiblity, being in the village last summer so informed, this explain also my article about the Warning, I am the Virgin of the Revelation and so on, as you know with me, you should be used now to read between the lines, so Garabandal News will stay online until the Warning, any news from the village or to my knowledge will be sent privately only, the rest as my Press review will be online and accessible to everyone, as you can imagine I had already prepared the way, that’s why also I reopened this Blog on my return from Garabandal last July.

A last word, my own opinion about the current Pope will not change but this is my opinion only, it looks that one word from me today and Garabandal is directly related to my opinion, this should not be the case, our Lady of Mount Carmel, my Mother, repeated to the seers and many times during the Apparitions to be obedient to the Church before to obey her, I am sure that she does not like or support my own opinion but I am also free and it’s a right that God had given us all, so I will keep my opinion but I will never disrespect the Holy Father, calling him Francis, Bergoglio and so on, I will never also call anyone to schism, we owe to the Pope obedience, myself included but I can not lie, you can’t imagine how many emails I received daily about the Pope, as he knows the Great Miracle date as the Warning year, preparing us to the Garabandal events and this explain why he called for a Year of Mercy and so on, yes sure, he knows so much and appointed Msrg Monge (attached picture) to prepare us as well, with restrictions…etc….but I have already spoken too much, so I will end this post here, stay tuned, thank you.


6 thoughts on “Garabandal What’s going on ?

  1. Everything will be clear, I agree, and I understand obedience to “the pope” as well as any other Catholic. I love Our Lady of Garabandal and believe all whole-heartedly. But Pope Francis or the bishop of Rome is not a true pope- not validly elected and not upholding the True Faith. Plenty of discussion, of why that is so, exists, on other blogs. Benedict is the true Holy Father and he remains so, despite his ‘retirement’. We owe allegiance and obedience to Christ and all the age-old Teachings of the Catholic Church (doctrine and dogma unchanging) including those on Our Blessed Mother BEFORE any man- including one who claims to lead the Catholic Church. However as you said, do not fear the silencing of the seers, many a saint restrained as in this, produced much fruit from the suffering. Also those who believe will come to Garabandal to share Faith and, in silence, their Faith is seen.

  2. Perhaps we are not to get distracted by the stories of Garabandal and pay more to attention to the messages, which need not be discussed in further distracting detail. We who are followers of Garabandal do not need idle chatter about the fine details. We already have the basics of the messages and prophesies. Now is the time to prepare for the fulfillment.

  3. I also will not call anyone to schism, but I will follow the truth. Pope John Paul II made it clear that the divorced-and-remarried are not to receive Holy Communion.

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