Pope Francis Geopolitical mistake ?


Pope Francis suggests Donald Trump is “Not Christian”

Read more : http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/19/world/americas/pope-francis-donald-trump-christian.html?_r=0

My Comment : Pope Francis suggests Donald Trump is “Not Christian”, this was the head line of the major News Papers around the world, even if the Pope did not mean it exactly, this unfortunate comment from the Pope is a great mistake, a geopolitical mistake and in my opinion for different reasons as below :

  1. Suggesting that Donald Trump might not be Christian, could influence the vote of some US Christian Citizens especially in the South American Population and this right and during the US election campaign
  2. Therefore, it might help the democrats camp and  especially Hilary Clinton who will probably represent the democrats againts Donald Trump for the Replublicans during the next US Election of November
  3. If Donald Trump wins, the Relationship between the new US President and the Vatican might be difficult as in any case Trump will not forget (or forgive as it’s not his style) this unfortunate comment from the Pope
  4. If Hilary Clinton wins, the one who considers Vladimir Putin as the new Hitler, her election could have terrible consequences in the relations (already bad) between the US and the Russia of Putin
  5. In either case, Rome is losing so the World.

As if it was already written because we may have, after the First US Black President then the first US Woman President at the white house, I don’t know but in any case the mistake is done and 2017 might look more and more like a Prophetic year.

16 thoughts on “Pope Francis Geopolitical mistake ?

  1. Stefan1, the idea that Trump might persecute the Church makes no sense. You already have a Marxist zealot in the White House who’s doing a very good job at persecution, and a Catholic hierarchy which goes along with it. Where were the Bishops to protest when a Christian couple in Oregon were find 130,000 dollars for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake? Where were the Bishops to protest when that lady in Nashville (Davis, but can’t remember her first name) was jailed for refusing to conduct a gay “wedding”? Don’t you see that the Church is already being persecuted? Trump might, just might, do something to stop the persecution.

    • I said that Trump will not help the Church, if persecuted the Church. Trump leads wars for the benefit of the economy and not to help the Christians. But if there is social unrest in the United States, all in the direction of Communism is possible. Trump will hardly help the poorest people. But there are some ways and who knows already the future?

      • Stefan 1, Sorry, but you seem uniformed about the reality of what goes on in the U.S. I must seem uniformed when I leave comments about the situation in other countries when I have not lived there or even visited…so I repent of ever having done so. The Garabandal warning is sure to occur no matter what the geo-political situation is.

  2. Ladetur Jesus Christus! I share Emmet´s view completely.Donald IS a good Christian.The diabolical disorientation has blinded awful lot of Catholics as was foretold by St.Hildegard of Binden.How can “a Catholic pope” call upon us, Europeans to receive limitless numbres of MUSLIM inmigrants who mainly rape and assault local people and are trained to wage a war agaist CATHOLICS?! He never BOWS before Eucharist during the Mass but he´s bowed before muslim women to wash their feed and knelt at the U.S.-Mexican boarder to extol inmigrants!!!
    How can you bring up your kids in Catholic faith while such a mess´s reigning?
    I doubt if he´s able to consacrate Russia validly in God´s eyes!
    Be forewarned!

  3. The statement of Pope Francis is very interesting and if Trump is elected President of the US, then the US will lose the necessary divine protection. Pope Francis has spoken prophetically no doubt, especially if Trump wins the election. I’m almost convinced by this statement that he will win. The Catholic Church will be persecuted and Trump will not help but follow his selfish aims. Garabandal is slow in fulfilling.

      • Aviso, that Hilary could be the winner, is very possible. Perhaps even more realistic. Nevertheless, we hope within the meaning of Garabandal clearest possible sign.

      • Yes Stefan, Hilary as the most powerful woman in the World, as a symbol from the dark forces, it should be the last attack of the devil against the Virgin Mary so to our Lord during this final battle, that’s in my opinion the plan but time will tell only.

    • Trump has already said he doesn’t like fighting with the pope, and he’s a candidate supporting Christian values. Just to dislike the man because he’s been successful in business is wrong, it’s envying your neighbor …. and judging everyone who’s made two dollars more than you as evil or selfish is something communist/socialist do. I’m actually thinking about voting for Carson, but remember the last debate when Carson couldn’t hear his name announced and all the candidates walked by him, except Trump who didn’t pass Carson by, but walked over to him, smiled and said he couldn’t well either and the two walked up together. Trump respects others religions. It’s Obama, Hillary, and Bernie who are pushing LGBT, Abortion, and encouraging people to be jealous of their neighbors and demand redistribution.

      • Predictions are helpless attempts to understand the future. We will see who is President of the United States of America. Communism can arise in different ways. It needs not necessarily a communist president, as well as the conditions in Russia show. A forcible removal of a president and his administration is a possible option for both Russia as well as America.

    • I wonder if you are American? The only way a Garabandal prophecy will come to fruition is if Hilary or Bernie gets elected because they are ‘pretty much’ card-carrying Communists. Then the prophecy that communism will have overtaken the world will be complete. Trump is totally a capitalist. He is the only one standing in the way of the globalists to establish their hellish new world order. If you are getting your info from bbc, msnbc, or cnn they are in the tank for Hilary/or Bernie… They hate trump and always paint him in the worst possible light. Between three marriages, Trump has 5 children which is more than Hilary, or Bernie or cruz or Rubio so please don’t tell me that he is not pro-life. Also as a U.S. citizen I feel like he would probably act in a way to protect U.S. citizens and not throw them under the bus like what we have had for the last dozen years. Pray for us, it isn’t easy.

  4. Pope Francis is not a Christian; he is a spokesman for cultural Marxism. Note how he attacked Trump, but cosied up to Obama, who supports partial-birth abortion, gay “marriage” and the mass murder of Christians in Syria and Iraq. Why no statement that “Obama is not a Christian”? In addition, Francis was very friendly to Marxist mass-murderer Fidel Castro. What will it take to convince Catholics that Francis is an anti-Pope? Remember, at Garabandal, Our Lady said “only three more popes after John XXIII”. Assuming we leave out John-Paul I, who only reigned a month, this leaves Benedict XVI as the third and last pope!

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