18 thoughts on “Garabandal 2016

  1. Hi Aviso. Very beautiful pictures of Garabandal! Thank you.

    If you allow me, I would like to ask you a question on this photo of yours:

    I was very impressed by this photo. I’ve been wondering for a long time what connection there is between Dozulé and Garabandal.

    I have long studied the apparitions of Dozulé and the additional messages that refer to them (JNSR).

    Between 1972 and 1978, Jesus Christ is said to have appeared 49 times in Dozulé to Madeleine Aumont.
    The messages are seen as an annunciation of the return of Christ.
    The Glorious Cross of Dozulé is a project of an illuminated Catholic cross coloured white and blue, 738m tall with arms 123m long, and should to be erected in Dozulé, a small town in Normandy, located about 25 km from Lisieux, in France.

    The Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé (in French: Amis de la Croix Glorieuse de Dozulé) is a Christian movement founded in the 1980s in France. It is based on the reported private revelations received by Madeleine Aumount in Dozulé in the 1970s, but sustained on several “new messages” received by an alleged mystic, self-styled JNSR, that confirmed as true the Madeleine’s messages.

    I think you know these things.

    Well, since the Grand Cross has not been able to be built, the “Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé”, based on messages to JNSR, are raising crosses all over the world.
    Hundreds of Crosses, 7,38 meters high, have already been elevated throughout the world: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Equator, Bosnia, New-Caledonia…

    “JESUS is asking the Laity to raise thousands of 7,38 metre Crosses and He confirms His protection.”

    The current friends of the cross do have a list of sights where the Cross of Dozule is, including, Lourdes, Fatima and Garabandal…

    Question: are the two blue Crosses at Pines a replica of that Cross of Dozulé, or are they just crosses?

    It looks exactly the same!!

    I think it is the same. It is lit up at night and I know it is in many places like Lourdes etc.

    For what you know (as regular visitor to the village of Garabandal), can you tell me if the two blue crosses at Garabandal were raised by the “Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé”?

    If so, then it means that both apparitions (with their prophecies) are connected?

    In 1995, this group (totally separated from the original Dozulé apparitions) was considered as a SECT in the 1995 parliamentary report on cults, because of its apocalypticism.

    Thank you in advance for your attention.

    • Yes Guiseppe, the 2 Blue Crosses are from Dozulé Friends, for your information years ago with some friends from the village of Garabandal, I was ready myself to cut these 2 Crosses with an axe but they did not allow me, to my question where is the Lord on these 2 Crosses ? they could not answer me, so I confirm and if you had any doubt, Dozulé is from evil, end of the Story, thanks.

      • Pardon my ignorance, but when were the 2 Crosses installed? I paid a visit to Garabandal in May, 2010, but I do not recall seeing them. I have a French friend who promotes this, but I have always been skeptical.

  2. may our lady of mountCarmel take care of all the visonarys had a lovely week there some years ago loved it may she come again soon and help the world and all the broken marriges and familes the homeless the hungery the sick the old the lonelythe sick in mind and body those who have lost their faith. come holy sprit please come all over the world the world needs you .ask and you shall recive you said this yourself jesus do not look on our sins . come come come we love you jesus and mary and st joseph st micheal please take care of all of us our priests and bishops our cardinals our pope . thank you .

  3. Charles Lawlor is still following your messages. Our Chaplin from St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne met me after I had joined the stations of the cross up to the right of the Pines from one of the side roads. The Chaplin asked me what I was doing here at 7AM in the morning. I was learning more about the events of Garabandal, during June 2015

  4. we are all waiting for this divine work of the lord.
    Just a request to all of you, can you please immediately put a ip/cctv camera to help people watch it live on the web and get healed and also many people can pray during that hour when it happens.

    Please make sure you do not take any higher level approvals or else there maybe some objections coming in, many as you see may not be som much in favor, so please keep this a quite affair if possible.

  5. Thanks Aviso.
    The images of the sunken lane are a stark reminder of the rocky terrain over which the visionaries moved at great speed and in near total darkness. Clearly there is a lot to reflect upon in that holy place. I suspect you would have felt privileged to be there with your family again. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Hi John, I was in Garabandal alone this time, visiting Amalia’s husband who was quite sick but he is feeling better now, we had a long talk about different topics and so on, I feel that we may have some news from Garabandal soon, we keep in touch.

  6. Thank you Aviso for your video and pictures of Garabandal. They are beautiful! Looking at the surrounding mountains in relation to the Pines, I can’t help but notice that the area is a perfect, natural amphitheatre. It is hard for me to tell because I have never been there, but it seems as if thousands if not millions of people would be able to view the great miracle. I pray to God, Jesus and Mother Mary that I am one of them. I also noticed that the fence around the Pines has been painted. It used to be white and now it seems dark brown or black. I wonder why? Anyway, in my opinion, God has certainly chosen an appropriate venue for the miracle. Garabandal seems to me to be a modest, humble yet extremely faithful little village. This was just the way Jesus and His Mother lived. They had tremendous faith and always followed God’s Will with humility. Garabandal is a perfect example of this.

    • Hi Dom, 70 000 were in Fatima, some told me in the village that we should be less in Garabandal, I hope not, this explain also the reason d’être of this blog, stay tuned.

      • Hi Aviso. I have a feeling that there will be much more than 70,000 people at Garabandal because of the Warning. Fatima did not have a warning. If the Warning is as powerful spiritually as Conchita has explained, then I am sure it will convince a great deal more people. We are talking about a supernatural event that will touch the souls of everyone on the planet. So I believe that once the Warning happens and people begin to learn about the events at Garabandal, many who had lost faith will come back to God. In my opinion, the Warning is what this world needs right now! It needs to turn away from its narcissistic values and shocked back to a loving relationship with God, Jesus and Mother Mary. In any case, we will just have to wait and see.

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