Garabandal February 2016 Update 2

Sacred Heart of Jesus

New Memorial on the Vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus




08 February 2016

Currently in Garabandal, the village is quiet, no piligrims, today February 08, the weather is quite hot about 17 degrees, not seen since years.

2 news from the village :


  1. A new memorial (picture above) was erected since my last stay (summer 2015) commemorating the Sacred Heart of Jesus seen by Jacinta (one of the seer) during the Apparitions, located in the Calleja at the same place where Jacinta had her vision of the Sacred heart, confirming that the Apparitions are not condemned by the Diocese of Santander despite some rumors regarding the new Bishop as this new memorial would not have been possible without an agreement even minimal.


more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus :


2. One of the 9 Pines is dead (picture below), a new one was planted right in front.




09 February 2016

More Pictures about the new Memorial on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared to one of the four girls at this place at the end of June 1961

The Sacred Heart of Jesus New Memorial 2016 in Garabandal



New Memorial Translation :

The Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared to one of the four girls at this place at the end of June 1961


1 Pine is missing

As requested, few more pictures, done also for any requested Prayers, as promised Prayed at the feet of our Lady of Mount Carmel in Garabandal (last picture below)

From Aviso to Joe 3

From Aviso to Joe 2

From Aviso to Joe 1



13 thoughts on “Garabandal February 2016 Update 2

  1. I will be traveling with a group of over 28 pilgrims as their group coordinator through 206 Tours in April 2017. My questions are about the ability to get around the village in terms of a lot of inclines to walk up and down. Especially the walk to the Pines. I did notice in pictures that there is a lot of cobble stone walks. Any information you might provide on the walk ability (up and down hills/inclines etc. would be appreciated. I thank you in advance for any assistance you might provide.

  2. Can someone tell me how can I make a private retreat on my own to be in Garabandal as my chosen place to take time in silence after all the busy work daily I have and wanted this coming first week of Sept.Three days. In my surfing quite not easy to reach it and not even economic ? My mind is like pushing me to come and be there just be there and thank Our BVM. A residence of Holland.

  3. hello, my name is belben. i ”write” from malaysia. why is it that catholic priests are talking about mercy but nothing of judgement or aviso in their homilies? catholics are so content with lukewarmness because it is painted in their minds that God is more Merciful than Justice and that everything is OK and everyone is saved. it is very hard because when i tell people about aviso, they think i am barking mad, even my own family:( everyone thinks this is all made up.

  4. Hi everyone.i am from malaysia.i have been to medjugorje in 2015.and i wish to be in garabandal this year.just to let all readers kniw, i have a stange feeling inside me that the warning will happen this year(2016).on 13/2/16 at around noon whilst i was at my home, i saw the figure of the mother of god.this is the month of lent and it is a blessing for her to show me her presence at my i pray that she will show me the way to garabandal.avisio, you have my prayers and support.may god bless you

  5. just finished reading the book ” A pathway under the gaze of Mary” a biography of sister Lucy, She states in the book that the consecration was done in 1984 but you stated it was never done. confused.

    • Hi Faith, No consecration as requested by our Lady in Fatima has been done, I suggest you to put this book in the trash, if the consecration was done in 1984, I would be aware.

      Whoever believes that the Consecration was done in 1984 is in my opinion lost or blinded.

  6. Hi Joe, I am leaving your comment online as its represents the opinion of many, so let me be clear again as you know my English, I did not said the Warning is for this Year and the Great Miracle for next year, I just said that I have the feeling since my arrival in Garabandal that the warning is close as never before, talking with few here, this was my feeling but I should add as indicated on this blog that the year 2018 for both events is the more available and realistic Year around the net today, no one in the village has said to me to be ready for this year or next year, be sure that if it was the case, my close friends here in the village would told me.

    The next important step to follow closely for any Garabandalist is the Trip of the Pope in Russia then it should be clearer, thanks.

  7. Hi Joe, the St Tarcisius picture is not from Garabandal, I don’t understand why this picture is attached in my last article about Garabandal, a sign ? anyway I will fix the problem back home as internet here in the village is not so good.

    Let me use your comment to add few words about the Pope going to Russia before the Garabandal events, this prophetic Trip could be on the way quickly, some are telling me that it could be for this year 2016 but time will tell only, we are probably close to the Warning (as never before), this is my feeling here in the village, we’ll see !

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